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POLICY TITLE: Travel: Extended & Out-of-State POLICY NO:

Minidoka County Joint School District # 331 PAGE 1 of 3

The Board of Trustees of Minidoka County Joint School District No. 331 is committed to the
concept of participating in activities that will positively impact the economic base of the State of
Idaho and the Minidoka County area. As such, activities, field trips and other excursions, which
are designed to leave the state, should be carefully reviewed to determine that the educational
value justifies the trip and its expenses. Any trip, which is designed to leave the State of Idaho
must receive prior approval of the Board of Trustees and must be submitted on the attached form
for consistency.

The following provisions are established to assist in the administration of the policy:

1. School-sponsored field trips are generally understood to mean those trips which are part
of the educational program of the school classroom, in which a credit is given and
attendance is required. These trips are understood to be part of the class activity, and all
students in the class participate.

2. Expenses for trips which are scheduled by clubs or groups not directly credit-oriented or
required become the responsibility of the class or club, and expenses for such trips should
come from the class or club requesting to travel.

3. Athletic competitions which require competitive teams to leave the State must not only
include the standard information, but must establish appropriate rationale justifying such
expenditure of time, energy and monies.

4. The Board reserves the right to make the final approval or disapproval of all required
travel requests.

5. It is the responsibility of the teacher or advisor of any activity to assure that the attached
form is completed in detail, and submitted for inclusion at a regular board meeting. It
must be in advance of the date of the trip, and at least ten days in advance of the board
meeting date.

6. The sponsoring school will assist those groups approved in advance as school-sponsored
or approved athletic competitions. All others must secure transportation and other costs at
their own expense form private carriers, consistent with the law.

7. It is the responsibility of the Principal to see that all arrangements have been made before
submitting a request for out-of-State travel. His/her signature attests that the Principal is
fully satisfied the field trip is educationally sound, adequately planned and reasonably

8. Appropriate adult supervision will be fully addressed as per filing of a travel request,
(attached). Factors such as the age of the student, activity type, distance, destination, etc,
will dictate what constitutes adequate supervision.


Travel: Extended and Out-Of-State—continued Page 2 of 3


Name of Organization Making Request

Proposed Travel Dates to

Brief Explanation of Proposed Trip

Sponsor Signature_______________________________________ Date________________

Number of: Students attending_______ Supervising Adults ________

Amount of school time to be missed

The following requests are made relative to this proposed trip:

1. Bus: Yes____________ No ______________ Bus Capacity Needed

2. Finances: Yes____________ No______________ If Yes, Total Amount

3. Transportation Expenses: Yes____________ No ____________

Total Amount _______________

4. Bus Request Submitted: Yes _____________No ______________

5. Financial Breakout: Student/Parent $ __________________

Club $______________ Organization $ ____________School $

6. Organization

7. Destination
Principal's Recommendation

Signature ______________________________________Date


Travel: Extended and Out-Of-State—continued Page 3 of 3

Superintendent's Recommendation

Signature______________________________________ Date

Board Action:
Approved as Proposed

Approved with Modifications

Not Approved

Total Student Cost $___________ $ _________________

School Costs

1. Transportation (To & From) $ ____________________

a) Bus or Car

b) Plane

2. Lodging $ ____________________

Total School Cost $ $ ________________________

Less Commitment $____________________ $ ________________________

Grand Total $_________________________ $ ________________________

Vocational Programs (and others, as determined by the Principal) will cover all Advisor costs
from Vocational appropriations and/or Club/Organization Funds.


ADOPTED: August 16, 1995