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• Turkey: Christians at the MARCH/APRIL 2008

intersection of East and West
• Zimbabwe: from plenty to hunger
• What Islam says about non-Muslims
From the director
A bowl of curry
The Biblical picture of Esau and Jacob is not flattering. While Jacob is marked by
deception, Esau has gone down in history as the one who sold his birthright for a
barnabasaid MARCH/APRIL 2008
bowl of stew (Genesis 25). His past, his present and his future were all sacrificed
because of an immediate need to satisfy the pangs of hunger.
Esau’s error is in danger of being doors to Christian missionaries. Some
repeated today, as Christians and signed in a genuine idealistic hope that it
Contents Western countries encounter not just
Muslims but Islam itself. In the current
could make the world a better place. One
said that he saw the Letter as the start of a
To guard the safety of Christians in hostile environments
names have often been changed or omitted. Thank you debate on whether Turkey should enter process which would end in reconciliation
for your understanding. the European Union, British Foreign between Islam and Christianity.
Secretary, David Miliband, spoke of Whatever their motives, the fact remains
a bleak scenario in 2030, of a world
3 Project News more divided by religion, with threats
that the signatories sacrificed truth.
They also sacrificed their Christian brothers
“Centre of Love” for garbage at home and abroad, and marked by and sisters living in the Muslim world.
city children growing hostility to the West. His Horrified Christians from those contexts
recommendation was to enlarge the EU to have spoken of their sense of betrayal by
6 Country Profile: include Turkey and eventually the Middle their Western brethren who signed the Yale
East and North Africa so as to avoid “a Letter and did not seize the opportunity to
Christians in Turkey deep and dangerous divide between east raise the fact of Christian persecution past
and west”. The fact that Europe could or present.
Information soon have a Muslim majority if Turkey A Christian minister wrote to me
pull-out and all these other Muslim countries join
the EU has not seemed of much interest
recently that if Barnabas Fund would only
How Islam treats non-Muslims describe Islam as peaceful and tolerant
to Miliband or to many other politicians.
we would get any amount of money in
Certainly there will be no “divide between
donations. When I raised with him the
11 Newsroom east and west” if Europe becomes Muslim.
fact that actually a violent side of Islam
Christmas violence in India and Iraq Europe’s Judaeo-Christian heritage will
exists, he said this did not matter, the only
have been sacrificed for the hope of
important thing was to work for harmony
12 Focus security. (Turn to pages 6-10 to read about
Christians in Turkey.)
in our day. Thus he sacrificed truth and
Zimbabwe: nothing left in the Likewise in a Christian context, Esau’s
justice for Christian minorities for the sake
breadbasket of a contemporary rapprochement between
short-termism and his lack of proportion
Islam and the West.
and perspective are being repeated. Many
14 The Other Nine senior Christian leaders in the West
If Christians in the West care so little for
their Christian heritage – history, values,
Young Christians share their worship have signed what has become known as
perhaps even faith itself – they may trade it
the “Yale Letter”, a response published
service for the One in Ten in November 2007 by the Yale Centre
in for a bowl of curry or a kebab and, like
for Faith and Culture at Yale Divinity Esau, discover too late that they cannot
16 Newsroom School in the USA to the “Open Letter reclaim it.
Destructive disinformation in Algeria and Call” from 138 Muslim leaders last Some will say I am being adversarial
and preaching intolerance. I would reply
and Egypt October. The Yale Letter warmly affirms
the baseless claim in the Muslims’ Open that truth cannot be forsaken, however
unacceptable it is, and love must shape all
17 Easter Appeal Letter that love of God and love of
neighbour are central to Islam as well we say and do. W must speak the truth, we
Basic needs for hungry Christians in as to Christianity. It also contains an must speak the truth always, we must speak
the Middle East admission of Christian guilt against “our the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15) – words
Muslim neighbours” for the Crusades and which always seem to come from John
18 In Touch the current “war on terror”, but has no Stott’s lips. There is no conflict between
Help Iraqi Christians with our new mention of Islamic violence and injustice truth and love. Both are essential and must
towards Christian minorities. go together. Today in our encounter with
petition campaign Islam and Muslims there has never been
Some of the Yale signatories have since
explained their motives. Some signed more need to speak the truth always and in
out of fear, hoping to avoid conflict which love, lest we find we have lost
Cover: The mother of a Zimbabwean
pastor. Turn to pages 12-13 to read would affect their countries. Some signed our birthright.
how Barnabas Fund is helping out of pragmatism, hoping that Muslim Dr Patrick Sookhdeo
starving Christians in Zimbabwe. countries would respond by opening their International Director
Project news
We are so grateful for the generous giving of Barnabas Fund supporters amongst the children of the garbage
city, which is partly due to the fact
which enables us to continue providing practical assistance for that many marriages are between
close relatives such as first cousins.
Christians suffering because of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. There is also a high rate of sickness
Here we report on a selection of recent grants, which are just a small due to the nature of their work and
the appallingly unhygienic conditions
part of what we are doing. Thank you for your help in transforming in which they live. Hepatitis C is
particularly prevalent because the
situations and changing lives. Please pray as you read. refuse, which the Christians sort by
hand, includes contaminated hospital
waste. Heart disease is also very
Foundations for the school were
laid in late 2007 and, Lord willing,
the six-storey building should be
completed by the end of 2008 ready to
open in 2009. As well as classrooms
there will be a clinic and facilities
for medical tests. There will be
a workshop for handicrafts and
facilities for music and computing.
The top two floors will be residential
accommodation for those of the
children who are orphans or whose
families are unable to care for
them. As well as normal lessons,
the pupils will be taught how to look
after themselves, and they will learn
Christians sorting garbage to earn their living
vocational skills to enable them to be
at least partially self-supporting.
There are 14 deaf children and
FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE IN A GARBAGE CITY 50 with learning difficulties who
will be the first pupils at the school.
Some Christians in Egypt collect of Faith”. We first wrote about it Numbers will increase in future
and sort garbage so it can be sold in a Barnabas Aid article entitled years, as there are also around 150
for recycling. This job, though low “Bringing Hope to the Garbage City children and young people who suffer
paid, very unpleasant and dangerous, Christians”. But many difficulties from heart disease or other chronic
is at least a way to earn a living. arose with the chosen site, and disabilities, making them unfit for the
However, the bulk of profits usually it proved impossible to gain the hurly-burly of normal schools.
go to Muslims controlling the work, necessary permissions for the project Some with hepatitis may also be able
although it is the Christians who to go ahead. However, the Lord to attend.
provide most of the labour. has wonderfully opened another Reference 11-599
After a long wait and many way which will enable us to give
obstacles, we praise God that building an education to the very neediest
work has at last started on the school of the garbage city children, that
for “garbage city” Christian children is, those who are disabled or have
which is being supported by Barnabas serious illnesses. The new plan,
Fund. Many of our supporters have which has gained the approval of
given generously and been praying the local governor, is for a school
to be called “Centre of Love”. As
faithfully for this vital project.
one Egyptian Christian commented
Thank you.
to Barnabas Fund, any building or
Faith, hope and now love initiative with the word “love” in it is
Readers with long memories will instantly recognised in his country as
The foundations of the Centre of Love school for disabled
recall that the initial plan was for a something Christian. children in the garbage city. Please pray that the school will be
primary school to be called “Pillar There is a high level of disability able to open in 2009


Project news

Bangladeshi church workers distributing food aid to Bangladeshi Christians affected by Cyclone Sidr. Getting the aid and the people help Christians affected by the
to the places needed was by no means easy. Grants from Barnabas Fund are also helping to repair damaged homes and to replace
farm animals which had died in the disaster cyclone. This was used for food,
blankets, clothes, repair of houses,
Cyclone Sidr devastated the south- on houses, crops and farm animals. and to provide cows, goats and other
western coastal areas of Bangladesh Many Christians were living in the livestock for those whose animals had
on 15th November 2007. Bangladesh affected areas. died in the disaster.
is afflicted by many natural disasters, Working through four Bangladeshi Christians in Bangladesh are an
but this was the worst cyclone for Christian partner organisations, impoverished and vulnerable minority
ten years. Over 3,000 people were Barnabas Fund has so far sent who face discrimination in daily life
killed and huge destruction wreaked £47,000 (US$94,000; €65,800) to and sometimes outright persecution.
Reference 04-718


A needy Christian family in Armenia. Barnabas Fund
helped 150 families with extra fuel for the long,
cold Armenian winter

therefore do not keep the cold out

very effectively. A high proportion of
the young men have left the country
to try to earn money to support their
families, meaning that there is a
predominance of elderly, women and
children amongst those who remain.
There is much need, and they turn to
their local churches for help.
A grant from Barnabas Fund
of £15,000 (US$30,950; €21,000)
The Shirak region of north-west even lower. There is great poverty in provided 150 of the neediest families
Armenia is 2,000 metres above sea this Christian country, and Armenian of believers with a grant of £100
level. Winter is very cold and snowy people have been severely persecuted (US$200; €140) each to help with
and lasts six months. Temperatures in many contexts over the years. winter fuel costs.
can drop to minus 35C, sometimes Many houses are not well built, and Reference 79-719


Project news
As more and more Iraqi Christians RECORDING: SMALL
flee their homeland in response to
anti-Christian threats and violence, BUSINESSES TO
Barnabas Fund has been increasing
the amount of aid sent to Iraqi
refugees, particularly in Syria where CENTRAL ASIA This church-run business in Central Asia making
concrete blocks employs six Christians from a Muslim
large numbers have found safety background. Using stone chips and concrete the
blocks are poured, moulded under pressure and then
and security, but have no means to Christians from a Muslim background dried. There is much construction work going on in
support themselves. Many are sick or who live in Central Asia face many the area, so the business is thriving. Not only are the
six employees able to support themselves, but also
disabled or are injured as the result of difficulties, including the fact that the business can help to fund the outreach ministry
of the church
violence suffered in Iraq. it is almost impossible for them to
Recent grants totalling £165,250 find a job because no one wants
• A business making concrete
(US$330,500; €231,350) have been to employ them. Barnabas Fund
blocks for building work, to employ
sent to help Iraqi Christians in Syria, therefore covers the start-up costs
6 people - £5,160 (US$10,320;
plus £10,000 (US$20,000; €14,000) for small businesses run by Central
to help Iraqi Christians in Jordan. Asian churches. These businesses are
established specifically to provide • A business making paving stones
Most of this is used for food, with
employment for converts from Islam. to employ 4 to 5 people - £4,050
a little ear-marked to purchase
When the business prospers, the (US$8,100; €5,670)
medication for those who are sick.
surplus profit can be used to support • Two market stalls selling hot-
Reference 20-383
the ministries of the church. Here are dogs, burgers, juice, tea, ice-cream
some recent examples: etc. to employ 6 people - £3,100
• Hot houses to grow tomatoes and (US$6,200; €4,340)
cucumbers, to employ 14 people • A small rubber vulcanisation
- £2,625 (US$5,250; €3,675) business to employ 3 people -
• Recording studio to employ 5 £3,100 (US$6,200; €4,340)
to 8 people - £5,025 (US$10,050; • A business to repair enamel baths
€7,035) to employ 5 people - £220 (US$430;
• A car service station to employ €308)
Iraqi Christian refugees in Syria sign to
confirm receipt of the aid which Barnabas
5 people – £6,080 (US$11,670; Reference 00-356
Fund has provided through their local church €8,400) (small business start-up fund)


Turn to pages 12-13 to read how sent a grant of £16,400 (US$32,800;
Barnabas Fund is helping starving €22,960) to have the 32-page
Christians in Zimbabwe. magazine printed in Bulgarian for the
Reference 91-721 first time. The grant will cover the
printing of 5,000 copies for one year
(six issues).
Bulgarian Christians have been
waiting eagerly for this magazine to
Bulgarian children. Barnabas Fund is funding the
printing of a Christian children’s magazine in Bulgaria be available in their language. They
are watching with concern the way in
A lively children’s magazine produced which Islam has been gaining strength
every two months does much to and influence in their country since
encourage young Christians in their the end of communism. Muslim
faith in parts of the world where missionaries from Turkey are trying to
Christianity is under pressure. As convert Bulgarian Christians to Islam.
well as providing funds for printing
Reference 80-664
the magazine in three languages of
Central Asia, Barnabas Fund has

/ APR2007
AID 55
Country Profile Turkey

Main street in what used to be the prosperous town of
Ephesus. Ephesus was an important centre for early
Christianity, and Paul spent several years in the city,
telling the Gospel to the Jews and Greeks (Acts 19)

rebuilt and renamed Constantinople,

today’s Istanbul. Constantine was
the first Christian Roman Emperor
and he adopted Christianity as its
official religion. During the time of
the Byzantine Empire, the church of
St Sophia was built at the centre of

a country caught Constantinople. It was the greatest

church of the Christian world for
about 900 years, before Turkish

between East and West tribes began to invade the region

of Anatolia and finally conquered
Constantinople in 1453. After this
four, Ephesus, Laodicea, Sardis St Sophia was turned into a mosque,
History and Pergamum, were also located and its architecture became the model
The Turkey of today is known as in the western part of Turkey. The for other major Turkish mosques.
a Muslim country: official figures area that makes up present-day St. John’s Church, dating from around 600 AD,
say that 99.7% of its population is Turkey was known to the Romans as in Alasehir. Alasehir was formerly known
as Philadelphia, the site of one of the seven
Muslim. Christians make up less than “Asia Minor”, and it was here that churches in Revelation 2 and 3
0.15% of the Turkish population of Christianity spread rapidly during
72.6 million. However, only about 100 the first century after Jesus’ death
years ago, Christians numbered 25% and resurrection. It was here that
of the population. several of the major early Christian
Present day Turkey includes the communities such as the Ephesians
area where the seven churches of and the Galatians, to which Peter
the book of John’s Revelation can and Paul addressed their letters,
be found. Smyrna (today Izmir), were found.
Philadelphia (today Alasehir) and In 330 AD the Roman Emperor
Thyatira (today Akhisar) are still Constantine moved the capital of
inhabited today, and the other his empire to Byzantium, which he


Country Profile
The Church of Holy Wisdom, more commonly
known as St Sophia, in Istanbul. The four
minarets were added after the church had been
turned into a mosque in 1453. In 1935 it was
converted into a museum

education was secularised, and

even the traditional dress code was
changed to give Turkey a more
Western, progressive outlook. Where
the Ottoman Empire had had Islamic
law (shari‘a), the new republic had
instead a secular legal system based
on Western models. Many Muslim
sects were outlawed and political
Islam was repressed. Over recent
years, Turkey’s ambition to join
the European Union has led to the
government taking steps to improve
Turkey’s many names After the fall of the Byzantine
Empire, Constantinople became the on human rights issues and freedom
Turkey: derived from its largest capital of the Ottoman Empire and of speech, but so far there have
groups of inhabitants, the Turkic was renamed Istanbul – the “city of been no significant improvements in
tribes from Central Asia who came Islam” – although the new name was religious liberty.
and settled in the area from around However, for most Turkish people,
not made official until the 1930s.
1000 AD, many of them converting Islam has remained very important,
Under Ottoman rule Islam became the
to Islam. and the secularism so carefully
dominant religion, determining life
Anatolia: Anatolia describes the and politics. Christians and other non- established by Atatürk is now on the
geographical region which makes wane. In elections in 2007 the former
Muslim minorities were organised
up today’s Turkey. The term is secular ruling party was replaced by
according to the millet system, which
thought to date back about 3,000 the pro-Islamist AKP (Justice and
gave each non-Muslim religious
years. Development Party) who are planning
community a limited amount of
Seljuk: A Turkic tribe who gained power to regulate their own affairs to create a new constitution, probably
power in most of Byzantine more Islamic. The wife of President
under the overall supremacy of the
Anatolia in the second half of Abdullah Gül wears the hijab (Islamic
Ottoman administration. Some
the eleventh century. They were headscarf) and the government plans
staunch Sunni Muslims. millets paid a special tax to the state
as dhimmis, second-class citizens to lift the ban on female university
Ottoman: The Ottoman dynasty students wearing the hijab.
in an Islamic state. In some parts
was founded by Osman who Because Islam has always been
of the empire Christian boys were
declared his clan independent from a major influence on the identity of
Seljuk rule in Anatolia around forcibly seized, converted to Islam,
Turkish people, “Turkishness” is held
1300. By military conquest their and trained to serve the Ottoman state
to include being a Muslim. Therefore
territory expanded to become as elite slave troops, known as the
Christians and other non-Muslim
the Ottoman Empire, ruled by a Janissaries.
minorities are seen as foreigners,
sultan, which was the dominant The modern Turkish republic was
even enemies of the Turkish state.
Muslim power for some six created in 1923, largely due to the
The National Security Council lists
centuries. Later the Ottoman efforts of Kemal Atatürk (1881-1938),
missionary activity as a threat to the
sultans began to use the title and was recognised internationally country. Some Turks even believe
“caliph”, indicating religious by the Treaty of Lausanne, signed that Christians have close links to
authority over all Sunni Muslims, on 24 July. The following year the the PKK, a militant Kurdish group
and later still the two posts of Caliphate was abolished, as Atatürk
sultan and caliph were divided fighting for an independent Kurdish
pushed through a radical programme state in the south-eastern part of
between two different individuals. of secularisation. He imposed a Turkey.
strict separation between state and The Islamic and nationalist media
religion, and many other measures have an influential role in shaping
to Westernise and modernise the a negative image of Christians,
country. The Arabic alphabet was often making wildly inaccurate
replaced by the Roman script, allegations against them. This kind
of disinformation can have serious
A “roundel” in St Sophia. These plates with Arabic consequences. In one incident in
inscriptions giving the names of the Prophet
Muhammad and some of the sultans were put on
either side of the altar after the church had been
turned into a mosque Continued overleaf


Country Profile
Sunni Muslims. Also, only Jewish, on the election of the Ecumenical
Greek Orthodox and Armenian Patriarch, will not allow the
Orthodox communities are officially Patriarchate to own any property, will
recognised as legal religious minority not grant work visas to those coming
groups. Other non-Muslim groups can from other countries to work at the
seek to gain legal recognition locally Patriarchate, interferes in the running
and subsequently an official place of of its schools, and shows the utmost
worship, but the process is long and reluctance to discuss these grievances
complex. The final decision for such with the Patriarch.
applications lies with the mayor of Places of worship
each place, and applications may For many Christian groups it is
be denied because of anti-Christian extremely difficult, if not impossible,
prejudice. Individuals such as junior to buy new property, build new
bureaucrats, local politicians and buildings or renovate existing ones.
Christian youth in Turkey members of the police may violate Many church buildings bought after
September 2007, a man set the the constitutional rights of religious 1936 have been confiscated by Turkish
entrance of a church alight and minorities, leading to discrimination authorities without compensation and
fired a handgun several times. He and persecution of Christians, have been given back or sold to the
told interrogators that he had been particularly in rural and remote areas previous owner. Often the reasoning
“bothered” by what he had heard and of the country. behind the confiscation is that there
read in the newspapers about the Since 587 the head of the Greek are not sufficient numbers within
church. The minister of this church Orthodox in Constantinople has been the community to necessitate such a
is related to one of the Christian known as the Ecumenical Patriarch, building. Also, the government has
converts from Islam murdered in who takes the first place of honour laid down a required minimum of
Malatya in April 2007. among all the Orthodox patriarchs square metres of land for a church
This perception of Christians as a of the world. But the Turkish state building: for example, a “street
threat to the Turkish nation has led
does not recognise this title and has church” must have at least 2,500 m2
hindered the work of the Ecumenical of land, and some churches are
to discrimination and often violence
Patriarchate in many different ways. required to have more. For
against churches, church leaders and
In addition to many of the difficulties many Christian communities
individuals. One of the most horrific
described in sections below, the these requirements can prove an
acts of aggressions against Christians
Turkish state has imposed restrictions insurmountable financial obstacle.
was the Armenian Genocide (see box).
Since the beginning of the twentieth
century, the Christian population in
Turkey has shrunk from 3.1 million to Armenian Genocide
only about 100,000 today.
From 1894 to 1923 about 1.5 million Armenian Christians died under the
Ottoman government of that time. Together with other Christian groups
Christianity today such as the Assyrians, Armenian Christians were a despised minority
The majority of Christians in Turkey under the Islamic Ottoman rule. While mass killings took place periodically
are not ethnically Turks, but from throughout the almost 30 years between 1894 and 1923, the massacres of
Armenian, Assyrian and Greek 1915 were the worst. About 800,000 Armenian Christians were killed in
backgrounds and number around that year; many of the men were executed without trial, while women and
76,000. There are also about 16,000 children were deported, many dying on the way, either slaughtered or from
expatriate Christians from Western starvation. By 1923 the formerly growing minority of Armenian Christians
countries. In recent years, there had been reduced to only about 50,000. The fact that Assyrian Christians
has also been a growing number of were also killed, especially from 1914-1920, and also that those who were
Christian converts from Islam who willing to convert to Islam were spared from deportation, shows that the
are mostly ethnic Turks, estimated at mass killings were religiously, rather than ethnically, motivated.
around 4,000. While the massacres have been recognised as genocide by more than
20 countries, Turkey still vigorously denies the charges of genocide.
Legal recognition
It acknowledges that many Armenians died during that time, but puts the
The Turkish constitution states the
figure at 300,000. It also claims that the deaths resulted from inter-ethnic
right to freedom of belief, freedom of
violence, in which many Turks died as well, and the wider context of the
worship, the private dissemination
First World War. Only recently the European Parliament has declared that
of religious ideas and prohibits Turkey must acknowledge the “genocide” before it can be admitted to the
discrimination on religious grounds. EU. (For more detailed information on the Armenian Genocide visit
However, these constitutional rights www.barnabasfund.org/armeniangenocide)
are, in practice, only fully granted to


Country Profile
the government, the army or the
civil services. Christian converts
from Islam risk losing their job if it
becomes know that they have become
Evangelism and conversion
Evangelism and converting to another
faith are not illegal in Turkey, but
Christians have often been beaten and
insulted for handing out Christian
literature or sharing their faith with
Muslims. Sometimes they are arrested
and interrogated, but they are usually
released soon. In April 2007 police
arrested and detained four Christian
street evangelists for “forceful
missionary activity”, disturbing the
peace and insulting other religions. In
parts of eastern Turkey and in smaller
cities and villages, police sometimes
approach individuals who have been
seen in contact with Christians in
order to prevent them from attending
church services or continuing
having contact with Christians. In
the last two years, 12 incidents of
abduction, beatings and death threats
of Christian converts from Islam
have been filed with the police, but
many more incidents probably go
unreported out of fear of further
violence and persecution.
All Christian communities are
under state surveillance, and Christian
leaders know they are being watched
and their telephones are tapped. Many
Remains of churches like this one, which was built at the site of the temple of Artemis in Sardis in the fifth century, of them receive threatening letters,
testify to the rich Christian heritage of Turkey. See Revelation 3:1-6 emails or phone calls on a regular
basis. For example, in January 2007
For this reason, many Christian in primary and secondary schools. the pastor of a church in Samsun
places of worship are considered Recognised Christian communities received the following message after
illegal by Turkish authorities. are allowed their own private schools, his church had been vandalised:
Since 2002 more than 20 Christian but only if they are not grounded “I will kill you, you have very little
on the principles of the Christian time left.” While the police provide
communities have been informed that
faith. They have to operate under protection for church buildings, they
they could not meet in their premises
the supervision of the Ministry of do not very often protect church
anymore which were not recognised
Education and have to appoint a leaders.
as official places of worship. All
appealed, but eventually lost. Police Muslim as deputy principal. Violence against Christians
occasionally bar Christians from Christian communities find it very The degree of hostility and violence
difficult to train new church leaders. towards Christians in Turkey has
holding services in their own flats and
The government closed down two fluctuated in recent years, and
Christians have been brought to court
Christian seminaries in the 1970s, and currently is on the increase. In
for holding unauthorised gatherings
they have not been allowed to reopen. November 2007 an imam in Istanbul
in their homes.
Yet the government provides funds pinned a verse from the Qu’ran
Education, training and work and institutions for the training of prohibiting friendship with Jews
In Turkey the government limits the imams. and Christians on the door of his
right to religious teaching in order Christians in rural areas often mosque. In the same month a church
to “protect the secular state”. There struggle to find work, and it is minister was kidnapped, but later
is compulsory religious education difficult for them to get a job with
Continued overleaf


Country Profile
One of the presenters
who led through the TV
series “Christians and
The following message was sent Churches in Turkey”.
The aim of this series
by email to a Turkish church was to make Turkish
Christians aware of the
leader in November 2007: rich Christian heritage of
their country
I won’t waste my time by writing
you a long note. The true and only
accepted religion by Allah is Islam.
You people use your religion as a
weapon and do missionary work
and assume Turkey is a derelict
nation. Do you think Turks are postponed from November 2007
derelict and stupid? You pass your to January 2008 (in progress at the The Treaty of Lausanne, 1923
boundaries when you do your time of writing) because the defence The Treaty of Lausanne gave
lawyers needed more time to prepare international recognition to the newly
missionary work. You dare to
their defence. In the meantime, the formed Republic of Turkey, and
insult Muhammed and Allah’s true included Articles on Turkey’s religious
media spread rumours about the
religion. What do you trust and minorities. It guaranteed freedom
murdered Christians in order to
depend on? Let me answer. Is it present them in a negative light. Also, of belief and protected against
one of the articles in the Lausanne it has been reported that the majority discrimination on religious grounds,
Peace Agreement? Don’t make me of the investigations for this case although these rights have not been
laugh. I am a soldier of Allah and seemed to focus on the “missionary well observed in practice.
I don’t care either for Lausanne activities” of the three Christian men Article 38: The Turkish Government
undertakes to assure full and complete
peace agreement, the European rather than the murders. Threats protection of life and liberty to all inhabitants
Union or the Turkish Constitution. against Christians have increased of Turkey without distinction of birth,
I have one book, one law giver and since the Malatya murders. nationality, language, race or religion.
The growing link between Turkish All inhabitants of Turkey shall be entitled
that is the Quran. Either I will to free exercise, whether in public or private,
nationalism and Islamism looks set to
chop your heads off or you leave of any creed, religion or belief, the observance
pose increasingly serious risks to the of which shall not be incompatible with
this country. I don’t care if you are
tiny Christian community in Turkey in public order and good morals.
Turkish. I am first a Muslim, then the future. Article 39: Turkish nationals belonging to
a Turk. (Blessed are those who can non-Moslem minorities will enjoy the same
say they are Turkish and Muslim.) Barnabas projects civil and political rights as Moslems.
All the inhabitants of Turkey, without
in Turkey distinction of religion, shall be equal before
the law.
Barnabas Fund has supported a Differences of religion, creed or confession
released unharmed. In December variety of projects, large and small, shall not prejudice any Turkish national in
to strengthen the Church in Turkey, matters relating to the enjoyment of civil
2007 Turkish police foiled a plot or political rights, as, for instance, […] the
by Islamist extremists to murder a including leadership training and exercise of professions and industries.
Turkish church leader. Only two weeks education. It has also helped to fund Article 40: Turkish nationals belonging to
before this incident an Italian church various resources, for example a series non-Moslem minorities shall enjoy the same
leader ministering in Izmir was of TV programmes on the theme of treatment and security in law and in fact
stabbed, but not fatally. His attacker “Christians and Churches in Turkeyˆ. as other Turkish nationals. In particular,
they shall have an equal right to establish,
had approached him after a service The programmes show the history of manage and control at their own expense, any
with questions about Christianity, key Christians and churches in the charitable, religious and social institutions,
expressing interest in becoming a geographical area covered by modern any schools and other establishments for
Christian. (In February 2006 another Turkey. The aim is to encourage instruction and education, with the right to
use their own language and to exercise their
Italian church leader had been shot Turkish Christians, who are so often own religion freely therein.
dead in Trabzon.) made to feel foreigners in their own
Article 41: In towns and districts where
One of the most widely land, by showing them that there is a there is a considerable proportion of
acknowledged incidents of this sort heritage and history of Christianity in Turkish nationals belonging to non-Moslem
was the killing of three Christian the region. minorities, these minorities shall be assured
an equitable share in the enjoyment and
employees of a Christian publishing If you would like to support
application of the sums which may be
house on 18 April 2007 in Malatya. Christians in Turkey in their difficult provided out of public funds under the State,
Two of the victims were Turkish situation, you can donate to the municipal or other budgets for educational,
converts from Islam and the third Turkey General Fund (reference religious, or charitable purposes.
was German. The trial had been 54-750).


This series of pull-out supplements is intended to provide background information for Christians seeking to understand
the nature of Islam and its contemporary expression. One aspect of this relates to understanding the reason for the
oppression and persecution of Christians in various Islamic parts of the world, and another to the growing challenge

which Islam poses to Western society, culture and Church.

Non-Muslims under Islam

It is often said nowadays that Islam has always
been a peaceful and tolerant religion in which
Muhammad and non-Muslims
non-Muslim minorities flourished undisturbed, Pagans
Muhammad totally rejected the polytheistic pagan idolatry
with Jews and Christians respectfully treated as of pre-Islamic Arabia. During his early years in Mecca
equals by the Muslim majority. The well-known he patiently suffered persecution at the hand of the Arab
scholar of Islam, Bernard Lewis, criticises this pagans without retaliation. However, once he had moved
myth as a recent invention which has no base to Medina and gained political power there, he demanded
that all Arab pagans submit and convert to Islam or else be
in history:
killed. The final development in Muhammad’s attitude to
It is only very recently that some defenders of Islam have pagans is given in the Qur’an’s so-called “sword verse”:
begun to assert that their society in the past accorded But when the forbidden months are past, then fight
equal status to non-Muslims. No such claim is made by and slay the pagans wherever ye find them, and seize
spokesmen for resurgent Islam, and historically there is them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every
no doubt that they are right. Traditional Islamic societies stratagem (of war). (Q 9:5)
neither accorded such equality nor pretended that they were
so doing. Indeed, in the old order, this would have been Jews and Christians
regarded not as a merit but as a dereliction of duty. How Muhammad saw the monotheistic faiths, Islam and
could one accord the same treatment to those who follow Christianity, as a different category from paganism.
the true faith and those who wilfully reject it? This would At first he even recognised their validity, but in Medina he
be a theological as well as a logical absurdity. 1 gradually turned against his Jewish allies who persistently
refused to accept his claim to be a prophet and would
This article looks at how Islam treats non-Muslims of
not practise the new religious customs he introduced.
various kinds, both in history and in theology. Muhammad
This friction with Jews, and later with various Christian
set the tone shortly before his death by stating his intention
communities, hardened his position as to the absolute
of cleansing the Arabian peninsula of all non-Muslims.
superiority of Islam. Muhammad fought the Jewish tribes,
It has been narrated by ‘Umar b. al-Khattab that he heard massacred many of their men, enslaving their women
the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) say: I will and children, and expelled others from their lands near
expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula Medina to areas further north. The gradual hardening of
and will not leave any but Muslim. (Sahih Muslim, Book Muhammad’s attitude can be seen in the Qur’an where the
019, Number 4366). later chapters, dating from his time in Medina, are much
The traditional Islamic view is that God has made harsher towards pagans, Jews and Christians than the
Muslims superior to all other people. According to the chapters dating from his early years in Mecca.
Qur’an, Muslims are “the best of peoples” (Q 3:110).2 According to the Qur’an, Christians are blasphemers
All relationships with non-Muslims have to serve the because they say that Christ is God and believe in
principle of honouring and strengthening Islam and the Trinity:
Muslims. Muslims must be dominant and non-Muslims They do blaspheme who say: “God is Christ the son of
subordinate. In an Islamic state, only Muslims have full Mary.” But said Christ: “O children of Israel! worship
citizenship rights. God my Lord and your Lord.” Whoever joins other gods
Even today, many Muslims accept it as natural and with God – God will forbid him the Garden and the Fire
normal for non-Muslims to be despised and discriminated will be his abode. There will for the wrong-doers be no
against. They feel that it is quite proper for non-Muslims one to help. They do blaspheme who say: God is one of
to be restricted in the public expression of their faiths and three in a Trinity: for there is no god except One God. If
quite improper for a Muslim to submit to a non-Muslim in they desist not from their word (of blasphemy) verily a
marriage, at work or in the political sphere. grievous penalty will befall the blasphemers among them.
Muslim attitudes to non-Muslims are based on the (Q 5:75-76)
Qur’an, on Muhammad’s example, on the example of the
According to the Qur’an Jews are under God’s wrath and
early Islamic state under the four “rightly-guided caliphs”,
curse for rejecting the message of the prophets and of
and on Islamic law (shari‘a) as it developed in the
classical age.

Bernard Lewis, The Jews of Islam (Princeton University Press, 1987) p.4. 2 Quotations from the Qur’an are taken from A. Yusuf Ali, The Holy Quran: Text,
Translation and Commentary (The Islamic Foundation, 1975. 3 “Undercover Mosque”, transcript, Dispatches, TV Channel 4, broadcast 15 January 2007,
http://www.islamicpluralism.org/news/2007n/undercovermosquesscript.pdf, viewed 7 January 2008.
Curses were pronounced on those among the Children 3. Muslim apostates or renegades (murtaddun).
of Israel who rejected Faith by the tongue of David and These may be outright converts from Islam to another
of Jesus the son of Mary: because they disobeyed and faith, or blasphemers, heretics (mulhidun) and deniers
persisted in Excesses. Nor did they (usually) forbid one of the main doctrines of Islam. This category includes
another the iniquities which they committed: evil indeed Muslim individuals and sects who have deviated from
were the deeds which they did. Thou seest many of them orthodox Islam.
turning in friendship to the Unbelievers. Evil indeed are
(the works) which their souls have sent forward before Jihad and non-Muslims
them (with the result) that God’s wrath is on them and in According to classical Islamic doctrine, jihad is the God-
torment will they abide. (Q 5:81-83) given method for dealing with non-Muslims and for the
Therefore Christians and Jews are joint targets of hostility: expansion of Islam’s political dominion into non-Muslim
O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians territory. Pagans who did not convert to Islam were killed.
for your friends and protectors: they are but friends and Jews and Christians, on the other hand, were allowed to
protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns keep their faith and live, but only if they submitted to
Islamic domination. After a Muslim conquest, any sign
to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily God guideth
of discontent amongst the subjugated Jews and Christians
not a people unjust. (Q 5:54)
was considered to revoke the pact of submission/protection
They must be fought until they humbly submit to the rule and require further jihad against them.4
of Islam: It is clear from documents of the time that early jihad
Fight those who believe not in God nor the Last Day nor campaigns brought misery to the conquered non-Muslims.
hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by God Muslim writers often claim that the Islamic conquests
and His apostle, nor acknowledge the Religion of Truth brought liberation to oppressed people and tolerance to
(even if they are) of the People of the Book until they pay all religious communities. But the accounts of Christians,
the Jizya with willing submission and feel themselves Jews and others who were on the receiving end are very
subdued. (Q 9:29) different, and even Muslim historians recorded large-scale
brutality. Jihad was all too frequently accompanied by
Shari‘a and non-Muslims destruction of cities, the killing of captured soldiers, the
The shari‘a (Islamic law) was compiled at a time of Muslim massacre of civilians, looting, widespread slavery, forced
dominance during the days of the Abbasid Empire. It is conversions to Islam, the seizing of non-Muslim lands and
therefore based on the assumption that political power is heavy taxation.5
in the hands of Muslims, and it contains many detailed
rules about non-Muslims, rules which set boundaries
Status of pagans
between them and the Muslims, and ensure the latter’s Relations between Muhammad and his pagan relatives
superiority. Discrimination on grounds of religion is and neighbours were tense from the beginning. Shari‘a
forbade any social interaction such as sharing of food or
therefore fundamental to shari‘a.
intermarriage between Muslims and pagans. Pagans were
According to shari‘a, all non-Muslims are basically
to be fought by jihad until they submitted and converted
defined as kafirun or kuffar (singular kafir, with various
to Islam, or were killed or enslaved. In historical reality,
alternative spellings), meaning unbelievers or infidels.
all the Arabian tribes were forced to become Muslims by
This is a term of contempt and abhorrence. Dr Taj
the first caliphs. In later conquered areas such as India,
Hargey, Chairman of the Muslim Education Centre Oxford
where polytheists were very numerous, many were initially
(MECO), stated last year:
slaughtered, but the sheer number of polytheists in the
The word kaffir is a very pejorative, negative, disparaging conquered territories made the command to kill them
term. When you call someone a kaffir, they are not worthy impractical in reality, Later some Muslim scholars gave
to be associated with. Hinduism the same status as Judaism and Christianity, but
Within the larger category of the kafirun are several other scholars disputed this.
1. The pagan idolatrous polytheists (mushrikun), who
Status of Jews and Christians
worship other than the one true God. These are to be Jews and Christians were defined in shari‘a as dhimmis,
fought and killed unless they convert to Islam. that is, subjugated second-class people given protection by
the Muslim state. Protection meant that they were allowed
2. The People of the Book (Ahl al-Kitab), so-called to keep their non-Muslim faith yet not be killed (unlike
because they had received a written revelation from pagans). However, this arrangement - protection in return
the one God. This category comprises Jews, Christians, for submission - held only as long the dhimmis did not
Sabeans (followers of John the Baptist) and sometimes carry weapons, knew their lowly place in society, treated
Zoroastrians. However they are charged with having Muslims with respect, and paid a demeaning poll tax called
misunderstood the original revelation, added to it, jiyza. Numerous petty laws restricted and humiliated
changed it and corrupted it, and with having deified Jews and Christians in their daily lives. They were only
human beings, associating them with God. They were allowed to worship within their synagogues and churches,
allowed to keep their faith and their life provided they not in public space. Church bells were not allowed to be
submitted to Muslim rule under various humiliating rung. New church buildings were not allowed, nor could
conditions. Their status was defined as Ahl al-Dhimma existing churches be repaired. Dhimmis could not testify in
(people of the pact). a shari‘a court against a Muslim. Finally, dhimmis were not

4 5
Patrick Sookhdeo, Global Jihad: The Future in the Face of Militant Islam (Isaac Publishing, 2007), especially chapters 4 and 5. Patrick Sookhdeo, Global Jihad:
The Future in the Face of Militant Islam (Isaac Publishing, 2007), p.244-268.
Egypt. In accordance with shari‘a, the
minaret of the mosque is higher than
the towers of the nearby church. Islam
teaches that non-Muslim faiths and their
followers must always be seen to be of
lesser status than Islam and Muslims

to be given any public office that placed them in a position

of authority over Muslims. At best, they could serve their
Status of apostates from Islam
Muslim rulers in administrative capacities, and any signs According to Islamic theology, apostasy is one of the
of “arrogance” were harshly punished. It is narrated that few sins God cannot forgive. All schools of shari‘a agree
the Caliph Umar refused to employ Christians in positions that adult male apostates from Islam should be killed,
of power, saying: and various other punishments are specified as well.
The punishment for women apostates varies, but in some
I will not honour them when God has degraded them;
schools of law it is also a death sentence. Even where the
I will not glorify them when God has humiliated them;
death sentence is not carried out, apostates face severe
I will not bring them near when God has set them far.6
penalties such as exile, disinheritance, loss of possessions,
The ancient Christian communities that have survived threats, beatings, torture, and prison, and the marriages of
under Muslim rule, such as the Copts in Egypt or the apostates may be automatically dissolved.
Assyrians in Iraq, see their history as a long series of The Qur’an does not have any unambiguous
persecutions, massacres, forced conversions, and destroyed commands to kill apostates, but hadith traditions claim
churches. They feel themselves to be a subjugated people that Muhammad said, “Whoever changed his [Islamic]
precariously surviving among a dominant and hostile religion, then kill him” (Bukhari, Volume 9, Book 84,
Muslim majority. Martyrdom and suffering have a high Number 57). Other hadiths record how apostates were
symbolic meaning as they perceive themselves facing a killed on Muhammad’s orders. Hence the death penalty for
constant threat to their very existence. apostates in shari‘a.
During the colonial period, the practice of shari‘a Soon after Muhammad’s death in 632 various groups
was partly dismantled in several Muslim states, being of Arabs rebelled against their Islamic rulers. They were
replaced to some extent by Western codes of law. The rise all branded apostates by the first caliph, Abu Bakr
of secular and socialist forms of nationalism at the end (632-634). The fighting that followed was known as the
of the colonial period brought a temporary reprieve from Wars of Apostasy, and a number of Arabs were burned to
traditional Muslim hostility to non-Muslims. There were death by the renowned general Khalid ibn al-Walid for
great hopes of creating new national identities across refusing to return to Islam. Abu Bakr insisted on dealing
religious and ethnic divides. ruthlessly with the rebel apostates, following the example
However, since independence in the mid-twentieth of Muhammad, despite the hesitation of many others
century, many Muslim states have reintroduced shari‘a as in Medina.
a main source of their legal systems, and many modern In shari‘a apostasy (irtidad) has always been linked
Islamist movements are demanding a greater use of shari‘a. to unbelief, blasphemy and heresy, terms which are
Furthermore, whether or not shari‘a is officially sometimes used interchangeably. All are regarded
implemented, the long history of its application still as serious crimes, and they are often combined in
influences attitudes of Muslim communities around the prosecutions in spite of the different categories of shari‘a
globe. The result is that Christians (and Jews when they criminal law they fall under.7 Muslims who accept
were present) in Muslim countries are commonly despised teachings considered heretical by orthodox Islam are held
and discriminated against by officialdom and by society by shari‘a to have reverted to paganism and therefore to
at large. They find it hard to get jobs, are not treated as deserve the death penalty.
equals in the law-courts, and are often harassed by the While apostate (murtadd) usually refers to a Muslim
security services. who has converted to another faith, others who consider
The current growth of Islamism is fuelling an increasing themselves to be Muslims can be accused of unbelief,
hostility to non-Muslims. Indigenous Christians are often blasphemy and heresy as well as of apostasy for various
assumed to be Western collaborators and spies in the other causes, including scepticism, atheism, and not fully
heart of Islam. These attitudes are eroding the hard-won implementing shari‘a. The process of denouncing someone
freedoms inherited from the colonial and independence else as an apostate is called takfir, the significance being
era. Discrimination, persecution and attacks against that the “apostate” is then considered liable to the death
Christians are on the increase in many Muslim states. sentence. Many liberal or secularist Muslims have found

6 7
Ibn Qutayba, _Uyun al-Akhbar, Vol. 1 (Cairo, 1962), p. 43. Patrick Sookhdeo, A People Betrayed: The Impact of Islamization on the Christian Community in Pakistan
(Isaac Publishing, 2002), pp.243,297-302.
themselves classified as apostates for views which the In the various Muslim conquests in India, many forced
religious establishment or militant Islamist groups hold to conversions of Hindus are mentioned, for example, during
be heretical. Some have been assassinated and others have Mahmud of Ghazni’s campaign (1013-1014), under Jalal-
been convicted by the courts of apostasy and had to flee to ud-Din of Bengal (1414-1430), in the early years of the
the West for safety. 8 Muslim “heretical” sects are severely Mughal Emperor Akbar (1556-1605), under Shah Jehan,
persecuted. This is especially true of the Ahmadiyyas in (1626-1658) and under Emperor Aurangzeb (1658-1707).
Pakistan and of the Bahais in Iran. From time to time the Ottomans tried forced conquered
For most Muslims, apostasy still carries strongly populations to convert to Islam. For example, Sultan
negative connotations of betrayal of one’s community and Selim I (1512-1520) organised a number of conversion
rejection of one’s heritage. This attitude explains why so campaigns, including converting the Bulgarians. In the
few Muslim voices are ever raised in defence of people next century forced conversion among the inhabitants
accused of apostasy. of the Rodope and Pirin mountains from 1666 to 1670
Apostates bring terrible shame on their families. created a new population group named the Pomaks
Converts to Christianity are normally rejected by their (Christian Bulgarian Slavs converted to Islam).
families and in danger of being killed by individuals and There were repeated forcible conversions of Jews to
persecuted by Muslim states. Even in Britain, the growing Islam in Persia. The first was under Shah Abbas II, who in
numbers of British Muslims who convert to Christianity 1656 ordered all Jews in his kingdom to become Muslims.
face severe persecution. They are not just shunned by their The newly converted Jews where known as jadid al-Islam
family and community, but experience harassment, violent (literally, the new of Islam). Forced conversions occurred
attacks, kidnappings and outright attempts at murder. as late as 1839 in the city of Mashad.
At the turn of the eighteenth century Shah Sultan
Forced conversions 9
Hossein (1694-1722) issued a decree that all Zoroastrians
Shari‘a permits the forced conversion to Islam of pagans, should convert to Islam or face the consequences. Many
prisoners of war, female slaves, captured and abandoned were slaughtered and the others converted to Islam.
children, and apostates. Historical Islamic practice often Forced conversions to Islam have recently taken place
went far beyond these boundaries. By defining various in Sudan during the civil war which ended in 2005, and
population groups as pagans, permission was given for in Indonesia during the 1998-2002 jihadi attacks on
their forcible conversion. Christians in the Malukus and in Central Sulawesi.
In the early centuries of Islam, Christian Arab tribes
sometimes faced efforts at forced conversion. For example, Conclusion
Umair ibn-Sa‘d, governor of Homs under Caliph Umar The positive attitude of Muhammad early in his career to
(634-644), was in the habit of forcing Christian Arab tribes Jews and Christians had no lasting effect in Islam, because
to convert to Islam. The Banu Taghlib Christian tribes of it was over-ridden by his later hostile attitude. The shari‘a,
north-west Syria surprised him with their firm refusal to based on the later dated verses in the Qur’an and on
embrace Islam. the hadith traditions describing what Muhammad said
Bar Hebraeus (1226-1286), a scholarly bishop, reported and did, enshrined an attitude of hostility and contempt
that under the Abbasid Caliph al-Mahdi, 5,000 Christian towards non-Muslims. Centuries of applying shari‘a has
Arabs of the Tannukh tribe were forcibly converted to created a general Muslim attitude of contempt for non-
Islam. Muslims so that even in modern secular Muslim states
When the Almohad Muslims conquered the province of which have constitutionally guaranteed equal rights to
Ifriqiyya (modern Tunisia) they offered Jews and Christians all citizens, non-Muslims are discriminated against in
the choice between conversion to Islam or death. Similar numerous ways. With the contemporary rise of Islamism
policies were followed in other areas in North Africa and and militant Islam, non-Muslim minorities in Muslim
Spain that came under Almohad control. Many thousands countries face increasing pressure, harassment and
who refused to convert were slaughtered. restrictions.
© Barnabas Fund, 2008
“The Application of the Apostasy Law in the World Today”, Barnabas Fund, http://www.barnabasfund.org/News/archives/article.php?ID_news_items=294
Patrick Sookhdeo, Global Jihad: The Future in the Face of Militant Islam (Isaac Publishing, 2007), pp.240-244.


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Christmas attacks in India destroy 95 churches
HINDU EXTREMISTS launched a series Christians were Dalits, a very low status
of violent, but meticulously planned group in Indian society.
attacks on Christians in Kanhdamal Many Christians have reported how
District, Orissa State on 24 and 25 the police stood by watching the carnage
December 2007. A total of 95 churches without trying to intervene. The only
were burnt to the ground, as well as 730 exception was a Christian police officer One of the churches targeted in the recent car bomb attacks in
homes of Christians. In cases where in Balliguda town who warned church Mosul. Source: Ankawa
a Christian ministry operated from leaders in Barkhama village on 24
rented premises owned by a Hindu, the December to run for their lives.
The next day he was transferred.
Churches in Iraq targeted
attackers were careful not to damage
the building, but took all the contents In several places the VHP attackers in Christmas bomb
outside and set them on fire. were at pains not just to destroy but
The attackers - members of the VHP also to desecrate. At a church in attacks
(Vishwa Hindu Panishad) - were armed Bamunigaon, they carefully took out ON SUNDAY 6TH JANUARY at least six
with guns, knives, trishuls (trident- the communion cups and all associated churches and other Christian buildings
like spears), home-made bombs and materials and crushed them under in Baghdad and Mosul became the target
other weapons. They shouted slogans their feet. In Barkhama, where seven of coordinated bomb attacks. At least
including: “Only Hindus to stay here congregations had joined together for a one person was wounded and several of
– no Christians to stay here”, “Christians combined open-air Christmas Eve service the buildings were damaged. The attacks
must become Hindu or die” and “Kill on church land, the VHP cremated the coincided with the date when many
Christians”. At least nine Christians were body of an elderly Hindu (who had died Middle Eastern Christians celebrate
killed. The reason the complete death of natural causes) in front of the open air Christmas Eve. Although the bombs were
toll is proving hard to ascertain is partly pulpit. all placed well away from the buildings
because the VHP have been assiduously In Kutikia a small church was and detonated after people had left the
hiding/destroying the bodies of their attacked and its minister and 12 church services so that injuries were few, it is
victims in order to prevent numbers members taken to a field where their still clear that the objective was to cause
being known. Another reason is that heads were shaved because they refused fear among the Christian community in
many Christians fled into the jungle to deny Christ. Then they were ordered Iraq, to make them flee and to discourage
or to other villages, so some of those to eat raw rice mixed with goats’ blood so Iraqi Christian refugees from returning
missing may still be alive. Those who as to become Hindus. to their homeland.
have emerged from the jungle already Barnabas Fund is helping the victims Just three days later another two
at the time of writing have spoken of with food, clothes, temporary shelter and churches were attacked in Kirkuk with
the hardships and dangers they faced in due course with rebuilding houses and car bombs, which exploded in front
there, such as cold, lack of water, and churches. Gifts can be sent to Project of them, wounding three people and
wandering tigers and bears. Most of the reference 21-723. damaging the buildings.

to renounce their Christian faith and The current pastor is receiving phone
Christians in Uzbekistan return to Islam. Older converts are calls threatening him and his family. He
under increasing pressure being isolated and ostracised in their
communities as Muslim leaders forbid
now has to keep his children home from
school because of the threats.
PRACTISING THEIR FAITH is people to speak to them. In another case in Tashkent, a
becoming increasingly difficult Meanwhile converts in the cities are church bought an old cinema building
and dangerous for Christians in being arrested, and pressure is being for their meetings in 1999. This sale
Uzbekistan. The government, who fears put on their pastors. A large church was annulled in September 2007 by the
the increasing influence of Islamic in Tashkent has about 1,000 converts local authorities without warning or
extremism throughout the country amongst its congregation who used to explanation, leaving the church without
(88% of the country’s population of meet together for their own service in a legal place to meet for worship. When
27 million is Sunni Muslim), continues the national language, Uzbek. After a the pastor decided to appeal the decision
to implement even stricter laws against film was made about their pastor, he in the Supreme Court, two court cases
religious activities, both Muslim and and his wife were beaten up and their were started against him, accusing him
Christian. Christian converts from eldest daughter kidnapped. He had to of using psychotropic drugs to keep
Muslim backgrounds face particular flee the country . (Barnabas Fund gave people coming to his church. Police
pressure not only from the authorities practical assistance.) Then pressure was officers found medication and clothing
but also suffer persecution from their put on the church to stop the converts in the church building which they
own families and communities. Many meeting for Sunday worship. Eventually believed to be proof of the church’s illegal
new young Christians in rural areas a compromise was reached in which activities. In fact, these supplies were
have been beaten severely and told to they could continue to meet, but had to used to help poor and needy members of
recite the shahada, the Islamic creed, worship in Russian instead of Uzbek. the church.


Zimbabwe: have accompanied the food aid and
taken the credit for delivering it on
behalf of President Mugabe and his

the empty breadbasket

ZANU-PF party. When food is allowed
in, there are very heavy import duties
charged on it.
Most people in rural areas are
existing on a diet of mapani worms,
insects and wild spinach. In cities,
people are digging up the streets and
parks to plant maize and vegetables
for food. Even professionals such as
doctors, accountants and engineers
are now doing this, as they have no
work and no income.

No water
The country has had three years of
consistent drought. Many wells have
dried up. Running water is officially
supposed to be on for six hours twice
a week but this seldom happens.
Sometimes the taps are dry for weeks
on end. Heavy rains in late 2007 may
have eased the problem in some areas,
but caused destructive floods at the
A dried up well, one of many in Zimbabwe. A three-year drought has exacerbated the dire effects of the government’s policies and time the rain fell.
brought hunger and thirst to the vast majority of the people
Church leaders monitored
Once so fruitful that it was called “the breadbasket of Africa”, Zimbabwe is
The government is very suspicious of
now a country in the grip of long-term starvation. In the past Zimbabwe
Christian leaders and has infiltrated
produced so much food that it was used by the United Nations as a source of various church organisations (as
food relief for Mozambique, Zambia and Malawi, and in 1986 Zimbabwe was well as other parts of society). Many
given the UN’s “Freedom from Hunger” award. Yet now, because of the policies church leaders have their phones
of President Mugabe and some extreme weather conditions, Zimbabweans are tapped and their emails monitored.
starving to death and the country has the lowest life expectancy in the world Sometimes they receive calls from
(37 for men and 34 for women). the intelligence agency asking why
they were in contact with certain
All semblance of normality in no fuel for vehicles so the roads are
individuals or groups.
daily life has gone, except for elite virtually empty. It is small wonder
In 2007 a number of prayer
government officials who continue that a quarter of the population has meetings had to be abandoned when
to live in luxury. Manufacturing fled the country, most of them living police stormed the meetings with
cannot function in a situation where illegally in South Africa. dogs, batons and tear gas. Many
electricity is only available very church ministers were beaten,
erratically, for example six hours every No food arrested and accused (falsely) of
two days, with no advance notice of There is virtually no food in the shops, organising anti-government rallies.
when the power will be on. Small and anyway few can afford to buy it.
businesses cannot function in a Likewise there is almost no food being Helping the hungriest
situation where no one has money to produced in the country, a situation through the churches
spend on their products. There is 85% due mainly to the government’s A Christian ministry in South Africa
unemployment, and four-fifths of the land redistribution policy, but made has begun to work through churches
population live well below the poverty worse by drought. Food aid must be in Zimbabwe to bring in food aid for
line of US$1 (50p; €0.70) a day. brought into the country from outside, the poorest in their congregations.
A senior civil servant may earn only yet very little is officially allowed in Everything must be done very
US$4 (£2; €2.80) a day. Inflation is and there have been incidences of the discreetly, so courageous and hardy
running at 50,000% and the economy government confiscating food. On South African volunteers bring in the
has reverted to barter trade. There is other occasions, government officials food in their personal vehicles and


“The people were absolutely
overjoyed and could not stop
shaking our hands and hugging
us… We slept in the village chief’s
mud hut that night while the entire
village gave prayers and songs of
thanks and praise until 2.00 in the
morning. At 4.00 we were woken
up by the other church group who
Children helping with the unloading. The state of their clothes is an indication of their poverty had travelled by foot through the
night to collect their food.
drive it to local churches in the areas pastor to gather his congregation. We gave all that was left but it was
of greatest need in Zimbabwe. We were approached by a very sadly very clear that not all families
Typically each vehicle will carry embarrassed village head who said received food. The local pastors
60 to 70 food packages, each one that it is customary to serve visitors explained that the food would be
designed to feed a family of seven to with food and drink but they had shared.”
ten people for a month. A package none to give. It was quite apparent Barnabas Fund is supporting this
contains: that this village was in a state of ministry with a grant of £40,000
10kg maize meal famine. As is customary in the (US$80,000; €56,000) which will
2 l cooking oil Tonga culture if there was any food cover the cost of 800 food packages
2.5 kg bread flour at all they would have given the last per month for almost six months.
of what they had to us.” That is the maximum rate per month
6 packets dry yeast
2kg rice While waiting for the church possible at present, the limit being set
members to arrive, the team took by the number of people willing to
2kg lima beans
every water container in the village make the arduous and risky journey
2.5kg sugar and drove to fill them at the nearest into Zimbabwe to deliver the food.
800g peanut butter water source, an irrigation dam, Transport costs will be paid by South
500g salt which was over 5km away. By 7.00 African churches. (Project reference
Food is bought in bulk to keep p.m. one congregation had arrived 91-721)
prices down, so one package costs and the leader gave a short spiritual It is hoped to find a way also to get
only £8.60 (US$17.20; €12), meaning message before 50 food packages seed for crops into Zimbabwe and
that the cost per person is around were distributed to the family groups. to train people in special techniques
3p per day. Another 30 packages were kept for for cultivating the land in times of
At the local churches, the minsters another congregation who were due to drought.
organise the distribution to members arrive in the morning.
of their congregations. Often the
families who receive the food aid will Zimbabwe: recent history
share it with those outside the church
Known in colonial times as Rhodesia, Zimbabwe finally gained
who have none. A Barnabas Fund
independence in 1980, fifteen years after the white minority had initially
representative, who joined a small
declared independence from Britain. Since 1980 the country has been
team to make a food distribution trip,
ruled by President Mugabe and his ZANU-PF political party. Before long his
described the welcome they got when
regime became characterised by corruption and terrible mismanagement of
they arrived at their destination:
the economy. Many large and productive farms were seized from their white
“We unloaded the food into a hut owners and ruined, thus creating dire food shortages. Immense deprivation
and waited for the local church and suffering for most of the population has been the result of all this, and
Mugabe, now intensely unpopular, can only maintain power by intimidation
and brutality. The press has been muzzled since 1991, and any kind of
dissent is dealt with harshly. The government denies there is a food shortage
at present, and claims that inflation is a mere 7,800% instead of the real
figure of 50,000%.
There is freedom of religion, and around 70% of the population classify
themselves as Christian. But there have been attempts since independence
to impose Marxism-Leninism. Furthermore many Christian leaders find
themselves under surveillance or facing harassment from the government,
especially if they criticise the ruling regime.
Unloading the food packages


The Other Nine

Last year the young people of Chelmsford Cathedral, UK, created a service for the Persecuted Church under
the title “One in Ten: The Persecuted Church”. The service was held on Sunday morning 18th November
2007. With the permission of the cathedral youth officer, we reproduce the main elements of their service
here as a resource for others to adapt and use in their own meetings. Some may find this an appropriate
order of service to use in the approach to Easter. Words in bold are for the whole congregation to say.

One in Ten: Saying Hello

Welcome in the Name of Christ. God’s
grace, mercy and peace be with you.

The Persecuted Church And also with you.

As God’s people we have gathered to
pray for the Persecuted Church. Let
there be truth heard in the words
distant part of the world, We Are One.
Introduction The Christian Church is not divided
we speak and the songs we sing. Let
there be help and healing for our
“So that there should be no division into Persecuted and Non-Persecuted. disharmony and despair. Let there
in the body, but that its parts should When part of the Body of Christ be silence for the voice within us and
have equal concern for each other. experiences suffering, so does the beyond us.
If one part suffers, every part suffers rest of it.
with it; if one part is honoured, every
part rejoices with it.”
Jesus, before His death, predicted the
persecution of the Church:
(1 Cor 12:25-26) Father God, we thank you for the
“If the world hates you, you know that faithful witness of your suffering
Today over 200 million Christians it has hated Me before it hated you… Church around the world. Please
(1 in 10) around the world are If they persecuted Me, they will also help them to shine as “lights in the
persecuted or imprisoned because persecute you…” (John 15:18-20) darkness”, bringing glory to your
they love Jesus. name. By your Holy Spirit, open our
Although some Christians think of Hymn “In Christ there is no east or hearts so we can learn from their
the Persecuted Church as being in a west” (Mission Praise 329) experience. Enable us to pray with


The Other Nine
insight for our brothers and sisters, – whether Jews or Greek, slave or free master”. If they persecute me, they
and to live our life as a “light in the – and we were all given the one Spirit will persecute you also.
darkness” also; through Jesus Christ to drink. (1 Cor 12:13) (John 15:18-20a)
your Son our Lord, who is alive and
But in fact, everyone who wants This is the word of God.
reigns with you, in the unity of the
to live a godly life in Christ Jesus Thanks be to God.
Holy Spirit, one God, now and for
will be persecuted. (2 Tim 3:12)
ever. Amen.
Now the body is not made up of
Hymn “Be still my soul: the Lord is
Saying Sorry one part but of many. (1 Cor 12:14)
Therefore, among God’s churches we
on thy side” (Hymns of Faith 391)
As sisters and brothers in God’s
boast about your perseverance and
family, with confidence let us ask our
Father for forgiveness, for he is full of
faith in all the persecutions and trials Reading Matthew 25:34-40
you are enduring. (2 Thess 1:4)
gentleness and compassion.
Merciful God, though you have There is one body and one Spirit. Sermon, sketch, or
blessed us so freely, and though we (Eph 4:4) communion prayer
speak of gladly responding, we all
too rarely do so in practice.
Remember those earlier days after
you have received the light, when you
could be inserted here
Lord, forgive us. stood your ground in a great contest
We have worried about problems, in the face of suffering. Sometimes Song “The Lord’s my Shepherd, I’ll
pressures and responsibilities, you were publicly exposed to insult not want” (Songs of Fellowship 1030)
forgetting that you will give us and persecution; at other times you
strength to face them. stood side by side with those who
were so treated. You sympathised with
Lord, forgive us.
those in prison and joyfully accepted Loving God, walk with us as
We have grown over-familiar with the the confiscation of your property, we move out from our security.
gospel, no longer reminding ourselves because you knew that you yourselves Compassionate Christ, motivate
of its message, no longer applying it to had better and lasting possessions. us to take risks like Jesus. Spirit
daily life, no longer making the time (Heb 10:32-35) of God, reassure, renew and
for you we should. recommit us to a life of service
Lord, forgive us. Who shall separate us from the with no strings attached where
love of Christ? Shall trouble we will live for justice and peace.
Merciful God, give us a steadfast or hardship or persecution or Amen.
heart, which no unworthy thought famine or nakedness or danger
can drag downwards; an unconquered or sword? (Rom 8:35)
heart, which no tribulation can Hymn “Jesus shall reign where’er the
wear out; an upright heart, which God has combined the members sun” (Songs of Fellowship 301)
no unworthy purpose may tempt of the body and has given greater
aside. Bestow upon us also, O Lord, honour to the parts that lacked it, so
that there should be no division in the
understanding to know you, diligence
to seek you, wisdom to find you, and a body, but that its parts should have If one part suffers, every
equal concern for each other.
faithfulness that may finally embrace
you; through Jesus Christ our Lord. (1 Cor 12:24-25)
part suffers with it; if one
Amen. If one part suffers, every part part is honoured, every
suffers with it; if one part is
God Speaks to Us honoured, every part rejoices
part rejoices with it.
with it. (1 Cor 12:26)
There is one body and one Spirit.
(Eph 4:4) If the world hates you, keep in mind
that it hated me first. If you belonged
All the body is a unit, though it
to the world, it would love you as its
is made up of many parts; and
own. As it is, you do not belong to the
though all its parts are many,
world, but I have chosen you out of
they form one body. (1 Cor 12:12)
the world. That is why the world hates
So it is with Christ. For we were you. Remember these words I spoke
baptised by one Spirit into one body to you: “No servant is greater than his

1 in 10 Christians lives with discrimination and persecution www.theothernine.org

Algerian Christians Christian governors and Christians do not
often meet together normally receive compensation after an
in basement rooms
like this to worship
This event followed an attack on a
Christian-owned pharmacy earlier that
week, when Muslims hurled stones
and smashed windows in response to
allegations that two Christians working in
the pharmacy had tried to sexually assault
a teenage Muslim girl who came into their
shop. The two Christians were arrested
and detained for 15 days by the police.
Egyptian Christians have told
Barnabas Fund that both incidents had
been deliberately set up in order to cause
Being a Christian very often puts people
Call for more action at a social disadvantage: renting and
trouble for Christians in the area and
to provide a pretext to attack them. The
against Christian buying property is very difficult, as
landlords often face pressure from local
girl in the car park was being chased by
the shop staff because she had stolen a
evangelism in Algeria authorities if renting to Christians.
In 2006 new regulations for religious
mobile phone and run out of their shop.
The girl in the other case, a well known
ISLAMIC OPPOSITION to Christian minorities were passed which impose local prostitute, was probably sent to the
evangelistic activities is increasing in fines and imprisonment for anyone who pharmacy on purpose, to be followed after
Algeria. The growth of the Christian “incites, constrains or utilises means of a little while by the group of Muslims
community over recent years is being seduction to convert a Muslim to another who threw the stones. Pharmacists
watched with suspicion. Islamic religion” and for possession of materials in Egypt will offer medical advice for
extremists are complaining about likely to “shake the faith of a Muslim”. people who cannot afford or simply do
the government’s “lenient” approach While these regulations are quite vague, not want to see a doctor. For this reason,
towards Christian churches, fearing that they could potentially be applied to all it would have been easy to catch the
“the creeping evangelisation campaign testimony, witness, outreach or even Christian pharmacist in a seemingly
underway [...] could be highly detrimental, answering questions about Christianity “compromising” situation.
if it remains unchecked, to the country’s from Muslim friends. It could even imply
unity and to the unalloyed Muslim that it is illegal to possess a Bible or a New
character of the Algerian people”. The Testament. While these regulations have
Society of Muslim Scholars (SOMS) not been fully implemented yet, there has Indonesian Islamist says
has published a report on the Christian
“evangelistic campaign”, claiming that
been a noticeable increase in arrests of
Christians, often in bizarre situations and
conversion to Christianity
it had “moved to a stage of attack on the
on incomprehensible grounds. In at least
two cases Christians have been arrested
is “a bigger evil than
A group from the security services simply for carrying or reading a Bible. terrorism”
which specialises in dealing with
evangelistic activities is developing a plan
with the number of radical Islamic
to combat evangelism in specific parts of
east and south Algeria. The plan includes
Rumours trigger violence groups becoming increasingly vocal and
aggressive. There have been a growing
the creation of a “Commission to Fight against Christians in Egypt number of violent attacks on churches
against Christianisation” and one of its from Islamic groups such as the Anti
ON 16 DECEMBER 2007 riots broke
tasks will be to lobby the president and Apostasy Alliance (AAA). On 18 November
out in Isna, in Qena Province. Angry
government to encourage them “not to be last year, the Pasundan Christian Church
Muslims attacked and set fire to shops and
weak in the face of the crusade”. in the South Bandung area of West Java
Unbalanced reports by the media do cars owned by Christians and smashed
windows of a church, causing huge was attacked and seriously damaged by
nothing to improve the often negative 250 members of the AAA. They broke
view of Christians in Algeria. Many of damage. One shop owner lost most of his
into the church and, after holding Islamic
the allegations are complete fabrications, goods, valued at £157,000 (US$314,000; prayers, began to damage the building
while others deliberately misrepresent €220,000) as his storehouse was set
and furniture with sticks and knives.
facts. One senior official, for example, ablaze. Allegedly, two Christian men had
Another church in West Java, which had
claimed that Christians bribe Muslims pulled down the veil of a Muslim woman
already suffered multiple attacks over
to convert, whereas the incident he cited in a car park on Saturday evening. The the years, has been painted by the AAA
was actually a case of travel costs being Muslim rioters were detained by the with graffiti, threatening that the whole
paid to an Algerian Christian who was police; however, the seven main suspects building will now be torn down. The
going to another country to help make a were released only two days later. The AAA see the growing number of Christian
documentary which he was not allowed to Christians received some financial converts from Islam as a serious threat.
produce in Algeria. compensation for the damaged property; One member of the AAA said: “In my
Algeria is a secular state with 99% of this unusual occurrence was doubtless judgment I think it [conversion from
its population Sunni Muslim. Most of the due to the fact that the governor of Qena Islam to Christianity] is a bigger evil than
Christians are from a Muslim background. is a Christian. No other provinces have terrorism.”


Easter Appeal
Keeping the Faith in the Middle East
These Christians have just received food parcels containing
rice, pasta, cooking oil, tinned fish, halva (a high protein
food), sugar, tea and soap. Barnabas Fund paid for this food
distribution as well as for clothing, medication and other
basic needs for the families

Help from the church

Christians like these turn to their
local churches for help. Every church
is helping many needy Christian
families with food and clothes. When
possible they assist also with medical
needs and enable the children to get
an education. Sometimes they can
“We are more than grateful to you. know what an egg is, because they
also repair the flimsy houses of the
You are doing more than have never seen or eaten one.
families or provide basic brick-built
you know.” Food and housing are not the
homes instead. Special help is needed
only needs. Children should go to
“You are the only ones who are for families who have fled the areas
school. While government schools
interested in helping Christians to of greater persecution and are trying
are free, it is difficult to send a child
keep the faith.” to settle in areas where they feel safer.
there without some decent clothes to
But funds are limited and the needs
These comments from two senior wear, and this may be an expense the
are huge.
church leaders in a Middle Eastern family cannot afford. Furthermore,
country were made to visitors from the education at such schools is of a
Barnabas Fund recently. In this very low standard, and it is generally Help from you
country, where Barnabas Fund accepted that parents need to pay for Barnabas Fund is helping some
has been assisting for many years, private tuition as well if their children Middle Eastern churches to meet
Christians are a despised minority. are to learn anything. For families these needs, but we long to do more.
Discrimination is a daily reality and who have barely enough to buy food, Will you help us to help them?
the possibility of violence is never far parents may need their children to Living costs vary greatly between
away, especially in the more remote help earn money instead of going one part of the country and another,
rural areas. Because of this, we have to school. There are families who but £10 (US$20; €14) per month will
been asked not to name the country. literally cannot afford to care for cover the basic food needs of one
their children and give them away to family and in some places can include
Struggling to survive church-run orphanages.
What happens when somebody in
other needs as well. If you plan to
“give up” something you normally
While there is still a wealthy and the family falls ill? Needy Muslims eat this Lent, could you donate
well educated elite amongst the can get medication and urgent the money you save to help feed
Christians, the vast majority of treatment free from the government, a Christian family in the Middle
Christians struggle to survive in but when Christians apply they East? Could you start to give a
desperate poverty. Their homes normally find that they are turned regular monthly gift to help one or
may have no flooring, no bathroom away on some pretext. So unless two Christian families?
door, a roof which lets in the winter Christians can pay for it, they cannot To repair a home costs an average
rain, or walls built of mud. For get medical care from the normal of £1,000 (US$ 2,000; €1,400)
poor and uneducated Christians it is channels. depending on what actually needs to
very difficult to get work, and those Suppose a young Christian couple be done. To build a basic new home
who do have jobs often find that wants to marry. How can they afford (brickwork and roof, but without
they are passed over for promotion the simplest of wedding celebrations, finishing) costs around £3,000 (US$
or for pay rises which are given to let alone a few items of furniture to 6,000; €4,200) including the land.
their Muslim colleagues. What jobs set up home? Could your church take up an
they can get may be both dangerous On top of the daily struggle for offering this Easter to repair a
and unpleasant. Without work, it existence, there is the added pressure Christian home, or even to build
is difficult even to buy basic food- from Muslim missionaries to convert a new one?
stuffs like bread (sold at a subsidised to Islam and receive in return a flat, a Reference 00-356
price) and beans. There are Christian job, a lavish wedding, or whatever else (small business start-up fund)
children so poor that they do not you may need.


In Touch
Barnabas Fund launches Petition to repair a home for a needy Christian
family in the Middle East, or even to
help Iraqi Christian Refugees build a new one? More details on
page 17.
Despite reports that security in parts of Iraq is slowly improving, • Have a look at the outline for a special
the situation of Iraqi Christians remains precarious. Iraqi Christians service on the Persecuted Church
continue to be faced with harassment, violence and threats to their life on pages 14-15 in this magazine. It
(see Newsroom, page 11). was created by the young people of
With the constitutional vote coming up in April, the probability of warlords taking Chelmsford Cathedral. You might find
over power increases significantly. For Iraqi Christians still in Iraq, this could prove it a helpful order of service to use in the
deadly, and for Iraqi Christians refugees, who have fled in hundreds of thousands to approach to Easter.
places such as Jordan, Syria and the Kurdish North of Iraq, it would make a return to
their homeland virtually impossible.
What is happening in Iraq is basically ethnic cleansing – genocide. With its petition
A note to our supporters
campaign “Save Iraqi Christians” Barnabas Fund aims to make Western governments who donate to Barnabas
aware of the difficult and dangerous situation Iraqi Christians find themselves in, so Fund via internet banking
they can open their borders to these Christian refugees.
If you require more petition sheets or want to order a “Save Iraqi Christians” Internet banking is one of the quickest,
resource pack, which includes an A3 poster, our latest Iraq DVDs, “Save Iraqi most cost efficient and secure ways of
Christians” and “Iraq: Remember the Refugees”, prayer cards, additional information donating money to Barnabas Fund as
on the situation of Iraqi Christians and Iraqi Christian refugees and further petition it reduces banking and administrative
sheets, please contact your national Barnabas Fund office (addresses on back cover). costs. If you donate money via internet
Please note also that the end date for the petition has been extended to banking and you are a UK resident,
30 September 2008. could you please give your postcode
as a reference, and, if the money is
falsely say all kinds of evil against meant for a particular project, give
Raise Awareness with you because of me. Rejoice and be the project number as well as this
Every Email glad, because great is your reward in will make identification much easier
Recently Barnabas Fund received an email heaven. (Mat 5:11) and quicker. If you are not a UK
from Rev. Andrew Chalkley in Beckington, Today, one in ten Christian resident or if you have any questions
Somerset, asking for ideas of what to put suffers persecution for following about this, please send an email to
at the end of his emails to raise awareness Jesus Christ. finance@barnabasfund.org
of the scale of persecution that the
Church suffers worldwide. We liked his Blessing Others this
idea of including a “strap line” about the
persecuted Church in every email so much Easter ... and in the
future too
New DVDs
that we thought we would share it with
other Barnabas Fund supporters.
A couple of our suggestions are below,
but we would love to hear your ideas.
• Are you planning to give up something “Iraq: Remember the
you eat normally in preparation for
We would like to put the best ones on
Easter? Why not bless a Christian
our website for Barnabas supporters to This DVD, lasting approximately 5 minutes and
family in the Middle East who struggles
download and use. Please send your ideas
daily to get enough money to buy food 30 seconds, includes live interviews with Iraqi
to info@barnabasfund.org by donating the money you save to our Christian refugees, talking about the harrowing
1) Jesus said: “If the world hates you, Easter appeal (see page 17)? experiences of persecution they have endured
you know that it has hated Me before it • Or have you thought about giving
hated you... If they persecute Me, they in their homeland because of believing in Jesus
a regular monthly gift to help our
will also persecute you... They will treat Christ. It is a valuable resource if you want to
brothers and sisters who live on the
you in this way because of my name bare minimum? A growing number learn more about the situation of Iraqi Christian
for they do not know the One who sent of supporters donate to Barnabas refugees and about how Barnabas Fund is
me (John 15:18-20) Fund by standing order, transferring helping our Iraqi brothers and sisters. It can be
Over 200 million Christians money direct from their bank to used in relation to our “Save Iraqi Christians”
today suffer harassments, threats, ours. This is very efficient way
discrimination, imprisonment and
petition campaign or on its own.
of giving as it helps us to reduce
even death because they love Jesus. administration costs so that an even
2) Jesus Christ: persecuted, defamed, greater proportion of the gift can
beaten and crucified. go directly to projects to help needy
Stephen: stoned to death. Christians around the world.
Paul and Peter: beaten, imprisoned, Your church...
executed. • Is your church planning a special
Jesus says: “Blessed are you when Easter offering? What about giving an
people insult you, persecute you and Easter gift to Barnabas Fund to help


Please send me ____ copies of “Iraq: Remember the Refugees” DVD
Please send me ____ copies of “Give Them a Fishing Rod” DVD
Please add me to your email news service. My e-mail address is

Gift Aid Declaration

Yes, I would like to help the persecuted Church I authorise Barnabas Fund, registered charity no. 1092935, to treat all
donations I have made since 6 April 2003 and all subsequent donations as Gift Aid
donations until I notify you otherwise.
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Barnabas Fund supports many Account name _____________________________________________
self-sufficiency projects all over the
Please pay Barclays Bank, Canary Wharf Branch, Canary Wharf, 2 Churchill Place, London, E14 5RB,
world. These projects enable Christians
for the credit of Barnabas Fund account no. 904 669 72 sort code 20-26-46
in countries where they are being
£ _________ (amount in words) _________________________________________
discriminated against to start up their
own small businesses and become
Starting on (date) _________ and then every month/quarter/year (delete as applicable) until further notice.
self-sufficient, eventually enabling
them to give money to their church From (Name) ___________________________________________________________________________
and help others in their community. (Address) _______________________________________________________________________________
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6 minutes and will be of interest to Signature__________________________ Date ____/_____/____
anyone who has a heart for helping our This Standing Order is a new one / in addition to / replaces an earlier Standing Order in favour of
Christian brothers and sisters who are the Barnabas Fund (delete as applicable)
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form on this page.
NEW By Patrick Sookhdeo Foreword by Peter Riddell
TITLE Patrick Sookhdeo’s new book “Faith, Power and Territory: A Handbook of
British Islam” (advertised as “Faith and Power” in the Jan/Feb 2008 issue
of Barnabas Aid) is now available at a special introductory price of
£7.99 (+£2.50 postage and packing within the UK).
Islam believes itself to be a faith and also recognises that it is a political and
territorial power. How is this going to be expressed in the UK? Will there be
assimilation or separation? This book has been written to provide an easy-to-use
resource to help non-Muslims understand Islam in Britain today and the way in
which it is seeking to transform the country. Introductory chapters look at what
Muslims in the UK believe and do, what they have in common as well as the
wide range of variation and differences amongst them. There is an emphasis on
tracing current movements and trends, in particular the more radical movements
which are those likely to have the greatest impact on non-Muslim Britons. Later
chapters review influential Muslim figures who have shaped or are shaping Islam
in the UK, and give concise information on a wide range of Muslim organisations
active in the UK, showing the inter-linkages between them. A final chapter looks at a range of very specific issues and
challenges relating to the subject of Islam in Britain. Dr Sookhdeo asks penetrating questions about the way in which the
Muslim communities in the UK may develop in the future and how British authorities and institutions appear to be yielding
to the process of Islamisation.
Isaac Publishing, hardback, approx. 368 pages
To order this book, visit www.barnabasbooks.org Alternatively phone 024 7623 1923 (from outside the UK +44 24 7623 1923)
or contact your national Barnabas Fund office (addresses below). To order from UK office, please make cheques payable to
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Barnabas Aid The magazine of Barnabas Fund UK Supporters’ Day 2008

Published by Barnabas Fund The Old Rectory, River Street, This year’s Supporters’ Day will take place on
Pewsey, Wiltshire SN9 5DB, UK Saturday, 7 June 2008 in Swindon, Wiltshire
Telephone 01672 564938 Fax 01672 565030 (venue to be arranged). More details in the next
From outside UK: Telephone +44 1672 564938 Fax +44 1672 565030 Barnabas Aid. Please make a note in your diary.
Email info@barnabasfund.org

How to Find Us
You may contact Barnabas Fund at the following addresses: Australia
Postal Suite 107, 236 Hyperdome, Loganholme QLD 4129
UK Telephone (07) 3806 1076 or 1300 365 799 Fax (07) 3806 4076
9-10 Priory Row, Coventry CV1 5EX Email bfaustralia@barnabasfund.org
Telephone 024 7623 1923 Fax 024 7683 4718
From outside the UK
6731 Curran St, McLean, VA 22101
Telephone +44 24 7623 1923 Fax +44 24 7683 4718 Telephone (703) 288-1681 or toll-free 1-866-936-2525
E-mail info@barnabasfund.org Fax (703) 288-1682
Registered charity number 1092935 Email bfusa@barnabasfund.org
Company registered in England number 4029536 Germany
Chairman of the Board of Trustees: Mr Mike Penny German supporters may send gifts for Barnabas Fund via Hilfe für
For a list of all trustees, please contact Barnabas Fund UK at the Coventry Brüder who will provide you with a tax-deductible receipt.
address above. Please mention that the donation is for “SPC 20 Barnabas Fund”.
If you would like your donation to go to a specific project of Barnabas
Jersey Fund, please inform the Barnabas Fund office in Pewsey, UK.
Le Jardin, La Rue A Don, Grouville, Jersey, Channel Islands JE3 9GB Account holder: Hilfe für Brüder e.V. Account number: 415 600
Telephone 700600 Fax 700601 Email bfjersey@barnabasfund.org Bank: Evang. Kreditgenossenschaft Stuttgart Bankcode (BLZ):
600 606 06
New Zealand
14A View Road, Mt Eden, Auckland 1024
Telephone 09 630 6267
E-mail office@barnabasfund.org.nz

To donate by credit card, please visit the website
or phone 0800 587 4006 (from outside the UK phone +44 1672 565031).
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