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Case Study

Covasna Tărâmul Apelor / A water sourced in „the resort of

the 1,000 springs”

Visual identity Brand imagery Package design

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With the view to build a synergic bottled mineral water brand portfolio, Azuga Waters commissioned
BrandTailors once again at the beginning of 2010 to create a new mineral water brand positioned in the
economic price segment.

Targeting a price sensitive audience that is not being receptive to emotional benefits and activating in a
category where taste is less relevant and the difference between products is barely noticeable, the new brand
had to address a straightforward and unsophisticated consumer need.

When activating on the economic segment, consumer’s insecurity

with regards to tap water consumption is the main reason for the
acquisition of bottled water and therefore the shelf price is the
Andreea Florea
most important incentive when making the brand selection. Brand Consultant

As a result of an in-depth qualitative assessment on the mineral water market, BrandTailors’ consultants
concluded that the most relevant attribute for a price sensitive target audience would be “the purity of the

As the water source is located in Covasna, a geographical region called „the resort of the 1,000 springs”, the
new brand could benefit from a strong and relevant reason-to-believe. As a result, by capitalizing on the famous
region association with the fairy „land of the waters”, BrandTailors’ consultants imprinted a mythical and

profoundly emotional dimension to the new brand name.

The gate became the key element of the package design and visual
territory of the brand because it has two powerful meanings –
being a symbol specific to Covasna region, it provides an idea
about the water’s origin, while inviting the consumer to step into
Melania Nemeş
this blessed land with pure mineral water springs. Senior Graphic Designer

The brand’s visual identity combines two complementary elements – the Romanian old letter character
redesigned in a contemporary manner and the tulip – a flower being specific to gates’ decoration in Covasna.

Brand strategy - Beatrice Daniş, Andreea Florea
Creative concept - Melania Nemeş
Graphic labels design - Melania Nemeş
Image retouching and printing pre-production - Mihai Părpălea
Project management - Anca Andronescu, Cristina Ionescu

Project implementation started in September 2010.

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