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January 2021 I N D I A


Lead your
W hile we enter the digital revolution; we
envision creating an ‘online’ customer
culture for business and customer
communication. The world is advancing in
adopting new technology. Some of the new
technologies being AI, IoT, machine learning, and
Cloud Computing are enabling a generational
shift. Both consumer behaviors and the way
businesses operate are experiencing a shift.
For businesses to stay competitive today, they
must be aware of not only the new trends but also
what is attracting the customers. Companies need
to align and build their plans around it. Building a
company, product, sales follow-up system, keeps
customers happy while taking the company

Taking the pandemic into consideration the

businesses were hit hard as the people could not
go out of their houses. Businesses which were not
online were severely affected by it. Owing to this
there felt the need to move the business, service,
and payments to everything digital. Although the
situation is more relaxed and businesses are
starting to gain traction, life has come back to

But the need of the hour is that today, will be only considered good if we make the
companies thrive on cutting edge, state of the proper use for the betterment of mankind.
art, emerging technologies. The companies that
offer a wide range of solutions, wide spectrum Recognizing such disruptive and innovative
of services in areas such as web technologies, companies we have come up with this special
mobility applications, web, and mobile products edition of ‘Innovative Companies to Watch’.
are on the right track of this digital This edition has featured a handful of
transformation. companies offering a diverse and engaging mix
of technological innovation and commitment to
Everything, everyone, entrepreneurs, build a better future.
businesswomen, small or big companies need to
evolve in this end-to-end digital transformation Also, while flipping the pages take note to read
journey. The future lies in augmented and the exclusive CXOs by the industry experts and
virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine creative articles written by our in-our-house
learning, and design thinking innovation along editorial team. These articles and CXOs will
with digital marketing services. help you understand the current market
scenario of the industry.
The business leaders need to bring these high-
powered technology changes in the team’s So, enjoy the read!
processes and should maintain a team with
enormous experience, expertise in the
comprehensive digital transformation of
businesses. It is only in this way we can
empower the clients and companies to stay
ahead in market competitiveness, and grow
their businesses up a notch.

Businesses that walk this extra mile and make

sure their solutions delivery is tailored to the
core digital business will reach the target
audience. Not only this, companies need to
maintain everyday interactions with the global
marketplace, understanding the needs of the
customer are a smart way to increase profit.
Lastly, technology and environmental concerns Darshan Parmar
are growing; issues continue to increase as far
as renewable energy is concerned. It is in our
hands how good use we make of it keeping all
the factors in mind. Technology and Innovation

Aspirant Soft Solutions

Using the Web to Shape Your Business


Avaada Energy
Leading the Renewable Energy
Market Dynamically


Century Pharmaceuticals
The Company with a Tender Loving Touch

Enabling Digital Business
Stack in an Enhanced Way


SSB Properties
Bangalore’s Prime Real Estate Consultancy

Innovation Simplified
Innovation in Business: A Continuous Process

Marketing Insights
Global Marketing Scenario Post Lockdown

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January, 2021

Company Name Featuring Brief

K Navven Aspirant Soft Solutions is one of the India's leading one stop,
Aspirant Soft
full scale, full-service software, and information technology
Solutions Managing Director
solution provider.

Vineet Mittal Avaada Energy is one of the pioneers in renewable energy. The
Chairman company was founded to make the world a better place.

Janak Sheth Century Pharmaceuticals is a company that has constantly

imprved its processes and product quality with better use of
Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Managing Director
technology and cost-effective methods.

NHANCE NOW is a SaaS startup building the first of its kind

Ansuman Dani Digital Business Stack for empowering the pandemic affected
CEO B2B, D2C, and internet companies sell and enable services with
minimal in-person interventions on all of the digital channels.

Vishal V Parwani SSB Properties is one of the prominent property dealers in

SSB Properties Bangalore.
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Innovative Companies to Watch

Aspirant Soft Solutions Using the Web to Shape Your Business

B usinesses over the globe are going digital. It has

become paramount to inculcate all the latest
technical trends into the operations to scale the
business. That is why the importance of good service
providers that excel at enabling best technical and digital
compromising on the quality, for at the end of the day, it
envisages building long lasting mutually beneficial
business relationship. For Aspirant Soft, the deployment
is the beginning of this relationship and not the end. “We
walk that extra mile and make sure our solutions
expertise has increased many folds. The demand for delivery is tailored to the core business objectives of our
streamlined offerings and easily integrated options that client,” says the team of Aspirant Soft.
can enhance a business’s online presence have turned out
to be a game changer. Aspirant Soft Solutions is an international company
dedicated to building close relationships with clients.
Aspirant Soft Solutions is one of the India's leading, The company maintains everyday interactions with the
one stop, full scale, full-service software, and dynamic global marketplace, building an enviable
information technology solutions provider. The company understanding of business in every cultural, economic,
thrives on cutting edge, state of the art, emerging and political region of the world. “No matter where you
technologies offering wide range, wide spectrum services are in the world, we are there for you,” states K. Naveen.
and solutions in areas such as web technologies, mobility
applications, web, and mobile products. It also involves Aspirations Redefined
end-to-end digital transformation, augmented and virtual
reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and The company’s sole mission is to make Aspirant Soft
design thinking innovation along with digital marketing Solutions recognized as one of the most prominent
services. organizations that facilitates cost optimization all the
while maximizing profits of its customers, for profits to
The company’s high-powered technology team possesses clients is a profit to its team.
enormous experience, expertise and exposure in ideating,
conceptualizing, designing, developing and deployment Talking about its core competencies, Aspirant Soft
of web applications, mobile applications, and believes in building them centring around the core needs
comprehensive digital transformation of enterprise of the customers, focusing on the end result. “Our core
businesses. “We empower our clients to stay ahead in competency plays a key, crucial and critical role when
market competitiveness, and grow their businesses notch we aspire to become a global company of repute,” states
higher,” says K. Naveen the Founder and Managing the team of Aspirant Soft Solutions.
Director of Aspirant Soft Solutions.
Over the years, the company has built a culture of
The team of Aspirant Soft understands the business teamwork, and staying client focussed and their business
constraints of its clientele and ensures that it delivers goals. The team’s conviction is that when it helps the
services and solutions that are cost effective without clients grow, it acts as an inverse relationship. “In a way,

we are also propelled towards self-growth,” expresses
K. Naveen.

The growth for the team is inextricably embedded in

mutual growth. To make it happen, the company is
consistently upgrading its tools, technologies, training
and nurturing the personnel (technologists), to ensure
that it remains future ready. At Aspirant Soft, the idea
is not just to meet the client requirements but exceed
their expectations all the while delighting them.

Thus, Aspirant Soft’s competencies depend on various

fundamental elements like vast experience in latest and
innovative technologies, offering customized services
and solutions. All of this in a budget and timeline that
helps clients stay ahead in the market competition.

Lengthened Offerings

The company utilizes the web to shape its clients’

businesses. Its team develops professional websites
from scratch and updates the existing sites with new
features and elements. “Our team considers the
Internet to be a global source of information,”
describes K. Naveen.
K Naveen
K Naveen, Founder and
Due to the ever-expanding technology development, Managing Director
information has become a basic and stable source of
income. The team of Aspirant Soft presents the data in
a professional manner and makes it work for the
clients. “We always plan to minimise your development
costs without compromising the quality of your work,”
adds K. Naveen. That is why the company always We envision not just to
maintains a well-structured development methodology become an internationally
for each and every project. reputed company, but a
tech-enabler that thrives
Aspirant Soft is a turnkey solutions provider for a on technological
palette of services, some of which are stated below: pinnacles by offering
quality deliverables that
• Website Design and Development delights our clients
• Mobile Application Development
• Custom Application Development

• E-commerce
• Angular JS
Awards and Recognition
a. Silicon India recognized us as
Aspirant Soft team’s approach is simple and based on
time-tested and globally accepted best standards like:
one of the ‘20 most promising
E-commerce Website Design
1. Meet – The starting process begins with discussion, Companies in India for the year
debate, and ideation with the core needs of customer. It 2019.’
then leads to conceptualization of idea into action-centric
requirements. b. Business Connect recognizedas
‘Companies of the year 2019.’
2. Planning – Brainstorming of the conceptualized plan
takes place is in this stage to further enhance its features.
The time taken to document the entire process,
c. India Business Awards as
formulation of the roadmap, and implementation of the recognized as ‘Most Creative IT
plan is considered in planning. Service Provider in Hyderabad.’

3. Design and Development – The UI and UX process d. The services we offered to our
begins in resonance with the laid-out plan in accordance clients has word appreciation and
with the structure and layout. The functional part of the testimonials from our clients for
development process starts by coding the features of the delivery innovative, out-of-box
technology enabled and
4. Testing – The complete deliverables are tested
empowered solutions to them.
including front-end processes, core functionality, and
backend using time-tested manual and automated testing. e.The best part of the quality
services we offer is we walk that
5. Launch – Once the user acceptance test is done, the extra mile with abiding passion and
solution is deployed. unwavering commitment to meet
the client business requirements
“Our works are for clients who are spreading values and
rst and work towards offering
principles to the world in order for it to become a better
place,” concludes K. Naveen and his team at Aspirant
tailored solutions.
Soft Solutions.

Innovative Companies to Watch

Avaada Energy
Leading the Renewable Energy Market Dynamically

hange is an integral part of life, and the same goes our planet a cleaner and greener place. The company has an
for any business. A firm’s success depends on the illustrious legacy to fall back on and a promising future to
ability to master and exploit change. This is create.
particularly true in the renewable energy market, where
frequent changes in tax laws, new duties, etc., have forced Powering Lives
IPPs to change their strategy. And even while adapting to Since its inception in 2017, Avaada has grown rapidly and
change, a company’s strategy must reflect a consistency of has almost 1 GW of Solar Power assets under operation.
purpose The group has built some of the largest solar projects across
India. Its growth continues with an impressive pipeline of ~
In 2020, the Renewable energy market has seen 3 GW scheduled to be commissioned in the next couple of
unprecedented health crises, which has disrupted the major years.
supply chain of Solar modules and other components,
followed by the extension of Safeguard Duty, which has “We also have plans for geographical expansion, and
forced IPPs to change their bidding strategy. However, a following that, we are under advanced stages of PPA
government led by Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modi and Shri finalization in almost a few African countries,” states
R.K. Singh has been very supportive. Decisive actions Vineet Mittal, Chairman of AVAADA Group and Avaada
during lockdown like – Blanket extension for Renewable Energy. Also, he is evaluating opportunities in South East
Energy Projects, must-run status for all RE projects helped Asia in countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, etc.
us remain afloat and resume our under-construction projects
as soon as the lockdown was lifted. Avaada Group is committed to helping our country meet its
targets of clean and affordable energy. Avaada has a healthy
The government's call for Atmanirbhar Bharat in Solar project pipeline, and continuous addition is the testimony of
manufacturing could be a game-changer for India's its commitment. Recently, Avaada won 350 MW – ISTS
Renewable Energy market. In 2020, Govt. has launched an Maharashtra, 300 MW – ISTS SECI, 240 MW – ISTS
ambitious project – ‘One Sun One World & One Grid.’ Haryana. Apart from this, its 300 MW – Surendranagar,
Similarly, CERC has also operationalized the real-time Gujarat project is in the final stage of commissioning.
market, which is expected to be a great enabler for
renewable energy. In the latest development, Hon’ble PM Following with Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra
of India – Shri Narendra Modi has inaugurated world’s Modi's vision to achieve 450 MW of solar energy capacity
largest solar park in Gujarat. All these developments reflect by 2030, Avaada targets 10 GW of solar energy capacity by
a better future for renewables in the upcoming year. 2025. “We plan to fund through a mix of debt and equity,
which is being finalized presently,” describes the team of
One of the pioneers in renewable energy, Avaada Energy, Avaada Energy.
was founded to make the world a better place. Avaada
Group is one of the largest producers of solar energy in Technology at the Helm
India. ‘Avaada’ is derived from two words – Ayurveda (the As technology costs fall and environmental concerns grow,
science of life) + Vaada (promise), and thus the enterprise opportunities will continue to increase as renewable energy
stands for the promise of a sustainable future. is concerned. For instance, India can set up 300 GW of
power generation capacity by tapping into Floating Solar
“At AVAADA, we believe in a world with an abundance of technology. Floating solar helps reduce evaporation from
energy generated from renewable sources. This is our water bodies and helps reduce algae in water bodies.
dream, and we are continually striving to make this a Another area to watch out for is Energy Storage, which is
reality,” says the team of Avaada Group. Avaada is a expected to play a critical role as managing grid variability
coming together of ideas, technology, and people to make takes center stage with increased penetration of renewable

assets. As prices decline, storage is expected to play a
broader role in energy markets, moving from niche uses
such as grid balancing to broader ones like replacing
conventional power generators for reliability, providing
power-quality services, and supporting renewables

Talking about the key issues for IPPs at present, Vineet

sheds some light on the matter in a dynamic way:
Policy consistency is one of the most significant issues
with the renewable energy sector. Both Central and State
governments have invariably brought changes in taxation,
duties, and sometimes with retrospective effect, which is a
significant concern for all the IPPs. For instance,
Safeguard Duty was purportedly imposed to encourage
domestic manufacturing of modules. However, it had no
impact. Almost two years after the announcement, no new
manufacturing capacity has been added, and several
developers are stuck with court cases to get the refunds.

Another area of challenge is land acquisition. The land is

a critical element for the development of renewable
energy projects. Most states in India have a lengthy
documentation process and are typically marred with
litigations. The resolution of matters results in
disproportionate effort on the part of developers. Land Vineet Mittal
ceiling acts in different states create another hurdle for Chairman
developers in acquiring large tracts of land required for
large scale solar projects.

Financial Health of DISCOMs and Payment Delays is yet

another obstacle in the race. Discoms across the country
are in dire financial shape, due to which there are frequent
delays in payments. Payment security remains a primary
concern for developers and has rightly caught the
attention of Central Govt. MoP has come up with an order
making it mandatory for Discoms to maintain adequate
Letter of Credits for getting the supply. However, there is
a structural problem with the Discom operations, which
needs to be addressed through comprehensive reforms.
We aspire to be a
Avaada Energy has been a preferred destination for
investors because of our professional leadership, strong
10 GW company by
project execution capabilities, and impeccable debt 2025 and be one of
servicing record. We have received investments from
major sovereign funds like ADB, DEG, FMO, and the business's
Proparco. “Investments by these global financial stalwarts
revalidate our ability to set up high performing assets, largest players
generating maximum returns for all our stakeholders,”
concludes Vineet.


A Continuous

Innovation Simplied

f you think innovation is the work only of enterprise, -Using more resources
think again. Every cell in every living organism on
the earth innovates on a daily basis to overcome One aspect of innovation is that it lets us do more for
certain problem already being faced or likely to be less. Take for instance automotive. Diesel or gasoline,
faced. The reason for the same is that without vehicles manufactured till the 80s consumed far in
innovating, the body loses the ability to counter the excess of what they consume presently. They also
unexpected, and may fall prey to a situation where our pollute far less as a consequence. And what does one
basics aren’t met. There was a time when water was attribute this change to? Continuous innovation in
aplenty on the planet and life was being led in a combustion technologies which has seen the
particular way. And then came the slow and steady increasing use of electronics, plastics and intelligent
warming of the climate’s atmosphere which led to chips. In practically every field of life, where
waterbodies disappearing or getting severely depleted. innovation has been a norm, things have always
Humans and the other species learnt to adapt and improved. A very pertinent example is that of
change to survive the new situation and have to quite agriculture where produce per hectare has gone up
an extent succeeded in overcoming their situation. substantially despite the steep fall in every element
which goes into agricultural production including
Had humans not done so, where would we be? Most fertilizers, water, and of course, human efforts.
likely as dead as a dodo! This bring us to the
understanding that innovation isn’t only relegated to -People moving out
tech-related stuff but to practically every aspect of life.
What’s the difference these days is that technology is Fields where innovation does not take place has
leading the race for innovation in practically every field intelligent people moving out only to be replaced by
be it relating to agriculture, education, transportation, machines. Take for example the field of data entry. A
healthcare, business or entertainment. mindless activity where the person was just to type in
the required matter, with practically zero innovation
This brings us to an important question. Why is and loads of boredom, those with intelligence and
innovation in business important enough to make it a innovative capacities moved out to places and entities
continuous process? From experience, we know that which engendered newness and innovation. A part of
the answer could include the following points: this act of innovation was also to produce machines
which could do the drudgery work!
-Being left out in business
-Others get the position of thought and action leader
Those who don’t innovate in business be it related to
products, production process, ancillary or related This is the era of portrayals and putting up acts. Yes,
services or even staff functions, are sure to run out of you do need experience without a doubt. That said, if
ideas and fall out with their clients. A prime example of the same isn’t backed by the capability and intent to
this point are smartphones manufactured by Nokia. A continuously innovate, it’s just a question of time
decade back, Nokia led the feature phone market like before lesser mortals take the position of thought
no one else. Back then it felt like there could be leaders despite one’s years of experience and the right
nothing in the path but Nokia. It produced the best in credentials. It’s ONLY when you innovate and show
the field of simple, rudimentary mobile phone till the your capabilities to the world that you are judged a
advent of smart phones. Other bid for their time, leader and does. If either one is missing, the crown
especially the likes of Samsung which read the wind promptly moves on.
rather carefully. With change in technology, feature
phones lost the game and so too Nokia. Without a With so much running on the back of innovation, how
dedicated back-up plan, the sank to the bottom- does a person or an organization become continuously
precisely what happens if one doesn’t innovate fast innovative to stem the tide and ride the waves?
enough. Experience of stalwarts in the field has distilled it to a
few points including the following:

-By understanding the needs of the target audience by Ÿ Balloons that broadcast Internet signal.
being close to them Ÿ Drones that deliver goods to homes.
Ÿ Computers you wear like glasses.
Innovation is the mainstay of the farsighted. Ÿ Airborne wind turbines.
Innovation is also the mainstay of those who set their Ÿ A digital collection of all the world's books.
sights on relevant issues. The latter invariably are Ÿ A map of the world.
those close to their audience and can read their pulse. Ÿ A collection of photographs of every street in the
And in doing so they design products, services and world.
interventions which solve problems, bring forth new Ÿ A social network.
services, crank up existing ones, and generally stay two Ÿ Software for creating and maintaining blogs.
steps ahead of competition. These are times when Ÿ An online video rental store.
customers understand as much as service/ product Ÿ An online software store.
providers, and demand what they think is rightfully Ÿ A live-updating database of equities and financial
theirs. Innovation is thus the only recourse for news.
business leaders and organizations to stay with their Ÿ A service that allows you to pay for things with
clients. your phone.
Ÿ A language translation service.
-By understanding technology and its potential for Ÿ A phone number replacement service.
disruption Ÿ Video-conferencing software

The case of Google could be the best example to Going thru the list brings out two points. Google
highlight this point. They started out as a search disrupts! And Google tries and stays two steps ahead
engine and remained that way for years. Today, they of other disrupters.
are that, and they do a lot more, including (courtesy:
Business Insider) but not limited to: -By developing the power of dreaming up the
Ÿ An Internet search engine.
Ÿ Web email. Fans of the Star Trek series would remember Capt
Ÿ A news aggregator. James Kirk’s team using a communication device when
Ÿ Calendar software. exploring distant worlds. Strapped to the user’s wrist,
Ÿ A suite of productivity applications, including it was used akin to a mobile that would connect the
spreadsheet, word-processing, and photo-editing user with the circling-in-space mother-ship Enterprise.
software. Half a century after the series was produced,
Ÿ Cloud storage for consumers. practically every mature individual anywhere uses
Ÿ Cloud storage for businesses. something similar. The mobile phone. Imaginations
Ÿ Cloud computing for businesses. howsoever wild have the power to get the brain
Ÿ A website for watching Internet videos. working to bring about revolutionary products.
Ÿ A web browser. Innovations thus need the ability to dream.
Ÿ A smartphone/tablet operating system.
Ÿ A thermostat. -By reading and by continuously innovating
Ÿ Unknown life-extending technologies.
Ÿ Computerized contact lenses Innovations happen on the back of sound knowledge
Ÿ Robot assistants of technologies, and likely needs. And these on their
Ÿ Self-driving cars part come about when one imbibes information
Ÿ "A spoon designed to make life easier for people irrespective of sources which enhance one’s
with diseases such as Parkinson's.” knowledge. Reading is one way of imbibing
Ÿ A home video monitoring system. information that comes naturally to us. Add to that the
Ÿ High-speed Internet service. sources from where one can get information, and it
Ÿ Laptop computers. becomes amply clear that one needs to read and be in
Ÿ Desktop computers. the know ALL THE TIME to remain an ever-innovator.
Ÿ A dongle that puts Internet video on your TV.

Innovative Companies to Watch

Century Pharmaceuticals
The Company with a Tender Loving Touch

I t is very important to move with the technological

advances. Innovation and creativity are most essential
elements of coming up with advanced solutions to the
emerging challenges. Innovation breeds growth. There have
been several business disruptions owing to technology
Azithromycin Dihydrate
developments and Century Pharmaceuticals is quite Chloramphenicol Palmitate
aware about it. Also, with every technological advancement Clarithromycin
the cost of its product and its quality improves. This gives Dorzolamide HCL
an edge in fighting the competition from laggards. Century Empagliflozin
Pharmaceuticals has constantly improved its process and Erythromycin
product quality with better technology and cut costs while Erythromycin Estolate
maintaining a consistent quality standard of its products. Erythromycin Ethyl Succinate
Janak Sheth is the Managing Director of the Century Erythromycin Stearate
Pharmaceuticals. He is one among the manufacturers of Flibensarin
Active Pharmaceutical Industries and into research of novel Gramicidin
therapeutic proteins in India. Latanoprost
Steady Growth Oxytetracycline
(base dihydrate – suitable for injection preparation)
Century Pharmaceuticals Ltd was set up in 1980 to Oxytetracycline HCL (injection grade)
manufacture pharmaceutical active ingredients and has been Palonosetron HCL
growing steadily since then. The initial products were only Rosuvastatin Calcium
two. Currently it has a WHO GMP plant with zero Roxithromycin
discharge. It has been engaged in the research of novel Sevelamer Carbonate
biotechnology molecules since 2008 for the treatment and Sevelamer Hydrochloride
cure for asthma and allergy and stem cell therapy. Recently, Sildenafil Citrate
the organisation has taken up research of personalised Sitagliptin Phosphate Monohydrate
cancer treatments based on targeted therapy which promises Tadalafil
no side effects. Its vision is to reach a turnover of Rs 500 Tetracycline HCL
crores in five years from now. Tafluprost
Expanding Product Range and Geographic Reach Vardenafil HCL Trihydrate
Over the years the Century Pharmaceuticals has expanded
its product range and also its geographic reach. Century Giving Value Added Services
Pharmaceuticals now has about 40 products under
manufacture and is exporting its products to 60 countries Century Pharmaceuticals Ltd is in the business of manufac-
worldwide. turing APIs for over three decades. It offers various kinds of
services – in addition to supplies of APIs, it undertakes
Some of the most popular products of Century long-term contracts for manufacturing intermediates and
Pharmaceuticals are as follows - development of new Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients as
per requirements of customers. It has a sharp focus on
Acenocoumarol giving value added services to its customers cost effectively.
Amlodipine Besylate

Dealing with the Pandemic

Owing to the pandemic in India, there was a complete

lockdown in March 2020. The business sentiment was at
its lowest level as the people could not go out of their
houses and hence non-discretionary expenses were
curtailed or stopped. Businesses which depended on this
were severely affected as well as others owing to the
pandemic, which was one of its kind in the century.
Owing to this there was a sharp drop in GDP and several
businesses suffered as customers could not honour their
payments in time. This led to severe financial crunch.
However, as the lockdown was relaxed and businesses
restarted, the business came back to normal.

With the pandemic, several businesses cut down

unnecessary expenses, removed redundant staff, travelling
expenses were cut sharply etc. As a result, the second
quarter results showed a very healthy profit for most of
the companies and Century Pharmaceuticals expect this
trend to continue.

In the second wave of virus in Europe and USA, there

could be another round of business disruption. Luckily
India is not much affected, and this could be a boon for
India. Century Pharmaceuticals expect that India will
come out of the pandemic with good growth in GDP in
later part of 2020-21 and 2021-22.

Developing a Niche in the Market

Janak Sheth
The competition always gets the better of you. With Managing Director
higher competition we need to struggle to find our place
in the market with a better quality and better priced
product. Century Pharmaceuticals usually fights the
competition by finding a way to develop a niche in the
market for its products amongst its customers. This helps
organisation to retain the customers over time and sustain
its business. With a volatile market Century
Pharmaceuticals always benefits by buying raw materials
The Century
cost effectively at a lower price owing to its strong
financial position.
Inspiring Entrepreneurial Spirit
is a pharmaceutical
Century Pharmaceuticals always tries to motivate young
company that
students to pursue a career as entrepreneurs. As young
people have several ideas and if they can structure their
everyone trusts
ideas into a business plan it would be a much more
rewarding experience. As a result, India is able to generate
the largest number of start-up businesses. Indian people

are smarter than others owing to several challenges faced Fair Business Practices (Indian Council for Fair Busi-
by us in our day to day lives - starting from water supply to nesses)-
electricity to crowding in various places owing to high Gold Medal for Excellence in Business Practices (Switzer-
density of population. Leaders of the Century land)-
Pharmaceuticals are sure that with the ecosystem of more Excellence Award for Exports-Excellence for Innovation,
startups, the success ratio will improve with time. Business Quality, Productivity (IES, India)-
leaders in India have a greater role and responsibility to Gold Award from Lockheed Martin in Biotech technology-
grow their businesses faster. India has been an emerging Selected as Fastest Growing Pharmaceutical Company of
market for many decades. If each business leader grows 2016 in The Silicon Review Magazine.-
their businesses faster, the country is likely to move to a US Winner of Quality Mark Trust Awards 2016-
$ 5 trillion economy soon. Qualified for GOLD in ZED Certification from QCI India
(ZED ID-ZEDQCI1211718) -
Strong Clientele CEO of the Year by Business Connect Magazine November
Century Pharmaceuticals has a strong clientele of small, Brand of the Year by “THE CEO Magazine” in December
medium and large customers like Zydus Cadila, Hetero, 2018-
Aristo, Macleods, Cipla, Glenmark, Pfizer, Abbott etc. The Best Entrepreneur 100 in 2019 in the CEO Insights
regulatory requirements of large and multinational compa- Magazine-March 2019-
nies are far more involved than others. However, it enjoys An Aspiring Entrepreneur in Technology Widgets Magazine
working with all customers as it tries to cater to each –March 2019-
customer’s specific requirements. This helps it to retain Business APAC’s Zealous Business Leaders of 2019-
most of the customers and helps in growing faster. The Most Innovative Brand –2019 in Business View
Magazine-“30next-Future of Indian Economy”by Forbes
Awards and Recognitions India-
India’s Leading Pharmaceutical Companies to Watch in
Some of the awards and recognition received by Century 2020 by Prime View Magazine
Pharmaceuticals are: - India’s Leading Bulk Drug Company by Gujarat Pharma
Leadership Awards 2020

Innovative Companies to Watch

Enabling Digital Business Stack in an Enhanced Way

N o one has not been impacted by the pandemic. It is

how they have dealt with it that will define their
future. While this has been a massive shakeup, it
has also opened many new opportunities that can be
leveraged to build sustainable business models and
“Our 100+ customers are spread across the small and mid
- Market segment in India, Middle East, and Africa,”
further adds the team Nhance. As a global SaaS player, the
company will continue its mission of empowering compa-
nies across geographies, in emerging markets, and sectors
profitable ventures. as they embed Digital First and Digital Only solutions into
their growth plans.
The pandemic has shown that companies can be run
extremely frugally, people can be trusted to work from Enhanced Offerings
home and any geography. Rest is history (one can hire
talent from any place and any culture and blend them into NHANCE NOW’s products primarily focus on helping
their existing workforce). traditional businesses that are underperforming become
digital growth machines. “All our product offerings are
These fundamental shifts have enabled founders to get designed to help businesses achieve this,” informs its team.
creative with their operational and business models. And The company’s professionally trained personnel are
made them bolder, by re-enforcing the belief that the whole positioned as complete Digital Business Management
world is out there to be captured. Working with a similar Services providers which brings all the assets that a
vision is NHANCE NOW. business needs to get a Digital Makeover.

The company is a SaaS startup building the first of its kind The company’s product suite is curated with all the
Digital Business Stack to empower the pandemic era B2C, essential tools that a business in the domain or function
D2C, and internet companies sell and provide service with would need to offer a rich experience to its customers,
minimal in-person interactions, on every digital channel. succeed in the digital space, without overwhelming its users
With Covid-19 demolishing all the traditional ways of with a technology overdose.
doing business, digital customer engagement is more Some of the company’s unique offerings are:
important than ever. But with so many digital customer
touchpoints, technical challenges and compliance issues 1. Personalized sector-specific conversational Bots to help
how does a business simplify the complexities of growing companies deploy a digital workforce to augment their
their digital business? It is frustrating and time-consuming. human workforce.
Nearly every business today faces this challenge. 2. Digital Experience Cards – The world’s first digital card
for post-purchase customer experience.
“Based out of Bangalore (and now everywhere), we work 3. The world’s first conversational experts’ marketplace to
with consumer product and services companies in help businesses with tactical advice as they transition
e-commerce, consumer retail, financial services, hospitality, their operations to the digital space.
healthcare, and auto,” says the team of NHANCE NOW.
Nhance helps its clientele automate their customer interac- In this cutthroat and volatile market, the way Nhance is
tions, easily connect to messaging apps, voice assistants, staying relevant is through the following measures:
social media and transform into a digital business. In other
words, with team Nhance’s contributions, the company’s 1. By staying away from the crowded markets and sectors
clients can scale to any number of touchpoints, handle and focusing on emerging markets and sectors.
thousands of interactions daily without having to hire 2. By getting closer to end-users, understanding new uses.
hundreds of resources or worry about their customer’s End users are dictating the digital adoption roadmap.
experience. 3. Focus on research. Keep an eye out for new trends. Build
future-ready product offerings.

Ansuman Dani

Genesis of Nhance

Imagine this, it is predicted that the next wave of

e-commerce is going to be built on Instagram and Short
Video sharing apps with millions of ordinary humans as
brand ambassadors.

One of India’s most popular daily need e-commerce

companies has less than 20 customer support executives for
the top 10 Indian cities. 90% of their customer queries are
handled, resolved, and audited by their Customer Service

The world is taking rapid strides in adopting new technol-

ogy. Some of the new technologies in AI, voice, and
machine learning are enabling a generational shift in both We help
consumer behaviors and the way business is conducted. For
any business to stay relevant today, they must be aware of
not only the new developments but also what is gaining business
traction amongst the masses. Businesses need to align all
their plans around it. “We recently helped a finance companies solve
company launch their Neo banking function entirely on
WhatsApp,” says Ansuman Dani, the CEO of NHANCE this with a
NOW. complete digital
“We started 3 and half years back with a vision to help business
companies bringing messaging into their customer
experience culture, as the world was undergoing a platform that
generational shift,” Ansuman adds further. People had
shifted to messaging to run their personal lives and it was brings together
only a matter of time it became mainstream in business.
Positioned as an aspirational product the journey
encountered a huge roadblock when Covid hit in February Bots, automation
tools and
Like scores of startups, the company ‘pivoted and persisted’
while using its previous learning and technology stack to
experts services
help with a one-stop-shop to build, manage, and transition
into a digital business, with a conversational backbone.
in one place
Under the NHANCE NOW Reboot program, the company
is focused on helping a million SMB and Mid-Market
companies transition to digital business to stay relevant in
the new normal.

“With the world entering the digital age we envision

creating a ‘digital-only’ customer engagement culture for
business and consumer communication,” states Ansuman.

Advising budding entrepreneurs in a conclusive statement,

Ansuman expresses, “Build a company, product, and sales
follow-up system. Build for customers, not for investors. Be
an employee first - happy, and valued employees keep
customers happy while taking the company forward. Always
prioritize and keep your focus on less as less gives more.”


Scenario Post Lockdown
W e were always taught that the earth was
a sphere and would remain that way. All
that it too to flatten it out end-to-end
was a virus which spread so virulently that the
only way to escape it rapidly rampaging abilities
- Be there when it matters most

It’s one thing to plan and ready things to face and

better disruptions, and its quite another for a
marketer to be there with the clientele when most
way to stay out of its reach- but shuttering oneself required. The lockdown was a period when brands
at home completely cut off from the world. Arctic of every kind across industries and verticals were
to Antarctic, United States to Japan, streets tested to their limits. Supply-side disruptions, lack
emptied as people huddled at home behind face of customer support, lack of adequate online and
masks, armed with PPE kits and sanitizers. offline presence etc were matters which came to
the fore. The pandemic being a global occurrence,
Despite the fear of death hanging over humanity these issues were felt by clients worldwide. One
worse than the proverbial Damocles’ Sword, surprising factor that was observed was that local
humanity cautiously ventured out. It had to, and area-specific brands that knew their terrain
because hunger after a while doesn’t register fear very well and were aware of local issues did better
as a factor to be reconned with. It’s in these 6 to 9 than known, and in some cases ‘international’
trying months that brands either earned their brands who despite deep pockets could not get
spurs or lost them completely. Those that have things and services where they were most needed.
survived see the global marketing scenarios post Also, worth recognizing was local entrepreneurs
the lockdown as a time of great change which is resolved to service their clients despite the
creating a template for the future to follow, inconveniences of the lockdown. These put
survive and grow. together brought out the importance of being
there when it mattered the most. Those who did,
These post-lockdown scenario in global marketing won!
includes among others, the following:
- Show presence in the right manner
- Be ready for any eventuality by looking for
trouble much before trouble troubles you. Drill Much before the pandemic brought the world on
right down to a single plane, there was the smart phone. With
its reach and ability to connect to the net,
The Covid-19 pandemic could just be the marketing a brand to the right clientele was no
beginning of our lives in the times of the unknown. more an issue. What was, was one’s intention and
Medical science knows for a fact that viruses and need. Those brands that figured prominently and
pathogens are coming back with more than a bang for the right reasons on any smart-phone search
and would be difficult to control. That, and other were guaranteed the kind of visibility that’s hard
events that could flatten the earth means we to miss. The lockdown was a time of severe testing.
ought to have our antennas really primed for Those intending to win had to have the presence
trouble before it is upon us. That, and the ability to on the right mediums, and more so for a reason
run the marketing show despite adverse that was hard to miss.
happening is the need of the hour. Wars,
pandemics, natural disasters, fuel-shortages etc - Have more content and display it in many ways
cannot be wished away. Nor can our self-interests.
Post-lockdown marketers would have to drill From the time that the internet has become the
down deep to list our every circumstance that has de-facto platform for advertising and marketing,
the potential to cause disruptions while also listing focus has come to be had on content that can and
down steps to be taken to counter and better such needs to be put forth. Times like the post
disruptions. Marketing finally wins when a brand lockdown period has made the issue of content
stands tall despite its circumstances and carry even more important for survival. Stories of
with it its loyal clientele. products and services, how they served valuable

clients in tough times, what clients have to say marketers avoid CAPEX unless it is absolutely
about brands, are some of the issues around which necessary and without an option. With constant
content is now being developed and put forth. upgrades and new features, cloud-based systems
Marketing in the post lockdown time is all about a help marketers stay with an ear to the ground.
heightened and proactive sense of engaging with
the target audience in order to get the right - Constantly interact with customers be it in
message across including making the much- times of crisis or otherwise
needed right impression about a brand.
The internet democratized and made accesses
- Align with local concerns & pay close heed to (marketer to client or vice-versa) very easy and
what clients have to say firm. It also made it pertinent that brands and
marketers be in constant touch with clients be it to
Despite the pandemic being a simultaneous
listen to their pain-points or informing them about
worldwide phenomenon, the disruption, and
hardships it caused to a brand’s clientele were newer products, additional features or just plainly
matters local. Issues for instance in North America informing the latter about the happening in an
caused concern to citizens there and had nothing industry. Those that do this religiously are most
to do with the rest of the world. That said, brands likely to have loyal followings in times to come.
that took up local concerns and paid heed to local
issues came to be identified by users in that - Use all ways to collect marketing-related
location. In time their reliability index went up information, and likewise communicate
substantially. irrespective of means and gadgets

- Be open about abilities without being curt In the end, what matters is the touch. With the net,
without the net, with gadgets, without gadgets,
During and after the lockdown, with people’s what is desired is a connect at all times- something
patience running low, marketers who told their ONLY the net can provide. With parts of the world
tales in all honesty while also mentioning their still being patch as far as bandwidth is concerned,
shortcomings, found their share of loyal clientele. marketers ought to find ways to communicate and
Honesty in hard times can save a lot of pain which stay in touch with clients.
can be the marketer’s gain when it’s about
important issues. Not being able to serve certain
products or places in the post lockdown period if
put forth upfront can help clients look for
alternative at the right time while retaining the
marketer’s image as being upright, clean, and

- Invest in technology that identifies products

and matter and connects the same to the cloud

Post lockdown, the pace of marketing worldwide

has quickened for a variety of reasons. In these
times, to speed up marketing efforts and get to the
clients fast, the ascent is to move to technologies
which always guarantees visibility. One of them is
the cloud which frees marketers from owning and
maintaining legacy systems. Besides making them
agile, services including SAAS and HAAS help

Innovative Companies to Watch

SSB PROPERTIES Bangalore’s Prime Real Estate Consultancy

T he impact of technology on the real estate sector in

India has been mixed, where people are getting
virtual tour of the properties but have lost a
personal touch there is to facilitate an experience. Although,
the digital space has brought on various avenues that have
Properties has kept in mind the cross cultured immigrant
population that has been coming in the city and its
advantages with respect to the development prospectus.
Vishal started this venture for enabling suitable spaces for
use on rent. After grasping the market requirements of
made the work easier for many realtors, it has also taken different segment of clients from various parts of the
away the pleasure of assisting clients individually in a country and the world.
tailor-made fashion. Tackling these issues and providing on-
point real estate services dynamically to the clients is one The company now offers property management services in
company, SSB Properties. Bangalore to meet all the needs of the clients including
corporate companies that are looking for dynamic
SSB Properties is one of the prominent property dealers in workplaces within the city. “Our services start from
Bangalore. Its team is engaged in offering a wide range of providing residential properties for rent to company
real estate services that includes purchasing, selling, personnel and procuring lands for further development that
renting, and leasing different kinds of properties in the city. can be turned into IT parks all over the city,” claims Vishal.
The team consists of specialized and seasoned professionals The company specializes in understanding the individual
who provide a palette of services to the clients. These requirements and attend the client personally to cater them
services include activities like aiding in buying and selling in a customized fashion. SSB’s team has the ability to get
of commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential the best properties for its clients at the most reasonable
properties in Bangalore. “We are committed to render the rates. “We are engaged in all kinds of real estate activities
best investment opportunity for the investors in the high- like renting and leasing, buying and selling, along with
tech city of Bangalore,” says the Founder of the company, marketing and promoting of residential, commercial, retail
Vishal V Parwani. outlets, and industrial premises in Bangalore,” describes
SSB’s team leverages different resources in order to cater to
the clients needs. This team of highly experienced SSB Properties also facilitates trained marketing personnel
professionals have in-depth insights of the real estate for some of the prestigious builders of the city. Its team
market. These professionals are competent enough to believes in transparent transactions and thereby it
realize the dynamic requirements of clients and strive to outsources its marketing team for various top builders in the
serve them to their best extent. “If you are looking for industry on a regular basis. The company also acts as a
buying, selling, leasing, renting, and interested in a marketing liaison between builders and real estate
residential, commercial, or industrial property; be it for companies, wherein its team looks after all the promotional
single or multiple purposes in Bangalore or nearby area, activities of the project on the builders’ behalf. “You can be
we are the perfect destination for you,” states Vishal. assured best of the prices and discounts from us,” states the
team of SSB Properties.
Professional Realtors at Your Service
Bangalore city has the potential to become one of the go-to As a property management service provider, the company
destination for every business group on a global level. SSB handles all the property of NRIs, companies, celebrities,

builders, and landlords, etc. SSB’s
team works as a bridge between the
party and the space user where it
enables properties for filling out on
rent and if needed, the team even
collects the rent from the beneficiary
on the behalf of the owner.

Dynamics of SSB
Vishal started venturing into the real
estate as a hobby, helping his friends
and relatives in buying and renting
properties in 2002. “Initially it was just
a hobby and without any financial
gain. But, later as we moved forward
with the sales and renting, me and my
family decided to go full time in this
venture from 2007,” he adds.

He started marketing and promoting

revenue sites and renting out small
homes to prospective clients. Then his
team (comprising of family members
and close friends) started promoting
and helping Category B, builders sell
their apartments. “Our journey started
with meager earnings of just Rs. 4000
per plot that we sold, and our first

Vishal V Parwani
We provide end-to-end solutions for
brands to set up in Bangalore, right from
doing the survey to tapping the right “
area and locating the right property

Transforming Realty
SSB Properties provide tailor-made real estate solutions to
the clients, right from understanding their budget and
financial position to availing them suitable properties. The
process includes careful selection of floor plan, assistance
in negotiating, along with necessary interior upgradation
advice for the property, renting out the property for
investor, and getting new tenants for the clients once the
tenancy is expired or terminated. “We are an integral part
of our client’s real estate journey,” tells Vishal.

The company’s mission is to emerge and grow as the best

reliable realtor, property dealer, property management
service provider. “I have my family working along with me
in my firm, my close friends, my brothers, my cousins, and
now younger ones in our family are also assisting me in my
work,” addresses Vishal.

Talking about the challenges, Vishal mentions about the

problems that he and his team faced in the unorganized
sector that SSB is currently active in. There were a lot of
issues like the delays in projects by the developers and the
difficult attitude of some owners and tenants as well. “Now
we have become well-established to identify the clients who
rental started with just Rs. 1200 as our fee. Started with a have the same ideology that we share,” addresses the team
mobile phone, the journey is pretty great now and we have of SSB Properties.
scaled up to doing business with the best Category A
developers in Bangalore,” opines Vishal. The pandemic had instilled uncertainty in some clients, but
now people have realized that only real estate investment
Having the opportunity to serve the best-known VIPs and seems to be safe and lucrative, and rentals from it is certain
celebrities, the company has observed the challenge of when compared with volatile job scenario, the people who
accommodating bachelors who move into Bangalore city were not affected in this pandemic were only landlords who
for jobs. SSB has helped them in giving a home that is best had residential investment with rental returns.
suited to them and provide with a bigger home on rent if
their family is grown. “For us being a part of anyone’s The future seems to be good as the new generation will be
family journey is the most awarding moment which we riding the mantle which is more aggressive and is more
cherish a lot,” describes the team of SSB Properties. time conscious. “With the zeal to grow, you will see people
investing in real estate in young age itself and the new set
The team at SSB has assisted in establishing countless ATM of buyers also would be the career-oriented females,”
spaces for banks, offices for companies, logistics spaces for concludes Vishal.
a few organizations, retail spaces, residential renting, sale of
projects, selling of bungalows, and now; managing
properties of various clients. There are some customers who
have invested in multiple properties through the guidance of
SSB Properties’ team and Vishal’s directions.