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Volume 2, Issue 8 March 2011

The mission of The UNC Dance Marathon is to unite the University, community and state in fostering emotional
and financial support that improves the quality of life for the patients, families and staff of N.C. Children’s Hospital.

UNC Dance Marathon

Raises $436,709.61
"Tonight you save lives, to-
night you inspire, tonight you
What’s Up This Month
Hour by hour for the kids
give hope." Re-live the marathon through the eyes of 19 dancers and six committee members
— Judy Ward, mother of Kid Co-Captains who shared their experiences live on the blog.
Abigail and Rachel See Pages 2-5

UPCOMING EVENTS Letter from Dr. Michael Steiner

The medical director of the children’s clinics thanks participants for their work.
Mar. 3 Craig Woolard Band: Join us at Pan- See Page 6
tana Bob’s from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. $6 for Dancers, thank you
under 21, $3 for over.
Parents of this year’s kid co-captains thank the participants for their hard work at
Mar. 20 IFC Soccer Tournament: Play in the the marathon and year-round.
Intrafraternity tournament from 11:30 See Page 6
a.m. to 3 p.m.
UNC Dance Marathon Day
Mar. 31: Sub-chair Applications Due: Apply Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt declared Feb. 11, 2011 UNC Dance Marathon Day, and busi-
to be a sub-chair for UNC-DM 2012. The nesses in the community joined the fundraising effort.
application will be released around Mar. See Page 7
28, due back Mar. 31. Spotlight Grant: Beacon Child and Family Program
The Beacon Child and Family Program at N.C. Children’s Hospital helps victims of abuse.
See Page 8

For the Kids Story

Darren is a 15-year-old boy with end-stage
renal disease currently on dialysis. He has
been hospitalized many times over the last
year and as a result his mother has taken
many days of unpaid leave from work.
The missed income led to a family crisis in
missed bill payments. The For the Kids Fund
paid utility bills, electricity bills and other
bills until the family could catch up, allow-
ing the family to focus more fully on caring
for Darren.
March Newsletter 2
Marathon by the Hour
Photos by Molly Sutherland, Spencer Bakalar, Gwen Bellinger,
Emily Lucas, Michelle Kasprak, Paige Warmus, Jenna McIn-
tosh, Erin Burks and Ashlyn Still
It’s hour 1 and I’m feeling…
“Exhilarated yet embarrassed by
my dance moves.” ­— Lesley Sig-
gins, junior, first-year dancer

It’s hour 2 and I’m feeling…
“Hungry!” — Dianna Beaver, ju-
nior, first-year dancer

It’s hour 3 and I’m feeling…

“Pretty good! Just got done with lots of
dancing and got free coffee from Jack
Sprat!” — Kate Murphy, sophomore,

second-year dancer
DJ Turn It Up — 11:30 p.m. Check-in by Emily Evans

I t’s four hours and two line dances into The 2011
UNC Dance Marathon, and so far the energy

level has yet to stop rising. From a video greet-
ing from UNC alumnus and former American Idol contestant Anoop Desai, to a
Zumba workout, to a performance by the UNC club gymnastics team and more,
Fetzer Gym hasn’t had a dull moment.
“It’s going very well,” said hospital committee member and three-year UNC-DM
participant Sonya Rice, wearing a Pikachu costume. “I’ve seen improvements every
As a three-year UNC-DM participant myself, I’ve certainly felt the positive attitude
flowing through the marathon so far tonight thanks to emcee Hogan Medlin, current
UNC student body president, and performers like singer/songwriter Jake Troth.

Troth, whose mellow acoustic jams had dancers swaying and singing along,
said he could feel the energy even from onstage.
“It’s a good audience because they don’t get to leave,” he joked. “There’s
positive vibes going on — that’s like the best crowd you can get.”
It’s hour 4 and I’m feeling…“Like I should DANCE,
DANCE like it’s the last, last night of my life!” —
Lindsay Kaudelka, sophomore, second-year dancer

It’s hour 6 and I’m

feeling…“Better than I
thought I would! Love

the tribal paint and
the dancing!” — Ste-
fano Rivera, senior,
second-year dancer

It’s hour 7 and I’m feeling…“That my morale went way

down after Dexter Strickland dunked on me during knock
out.” — Alison Whisenant, junior, second-year dancer 1230
March Newsletter 3
It’s hour 8 and I’m feeling…
“Tired but ENERGIZED!” — Dana Royal,
sophomore, first-year dancer

330 430
It’s hour 10 and I’m
feeling…“SLOW!” — Lau-
’Cause this is Africa — 3:30 a.m. Check-in by Margot Pien
ren Wimple, freshman,
A round hour five I started feeling the first signs of pain, the
effects of less than six hours of sleep Thursday night and three
Friday classes taking a toll.
first-year dancer

But as my committee gathered in the publicity room and carefully

applied our tribal makeup, the adrenaline flowed through my veins
once again. It was satisfying and exciting to perform onstage in
front of the hundreds of dancers and show off our semi-coordinated
dance moves.
The competition was impressive. My favorite had to be Campus
Fundraising’s dance to the Disney movie Mulan’s “I’ll Make a Man
Out of You.” Outreach committee member and second-year dancer

Sonia Ammu agreed.
“They were well synchronized and really good,” she said. “They It’s hour 11 and I’m feeling…
put a lot of energy into it.” “Sore, but excited!” — Tyson
Freshman and first-year dancer Marian Barrett said she was sur- Presnell, freshman, first-year
prisingly not feeling too worn down. dancer
“I’m not tired,” she said. “My feet are tired.”
She said that moving around and walking was really helpful and
that she was enjoying her experience so far.

“I’m having a lot more fun than I was expecting,” Barrett said.

It’s hour 12 and I’m feeling…

“Rejuvenated after the morning
walk! …RAVE!” — Faith McNeill,
senior, third-year dancer

Raise your glass — 7:30 a.m. Check-in by Olivia Barrow

I t’s the half-way point. Everything we just did, we get to do again. I made it this far – I
can finish this strong. For me, the journey to this moment started 365 days ago at 8:35
a.m, when a friend visiting the marathon asked me how I was doing.
“SO good!” I said, jumping in the air to emphasize the point. She laughed at me and
reminded me I still had 11 hours to go. But I already knew I would do this again next year.
So it’s the half-way point again, and I just got back from a refreshing walk around our
beloved Kenan Stadium, and I’m so glad I still have 12 hours to celebrate the work we do
at N.C. Children’s Hospital. The last four hours have been epic – Eric and the DiMarzios

brought down the house with their original “If It Burns” and their cover of Mumford and
Sons’ “Little Lion Man.”
“It was phenomenal to play for so many and get such a good response,” said Eric DiMar-
zio, who performed with his band at 3 a.m.
So raise your glass to half-way and all that it means. Now let’s rave!
March Newsletter 4
It’s hour 13 and I’m
feeling…“So happy to see
young people dancing for
us!” — Mackenzie Neigh-
bors, freshman, first-year

It’s hour 14 and I’m feel-

ing…“That these next 10
hours are going to be THE
BEST IN MY LIFE!!” — Nikki
Phillips, senior, third-year
It’s hour 15 and I’m dancer
feeling…“A lot of
pain, but my heart Every Long Lost Dream – 11:30 a.m. Check-in by
is happy!” — Kristen Victoria Cook

Carter, junior, third- nd here’s where the pain begins for me. Sixteen
year dancer hours into the Marathon and I’m thankful for
the friends who brought me soda, chocolate and pain

killers! In fact, I’m writing this in my bedroom slippers
so I can give my feet a comfortable and airy rest. But
despite this pain, this truly has been the best one-
night stand of my life!
The past few hours have been filled with awesome performers and game

shows. My personal favorite was UNC-DM Idol. Three contestants performed
their choice of song for the audience who later decided the contestants’ fate via
Kyle DeLappe, a junior who was dancing for the first time, won the crowd over
with his rendition of Rascal Flatts’ “God Blessed the Broken Road”.
“It was so great,” he said of his experience onstage. “I’ve never done that in
front of that many people before and it was great.”
As he continues to dance for the remaining hours, his motivation is simple.
“That little girl who I saw initially,” he said, referring Asheton Ayotte, a kid
co-captain. “And every time I get tired, which I do, I think of that little girl.”

It’s hour 17 and I’m feeling…

“REJUVENATED!!!”— Caroline
Ewald, senior, fourth-year dancer

It’s hour 18 and I’m feeling…
It’s hour 19 and I’m feeling…
“Like a ninja.” — Lisa Santiago,
“FABULOUS!” — Mary Kate Healy,
junior, third-year dancer
senior, first-year dancer
March Newsletter 5
’Til we turn the house down – 3:30 p.m. Check-in by Emily Tracy

I t is hour 20 and spirits are not tanking. Four hours ago we

got re-introduced to the real world via the athletic fields,
away from the constant dance party in Fetzer Gym.
“It is so beautiful,” Morale Committee Member Carol Heaver said.
“We have been in a bit of a slump, but then you come outside to a
beautiful day and the band is playing UNC songs and it is so uplifting.”
After a lunch on the Astroturf, an unbelievable relief from
the wood floors in the gym, lunch and puppy playtime, dancers
returned to the gym with renewed spirit for the kids.
Carolina Blues, the winning band from last year’s Battle of the
Bands, kicked off the new shift with an electrifying performance
including covers of “Wagon Wheel,” “The Twist” and The Jackson
5’s “I Want You Back.” The audience was on their feet as if it was

It’s hour 21 and I’m feeling… hour one.
“The game’s on and that’s all I’m Singer and guitar player Kenneth Barshop said that performing
focusing on.” — Taylor Anderson, at UNC-DM is the band’s favorite gig.
sophomore, first-year dancer “The audience is having a great time and it is for a great
cause,” Barshop said.
The UNC Dance Marathon is what you make of it. For the last
four hours, keep calm and dance on.

530 630
It’s hour 22 and I’m feeling…
“An energetic delirious!” —
Hanna McMurry, junior, third-
year dancer

It’s hour 23 and I’m feeling…

“EUPHORIC.” — Laura Zdanski, sopho-

more, first-year dancer

By Amy Schwartz

D espite the swollen feet and tired faces, there was a burst of energy
ignited during the final hour of The 2011 UNC Dance Marathon.
As the line dance mentioned, the 1,600 dancers had been “around the
world in just one night,” but we all settled down for an hour at the end
to listen to the inspiring stories from the children and families of N.C.
Children’s Hospital.
All of the dancers gathered around the stage as the kid co-captains were
announced to a rejuvenated screaming crowd. Their faces burst with joy as a
short biography was read for each child, with details including their hobbies
and favorite colors.
No words can describe the look on the kids’ faces when they heard their stories declared in front of the crowd of adoring Tar
Heel dancers. Even these small details such as their favorite color made each child gleam as they received their roaring applause.
The final hour was filled with stories of hardship told by families whose children have stayed at N.C. Children’s Hospital.
Judy Ward, the mother of two twin girls who had spent time in the neonatal unit of UNC, brought the crowd to tears.
“When life kicks you in the ass — and it will — remember the difference you made for the kids,” she said.
Throughout our 24 hours, the pain and soreness were trivial compared to the joy that we brought into each child’s life, and
the many more who will pass through the doors of N.C. Children’s Hospital.
March Newsletter 6
Letter from Dr. Michael Steiner Letters from Parents
When amazing things are happening in our midst, it “I just wanted to let you know how great of a time I
can be easy to miss them. had at the Dance Marathon. 436,709.61- that is a big
On a corner of this campus, between the Bell Tow- number. … A little while while after getting there I met
er and graduate student housing, sits the North Caro- a group of girls who invited me to dance with them, and
lina Children’s Hospital. I realize that many employ- it was the most fun I have had in a VERY long time. To
ees there haven’t been to main campus, and that most top it all off, I danced like crazy and I didn’t even need
students haven’t been to the hospital. I’m writing this my inhaler! … I was so happy when I found out how much
letter to make sure all of your readers know that some- you raised, so I was wondering if I could help out next
thing amazing is happening between the hospital and year.”
the main campus; The UNC Dance Marathon has helped
to transform the experience of thousands of patients — Karolyne, Kid Co-Captain for Team 8
and families from across the state who come to the hos-
“Our family was honored to be part of the marathon
pital for care.
this year and today’s events were exciting, fun and very
The work of The UNC Dance Marathon has allowed the
moving. Jake and Cassidy enjoyed all of the interaction
parents of a 1 month old with a breathing tube in his
with the dancers and Kathy and I appreciated how nice
neck and a feeding tube in his stomach to share a meal
and supportive everyone was with the kids.
and get support from other families with children with
Everyone who we have met with the group has been
severe diseases. The students from The UNC Dance Mar-
just fantastic …Thank you for including Jake and for do-
athon have helped children waiting for painful medica-
ing such a great job for The UNC Dance Marathon. I’m as
tion infusions or other procedures to laugh and smile as
proud to be a Tar Heel today as I ever have been.”
they waited for their appointment. Money given by The
UNC Dance Marathon has helped start major programs
like having a dedicated Spanish interpreter for children — Clark Ellis, father of Jake,
Kid Co-Captain for Team 23
and families with cancer or supporting a special cen-
ter to systematically improve the quality of the medical
care provided to children. We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful time
Let this letter serve as assurance that what you did we had at the Dance Marathon! You all did a tremendous
[at The 2011 UNC Dance Marathon] will make amazing job organizing, fundraising, and making sure everything
things happen on the other side of campus, and across went well. Congratulations on a job well done!
the state. Colleen enjoyed being there and one of the students
… hung around with us and made her feel special. The
Sincerely, crowd was wonderful with their applause for the chil-
dren co-captains.
Michael J. Steiner, MD Now is your time to rest, relax and enjoy all the work you
Medical Director, Children’s Clinics did for the Dance Marathon and the Children’s hospital.
Thanks again!

— Kathy and Mike O’Loughlin and Colleen,

Kid Co-Captain for Team 3

Campus celebrities, including men’s varsity basketball

players Kendall Marshall, Dexter Strickland, Reggie
Bullock, Leslie McDonald and all six members of Blue
Steel came to Players for a date auction benefiting
N.C. Children’s Hospital Feb. 10. Homecoming King
Chase Jones, Senior Class Vice President Justin Tyler
and others were also auctioned off for the kids.

Emily Lucas
Could it be love?
March Newsletter 7
Community joins fundraising effort
through UNC Dance Marathon DAy
Olivia Barrow
Chapel Hill celebrated its first UNC Dance Marathon “We donated a portion of our proceeds during the
Day Friday, Feb. 11. Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt issued a day and had a Vermonster Challenge at night and both
proclamation recognizing the largest student-run fun- went wonderful, as usual,” said Katie Liles, an em-
draising organization on UNC’s campus for the work it ployee at Ben and Jerry’s. “We do events with UNC-
does for N.C. Children’s Hospital. DM all year because it goes toward a wonderful cause.
“I am so glad the Town of Chapel Hill decided to rec- Everyone should get onboard, especially during UNC-
ognize UNC-DM Day,” said Overall Coordinator Sarah DM day.”
Beth Wilkison. The event was a great way for community members
The event was the second time this year UNC-DM has to learn about and contribute to the efforts of UNC-DM,
worked with the town on a large event. which are often directed at students on campus, Wilki-
In October, UNC-DM held a booth in Festifall, bringing son said.
several student dance groups to perform and teach on “I think that having UNC-DM day the week before the
the street during the arts festival, and collecting dona- Allison Stewart
marathon was a great way to stir up excitement for our
tions for the hospital. biggest event of the year, though I could definitely see
“This was the first year in several that we have worked the benefit in having the day earlier in the school year
with the town in promoting UNC Dance Marathon, and so that we can show our community that UNC students
while we got started a little late in the game this year, I really are working year-round to support this amazing
think this day has great potential,” Wilkison said. cause,” she said.
Businesses that participated by donating proceeds “I really hope that UNC-DM Day will become a Chapel
included Margaret’s Cantina, donating 5 percent of its Hill tradition and continue to grow in coming years.”
sales for the day, Carolina Coffee Shop, donating their Several other businesses put out donation cans during
cover charge that night, Ben and Jerry’s, donating 10 the day, including Flying Burrito, La Vita Dolce, Fiesta
percent of their proceeds from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., and Grill, Coldstone Creamery, Ye Olde Waffle Shop, Italian
The Yogurt Pump, donating their toppings’ proceeds. Pizzeria III and Crêpes Véronique.

1,2,3 Dodgeball!
The champions of the
annual dodgeball tourna-
ment challenge another
team at the single-elimin-
iation style tournament in
Fetzer Gym, Feb. 4. Six-
person teams competed
for prizes.

Becca Brenner
March Newsletter 8
Victims of Abuse get help from Beacon
Child and Family Program Victoria Cook

Dealing with a child who has experienced a form of families that cost is not an issue.
abuse is hard enough. But for some families, financial “There was one mom recently where I actually hand-
strains make the situation even more difficult. ed her the money,” Patterson-Garlington said. “A lot of
UNC Hospitals’ Beacon Child and Family Program is times it’s the doctors doing that, and she was really re-
designed to assist victims of family violence and abuse. lieved because she had to come twice and she had to
Unfortunately, children also fall into this category of take off work. [She’s] a single mom and we were able to
victims. The Beacon Grant, funded by UNC-DM, provides give her $40 to cover gas to and from and she said, ‘You
coverage for children who would not normally be cov- don’t know how much that helps.’”
ered, as well as providing money for gas, food and park- “It makes people feel better to leave with my card
ing for families struggling financially. that says, ‘If you get a bill, call me because it’s a mis-
“[It] fits well with UNC-DM’s mission to directly ben- take,’” she added.
efit the patients we stand for,” said Sarah Beth Wilkison, Wilkison said dealing with the emotional stress is hard
overall coordinator, in an e-mail. “Through this grant, enough for these families and additional financial stresses
we are able to help ensure that all children suspected of from trips to the hospital make this situation even harder.
abuse are able to be evaluated so that they can be given “To cope with all of that is too much to ask of any-
the help they need.” one,” she said. “And I am so inspired by this organi-
The grant serves children who visit the out-patient zation of college students who have come together in
clinic, said Patrice Patterson-Garlington, a child abuse order to alleviate a family’s stress by raising money that
social worker with the program. The visit usually includes will lighten their financial burden.”
a doctor’s exam, magnified photography to search for Diana Bass, program director, said they struggled for a
trauma, an exam by a mental health professional and while with ways to assist families who did not have the
lab work, if needed. money to pay for the programs.
She said she has met many families who are concerned Receiving the grant helped ease this struggle, and also
about the cost of the visit, many of whom opt not to eliminated many concerns with food and travel expens-
follow through with an appointment because of this con- es, she said.
cern. This grant has allowed social workers to assure the “We’re really glad you danced for it,” she said.


Dance Marathons Across the Nation

2012 UNC Dance Marathon Grants

& UNC Dance Marathon 2012

This volume of The UNC Dance Marathon Newsletter was brought to you by:
Olivia Barrow, Copy Editor Sub-Chair; Victoria Cook, Emily Evans, Margot Pien, Emily Tracy & Jeffrey Sullivan
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