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‘POTSDAM POLICE DEPARTMENT BLOTTER ‘Approved by: St. Perrigo sor. ple we Date: 37192021 = ‘Zackary Williamson ‘ee 20 CiyTownvitage | tverpoo! state: | NY [Dawes | 3/89/21 nlawfal Possession of cohol by person under 2 Charge: Littering ‘Time: | 2:53am Open Container “Lacan: Fall and ReleasefReturn: | Potsdam Town Court Apri'7, 2021 at 10-00 PM ‘The above sted subject was ssued the listed Uniform Appearance Tickets afer patrol observed a subject with an open container on Fall sland and then uaa ‘observed thatthe subject threw that open container onthe ground. A NYSOUC check showed the subject was under the egal drinking age of 2, Name Madeline G Vail Age 3 Cy/Town/Viage | Potsdam sate: | we [ates | 3/19/20 Charge: Following Too Close ‘Time: [120m Location: Maple street ‘ReleweiReturn: | Potsdam Town Court Apil7®, 202% at 10:00 PM ‘The above listed subject was sued a Uniform Wale Ticket afer patrol arat responded toa report ofa two-vehicl accident on Maple Stret. The listed subject was determined tobe a faut fr the accident due to following too closely. Name: Nicole Tucker 38 CiyTownVvitage | Moira ‘state: | NY 3Agp (Charge: Following Too Close Time: | 345 PM “Location: Main treet RelaseReturn: | Potsdam Town Court; Apr 7%, 2023 at 10:00 AM ‘The above sted subject was sued a Uniform Taf Tekst after patrol Narrative: responded to a report of atwo-vehile accident on Main Stret. The listed subject was determined tobe at faut forthe accident due to following toa ose cass 0538 ons oss 03 1236 1315 aa sag 1515, 1620 as 2855 2008 2039 203 238 2106 Local Law on Fall stand Potsdam Rescue Dispatched toa call Potslam Rescue dispatched toa cal Potsdam Rescue dispatched toa call ‘Smoke investigation on STHWY 118 Records Check at 38 Main Street Larceny on Market street ‘Contraband for Destruction at 38 Main Street Accident on Maple Steet Juvenile Complaint on Market Street Accident on Clarkson Campus Accident on Main Street Suspicious Circumstance on Markt Street Found Property on MainStreet Suspicious Person on Market Street “Traffic top on Market Street Traffic Stop on Madrid Avenve “Trafic top on Sandstone Drive ‘raffle Stop on Elm Street ‘raf Stop on Market Street 2217 TraffleStop on Market Street 2240 TratficStop on Market street 2258 Disorderly on Market Street