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Marketing Segment:

The main purposes of marketing for Crispy Bites are more than selling and advertising. It involves
satisfying customer’s needs. We, as the marketer needs to understand customer needs; develop products
and services that provide superior customer value; and price, distribute, and promote them effectively.
On simpler words, Marketing segments are categorized into four main parts that are; product, price, place
and promotion.
Our target market are mostly student of University Putra Malaysia, colleges; mainly residents
from Pendeta Za’ba College, Chancellor College, Fifth College and Serumpun Colleges (12th College,
14th College, 15th College and 16th College). But we also open up stalls around Putra Food court,
Serumpun Food court and around faculties’ area (mainly Faculty of Economics and Business
There are 11 members of Crispy Bites. Thus, we divide the team into two main shifts; first is the
morning/afternoon shifts and second is the evening shifts. The first shifts consists of The head of team
leader, Fong Sook Hwa, Nur Hidayah, Zuazlynn, Syafiqah, Khairani and Ainya. While the second shifts is
led by Norhasyim, Kimberly, Wei Mey, Jia Xuan and Tan. These shifts are determined by our timetable.
Our first trial for test market is on Wednesday, 16th February 2011 from 2pm to 7pm at Faculty of
Economics and Business Managements areas.
As for competitors, our main competitors are other entrepreneurship groups which also sell the same kind
of field that is food and beverages. Besides Crispy Bites also have a close competitor at colleges Kiosk
and faculty Kiosk as well.
To understand customer needs; we first do some surveys on customer’s preferences on the product they
prefer more. For example Crispy Bites’s main product Blitz and Blast. On first stages, we made two types
of chips. The first chip is called lidah buaya. This chips, is a sugar based chip. With a long around 3-4cm
and 10mm thickness, the chips were packed in a high quality wrapping paper. The process of
making lidah buaya is simple.
First, mix all ingredients of flour, water and etc. Then, afterward take the cover of ketchup bottle and
begins to reshape the sizes of lidah buaya wanted. After frying those dough for a couple of minutes, let it
dry and put it in a suitable container. The last stages would be putting sugar before packaging stages. We
use rough sugar to cut costs, and then blend it to make it smaller. After done, packaging, we seal it with
a sealer machine. The same process was repeated for other type of chips too.
Our second chips that we made are all-Malaysian famous chips called muruku. From the survey we made
on our target market, we found that customer (UPM-students) prefers to have less spicy muruku.Thus, we
made it less spicy. The process is almost the same as lidah buaya, except that muruku chips are shapes
longer around 20-25cm and the shape was round-shaped.
We also bought many type of chips afterward due to customers demand but we do not make it ourselves
as it was time-consuming. We bought it in a bulk and repackaging it to sell it to the customers. Some high
rated chips are fried-macaroni, Beta squid chips, and yam chips with three main flavours that are original,
spicy and salty. All the chips are weighted on a weighted machine approximately around 100grams. All
the supplies are from a factory located in Kajang.
The second product we sell is cock-tail. It is a mixture of soft drinks, varieties of fruits, nata de coco with
cold ice. The process in making it is also simple. First put some nata de coco, then mix it with some fruits
(we used cube-shaped fruits) and before adding ice cubes add soft drinks to the mixtures. There are
some choices of soft drinks that the customer may choose mainly Pepsi/Coca T Cola, Soda, Strawberry,
Grapes, Sarsi an etc. While for the fruit mixtures it contains mangos, strawberry, laici, grapes and etc.
Besides selling foods and beverages, Crispy Bites also sells scarf mainly targeted to women as scarf have
become very fashionable among teenagers and university students.
As for Blitz and Blast (chips), we charged it at a very affordable price of RM 1.00 per packet.
Each kind of chips weighted approximately 100 grams. In the other hands, cock-tail is priced RM 1.50 per
cups. And last but not least, scarf is priced based on the design of the scarf, ranged around RM10.00 to
RM25.00.The price is charged based on the costs incurred for each product. For example, Blitz and Blast
cost on amount of RM20.00 to RM25.00 per 5kg. For 5kg, we can repackage into 40 packets which means
at a revenues of RM40.00. Thus we gain a 100% profits of RM20.00 (RM40.00-RM20.00=RM20.00).
While for cock-tail, the cost incurred for 10 cups of the product are 1 bottle of soft drinks; RM4.00, mix
fruits; RM2.00; nata de coco; RM2.00, ice cube, cups and straw; RM2.00. Thus, the total costs incurred are
RM10.00 (RM4.00+RM2.00+RM2.00+RM2.00). For 10 cups of cock-tail we may gain revenues of
RM15.00. Therefore, profits we gain for 10 cups of cock-tail are RM5.00 (RM15.00-RM10.00). Averagely
we can gain a profits of RM0.50 for every cups of cock-tail sold.
As for scarf, the profits are not fixed as different design will give different gains. For example a scarf cost
RM7.00 can gain profits of RM3.00 when we sell it at RM10.00.
The promotion tools in promoting Crispy Bites products are mainly internet; facebook, twitter,
Friendster, MySpace, Yahoo, Hotmail, G-mail, blogs, flyers, posters and etc. We choose to use most
advertising on internet as it was high selective, have low cost, generates immediacy and also interactive
capabilities. But there is a limitation by doing so that is the demographically skewed audience, relatively
low impact; audience also controls exposure.
During the first day of operation, we do use samples to attract customers. Samples are offers of
a trial amount of a product. In Crispy Bites, we let customers taste our chips and we also ask them for
feedback. By using sampling, we gain a way to introduce our product to the customer and it creates new
excitement for an existing one. The sampling we used is by handed out in a store and delivered door-to-