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Monthly Newsletter of

Congregation Har Shalom

Message from the Rabbis 1
Message from the President 2-3
March, 2011 Events & Services 4
Vol. 10, Iss. 3 Purim 5
Adar I, II 5771 Adult Education 6
B’nai Mitzvah 8
Group and Committee News 10-13
Religious School, Preschool 14
Donations 17
Yarzeits 18
Calendar 19
March 4, 6pm
Sophie and Isaiah Newman
March 7, 7pm From the Rabbis
FREILICH SHABBAT THE HIDDEN NARRATIVE that Purim is a sort of celebration of
March 11, 6:00pm OF PURIM random chance. However, this is not
the case. Judaism consistently stresses
AT THE MOVIES “In the first month, which is the the importance of God’s hand in
March 13, 6:30pm month of Nissan in the twelfth year of worldly affairs, and that the universe is
Achashverosh’s reign, Haman cast a meaningful. How can this be, given the
MITZVAH DAY facts mentioned above about the book
pur, that is a goral, a lottery...”
March 20 of Esther?
- Esther 3:7
In the book of Esther, which we read One possible interpretation is that in the
March 27, 9:30am
this month, God does not appear face of the capriciousness of chance,
even once in the text. As if to replace the characters in the Purim story act
the role of God, the theme of random to take control of their lives and create
chance recurs throughout the story their own destinies. The name of the
of Purim. Haman casts lots, “purim”, story’s heroine is “Esther,” which in
a symbol of this random chance. Hebrew means, “I will hide.” Though the
Erev Shabbat Service
Haman’s act and the events that events of the book seem like random
Friday, 7:30 pm
(check calendar for special follow raise an important philosophical chance, God is in fact hidden in each
Shabbat Services) question posed by the holiday, and by place and every moment waiting to be
the book of Esther: Are our lives just a discovered. In the Talmud, Tractate
Torah Study series of random events, or is there a Chullin 139b, the rabbis write: “Where is
Saturday, 9:00 am hidden underlying meaning? Is there Esther indicated in the Torah? — [In the
room in the Purim story for hashgacha, verse,] And I will surely hide [asthir] my
Shabbat Service (divine providence)? If one were to read face (Deut. 31:18).”
Saturday, 10:15 am the Book of Esther without putting it
in its Jewish context, they might think When we look at the world and all

its troubles, and even at the difficulties in our own lives, we might
CONGREGATION conclude that everything is random chance. After all, how could a
God who cares about us allow for so much tragedy? After his young
HAR SHALOM child died, Rabbi Harold Kushner wrote a book, “When Bad Things
Happen to Good People.” He argued that God could not have
725 W. Drake Rd., decreed that his son would die; it must be a random world. However,
Fort Collins, CO 80526 perhaps the answer lies somewhere in between these two positions--
Phone: 970-223-5191
between randomness and order. Events happen that seem harsh
and unkind. We can choose to see these events as random and
office@congregationharshalom.org meaningless, or we can choose to seek out their deeper meaning, to
http://www.congregationharshalom.org delve into their depths and find the pearls hidden beneath.

RABBIS Rabbi Shoshana and Rabbi Ben

Shoshana Leis
& Ben Newman
Direct Voicemail: 970-267-5471 
From the President


Madi Lapidot President-elect
Elaine Atlas Secretary The Har Shalom Board has added three new members in recent
Rob Baum Treasurer months. This was necessary because our By-laws state we must
Hedy Berman VP Administration have no less than 10 members (a minyan, how appropriate) to
Herb Cantor VP Facilities conduct business. We were short because we lost our VP of
Bill Fisher VP Fundraising Administration – thankfully Jillene Moore is off our healing list, she
Ed Kalin VP Membership
was on the bimah for an aliyah at our last lay led Shabbat before the
Geri Raichel VP Programs
Natalie Fields VP Ritual return of the rabbis. There were also no Members-at-Large. Since
Marcy Rubin VP Youth Education the Past President remains on the Board for one year, that seat was
Josh Goldstein Member-at-Large also vacant – a situation I will be happy to rectify myself in a few
short months.
& PROGRAMS To fill vacancies, the Board approved Hedy Berman as VP for
Administration, Natalie Fields as VP for Ritual and Josh Goldstein as
Dues Review Madi Lapidot Member-at-Large. My special thanks to Madi Lapidot, who has taken
Finance Rob Baum on many of the tasks of these positions for several months. She will
Gemilut Hasadim Nina Rubin be the second Member-at-Large until she takes over as President.
Marla Ryder At the close of our Annual Congregational Meeting I will turn over
Hadassah Orly Penny
Barbara Hoehn
the gavel (or is it a staff, perhaps a yad to point to members and
Interfaith Council Beth Hammer encourage them to step up to the many tasks) to Madi.
Men’s Club Lew Wymisner
Nes Gadol (50’s/60’s) open Madi will have one year (completing my term) before facing election.
Personnel Dan Dworkin Our By-laws state that the President and Treasurer face election
IT Committee Greg Herman in even numbered years. They don’t specify whether that is by the
Ritual Beth Hammer Hebrew calendar of the Gregorian calendar, but it doesn’t make a lick
Security System Administrator of difference. She has until Sivan 5772 or May 2012 before she has
Udi Zeigerson
to commit to a full term as your Board President, so be nice to her.

It has been my practice in my messages to introduce Board Members

with a few details you may not know, and it will be a pleasure to do
that over the next few months. This month I’ll focus on Hedy Berman.

Hedy is not only a relative of ESPN’s Chris Berman she had her
own sports career. She and Warren were a formidable figure-skating RELIGIOUS SCHOOL
pair back in New York headed for the Olympics. They had a throw Susan Schaibly - Director
only they could perform, called a triple bialy, two full 360s in the air Direct voicemail 267-5474
finishing with an amazing twist inches above the ice. Just before schaiblychs@gmail.com
they were headed to Lake Placid, they were practicing the trick
and had a fall. They didn’t make the Olympic team. They realized
even a trained tush can take so many bad bialys, so they gave up PRESCHOOL /
competitive skating and moved on. KINDERGARTEN
Barbara Benn - Director
The previous paragraph is composed entirely of kosher bologna I
Direct voicemail 267-5473
prepared for Adar, and you have your chance for your personal bit
of frivolity at the annual Purimshpiel. But Hedy’s real story is every
bit as interesting as the one of skates. She and Warren met while
working on their high school newspaper (a match made in media);
both became English teachers in Brooklyn and spent their first two
Brooke Fisher
summers off traveling the West looking for a new home far from New
York. They came to Colorado in 1973, and have been members
of Har Shalom since it started, in the days before there was a
building.  So it was fitting that Hedy was a prime mover in the Capital
Judy Petersen - Librarian
Campaign that resulted in all the improvements we now enjoy.
Hedy and Warren have two sons.  Morgan was in the first Har
Shalom preschool class with Pamela Sachs Kapp as principal and
in Rabbi Jack Gabriel’s first Bar Mitzvah class here. Second son CHS OFFICE
Aaron was also an early Har Shalom Bar Mitzvah and a recipient Shelley Chaput
of the Fred Kapp Memorial Scholarship.  Both boys graduated from Office Administrator
CU, then one went west the other east (so Hedy & Warren are now Direct voicemail 267-5472
bi-coastal parents).  Morgan got his MBA from the University of San office@congregationharshalom.org
Francisco.  Following in his parents’ footsteps, he married his Fort
Collins High School sweetheart, Ashley, and they now live in the Makeesha Fisher
Bay Area. With the birth of Noa and another grandchild due in April, Administrative Assistant
Hedy and Warren make regular trips to California.  Son Aaron got makeesha@congregationharshalom.org
his undergraduate degree in architecture, and after working for three
years, is at Columbia University getting a Masters in that field. 

Hedy and Warren both recently retired after successful careers.

Warren worked for the Poudre School District and was founder
of cable access Channel 10. Hedy was the Assistant Director of
Admissions in charge of recruitment publications at CSU for nearly
15 years before becoming Hillel Director there.  She worked for Hillel
for 10 years, the last two years supervising other Hillel Directors in
Colorado, and received the Hillel Examplar of Excellence Award in
We welcome the new Board members, and there are opportunities
for others to join the Board. I will be establishing a nominating
committee this month. If you are interested in serving on that
committee or on the Board, I would welcome your call.

Events & Services
LGBTQ Communities in Fort Collins. This event will be
SPECIAL SHABBAT an opportunity to honor that connection, remember what
Friday, March 25, 6:00 PM we have in common, and meet people from an array of
From Rabbi Allison Peiser, Hillel. You are invited to The
Inaugural Shabbat Gathering of the Fort Collins Jewish All are welcome. More details about the event and how
and GLBTQ communities and friends. to RSVP will be forthcoming in the Har Shalom Weekly
Join Congregation Har Shalom, Hillel of Colorado
at CSU, Keshet, Lambda Community Center, GLBT
Resource Center of CSU and Student Organization
for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender People
Friday, March 11, see schedule below for times
(SOGLBT) for Shabbat Services and Dinner.
Please join us for a musical Shabbat celebration.
This event will be taking place the Shabbat after the
Jewish community celebrates Purim, a time that focuses The Musicians' Havurah will accompany Rabbi
on “Nehafokhu” or turning things inside out. Ben. If you find your spirituality through live music,
this Shabbat is for you. Bring the whole family!
After the holiday in which we are encouraged
to challenge our binaries in society as male and Schedule:
female, queer and heterosexual, Jewish and non 5:30 PM—Tot Shabbat
Jewish, religious and secular, this is an opportunity 6:00 PM—Potluck
to consider the communities that exist in our midst
(vegetarian/dairy to feed 8)
and invite them to a festive meal. There has been a
7:00 PM—Service
long relationship between the Jewish community and

PurimSaturday, March 19

Get Wild on Purim – It’s a Tradition!

Join us on Saturday, March 19th at 7:00 PM for a traditionally irreverent
rendition of the Megilla, as we chant, mock, parody, dance and rhyme
the Book of Esther, fulfilling our sacred duty to have a grand ol’ time
KOSHER HAMS NEEDED on Purim. Some of the finest home-grown Jewish ‘talent’ in Northern
Colorado will present creative interpretations of the Megillah while the
We are looking for fun loving people rest of us laugh at and yell at Haman (boo!).
who are willing to “ham it up” for
Purim. No particular talent is needed. Come as you are or come as you aren’t. (You never know which famous
characters might show up!)
Please contact Nina with any
questions or offers to help.
Bring a dessert to share and your own libations. Bring your donations to
221-4034 or nina@rubin.net the Food Bank for Larimer County, too!

Questions? Call Nina at 221-5554.

Four Mitzvot of Purim
– Remember to bring
your coins and dollars to donate to the
Food Bank for Larimer County. Children’s Purim Carnival
2Day,REJOICING – This year, Mitzvah
Saturday, March 19
Sunday, March 20th, is the
same day as Purim, so we all should
participate together in Mitzvah Day 6:00-7:00 PM
with joyous energy! Before the Megillah Reading

Volunteers Needed!
Email harabbanim@gmail.com.
This will be a fun time for the kids with GAMES,
bring your food donations for
the Food Bank for Larimer County FOOD, CRAFTS & A COSTUME PARADE.
to the Megillah event on Saturday,
March 19.

Mitzvah Day
Sunday, March 20th, Meet at CHS at 9:00 AM

Schmooze with friends • Meet new people • Work

• Eat • Schlep Stuff Around • Laugh • Benefit the
Community • Lend a Helping Hand

Join with the entire community as we celebrate Purim

together by doing mitzvot!
• Used Book Sale
• Knitting Scarves to Benefit Elderly Holocaust Rescuers in
• 7th Grade Book Buddies will Read To Your Children
• Baking & Cooking for the Homeless
• Visiting Nursing Homes and Home-bound Congregants
• Cleaning Up Local Parks


Sunday, March 13, 6:30 PM
See a great movie, have From IMDB.com
some popcorn and ice cream, In Nazi-occupied France
and participate in insightful during World War II, a group
discussion. of Jewish-American soldiers
known as “The Basterds” are
This month we will be chosen specifically to spread
watching the Oscar-winning fear throughout the Third Reich
movie, Inglourious Basterds by scalping and brutally killing
(R) starring Brad Pitt, Diane Nazis.
Kruger and Eli Roth. (This
movie contains graphic

Adult Education
discuss kabbalistic texts.
Tuesday, March 29, 7:00 PM This month, we will be reading texts from and
discussing some of the modern incarnations of
Kabbalah is an ancient kabbalah, including the Kabbalah Centre, the Bnei
Hebrew mystical tradition Barukh institute, and Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag, the
that has provided spiritual beloved teacher and mystic who inspired both of
seekers a unique technology these movements.
to access our inherent ability
to transform ourselves and our You can find Shamati (I Heard) by Rabbi Yehuda
world for generations. Though Ashlag online here http://www.scribd.com/
recently Kabbalah has been doc/18009444/Rabbi-Yehuda-Ashlag-Baal-HaSulam-
popularized by The Kabbalah Centre it has a rich Shamati.
history with a wide corpus of literature. Kabbalah has
also been associated with coffee and cafes since You can also find The Wisdom of Kabbalah and
the 16th century, when coffee came to Israel and the Philosophy here. http://www.scribd.com/doc/17522840/
Kabbalists of Safed would use it to stay up late at Rabbi-Yehuda-Ashlag-Baal-HaSulam-The-Wisdom-of-
night, study text, perform rituals, and sing holy songs. Kabbalah-and-Philosophy.
In this series, we will drink coffee and tea while we

JUDAISM IN TIME & SPACE Thursday evenings, 7 to 8:30 PM, starting

on March 3 (No class on March 17)
at Congregation Har Shalom 725 W. Drake, Fort Collins 80526

Want a preview of coming

attractions? Visit the first class on
Thursday, March 3, and meet the
teachers and other students!

Classes will be taught by Gary Spivak,

• Experiencing the Jewish year Nina Rubin and Adele Eastman.
• Journeying through a Jew’s Life Cycle
• Living in Jewish space - personal, communal Course fee: For the 25-week series:
and global $180 for Har Shalom members or
• Exploring individual and communal religious and $250 for non-members or, go to
spiritual practices the online syllabus and mark your
• Understanding how historical events have calendars for selected classes at $12
shaped Judaism per individual class.
• Discovering Jewish “inner space” - theology,
ethics and the links of tradition through time Questions? Contact Geri Raichel,
(970)420-8457, graichel@comcast.net

B’nai Mitzvah

My name is Hannah Phipps. I am a

7th grader at Lesher IB World School,
where I enjoy playing the cello in the
orchestra and participating in Science
Olympiad. In my free time, I love
to play soccer, ski, cook and read.
Congregation Har Shalom has been a
part of my life since preschool, and I
hope that you will consider coming to
my Bat Mitzvah.

Classes remaining - Tuesday, March 8 & Wednesday
April 13th, 6:30-8 PM

Gil Hersh will share his expertise and recipes

in this 3 session class. Learn how to prepare
fantastic dishes, then we will eat them! Gil will
also demonstrate how each preparation can
easily be changed to meet individual needs- and
each can be simply prepared at home.

Class registration includes cost of materials -

$25 for an individual session.

March 8, 2011   Vegetarian Wonders – In the

CHS kitchen 
Prepare a medley of dishes with the flavors of
the Mediterranean based on lentils, garbanzos,
greens and dates and tamarinds and honey and
olives ... each dish will be made to reflect the
class’s specific desires - so each can be adapted
to a family’s needs.  (We may even bring a little
tofu to the pot as well.)

April 13, 2011- Luscious Lamb – In Geri

Raichel’s kitchen
1. Turkish Lamb for the grill- wonderful
grass fed leg of lamb cut into steaks and
flavored with garlic,
exotic spices and honey
2. Tunisian tagine of lamb shanks- using a
stove top tagine- lamb shanks in a sweet and
savory sauce with the aroma of citrus and the
taste of a soft north African night.
3. Couscous with fresh herbs (Or for the
gluten adverse -  rice.)

Group & Committee News

Trudy Herman
PASSOVER 2011 – TIME TO t.herman@comcast.net
This year, the first night of Pesach will be on Scrip bonus offers available right now:
itunes is giving an extra 3%, Marriott is giving an extra 2%
Monday, April 18th, and for those of you who
have a second night seder, Tuesday, April
19th is the date. Like a Golden Thread that
Think scrip when planning B’Nai Mitzvah gifts. Har Shalom
has kept the Jewish people linked through has gift certificates for the students in increments of $10, $15
thousands of years, Passover is traditionally and $25. Call the office and they will have it ready for you to
celebrated in Jewish homes, with family, purchase. This allows the B’Nai mitzvah student to decide what
friends and community members. they would like.
The community seder model developed as a
way to provide a place for people who were
We have Southwest Airlines, Marriott, Best Western, Hyatt and
not part of a home-based seder, and Har
Shalom has sponsored many community Celebrity Cruises.
seders in the past. This year, because we
want to encourage personal, home-based HOMEMADE PASSOVER DESSERTS
connections between our members, we are Nut cake with berry glaze: large serves 16, $32.00; small serves 8,
asking our Har Shalom community to welcome $16.00. Chocolate, Lemon or Vanilla jelly roll with choice of chocolate,
guests to their homes for a first or second strawberry or lemon cream.
night seder. Har Shalom volunteers will be
contacting you to match members who are Jelly Roll: serves 8 - $16.00
hosting seders with current and prospective
members who need seats at the table. You must arrange for pick up at Har Shalom or Trudy Herman’s
Whether you’re planning a seder designed for house. Order by April 11. Proceeds will go to Har Shalom.
tiny tots or a long, deep late-night exploration
of the Haggadah, we will try to match you so
Oneg Coordinator
that everyone is able to attend a home-based
seder if they desire to. Needed
When our Pesach coordinator volunteers
contact you, please open your homes to your
The Membership Men’s Club
Committee is looking
extended Har Shalom ‘family.’ If you want help Sunday, March 27,
for a volunteer to
planning your seder, we have people and
help coordinate the 9:30am
information to support you. We can also lend
out Haggadahs that we’ve used at previous
logistics of the Onegs. at Lew Wymisner’s
community seders. And, if you would like a The person will work house.
place at the table for you and your family, let with congregants,
committees, and the
the Pesach coordinator volunteer know. Please RSVP to Lew at
CHS office to ensure
that the Onegs run
484-7014 or
As it says in the Haggadah, “Let all who
are hungry come and eat.” Our tradition smoothly. Lewiswymisner@comcast.net.
acknowledges that hunger can be spiritual
as well as physical, and Passover is the No cooking or baking Cost for bagels, lox, and
quintessential opportunity for building will be required of this schmoozing is $5.
community on all levels. Please respond person. If interested,
openly when the Pesach coordinator volunteer contact Ed Kalin.
contacts you. edward1712@comcast.net
or 222-9778
To continue Pesach festivities, we are
planning a Freilich Shabbat, with live music,
singing and Passover desserts on Friday
evening, April 22. 10
Ed Kalin
edward1712@comcastnet Next Membership Committee Meeting
Monday, March 7, 7:00 PM
The Membership Committee is in need of additional
members to follow up with prospective members, We would like to welcome the following new
arrange / deliver welcome bags, and plan / facilitate members to Congregation Har Shalom:
new member events. Interested congregants should
contact Ed Kalin at edward1712@comcast.net. Steve and Lissa Kalt and daughters Sidney and
The following members will be recognized and
introduced to the congregation at the Purim event Benjamin Adams and Jennifer Freeman
on Saturday March 19th:
Harvey and Patricia Siegal
Steve and Lissa Kalt and Family
Benjamin Adams and Jennifer Freeman
Harvey and Patricia Siegal
Alec and Linda Feinberg


Many thanks to Susan Schaibly, Nina Rubin, and
Trudy Herman for working with the Religious School
students in the preparation of food for the onegs.


March: Ritual Committee
April: Sustainability Team
May: Nes Gadol
June: Open

There are still opportunities for individuals and

families to sponsor Onegs during these months for
the celebration of birthdays, B’nai Mitzvahs and other
special occasions or to honor departed love ones.
Contact the CHS office to reserve a date.

There has been some confusion regarding the terms
“Hosting” and “Sponsorships”.

Hosting refers to a CHS organization or committee

that will set up the Oneg for a Friday evening Shabbat
service and cleanup following the Oneg. Hosts assist
in the set up and cleanup duties when there is a
sponsorship. They are not required to supply food.

Sponsorship means that an individual congregant

or congregant family would like to celebrate special
occasions or honor family members / friends. The
responsibilities include the supplying of food and
beverages plus the set up and clean up duties.

“Viva Oy Veygas” was a
special evening of fun,

u !
fundraising and gaming. We

could not have done it without
the support of generous
sponsors, underwriters,
advertisers and special

Please help me in thanking

Viva Oy Veygas: Har Shalom’s Margot Ganster, Gil Hersh, the following: The Dellenbach
Casino Night Fundraiser, held on Geri Raichel & Audrey Family, Dellenbach Suburu;
Feb 5, 2011, at the Fort Collins Schoeppner The Fisher Family, Five-
Marriott was a great success. Star Construction; Sonia
The excitement radiating from Donation Solicitors: Gail ImMasche; Dr. Barry and
the crowds, the fun at the Aaronson, Hedy Berman, Kathleen Goldsmith; Dr.
gaming tables, the thrill of the live Brooke Fisher, Margot Ganster, Melissa Logue of Windsong
auction, the chase of the silent Greg Herman, Ed and Maddy Wellness; John Kilburn, CPA;
auction, the vows renewed at Kalin, Marsha Kaplan, Geri Dawn Davis; Lee Sherrod;
the wedding chuppah -- these Raichel, Barbara Sherrod, Beth Hammer; Chris and
were just a few of the many joys Linda Sherrod & Madi Lapidot Stephanie Goes, Goes
this evening brought. We had a Funeral; Diana Herman,
great turnout - thanks to all of you The CHS Office Staff – Shelley Acupuncture of the Rockies;
who attended and supported our Chaput & Makeesha Fisher – HighCraft Builders; Robert
community. And we hope next who went above and beyond to J. Penny, Attorney; Pat
year’s event will be even greater. make this event a success Olian, RE/MAX; Dr. Bruce
Because what happened in Oy M. Smith, Ear Nose &
Veygas, doesn’t have to stay in All of the congregants who helped Throat Associates; Jeffries
Oy Veygas! the night of the event. Construction Solutions;
Mitchell-Zuber Insurance; Gil
Viva Oy Veygas was made OY VEYgas sponsors: Dellenbach Hersh, Gil Cooks, Gracious
possible by so many brilliant and Suburu, Five Star Construction Cuisine. Dr. Nancy Mace and
dedicated people. Dr. David Feuer; and Roberta
All of the congregants and and Michael Leis.
Special thanks to: businesses who donated items to
Our amazing, hard-working our Silent Auction and the many I especially want to thank
and creative Viva OY VEYgas businesses who supported our the many who came forward
Planning Committee. These folks community by providing donated/ to donate auction items
put the FUN in Fundraising: discounted services or in-kind and to solicit them from
contributions friends, family and complete
• Bill & Brooke Fisher, chairs strangers. Thanks especially
• Hedy Berman – PR Thank you for all the positive to Gail Aaronson, Marsha
• Greg Herman – Financials feedback for and the ideas for Kaplan, Hedy Berman, Margot
• Nancy Mace –Marriott next year. Please feel free to Ganster, Yael Harmes, Rob
Liaison submit your thoughts to Baum and Bill and Bev
• Barbara Sherrod - Donations brooke@fisherseven.com. We love Shachtman for their support
• Aviva Pflock - Entertainment hearing from you! and generosity.
• And thanks to the rest of the
committee for their various Bill & Brooke Blessings, Barbara Sherrod
and substantial contributions:

Items Still Available!
If you missed out on Casino Night, you can still bid on Create outfits from what you have. Match shoes and
select auction items at great bargain prices. accessories. Assess needs. Receive tips for your
unique shape. Offered by former television producer
• Please remember to bid at the stated increments. and fashionista, Lisa Demberg. Value: $150. Starting
• Final date for bidding is Monday, March 21st. Bid: $48. $2 Increments.
• To place your bid, e-mail bnsherrod@msn.com.
You will be contacted about any bids that are # K-4 2 Hours of Chair Yoga with Norma Glad. The
higher than yours. Good luck! healthy way to stretch and tone is with this gentle
form of yoga. Starting Bid: $36. $2 Increments.
# K-1 Certificate for $180 discount on orthodontic
services from Hilary Baskin, DDS. Hilary (wife of # K-5 20 Units of Botox with Maxillofacial and
former CHS rabbi and current Denver hospital Oral Surgeon Ralph R. Reynolds. Botox, an
chaplain, Rabbi Baskin) has opened a new practice in FDA-approved drug, can be used to improve the
Ft. Collins, ALL ABOUT BRACES. appearance of worry lines, frown lines, laugh lines,
Starting Bid: $64. $5 Increments. crow’s feet and other wrinkles caused by aging. A
$200 value. Starting Bid: $60. $5 Increments.
# K-2 Professional Studio Haircut and Color # K-6. $50 Gift Certificate to the Walnut Street
Treatment at Salon Tulane on Tulane Dr. in Ft. Gallery in Historic Old Town Ft. Collins. Give your
Collins. A $125 value. Starting Bid: $59. $5 special pieces the just-right frame or choose a work
Increments. of art that speaks to you. Starting Bid: $36. $2
# K-3 Private Closet Consult. Includes: Find your
colors. Analyze your style. Edit your wardrobe.

Susan Schaibly, Director



Gil Hersh, Ayala Nevo and Susan Schaibly for helping

SHALOM this night come to life.

Todah Rabah to everyone who has made so many Tickets: $18 adults, $9 child, $54 family
of our programs this year great successes. I love
wandering the halls on Sunday mornings and Tickets can be reserved through the office or
Wednesday evenings and seeing what our busy purchased on Sunday mornings/Wednesday
yeladim (children) are up to: evenings. Your support not only helps our students
actively learn a mitzvah, but is a mitzvah! Thanks!
Kindergarteners and 1st Graders made a wonderful Contact Brooke at brooke@fisherseven.com with any
“Classroom Tree” and are exploring all the ways a questions.
Jewish community works.

The 2nd graders have been working hard at making

their own Torahs and the 3rd graders have spent the
Wednesday, March 2 -- Hebrew School/Hebrew
year touring Israel!
The 4th graders have spent the year following Moses
Friday, March 4 -- 7th Grade Shabbat Dinner for
and the Israelites on their Exodus and the 5th graders
the Entire Community
are moving through the Jewish lifecycle by watching
“Fiddler on the Roof” -- Tradition!
Sunday, March 6 -- Sunday School
The 6th graders are doing research about famous
Wednesday, March 9 -- Hebrew School/Hebrew
Jewish Americans and the 7th graders are working
very hard learning about the mitzvah of hospitality so
they can host you at their wonderful dinner on March
Friday, March 11 -- Frelich Shabbat
4th. (See more below.)
Sunday, March 13 and Wednesday, March 16 --
In Hebrew High, the teens have been working their
NO School (Spring Break)
way through the ADL’s “Confronting Anti-Semitism”
program, taught by Adele Eastman and me. Every
Saturday, March 19 -- Purim begins at sundown!
week I am amazed at the enthusiasm and excitement
your children bring to our school. Todah Rabah!
Sunday, March 20 -- Har Shalom Mitzvah Day
Get Your Tickets Now!
Wednesday, March 23 -- Hebrew School/Hebrew
7th Grade Hospitality Dinner
Friday, March 4th @ 6:00 p.m.
Sunday, March 27 -- Sunday School
You’re invited to the 3rd Annual 7th Grade Hospitality
Dinner introducing Jewish Communities Around the
Wednesday, March 30 -- Hebrew School/Hebrew
World. Experience delicious cuisine and ultimate
Jewish hospitality from the awesome Har Shalom 7th
graders. They are currently learning the mitzvah of
Hospitality and what a better way to learn than to do?
Everyone is invited...bring your friends! Enjoy a full
meal, cultural Shabbat service, and being waited on
hand and foot...all by 7th graders! Special thanks to

Barb Benn, Director
Lorie Federman

March is a busy month at

Preschool/Kindergarten as we
prepare for Purim. We will make
hamantashen, act out the story
of Purim, and of course, have a
big party with our grown-ups. The
children will also learn Purim songs
and make shlach manot baskets to

Welcome Isaiah Newman! We

celebrated his arrival by organizing
meals and listening to Sophie share
stories about her little brother. We
sang “simin tov” and welcomed
Doda (Aunt) Jenny for a visit to the

Our Open House was very

successful as prospective families
came to visit our school. We still
have a few openings left for the
fall. Most of our enrollees come to
us by word-of-mouth, so please
spread the word about our unique
program, combining Jewish themes
with Montessori philosophy. Children
must be 2 ½ by September 15.

Our direct voicemail number is

267-5473, or email

Nurturing the child. Nourishing the community.

Library News Judy Petersen, CHS Librarian

THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING to Judaism for Young People by Howard Singer,
PEOPLE FOR THEIR DONATION: Ask Another Question: The Story and Meaning of
Passover by Miriam Chaikin, The Hanukkah Book
Lisa Crook for The Jewish Book of Why by Alfred J. by Marilyn Burns, With Roots in Heaven by Rabbi
Kolatch, The Second Jewish Book of Why by Alfred Tirzah Firestone, The Still Small Voice: The Story of
J. Kolatch, Hillel’s Calendar by Mamie G. Gamoran, Jewish Ethics, Book One by William B. Silverman,
Paths to Jewish Belief by Emil L. Fackenheim, The The Jewish Holiday Book by Wendy Lazar, The
Story of Prophecy by Hannah Grad Goodman, The Jewish Home Beautiful by Betty D. Greenberg and
Living Talmud by Judah Goldin, A Guide for Jewish Althea O. Silverman, Shabbos Candles by Kati
Youth by Samuel Sussman, Ph.D. and Abraham Pressman, Number the Stars by Lois Lowry, God Was
Segal, M.A., History of the Jews in America by Not in the Fire: A Search for a Spiritual Judaism by
Deborah Pessin, The Story of the Jewish Way of Life Daniel Gordis, The Torah Published by Henry Holt
by Meyer Levin and Toby K. Kurzband, The Story and Company, The Jewish Americans by Howard
of Pesach published by the B. Manischewitz Co., Muggamin
The Voice of Wisdom by Aaron Intrater and Leon H.
Spotts, Justice and Judaism by Albert Vorspan and NEW IN THE CHILDREN’S LIBRARY:
Eugene J. Lipman, Hillel’s Happy Holidays by Mamie We are Witness: Five Diaries of Teenagers who Died
G. Gamoran, Consecrated Unto Me: A Jewish View in the Holocaust by Jacob Boas.
of Love and Marriage by Rabbi Roland B. Gittelsohn,
Bible Tales for Very Young Children, Book Two by SYDNEY TAYLOR BOOK AWARDS
Lenore Cohen ANNOUNCED!
The Sydney Taylor Book Award honors new books for
Ron Sladek for The Story of the Jews: A 4,000 children and teens that exemplify the highest literary
Year Adventure by Stan Mack, Nobel Prize Women standards while authentically portraying the Jewish
in Science by Sharon Bertsch McGrayne, The experience. The award memorializes Sydney Taylor,
Everything World’s Religions Book by Robert Pollock author of the classic All-of-a-Kind Family series.

Anonymous for I never saw another butterfly The Sydney Taylor Book Award Winner for
published by Schocken Books (3 copies), Anne Younger Readers:
Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, Anti- Gathering Sparks by Howard Schwartz with
Semitism: Causes and Effects by Paul E. Grosser illustrations by Kristina Swarner
and Edwin G. Halperin, The Spirituality of Welcoming
by Dr. Ron Wolfson, Practical Pedagogy for The The Sydney Taylor Book Award Winner for Older
Jewish Classroom by Daniel B. Kohn, The Tribe Readers:
of Dina: A Jewish Women’s Anthology by Melanie Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword by Barry Deutsch
Kaye/Kantrowitz and Irena Klepfisz, The Condition of (the first graphic novel to win the award)
Jewish Belief published by the Macmillan Company,
The Joys of Hebrew by Lewis Glinert, Jewish Thought The Sydney Taylor Book Award Winner for Teen
Today by Louis Jacobs, The Far Euphrates by Aryeh Readers:
Lev Stollman, Paths to Jewish Belief by Emil L. The Things a Brother Knows by Dana Reinhardt
Fackenheim, Judaism and Ecology by Aubrey Rose,
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Middle East Conflict by For a list of the Honor and Notable Books for Younger
Mitchell G. Bard, Ph.D. Readers, Older Readers and Teens, please click
on the following link: http://www.jewishlibraries.org/
Judy Underwood for Basic Judaism by Milton
Steinberg, With Mind and Heart: An Approach

Donations, Remembrances & Celebrations

Phyllis Lewus made a donation to the General Fund in memory of her sister-in-law Jane Wolfe z”l.

Barbara Sherrod made a donation to the General Fund in honor of Al Koppel, Joel Heyman’s Graduation &
Isaiah Newman.

Lee Zeller made a donation to the General Fund in memory of Irving Zeller z”l.

Stuart Millstein made a donation to the General Fund in memory of Jane Wolfe z”l.

Cliff and Karen Zeller made a donation to the Rabbis’ Discretionary Fund in memory of Irving Zeller z”l.

Elissa Tivona & Glenn Blanc made a donation to the Rabbis’ Discretionary Fund.

Meira Harding made a donation to the Rabbis’ Discretionary Fund.

Sonia Immasche made a donation to the Rabbis’ Discretionary Fund and General Fund in honor of Isaiah

Gary Spivak/Mary Beck made a donation to the Rabbis’ Discretionary Fund in honor of Isaiah Newman.

Jason Rosenholtz-Witt, teacher of “Jewish Composers” class at Har Shalom, son of CHS member
Charna Rosenholtz, and graduating senior at CSU in music performance, invites his Har Shalom friends
to attend his graduate Double Bass recital on Saturday, March 5th at 4 pm. Music performance majors
perform a full-length recital instead of a thesis or dissertation. Jason’s program will feature Ernest Bloch's
Prayer and Alfred Schnittke’s Hymnus II which is a duet for double bass and cello. Also on the program: the
prelude to Bach's 2nd cello suite, a classical-era bass concerto by Van Hal, and Tarantella by Bottesini, a
Romantic era showpiece.

The recital will be in the University Center for the Arts, 1400 Remington Street, in the Organ Recital Hall
which is on the 2nd floor. The program will last about one hour and is free and open to the public.


Congregation Har Shalom thanks you for your interest in giving back. Checks can be dropped off or mailed to 725 W. Drake Rd.
Fort Collins CO 80526. We also accept credit card payments. You can call 970-223-5191 or stop by the office during regular hours
of operation.

If you mail or drop off your payment, please write in the memo where you would like your funds applied or include a note. (Capital
Campaign (Building Fund), CHS Scholarship Fund, Preschool / Kinder, J. Fred Kapp Memorial Scholarship Fund, Memorial Plaque
Dedication - $360 Each, Religious School, Library Fund, Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund, Mazon, Prayer Book, General Fund, Special
Torah Books, Child Care during Services / Programs, Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax)

All donations are mentioned in the Kadimah. If you do not wish your donation to be mentioned, please let us know.

March, 2011 Yahrzeits
Secular calendar Hebrew Secular calendar Hebrew
date for this year calendar date date for this year calendar date

Henry Kaufmann Thursday, March 3 27 Adar-I Morton Sachs Saturday, March 12 6 Adar-II
stepfather of Bob Rubin father of Pamela Sachs-Kapp

Harriet Best Friday, March 4 28 Adar-I Yetta Rollin Monday, March 14 8 Adar-II
mother of Elaine Best

Catherine Kuzmich Friday, March 4 28 Adar-I Richard Golden Wednesday, March 16 10 Adar-II
mother of Steve Kuzmich grandfather of David Kaplan-Gomez

Irving Sacks Friday, March 4 28 Adar-I Zvi Singer Wednesday, March 16 10 Adar-II
father of Paula Sacks grandfather of Elyana McCeney

Gussie Aronson Saturday, March 5 29 Adar-I Sidney Goldman Friday, March 18 12 Adar-II
great-aunt of Susan Schaibly father of Arnice Brenner

Fannie Chernis Saturday, March 5 29 Adar-I Mark Weitzman Sunday, March 20 14 Adar-II
mother of Celia nephew of Joanne Berger

Michael Diderickson Saturday, March 5 29 Adar-I Edith Kopelman Tuesday, March 22 16 Adar-II
cousin of Laura Owen grandmother of Aviva Pflock

Leon Dworkin Saturday, March 5 29 Adar-I David Schechtman Tuesday, March 22 16 Adar-II
father of Dan Dworkin father of Rabbi Jack Gabriel

Joseph Duffy Sunday, March 6 30 Adar-I Joseph Springberg Tuesday, March 22 16 Adar-II
father of Debra Duffy father of Peter Springberg

Marcella Rosen Sunday, March 6 30 Adar-I Mazal Mathilde Ezerzer Wednesday, March 23 17 Adar-II
mother of Arnold Rosen sister of Cecile Wheeler

Dorothy Duhl Wednesday, March 9 3 Adar-II Diego A. Cadena Thursday, March 24 18 Adar-II
Sister of Irwin Duhl father of Felix Cadena

Norman Guralnick Wednesday, March 9 3 Adar-II Lena Bresler Saturday, March 26 20 Adar-II
uncle of Robert Rabinoff grandmother of Lauren Kaufman

Stanley Hill Wednesday, March 9 3 Adar-II Lena Bresler Saturday, March 26 20 Adar-II
father of Jessica Saperstone mother of Elaine Bresler-Weiss

Alice Laman Wednesday, March 9 3 Adar-II Abraham Wagner Monday, March 28 22 Adar-II
mother of Janet Laman uncle of Bernice Katzman

Ceclyn Epstein Margolin Wednesday, March 9 3 Adar-II Leonard Robinson Wednesday, March 30 24 Adar-II
mother of Marcia Silverstein father of Sue Abrams

Martin Moskowitz Thursday, March 10 4 Adar-II Aron Warren Thursday, March 31 25 Adar-II
father of Raina Denmark uncle of Lorie Federman

Dave Solomon Thursday, March 10 4 Adar-II

father of Joe Solomon

The Yahrzeit dates published in the Kadimah are based on the Hebrew calendar from the date of death information given on
membership forms. If you have any questions, would like to provide us with additions or more complete family information, please
call the office so we can include your loved ones in our memorial observance.

It is traditional for Jews to remember their loved ones by lighting a 24-hour Yahrzeit candle at sunset the night before the Yahrzeit,
to participate in a Minyan to say Kaddish for their loved one, and to donate Tzedakah in honor of their memory. If you wish to make
a memorial contribution, or inquire about a Minyan, please call the office.
681'$< 021'$< 78(6'$< :('1(6'$< 7+856'$< )5,'$< 6$785'$<
9am Torah Study
10:15am Shabbat Service
7-9pm Finance Committee
Meeting Light Candles at: 5:37 pm
7-8:30pm Judaism in Time 6:00pm Hospitality Dinner Exodus 38:21-40:38
6pm Hebrew School/HH and Space (JTS) 7:30pm Erev Shabbat


9am Religious School
5:30pm Tot Shabbat

9am Torah Study
9am B'nai Mitzvah 10:15am Shabbat Service
Program Light Candles at: 5:44 pm
6:30pm Board Meeting
7pm Membership 6:30pm Cooking with Gil at 7-8:30pm JTS 6:00pm Freilich Shabbat
Committee Meeting CHS 6pm Hebrew School/HH potluck Leviticus 1:1-5:26
7pm Freilich Shabbat Svc.


11:30am Ritual Meeting

9am Torah Study
10:15am Shabbat Service
6pm Children's Purim
Light Candles at: 6:52 pm Carnival
6:30pm At The Movies NO JTS 7pm Purim Service
(Inglourious Basterds) 7:30pm Erev Shabbat  


9am Religious School
9am Torah Study
9am Mitzvah Day 10:15am Shabbat Service
Hannah Phipps Bat
7-8:30pm JTS Light Candles at: 6:59pm Mitzvah
Leviticus 9:1-11:47
6pm Hebrew School/HH 7:30pm Erev Shabbat

9am Religious School
7-8:30pm JTS
6pm Hebrew School/HH

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