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AIESEC Services

Services provided by AIESEC during the exchange program

This document is intended to provide you with more detailed information regarding the services we
provide. Please don’t hesitate to get back to us in case anything remains unclear!

Internship promotion and pre-selection of Arrival and integration during the first days
candidates  Picking up the intern from the airport/bus station/train
 Promoting the internship on our internal and station and accompanying the intern to his or her
international career-platform accommodation
 Collecting and revising applications for the internship  Informing the intern on important steps at the beginning
of their stay in Austria
 Pre-selecting suitable applicants according to the
company preferences  Provide details on registration with relevant authorities
and if needed accompanying the intern to the
 Keeping the company up-to-date about the status of
registration office
 Orienting the intern in the Austrian culture and provide
guidance for use of important services such as doctors,
emergency services, public transportation etc.
Facilitation of visa process  Setting up an appointment at the bank to get an
 Preparing necessary documents (and gathering Austrian bank account for the intern if required
invitation letter from the company)  Offering the intern a mobile phone for the first couple of
 Sending necessary documents to the intern days or buying a prepaid-card together with the intern
 Informing the intern on the visa process and advising on  Informing the intern about the registration certificate
visa, working permit and application process. (Anmeldebescheinigung) if applicable
 Keeping the company up-to-date on the status of visa
 Maintaining contact with the public authorities
(e.g. MA35) regarding the status of the permit approval During the internship
 Setting expectations with the intern and his or her
supervisor regarding the internship and our services
Preparing the arrival of the intern  Being continuously available for information, answering
 Handling the communication with the intern before his questions, requests and input from the company
or her arrival – answering questions, offering  Mediating in case of problems or difficulties between
information, setting expectations right, providing support the company and the intern
 Organizing appropriate accommodation for the  Continuously inviting the intern to local committee
beginning of the internship and supporting the intern in meetings, conferences, events and parties
finding long-term accommodation for the duration of the  Organizing events specifically for interns according to
internship their input and requests
 Providing assistance in dealing with housing  Being flexible in case of short notice arrivals and
agreements and landlords if required unexpected happenings
 Assigning the intern a fellow AIESECer from the local  Evaluate the internship with the company and the intern
committee who is the first contact person for the intern. and taking appropriate actions if there is a need to
This ‘buddy’ will support the intern through the duration improve services
of the internship
 Welcoming the intern with a welcome package
 Providing the intern with access to our internal
communication channels on local and national level to
connect faster with our community and to gain an
overview on our joint activities

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