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buyer & corporate . . Time-saving interactive tools For further information MarketLine contains a range of interactive tools to make your research easier.Venture Finance .Corporate History launch strategies .Business Description .. accurate and up-to-date research Countries: . These include interactive please email: databases.Industry Base Data .Forecasts researchers. markets taxonomy and guided and countries. intelligence on companies. statistics.Market Volumes Our global team of over 500 .Five Forces Analysis .Partnerships High-value analysis and insight Over 50 fields of deal information.Locations & Subsidiaries . company or country. including: .Private Placements highly up-to-date.Market Values .Financial & Operational Metrics . This includes the .Deal Advisors sets with high value analysis.000 companies. advanced search and browse functionality.Currency Data & Converter Tool .Company Facts Develop market entry and product .Macro-economic Data MarketLine’s information resources .Revenue Analysis Monitor deal.Deal Values & Company Financials .PESTLE Analysis providing integrated access to .Country Rankings & Scorecards thousands of reports. . .com Endeca search and guided navigation technology to enable the entire content portfolio to be mined according to subject matter.Debt Providers opinion and insight. MarketLine uses info@marketlineinfo.. .M&A Data updated articles. editors and analysts .Market Share Data through primary and secondary . markets and countries that are the focus of your study – for example Five Forces. .Statistics 300 industries and 200 countries.5-Year Deal Histories .Deal Rationales use of standardized analytical formats to help you easily understand and compare between the companies.Executive Listings & Biographies Assess country & economic risk . .Economic News & Comment articles and databases. information you need in just a few simple clicks: Track companies and competitors Research market and business plans Companies: . . MarketLine The complete desktop tool for business information MarketLine is an online information Contents system providing business The MarketLine search. Every working day we process at least two thousand new or Financial Deals: . Industries: . reports or datasets. SWOT and PESTLE analysis.SWOT Analysis finance activity .Key Competitor Listings .Company News & Press Releases Comprehensive.Private Equity Data ensuring the database is always .Key Lists & Company Rankings .Competitive Landscapes & Profiles continuously update the information . navigation systems allow you to quickly find all the MarketLine enables you to. custom charting and extraction tools.Demographic Data span more than 50.Detailed Deal & Company Data MarketLine augments its rich data .Distribution Channels .IPOs .Industry News research.

CAC 40 .Chemicals . Anticipate competitive moves Recognize good practice including the leaders of each global industry and the constituents of the MarketLine delivers information on 50.Drinks .Hot Drinks . to create a info@marketlineinfo.Media .000+ companies.000+ companies in a variety of formats including: world’s major stock exchanges.Food & Drug Stores .Constituents .Hang Seng . which provide independent analysis For further information of the achievements and potential of companies.Food .Aerospace & Defense .. .Consumer Goods & Services . MarketLine’s company coverage extends across Benchmark companies Track company performance and activity 50..DAX 30 .Specialty Retail . • Profiles • News Articles Industry rankings: • M&A and Funding Deal Reports .Products & Services Stock exchanges: .Industrial & Farm Equipment Executive Listings & .Dow Jones Global . please email: MarketLine also offers revenue analysis for the most important companies in each industry.Dairy Products .Entertainment .Industrial Goods & Services Biographies .Electronics & Electrical Equipment .Pharmaceuticals SWOT Analysis .Airlines .Locations & Subsidiaries .com rounded picture of a company’s performance. .Motor Vehicles & Parts .Property & Casualty Insurance .50 Titans .General Merchandisers .S&P 500 .Soft Drinks on the overview page. Deeper understanding is offered via company SWOT analyses.Telecoms Plus: Company News & .Advertising .Banks This content is supported by specialist teams and the latest web-spider technology to enable updates within .Railroads Click on the links to access full .Corporate Histories Press Releases .Nikkei 250 .Technology .Nasdaq 100 Key Lists & Company Rankings Understand your clients and competitors MarketLine company information provides insight into how the world’s major companies are organized and function.ASX 100 .Dow Jones Key Competitor .AEX .Business Description .Financial & Operational Metrics .Revenue Analysis .5-Year Deal Histories .Company View . against the context of market and peer performance.Beer 48hours of any event. MarketLine Company Analysis Coverage MarketLine enables you to.Life & Health Insurance . .Personal Care .Forest & Paper Products .Chocolate .Industrial Average Listings .Utilities .Confectionery .Savory Snacks versions of the content showcased .Engineering & Construction Company Facts .Commercial & Savings Banks .FTSE 350 .

Environmental & Waste Five Forces analysis. market analysis. custom views and export tools. leading player Management Services .Agriculture & Forestry economies.Government & Non-Profit industry news and comment. MarketLine Industry Research Coverage MarketLine enables you to. For further information please email: info@marketlineinfo. Built using rigorous research methodologies. distribution. containing market size and . MarketLine’s industry coverage is comprehensive.Consumer Packaged Goods reports.Metals & Mining . extending across every major sector in the world’s Industry verticals: largest and fastest-growing . including charting.Automotive . Beverage & Tobacco . including market size and segmentation. Each year. plus Organizations .Leisure & Arts .600 market research ..Paper & Packaging .Media . a dedicated . Each one of these . . . designed with and audited by a world leading audit firm.Wholesale Interactive research databases and customizable tools MarketLine’s consumer markets database offers interactive coverage of seven consumer industry sectors – food.com .Chemicals creates over 2. personal care.Business & Consumer Services team of researchers and analysts .General Business reports is supported by feeds to latest . drinks. The database is supported by a range of customizable features.Industrial Goods & Machinery ranked lists of key players.Aerospace & Defense .Consumer Products . the consumer markets database is an essential resource for consumer market intelligence.Transport & Logistics . pet care and news/magazines.Technology .Financial Services analysis and more. The database houses a range of consumer markets data.Construction & Real Estate .. household products. tobacco.Retail . MarketLine’s industry information focuses on 60+ Investigate new markets Understand competitive forces of the world’s largest and Assess product growth potential Research and compare historical trends fastest growing economies and covers 300+ industries across 25 verticals. market shares and forecasts.Food.Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare .Energy & Utilities segmentation data.Textiles .

target.Co-Marketing . including valuations across industries using a range of For further information parameters. .100% Acquisition .Minority Acquisition ventures and marketing agreements. 215 countries.com • Custom – Utilize our resources and expertise for bespoke projects . venture capital investments.Institutional Buy-out .Exit . joint .Licensing Agreement Private Equity: The database offers global coverage. market drivers and please email: economic impact info@marketlineinfo.000 historic .Later Stage financial advisors.Start-up View transactions by to 2. completed). Also includes key financial indicators and ratios. vendor and parent groups. The database aims to provide a complete resource for deal information. current and proposed Contextualize deals against company deal.Withdrawn site each day across 25 industry verticals. buyer and corporate deals strategy finance activity.000 sources globally on a daily basis The database offers a platform for three-tier analysis: • Basic – Analyze all aspects of deals.Exit financing information and exit returns data.. debt . and the companies and advisors IPO: . .Joint Venture ..Asset Purchase . MarketLine’s Financial Deals Database is a comprehensive source of global information on mergers and acquisitions. MarketLine’s Financial Deals Database Identify investment opportunities Anticipate competitive moves comprehensively covers Assess historical. private equity backed buyouts.Growth Capital / Expansion Advisor data includes information on legal and .Management Buy-out .Affinity Marketing deals is also included.Majority Acquisition The database also captures a range of non-corporate finance deals including partnership agreements. EV / EBIT. IPOs and private placements.Seed . Mergers Partnerships: A 5-year deal archive spanning 50. announced.Pricing . different deal stages (rumor. The Financial Deals Database is produced by a team of 50 specialist researchers.Going Private . and detailed deal sub-category. as well as PR firms.BIMBO deal value.Postponement . no minimum .Completed involved. . a deal value estimation model. Acquisitions: . MarketLine Financial Deals Coverage MarketLine enables you to. which conduct both primary and secondary research: • Primary – The research team has working relationships with the global top 250 advisors.700+ industry nodes.Secondary Buy-out Company data includes information on the acquirer.Filing . Private Placements Venture Financing: .Leveraged Buy-out .Secondary Offering Over 200 deals are tracked and updated on the .Management Buy-in . providing you with detailed facts and figures on the deals. such as EV / Revenues. EV / EBITDA and EV / total assets • In-Depth – Monthly and quarterly reports including trend analysis. law firms and investment banks • Secondary – Deals are acquired through tracking over 9. .

Designed by an experienced team of economists and statisticians. economic. .Commodities . Indicator groups: .Defense .Trade both historically and into the future – .Consumption answer your questions. position in 215 countries around the world.Education .Healthcare . This analytical content provides invaluable background context to company and industry data and is therefore an essential complement to any market study.000+ indicators in 215 countries. MarketLine’s economic research database is a vital source of insight into market performance and growth potential.Media & Internet information and data .Agriculture .Population . Assess market growth potential Research and compare historical trends covering 1. who are always on hand to . relevant and up-to-date information.Infrastructure . MarketLine Macroeconomic Insight Coverage MarketLine enables you to. MarketLine’s economic research database contains Understand country dynamics Anticipate country-level risk over five million data points.Government .Retail .Energy .Telecommunication Identify key country and market trends – .000+ indicators in 215 countries from 1990- MarketLine offers structured analysis of the political.Labor Force Each country has a general overview .Automotive MarketLine country analysis is supported by a dedicated team of economists.Economy . For further information please email: info@marketlineinfo.Transportation with our economic research database or download a full PESTLE profile of the country you are browsing Use our quick links to view the most recent news & comment articles from your chosen country.Environment . legal and environmental 2015.. the database utilizes rigorous research methodologies and complex forecast models to provide highly accurate.Finance .com . as well as relevant industry or key player profiles Analyze the drivers of market growth Extending across 1. social. technological..Lifestyle page to provide you with the key .

Retail . Agriculture & Forestry MarketLine is supported by a dedicated team of 500+ employees. Transport & Logistics . Metals & Mining . Consumer Products maintained by our senior staff. Financial Services . Government & Non-Profit Organizations . MarketLine Coverage and Methodology The information on MarketLine draws on extensive primary and secondary research. crosschecked and presented in a consistent and accessible style. Environmental & Waste accurate. all aggregated. Industry Coverage analyzed. Aerospace & Defense . Consumer Packaged Goods Each step of the data gathering process is subject to strict quality control processes that are reviewed and . Paper & Packaging . . Construction & Real Estate . Automotive economists and editors. General Business . . Wholesale Geographic Coverage Asia-Pacific: Philippines Ireland Chad Sao Tome & Principe Dominica Afghanistan Samoa Italy Comoros Saudi Arabia Dominican Republic American Samoa Singapore Latvia Congo. Food. Technology . including researchers. Media . This means you can be confident that MarketLine information is completely . Industrial Goods & Machinery . analysts. . Leisure & Arts . Democratic Republic Senegal Ecuador Armenia Solomon Islands Liechtenstein Cote d'Ivoire Seychelles El Salvador Australia South Korea Lithuania Djibouti Sierra Leone French Guiana Azerbaijan Sri Lanka Luxembourg Egypt Somalia Grenada Bangladesh Taiwan Macedonia Equatorial Guinea South Africa Guadeloupe Bhutan Tajikistan Malta Eritrea Sudan Guatemala Brunei Darussalam Thailand Monaco Ethiopia Swaziland Guyana Cambodia Timor-Leste Netherlands Gabon Syria Haiti China Tonga Norway Gambia Tanzania Honduras Cook Islands Turkmenistan Poland Ghana Togo Jamaica Fiji Tuvalu Portugal Guinea Tunisia Martinique French Polynesia Uzbekistan Republic of Moldova Guinea-Bissau Turkey Mexico Georgia Vanuatu Romania Iran Uganda Montserrat Guam Vietnam Russian Federation Iraq United Arab Emirates Netherlands Antilles Hong Kong San Marino Israel Yemen Nicaragua India Serbia and Montenegro Jordan Zambia Panama Indonesia Slovakia Kenya Zimbabwe Paraguay Japan Europe: Slovenia Kuwait Peru Kazakhstan Albania Spain Lebanon Puerto Rico Kiribati Andorra Sweden Lesotho South & Central America: Saint Kitts & Nevis Kyrgyzstan Austria Switzerland Liberia Anguilla Saint Lucia Lao Belarus Ukraine Libya Antigua & Barbuda Saint Vincent & TheGrenadines Macau Belgium United Kingdom Madagascar Argentina Suriname Malaysia Bosnia & Herzegovina Malawi Aruba Trinidad and Tobago Maldives Bulgaria Mali Bahamas Uruguay Marshall Islands Croatia Middle East & Africa: Mauritania Barbados Venezuela Micronesia Cyprus Algeria Mauritius Belize Mongolia Czech Republic Angola Morocco Bermuda Myanmar Denmark Bahrain Mozambique Bolivia North America: Nauru Estonia Benin Namibia Brazil Canada Nepal Finland Botswana Niger British Virgin Islands United States New Caledonia France Burkina Faso Nigeria Cayman Islands New Zealand Germany Burundi Oman Chile North Korea Greece Cameroon Qatar Colombia Pakistan Hungary Cape Verde Republic of the Congo Costa Rica Palau Iceland Central African Republic Reunion Cuba Papua New Guinea Rwanda . . Beverage & Tobacco . Chemicals . Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare . Energy & Utilities . The data is fed into vast databases and forecasting models which in turn drive our . Business & Consumer Services analysis and recommendations. reliable and up-to-date. Textiles . Management Services .

which means no new software needs to be installed on your PC. For MarketLine International further information about MarketLine’s custom research capabilities. We use Glance™ technology.com. MarketLine Custom Research Services MarketLine Offices MarketLine offers a comprehensive range of company.We can demonstrate MarketLine on your PC. analysts. NSW 2000 Australia t: +61 2 8705 6968 f: +61 2 8705 6901 e: info@marketlineinfo. However. market and country research and analysis to help you meet your objectives. economists and editors to create bespoke solutions to your needs. MarketLine Australia Level 46 2 Park Street Sydney. please contact us directly at Charles House info@marketlineinfo. NY10016 USA There are two types of demonstration available. if you have further requirements. please speak to one of our customer service representatives: Americas: All users: MarketLine USA Please call +44 20 7675 7553 or email info@marketlineinfo. for further information and see how you can start using this powerful resource for your business information requirements today.com • Online Demonstration . 108-110 Finchley Road London.com For further information about MarketLine and how this service can benefit you and your organization. each of which showcases different elements of the MarketLine t: +1 212 652 2659 service: f: +1 212 686 2626 e: info@marketlineinfo. Europe & Middle East: Our custom research teams are able to utilize the full power of MarketLine’s 500+ employee pool of specialist researchers. Asia-Pacific: Please contact us. using the details above or via your local sales office. NW3 5JJ United Kingdom t: +44 20 7675 7532 f: +44 20 7675 7500 Contact us now! e: info@marketlineinfo. We can show you the features of the package and how you can use them to extract the information you need.com . using just your web browser.com 245 Fifth Ave 4th Floor Arrange a demonstration New York. MarketLine’s custom research team may be able to help.