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In the past five years, the internet has revolutionized society. One area which is evolving
at warp speed is that of male-female interaction, specifically with regard to romance and
seduction. Discussion groups have sprung up all over cyberspace, with virtually every
major ISP and website offering content in the category. Unlike other information, such as
sports scores or stock prices, relationship advice is subjective, and the content is strongly
regulated politically. In most fora, the female point of view reigns supreme, with men who
dissent finding themselves berated, harassed even, their account access terminated and
their opinions unwelcome.

The exception to the censorship rule can be found on USENET (AOL keyword:
newsgroups), a collection of newsgroups devoted to every topic imaginable, including
seduction. The most popular groups are alt.romance and soc.singles, but from those
groups a spinoff group was created, alt.seduction.fast (ASF). In a few short years, ASF
has evolved from into the primary internet home for players of all kinds, men who want to
have sex with many Foxes, and to have it quickly after meeting. The new information on
ASF has sparked an explosion of websites and e-mail lists which bring its total audience
to close to 200,000 or more (in my estimate), and which is growing every day. Too many
men are getting laid too easily and too often by women who are too beautiful for this
explosion to be ignored. The information is high-quality, free of the female-dominated
censorship on the rest of the web, and it is turning men who never got laid in their lives
into superstuds who can score almost at will with higher-quality women than they were
striking out with previously.

With this book, my goal is to explain ASF and its related websites to those who are not
familiar with it, and to capture its essence by revealing the frustration of the former nice
guys who populate it. The result is a collection of situations in which a jerk got laid while a
nice guy would not have. My purpose is to anger the reader, to once and for all explain to
the nice guy how he is being screwed over by women, why he is being screwed over, and
how he can imitate the behavior of the successful seducers of the internet to solve his
problem. The book should also serve notice to women that men are catching onto their
games, and many are deciding that being nice just isn't worth it. Though I am still a
Foxhunter, and do not need to be a jerk to seduce women, I can also say that I am
anything but a nice guy, but like many men, wish I could be. Unfortunately, being nice
today for a man is sexual hari-kari.

Reason #1:
Good For One Thing And One Thing Only
Want proof? Listen to her say that if a man is only into her body, she won't want him, but
this conflicts with the reality. If she wants him, she will care not if he is a pig who only
wants her body, but whether or not she measures up to his standards. By giving him the
power, she accepts his shallow preferences as his due, his reward for being the ultimate,
strong, confident, alpha-male. As such, he deserves the best, and she come on to him
like a porn-star or a stripper. Conversely, a Clark Kent-type who even mentions her body
will be called a pervert. It has nothing to do with how a man behaves, but how much
respect he commands. A typical USENET post might read as follows:

How can I get the beautiful women to respond to my approaches? I come up and say hi,
and after that I don't know what to do. What can I do to get them interested in talking?
Do any of the players in the group have good ice-breakers? I'm a newbie and just found
this group last week. I think it's great! Help a brother out on his quest to become a

Note already that his first screening process is based on looks. Does this stop women? Of
course not. It doesn't stop men with money from winding up with golddiggers, either.
Women who want money in a man won't admit it, and men who want looks in a woman
will not admit it either. We admit it in our humor, especially in sitcoms, where the
presence of a Fox leads to predictably stupid behavior (Spin City is a good example of
this). Now for another typical post from a jerk describing what happens when he has
crossed the line to where he is popular with women:

Get this, guys!! I met some fat chick from biology class at the local bar last night and she
was ALL OVER ME!! I didn't want to be rude or lose my reputation in front of the hotties I
wanted to bang, so I had to be polite. I hate that!! Don't these warpigs know that they
don't have a chance? Neways, I talk to the warpig and she's asking me what I like. Turns
out she has a boyfriend and wanted to fix me up with her friends!! She asks me what I
want and I tell her I don't care as long as she's hot and not a psycho. I asked her why she
wanted to fix me up so bad and she said that her and her friends had been watching me
for a while and liked my confidence I'm telling you, guys, confidence is EVERYTHING!!

Note here that he's heeded the repeated comments by women that they want a man to
be confident. Their idea of confident is usually cocky, but the reason they want it is that
they figure a man who can prance around without self-doubt or fear must have a lot
going for him. This has become less and less the case, as men know that they are being
judged by how much confidence they display, and have altered their behavior to mimic
true confidence. Nice guys have one strike against them now, because they are also
confident that women will give them a fair chance and take the time to notice their good
qualities. The same women who complain down the road about the men they choose are
the ones who reward this silly behavior when choosing. Nice guys lose out because
women think emotionally, not logically. The jerks they see as flawed, the women see as
passionate, in touch with women's feelings (read: he knows how to lie to get laid), and,
most importantly, because jerks are illogical and self-centered, they have a natural
kinship with beautiful women, who often share these traits.

This man is thought worthy because he knows what he wants, and with the fake-
confidence act he has convinced them that he is a man who gets what he wants. Any
woman he dates should know that this is the primary reason he wants her. The nice guy
loses the game at exactly this point because he would never give a response like this. He
would talk about inner beauty, and then reel off a list of character requirements that
beautiful women simply do not meet. Who are the nice girls? The ugly ones, because
they have to be! What the women are saying is that you are a decent fellow who doesn't
deserve the hassle of dating a beautiful woman who will mistreat you (nor do you deserve
the sex), but here's this nice, unattractive female just for you! If this is not an attack on
your manhood, I don't know what is. Women say that attitude is important, yet a man
who explicitly states a looks preference above all else is not punished, but rewarded for

Want proof? Listen to her say that if a man is only into her body, she won't want him, but
this conflicts with the reality. If she wants him, she will care not if he is a pig who only
wants her body, but whether or not she measures up to his standards. By giving him the
power, she accepts his shallow preferences as his due, his reward for being the ultimate,
strong, confident, alpha-male. As such, he deserves the best, and she come on to him
like a porn-star or a stripper. Conversely, a Clark Kent-type who even mentions her body
will be called a pervert. It has nothing to do with how a man behaves, but how much
respect he commands. A typical USENET post might read as follows:

How can I get the beautiful women to respond to my approaches? I come up and say hi,
and after that I don't know what to do. What can I do to get them interested in talking?
Do any of the players in the group have good ice-breakers? I'm a newbie and just found
this group last week. I think it's great! Help a brother out on his quest to become a

Note already that his first screening process is based on looks. Does this stop women? Of
course not. It doesn't stop men with money from winding up with golddiggers, either.
Women who want money in a man won't admit it, and men who want looks in a woman
will not admit it either. We admit it in our humor, especially in sitcoms, where the
presence of a Fox leads to predictably stupid behavior (Spin City is a good example of
this). Now for another typical post from a jerk describing what happens when he has
crossed the line to where he is popular with women:

Get this, guys!! I met some fat chick from biology class at the local bar last night and she
was ALL OVER ME!! I didn't want to be rude or lose my reputation in front of the hotties I
wanted to bang, so I had to be polite. I hate that!! Don't these warpigs know that they
don't have a chance? Neways, I talk to the warpig and she's asking me what I like. Turns
out she has a boyfriend and wanted to fix me up with her friends!! She asks me what I
want and I tell her I don't care as long as she's hot and not a psycho. I asked her why she
wanted to fix me up so bad and she said that her and her friends had been watching me
for a while and liked my confidence I'm telling you, guys, confidence is EVERYTHING!!

Note here that he's heeded the repeated comments by women that they want a man to
be confident. Their idea of confident is usually cocky, but the reason they want it is that
they figure a man who can prance around without self-doubt or fear must have a lot
going for him. This has become less and less the case, as men know that they are being
judged by how much confidence they display, and have altered their behavior to mimic
true confidence. Nice guys have one strike against them now, because they are also
confident that women will give them a fair chance and take the time to notice their good
qualities. The same women who complain down the road about the men they choose are
the ones who reward this silly behavior when choosing. Nice guys lose out because
women think emotionally, not logically. The jerks they see as flawed, the women see as
passionate, in touch with women's feelings (read: he knows how to lie to get laid), and,
most importantly, because jerks are illogical and self-centered, they have a natural
kinship with beautiful women, who often share these traits.

This man is thought worthy because he knows what he wants, and with the fake-
confidence act he has convinced them that he is a man who gets what he wants. Any
woman he dates should know that this is the primary reason he wants her. The nice guy
loses the game at exactly this point because he would never give a response like this. He
would talk about inner beauty, and then reel off a list of character requirements that
beautiful women simply do not meet. Who are the nice girls? The ugly ones, because
they have to be! What the women are saying is that you are a decent fellow who doesn't
deserve the hassle of dating a beautiful woman who will mistreat you (nor do you deserve
the sex), but here's this nice, unattractive female just for you! If this is not an attack on
your manhood, I don't know what is. Women say that attitude is important, yet a man
who explicitly states a looks preference above all else is not punished, but rewarded for

Reason #2:
Treat Your Soulmate Like A Slut
The most difficult realization I ever had to come to in my life was that even when I
wanted a good relationship with a good woman, being a player is still the way to go. If I
were a jerk dealing with this problem on USENET, I would sound like this:

Recovering AFC here. I have a problem, guys: I do fine when I play the field -- in fact, the chix want me the most when I
do that. But this is what I hate: the SECOND I start caring about one of them and tell the others to get lost, the one I
choose dumps me! Don't they want relationships? What's up with this? I don't want to be a player but I don't want to be
alone. Is there any in-between? Don't get me wrong, I love the sex, but I'm beginning to think it was the women all
along who are the players. What do you think? In a way this is good for me bcuz it allows me to be a player and if I want
to dump them, all I have to do is cling!! The most valuable thing I've also learned from here is to next a chick if I can't
close with her immediately. This newsgroup is too good to be true! Keep up the great postings, guys!

A nice guy loses by pinning all of his hopes on one Fox, which she crushes with the
predictability of the sunrise. AFC refers to an average frustrated chump, or a man who
forms his opinions of dating on what women tell him to do (this favors the woman).
Posters to ASF take pride in losing their AFC tendencies and learning to play the numbers-
game that the jerks rely on. Even if 99 out of 100 women reject a jerk, some woman will
eventually spread her legs for him, and even a woman who rejects 99 out of 100 jerks will
still get burned once. The term closing refers to setting a date, kissing, having sex, or
establishing ongoing contact. The posters to ASF consider it very important to close
quickly and not waste time, a defensive mechanism built by men who have been burned
too many times. The term next (as in "next her") is like the one-and-done rule from
Outfoxing The Foxes, whereby once a man doesn't get what he wants, he moves on,
although unlike a Foxhunter, he will often leave a parting shot that baits her into
continuing the banter. I do this occasionally, but recommend it only as an advanced
technique, as it is complicated.

Here you have a man who deep down wants a monogamous relationship. The treat your
soulmate like a slut rule is unfortunate, but necessary. The absolute worst thing any
man could do is to give up his multiple options because once he does that his chosen one
has control, and is likely to abuse it. Have you ever noticed how Foxes complain about
boyfriends who won't commit? That's because they dump the ones who would
commit!! Be a jerk who has sex with ten women, and all will want you to choose them;
be a nice guy who has sex with only one of the ten, and each will consider you too clingy.
This happens every day, yet anyone who points it out is attacked by both women and the
"nice guys" who want to "defend" them as misogynistic.

Reason #3:
Phony Compliments
Every nice guy hears women talk about how wonderful they are, and how they would
make some woman very happy, yet they don't go out of their way to date them or even
fix them up. The nice guy is inclined to believe these words, while the jerk will not
tolerate such disrespect (to him, anything short of sex is disrespect eventually). Note the
previous example where not only were women eager to fix a shallow jerk up with other
women, but even his stated looks preference did not deter them. Meanwhile, the man
who is what women claim to want is ignored. The conclusion that women are collectively
lying to him is almost impossible to refute.

To solve this problem, the nice guy has to learn how to recognize a phony compliment
and shoot it down. Here's a good example from my own life, put into the form of a
USENET post:

I don't mind some of the games chix play wit me, but I hate, hate, HATE it when they try to soften the blow of rejection
with a compliment. I made a promise to myself the next time a chick pulls this shit on me to put her in her place. Last
night I finally got my chance.

A chick from my computer class calls me up around 10 and BEGS me to come over an help her with some fucking
assignment for her midterm. AFC that I still am (shit, guys, I gotta get out of this mode), I drive on over and get to play
the hero nerd. Midnight rolls around and I'm hungry and tired, and she starts whining about this jerk whose been
cheating on her. Finally I interrupt her and tell her to just dump him and date an honest guy and she tells me she can't
find one. I ask her if she thinks I'm dishonest and shes like "Oh, you know what I mean. I'm like "Yeah, I do know." The
expression on my face musta said something because she came back at me with "No, no, not that! You know what I
mean!!" I'm like "Why don't you tell me what you mean. You think I'm not good enough for you?" She says "Uh, uh,
your great, you'll make a fine boyfriend for any woman!" Without thinking, I shot back "yeah, EXCEPT YOU."

You shoulda seen the look on her face!! I just sat there and she fell apart, blushing at me. Musta been my cynicism or
something because the next thing I know she's sitting in my lap, unzipping my pants, and we fuck all night. Let that be
a lesson to all the AFC out here not to take their shit.

I caught her in her lie, and in doing so instilled respect. What the nice guys fail to realize
is that when a woman wants a man, she finds time to be with him, and finds ways to
overcome any obstacles in her mind. In this case I was being too civilized. When I called
her on her bullshit, I conquered her.

Like a good jerk, the right aggressive move at the right moment -- a move a nice guy
wouldn't even think of -- was rewarded with an open run to the endzone, while a nice
guy would have listened to her whine all night and never done more than hang out with
her as friends. Nice guys are not trained to recognize opportunities like this, and they
are conditioned not to challenge women when they lie. I got laid for two reasons: I knew
enough to spot a lie, and wasn't afraid to challenge it. Foxes mistakenly interpret this as a
sign of manhood, when in this case I was just doing what any good player would. While I
was doing this, she was rejecting many decent men whose only crime was that they
weren't smart enough to see through her and act like a jerk, in this case not with words
so much as with cynicism and a direct challenge to her honesty, which women hate, not
because it's mean, but because it's usually correct.

Reason #4:
She Likes Babytalk

Why not? It doesn't require her to think!! Never is the canyon between the nice guy and
the jerk so large as it is here. Immediately upon first contact, the nice guy is
nonthreatening, polite, civilized, and, as if that weren't enough strikes against him, he is
intelligent and mature!! He'll ask her politely about herself, have a polite conversation,
tell her about himself politely, and he will try to impress her with his intelligence. I
emphasize try because in doing so, he will fail, for a reason I harped on in Foxes: It is
not enough for a man to be intelligent to win over a minddigging Fox. Unless he is a
genius, preferably a creative and wealthy one, he will have to learn how to use his
intelligence to seduce. This means mastering his technique. A very humorous paradox is
created whereby the jerk who treats her like a child is outsmarting the Ph.D. who tries to
engage her in a mature discussion.

The best example I can think of comes not from USENET, but from 1991, the first time I
studied the moves of a player in depth. One specific example stands out. We were at a
restaurant, and he began flirting with the waitress:

Him: Hey, how ya' doin? (his patented pickup line)

Her: Not bad.

Him: What's your name?

Her: Lisa.

Him: Is Lisa relaxed tonight?

Hey: Not really.

Him: Lisa looks like she's been working all day. I bet Lisa wishes she were home already.
Doesn't she?
Her: Yeah.

He never needed more than an intro, as he was gorgeous, wealthy, and always, always
playful. This is even more effective than being a jerk in the standard sense because no
Fox is ever going to hate him for how he treats her. He's still a jerk by omission in that he
will lie to her about his true intentions, but on the surface all Lisa will see is a playful guy
who isn't really thinking about what he's doing, when in reality he is even more
calculating than the nervous nice guy who is making an honest, sincere attempt to
approach her. Nice men project their own qualities onto the Foxes they meet, and as such
they would see babytalk as an insult to their intelligence. Although not as flashy as a
dramatic confrontation, this example is even more important to digest than the other
reasons because of its insipidness. By appearing to do nothing, the player wraps up the
chessgame at move one, establishing an advantage over the nice guy which gives him a
winning position from which checkmate is easy. A disturbing percentage of intelligent,
educated, accomplished women are suckers for babytalk. The emphasis on playfulness in
men demonstrates an unhealthy focus on the short term, which punishes the nice guy,
whose strengths do not come into play early in a relationship.

This is all you need to know about how to seduce a bimbo in a bar, and, unfortunately,
anywhere else. The combination of playfulness and childlike behavior is a great short-
term turnon, which will often result in her making a long-term decision to build a life
with a man whose only demonstrated ability was babytalk. Finding the winning move is
clear: nice guys don't treat Foxes as if they were children. Maybe it's time they did. There
is actually a lot of fiction out there which shows nice men getting fed up and asserting
themselves, winning over the women who had been rejecting them by finally displaying
backbone. The downside is that such a display can be spun as jerk behavior by a woman
who is not interested or who feels her intelligence has been insulted. Sometimes she will
act like you are out of line to see if you will further hold your ground, and if you do, then
she will crumble.

It is almost universally agreed among the players of alt.seduction.fast that playfulness

in general is a key to seduction. I should qualify this by saying that this works best with
women who are young, gorgeous, unmarried, and who have no children, and worst with
women who divorced, with children, and who have been burned by men who originally
seduced them with babytalk. This reward system, as it stands, dictates that if you are
mature, you will have to wait for Foxes to use up their fun years with the fun men, and
then come to you to mop up the mess their lives became while they were out having
fun....and aging.

Reason #5:
The Changeup

He gets two chances, you get only one. The exchange goes something like this:

Jerk: Hey baby, wanna fuck?

Fox: Never!! Go away, creep!! (slap!)>

Jerk: Hey, hey, hey! I was only kidding! I don't know what came over me...here, let
me show you I'm not really like that.

Stop!!! If he were not really like that he wouldn't have asked for sex with his opening
line. If you want proof that he is in fact like that, ask yourself if he would have
backpedalled if the she had accepted his invitation. With his opening line, he aroused her
emotions (though in a negative way), and when he realized she was offended, he
changed up and approached her again as a sweetheart. In Golf they call this a
Mulligan, and the woman who gives a second chance to a man after he has revealed his
true colors in this fashion is an absolute idiot. The nice guy who does not realize that he is
losing his women to men who use the changeup is as much of an idiot. If a jerk can
apologize his way out of a come-on like this, a nice guy should take that as a wake-up call
to become more aggressive and not care if she is offended. How offended could she be if
she winds up having sex with the jerk after taming him into treating her with respect?

It's one thing for a man to make a mistake in approaching, or even to be a little rude, but
when he is allowed to be crude and vulgar and still have his record wiped clean, you have
to wonder what's going on in the minds of the Foxes. The same Fox who is so gracious to
the man she claims least deserves it is never as forgiving with the decent, honest men
whose lone mistake was the failure to bowl her over with an approach, even if he does so
by asking her if she wants to have sex the moment he meets her. In an episode of Alice,
Mel proudly spoke of using this approach, going up to a woman and asking her Your
place or mine? Alice quipped back that he probably got his face slapped 90 percent of
the time, which Mel acknowledged. When asked why he approached like that, Mel shot
back just as fast: the other ten percent!!

Reason #6:
It's Okay To Cheat

Women would rather have part of a winner than all of a loser. Women complain
about men who cheat, but they ignore a simple reality: if men did not cheat, the excess
women that the desirable men who cheat maintain would have to settle for less or be
alone. The harem mentality kicks in, where she does not care how many other women he
is with, as long as he provides for her. If this doesn't rationalize it for her, she always has
denial as a backup plan. Nice men who are told they have to change their attitude to get
women should take a look at the attitude of this fictional ASF poster who gets a harem:

The secret to getting laid is to play the numbers. Even after you find one, keep looking for more hotties to bang. You
have GOT to do this. Don't worry if one of them catches you with another. IT TURNS THEM ON MORE!!! Let me tell you
what happened last weekend -- I thought I was gonna get killed but I wound up with the first threesome of my life!!!

Friday night I'm on the bus when I bump into this chick I fucked last month, and she's still all smiles. Greets me with a
kiss on the lips and we keep talking. Man, she was HOT. I wanted to keep fucking her but after a week or so she
stopped returning my calls so it was time to next her. In the meantime I hooked up with a couple other chicks I met at a
party and started a "relationship" with one of them (I had to or I wouldn't have gotten any). Anyways, this chick on the
bus and I are having such a good time I told her to come over tomorrow night, when my "girlfriend" was gonna be out
of town. Just my luck, she misses her flight and decides to surprise me! (thats an understatement!)

I'm getting hot and heavy with the chick from the bus when the door rings. I decide to face the music and answer it.
The chick from the bus doesn't care but Jenny throws a shitfit when she sees us. I tell her I guess it's over between us
and I'll understand that she never wants to see me again and she starts fuming and arguing and somewhere in there
she starts picking on the chick from the bus, they get into it, and I won't bore you with the rest of the details be we all
woke up laughing the next morning.

Granted, she could have killed him, but most Foxes are pretty civilized. I use this example to highlight situations that
jerks find themselves in which lead to wild sex where nice guys wouldn't even get out of the starting gate. Notice how
when caught, the jerk concedes his wrongdoing and is willing to accept his punishment, because he knows that damage
control is impossible. By doing this, he stops feeding her anger, and as her anger at being cheated on subsides, all that
is left is passion and her boyfriend and another half-naked hottie. This is the stuff porn movies are made of. Literally.
I'm sure the directors of these films do fall into situations like this. Why should they be any different than the others?
The more common form of cheating occurs with a husband or boyfriend in a long-term
relationship (beyond the scope of ASF but more relevant to the nice guy) who strays, but
whom the significant other tolerates because of his high market value and whatever it is
he provides for her (usually money, sex, parenting, and the status that comes with family
life). The classic example is that of Bill and Hillary Clinton, who have remained married
and raised a child through years of infidelity on one and possibly both sides (who could
blame Hillary for cheating?).

The reasons cheaters thrive are many:

CUPID. Princes have more opportunities to cheat. An LTR with a Prince is every woman's
fantasy, but only the super-Elites can realistically hope of the reality ever materializing. A
loyal, honest Bill Clinton would make many women happy, and in fact the many women
who have had him usually attack him only for his infidelity. Kings who have harems could
also choose to be monogamous, but where would the rest of the harem go? By sacrificing
the security of being with an honest man, women like Hillary Clinton are able to marry the
cream of the CUPID crop and obtain the more important quality male, one of life's
winners, a powerful man who will make her appear the perfect wife on the surface. Pity
the nice, decent, non-alpha male who wanted Hillary and lost her to Bill. The question of
whether Hillary Clinton's behavior is nice or not will probably be debated throughout the

Options. You don't have to be Bill Clinton to build a harem, but it helps! Except for the
bottom of the barrel, which cannot lower its standards to get laid, most of us find our
league and from there we can accumulate as many lovers as we want. Men face the
same quality/security problem that women do, but most men are quicker to adjust to
reality, due to the lack of fairy tales programmed into their minds in their youth. As with
job hunting, if you already have a job you will not leave unless a better offer comes along,
whereas if you are unemployed, you are more inclined to take anything you can get,
making you underemployed and very likely to rise to your full market value, especially
since having a job makes you more appealing to other employers. In seduction, this
process is known as trading up, something that nice guys wouldn't think of doing, and
why they get stuck with the non-Elites or fail to keep the Foxes they do manage to secure
in the short-term.

Attitude. If you find yourself in an anti-player seduction (see the last chapter), ask a fox
which of two otherwise equal men she would choose, and why. The first is nervous but
nice, obviously interested, and awards her his heart immediately, while the second is
distant, slightly cocky, humorous, and does not make a move on her. If she smells a trick
question she'll give the right answer, even though in reality she will usually make the
wrong choice. The correct answer is to choose the nice-but-nervous guy, for the following

He wants her sincerely. If he were a cold player, he would not be nervous. Women
claim to want men who are decent, and they claim not to lie, so we have to conclude
that they want a clingy guy who makes them his world.

The player is having sex with other women. Some players use pivots (see Reason
#12) and don't hesitate to flaunt their popularity, but slimier jerks accumulate their
harem by acting as if they were her perfect man: romantic, charming, and loyal.
Sickening, isn't it? Since the jerk is having sex, he is not desperate, not eager, and his
date reads this as a sign of maturity, while the nice guy's sincere interest and natural
sexual hunger brand him a desperate loser in her book. Perception is reality,
unfortunately, and when that is the case, honest men do not have a chance.

Reason #7:
Sex As A Weapon
re, but this is the other explanation for why a man would not make a move. Though not
relevant to my readers, this is includWithout question, the dating game favors women at
all turns. During approach, the man must win the woman over, and once she is won over
she must be kept won over lest he have failed in his duty to satisfy her. Women want
honesty from men, but they can't tolerate it when they get it. The woman who lies is
checkmated because a man will either be too stupid to fall for her lies or too mean when
he calls her a liar, even if she is. In practice, the tiebreaker is bravery and intellect, which
means that the only successful way to deal with a dishonest woman is to call her on her
bullshit, or refuse to deal with her at all (the smartest option but sometimes this will cost
you great sex). Dishonest women know they are dishonest, and even though they punish
a man who calls them a liar, they also punish the one who does not. Once she is
convinced she has fooled a nice guy, she loses all respect for him the way Lucy loses
respect for Charlie Brown every time he tries to kick the football and she pulls it away.

The root of female supremacy in the dating game is societal conditioning. Women are
given every upper hand in the judgment of relationship conduct. You are supposed to be
lucky to be with her, and she is supposed to be a saint for tolerating you. Is it any wonder
that some men become jerks and eventually tell this system to go fuck itself? On a
deeper level, women know that a sane man would not play by these rules, and have
respect for men who don't allow themselves to become pussy-whipped. Nice guys who
play by this system become like the club that Groucho Marx said he wouldn't want to join
because it would admit him as a member. A vicious cycle is created whereby nice guys
are denied sex due to lack of aggression, become agitated and desperate over being
denied, increasing the boost to women's egos, in turn making them more desperate,
boosting their egos even more, and providing absolutely no incentive for a woman to
have sex with him, for she is able to get everything she wants from him simply by
stringing him along with hope.

Men will also resort to faking being a badboy if that's what women want. They are not
nice or mean to get laid, but rather chameleons who will change their nature until they
find a formula that works. The song Obsession by Animotion (1985) asked the question
which summed up the attitude best: Who do you want me to be to make you sleep
with me? Substance -- the nice guy's calling card -- is shunned in favor of style and
presentation. It is clear that a woman is much more responsive to a good approach than
a good man. She who sits in judgment of a man's every move is a woman who will wind
up with a jerk who has learned how her system works and presented himself to score
highest. The nice guy takes the logical approach, being himself like women advise him,
and he is relegated to sitting on the sidelines, wondering why women never find time for
him except to complain about the jerks they reject him for, or when they need a favor
from him. Foxhunting touches on this concept by acknowledging the futility of pursuit in
most cases. If a woman wants you, she will let you know and "pursuit" will be nothing
more than a formality, with dating nothing more than a pitstop on the way to the
bedroom. If you have tried to win women over with massive effort, and no results have
materialized, the effort is clearly wasted.

The extremes to which hope is used by women to exploit men is phenomenal. She had
sex with the football team? Hang in there, buddy, your time will come (by then the
football team will have fucked so many women that their cocks have fallen off, from
wear-and-tear or disease). Just keep being patient, let the years roll by, and pay no
attention to the men who seem to pull their hot women off a conveyor belt. What the
women aren't telling you is that they see the jerks and players as winners who deserve
the prize that is them, while you are an also-ran, a loser, who deserves only basic civility,
silent contempt, and a second-class lover. As I have already said, any woman who truly
respects you as a man will either want you for herself, attempt to fix you up with
someone else, or both!

A while back, I imagined a world where men suddenly stopped patronizing strip clubs. We
would be left with a pile of Foxes who suddenly had their income cut off. What would
these women do? Lower their prices and improve their product, of course. In poorer
countries, you can get a lot more for your money from the local talent, although the crime
element tends to increase in influence with poverty (this is based on second-hand
reports). Foxes know not to give away the milk (sex) without making a man buy the cow
(marriage); why can't men apply the concept the other way around, refusing to part with
money until their sexual desires are truly met? The bait- and-switch gets tiresome, and it
is no small wonder Foxes have no respect for men. The number of men who part with
large amounts of money at strip clubs for no true sexual satisfaction serves as a
measuring stick for our gender's collective sexual stupidity.

Women who use sex as a weapon to get what they want can only be neutralized by the
man who refuses to be teased, and who refuses to be pacified with hope. The next time
she tries to string you along with hope, remember the words you just read, especially if
she is asking you for a favor, because if she doesn't respect you as a man, you can
always withdraw the utility, leaving it to her to up the ante while freeing up your time
until she does. Common sense should tell you that if she truly wanted you, she would
work to reduce any burden she was to you, not overload you with chores. This is
especially true because in her mind, if she wants you, she will assume other women will
also want you, and she will know that if she becomes too much of a hassle that you will
become more likely to leave her and feel more justified in doing so.

Surf ASF for a while and you will find post after post where attempted sexual
manipulation is either thwarted or turned around into a successful seduction. A typical
post to the group might read as follows:

I'd been dating this bible chick for three months and frankly, I was gettin' kinda tired of
waiting for her to lose her religion. Man its frustrating when they're hot and don't wanna
fuck because of God! Nothing against God, but isn't he the one who put the desire to fuck
into us? Hey, I gotta try that line the next time on a chick I bet it'll work!

NEwayz, we're hanging in a PEREFCT situation for a fuck, and she's getting into this chick
flick. I start thinking to myself of what I could do to get her in the mood to fuck and
realize I got a porn movie upstairs, but I figure she'll freak on me if I bring it down. Then I
think back to this group and I get the answer: HORROR MOVIES!! Once my mind gets
goin' I remember the advice to be playful, so I start using the VCR remote to toy with the
movie, fast-forwarding and rewinding over the boring stuff, mocking the characters. She
gets pissed at first but then she starts playing around, and then I execute the next part of
my plan, telling her "Let's put on something exciting." I didn't realize it at the time but
changing movies gave me another hour to work on her.

Turns out she's one of those chicks that gets scared, and halfway through the movies
she's tonguing me. We sit REALLY close for the rest of the flick. I'd tell you how it ended
but I don't remember. The next time we looked up, the movie was over and the screen
was blank.

A nice guy would have sat and watched the movie, hoping that something would
happen. The jerk made something happen. The fatal nice guy flaw this time was
indecisiveness, with lack of initiative a close runner-up. To add insult to injury, the nice
guy is going to think logically, that the Fox he is alone with is testing him to see if he
would not make a move on her, when in fact she was doing the opposite. In this case,
religion was the major barrier, and in the excitement and passion of the horror movie, she
forgot her moral values and relied on her more primal instincts, which played right into
the jerk's hands. Given time to think about what she was doing, she would have found
Jesus within seconds and stopped his progress.

ed for sake of completeness.

A woman who dates cheaters is disrespecting honest men or too stupid to weed them
out. Either way, the nice-guys lose badly to them. The thought of a liar having a harem
while two other nice-guys are ignored in favor of him by its extra members is enough to
motivate any man to consider losing his ethics and playing the game, starting usually
with pivots and working his way up from there, seducing a few above-average types at
first and then trading up until he becomes the unfortunate ideal. One of my pet peeves
about women is how they will whine to a dateless nice-guy about being cheated on and
expect empathy when they have none for his plight of watching a woman claim to want
an honest man like him and instead spends most of her time either with or pining over

Reason #8:
The Bitch Shield

The most respected player of ASF is a man known as Mystery. He is a performer and a
magician, among other things, and lives the artist's lifestyle, well enough to pay his bills,
it would seem. He claims to have had sex with over eighty women, and few dispute his
claims. Others claim to have seen him on television. Since so many others have
successfully put his method into practice, his posts are worthy of study. This post deals
with what is known as the bitch shield, or the defense mechanism that the super-Elite
have to put up to keep away the jerks (like Mystery) who will hit on anything hot that
moves. The problem that these beautiful women make is assuming that they can't be
conned, because, as Mystery loves to prove over and over again, once you analyze how
the stuck-up Fox's mind operates, it becomes easy to conquer it. Finding, meeting,
attracting, and closing refers to his four-step pickup process. Negative hits (or neg
hits, or just negs) refers to using a playful insult to knock her down a peg.

The bitch shield is an interesting concept that sums up the wall of silence that Foxes put
up in front of men, walls which only experienced jerks are accustomed to dealing with. As
often happens with ASF, successful concepts are expanded upon and perfected into
working techniques, and with the bitch shield, this expansion included various methods of
breaking it. Negs evolved into a general concept as well, not just something to use during
the opening. As a man with a sharp tongue, I have a natural affinity for the neg, although
hate having to use them. Sometimes, however, a stuck-up Fox has to be knocked down a
peg or two, and that is what the neg is useful for. As a Foxhunter, I tend to encounter the
bitch shield when I hit on a Fox who has approached me, as it makes it more difficult to
turn rude or act like I shouldn't have pursued her, but the principle is the same.
Whenever her opinion of you is slipping, a well-timed neg can save the day.

The following fictional ASF post demonstrates rather clearly the power of the neg:

I'm at a party that's winding down and its just me and these three chicks left. Two are hot
(8-9 on the scale) and the third (the host) is a warpig (maybe a 3-4). This meant I wasn't
going to be spending the night there and I had to get something going FAST. Of the two
8-9s, one was indifferent to me while the other was sending me nonverbals all night but
who wouldn't give me an opportunity to approach. I decided it was time for a neg.

I walk up to her and tell her that one part of her outfit isn't color-coordinated, but that I
wasn't gonna tell her which part. This drove her fucking INSANE!! She starts checking her
look to see what's wrong (nothing was as far as I knew and if it was no guy was gonna
give a fuck with that body), I started laughing, she hit me once and said "Stop!" while the
other 8-9 starts cracking up as well. She winds up BEGGING me to tell her what's wrong
with her clothes and I start playing with her, telling her she dresses like a schoolgirl and
she needs for her wardrobe to grow up.

Right before I start really getting to her (I don't want to knock her down too far), I backed
off, but she wanted to keep going. She's telling me I couldn't handle her if my life
depended on it (she negged me!), and without thinking I get really cocky and deliver one
more neg that gets her going: "Are you woman enough?" She starts acting really sexy,
playing with her hair, we stop talking and get into nonverbals. She comes up close to me
and pulls away thinking I'm going to be teased. I was teased but I wasn't gonna let her
know it, so I just looked at her cynically and said "Yep, not woman enough" and TURNED
MY BACK ON HER and started talking to the other 8-9.

By now the 8-9 that I negged is furious, but I'm acting like I don't care and the other one
is eating up the attention. I keep playing them off against each other and don't let EITHER
of them win. I get really cocky at that point and say "Ladies, don't fight over me. First one
to slip me your number gets to fuck me." I don't even wait around for an answer,
grabbing my coat to walk out wondering if either of the 8-9s are gonna grab the bait. The
one I negged comes up first and slips her number into my PANTS pocket, taking some
extra time to feel me up (down?), then she puts her other hand in my other pocket, and
starts humping me dry from behind. I break contact after a minute or so and tell her I
gotta get home to get some sleep and that I MIGHT call her, and she says she's not
letting go and keeps her hands in my pocket. I say nothing, and she keeps following me,
and I don't do anything to stop her. We get to my car and I get in, while she rushes to the
other side of the convertible and hops into the passenger seat.

I almost get into three accidents on the way home (couldn't concentrate-hehe), we go
upstairs, and I have the wildest sex of my life. Thanks to Mystery for this one for teaching
me the neg, because without it I wouldn't have gotten anywhere. Chicks are so used to
AFC kissing their ass that they don't know what to do when you break their state.

Mystery was very clear in pointing out that negs should be reserved only for Foxes whose
self- esteem is likely to be way too high to begin with. You'll know if a neg has worked
properly if it makes her made for a second or two and changes her attitude after that.
The neg is another example of how the jerk does something the nice guy would never
dream of and winds up getting laid because of it, when he otherwise wouldn't have. All he
had to do to make this happen was pick her apart instead of complimenting her, a
transparent form of reverse-psychology that only an idiot Fox would fall for. If P.T.
Barnum were alive today, he would be getting laid a lot. No one ever went broke by
appealing to the lack of intellect in America, and no player ever went without pussy for it,

The bitch shield is understandable, as it is easily the most effective way to keep men at
bay, but the positive reaction to what is essentially psychological abuse is not. When
negative behavior is directly rewarded like this, it is a slap in the face to every man who
is too respectful of women to engage in it. Women often ask me why all of the men they
meet are jerks, and I respond with the simple yet profound observation that all of the
men they allow to "meet" them are jerks, while the nice men who would never abuse
them psychologically are rebuffed and not even counted in the meeting statistics.

The are you woman enough? neg is my own creation, and has produced excellent
results for me. I usually reserve it for women who are already interested in me and whom
I want to challenge into performing sexually. The kid-sister approach from Foxes was
the inspiration for this post, and while I am not a partygoing player, the methods are
transferable to any social environment. Mystery's negs are often very insulting and crude;
I prefer to make mine more challenging and taunting, giving her a (sexual) way to
reverse the opinion. I might tell a dancer she's not sexy enough while she is moving,
which usually leads to her dancing sexier, or if she is truly lost, asking me how she can
dance sexier (I'm happy to teach her).

The saving graces for the neg are that they show you are not bowled over by the mere
presence of a Fox (backbone), that you observe her as more than a body (even though
you are insulting what you observe), that you are playful (the insult should not be vicious
and should be delivered almost as a backhanded compliment), and that you are a
challenge to win over. Foxes are familiar with what it is like to want what they cannot
have because they are usually the ones who are what someone else cannot want.
Instinctively, they mimic the behavior of the desperate AFC who pursue them, with the
role reversal even a bit refreshing. Foxes love challenges to their womanhood, they love
passing those challenges, and the men who issue the challenges love it when the
challenges are met. Everyone winds up happy, except of course for the nice guy who is
too much of a wuss to issue the challenge in the first place.

Reason #9:
Two men meet a Fox for a first date: you (the nice guy) walk up to her, say hi, put your
coat down on the chair opposite hers, and you begin talking. The jerk walks up, greets her
with a kiss on the cheek, takes her waist with his arm, guides her into her seat, and then
sits down right next to her, on the same side of the table, establishing them immediately
as a couple. By touching her, he has broken a key barrier, communicated to her that he
intends to become her lover, and after the first touch is accepted, it becomes the
established behavior throughout the relationship. It also puts her on the spot, requiring
her to reject him immediately and risk ending the date if she wishes to protest. At the end
of the date, he does not have this leverage.

They call it kino, short for kinesthetic, is a fancy term for touch. In ASF terminology,
kino or getting kino refers to her tolerance for or receptivity to his touch. Kino is the
common denominator in most successful seductions quoted here, so much so that failure
to establish kino in a timely matter is a habit nice men should break. Where most nice
men get tripped up is when their attempt at kino is met with a negative reaction. At a loss
for words, they drop the matter and back off, when the aggressive reaction of the player
will almost always pay off.

To take the dinner example, if she reacts negatively to your kino attempt when guiding
her to the table, the reaction most likely to make her want to go to bed with you is the
nice guy's last instinct and the jerk's first. The nice guy would sit across from her at her
request (to show her what a gentleman he is), while the jerk might go as far as to sit
across from her, excuse himself a few moments later, not come back, not bother telling
her he wasn't coming back, and leave her stranded, even if he drove her there. His
justification for such behavior to himself is that she proved she wasn't going to have sex
with him; to her he will sugar-coat that by saying she disrespected him. Humiliated, and
challenged because few men have ever stood up to her like that, she will work to win him

Kino itself does not seduce. It is a barometer of how well your seduction is going. A long
time ago, I took a fifty-hour course in massage (enough to get certified), and one thing I
carry with me to this day is an understanding of how women react to touch. I can usually
tell if a Fox is receptive to my touch, and I recommend other men learn this valuable skill.
If she wants your touch she will surrender to it, and the players find out quickly where
they stand with a simple physical contact, while a nice guy might wait forever looking for
some signal that never is given.

Since USENET consists of typing and not video (yet), it is difficult to convey kino as an
idea, even if you explain it. What can be conveyed through the postings is the timing
with which kino is initiated, with the ideal timing varying with individual circumstance,
due to environment, privacy, opportunity (some Foxes are very good at avoiding kino or
making it clear that it is not welcome), courage on the part of the pickup artist (PUA), skill
with touch, and the ability to convert kino into actual sex. The more experienced the
player, the more quickly he will attempt kino, if for no other reason than to save his time,
since an experienced player can usually tell within seconds of touching a Fox if he is
going to have sex with her or not. Women should take this as a wakeup call to remember
that any touch from a man, no matter how innocent it may appear, is usually indicative
of a desire to fuck her brains out.
There is nothing against a nice guy initiating kino, but the notion goes against his
mindset of waiting for super-bright green lights before proceeding down the road of
seduction. Women who perpetually avoid conflict at all costs are most vulnerable to kino,
because they have to actively reject it, whereas with a nice guy all they have to do is
minimize his opportunity and not send him a signal, which is passive. A pushover Fox who
finds herself confronted by aggressive kino can find herself in bed very quickly with a
man because she finds it easier to surrender to his touch than to fight it. What prevents
the nice guy from pursuing touch is the fear of rejection. Without question, a Fox who
reacts negatively to kino can be forgotten on the spot usually. Some of the more
aggressive ASF players will persist with kino after a rejection, but my experiences in
doing so have been decidedly negative. If I were the type to press the issue after one
failure, I would intersperse a negative hit to break the ice and challenge her.

My brand of kino is a lot different from what you will find on ASF. I am not interested in
using it to create opportunity as much as to close the deal once I have created an
opportunity through Foxhunting. Since I am not a cold approacher, most of the situations
I am in where kino is a possibility involve a Fox who has already expressed an interest in
me. The advantage this gives me over the player is that if she rejects my kino, I can
honestly call her a tease, where a Fox can honestly call a player a creep for moving in too
quickly. Having studied massage formally in a 50-hour course in 1990, I became very
sensitive to touch and its power, and have a respect for it that is not common among the
players. Touch is invasive and should be considered the halfway point between a
platonic relationship and a first kiss. The song I Wanna Hold Your Hand by the Beatles
is not terribly far removed from the song Me So Horny by Two Live Crew. The only
difference is that the message is delivered more elegantly.

If you are at a loss for what type of kino to use, you could try my favorite weapon: the
hand massage. Hand massage is perfect date kino because she does not have to
remove her clothes, it is easy to learn how to massage a hand (I learned in a day as part
of the course), if your kino is rejected it will not be physically brutal, and if you succeed,
she will wind up with a very relaxed hand, a hand which is now perfect for holding, and a
body that wishes it felt like her hand did. A foreshadow of ASF occurred in my life almost
a decade ago. Had the group existed, I would have posted a lay report (successful
pickup) which would have read something like this:

Sheeeeeeeeeiiiit! Thank GOD I found this group. I need constant reminders of how
AFC=Masturbation and make more of an effort to break from my past thinking which got
me into LJBF land. Saturday I had a kino breakthrough that turned into a lay WITH A
WOMAN I HAD JUST MET!!! It started out normally, but as the day rolled on I got more and
more confident, more and more aggressive, and wound up getting laid more easily than I
ever had in my life!

I was sitting at the coffeehouse minding my own business when two AFC friends of mine
enter and ask me to play a card game I'd never seen before. I figure what the hell I'm not
doin' anything so I grab a java and join the game. We're chatting, fucking around like we
always do, when this 7 walks in and catches my eye. I ignore her because most of the
chicks in this coffeehouse are stuck up or have BOREFRIENDS (usually both) and being
the AFC that I am I don't have the nerve to approach them anyway so I wind up wasting
time and drinking a lot of coffee. This time, however, things just WORKED. Every
goddamn fucking thing I did WORKED. And it wasn't like just anything would have
worked. I made the right moves several times and wound up in bed with her when I didn't
think it was possible. Now I think ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE! (gotta have confidence guys).

Newayz, the 7 sits down to join the game and we all start talking. I compliment her on her
body and clothes but after that I get into the game. Maybe ignoring her worked because
when the game ended she stuck around for a conversation. I bought her a cup of coffee
(yeah I know that's supplication but I'm still in AFC recovery), and we chatted. We wound
up alone and I asked her if she wanted a hand massage (I just finished a $900 class and
wanted to try out what I learned), but she said no. We kept talking an hour later she's
saying she's hungry so I say me too and ask her to join me at Track N' Turf for a bite and
a few drinks (the place is right next to her house). She accepts and we walk there.

The food was pretty good, and so was the music, so we kept drinking. Alcohol loosened us
up a bit, enough for me to try the hand massage again. She gives me her hand this time
without complaint and I begin massaging it. I know from the class that it takes 10-15
minutes to give a complete hand massage and I GO TO TOWN. By the time I'm done with
her she can't pick up her glass so I start feeding the rest of her wine to her with my free
hand while holding her hand with the other. I tell her we should go for a walk, and she
follows. We walk like a happy couple down the street and both move in for our first kiss
AT THE SAME TIME! From there it's back to her place, where I fuck her brains out all night
and leave the next morning.

This is a 100 percent true story, told exactly as it unfolded. The posts serve an illustrative
purpose most of the time, and are fictional often because of copyright violations which
must be avoided (even though USENET could be considered the public domain), and also
because some of the methods are ones I simply refuse to try out, or try out differently
than the group does. In these cases, I blend the accumulated knowledge of ASF into the
fictional post. The posts are meant to be building blocks for understanding the ASF
mindset and how to put its methods into practice. What you see for yourself when you
visit the newsgroup will approximate, but not duplicate, what you see here.

Kino is an area where I actually have professional training and a successful lay based
upon that training. To this day, I have never had a seduction that was more in the spirit of
ASF than what happened that day. There was no strategy, no Foxhunting, no waiting, no
timetables, or any other bullshit. An accidental meeting between two people who
normally don't hop into bed quickly just caught fire, turned into a date, a massage, and
some excellent sex. Whenever I feel like attacking the one-night stand, I find myself
having difficulty doing so because of this experience, still one of the best I had ever

Touch is something that is necessary, although immediate touch is not. Suffice it to say
that you generally will not know where you stand with a Fox until you attempt to touch
her. If you can handle being rebuffed, and be polite about it (don't ever make a Fox have
to apologize for refusing your touch), you'll have a tool for seduction which is similar to
the ability to play the net in tennis. The point usually won't last very long either way after
you get aggressive.

Reason #10:
He Says All The Right Things
...at EXACTLY the right times...but he means nothing to you and you don't
know why. This is from a song called Everything You Want, currently popular, and
which touches at the heart of what Speed Seduction is: words. The reason she does not
know why she is attracted to her is that she is hypnotized, sometimes mildly, sometimes
very deeply, with an insipid method of conversational hypnosis known as
neurolinguistic programming (NLP), a popular alternative medicine behavior
modification tool which was coopted by Ross Jeffries in 1989 and applied specifically to
the seduction of women. The only predecessor to Ross's work was that of a woman who
used to write a column in Penthouse, Dr. Tracy Cabot, who had applied NLP to the
seduction of men. Ross has become an internet cult hero, leading men out of AFC land
and into the world of easy pussy, or so the lay reports claim. NLP is sound enough that it
adds strength to any man's seduction, but a magic bullet it is definitely not. Like any
method, SS has its flaws and its strength. One must commend Mr. Jeffries on his
originality and the intensity with which he defends his method.
While you are trying to impress her by being yourself, other men have adopted more
aggressive approaches. In the following fictional report, the SSer approaches a Fox under
false pretenses, hypnotizes her by disguising his induction in the form of a story,
manipulates her into a submissive state where her ability to resist has been weakened or
eliminated, and with suggestive hypnotic language, commands her to have sex with him
(indirectly). News to nice guys: the only way to compete against this without doing covert
hypnosis yourself is to express disgust at men who do, while educating Foxes on how to
spot this tactic.

It is important to note external factors such as those which comprise CUPID (height,
money, looks status, etc.) because this will affect every man's results. A man who reports
success with a method does little good for the group if he omits mention of the fact that
he is a major rock star, for example. A good ASF post will contain information that can be
put to use by the reader regardless of his externals; to ensure this, we have to ensure
that the method is responsible for the success and not the man. Consider:

It worked!!! I can't believe it but it worked!! I SSed a girl on a BEACH, put her into trance
in fifteen minutes, and fucked her right out in the open (no one was around and we were
away from the public view). You gotta hear how this happened! I'm so excited!!!

First, thanks to the brothers of the group, especially Mystery, because before I got into
the SS with her I broke the ice with a neg, initiated fluff talk, elicited her values, spit them
back to her (I love the way they tell you what they want to hear and then melt when you
say it -- how STUPID are they?). We sit down for a "deep conversation" and she asks me
what my greatest passion in life is. Sensing an opening, I tell her that it's poetry, that I'm
just starting out with it, and that I want to maybe publish some of it. I have ONE SS poem
memorized and it's a good thing because she asked me to read her some of mine
sometime, and I was able to do so for her right then and there.

I use an SS poem I wrote called "Staring into the eyes of your soulmate." I have a little
experience with hypnosis and know that eye-contact is a way you can put someone
under. I figure I can get her under by having her imagine staring into her soulmate's eyes,
telling her how relaxing it feels, how she's surrendering to the inevitability of connecting
to him, and how she feels locked into his eyes and unable to look away. Within five
minutes she's standing there with her jaw dropped, barely awake. I get really aggressive
and go into straight hypnosis, tapping her lightly once on the forehead and saying "If you
were to SLEEP NOW you would DREAM OF HIM." Out she went like a light as I guided her
down to the sand. The embedded commands in the poem took her down and the
embedded sleep command put her out. I gave her a few suggestions to get her aroused
and gently woke her up, and she was more turned on than I've ever seen a woman! We
fucked for about an hour and then headed back to her place where we finished off the

Can she be hypnotized without her knowledge? Most definitely. You just saw how. Under
the guise of listening to a poem, the SSer gave her a full-fledged hypnosis induction that
she never saw coming. Can she be made to do things against her will? Does someone
with a blank stare on her face, her jaw dropped, and little awareness of her surroundings
sound like someone capable of sound judgment? Rape issues aside, a nice guy is going to
have serious difficulty competing against a man who has learned how to use words in
such a way as to produce a drug-like high. Intelligent men who read this might think that
Foxes do not fall for these methods, but they do. The men present them in a playful,
nonthreatening, hey-let's-do-this-together, fake-intimate manner which Foxes rarely
question. Compare this with the nice guy who asks her for a date: immediately she will be
thinking that he wants sex, and her shield goes up. When the spell breaks a few days or
weeks later, she wonders why she hooked up with the player in the first place. It is up to
the nice guy who wants to have a fighting chance with her to explain what is going on
and what to look out for, while expressing disdain that he was rejected in favor of a
If Foxes want to be hypnotized so badly, why don't they just walk up to nice guys and ask
them to do it? They'd be happy to. That they don't do this means either that women
aren't aware that they are being hypnotized, or that they want to be hypnotized by jerks
instead of nice guys. Either way, they still have no excuse for making the wrong choices.

Reason #11:
Street Pickups

I am not a street pickup artist, but I've had the occasional stroke of luck out in public at
random. My player buddy from way back when was the master of this pickup, and
tagging along with him I learned a few things, the main one being that in a cold-call
environment such as the street, how you look is the dominant factor. ASF people tend to
avoid dealing with this reality, as their seductions are based primarily on words and
attitude. It only makes sense that the better you appear in public, the more successful
you will be in public, and to this extent my "technique" for street pickups is to dress well
whenever I go out, something I have since abandoned as I do more of my seductions

The online seduction is the opposite of a street pickup in that the first meeting is not a
cold call, but a physical confirmation of the expectations created at a distance. Either the
body measures up or it does not, and if it does, no hurdles remain. This is why most first
dates from an online relationship result in sex or a breakup. With the street pickup, the
opposite occurs, with the looks screen cleared first, and compatibility determined later.
Of the two, I much prefer the online method because while it may seem rude to reject
someone for their looks, it takes much longer to find out that a good-looking person is
unworthy inside than it does to learn that an otherwise worthy lover is sexually repulsive.
The false hope of an online love without lust is the lesser evil compared to an offline lust
where the absence of love surfaces slowly over time.

One of the player's key advantages over the nice guy is that the player operates
anywhere. Let's put to rest the notion that a Fox needs to get to know a man before
deciding whether or not she is interested in him. Foxes make up their minds instantly,
but almost always in the negative, so the times someone successfully picks up a woman
on the street seem like an accident. The key word here is seem. Street pickups are so
difficult that they are anything but accidents, and a key ingredient of making them work
is to make the pickup look like anything but. Why would a Fox trust a tall, dark stranger
she met on the street? Because he isn't trying to pick her up! This is a case where
nature -- specifically a Fox's trusting nature -- works against the honest man and in favor
of the liar or manipulator.

In my travels with the player I studied, the street pickup was part of his strategy, but not
the entire one. He would make a point to circulate within the city at the right times and
places, but not seek out hotspots or do something he didn't want to do. He carried
himself in the relaxed manner that being independently wealthy makes easy (more
CUPID influences), and with his body on display, he immediately gained and advantage
over his rivals, though only because the street plays to his strengths. Such considerations
are strategic, since for any given man certain street approaches will work better than

The main requirement for a true street pickup artist is a strong stomach for rejection. To
this end, ASF has what it calls a crash-and-burn mission, where the specific purpose of
the mission is to get rejected by as many women as possible. This immersion process is
such that a guy can't help but improve, because as a logical creature, he will not make
the same mistake twice. By the end of the mission, which should number at least a
hundred or more blind approaches in neutral public environments, the AFC will usually
emerge with a few telephone numbers acquired via the law of averages or natural talent,
and the necessary strong stomach he will need for the times in the future when his more
bolder and refined approaches get rejected.

As a tribute to this player, I will post a report of my best recollections of one of his
successful street pickups. The crash-and-burn mission is self-explanatory and not in need
of an example, which would be depressing reading anyway:

Hey everyone, Blade here!! All I can say about this group is WAY TO GO GUYS!! SHOW
THOSE BITCHES WHO THE BOSS IS. I've been playing chicks since eighth grade, thanks to
some really good friends (male) who taught me the ways of women early on. I noticed
this thread about street pickups and wanted to show you guys how the game works.

First, you gotta go where the pussy is. TIMING is very important. Every hour of the day
counts!! If they can't see you they won't hit on you. I've got this down to such a science
that I can go out and pick up at ANY HOUR OF THE DAY OR NIGHT. In the mornings I walk
downtown to the business district where all the office girls go for breakfast and to collect
their thoughts. After that it's off to the gym where I know everyone and find some lonely
housewives or student chicks and keep in shape. Then it's back to the business district for
lunch, and on the way home I stop by the Penn campus to check out the scenery. Best
time for that is between 1-3 pm when they're either at lunch or their day is ending.
Around dinner I'll pop into a campus dining hall if I can stand the food, or maybe pop into
a happy hour, and at night it's time to hit the town and the nightlife. I don't do this every
day, but this is where you'll find me at those times. Guys who go through their days
without seeing the opportunity under their nose or who are too scared to take advantage
of the opportunity are shit outta luck. Find your BALLS, get out there, and APPROACH!

Before I move on to approaching, another note on the timing is that during the year there
are a lot of special event days like holidays and St. Patrick's that you absolutely,
POSITIVELY, should NOT stay home for, not unless you don't want your pick of a hundred
easy, drunk Irish women at a St. Patty's or New Years' party. The major difference here is
that you gotta pick the right places to be whereas in your everyday life you never know
where you'll find someone. Now on to the approach.

When I'm in a cocky mood I'll approach with a neg, but I don't have to do that. Chicks dig
my body so they want me to approach, and all I have to do really is establish contact. So I
use the simple "Hey, how ya doin?" opener to get their attention. If they want me, but
don't want to approach me, they have their chance, and I'm not being rude. Rude
openers are more risky but if they work you get laid more quickly. Since all your really
saying with an approach is that you want to get to know her what you say to her really
isn't gonna matter unless you're good at fucking with her head, which I am but as I said
I'm not really into head games. I just like to find gorgeous chicks to fuck.

If your initial approach is successful, then it's time to get aggressive because she's given
you the green light. In the next few minutes I ask her about her hobbies and what she
likes to do, figure out if she's serious or a party girl, and if she's serious I ask for her
number so we can talk while if she's a party-girl I ask her to DO something. REMEMBER
this, guys: smart chicks like to talk, while dumb chicks like to DO STUFF. It took me a
while to figure that out but once I did getting numbers became very easy. If you ask a
smart chick to do something or a dumb chick to talk in the first meeting she'll think you're
not her type but if you do the opposite you'll get the digits more often. If she's got a
boyfriend, you can try to be her friend, but she'll see through that pretty quickly, and
then it comes down to whether she's a cheater or in the process of dumping him, and if
she is then she might want to fuck or you keep the option of fucking you.

My best results come when I call her THAT DAY, like right after she gets home. I don't
need other guys hitting on her before I get a chance, so I move fast and forget her if she's
not into it. At this point I'll put her on the spot, asking her to meet me somewhere,
sometimes TELLING her where I'll be and that I hope she shows up, or if I sense she's into
me I'll just invite her over for a movie and fuck her. That's not really on-topic but I'm sure
you get the idea by now.

Bottom line: it's a NUMBERS GAME. Don't worry about how often you get rejected
because sooner or later you won't be. Once you get the hang of it and get your moves
down it'll be as natural as breathing to you. Find them, talk to them, get their number,
talk to them some more, do something, make a move, fuck. Pretty simple process once
you figure out your moves.

Nice guys will say that this doesn't work on quality women, but the quality women he
wants are usually spending time with guys like this who sometimes pick them up on the
street. Hope is not reality, and as much as you might hope that Foxes are more evolved
or intelligent than what the players pick up, I'm sad to report that these are the very
same good women, women who either specifically want to be played, want to tame a
player, or just want to have fun with a guy who won't cling to them, act needy, bore
them, or have a real relationship. Emotions women thrive on -- passion, drama,
excitement, fear, curiosity -- are in full force during the 1-90 day interlude with the
player. The three-month barrier is a key one, as these short-term princes seem to turn
back into frogs as if on cue, with the spell sometimes breaking earlier.

Foxes are not quick to admit to letting men into their life this way, and this is a large part
of why the nice guys have such difficulty figuring it out. It was not until I started talking to
men in depth about how they operated with women that I uncovered tactics like this. The
player I studied was fascinated by my fascination with him, and turned his life into an
open book for me. For two months, I was privy to his thoughts, emotions, and his
answering machine, which was constantly filled with sexy, begging, teasing, or
desperate messages from his groupies, all wanting to be the one chosen for the
backstage pass.

Why the excitement? Civilized Foxes who make such a point of convincing us they want
the opposite of this man go rushing into his arms when we are not looking. Despite the
incredible disrespect to the nice guy who wishes that he would be given the time of day
by the Fox who has not more than a few seconds of civility for him, yet who would alter
her schedule at any time of the day or night just to be with him, who would not care if he
was cheating, and who functions as his loyal submissive without his even having to ask.
Because he is what she calls a winner, she gives him the power, the power to do
anything he wants, the more outrageous his demands the better, since she sees them not
as a burden, but as an opportunity to serve her prince, and an honor. Compare this to the
chore she finds it to be in the company of lesser men, men who are polite and civilized,
hard-working, honest, loyal, but who are not exciting enough to make them feel as
special as the player. Fourteen you're-the-only-one cards, please.

The other player I studied in depth was a man who went by the name of Ricardo, whom I
met one stormy night after ducking into a coffeehouse to avoid the rain. Ricardo was
sitting alone at a chessboard, studying opening moves, a habit that only the most serious
players develop. I assumed he was a tournament player and since I am also one (with an
expert rating), I introduced myself. It turned out he was a beginner and was trying to
learn how to win a specific opening that a friend of his was beating him with. We began
talking and I gave him my standard three-hour chess lesson, a form of intellectual torture
that causes 90 percent of my students to never want to play chess again, while the
remaining ten percent move on to dominate the players who used to beat them. Ricardo
passed his first lesson with flying colors, and became a regular student.

I learned during the first lesson with Ricardo that he was a ladies' man, and as a student
of seduction I was interested in how he operated. His demeanor was one that attracted
women, his look that of a poet or musician, his hair in a ponytail, his voice soft and
controlled, and the complete absence of a temper, which he reserved only for life-
threatening situations. He was a martial artist who was very tough, but he was a new-age
man in all respects. To women, he was the ultimate sensitive alpha- male. To men, he
was a nightmare, because if you and he wanted the same woman, you were just shit out
of luck. On the other hand, he was the perfect pivot (see Reason #12), especially since I
would distract his attention from the women who wanted it, making me the roadie that
they had to go through to get to the rock star. If you play chess in coffeehouses, choose
your male opponents carefully.

Ricardo and I traded chess lessons for seduction lessons for six months or so. He would
constantly invite me to parties, but I declined all of his invitations, choosing instead to
hang with him alone, picking his brain for his accumulated knowledge. The ASF-style
report that I will post for him in this book recounts his pickup approach, as
nonthreatening as Mystery's negs are intimidating, perfect for his style of establishing a
minor foothold and letting the Fox's natural desire for a man like him cause her to
crumble into his arms. The pussy-whipped exterior and vicious, alpha-male interior
inspired me to coin the phrase sensitive caveman to describe him:

I see this group and I'm amazed at all the negative and aggressive energy around here. I
know that some women respond very well to these tactics, but they aren't going to be the
women you want. What's more is that you don't have to be rude to get your point across
or to get her to think of you as more than a friend. You just have to be SMART and
OPPORTUNISTIC. And you have to understand how women think, not just a few game-
playing sluts.

I became a PUA after my fiance dumped me a few years ago. I was livid that the woman I
loved could turn around and stab me in the back, and I wanted to get revenge. No one
mattered to me anyway, so I went from AFC to player overnight. My background in acting
and a job as a bartender in NYC taught me more than I ever needed to know about the
pickup, and now I was going to put it into practice. I just started approaching one woman
after another in a manner as nonthreatening as possible.

If I can get her talking for a few minutes, after showing a genuine interest in what she is
saying, I ask her if she'd like to join me for a cup of coffee. Most of the time she'll think
I'm trying to get in her pants (okay, I am) and reject me. At this point I use this against
her, telling her that she had the wrong idea, that I was having a rough day and wanted
some pleasant conversation, but I understand how she feels since men hit on her all the
time. Most of the time she feels stupid and tries to fix the damage by going for coffee or
giving me her number. Now the trap is set and I do NOTHING but be her friend for a little
while, telling her to call me if she ever needs to talk, and never hitting on her.

The emotional roller-coaster ride has her rejecting me in the beginning, and realizing that
I really am never going to pursue her. She wins up wondering if she's not sexy enough for
me, and when she sees all the other women I'm popular with she starts thinking maybe
she should have let me come on to her or not rejected me. Not long after that, she'll
begin coming on to me, and when I ignore her, just like the group knows, she wants me
even more. As other guys fall out of favor with her I move up even further in her eyes,
and finally she crashes and throws herself at me.

I'd summarize the process as this: approach, converse, ask for coffee, get rejected, tell
her you weren't hitting on her, become friends, be nice to her, show her you're desirable,
and let nature take her to you. If you're normal, intelligent, halfway popular, and you
know how to be her dream boyfriend without ever committing to her, she'll be yours. The
challenge of not hitting on her and your popularity and knowledge and understanding of
women all combine into something they find irresistible. It's a little hard to get started,
but once you do, it snowballs.

Ricardo was one of the main inspirations of the Foxhunting system, having put into
practice a lot of what CUPID and my research had taught me. I knew how to find the
Foxes who were likely to want me, but knowing what to do with them was another
matter. Ricardo showed me the ins and outs of how women process information, and how
to present information knowing how it will be processed, using his knowledge to tailor the
presentation in content and sequence to achieve his desired result.

I met Ricardo at the tail end of his player days. He was actually in a fledgling relationship
when I met him, and he had confided in me that he had cheated on his girlfriend a few
weeks earlier. I had to sit through a dinner with him and his lover, saying nothing while
hearing her go on and on about what a loyal man he was and how once a man finds the
right woman he settles down. I let him know my dissatisfaction with what he was doing,
becoming incredibly brazen even, asking him why I couldn't ask his lady out if he could
ask other women out. I did not want his girlfriend, but the idea that a player like him
could keep several Foxes off the market at one time, made me realize that the reward
system was messed up. It was not his fault for knowing how to exploit the way women
think, but it was an alarm to me to raise my game to his level or be left out in the cold.

Guys like Ricardo make excellent boyfriends, for as long as they last. They go in with
good intentions, unless they are in revenge mode like he was after his broken
engagement, and when they finally do settle down their wives tend to be very happy. The
problem is that a jerk can make several women happy, but once he is tamed he can only
satisfy one, and he is no longer on the market, leaving the women he used to play for the
new players that they will make the same mistakes with, avoiding the lesser nice guys,
and never quite able to tame the bad boys. If I were a female country music singer, I'd
title a song Don't Want The Nice Guys, Can't Tame The Bad Boys, in fact, and
maybe have a charted single.

Once Ricardo knew I was becoming an anti-player, he could see the weakness of his loose
lips, and began closing up about his infidelity. Either he became loyal to his girlfriend, or
he just knew not to talk about what he did with me out of fear of it getting back to his
girlfriend. Ricardo's descriptions of female behavior were as or more condemning than
the typical putdowns the ASF players use, but lacking in the vulgarity and crudeness
which makes the latter group so easy to attack. On the surface, his behavior is very
civilized and very social, but underneath lies a chameleon who knows how to blend into
any social situation, ingratiate himself into the lives of his targets, and get what he wants
without anyone ever realizing that he had wanted it in the first place. Such mastery of
social situations was amazing to watch on a daily basis as I did that year.

When I asked Ricardo why he was successful, he attributed it to his female-centered,

socially active lifestyle, his interests in things most men overlook but which women love
(like cooking, wine, cheese, the arts, coffeehouses, and so forth), using how women think
to his advantage (as demonstrated by pursuing for friendship and letting himself be
pursued by them through Foxhunting-type techniques), but most of all his acting
background. He was an admitted chameleon where women were concerned, and he was
good at it. He gave a piece of advice to me about women which he should have been
giving to those beautiful women he seduces, and that is that the eyes are NOT the
mirrors of the soul.

Ricardo pointed out the obvious: that you cannot read a man's heart by staring into his
eyes. If you could, the acting industry would grind to a halt. A trained actor can
manufacture emotions, and if he knows what Ricardo knew about which emotions to
produce at which times, he will be able to give women an emotional experience that is
not genuine but which they enjoy. The nice guy never knows what hit him because he is
relying on simple honesty to seduce. Even when operating nonaggressively in a hostile
environment like a big-city street, he still manages to pull of pickups. That takes a level of
talent in a player that I had never seen previously and have not seen since.

Reason #12:
The Pivot And Social Proof (Friendly Fox)
Here is an area which is a tailor-made opportunity for the nice guy. Formal credit for my
discovery of the pivot concept goes to someone I knew growing up, a man called Boards,
who earned his name with his incredible ability to catch way-out-of- his-league Foxes on
the rebound. He had perfected the anti-player seduction methods you see in the final
chapter. At 5'7", with terrible eyesight, skinny (in his youth), he wasn't a dream man by
any standards. He did have a good job, a brain, was always highly respectful, and was
friends with men who got laid (that's called drafting in Foxes). Where he turned into a
vicious seducer, however, was with a Fox who trusted him as a friend for years...and just
dumped a jerk. Whatever he did, I didn't want to hear about it. I didn't have to. The
details were not important, as it was obvious how he operated. Boards understood the
importance of timing, being with her when she was most receptive to him.

Another method that Boards used a great deal was the pivot. His favorite pivot was a Fox
named Belle, who looked like a Barbie Doll come to life with four times the chest size.
Boards told me that it would never fail that after having lunch with Belle, he would wait
around the dining hall reading a paper, and other Foxes would approach him. Being seen
with a Fox made him more popular. As it turns out, the pivot concept has floated around
seduction circles for decades, but until recently it was considered only worthy of a
footnote. The idea of building an entire seduction method around pivots was my creation,
built in part out of necessity, as I prefer to avoid risk and rejection wherever possible. It's
not the most aggressive approach, but if you use it properly, it will solve your love life
problems with ease, even if you aren't Mr. Excitement. The value to this for a nice guy
who can't otherwise compete is nearly infinite.

Your chances with a pivot improve because you are not hitting on her, and your chances
with other Foxes improve because you are seen with her. Toss in the split cost of the
platonic dating, and the pivot suddenly becomes a dangerous triple threat, making strong
use of a Fox who would not otherwise want you, using her to attract other Foxes, and
cutting your dating costs while winding up in the same environment, with the same Fox,
and a lot less pressure. Your pivot doesn't have to know what you are doing: if she
doesn't, she will feel like she has conquered you because you are not hitting on her, and
she will not realize you are using her to your advantage, but if she does, she can actively
help you on your quest. Her vested interest in deflecting your sexual attention away from
her is strong. Rather than trust her to fix you up with her less desirable friends, you can
let nature fix you up with Foxes. Are you saying that nice men don't manipulate
women this way? You're right, but perhaps they should. Nice men forgive manipulation,
yet don't extend themselves the same consideration.

Of Foxhunting's contributions to ASF, the pivot is the one which has caught fire. It has
spawned several peripheral discussions about how social proof works, and how to use the
concept to seduce. One such poster, a man identifying himself as "Soren Kirchner," took
the pivot concept sideways, with something he called the phantom girlfriend. In doing
so, he took a concept I touched on in Foxes (the Fantasy Fox) and expanded it to the
point where it is now a powerful weapon as well. I am opposed to the use of the phantom
girlfriend proper because it is deceptive, and it tends to drive away the Foxes I want, who
value loyalty. I much prefer the use of pivots to convey desirability, and with an available
Fox, I don't beat around the bush and just pursue her. Either strategy is sound; which one
you prefer is a matter of taste.

Pivots, phantom girlfriends and social proof expose a Fox's lies about being satisfied with
her lover by treating them as if they were the truth. You show up with your pivot, she
talks about her great guy, she sees you having fun with your pivot, and she is boxed in.
Even the phantom girlfriend technique should require only one lie, to get the first Fox.
After that, the girlfriend is no longer a phantom, and you discover the power of the pivot.
Nothing turns a Fox on like a man who is committed to his relationships, even if getting
him for herself means he'd have to cheat on or dump his partner, which would
theoretically turn him into a jerk, but which would be forgiven because she rationalizes it
as a necessary evil to bringing her together. More chick logic at work.
Nice men have an advantage with pivots because they usually have no difficulty
accumulating them. Pivots give the nice guy a use for these Foxes, who sense the sudden
lack of interest from the nice guy who has just made lemonade from the lemons. The
effect is compounded because he is no longer at odds about what to do with her. Sooner
or later, his behavior will convey her reduced standing in his mind, and that triggers the
challenge response, which could go as far as a direct attempt to seduce him. Thanks to
the internet, and the collaborative efforts of ASF, men are finally piecing together the
entire puzzle of how Foxes think. When I see the success of the ASF posters, I'm
reminded of Joe Gibbs' comment on the no-huddle offense and how he dismantled it:

It appears unstoppable at first glance, but when you break it down, it is not
that difficult to stop.

Gibbs' Redskins crushed Buffalo in the 1992 Super Bowl, and signalled the end of the no-
huddle fad that had begun sweeping the NFL. He knew that he couldn't be doomed to
lose no matter what he did, and designed a winning strategy. The men of ASF have done
the same thing with seduction, dissecting the tactics used by Foxes to gain the upper
hand, and using countermeasures to swipe the advantage. The Foxes have not yet
responded, as most are still dismissive of the idea that men not only are not being fooled
by them, but are now turning the tables with nothing more than techniques they learn
from the internet. Previously, an AFC would get stood up and fall to pieces; today, he just
asks the group what to do, and when two dozen men tell him to ignore her for a week and
pursue ten Foxes, he resists his urge to cave in, and with his resolve, creates an excellent
Returning Fox scenario, which is known to ASF as a takeaway, or a reversal of her
negative opinion.

Here is another fictional ASF post which demonstrates the amazing power of this
amazingly simple concept. A Fox cops an attitude...until she sees him with another Fox,
and of course since she can no longer sting him, suddenly she wants him to have her
number and spend time with him:

Hey guys, just checking in. Been down in the dumps lately without much time to do PU.
Told myself to get back in the game as it had been a few weeks since I fucked a chick and
a few days since I'd even talked to one. I head down to the coffeehouse for some Java
and flirting with the HB I know hangs out there every Thursday night. She's maybe an 8.7
or so. They had a poetry reading scheduled but it was cancelled, so the place was quieter
than usual.

I work up the courage to finally approach the HB after checking her out for a while. I open
with a slight neg (about the book she was reading) and she gives me the your-a-creep
look. I eject since there wasn't any opportunity and go back to my table. I start writing
some poetry and this attracts the attention of a couple of HB (9.2, 9.7) who come up to
me and ask me what I'm writing. I tell them it's a poem I'm working on and they ask me
about poetry, as the 9.2 reaches up to the bookshelf and grabs a compilation. We get into
some good conversation and fluff talk, I get minor kino going with the 9.7, and we're
having a great time.

About 5-10 minutes later, GUESS WHO pops over to my table all smiling and friendly? The
8.7, of course. She puts her hand on me almost immediately and places herself down
next to me, dislodging the 9.7 which pisses me off. Newayz, we're all having a great time
(the 9.2 even bought me a double cap!), and the 8.7 starts teasing me in front of the
other two. I give her a vibe like I'm not into her (thanks to her earlier rebuff), and before I
can say anything she writes her number down and gives it to me. An hour later I get #s
from the 9.2 and 9.7 as we're all leaving, and from there I eject immediately because I
don't want to ruin my progress.

I call the 8.7 a day later because I want to ask her about pivots and social proof. I tell her
I've been reading a newsgroup on the internet that said women want you more when
you're with other women. She didn't even deny it!! Fuck, man, the years I wasted pining
over one chick thinking she would respect that and now I learn the opposite!! Where was
this NG when I was 16? Shit, we gotta tell the world that the rules are changing and WE
are now the ones in control.

Social proof is common to all human interaction. How others treat a person often dictates
how we treat them. It is illogical, but convenient, to accept public opinion, even when the
rewards for independent thought are so great. Foxes claim not to think alike, yet they are
willing to rubber-stamp another woman's opinion of a man. The same man they would
ignore if they saw him alone, they suddenly show an interest in if they see him with
another Fox. A vicious cycle is created, where popularity with one Fox feeds on itself, and
multiplies to the point of absurdity. This is why you will see a player with hundreds of
female contacts of all kinds, and a nice guy left out in the cold.

Nice guys don't make use of social proof and pivots, while players do this instinctively.
Now that they know this, the nice guys can adjust their behavior accordingly. One
Philadelphia millionaire who is still dating Foxes in their twenties as he is approaching
eighty, takes social proof to its logical extreme, refusing to go out anywhere without a
female escort. This is a good policy, because how a man is treated when he goes out is
usually a function of whether or not he is alone, and the body of his date if he is not. Why
should he subject himself to second-class treatment by going out alone? It's one thing to
go through one's everyday activities alone, but to live the nightlife without a date or the
appearance of a date in your company is just stupid for the reputation-conscious man.

The nice guys who say they wouldn't want a woman who responded to social proof and
pivots or manipulation in general have to realize that often these are otherwise
excellent women! It's not like they do this consciously. Simple efficiency tells them
that if other women want a man, there is usually a reason. The problem with social proof
is that Foxes wind up cheating off of each other's exams, with no one knowing the
answers in the first place. Men who become aware of how the phenomenon works can
specifically exploit it by getting the ball rolling with a pivot or go all the way with the
phantom girlfriend.

Reason #13:
The Boyfriend Destroyer
A nice guy stops pursuing when he hears she has a boyfriend, while a jerk does not.
Worse yet, she will often become intrigued by the jerk's persistence, mistaking his
aggressive, numbers-game approach with a special level of interest in the real her. Her
chick logic tells her that he must want her badly if he is ignoring her boyfriend, while in
reality he's just a squirrel trying to get a nut. The intensity, interest and passion he
conveys to her are all fake, but this does not matter.

Why, why, why does this happen? In a word: drama. Foxes love drama, and being the
center of attention. They also like pitting men against each other (more drama), and
there is always the chance that the jerk could be a better man that she might dump her
guy for. The longer he stays in the game, the better his chances, and even when he fails,
when he pulls back, she may take the lead and keep the drama going. Once she gets that
far, reason flies out the window and her love life is on a crash course with the daytime
talk shows.

The boyfriend destroyer refers to an SS pattern designed by Ross Jeffries to cause a Fox
turn against her lover. NLP is used to get her to feel trapped and smothered, and is
combined with having her imagine how it would feel to be free of the entrapment, moving
in a new direction (which sounds like "nude erection" and is supposed to arouse her
subconscious, though I don't know if that really happens), and he attempts to hypnotize
her with words disguised as opinions. If the relationship is faltering, boyfriend destruction
is powerful; if not, it can backfire. Soren's phantom girlfriend approach is superior,
because the risks are reduced, while the rewards remain intact.

The boyfriend destroyer has evolved from its roots into a general ASF concept.
Regardless of how it is delivered, her lover is considered an obstacle to be removed. With
SS, this is done with a pattern, while a player will do it with social proof and pivots, and a
Foxhunter with one-and-done, letting the clock tick until she is available and/or until she
returns. Which strategy works best for you depends on your temperament, your goals,
and what would fit best in the context of your overall approach. It is much better not to
have an established connection with a Fox until she is without a man in her life. I have
had good results rejecting even friendships with Foxes who were taken. Rather than
destroy her relationship, which will dissolve on its own if it is weak, I would just use her as
a pivot and let the clock tick until she was available. The furthest I usually go with this
method is an ex-boyfriend destroyer, whereby I will question her logic in selecting bad
men, letting her know with words or by logical implication that I think she would be better
off with me.

In the event you find yourself the boyfriend and want to prevent being destroyed, worry
not about the other men, but about yourself. If you keep a Fox happy, she will usually not
stray back into the snakepit and risk a real disaster. The Foxier she is, the more this is
likely to be true for a few reasons:

• As a super-Elite, she has more men to choose from than any other class of female;

• Her ability to select among her vast choices is usually not up to par, making her
more likely to make a mistake;

• Her desirability makes her a prime target for players, much the way a fat bank
account makes a man a prime target for business con artists;

• You may not be in her league, but who is? Don't worry about being her inferior,
because to her all men are, and we tend not to differentiate much between those
who are beneath us; and

• Once she has found a man that she feels safe with, she is not going to want to
return to steps 1-4 above.

In other words, there are no guarantees. You don't belong in a relationship until you can
handle anything, including her leaving you without warning. Unfortunately for Foxes, the
type of man who can handle their departure is the one who doesn't care she was there in
the first place, but it is always preferable to be cold and distant instead of too clingy.
Since so few of us focus on fundamental compatibility (explained in the last chapter), our
lovers have become interchangeable almost to the level of household appliances. We
have to have one at all times, but we don't really scrutinize what we have or select it very
carefully. As long as it works, for now, we do not concern ourselves much beyond
superficial selection. In an environment like that, boyfriend-destroyer methods will work
very well.

Reason #14:
LJBF And The Guy Switch

Another Foxhunting technique: the guy switch occurs when a woman:

• Rejects you on the grounds that she has a boyfriend;

• Dumps the boyfriend;

• Acquires a new boyfriend without notifying you or giving you a chance in between.

If you are in (let's) just (be) friends (LJBF) territory, and you are hanging around
hoping for a reversal of fortune, give up when you see her move on from her current man
to another man. The odds of success plummet at this point from drawing to an inside
straight to drawing to an inside straight-flush. You will not know if you have moved up
from #2 in her life to #1 until this happens. Foxhunters circumvent the problem by using
an LJBFox as a pivot, but even then for your own information keep an eye on what she
does after she breaks up. One variation of the guy switch which favors you occurs when
she goes through men like water. Then, if you hang around long enough, your turn will
come, and soon after, so will you.

To become a true player, set the table for your departure after the guy switch with a
dialogue along these lines:

Her: Sorry, I have a boyfriend. Can we just be friends?

Me: On one condition.

Her: What's that?

Me: You go out with me once if you ever break up.

Her: You got a deal!

Usually, she will forget the promise, figuring that a "best effort" will suffice for the fixup,
and since she knows she won't be breaking up with her boyfriend, she won't have to
make good on the date. She's placated you, and has you whipped. If you play along while
secretly using her as a pivot while waiting for the guy switch, the odds that her
relationship will end increase over time. When this happens, do not remind her of her
promise to date you, but instead just stop talking to her. She'll get the hint soon enough,
put two and two together, and contact you in order to reestablish the friendship. If you
hold your ground, usually she can be seduced. Working to your advantage here is that
she will have just ended a bad relationship (do good ones end?), and she will be on the
market, and rejecting you will cost her a friendship. Your bargaining power will never be
higher, which makes this the ideal moment to make your move.

The guy switch works best if Guy #2 is the wrong man and she is near the end of the
relationship. It's bad enough for her to go through a breakup, but to lose her emotional
support or any other utility she's getting from you ups the ante considerably. What this
will also do is raise the stakes with Guy #2, because choosing him will have cost her your
friendship. If the second relationship fails, she winds up even worse off than she would
have been if you had been there to console her. This is undoubtedly manipulative and
cruel, but what are you dealing with here? A Fox who denies your sexuality, use you as an
emotional tampon, ridicule you behind your back to her girlfriends as not man enough,
and who would suddenly complain if you started looking after your own interests? Being a
nice guy is great, but being met halfway is also essential.

Ricardo, the player mentioned in the chapter on street pickups, deserves another
mention here. He is one of the few men who has mastered the art of using LJBF to his
advantage. His plausible- deniability approach where he pretends he's not after a date in
the beginning erases any thoughts a Fox may have about his courage or desirability, and
from there when they get to know him as a friend they just steadily heat up. What
Ricardo proves is something my own Foxhunting confirmed: LJBF works to your
advantage if you let it. The key is to make sure she knows you are not in LJBF land as a
consolation prize.

What this chapter says about LJBF says a lot about the way Foxes think. It is much the
way banks think, offering money to whomever they believe needs it the least. The net
result is that the pleasant, civilized social environments in which men and women interact
are actually cutthroat environments with a caste system where they are the ones
handing out the colored dots. False advertising laws couldn't be enforced over something
like this, but anyone who tells you that what you see is what you get when going out is
either lying to you, delusional, ignorant, or all three. While you think you are just hanging
out and making innocent conversation, women are taking the liberty of determining your
social ranking based upon factors as arbitrary or irrelevant as what other women think of
you. I'm reminded of celebrities who are more famous for being famous than for whatever
it was that put them in the spotlight to begin with.

Reason #15:
The Secret Slut

The secret slut is my term for something ASF posters talk about a lot: the good-girl on the
surface who is waiting for the conquering male to expose her for the slut she is
underneath. She is the most difficult of all women to deal with, because she is sending
highly deceptive signals to men. Players who stumble upon this little seduction goldmine
are rewarded with some of the best sex of their lives. Nice guys who are unaware of how
the secret slut works can waste days, weeks, months, or even years wondering why such
a nice girl who thinks the world of him simply won't have sex with him. In the secret slut's
fantasy, the man just knows she is a slut. In reality, he guesses, but she doesn't know
the difference.

A long time ago, a friend of mine named Paul told me about a card-trick he uses when he
wants to leave an impression. He has someone pick a card, look at it, and put it back in
the deck. Then he has the person shuffle the deck mix up the cards any way they want,
without looking, to remove any possibility of trick handling of the cards. He then declares
that he's going to pick your card out of the deck as if by magic. In my case, he picked the
wrong card, and when I laughed at him he shrugged it off by saying that it was a luck
trick, that works only 1/52nd of the time, but when it works, it dazzles. To understand the
secret slut, think of it as this card trick with the only difference that you get laid if you
pick the right card, and that your odds of being right are closer to 10-15 percent than 1-2

Secret sluts are one pocket of the Fox populi where supply-and-demand favors the men.
One factor I have become very sensitive to in the course of my research and writing is
learning to differentiate when a method is working because it is strong, or whether it
works because there are more women who want it used than men who are able to use it
on them. Dominance and submission (d/s) is a lifestyle that the secret slut enjoys, and
while there are more female submissives than male dominants, the submissives who
don't tell you they are submissive outnumber the dominants who can recognize this even
more. In other words, if you play the secret slut game properly, you get laid. As time
wears on, this will not hold as true because more and more men will supply themselves to
meet the demand. For now, however, only hypnosis enjoys a greater market benefit due
to lack of popularity among the male population.

How do you spot a secret slut? The first step is to screen out the obvious sluts, or the
teases who are overt on the surface but who put the walls up when challenged. A secret
slut is more likely to be a good girl in every respect on the surface, and the only way she
will admit her true nature is if you draw it out of her, a process which requires several
challenges, culminating in her admission that you had her pegged all along, and her quick
surrender to you. The key to making this happen is to break the ice, with the ice being
her good-girl shield. This is done with the seduction equivalent of throwing a football into
the end zone on third-and-one. The are you woman enough? neg in fact is designed to
flush out a secret slut without insulting her, but there are many other ways:

• Psychic/palm readings. You can suggest that she is not the good girl the world
thinks she is, that she wishes she could be more open with her wild side, and so
forth. This is especially powerful because not only do you open Pandora's Box
(literally!), but you convince her in the process that you have magical powers.
Women say all the time that nice guys don't produce magic for them. The proper
term for magic, of course, is illusion, which sends a direct, brutal message to nice
guys that a pleasant illusion is preferable to something less exciting, but real. This
gimmick is catching on bigtime because every man who tries it reports success. It
will be a while before the sexual marketplace catches up.

• Attitude. Guys like Mystery aren't out for blood, but his techniques are useful to
those who are. Put her on the spot, invade her space, give her self-esteem a
knock, and when she protests that she's too nice to be treated that way, tell her
you know it's all an act, and hold your ground. If you're wrong, nothing will
happen except her being offended by you, but if you're right, she's yours. All
yours. Body, mind, and soul. At that very instant, she has become your
submissive, your pet, your sexual toy, at your service, all day, all night, for as long
as you deem her worthy of keeping around. You become a keeper of the slut's
secret, part of an inner-inner circle which usually will consist only of you. You
function as the invisible wall she has which keeps the nice guys and others too
stupid to see the real her as you had guessed -- I mean, as you had seen. The
numbers-game requirement for this approach should go without saying (but it
doesn't just in case).

• Letting her know you're dominant. A secret slut who knows you are dominant
but thinks you either don't want her or don't know she's submissive will become
very excited, often wanting to show you the real her so that you can take
command of her. She will do so subtly, slowly upping the ante until she has
inspired you to make her your pet. By playing along with her denial of her true
nature, you create a pleasurable internal conflict in her mind that causes her to
become increasingly focused on you and aroused until she can no longer stand it.
Once you learn to recognize this response, and what to do when this happens,
seduction will become extremely easy. Indirect seduction methods such as those
discussed in Foxes work brilliantly. Tell her stories about what you do to other
Foxes, or what you want to do to your next Fox (if you aren't into lying).

A secret slut will never admit to being one until you call her one. If she tells you she is
one without provocation, then she's a pretender who will top from the bottom, or PAD,
what I call passive-aggressive domination. Submissives have a decided preference for
strong men, and many get off on exploiting the inexperience or weakness that many
dominant men have. A truly dominant male knows the difference and tests his pets
specifically to screen out the fakes. A secret slut tests men not by feigning obedience, but
by feigning lack of desire to submit, weeding out all but the doms who know, or those
who guess. A guesser could become someone who truly does know how to spot the
secret slut, but this is not as sure for the pet as finding a master who knows what he is
doing. A truly submissive Fox will be more concerned with her own happiness and not into
playing games to hurt men. The ones who don't qualify, she does not tease, but ignores.
The key word here is secret, a word she brings to life in a very sexy way.

One annoying characteristic of the secret slut is her general contempt for all men but the
few who conquer her. Men who could conquer her are offended by her thinking they
can't, and men who can't conquer her sense a stuck-up attitude but cannot pinpoint the
source. When a nice guy is taunted by a Fox about what a wimp he is, this is usually done
with the idea of getting him angry, or taking out her anger against some jerk who has
mistreated her. Foxes are just like that: while they demand to be treated with respect at
all times, they can be amazingly abusive psychologically. I am taunting the nice guys
here as a wake-up call, to demonstrate that the polite, civil treatment they think is
respectful, is anything but. If you have ever seen her act cold to you and then overtly
friendly to a jerk in your presence, realize that she has just disrespected you mightily.
She shouldn't be punished for it in public, since she's still been polite to you, but if you
can't hear the screams of omission that say you are nothing to her, you're deaf and

One area most relationship experts never touch on is what causes a Fox to determine
whether or not a man is a winner. We have a paradox: if you beg for her approval like a
nice guy, you will be rejected, but if you take the reins, she surrenders. The numbers-
game approach that nice guys reject is another missing ingredient from their repertoire.
Nice men are conditioned to want one Fox at a time, for the right reasons, and wind up
falling into unrequited love with a slut who is pretending to be a nice girl, who is not what
he claims to want, not anything he can handle in bed, and who is not able to tell him
where he is making his mistake, which is misinterpreting her manipulative, passive-
aggressive, conquer-me selection process that has her telling him what a nice girl she is
up until the very moment she wears her master's collar. If this makes you angry, good!!
Do something about it!

What makes many Foxes like being dominated is that they are the ones with the true
power in this world. So few men ever challenge them that the ones who do stand out. I
suspect this is going to lessen in the future, as more of them realize that the "dominant"
men they encounter are not true dominants, and are just using another canned pickup
system to get into their pants. What happens then is socialization, with most men
knowing how to satisfy her, and she factors dominance out of the selection process,
choosing men for more traditional reasons (i.e., CUPID), and including d/s in their sex life.
Of multiple masters, she will choose the one she finds most desirable for other reasons.
Due to supply-and-demand, few Foxes have that choice, but this is changing rapidly. The
watering-down of talent and intensity is a natural byproduct of proliferation to the
masses. Those who invent something are always going to be more talented, more
passionate about their inventions, and more qualified to use them than all but a few
copycats who help evolve the discovery.

I have some experience with d/s, and while the sexual roleplay is intense, for most people
it is a brief experimentation (roleplay submission). Lifestyle d/s involves a long-term
commitment to a partner, and to the lifestyle itself. My experience with hypnosis and NLP
seduction has d/s offshoots, but these are accidental. Many secret sluts fall into the
category of roleplay submissives, wanting to be completely dominated in the bedroom
but treated as an equal otherwise. It's a very difficult balancing act that few men can pull
off for very long. The upside, of course, is that you have a sexual servant who will do
anything you want her to. What you do with her is up to you.

I will now put into ASF format a typical d/s seduction from my own experience. It is a
combination of a few experiences. Nice guys should pay attention for how the situation
developed, and where they would not have done what I did and conquered her:
This report is about a pet I conquered over the phone through hypnosis. Phone hypnosis
is ideal for initiating d/s because she can be wild while still feeling safe. If she likes what
you do, there's plenty of time to meet and repeat the performance live. It helps to be on
the level of a stage hypnotist if you're serious (taking a professional course is the best
investment you'll ever make, plus practicing, reading books and listening to tapes will
help a lot). If you know what your doing you can broach the subject properly, making her
more likely to give you an opportunity to hypnotize her, and when you get that
opportunity, you dazzle her by making her feel incredible, and wanting to experience it
again and again. The more talented you are as a hypnotist, the easier it will be to
separate yourself from the increasing number of men who try to hypnotize but who really
don't know what they are doing.

This Fox (about a 9.5) I met online talked on the phone, and somewhere in the
conversation I asked her if she liked hypnosis. Turned out she had a lifelong fantasy of
being hypnotized and asked me -- no, BEGGED me -- to hypnotize her. I knew I had an
eager subject so this was gonna be easy. I also knew she would ask me over and over
until she was practically under at the IDEA, so I let her chill for a while thinking I wasn't
gonna do it. A day or two later she asked me again and she was ripe, so I told her I would.

I never had a subject assist me as much as this one did. I had her put on the sexiest outfit
in her closet, light a candle, and have a small drink of wine to loosen up (this is optional).
She took care of any business (including going to the bathroom) so that she wouldn't be
distracted once we began. I told her to get comfortable by relaxing with her legs
uncrossed, her arms at her sides, and the phone cradled so that her arms were free. I
then told her to release her breathing, letting go of it and letting her body do it for her
like when she sleeps. Mixing in commands to her body to relax, feeling her outfit release
its sexuality into her body as she breathed, regulating her breathing with commands, and
having her eyes stare at the candle, she went deep into trance very quickly and passed
the "point of release" where the hypnotist's control is genuine, like that of a stage

Once she releases, it's time to switch my induction from inducing to deepening and
guiding her mind towards orgasm. The process is similar to what a stage hypnotist does
with his audience, but is more intimate and intense in a comfortable, private, one-on-one
session. I took her through deepening routines, including a "broken count" where she
counts down from a number I start her at, resuming the count at my number whenever
she hears me interrupt, tying the count to imagery of her locking my eyes, our eyes
connected as if by laser beam, me looking up and her body suddenly rising, a magic
carpet floating underneath her body, my eyes releasing their grip, her body falling onto
the magic carpet, and as she counts down she feels the carpet sinking a yard towards the
earth, while if she counts up or is interrupted with a higher number, the carpet rises.

I took her through an extended broken count, giving her the keywords or triggers of
stuck, where she remains stuck on a number, counting the same number over and over
again, until she hears the word unstuck, at which point she resumes her count until the
next command or interruption. Finally, I use the keyword random to conquer her mind,
telling her it becomes more and more difficult to remember more than a few seconds into
the past, and that she can no longer keep track of her counting. If she's been properly
relaxed and induced to this point, she will lose all control right about here. From the
random numbers I told her she'd get more turned on as she counted (this is called a sexy
counting technique that I teach to women who use hypnosis because it's easy to learn),
and that she would lose even more control (also took a few chances to regulate her
volume so I could hear her more clearly). I then instructed her to inform me each time
she came and kept track with my own count.

At this point, she was GONE and LOVING IT. It was like her mind was on a yo-yo and I was
holding the string. The hypnosis was a complete success, and I took her through the
counting exercises a bit more, putting her temporarily to sleep, and giving her some
trigger commands so that she could reenter the state at a later time. The triggers I gave
her were words combined with the snap of a finger, each of which would send her deeper
into trance and cause a response phrase. First I installed a general trigger of Lucy Loves
Hypnosis! (Lucy is not her real name), which is easy to execute, and a true statement,
with the response phrase of "I am relaxed." Then I told her anytime she heard the word
pet she would respond by saying that she was a well-trained pet; when she heard the
word hypnotized she would respond by saying "I am not even aware I am hypnotized";
the word slut caused her to say "I am a well-trained slut," and so forth (she is, after all, a
secret slut and the term is not an insult or meant as one). Once the triggers were
installed, she lost complete control, and was ready for her sexual triggers.

I gave her a rather simple one, telling her that anytime she heard me say a word with the
word come embedded in it and snapped my fingers, she would climax. Using phrases like
come-pletely relaxed and come-pletely come- fortable, be-come-ing come-pletely
aroused, she went into auto- orgasm mode and came a total of thirteen times. I woke
her up quickly, saying simply you can wake up now (no need for an extended wakeup),
and when she came to she felt incredible. She then told me she was wetter than she had
ever been with anything but their vibrators (how do women get to masturbate and be
cool about it when with guys we're losers). Mission accomplished.

A trained hypnotist who is a dedicated Foxhunter will have little difficulty working the
gimmick to perfection. I'm sure more than a few male stage hypnotists chose their
profession for that very reason. They have status, talent, training, and an endless stream
of subjects to select from. They don't have to approach or use their shows to find
subjects, because the secret sluts will come to them. It is much easier for a secret slut to
begin revealing herself through an innocent conversation about a topic like hypnosis than
to reveal her secret. What prevents her from revealing herself is the same thing that
prevents the nice guy from pursuing her: she doesn't want men who do not know what
she wants without her having to ask, and nice guys make the mistake of asking her
directly or analyzing her behavior at face value. The result is a clear mismatch which
favors the jerk.

As the popularity of hypnotic seduction increases, the level of talent required for it to be
effective is going to rise considerably. Serious study and practice will one day be a
necessity if current trends are any indication. The point of socialization, where secret
sluts who want to be hypnotized (a way of releasing responsibility) will have their choice
of hypnotist, instead of reacting instinctively to every one who enters their lives, as many
do now.

To hypnotize a woman, you need to understand the principles of hypnosis, why it works,
but most of all you need to know how to perform an induction, how to tell how deep she
is in trance, how to achieve maximum control over her mind during the session (if you
don't, someone else will), and it helps to install triggers so that she can go under again
more quickly should she desire a repeat performance. The amateur hypnotists who
achieve light trances with Foxes are successful now only because the overall supply of
quality hypnotists is low. The rule for hypnotic seduction is simple: strongest trance
wins. How strong that trance needs to be is determined by her exposure to other
hypnotists, their talent level relative to yours, and your secret slut's appetite for hypnosis,
which in a minddigger is going to be huge.

If you are a nice guy and you've ever had that you-just-don't-get-it look from a secret
slut, this is what you don't get. This is the great mystery (no pun intended), the great
experience that she thinks you cannot duplicate. Is she a bad girl because of this? Not as
a citizen, but she could level the playing field by letting the nice guys in on the secret,
especially since the bad boys learn it quickly. In the absence of this, Foxes could be more
honest about why they don't want the nice guys, or, as a last resort, frustrated nice guys
can make a conscious decision to imitate the players and reap the rewards. Thanks to the
internet, this last option is occurring in record numbers.
I was in my twenties when I uncovered the secret slut in all her entirety. In a way, the
hand- massage pickup was typical of this, although that was more of an accident between
two frustrated AFC than typical of either of our character. I have found repeatedly that
the mere mention of hypnosis to a secret slut works a lot like a bell on one of Pavlov's
dogs. It is hypnotic in and of itself, like a command she has been waiting to hear all of her
life. When you encounter this, if you are skilled, you have an easy way to seduce without
being rude, by displaying your hypnotic talents. The creativity of your approach will
intrigue her, and the experience, done properly, will blow her mind away. If you act like a
professional hypnotist and Foxhunter and let your subjects beg you rather than being
active like the speed seducers, you will be dealing with the highest- quality Foxes who are
most interested in you and most eager to go under.

I do not expect nice guys to confront secret sluts, but they should keep the possibility in
the back of their mind that they are dealing with one. If they are, pursuit over any length
of time will not work, and unless he wants to conquer her, he should find greener
pastures because he will get nowhere with her, be rejected in the firmest and most polite
of ways, and will be shut off from any sexual interaction by the invisible wall that only the
dominant male knows how to knock down or walk around. That the wall exists at all
should tell nice guys in no uncertain terms that they are misjudging a large percentage of
women, and in doing so, costing themselves an awful lot of sex.

Reason #16:
ASF Indoctrination is a process, not a reason. A big part of the ASF culture is accepting
the education process. Part of that process involves asking the elder members of the
group for advice and comments even when you think you know the answer. This is similar
to the practice of tournament chessplayers to record their games, analyzing the moves in
post-mortems which can be very animated, with even grandmasters disagreeing on the
correct move. In the finest tradition of academic research, seducers all over the world
share their secrets freely with the newbies, for the world is so vast that it does not cost
the player any women to tell a few men how to get laid. When the number of men who
are listening as if E.F. Hutton had risen from the dead and were talking himself
approaches a million, however, as it may in a few years, the rules of dating wind up
finding themselves rewritten. This is already beginning to happen.

The force is almost impossible to stop. Men constantly stumble upon ASF or its related
websites, or mine, or another, they are told that they can read or purchase the answers
to their questions, and guess what? They can. The demand for quality information is so
great that any author who steps up to the plate right now will make a profit, with the
potential of fame and fortune awaiting them down the road if their work catches on. The
free information catches fire almost instantly, as there is no price or distribution barrier.
Newsgroup visitors now have the benefit of several free websites which archive the posts,
sometimes organizing them by topic into a curricula. My main contributions to these
archives were the pivot and returning Fox theories, both of which are very useful to
players. It was not my intent to help players with pivots, but I should have seen that

The liberalism of the 1960s and 1970s gave way to Reaganomics, intransigence, and a
there-are-no- victims, my-shit-never-stinks-and-yours-better-not attitude that has
put us into the law of the jungle. We advertise ourselves as compassionate, but we aren't.
Foxes especially have taken their natural power and enhanced it to the point where they
can treat a nice guy like absolute dirt, he won't fight back, and he will still want her or
even ask for more if he thinks it will please her. The tough-love approach is truly justified
here, as nice guys just have their head in the sand. They take all kinds of crap from
Foxes, for all of the wrong reasons. A Fox who senses that he won't retaliate will often
become even more abusive. They have unlimited access to muscle, so they can attack
and insult without fear. One aspect of the nice guy problem that is rarely spoken about is
that Foxes are often nice to violent men because of fear, or even worse, because they
want to make use of the goon, justifying his violent behavior by saying that the targets
(i.e., any man she doesn't like) deserved it.

One thing players or jerks do is instill sexual respect in a Fox one way or another. This
can be done any way (even Ricardo accomplished it with his tame approaches). The nice
guy who allows a Fox to ignore his sexuality might as well let her cut his balls off.
Establishing yourself as a sexual creature early on helps a lot, because once she gets
past her disgust that you're just another pig, she will have to deal with you as such if she
wants to keep interacting with you. Just as men do things they don't want to do to be with
Foxes, the reverse also happens. A musician who is getting laid left and right and refuses
to accept an LJBF presents two choices: have sex with him and be part of the music, or
write him and his music off. Groupies have shown through their behavior that they are
willing to pay the price. In this case, being a jerk doesn't get the musician laid, but it
allows him to ensure that being a musician gets him laid, so it would be credited with an

Sexual respect is different from social respect. Most nice guys are respected; they just
aren't desired. Don't worry about gaining social respect unless you're using a pivot.
Being popular is not as important as avoiding being unpopular. Most people simply do not
care about you enough to worry about your overall respect level. If you worry about
winning her respect, you are giving her power. Just assume that you are respected until
someone gives you a reason to believe otherwise. If you go the aggressive route like the
poster recommends above, you'll command respect, but it will be for the wrong reasons.
The useful aspect of this post is that it highlights yet again how Foxes often confuse
cockiness with confidence, and fear with respect. You may not want to behave like this,
but you don't want to be steamrolled by one either.

A nice guy refuses to see a Fox who acts innocent as something other than what she
appears to be, and she rejects him because she figures he is clueless. The player's
posture is more defensive, oriented towards preventing her from giving him shit, but
that's only a step away from full-fledged jerkhood. Men who talk about respect should
raise red flags, because what happens when they are disrespected is often highly
unpleasant. A Fox who wants respect should choose a nice guy, but she often finds that a
turnoff. It is difficult to blame men for being jerks when the jerks are rewarded with sex
and the honest men are punished. It is up to Foxes to change the reward system if they
want male behavior to change.

ASF indoctrination formally begins when a lurker loses his ASF virginity and introduces
himself to the group. A typical introductory post might read as follows:

Hey guys. I'm a newbie AFC here and want to share my story with everyone. Like many
here, I've been walked on by women all my life, and only recently did it dawn on me that
there had to be something better out there. This NG is the greatest thing I've seen in my
life!!! All the experts make this place the best advice site on the net, and its FREE! Who
needs courses and books when we have all this!!

Newayz, my name is Rob, and I'm 26 years old. Just got out of a relationship with a 6.5-7
who I thought was the best I can do. Recently I just got a job at a technology firm and
they got the hottest office girls I've ever seen! I don't want to make a move on any of
them before consulting the masters here and as I get to know them I'll post updates and
seek comments. Help me out as much as you can!!

Does ne1 no how to use SS in the workplace? I want to be careful not to cause any
harassment problems or accusations if she catches onto what I'm doing. What about negs
or kino? Also, can someone explain to me the terminology they use here? I think I got
most of it, but what does everything mean? Where can I find the archives you always talk
about? Oh, and what is the lounge and why do you need a password?

I have covered most of the ASF terminology already, so a repeat isn't necessary. The
lounge refers to the private sections of the related where the ASF regulars who get along
with each other go to speak privately. This affords them the benefit of trading secrets
among themselves without letting the public capitalize. It is very smart practically, and
the serious players are already seeing how discretion is at times the better part of valor.
The lounges also contain picture sections where the players post actual pictures of their
actual conquests, and file sections where the truly daring can upload audio or video
recordings of them engaged in various activities. I have never felt the need or desire to
participate in the lounges, and as a commercial publisher I am thought of as a bit of a
sellout, even though I publish a mass of free advice and information. That's life on the
internet, however.

Once the newbie player has made a commitment to the lifestyle, he is expected to ask,
listen, implement, report, modify, and persist until his mission is accomplished. He
detaches completely from the notion of waiting for a special woman, embracing the
numbers game whereby he continually pursues Foxes until he finds one who says yes.
Sooner or later he will find one, and when he does, that Fox will be ignoring a nice guy
who is just like the newbie player used to be, proving directly that the negative change
in attitude leads to a positive change in sexual options.

After his first mission, the newbie reports back to the group, documenting his mission
with analysis, seeking comments, criticisms, and anything that will help him along on his
quest. A typical newbie mission post might look like this:

Hey guys, I'm back after my first newbie mission with a report. It's 3:00 a.m. and I'm
kinda drunk so forgive me if I ramble a little. Man, I can't believe what a little change in
attitude will do. I dropped my nice guy act and just started being confident, a little cocky,
playful, and if I saw a HB I followed the three-second rule and approached her

Went to a club down by the docks which is known to attract a wild crowd, but when I got
there it was pretty dead, at least for the guys, musta been three of us for every one of
them. This 7.3 (blonde, about 22) is standing by the pay-phone next to the restroom and
gives me a smile as I pass by. I smile back, say hi and keep walking to see if she follows. I
keep walking out by the dancefloor and there's a four-set, all HB (9.0, 9.6, 8.6, 8.2) and
as usual they're all ALONE. All the AFC wallflowers are STARING at them too SCARED to
approach, so I seize the moment and walk up.

Mystery said to ignore the target (the 9.6) in a group pickup, so I focused on the 8.6 and
the 8.2, asking them about the song on the jukebox and initiating fluff talk. The 8.2 bailed
immediately and suddenly I was getting minor kino from the 8.6 which broke off when
she had to use the bathroom. They invited me to join their table, which meant I was IN.
This is the first time in my life that I've ever sat down at a HB table, and a four-set at
that! I see the social proof factor kicking in and the OTHER HB in the club are checking
me out, while some AFC are fuming because they didn't have the balls to approach
anyone. What losers!!!

I try to elicit some values, but the music is loud so I keep the conversation to fluff with a
little kino here and there to emphasize my points. I pulled my chair closer to the 8.6 who
sat down next to me when she got back from the bathroom, and we were able to have a
conversation as long as we practically whispered in each other's ears, which was cool.
Before coming to this NG, I would have frozen by now, but the more progress I made, the
more confident I got. I kept up the playful, confident, and mysterious persona, toying with
the 8.6 and at one point she knocks me out of my chair (almost) by asking me if I'm a
player. WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU SAY TO THAT? Should I deny it or let her think I know
what I'm doing. I couldn't think of what to say and froze up. DAMN!! Next time I'll have
the answer thanks to all of you though and that's why I keep coming back to post.

The evening wrapped up and we headed for the exit. The 8.6 walked right next to me and
we paused outside for a cigarette while talking about what a great evening we had. I used
a line from this NG and asked her how we could continue this another time, and she
immediately reached into her purse and wrote her number down on a matchbook, which
she handed me. I put the matchbook in my back pocket so I wouldn't accidentally throw it
away like I did one time. I wanted to kiss-close with her, but the AFC took over a bit so I
just took her hand and kissed that instead. She LIKED IT!!!

When do you think is a good time to call her? How long should I wait? I was thinking of
just forgetting her for a bit and calling her but she might hook up with someone else. I
dunno what to do there but I was proud of myself for putting this NG into practice the way
I did. I didn't kiss-close like Mystery (well I did sorta), but I felt CONFIDENT for the first
time and FUN TO BE AROUND. Social proof helps that a lot cuz once you get past the
shields and you hook up in convo with a HB the rest of them want to know what's up.
Then you relax and things kick into gear and it's like you were never an AFC! I got
rejected several other times when I went out but tonight this NG just CLICKED and things
fell into place. I know I'll get better as time goes on but this was a real confidence-

Call it The Making Of A Jerk. Foxes would have nice guys believe that the reward
system is an accident, but is it? How many times do they have to enter relationships
because of approaches under false pretense, fake confidence, a kino invasion, fluff talk,
and the numbers game before they wake up? This is not the way to find the man of your
dreams? The young Fox I hypnotized in the secret slut example wouldn't even consider a
long- term relationship at this point. In her words, she's young, attractive, and wants to
have fun. Not once does it occur to her that those are reasons for her to search for a good
husband now, and not to wait until they are a shell of their former selves. Just as men
have difficulty dealing with having to be alpha-males to have any meaningful choices,
women have to confront the reality that they don't have the luxury of waiting until they
are 30-35 in order to settle down. Once she hits 25, and even when she hits 21, her
market value begins to decline as the next generation blossoms.

ASF taught me as clear as anything ever has that Foxes go out of their way more than
any man could ever dream of to avoid decent men and to reward jerk behavior.
Sometimes they do so actively, out of attraction to the jerk, and a lot of the time they do
so passively, by rigging the game in the jerks' favor without even being aware that they
are doing so. They do this by responding only to aggressive approaches, allowing jerks to
protect them from other man (namely nice guys who might warn them that they are
trusting the wrong men), and from there they use isolation, entertainment, head games,
and every trick you see in this book to close the deal sexually. Passive creatures that they
are, the Foxes fall into a routine which has the jerks on center stage in their lives,
creating the drama they crave, while the decent men are relegated to the sidelines.

The indoctrination process documents the player's evolution: a newbie AFC becomes a
newbie PUA, he makes progress, reports back, gets feedback, makes more progress, and
the cycle repeats until he gets laid once, perfects his moves some more, and truly
conquers the opposite sex. How women or nice men can ever expect things to change
when sex is the reward for being a jerk and masturbation the punishment for being a nice
guy is beyond me. Compare the progress made during indoctrination to the nice guy's
progress, which will often be nothing or negative. ASF and its websites cry out to the nice
guy perpetually, showing him where he is going wrong, inviting him to join the chosen
men that Foxes deem worthy, and to turn the meat market into a complimentary, all-
you-can-eat buffet.
After the newbie mission is successful, he usually finds himself on the right track but
stumbling in a key area. A typical post might read as follows:

Help me out guys!! I've got my moves down, but I have problems KEEPING MY FOOT ON
THE GAS PEDAL. When I'm a hardass the women can't get enough of me, but once I make
progress I turn back into an AFC and then I get shit on again. I don't even need real help
because I KNOW what the fucking problem is. So why can't I fix it!! Are these chicks using
SS on me or somethin?

Last week I used negs to pick up this 9.3, got the # and a kiss-on-the-cheek close (does
that count?), and I call her. Her fucking ROOMMATE answers the phone, SCREENS me,
and tells me she's not there. She asks me if I want to leave a message and I get pissed. In
a cynical voice, I said "Yes, I'd like to leave a message. Tell her I can take a hint." Then I
hung up. TEN MINUTES LATER she fucking calls me back and says she was at the store
and why did I think she was lying? I told her to hang up if all she wanted to do was fight
with me and she's like no what's up and could we hang out. I tell her to meet me at
Lucky's at 8:00 sharp and to "dress well." She shows up HOT!!! We go to sit down at a
table and I wanted her to sit next to me and she did for a second but then she got up for
a minute to go to the bar and when she came back she sat down across from me!!
BITCH!! MAJOR disrespect and the beginning of the end.

Next thing I know her two UG friends show up and one sits down next to her while the
other starts flirting with me. FUCK!!! I couldn't fucking STAND it!! I should have ejected
without saying a word and let her come back to me but like the fucking AFC I still am I
spend a BORING evening chatting with the cockblock while the 9.3 starts letting three
guys fight for her attention. At least I could have circulated around the joint as there were
a few HB there but I was back in AFC mode and there was no saving the evening. I head
out around 11 and stop at another club down the street, but nothing was happening
there. What a fucking waste of an evening.

I'm learning that you can't supplicate (here I supplicated by letting the cockblocks
interfere and not calling her on inviting them) or you'll blow all your progress. Don't listen
to what women say, they like to shit-test you all the time. If she didn't want to fucking be
alone with me, why the FUCK did she come at all? Fucking chick logic. I'm beat and gotta
go to bed nite all.

The players are just regular guys who have been walked on a bit too much. One thing
that is clear is that many of them are not thrilled with what they have to do in order to
get laid, and who can blame them? When the same man who is rejected as a nice guy is
treated like royalty when he loses his civility, how can women expect any man to put up
with that? They might as well just drop the charade and tell men that this is what they
want. The lack of honesty in what women claim to want and how they reward negative
behavior while punishing positive behavior is what creates the problems they complain
about. If nice guys could fix the problem, they would, but they can't put a gun to a Fox's
head and make her treat men respectfully, or to pursue the men who have the qualities
they say they value while having sex in the parking lot of a club with some loser who just
imposed himself on her, cracked a few jokes, dropped a few names, and used social proof
and a pivot to challenge her into seducing him away from the others. This is not love. This
is not a search for a soulmate. This is slut behavior, plain and simple, and any nice guy
who denies it even when he sees it firsthand is going to have a lot of problems because
until he accepts reality, he is going to lose out on a lot of pussy.

When I surf other newsgroups on USENET, I find female-oriented discussions where men
who speak freely about this are criticized, ostracized, shunned, insulted, taunted, by both
women and their Blutos (a Bluto is a blind defender of women, taken from the Popeye
cartoons), and even shouted down with ridicule, essentially proving his points that
women are psychologically abusive and that AFC men defend them in the hope of getting
on their good side or out of fear of getting on their bad side. If you move from USENET to
moderated discussion groups, the bias becomes unbearable, with anti-female postings
deleted, the posters' accounts terminated, and the resulting "discussion" an AFC paradise
where women rule, men beg, and nice guys are told not to change a thing despite
miserable results, to keep up hope that things will turn around, and one day they will
meet that mythical right woman, who makes all the pain worthwhile. On ASF, the men
present their problems, are given solutions, and put those solutions into practice. In doing
so they have created a movement like no other.

The final step of indoctrination usually comes when a player posts about how he has
difficulty reconciling all of the sex he's getting with the jerk he has to act like in order to
get it. He says he wants to settle down, and while he is encouraged to, he rarely finds
that special Fox who can tame him into a loyal boyfriend. This is called the Concession
Fox technique in Foxes, and is yet another example of how all a jerk has to do to get a
better relationship than a nice guy is to change, with no penalty and even some credit
for having been a player. This is like the drug addicts in professional sports who recover
from addiction and wind up profiting from repairing the damage they inflicted to begin
with! If Foxes wanted nice guys, they would select nice guys in the first place. It is
obvious that they are less interested in seeking out a nice guy to begin with, and are
more interested in the drama created by the challenge of turning a jerk back into the
nice guy she never wanted.

Compulsive gamblers are said to live in denial. Specifically, they are in denial about how
well they do because they don't keep accurate records, relying on memories of the
occasional winning bet to sustain themselves through the losing which they normally
experience. A recreational football bettor can easily lose a few thousand dollars a year
and convince himself that he is breaking even, and in seduction, a nice guy can convince
himself that the occasional accidental victory or lay is fate finally turning in his favor, not
the aberration it almost always is.

Before you go criticizing ASF for exploiting women, keep in mind that jerks were getting
laid long before it. For a nice guy to wind up an ASF legend, a lot has to happen. The
newsgroup is the last stop on this road, not the first. Men who are not already fed up with
women and beginning to doubt their opinions of women as nice are the ones who are
ASF-prone. Like born-again zealots, they approach those who are desperate, out of
answers, who feel a need to belong, take them in, make them part of a family, without
them ever having to leave home, and most important, they are given advice which helps
them solve their getting-laid problems. The player lifestyle, with its easy answers and
quick sex with hotties, is difficult to resist, especially when women are the ones placing
so much importance on getting laid.

It is by the very Foxes who wind up used that the seeds of ASF were planted. Take this
fictional post from alt.romance, written from the female perspective, to a nice guy who
just rambled on about how he was twenty-six years old and still a virgin:

Hey girls, another bitterboy joins the ranks of AR!! Bet he's a short, fat, balding,
unemployed loser who's still living at home watching Springer.

I got news for you, loserboy, it's your ATTITUDE that is preventing you from getting
women. You're nothing but a spineless wuss that women avoid for the REAL man. What's
wrong, are you bitter? Stop whining and DO something about it!!

I'm sick of these cowards who can't talk to a woman in real life thinking that just because
THEY can't get laid that women are evil. Women are GREAT!! If women dumped on you in
the past you need to take a look at what you did to DESERVE it, creep! If you think
women are so bad, why don't you try men! I bet you'd look really good with a nice long
DICK shoved up your ass!!
If a Fox ever dressed you down like that, how would you react if your only crime was
treating her with respect? After a while, learned helplessness kicks in, and the nice guy
realizes that no matter how nice he is to the rattlesnake, he is still going to wind up
bitten. The combination of social bias which holds women harmless for their conduct and
men accountable for theirs, and the tendency of men to ignore bad behavior in the hope
that it will change into good behavior, is sufficient to make life for the nice guy absolutely
miserable. Moreover, the nice guy who actually takes the advice of the woman above will
see ASF as the right move. He will take action, change his attitude, giving women what
they want, but making it so they do not want what they get.

You-can't-get-a-woman taunts by women are unforgivable regardless of whether or not

they are true. They tell men that sex is a contest, that getting laid most often by the best-
looking bodies determines the winner, and that if you do not get laid you are a loser that
something must be wrong with. This would only be true if women always made the right
choices in men, which most of the time they do not. We wind up with women claiming to
be able to judge men while misjudging almost every man they meet, rejecting the men
they should be with, playing pornstar for the men they should be avoiding, and lecturing
the men that they wrongfully reject as convincingly as a 400-pound person lecturing a
competitive bodybuilder on how to stay in shape through eating right and exercise.

A fundamental problem most women have is keeping men sexually satisfied. Women are
better at looking after their own needs than concerning themselves with a man's. They
believe if they are a little sexy that this is good enough, and even the Foxes rarely
maximize their true sexual potential. Those few who do make the effort to truly satisfy
men are rewarded with their pick of the lot, more loyalty than most Foxes will ever know,
and the true appreciation of men who are relieved not to be punished for being men, for
having sexual desires, and for appreciating the fine female form. Women who don't
measure up to men's higher sexual standards put the blame on the men for having them,
yet their own fairy-tale expectations are thought of by them as their birthright. The
double-standard is nauseating, and creates a dearth of truly desirable Foxes, making it
difficult for all but the alpha-males to reliably be able to secure one.

As ASF evolves, the indoctrination process becomes more efficient. With the related
websites cataloging the methods, newbies are brought up to speed quickly on how to
think and behave, what to say, and when to say it. As if assimilated by the Borg, they turn
from caring, decent men into misogynistic players who lose respect for individual women
but who respect all women, in the Bill Clinton sense of the word, and who develop the
necessary distance and attitude to draw Foxes into their lair. The Foxes have no one to
blame but themselves, for had they not dumped on the men prior to indoctrination, they
would have been able to save the nice guys they deem so valuable.

Reason #17:
The Looks Screen

Ask a Fox if she would be with her lover if all he cared about was how she looked and how
often she had sex with him, and she will say no. Ask her lover why he is with her, and he
will usually say it is her body and the sex. Nothing drives this point home more clearly
than ASF: men want looks and sex (and youth), and for this shallow sin they are not
punished. The insistence by Foxes that men ignore or minimize the one thing they want
most is absurd. Instead of just accepting the fact that they are sexually desirable to all
men and using that desirability to choose the man who is best for them, Foxes require
men to deny the truth, acting as if looks did not matter, highlighting her other qualities,
with the reward for his focus away from looks and sex being more sex with a better-
looking Fox than he has ever had in his life.

Recently, I have become very sarcastic with Foxes about the power of their beauty. I
point out the tendency for them to reward men for pretending not to want their body,
sarcastically adding that they should consider themselves lucky that men haven't caught
onto this yet, or they might lie in order to get laid. Talk to any Fox who is exiting a bad
relationship and her most common reason for breaking it off will be that she realized she
was being used for sex. Despite this, she will not change her flawed selection process,
and if you want her to consider you as a lover, often you have to lie. A minority of Foxes
take the opposite approach, responding to honesty, so I cannot say that all of them
reward lies, but far too many do.

The bias extends way beyond sex into every area of life: her lovers want her for her body,
but so do her friends. She'll insist that her AFC groupies are good men, not like that, that
they like her for her personality, but if you measure the behavior of the AFC (or read their
confessions on ASF) you realize quickly how Foxes inspire friendship just as easily as they
inspire sexual interest, and beyond that, they are elevated to a celebrity status which
makes it possible for them to cruise through life based upon how they look. This is
something which must remain unspoken, for the man who dares to speak the truth is
hated, having struck her ultimate raw nerve. Few Foxes are mature enough to confront
the reality, and many have never known anything other than being young and beautiful,
and do not learn the cruel looks lessons until much later in life, when their insight and the
maturity that comes with it are useless, because they are no longer desirable to the men
they used to take for granted.

While Foxes are allowed to screen men for shallow reasons, even looks, and especially
height, which is as bigoted as it gets, since a man cannot change what he was born with.
That they also want men to be brilliant, successful, and popular in addition to being tall
and good-looking rules out a good number of men right out of the gate. By contrast, men
are very honest about their preferences, with each other, even with Foxes, but rarely are
they fully honest. Men will acknowledge being men and appreciating a Fox, but they act
as if they wind up with them by accident, when in fact they are practicing something very
slimy called slithering based on appearance. The process is so subtle that Foxes do
not pick up on it, and even when it is pointed out to them they prefer to remain in denial.

Foxes are not really able to move through society without being approached by men at all
turns. Their professional and personal relationships constitute a minefield where the next
approach or pass is right around the corner, the net result being that they can find a man
anytime they want. This creates two types of Foxes: those who always have a boyfriend,
and those who are single by choice. A Fox who remains alone for any length of time is a
picky creature, and must be treated much differently from the ones who have their
replacements lined up before their current relationship ends. Players know to avoid Foxes
who screen carefully, and nice guys should learn to avoid those who do not. The times
nice guys do wind up with Foxes, it is usually only after they have wised up enough to
take some time to evaluate their potential mates and do so correctly. Such good fortune
is rare, but it does occur. A broken clock is right twice a day, and even a compulsive
gambler wins a bet every now and then. Usually, however, the race is to the swift, the
fast-moving players of ASF.

Nice guys are conditioned to respect women, and part of that respect is not to think of
them primarily as sexual objects, even when a Fox thinks of herself that way. In theory,
he is not supposed to care that his nice, loyal girlfriend doesn't fully turn him on, because
it would be wrong of him to put unrealistic pressure on her. Even a minor offense to her
sensibilities is enough to throw him into a guilt-ridden apology fit, displaying his lack of
backbone for her to see, and to reject for the man who challenges her that she is not
woman enough. It could not be any clearer that looks screens are not punished, that
even when a man values looks above all else, that he pays no penalty and, as with the
other reasons in this book, is sexually rewarded for being shallow. This raises the
recurring question of why Foxes reward the very behavior they claim to despise yet

The effects of deflection away from emphasis on a Fox's body has other consequences.
She is more likely to find men agreeing with everything she says (except for the jerks
who know not to do this), telling her how intelligent and interesting she is, and convincing
her on a constant basis that her opinions matter more than those of others, her desires
are more important to fulfill, and that in every possible way, her shit simply does not
stink. She also finds herself treated like a piece of meat at the most unexpected of times
-- in elevators, walking down the street, at the supermarket, or anywhere she goes. Being
by herself can be dangerous, as a number of men who go over the edge find themselves
fixating on Foxes out of warped desire or hatred, sometimes raping, stalking, or even
killing them. While the protective behavior is excusable, for the most part Foxes become
stuck-up because it's easier to keep everyone but a few trusted individuals at bay. The
problem lies not with the wolves in the darkness but instead with that trusted few, wolves
who slipped through the cracks and who have fooled her into thinking they are different.

The insistence on a man not being too into a Fox's body is difficult to bear. No matter
how ridiculous it is on the surface, the denial continues. The true motives surface
indirectly: a Fox needs a job, and suddenly ten men are hiring; she needs an apartment,
and suddenly they need roommates. On the darker side, if she mentions that she doesn't
like a man, she'll have offers of protection, to have the problem taken care of,
sometimes through violent means. The Foxier the damsel in distress, the more inspired
the chivalry cavalry is to help her. I have seen firsthand where these Blutos and wannabe
Prince Charmings tie such behavior to the body of the recipient of their assistance. One
incident which sticks out in my mind involved a bartender who was big on defending
Foxes, but whom I caught one time yelling at an older non-Elite who had no physical
inspiration left. It was one of the most pathetic sights in my life. Had he ever addressed a
Fox that way he would have been risking severe physical harm. Men guard Foxes much
the way they guard large amounts of money.

Nice guys are very forgiving of the punishment they are dealt when a Fox lets a jerk who
only wants her body and uses her for sex gets years with her, while gets platitudes about
one day finding that all-elusive right woman. She thinks of herself and her relationship as
ideal, what the nice guy should strive for, yet what she thinks is a deep, spiritual
connection with her boyfriend is often nothing more than her being on the wrong end of
an ASF lay report. The Fox who reveals that she was cheated on for the past ten years
and didn't know it should remind herself that her faulty selection process placed the
cheater above the nice guy she rejected. One question I use to taunt divorced Foxes with
is How can I be more like your ex so I can fool a fine young woman like you
used to be into having sex? Such taunts are effective because they get the point
across in a sardonic soundbite typical of one that women themselves love to use on men.

Media portrayals of nice guys shit on by Foxes further condition our looks biases. On
Family Matters, Steve Urkel spends years chasing down Laura Winslow, while on A
Different World, Dwayne chases Whiteley and winds up with her after years of
unrequited pursuit. Readers from my era remember Joanie rebuffing Chachi for several
seasons on Happy Days before finally giving in and dating him, causing Chachi to be so
excited at finally getting his chance that he threw an apron up in the air as he walked out
of Big Al's, burning the entire restaurant down. In each case, the alleged nice guy had
his attention fixated on a Fox, not a non-elite, and given the way each was treated, it
would appear that looks are the only reason they tolerated such treatment for so long.
How is it a good thing when a nice guy wants a Fox but a shallow thing when a player
does? These questions have no easy answers, but my position is that Foxes are society's
prizes, and should be awarded to the men with the best character. Rarely is this the case.

The occasional nice guy who marries or dates a Fox for a long while, usually someone
with a great deal going for him, often financially, is cited as proof that nice guys win in
the end. My research, experience, and observation have indicated that even on the nice
guy's home turf, the long- term relationship or marriage. If you want a great example of
how this works, take a look at the Ted Nugent Behind The Music special on VH-1. You'll
find Ted, one of the top alpha-males of the 20th century or any era, retiring from a career
of what he now calls a sex addiction and settling comfortably into the live of a devoted
husband and father. The message to nice guys is that it is okay to sow your wild oats as
long as you turn nice in the end. If you know from statistics that you are not going to
catch a Fox's eye by being nice until you are older, then it suits yo to put off being the
AFC until you yourself are mature. Otherwise, you will wind up like me, waiting for the
right young Fox (as in 18-21 years old) to marry, and not having a chance with anyone in
your target market until you are approaching thirty.

Young nice guys suppress their looks preferences a great deal in the mistaken belief that
it will improve their chances. If they hold out and remain single past college, as their
career takes off, they develop enough experience and alpha-male characteristics to make
them a solid beta-male, a Richie Cunningham type any Fox would be proud to introduce
to her parents as their new son-in-law. Fonzie can marry anytime he wants, but as soon
as he does he becomes a spineless version of Fonzie. Men like Fonzie and Ted Nugent
tend to marry only after they find it more difficult to keep playing the field, and since
relationships are new to them, they often become very devoted husbands. In doing so,
they give just enough credibility to the belief that every Fox can tame a badboy, when in
fact few can. Those who do often admit to being drawn to the challenge, while those who
fail to tame often express regret and feel used. This is impossible to avoid when a
hundred Foxes want to marry one player, as was certainly the case with Nugent.

Many jerks are men who experienced nothing but rejection through college, who found a
subpar lover to tide them through their lean years, and who then found their popularity
soar as they continued their education, their income rise as they entered the workforce,
and their desirability to the opposite sex appear to materialize out of nowhere. Foxes
have amazing status radar, moving a year or so ahead of a man's rise up the corporate
ladder. Part of the emphasis on status, especially from the golddiggers, involves
recognizing potential and giving credit for it. This is why male college students find
themselves getting laid regularly for the first time in their lives: their CUPID rating gets a
boost because of their dreams and inability to be thought of as a true failure for several
years into the foreseeable future.

At first, desirable young adult men are often grateful to have the attention of Foxes.
When they realize what is motivating the attention, they take a step back, wondering why
they should feel grateful that suddenly they are mature enough or wealthy enough to be
considered worthy of the same Foxes who had treated them poorly for years. With the
shoe on the other foot, they often turn the tables, playing the field mercilessly, taking
what they want without regard for anything but their own desires, much as had been
done to them before they made it, and to them, turnabout is fair play. Moreover, the
prince sees as phony the behavior of the Foxes, motivated not by any genuine interest in
him, but by the same opportunism they used to criticize him for having when in fact his
problem was that he simply did not measure up. To the victor belongs the spoils.

Solutions to society's looks hangups are few and far between. Nice guys are faced with
the choice of admitting that they are as shallow as the jerks, or settling for something
less than they want, while the Foxes will never be able to escape being thought of by
men primarily as sex objects. It's not that men do not appreciate a brilliant,
accomplished, Fox, just that they will still judge her on her sexuality. She can have all the
brains and status she wants, but the men will simply not care. This leads intelligent Foxes
to seek out intelligent men, only to learn that most intelligent men prefer to have less-
intelligent lovers who appreciate their minds more. To a Fox not wise in the ways of the
world, I have a lot more to offer than to someone like Chelsea Clinton, who has seen more
of the world at her young age than I probably ever will. Men like to be appreciated and

Being nice does not mean having to date women you are not attracted to. It does mean
that you will have a more difficult time achieving a high looks standard, but it can be
done. Being good-looking yourself is a good place to start, with nature and nurture
playing equal parts. You can't control nature, but you can do your best to look as good as
you can given what you were born with. The large majority of men are nowhere near their
looks peaks, and the men who take the time to pay attention to this and other CUPID
factors are rewarded. Since you don't have to be a jerk to raise your CUPID rating, if you
are looking for an alternative that lets you remain nice and honest while still having a
chance of getting what you want, this is the answer for you.

Until Foxes change how they deal with their beauty, nice men are stuck with having to
adapt in some fashion to avoid being shut out. Putting up looks screens is effective, but in
doing so many nice guys will consider that jerk behavior and avoid it. I think it's time they
stopped punishing themselves so badly and admitted their sexuality, and what they want.
Whether or not a man is nice should be measured by how he acts in nonsexual situations.
He cannot control what nature has programmed into him, and making him apologize for
that nature while not doing the same for the jerks who are not only shallow, but dishonest
about it, is wrong and leads Foxes to the emotionally slaughtering arms of the wrong

Constructing an ASF-style post which demonstrates the looks screen would be redundant
overkill. Virtually every post to the newsgroup acknowledges it. Suffice it to say that
Foxes who think men don't have a looks screen are in serious denial and often can be
heard protesting that their man wants them for anything other than the obvious. Whether
they are lying just to others or to thesmelves as well varies with the individual Fox.

Reason #18:
You would think that a stripper earning two grand a week could afford some
dance lessons. -- Me

Strippers are compatible with me in that many of them are minddiggers, a lot of them like
hypnosis, but their lifestyle is such that I find myself relating much better to
professionally trained dancers, particularly those who like middle-eastern dance. That's
just a personal preference. Although any Fox has the potential to be a stripper, especially
in private, this reason is devoted to the professional variety, the ones who make excellent
livings teasing desperate men out of their money. Mystery is the only ASF regular who
has truly conquered strippers, claiming eight to his belt already, a number probably
closer to a dozen by now. A few of his posts talk about how he seduces strippers by going
into their clubs and acting like a fellow performer who just wandered in and is friends with
the DJ, but pulling this off is beyond the capability of most men. The nice guy who wants
to seduce a stripper has a tricky time ahead.

The golden rule of lucking into a relationship with a stripper is to meet her away from her
club. I knew one nice guy with money and the player mentioned earlier who were able to
successfully execute the pluck, or picking up a stripper at her club and bringing her
home. The lifestyle of the typical nice guy is not suited for strippers unless they are
looking to get out of the business, or are very discreet (which is rare), but in the short-
term, these factors do not come into play. We are told by dancers all the time that plucks
are not possible, yet I know of several on a firsthand basis, and several more from news
stories which demonstrate that the right man, or the right amount of money, can catch
lightning in a bottle. Nice guys who have no interest in strippers should still give this
reason a clear look because the degree of difficulty of a pluck is higher than almost

Nice guys who meet strippers away from their clubs should take the Foxhunting approach
and say that they don't date strippers. This might lead to her challenge fetish being
triggered and she'll have to seduce you out of your viewpoint. Should this happen to you,
hold your ground for a little bit before caving in to make it look legitimate. On the other
hand, if you want to try your luck in a strip club, it is best to know what and what not to
do before your first trip into one. In the course of my research, I visited area strip clubs
for several months off and on, with different amounts of money, different attitudes, and
pretty much the same lackluster results, with a few exceptions. I am not suited to
plucking, although if I went to the clubs long enough I could see where it would happen to
me. Since I can operate in other environments, and seduce strippers I meet away from
their clubs, I have no need to waste my time and money trying to execute a pluck.

Since strip clubs are based on fantasy, is it unethical to turn the tables on a stripper and
become her fantasy? Perhaps some day I will pull it off (not likely now since I have no
plans to return to the clubs anytime soon), but I know it can be done, though not easily. A
player, Foxhunter, nice guy, or any man who even dares to attempt a pluck has to
respect the enormity of the task. Nothing should be taken for granted, and he will have to
be on his guard at all times. Even then, a lot can go wrong, and if he picks a toxic
stripper, a lot more can go wrong. I don't consider it a negative that I never did fully
execute a pluck, because the lifestyle is one I find abhorrent. The Foxhunter in me would
be more inclined to just take a job at a club and let nature take its course, not work
against the grain by being the ultimate loser in her eyes: the customer.

The strip club is a microcosm of gender relations: the alpha-males are the club bosses,
who are known to get free sex as a perk of being in the business or working in a high-
ranking position. The beta-males are the wealthy customers who help to keep the place
in business. It's said that these men don't get laid for their money, but one has to wonder
if that's really true. Strippers I talk to say that for anywhere from $300.00-1,000.00, it is
usually possible to get them to lose their religion temporarily. Long-term, a man has to be
worth about $250,000.00 or more to have a realistic shot at keeping her happy, and he
should be worth ten times that, so that he could blow that much a year on her and not
touch the principal.

The rewards of a pluck are not worth it given the effort required to achieve it. If you
happen to be on a CUPID mission, become great-looking, wealthy, and enjoy status, you'll
be able to pick up strippers, but you'll also be able to pick up dancers who have more
sexual ability and no lifestyle problems. Drugs, high-risk behavior, and criminal activity
surround this corner of the nightlife, and it's not really something the nice guy is going to
want in most cases. What appeals to him is the easy access he gets to Foxes for a few
extra dollars, with the lure that maybe, just maybe, he'll wind up with a pluck. Many
strippers have made nice livings leading their customers on as expensively as possible,
sometimes with deadly results.

In one of the most well-known cases of a well-intentioned good-girl rewarding a jerk, and
punishing the nice guys by choosing this jerk over them, Stephanie Rabinowitz, a main-
line Philadelphia lawyer, married her youthful sweetheart, Craig. Craig told Stephanie and
her family that he wanted to start a business selling medical supplies, and designed a
scam for borrowing money from Stephanie, her family, and their friends. Stephanie never
knew anything was wrong with the marriage, but under Craig's nice exterior was a man
living a double life. The money he had raised for his business went not to building it, but
to a stripper who went by the name of Summer, and danced at Delilah's Den (2nd and
Spring Garden, Philadelphia and www.delilahs.com).

Summer and Craig provide a textbook example of what not to do at a strip club if you are
a customer and exactly what to do if you are a stripper. Leading him on, expensively,
Summer took Craig for every penny he had, extending their relationship beyond the club,
taking money from him for rent, health club memberships, expensive clothes...nothing
was too good for Summer. Stephanie, on the other hand, had just given birth to the
Rabinowitzes' daughter, she was aging, and just not enough for a winner like Craig, who
was not only getting laid by his wife, but probably by Summer as well. A customer who
spends that kind of cash will stop the gravy train if the dancer doesn't come across.

The game lasted until the money ran out, and Craig, who had been whipped into a
perpetual state of sexual frenzy by Summer, got desperate. He took out a $1.5 million
life-insurance policy on Stephanie, killed her by strangling her in her bathtub in an
attempt to collect the money, and covered his crime by telling police he drowned. Right
before trial, he admitted to a moral disconnect that led him to not fully understand right
and wrong, which made sex with Summer more important than his wife and his child, and
which led him to murder Stephanie in cold blood. In return for his confession, for which
the city of Philadelphia thanked him, Craig received a life term in prison, which he is now
serving. In an interview over a year after his incarceration, he said he still missed
Summer. Summer, who is dancing under another name at another area club, spoke
highly of Craig, probably to ease his time in prison more than any genuine sentiment.

To Summer, Craig was a successful businessman who treated her like a queen. That she
was taking blood money never became apparent to her until after the fact. Many men like
Craig spend money on her, and the more they spend, the better they are treated. Or so
they think. What Mystery, the first player, and my wealthy friend who married a stripper
prove, the best way to get sex with a stripper is to spend nothing on her. Money spent is
money gone. Having money but not spending it like a Fox being sexy and refusing to
have sex. Your bargaining power is highest before you spend your money, not after.
Expectations of sexual gratitude or loyalty from a stripper who has already pocketed your
money is foolish.

Most players who wind up with strippers they meet at clubs either meet them at regular
dance clubs, through friends, or by working at the clubs themselves. A true pluck is rare
without money or drugs being involved. Choreography and hypnosis were the only two
gimmicks that sparked enough interest in the strippers I met where it would have even
become possible. After one attempt at contact with a stripper outside her club which did
not materialize (to teach her hypnosis), my research time was up and my money found
better uses. It makes very little sense for me to choose an exotic dancer with a large
male following when I can isolate a dancer who is into me and me alone, or me and only a
few rivals. I get all the looks benefits, an easier conquest, better dancing, and the same

The rules I present here in the form of a pluck report which could come from any ASF
player are designed for the higher-class clubs. Lower-class strip clubs, or what I call skank
bars, are places where nice guys can make out like bandits, but you won't want to. I went
to a skank bar once on a Friday night and was offered two numbers, one by a Fox who
was beautiful, young, new in town, and wanted to learn hypnosis (there's that gimmick
again). I declined both offers though I was never more popular in a strip bar than with the
skanks, who hadn't seen a guy in a suit in forever I guess. At the larger clubs, pickups
don't happen so easily, because the dancers don't want to be rescued from the
environment the way the skanks do.

In this report, a genius ASF player combines all pickup techniques to execute the pluck:

I did it guys!! I PLUCKED a stripper from her club!! Never thought it would happen, and it
kinda happened by accident, but I'll take it. She was HOT! Fucking INCREDIBLE!! Let me
tell you how it all happened:

I'm at the mall eating my dinner when these two 9s I met at a party a week ago sit down
next to me. One sits across and the other next to me, with some immediate kino. The one
across gets up to get some food, and while she's gone her friend starts flirting with me.
Kino gets heavy and by the time her friend gets back we look like a couple. She even
teases us, asking when the wedding is. My confidence is up, so I get cocky and say
"depends on how tonight goes." They both blush and get a wicked look in their eyes.

"Really now!" says "my" 9, while the other one moves a little closer. "And what pray tell
did you have in mind? I tell the other 9 that she'll have to hear about it on the phone
tomorrow and could she please let us get going on our date. My decisiveness caught
them off guard and they liked it! The other 9 stops cockblocking and ejects, leaving my
new "girlfriend" and I to get to know each other. I know from this NG that I'm already
home with her and I relax completely, ready to let the evening unfold.

We're driving around in my car (hers was left at the mall), and she says she has to go to
the bathroom. At the next exit is a STRIP CLUB, and I point to her, laughing. "Let's go!"
she says, but I can't tell if she's excited by the club, the bathroom, or both. As we're
rushing in (time was becoming a SERIOUS factor), I ask her if she wants to just use the
bathroom or get a table, and she looks at me for a second, says "get a table!" and rushes
on. When she comes back to my table, I tell her I ordered her a glass of wine and beer for
myself (I don't like getting too drunk too early since it slows me down).

Soon as she sits down the dancers can't take their eyes off my table. They realize I notice
them looking so they stop, but they make a point of stopping by and when they do they
aren't quick to bum for tips or rush off like I thought they would. I felt more like I was at a
regular bar or club. No wonder HB love going out! They get treated like fucking ROYALTY.
Social proof was in full e-f-f-e- c-t this time as well because if I had gone there alone I'd
have been just another loser, but she looked better than almost all of the dancers and
she was with ME.

We hang for about an hour, and my date gives me one of those it's-time-to-go looks.
She's also in a hurry. I don't want to supplicate so I tell her to chill out a few more
minutes, and she waits, but impatiently. Since SHE just supplicated with that I speed it up
a bit and we head out back to the parking lot. As we're walking, she grabs me CLOSE,
touches a few private places, and says "I have a surprise for you." I ask her what and she
won't tell me, but when we get to the car I see one of the dancers from the club waiting
for us. I don't know how she pulled that off and I don't want to know but my first pluck
and first threesome is worth a mention out here.

My advice for going to strip clubs:

Bring a date!! Obviously she was bi or she wouldn't have wanted to stay. Expert advice:
bring a date who could work at the club because she can get the dancers hot without you
having to do the work. Don't tip because if they want you they won't care and if you do
tip they'll just want more. Let them dance all they want for you and touch you but don't
act interested in anything but your date. Don't stay long either because if something's
gonna happen the dancer will want to catch you before you leave, since she can get
distracted performing on stage or called over to the couches or champagne rooms.
Remember when you go in with a date they already know you're desirable, so you don't
have to impress them. Ignoring them impresses them more.

If this sound easy, it should tell you something: players always make it look easy and
natural. Had he gone out with the idea of the pluck in his head, it probably wouldn't have
happened. Also note the key maneuver at the mall cafeteria where he ditched the
cockblock so he could be alone, a bit ironic given how the evening ended up. His ditching
of the cockblock was correct, because he knew he had one sure thing and didn't want it

Only at the tail-end of my strip club visits (all alone, none with dates or even pivots) did I
begin to learn how to work the hypnosis gimmick. Occasionally, a stripper would ask me
to hypnotize her in the club, but I quickly surmised that this would not work well, because
they have to remain in control in their environments and their guard will go up naturally,
preventing them from entering a really deep trance. I did manage to get one under briefly
on my own and that led to a rather inexpensive and long lapdance, but when I started
using the energy of the club, I made some real progress. This ASF report is based on an
experience I had at another club right after the failed phone- number pluck (I probably
acted too slow by not asking her to meet me right after her shift). Here, I put a dancer
under in a very creative way, with the help of another dancer:
For guys who know hypnosis really well and want something to try at strip clubs, here's a
cute trick I'm developing that has a lot of potential. Instead of thinking of SSing or
hypnotizing a dancer yourself, you can use one dancer to hypnotize another! I did this by
going to a local club with my pendant around my neck (it's a crystal), entering the club at
a time when it wasn't too busy, so they noticed me more quickly (and are hungrier for

I order a long-island iced tea and tip the bartender a few bucks (bartenders love being
tipped well since the dancers get most of the money), and when a dancer (9.1) stops by
she asks about my pendant. I tell her I use it to do hypnosis at parties, and she gets
interested. I then tell her that I teach hypnosis to dancers and she gets more interested.
She asks what I teach and I tell them it's how to hypnotize with movement. She asks me
if I could teach her or hypnotize her and I told her the club was a bad place but if she got
me another dancer to help I might be able to pull it off. She bails for a second and comes
back with as close to a 10 as I've seen in weeks. She was PERFECT for the role of decoy
here because she had an exotic look.

I tell the dancer to work the club for a while and let me talk to the 10, so I can get her
ready. I tell the 10 what to do and she likes the plan. Turns out she's bi and has a thing
for the 9.1. PERFECT!!! The 10 leaves to go up on stage, and the 9.1 returns at her signal.
She asks me what I'm going to do, and I told her to just relax, listen, and watch as the 10
comes on stage. She told the DJ to turn the music down just a bit and he complied (it
wasn't that crowded so no one cared), and I went to work with the 10 as my winglady.

The 10 starts out dancing normally, but she quickly isolates on the 9.1 I tell the 9.1 not to
take her eyes off the 10 at all, and that she's going to like what she sees and become
very relaxed. I guide her into the chair next to me and tell her to mentally draw a triangle
on the body of the 10 between her eyes and her navel, and to let her eyes move along
the triangle as if they were ball bearings moving along a track. Her eyes loosened
immediately and I began using kino in combination with my commands to get her ready
to drop. Once she was into a blank stare, her eyes glazed, watching the 10 on stage, I
used a stage hypnosis trick, tapped her forehead, and said "you have to sleep now!" She
DROPPED!!! I kept her under until the 10 came back and said "she's all yours." We had
some fun with her before I woke her up with the suggestion that she would perform like
an animal in heat from now on, and that she'd go back under whenever she heard the 10
say she had to sleep now and tap her forehead. I hung around for a while and then left,
but it was a fun experience, and it didn't cost me more than the $10 or so in extra tips
plus the $5 cover charge. I didn't try for a pluck because I wasn't up for it and didn't want
to ruin the success I had achieved.

Now it's pretty clear where Craig went wrong. His only drawing card was his money, and
when that ran out, he was finished (as was Stephanie, unfortunately). This is why I advise
Foxhunters not to use money to get laid until they have reached their magic number, or
the amount at which they can live nicely off investment returns without touching their
principle. At a minimum, this would be about $250,000.00, while at a maximum, once you
get past $10 million, you're probably okay. Bill Gates could easily retire, toss $100.00 bills
at strippers every minute for the rest of his life, and wouldn't even begin to touch his.
Since you live on the same planet as Gates, you are competing for the same Foxes. Since
millionaires and billionaires patronize strip clubs, your money is going to look like chump
change in comparison. Once you have enough to pay the dancer more than the club can
without hurting your nest egg, you can execute a pluck almost any time you want,
because no stripper in her right mind who liked and trusted you would rather dance in a
club with all its risks than to just take the money from one man. In the absence of such
wealth, the other ways to seduce are with your looks, brains, personality, or a
combination of all three. Attitude and seduction techniques like those in ASF complete
the picture.

If you go to a strip club, don't expect to get laid unless it's for money, drugs, or violence
(if you're a goon type). From what I'm told, drug dealers are very popular in the clubs, as
are those connected to organized crime, who often are friendly with those who run the
clubs. Not all clubs are like this, but the perception has existed for a while, and I'm sure
there is truth to it in some places while in others it is not. I do know that being rich or
violent or connected to the underworld won't work against you in most strip clubs, and
that should say something about the prospects for the nice guys. If you have a stripper
who is repelled by the environment, she might be open to you. Otherwise, you'll need
something special and different to offer her, or you aren't likely to attract her attention at

Reason #19:
The Pivot In Practice

If there is one technique every nice guy should learn, it is how to use pivots. If you are
going to be spending major platonic time with Foxes, you might as well use that time to
your benefit. Nothing accomplishes this like the pivot. On the one hand, I am pleased to
have seen my Friendly Fox creation explode into ASF theory (it is universally accepted
now), but on the other, I get annoyed when I see players using it to run up the score. The
original purpose of the pivot was to level the playing field for the nice guy, not to give the
jerk yet another advantage. The burden is on the nice men to heed the warning and start
using pivots themselves. There's nothing wrong with building your rep. Avoid premature
loyalty to one Fox and that will usually cure your isolation problems. Foxes like male
friends anyway because they do not hit on them.

At some point, Foxes are going to have to stop reacting to pivots. It's too easy for men to
win the game this way. For the time being, until the market digests this simple concept,
the near-surefire way for any man, no mater how inadequate he thinks he may be, to
become popular with women, is to acquire one quality pivot to get the ball rolling. You
need not become a jerk to make use of this. In Foxes, I outline a few scenarios where
pivots can easily be acquired:

• Utility Foxes. A Utility Fox is one who relies on you for some form of utility, such
as free car repair, computer help, etc. If you keep the fake positive attitude most
of the time, and one day you wind up in a conversation with your Utility Fox about
your love life and how you want it to improve (preferably right before she needs
the utility), she will often agree to function as your pivot. Fear of loss of the utility
will be the true motivation, but on the surface she'll just say she's doing it because
you're such a nice guy (we have to bribe women to call us nice, apparently).

• Preemption. As a workaholic, I have snagged more than one date by waiting for a
Fox to ask me why I never go out. The simple reply that I don't want to go out
without female company because it hurts my reputation often provokes a
response that she can fix the problem. Even without the pivot angle, this is still my
preference, because I consider socializing alone to be a waste of time. I don't have
several hours a night to build a social circle, and want what little time I do spend
going out to be used productively. With preemption, you can explain how the pivot
works to women, how players use it, and how you feel you have to in order to level
the playing field.

• LJBF. The old standby: "I promise not to make a move on you." Cute, isn't it? She
thinks he's a gentleman when in fact he's Kasparov using her as a pawn. Poetic
justice, especially after he has used her successfully to get other women, she
wants him, and he no longer needs her.

As a nice guy, you have two choices: go out alone and face ridicule, or bring along a pivot
and be popular. As the strip club example indicates, pivots are powerful. Even when
bisexuality is not involved, being seen with a Fox gives you a seal of approval that looks,
brains, or money cannot buy, because you've already achieved the objectives that having
those things is supposed to help you achieve. You become an instant winner, and since
everyone loves a winner, you become more and more of one as your popularity begins to
feed on itself.

Creating a pivot post is easy, but for this ASF-style explanation, I'll pull up an old story
that Boards told me, in the voice he would use if he were posting himself:

Hey guys. Love the group. Some suggestions: keep the reports ON-TOPIC and cut the
flaming. No one gives a rat's ass about anything but what they can use to get laid here. In
that spirit, I will make my only post to this group. I'm not a bigtime player like you guys.
Nature only blessed me with a strong mind. I'm 5'7", scrawny, but well-educated, from a
good family, and I move in some pretty interesting circles. They call me "boards" because
the only time I get laid by the beautiful women I want is on the rebound. If a man hits,
cheats, lies, or does something else to get dumped, I'm the guy she calls and cries to.

After a while of being an emotional tampon, I began to learn how to take advantage of
this. I'm not one for bullshit so I'm not going to stroke her ego or lie to her to get laid, but
I will let her tell me what went wrong so I can eat it up. I tell them what they should look
for in their next guy, and off I go into LJBF land. Sometimes I can lay them on the
rebound, but I don't have to. I like the ones who break up with a new guy every two
weeks because I make friends with their new guys, since they want my approval after I
show them what they do wrong. The guys are usually really desirable and become quick
friends with me, which opens up a world of other women. Do this a few times with the
right pivots and your social circle will literally explode. Being accepted by alpha-males
improves your status right before a woman's eyes, and she just accepts you as part of the
in crowd.

I use a lot of the other stuff in this group, like negs (sarcastic ones), massage (great for
rebounding because they're always stressed after a breakup), social proof and pivots,
although I'm not much for approaches. For that I have one pivot who helps me a lot --
Belle. Belle can't say enough good things about me and anyone who likes her, male or
female, winds up liking me. She likes me because I never hit on her myself and I'm a
good friend, and because she likes my intellect and knowledge of world affairs.

Belle shows me the power of the pivot because there is NO reason for any HB to ever
approach me, but they always do after they see me with her. You can't really test
something on a tall, handsome guy because it might be his looks. In my case, it's the
pivot. I talked about this with Belle and she said that was obvious that women who see
her with me think I must be rich, well-hung, or really good in bed. That, she says, makes
them even more curious, and I'm inclined to agree with her. It's stupid not to have pivots
at your disposal because when you use them it makes your life a lot easier.

Boards used pivots to accumulate Foxes, and rebounding to close the deal. It worked for
him. In 1988, he met a woman he became a couple with an hour after meeting, they
married shortly after that, and as far as I know they are still married to this day. Boards
did what most men in his shoes do, which is to find one Fox who is willing to accept him
and not let go. A player can replace his source of sex at will; someone like Boards has a
more difficult time. He succeeds as a nice guy because he knows his strengths and plays
to them, and was the primary inspiration for the anti-player methods described at the end
of the book. Boards showed more backbone than even the hardcore players in that he
refused to back down from his views that Foxes dumped all over nice guys, and his
debate skills were so superb that he was considered enough of a threat to need to be
placated, which was part of his plan.

If you are truly pivot-conscious, you can spend all of your free time accumulating them
and using them. Screen your pivots for beauty and how much time they spend with you,
keeping as many as you can around. For the man who has not yet seduced a Fox, it is the
ideal stepping stone, especially if you develop your seduction technique so that you can
capitalize on the opportunities presented by the pivots. Boards went to the ultimate
extreme, using everyone he knew as a pivot of some form or other, but he had to
because he had little to break the ice with otherwise. The extent to which you will have to
compensate socially through pivots will be determined by your CUPID rating.

Reason #20:
Chick Logic
Logic is a wreath of pretty flowers that smells very bad -- Spock

Chick logic is the process by which Foxes justify their behavior and their choices of men.
Men agree with chick logic because not doing so entails the risk of rejection and even
ostracization. The following ASF post is taken from a one-night stand I had a while back,
where I used the reverse timetable technique explained in Foxes to counter her chick
logic and score the lay:

This lay report is simple but it's typical of how chick logic works. I have this first date with
a Penn chick (science major, cute, about a 6.6, with a 10 mind), and it's going real well.
We get back to her place and I wind up massaging her on the couch. The inevitable sex
issue is raised and she starts telling me she has to wait before she hops into bed with a
guy. I decide to try a little reverse psychology on her and tell her that I agree with her,
and that we should wait a YEAR. This threw her off-guard so much to the point that we
were in bed fifteen minutes later. Fucking chick logic! I love it!!

Her chick logic was such that once I showed her I was willing to wait for sex, she had no
need to withhold it from me any longer. She wanted to have sex anyway, and in her mind
that was all the excuse she needed. Chick logic is a valuable tool for the player that
surfaces in almost every discussion. One surprising example is the number of players who
were able to get laid when the Foxes they wanted found out they were not in a
relationship! They didn't want to break his heart, but once they learned that all he
wanted was sex, that was all they cared about!

Chick logic in conversation can be maddening to the nice guy. He knows that when it's
used on him that usually she is either lying or just plain stupid, and either one will tick
him off. When she hooks up with an equally illogical, stupid player (so stupid but he gets
laid anyway), his frustration intensifies. He doesn't want to confront her, because he has
been taught that this is rude, but unless something changes, he knows he won't be
getting laid for a long time. The only thing left to change is himself, and when he reaches
that point of realization, it's off to ASF he goes, with yet another nice guy biting the dust
as a new jerk emerges.

Reason #21:
Taking Off Her Shirt
Nice men used to think that Foxes merely tolerated jerk behavior. More and more
evidence is surfacing that they not only tolerate it but seek it out. One post that struck
me on ASF was about a man whose pickup technique was to somehow convince Foxes he
just met in bars to remove their shirts. I've actually seen this myself at some local
college bars, but figured it was spontaneous. That a Fox would remove her shirt on the
spur of the moment is one thing, but for it to be planned all along by some jerk is

Another application of this technique with better chances of a lay resulting would be the
good, old-fashioned skinny-dip. As the player who posted about the shirt man in the
bars pointed out, once you are in the right environment with a Fox, even in public, you
can sometimes get her to remove her clothing. It become logical, then, to consider ways
of arranging a skinny dip. Hanging by water on a warm summer night would thus be
ideal, with certain climates more conducive than others.

I gave this technique reason status because it shows how far apart players are in their
thinking from nice guys. They plan situations where Foxes literally strip for them, and
make it appear as if it were a spur-of-the-moment idea. As an objective observer, Foxes
have no difficulty seeing through a transparent technique, but when they are drunk at a
club, they often get wild. Note, however, how they put themselves in positions where
they know they are going to get wild, so the nice guy has to conclude that this behavior is
actually in their nature and that it's up to the men to bring it out of them.

When Foxes talk about wanting exciting, playful, spontaneous men, this is what they
are referring to a lot of the time. The reality behind their descriptions is often enough to
make the nice guys want to puke, but what can be done about it? I would like to report
that the number of decent Foxes is greater than the number who are removing their
clothes for near-strangers in bars, but I also know that I am much more likely to be able
to get a Fox I just met to go skinny-dipping with me than it would be to keep her in a
long-term relationship. The sex supply for players on all levels is far greater than it is for
the nice guys.

Reason #22:
Short (Male) People Got No Reason To Love

One has to admire the audacity of Foxes sometimes: a man who judges them on the
basis of their bodies is thought a shallow pig who is only after one thing, yet they can rule
out all men under six feet tall and write it off as a mere preference. He is admonished to
look beyond the surface, to what she has inside, which, as we all know, is what counts.
On USENET, and every other message board I've ever posted to, others will make the
occasional post which deals with height bigotry, as most of the other men who post are
either tall and don't care about the issue, or they're short and not in the mood to endure
being taunted that the only reason they are posting is that they are bitter and short.
Consequently, I have wound up as a torchbearer of sorts, the rare tall man who sticks up
for his short brothers, a man who at 6'2" is immune to the you're just bitter because you
are short arguments.

Your height and her height bigotry is not something you can change, but you can use it to
your advantage because women have no real justification for it other than the same case
men try to make for being into looks. Anytime you broach the subject, she will want you
to change it, because there is no way she can legitimately defend her preference, except
on the same shallow grounds men have been using to justify their looks preferences for
eons. Men can even gain the upper hand here by pointing out that their looks preferences
are based on factors which can be regulated by behavior (such as weight), whereas hers
judge a man on the basis of something he was born with. That a looks bias in men is
considered a problem while a worse bias in women is not speaks volumes to how
conditioned we are to the double standard.

Foxes have told me that I should be thankful I am tall, and from a natural, practical
standpoint I am. My life definitely has been made easier due to my height. I know of
many situations where I have been treated with more respect, including job interviews,
because I was taller. For short-term relationships, it's a good thing, because those
attractions are superficial in nature, and any advantage I can gain over my rivals is good
for me. When it comes to the long-term, however, any advantage I gain by being tall is
offset by the fact that the only Foxes my height helps me with are height bigots, and I'd
rather have a Fox who wasn't one. Among height bigots, the only Foxes I will consider
long- term are those who restrict their bigotry only to sexual selection, and who give
them equitable treatment otherwise, such as in employment or a nonsexual situation.

The true male equivalent of a height bigot would be a breast bigot, or a man who wants a
Fox on the basis of her chest size. Since breast-size is something one is born with, and
since I do not want my children coming from a body that is any part silicon, I tend to do
best with Foxes who are not big- chested, because they are overlooked by the chest
bigots due to something I really do not care about. I have nothing against a large chest
on a Fox, but it is not vital to turning me on, and factoring it out of my preferences
expands my menu.

The ASF field reports demonstrate height preferences. Short players who post there
report having to make more of an effort, and the taller ones confirm this with their
greater success. Mystery is 6'5", and many of the others who are most successful are
over 6'. Those who are between 5'6" and 6' are within one standard deviation of the
mean American male height, with the most common result being that they have to make
minor adjustments due to lack of height, but that the available Fox pool remains large
enough that their seduction technique compensates. Where the problems begin to
surface is with men who are shorter than 5'6", where the supply of Foxes who are 6"
shorter and who are not after a height trophy (extreme height bigots are heightdiggers)
dries up. The typical bride is 6" shorter than her groom, which leaves fewer and fewer
Foxes under 5' for the men who are under 5'6".

Ask a Fox to justify her height preference, and she will usually cite taller men as being
more manly, a better protector, or something she just wants, but can't really figure out
why. It is only if a short man doesn't back down after hearing the usual platitudes that he
will see her true feelings, along with a heaping helping of insults, including taunts that he
has short man's attitude, a complex about his height, and the worst lie of all: that it is not
his height, but his attitude about his height that is causing him problems. Even Foxes who
openly admit that they won't date a man who is not at least a certain height somehow
think that there is no bias against those they discriminate against.

The best way to overcome any type of discrimination is to remove yourself from it. For a
short man, this would mean taking more of a long-term approach, because finding a new
partner is never going to be as easy. Pivots are almost essential to establish social proof
that your height doesn't matter. Foxes are far more likely to consider a short man if they
know other Foxes have accepted him. If this does not suit you, be prepared for having to
be twice as desirable as your taller competition to compete on level ground. The Artist
Formerly Known As Prince is all of five feet tall, and has had more success with Foxes
than any player, regardless of height. Perhaps some Foxes reject him because of his lack
of stature, but his incredible strength in other areas makes it so people do not even think
of him as a short man. On a lesser scale, Michael J. Fox is 5'4" and has never lacked for
attention, using his mind, sense of humor, training as an actor, and success to

Reason #23:
The Cockblock

Even players have problems sometimes. The cockblock refers to someone who
establishes himself or herself as a deliberate obstacle to your getting laid. Nice guys and
jerks alike run into this, where well-meaning friends of your pickup target interfering with
their rap, destroying the pickup opportunity. Sometimes this is because the cockblock
doesn't want you hitting on her friend, but just as often it is the result of her being jealous
of the attention her better-looking friend is receiving. Cockblocks are annoying, and give
the jerk yet another advantage, because he does the correct thing and stops the world
until the obstacle is removed, while the nice guy does nothing. Note the stripper example
where the first thing the player did was remove the cockblock even though things were
going well.

In a recent case of a Fox I met online, I had to laugh when her friend started discouraging
her from talking to me without even bothering to get to know me. She was online the
next day and I asked her if it was her personal mission to keep good men out of her
friend's life, and that I didn't appreciate being badmouthed by someone I had never met.
I wound up dating her friend anyway, but I could see where her friend would have kept
shier men than myself away or slowed them down. Nice men don't want to be rude to
cockblocks, and often wind up killing golden opportunities because they failed to assert
themselves. Male cockblocks are usually AFC friends, but it's the female variety that
causes the true damage. Players on ASF point out how cockblocks work, interrupting
conversations, dragging their friends away from you, badmouthing you in the bathroom,
and they are always on the lookout for this cancer, eradicating it whenever they find it,
while the nice guy lets the tumor grow until his chances die.

Cockblocks come in several different forms, with different strategies recommended by

the group:

• Rivals. If you want her, other players will as well. Part of the pickup game is
beating out other men. As a rule, if the rival is doing well, you might be wise to
move on, while if he is an AFC or isn't connecting with her, just wait him out and
the Fox will take care of the problem for you. If the Fox tries to pit you against
your rival, either be very sharp or don't buy into it.

• Ugly Girlfriends (UG). A UG cockblock is difficult to distract, and this is why most
experienced PUA like to operate in pairs. The wing distracts the UG while the PUA
moves in on the Fox (or HB, short for Hot Babe). Inexperienced PUA often notice
that their targets will try to dump them off on an UG, and to weasel out of this trap
is not easy. The best defense in this case is a good offense, namely the wing.

• Barmen. A major pain in the ass is to have a bartender, bouncer, or DJ cockblock

because she is going to want them to have a favorable impression of her. One
reason I don't like bar pickups in general is the presence of cockblocks, but when
they work for the bar that's a signal to find another hangout.

ASF has penetrated the American male consciousness because of its incredible ability to
answer any situation quickly enough to help the player on an ongoing and as-needed
basis. This post generated many responses, and by the time the dust settles, new theory
on how to handle cockblocks will be developed. This is a relatively recent post, but it
shows how the players have a well-established network to turn to whenever they
encounter resistance. Instead of being criticized for their goal of getting laid, they get
practical, helpful answers grounded in pickup theory. Nice men who rely on fate to drop a
Fox into their lap should take note. These players are working for what they want,
spending many hours studying theory, and many more putting that theory into practice.
This post demonstrates the primary reason that the audience for ASF and its related
websites has exploded.

Reason #24:
Lying Pays

Factoring out the clearly abusive men for a moment, most Foxes consider a man who lies
a jerk. Confront her with her mistakes in choosing liars in the past, and she will usually
defend herself by saying something like but at least I got rid of him. Unfortunately for
her, she got rid of him after he got what he wanted (sex), and before she got what she
wanted (commitment). This is akin to a restaurant getting rid of a customer after he has
eaten the meal but before he has paid the dinner check. Lying turns every rule of
relationships upside-down, because when a liar and an honest man want the same
woman, the liar will win every time. The reason for this is simple: Foxes do not check
for honesty. Until they check for honesty, and until they can handle honesty, the jerks'
lies will remain unpunished, while decent, honest men continue to get the shaft.

Nice guys lose out to liars because liars are not restricted by truth or ethics. A liar can
invent anything he is lacking, while your honest man is stuck with the plain old truth.
They have no qualms about using Foxes for sex, mistreating them, or doing anything else
that the power they give to the lie allows them to. Pause for a moment and contemplate
what Foxes tell nice guys who are lied to, used, or otherwise mistreated:

• Don't blame all women for the actions of one. A Fox burned by a liar will use
that experience to justify intense screening of future men, with a process that
weeds out nice guys even more efficiently because they don't now how to bypass
the screens. On the other hand, a man who is burned is supposed to come back
for more with a smile on his face, and without complaint, much like Charlie Brown
kicking the football even when he knows that Lucy is going to pull it away.

• What did you do to deserve being treated like shit? Chick logic: she
wouldn't hurt a man who didn't somehow deserve it. She loves a jerk, he hits her,
and she figures she wouldn't have been hit if she hadn't done something wrong.
She gives the abuser the power, and doesn't question him the way she would a
nice guy that she has no respect for. She views the abuser's treatment of her as a
barometer of her self-worth, but amazingly, when a decent, honest man comes
around and treats her well, she never accepts his opinion, at least not until she
has been sufficiently damaged by abuse.

• It's your fault for allowing it. This is a great one: it's Charlie Brown's fault that
Lucy pulled the football away from him because he should have known better than
to attempt to kick it. Both sides have a valid point, but the ultimate fault still lies
with Lucy and not Chuck. The problem here is that the only step a man can take to
not allow himself to be harmed is to stop trusting her, and if he does that,
suddenly she wants to win him back over, change him back into the man she was
treating like shit and rejecting, just as Lucy becomes sweet when she wants Chuck
to trust her yet again. The only time he has the upper hand is when he behaves
like a jerk and refuses to kick the football, not trusting Lucy due to past
experience. Ever wonder how she recognizes the signs of a burned man so easily?
It's because she has inflicted the same harm on some other man in the past.

Tell the above to a Fox who has been lied to, and she will say that you are blaming the
victim. Complain to her about being lied to, and she will criticize you for being a victim.
It's a true no-win situation that puts the nice guys at a disadvantage: he has to be
honest, put himself in a position to be lied to, and not complain if he winds up betrayed.
His lack of sexual experience works against him, because he usually won't know how to
turn her on, she will sense this, dismiss him as a lover, and their conversations will stall
because he doesn't know how to get where he wants to go and she has no desire to take
him there. She then wants to repel him, and to do so she starts lying, because she
correctly presumes that he can't handle the truth or turn her on in any way.

Nice guys complain that they cannot give Foxes what they want unless they are honest
about their desires. Actually, they can, but to do so they have to play the secret-slut
game, and she caves in. The only alternative to this is honesty, and that's not something
we seem to be ready for. The words of Jack Nicholson's character in A Few Good Men
ring loud: YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!! Can you? Do you really want to know that
the innocent, sweet Fox who treats you like a kid brother is really playing pornstar for
men like Mystery? Do you really, really, really want to know that the Fox who told you to
wait for six months while she makes up her mind on whether you are worthy of a date is
out there spreading her legs for a man who grabbed her palm in a bar and treated her as
just a number and a slut? My experience with men who are confronted with reality is that
they react emotionally and angry, because it is not what they want to believe. That it's
the truth seems to matter not at all to them, because that is not how the world should
be. It may be wrong, but it is reality. Jerks are much more in touch with reality than most
nice guys, and as a result they get laid a lot more. Foxes despise clueless men, and the
nice guy who mistakes a slut for a decent woman is about as clueless as a man can get.

The following anonymous poem sums up very well why we have to lie:

I lie therefore I am.

I lie because I'm humane.
I lie because the truth is not always appropriate.
I lie because the truth is not for everyone's ears.
I lie so that I needn't explain myself, again.
I lie because my reality is mine and no others.
I lie because the truth will be thrown in my face - again and again.
I lie, I lie, I will continue to lie. face it, I lie.
And I appreciate your clean-little-white-ones, as well.

Keep that box of Kleenex handy and toss a tissue or two at me whenever I need one to
keep my world mine. And I will ignore the packages of not-my-brand in trashcans and in
your glove box on saturdays when I clean your car for you ever so lovingly. When- think
about it- when was the last time I really wanted to see your damned credit card bill?
When was the last time I questioned AT&T? And you have the nerve to ask why I lie to the
kids for you...

Foxes want honest men, but they punish honesty the few times they get it. If they truly
wanted honesty as they claim, they would not dive into a relationship with a superficially
attractive man and hope he is honest, but they do. A Fox swept off her feet ignores
obvious red flags. Warn her that she's being used for sex and lied to, and you'll get one of
the standard dismissals about being a bitter loser who can't get laid and is jealous of her
prince, who will sit by, snickering at what a loser you are, and after she is done with you,
will continue to laugh at you while they have sex. The final insult of the guy switch from
one liar to another makes it very difficult for a nice guy to sit by and do nothing during
this process, but it's what they do. They would be better off ceasing all contact than
accepting a one-sided LJBF.

Maybe you can't convince every Fox to stop talking to liars, but you can avoid those who
for refusing to respect you as a man, which often instills respect as well as saving you
time. If she has sex a hundred times with a liar in one year, and can't find time to even
date me, she's garbage and I'm better off without her. I've broken off many friendships or
budding relationships when I felt she was giving too much respect to a jerk and not
enough to me. Without pressuring, sometimes without even notifying, I let her know with
my words or actions that I don't like their rewarding this behavior, and I consider them to
be jerks just like the men. This has to be done with timing and tact, to minimize the
bitterness argument. It's also best if you don't display any anger, but instead
disappointment that she is like the rest. This sets up for a returning Fox scenario when
she finally tires of the liar, and wants to make a statement to herself that she is maturing,
by treating me with respect. As long as you don't let her return on the basis of words
alone, but require actions instead, this will benefit you.

Another simple reason that lying pays with Foxes is they are natural liars themselves.
By dismissing their dishonest behavior as aberrational, men enable it. Notice how often
Foxes bond quickly with men who put down other men (like Mystery), or how they will
screw over those they don't like (who deserve it, of course), and so forth. The old saying
that like attracts like applies. Who among men hasn't been lied to, at the most
unexpected of times and for the most irrational of reasons? Lying is often used as a shit
test, but it goes beyond that.

Of all the reasons Foxes give for lying, the one that they feel justifies it the most but
which is actually the worst reason, is to spare your feelings. It's not that they aren't
trying to spare a man's feelings when they lie about why they reject him, or what they
truly think about him, but instead that the reason given is yet another lie in and of itself!!
Foxes do not lie to spare your feelings; they lie to spare their own image. Does she
really want to tell him that he's not tall enough, not enough of a jerk, not sexually skilled
enough, that she'd be embarrassed to parade him around as her boyfriend, or anything
along these lines? Of course not. Instead, she acts as if she finds nothing wrong with him,
leaving his fatal flaw intact, and to add even more insult to the injury, they reassure him
with platitudes.

When will nice guys start asking why a Fox is right for a jerk but not for him, or why the
liars never have to wait long before finding a lover. What she thinks about but never
admits, is that life is divided into winners and losers, and that being honest and playing
by the rules is for losers. This is not surprising, given that the rules are bent for her all the
time. A man who actually has a sense of ethics might consider it wrong to do this for her,
while a jerk who wants to get in her pants and who has no ethics will alter fate in her
favor without breaking a sweat or batting an eye.

If you want to check her honesty and ethics, and get a preview of how your breakup will
go down, get her talking about people she doesn't like and see how she treats them. If
she brags to you about lying to others, you can be pretty sure she's bragging to others
about lying to you. Foxes are amazing when it comes to not making this connection, for
they think they are so special that a man who lies to others wouldn't dare lie to them,
but they are usually just fooling themselves, which they find out eventually. Smart Foxes
find this out earlier than later. If you don't take a stand against the first lie, you are
inviting them to lie to you as a matter of course, which is not good.

I conclude this chapter with a post entitled Heartless Bitches, from a man who
uncovered physical evidence of dishonesty, and when he called her on it, she told him a
dirty little secret about Foxes who collect telephone numbers for sport, as trophies,
without intending ever to call, or even at times to give the numbers to other men who hit
on them. Tactics like this have caused men to become jerks, and to rightly assume that
when they give their number, she probably won't call. Mystery was the first one to post
his rule for only trading numbers instead of just giving his.

If Foxes are going to behave this way, they cannot turn around and complain when men
take countermeasures. ASF spawned from male frustration at being manipulated and
mistreated by women. Overcompensation in turning the tables is a natural, though primal
response. If Foxes are going to rig the game in favor of jerks, men, who want sex, are
going to behave as they perceive they have to in order to get laid. The ASF explosion in
the past year, and the increasing number of websites which derive material from the
postings, is evidence that a serious movement is afoot. The men may be jerks now, but
there was a time when they were honest. It was only after being lied to one too many
times that they turn the tables and show the Foxes how the game should be played.

One trick that ASF exposed from lying Foxes that I had never heard of involves their
taking phone numbers from one man and giving them to the next who asks for them, or
collecting them and never calling. How can nice men do nothing in the face of this? It's
one thing to be nice to women if they respond in kind, but when they lie through their
teeth, mock, and ridicule you because you are nice, it's time to draw the line. How dare
those decent men approach them politely, respect their privacy by offering their number,
and take them on their word that they will call! How dare they!! No good deed or nice
guy goes unpunished, and nothing is going to change until Foxes stop punishing men for
being nice, and men start punishing Foxes for being dishonest. Until the affected parties
take action to improve their situation, nothing will change. If the Foxes take action, the
net result is more nice guys on the planet, while if it is left up to the men to change, then
the population of jerks will explode. ASF and its websites say that the latter is playing out
much more than the former.

I wonder if Foxes really understand just how bad the honesty crisis in relationships is. No
matter how many are lied to, each Fox thinks her man is not lying to her, even though
her selection process almost guarantees that she will wind up with a liar. Even when a liar
is exposed, she writes it off as a mistake, does little to fix the problem, many times
making it worse when she tries to fix it, and she moves from one liar to the next until her
looks go, or until she marries a man she winds up divorcing after giving him the best
years of her life. If I were willing to date divorced women with children, I would have little
difficulty finding even a Fox. Once their market value has decreased, once they have had
to confront real life on more than an entertainment level, and once they realized that the
smooth-talkers they thought were princes were just faking it, they decide that a man like
me is worth getting to know. While I appreciate being wanted, it is not a compliment of
any kind for a Fox to give her best years and her first children to a man who does not
deserve them.

Crime pays in love, and women are the ones who make it pay. This should infuriate nice
guys, and it does. The problem nice guys face is that they have no recourse or even ways
of complaining about the way things are without being attacked as bitter losers who were
burned by women or who cannot get laid. These taunts only reinforce their notion that
women are cruel, that lying pays, and sooner or later they read enough handwriting on
the wall that they start lying themselves, perpetuating the cycle. Women say they want
men to stop lying to them, but they continue to reward dishonesty while punishing
honesty. They say sex is not a scoring contest yet they brand a loser any man who
cannot get it at the moment, and even many who can. They say looks are not important
but use a man's lover's body to judge his worth. What women say they want and what
they reward are polar opposites. The typical ASF player may appear to be cruel, but he
only became that way after exhausting all of his other options.

Foxes go even a step further with men, thinking that the ugly truth about who they are is
something best hidden from the nice guys, in part because it would make them look bad,
but also because it would crush the nice guy to hear that she really thinks he is a dickless
wonder, but that he's good to keep around as a girlfriend. Moreover, they conclude that
the jerks cannot be lied to because they might get mad and retaliate. The reward for
abusive behavior is nauseating, with nice men being lied to because they won't retaliate,
and jerks being treated with respect out of fear. Until nice men start speaking up en
masse about this, and not budging when they are challenged, nothing will change. What
bothers me personally is that no matter how often nice men are lied to, no matter how
blatantly, and no matter how obvious it is that the Fox he insists in sweet and innocent is
actually a secret slut, he just can't accept her dishonesty or the idea that her character
isn't completely pure. Men like this make life miserable for other men, because they are
traitors to both their own gender and to the truth.

When a Fox lies to a man, she expects him to just get over it, tells him it was his fault for
trusting her, leaving him to stew in his betrayal. When a player lies to a Fox, he becomes
public enemy #1, and the woman-scorned reaction kicks in. The double-standard is
incredible. Nice men are too bothered by guilt to handle being caught in betrayal, and
would actually feel bad about hurting someone to get laid. Players are not restricted by
such silly things as conscience and can say or do anything they have to in order to get
laid. The sexual revolution is to blame for a lot of this, because in the past, a man had to
walk down the aisle before he got laid, and for him to win that honor from a Fox, he had
to have something going for him, although if he was a cheater, she would often stick out
a loveless marriage for the sake of convenience, financial support, and reputation.

In the final analysis, Foxes have to be held completely accountable for lying men because
they are the ones who continue to tolerate lies even when presented with evidence, or
alternatives to the player. Hearing what they want to hear and believing what they want
to believe is more important to them than whether or not what they are hearing is true.
When asked specifically how they can tell their man is honest, a Fox will begin by
protesting that she just knows, and when it is pointed out to her that this is impossible,
she will concede that she does not know for sure, but that at some point you have to
trust. Trusting a man because he used patterns from a website is stupidity, but calling
the Foxes stupid for doing this is a way to wind up retaliated against. They complain
about a problem they create, ask for the truth, get mad when they hear it, and refuse to
change their behavior even when the solution is obvious. The psychologists have a term
for people like this: beyond help. By the time most Foxes wake up and realize what they
are costing themselves, it's too late for their looks are gone.

Reason #25:
The Shit Test

The shit tests I talked about earlier can take many forms:

• Unreturned contact. One rule of ASF, adopted from Foxes is one-and-done, or

what ASF calls next. The theory is that she can't be too interested if she's willing
to blow him off, so he should just write her off and leave it to her to up the ante
upon her return. This is a common shit test where you pass if you do the jerk thing
and do not call her again, and you fail if you act like a nice guy and do, assuming
she must have forgotten.

• Standing up a date. A stood-up nice guy is a pathetic creature. He knows he's

just been severely disrespected, and he says nothing because he thinks he will be
punished for complaining about it. Players don't concern themselves with the
punishment, and through ASF have learned to temper their righteous anger just
enough to get their point across without going over the edge. This is the attitude
that Foxes are obviously looking for when they give a shit test like this, and many
posters report quick turnarounds after they pass the test.

• Bringing a friend along on a date. A true player would walk away in the
opening minutes unless a threesome was on the horizon, while a nice guy would
"enjoy" a lovely platonic evening at his expense for all three. As with other shit
tests, this one can only be passed with an immediate and correct response, which
most nice men either wouldn't think of giving, or even if they would, they are too
well-mannered to bite back the rattlesnake.

• Timetables. As you've seen repeatedly, once she decides that you are the man
she wants to have sex with, she'll put out. A Fox who truly wants you is not going
to leave you on the market. The nice guy loses double to this maneuver because
he thinks she is taking her time to judge him properly, when in fact she's just
keeping the upper hand or using him while stringing him along. Jerks don't tolerate
this treatment, and don't hesitate to let Foxes know that they won't be played like
the AFC they are used to dealing with. Pivots and letting her know that you have
other options are efficient ways of getting her to reduce or release altogether any
timetable she has set for you. In Foxes, I wrote about the reverse timetable,
where you turn the tables, telling her that he takes even longer to make up his
mind about having sex. This reverse psychology produces excellent results.

• Lame and/or well-timed excuses. When she wants something she will move
heaven and earth to make it happen. Her failure to do so, to allow banal obstacles
to get in the way of something she insists she wants to do, usually with incredible
timing, is a major red flag. One excuse is fine if her overall treatment of you is not
suspect, but be very careful with how much you tolerate. Always keep in mind
what Foxes do for men that they respect (like Mystery), and if her behavior doesn't
measure up, just don't tolerate it.

The key to recognizing the shit test is to ask yourself if she would treat her favorite male
movie star as she did you, and if the answer is yes, monitor how long it takes for her to
make it up to you, and to what lengths she goes. This will tell you what she thinks of you.
Too many men have been too whipped, by too many, and for too long because they
refuse to call them on their shit. The result is that the jerks and the players who do this
wind up cleaning up because they are the only men display backbone. It is obviously
incorrect for her to mistake your tolerance for weakness, but that is chick logic for you.
How often did Spock get laid, anyway?

Before you write off shit tests as cruelty, they do serve one purpose, and that is to see
how much shit you can protect her from, or how much you would be willing to take from
others as a couple on her behalf. Her chick logic reasoning is that the man who won't
take her crap will not take crap from others, and will be a more desirable partner as a
result. What she doesn't take into account is that the only thing a shit test proves is how
he will react to her crap. A decent, honest, civilized, and evolved man may be very
tolerant with a Fox he's considering marrying, yet ferocious with outsiders when the nest
is attacked.

The next time a Fox gives you crap, take it as a test, pass the test, and then decline the
prize, at least at first, to see if she ups the ante. Let her know that respect is a two-way
street, and you don't appreciate having your manhood tested. If you're a Foxhunter, use
one-and-done and wait for her to return, requiring sex or something of strong value as
the price of admission for her to reenter your life. If you insist on remaining a nice guy,
remember that there's a difference between being nice and being stupid, and that while
you can always be civilized, you won't let her walk all over you. You are to blame for
allowing it, but only on a practical level. If the only mistake you ever make is trusting her,
you should not be punished for that. If you are punished, take the new information about
her negative character, and adjust your future behavior accordingly by ignoring her and
refusing to take further shit. You don't have to dish out any shit in retaliation, as shame
for being fooled by someone begins accruing the second time, not the first.

Shit tests are part of the overall covert selection process which has Foxes actively
screening out decent men. As such, it is one of the primary causes of the jerk problem
that they complain about but never do anything to solve. If passing one is a sign that you
are worthy, giving one is a sign that she is unworthy. Most men will not reject a Fox
because she gives shit tests, because her body is what impresses them, not her mind or
her character. They see these flaws as necessary evils they must deal with in order to get
the pussy they want, and they are right. Men do not lose their ethics easily, but seeing
Foxes who have no ethics makes it much easier for them to do so without guilt. As I've
already said a few dozen times already, if they thought lying men were really jerks, they
wouldn't be having sex with them, and if they thought honesty was so important, they
wouldn't be so quick to trust what they want to hear to be true, even when it sounds too
good to possibly be.
The compulsive-gambler accounting system that has one honest gesture from one Fox
offsetting dozens or even hundreds of lies has got to go. A Fox lying in a sexual
relationship will hurt a nice guy as badly as a bungee-cord snapping. He can write off one
or two lies, but when it is perpetual, he cannot deny forever what is really happening. ASF
is always there, calling him, using the lure of the Fox and the truth of how she really
thinks and behaves, and sooner or later his sexual urges dominate his thoughts, getting
laid becomes more important than how he gets laid, and after his indoctrination, he is
never quite the same. The concession Foxes then pop out of the woodwork asking him
why he felt the need to change, and why he won't give them a chance and change back,
as if being nice for a decade or longer wasn't enough of a chance in the first place.

Reason #26:
Even When You Win, You Lose

Ever been told that one day you'll find someone who makes all the crap you had to
endure worthwhile? Don't buy it. I bought into this when I was eighteen years old and
waiting for that nice young Fox to settle down with and start a family. I was too young,
not established enough (for golddiggers), not mature enough, or just about anything but
the truth, which is that I was too nice. I bought into feminist propaganda that kept the
biases from the pre- civil rights era intact, despite their claims of wanting equality. As a
reward for my kindness, I wound up lied to a number of times. Once I realized that Foxes
act differently from how they say they act, I began the research process which has led to
both my books, and to the creation of CUPID, my compatibility formula.

Aside from any other profit motive for researching and writing, my mission is to educate
younger men in the ways of the Fox so that he does not have to waste years before
waking up the way I did. The internet didn't exist in the 1980s, and men, especially
younger men, were left to their own devices to learn how to bag women. The information
superhighway of that ERA consisted of Playboy and Penthouse.

When I first went online a little over five years ago, I was surprised to find so many
women hitting on me. I was never the super-outgoing type, but something was causing
them to want to talk to me. At first, I took it as a compliment, but when I noticed what 95
percent of these women had in common, I realized what was going on:

• They were over thirty;

• They were divorced, usually with ex-husband problems; and

• They had children.

On the alt.romance newsgroup, females who fall into the above category are referred to
as leftovers and damaged goods. Arrogant in their youth when they are at their
sexiest, many Foxes spend their prime years with loser after loser, marry the wrong man,
wake up after so many years of mistreatment, leave the marriage, and find themselves
back on the market, ten years older, ignored by the players who are only into looks, and
get a rude awakening about their sexual market value. The charming assholes who would
sweet-talk them all night in their youth suddenly want no part of them, and they turn
their attention to the nice guys they had been ignoring forever.

How a nice guy reacts to being offered the dinner check for a bad boy's buffet taken
during her youth depends on the man. Some are grateful to finally not be rejected, while
others are offended that they waited so long to wise up. The former Fox often has
problems adjusting, still thinking she has the upper hand, and only after a few brutal
reminders do they begin to adjust their expectations, if they are smart. The ones my age
who are on the market have very little clue of what they are up against. They want their
past mistakes forgotten, they want to be treated as if they were still twenty-one, never
married, and with no children, but it is almost impossible to build a relationship with them
for many reasons, including:

• Her children will always come first. I do not mind this, but this takes away the
childfree years with her that the jerk enjoyed. It also says that he deserves to have
children and have them raised while I deserve only to raise another man's child. I
refuse to ever accept being cuckolded through divorce.

• Her children may not like me because I'm not their father, and frankly, I don't
blame them because it is natural for a child to want its natural parents. The man
who takes on children which are not his will have all of the responsibility and none
of the authority of a natural parent.

• She has already been married and raised a family. If you are divorced
yourself, you're exempted, but I pity the single man who waits for years to take
sloppy seconds on a car that has a quarter-million miles on it put there by some
other driver. If it were my car when it was new, I wouldn't throw it away just
because it was old, and the memories of when it was a young, new, fast car would
satisfy me even if it didn't go as fast as it once did. To ask me to take another
man's memories and build on them just isn't possible.

I used to wonder why older divorcees hook up with younger men, but through my
research I realized that it was the same dynamic that yields Dudley Moore/Susan Anton
type height odd-couples. A Former Fox is past her prime, while younger men have not yet
reached theirs. She is much more likely to overlook a young man's lack of financial
security, career accomplishments, and even maturity in return for having a grateful, loyal
companion. Long-term problems arise when he realizes as he approaches twenty-five and
thirty that his sudden sexual success was not an accident, but a product of his age,
advancing career, and increasing market value. As he's realizing this, his older woman
turns into an old woman.

The average age for marriage in this country is twenty-six for grooms and twenty-four for
brides. In the fifteen years following the typical wedding day, the man's market value will
usually rise, while the bride's begins plummeting. Women marry right before their stock is
about to drop and right before the man's is about to rise. The First Wives' Club
explained to its audience the syndrome of the successful man dumping his first wife for a
trophy half his age.

Nice men who endure romantic torture early in life should be rewarded later in life. The
longer a man has to wait for the right one, the more spectacular she had better be. If a
jerk is worth a gorgeous virgin, eighteen year-old bride, then a decent man should not
settle for anything less. This is especially true of men who have taken the trouble to
become exceptionally appealing, and who sometimes take a while to forget their past
rejections and accept that they are now the ones in the driver's seat, just as the leftovers
and damaged goods don't fully understand how far their sexual market value has

Reason #27:
American Woman! Stay Away From Me!!
The Guess Who's biggest hit, remade recently by Lenny Kravitz, exudes a sentiment
growing among a segment of the American male population so fed up with the selection
in its home country that it has expanded its search overseas. The typical mail-order bride
customer is between the ages of 25- 45, well off, and lacking in the jerk qualities that
American Foxes desire so badly. After years of rejection, he learns of sure things
overseas, places or responds to personal ads, or in some cases, travels there on vacation,
and make outs like a bandit. Two men who post regularly to ASF and USENET have
spouted off regularly about the flaws of Americans, and the advantages of ignoring them
altogether in favor of superior imports from Russia, The Philippines, and anywhere that
feminism hasn't entirely taken hold.

In the following post, a man called DB has an exchange with a woman named Dianne
over his decision to marry abroad. DB has endured a lot of criticism for his decision, and
exposed another female darkside, provoking taunts from American women that he has to
go overseas because he is not good enough. DB counters this criticism by stating,
correctly for the most part, that American women make horrible choices in men when
they are young and most attractive, and only when they are no longer able to get by on
their looks, and no longer wanted by the jerks, do they turn into decent human beings,
but by the time they do they are sexually worthless, old, often divorced, with children,
and not something a self-respecting or desirable man would take for his first wife. As a
man who has patiently waited for a wife since age eighteen, I would be inclined to agree
with him. I'm willing to have less serious relationships to pass time while waiting for my
soulmate, but for men who want to start a family, it is almost pure insanity to play a
mating game that is rigged against them.

American men thrive overseas because America is a much wealthier country than any
other in the world. A man who earns an average salary here and who can offer American
citizenship to a Fox in a war-torn, poor country is going to be treated like a king by her. If
he is smart, he will not let on that this is his objective, he will travel to their countries,
observe them in their own environment, and not work with marriage agencies, which is
where the horror stories you hear about tend to originate. It makes perfect sense to
expand one's dating circle to include the globe, especially given the financial superiority
of the average American man. It seems that American women aren't too thrilled with their
new competition, as the exchange indicates:

The first is confirmed by the number of bitter divorcees with kids around. Had they
chosen good mates they'd still be married. Ah, so a grown woman is not capable of
choosing a partner for herself? Perhaps she should consult you first for approval on her
dates? AS I SAID, if she hadn't chosen so badly, she'd not be divorced. What part of that
didn't you understand?

DB is pointing out the number of American women who marry young and insist they have
found the perfect man, only to get a rude awakening down the road, yet who expect the
romantic equivalent of a Mulligan, with a new prince, even if their market value has been
cut to ten percent of what it once was, and they have another man's children in tow.
American men are so popular overseas that at almost any age they could find a young
Fox with little difficulty. Dianne knows this, and has very little solid ground to stand on:

And yes, many of us can spot the ConfidentExcitingAssholes a mile away, like the slimy
little weasel my cousin married and later (predictably) divorced.

So? Why do you care? It is her life. Let her live her life how she wants. You live your life
how you want. You don't need all this hate and anger against other people. They don't
care that you hate them, it doesn't hurt them after all, only you.

I don't hate anyone, silly one. And it does matter to me, because I was willing to settle for
damaged goods, before turning to Asian women. As Ray has stated so well, American
women waste their best years on assholes, because they can, reasonably sure that they
can find some desperate nice guy later in life. If more men marry overseas, the damaged
goods won't have that option anymore, and will spend their years alone. Hopefully
younger girls will see this and not act the same way. Besides, if I can save just one man
from settling for leftovers and damaged goods, by making him aware of better choices
overseas, it's all worth it. -- DB

ConfidentExcitingAssholes are those smooth-talking liars that Foxes gush over. DB

mocks them quite well with his label, which points out that Foxes definition of a confident,
exciting man is his definition of an asshole. DB is also correct when he says that super-
arrogance is a trait found more often in American women than in women abroad. He cites
feminism as the cause, but I cite America's wealth. Foxes in poorer countries can't afford
to be stuck up, while their American counterparts can. The selection process is the same
all over the world, but his standing is much higher abroad.

A caution to men who Foxhunt overseas: it's risky. Read the stories in the news and
especially the newsmagazines for more information. On the other hand, the mere threat
of the Foreign Fox is useful as leverage, and the expanded menu to 200 countries from
just one will logically improve any man's chances.

Reason #28:
The Dark Side

Forget ASF if you want to see just how evil some Foxes really are. Pay a visit sometime to
alt.support.divorce (ASD), alt.support.domestic-violence (ASDV), or alt.support.marriage
(ASM) if you want the stuff daytime talk shows are made of. The saddest of the nice guys
can be found in this group, usually after age thirty, after their wife has left them for
another man (or Fox or couple), taken the kids, filed for divorce, made false allegations of
abuse, and lifted a large chunk of their assets and future income to pay for her new life
and new lover.

ASF has sparked a minor gender war, but some civility is maintained because dating is a
recreational activity. Where the major battle is being fought is in the other newsgroups,
which are highlighting a growing anti-feminist sentiment among men. Men who are in
favor of gender equality are finding that their tolerance of feminist causes is being
pushed to the limits by women who want not only equality, but supremacy.

What percentage of rape allegations are false? Women acknowledge a low number,
usually around five percent, while men's groups claim it's closer to fifty percent. My
personal guess as a statistician would be thirty percent, but there is no way to know for
sure. What we do know is that DNA technology has allowed for the reopening of a number
of rape cases where a man behind bars was released once the DNA evidence in the case
was examined.

The following USENET post (from alt.support.domestic-violence) highlights just how

disturbing some female behavior can be. With society so protective of women, and so
quick to believe their allegations, this has created a downright dangerous environment
for the men. To wit:

A woman has alleged that four men--among them, her ex-boyfriend and his father-in-
law--of breaking into her home and raping her. Trouble is, DNA evidence found at the
scene doesn't match either of their DNA profiles (the other two "suspects", if they exist,
haven't been caught), plus their fingerprints weren't found either! No signs of semen on
her, either.

Ah, but here's the best part--this woman, whose identity is being withheld according to
the Globe's policies concerning these types of cases, presented tapes alleging that the
accused contacted her after he'd been charged, so they revoked his bail and locked him
up. Then, upon analysis--the tapes were found to have been FAKED! And the woman
presented faked tapes...not once...not twice...but THREE TIMES!!

Has she been charged with presenting fake evidence? No!! Has she been charged with
attempting to commit perjury? No!! The charges against this guy--have they been
dropped, despite no DNA evidence linking him to the alleged rape and the fact that the
victim has on three occasions presented deliberately doctored evidence? No!!

"The question remains: How long will this alleged victim be allowed to abuse the system
before she herself is incarcerated?" ---Robert A. George, defense attorney for the

Many men have had their lives ruined by such false allegations, and a backlash is
developing. The backlash is even worse among fathers who are sick of being portrayed as
absent deadbeats when the reality is that it is often the mother who is turning the
children against him and denying his access to his own children. A number of men do not
meet their financial support obligations, but this is also in part to the unrealistic
expectations of the system on a man's income. You can blame the men all you want for
getting into a bad marriage and having children, but you can't get blood from a stone
either. Destroying a child's father after a divorce is no way to help it heal, yet this is what
many ex-wives do. Men do it as well, but this is a book about female behavior, not male
behavior. Women often claim to be morally superior to men, and cases like this show the
opposite to be true.

Whether it's a false rape or abuse allegation, or even just standing a man up for a date,
men learn over time that the number of bad apples out there is a lot greater than they
would have us believe. Is it any wonder that men stop trying to impress Foxes, stop
caring if they win them over, and adopt a fuck-it attitude? Once they have their new
attitude in place, Foxes suddenly take an interest, and this further rewards jerk behavior.
To criticize men for doing what has been done to them for years is difficult, just as
rewarding bad behavior with sex makes it impossible to stop. If all that is waiting for the
nice guy at the end of the rainbow is a false rape or abuse charge, and what is waiting for
the Mysterys of the world is a harem, the choice between being a nice guy or a jerk
becomes clear.

Foxes who complain about jerks so much should stop enabling them. How does this
enabling take place? Upon approach, by requiring men to be confident to the point of
cockiness or even obnoxiousness, in the initial conversation, by auditioning them and
requiring them to be exciting and witty, in dating, by requiring them to behave like a
player and not show sincere interest, and in all situations by responding to social proof,
gimmicks, tricks, and anything else that finds its way onto ASF. Nice men also need to
stop enabling Foxes by being their friends no matter how badly they are shit on, by
misinterpreting their behavior, by learning to accept the reality that most Foxes are
selfish, dishonest, shallow, manipulative, childish, and actually respect jerks more than
they do, and by refusing to even associate with those Foxes who do not respect them as
men. Much better is to spend your social time with Foxes who respect you enough to date
you or serve as your pivots than it is to waste it with those who will use you to your face
and mock you behind your back. The absence of any meaningful change in the way foxes
act necessitates a change in the way the nice guys act, the sooner the better.

Reason #29:
Why Men Are Jerks

Men are not jerks. Not at first, at least.

It's only after something I call the line in the sand game Foxes play that drives men to
distraction, that they become uncaring, not because they are, but because after trying
their best and failing to live up to the unrealistic expectations of the woman they truly
love, they realize that their feelings never matter, only her agenda. Now if they are
wealthy or handsome or something that Foxes want, women will always treat them like
kings. But for average guys it's much different.

Whereas men tend to not want leftovers and damaged goods after they have been ruined
by bad-boy behavior, women are the opposite: they don't want a man UNTIL he has been
hurt badly, at which point they will notice his anger and ask something ingenious like
You are angry at women, aren't you?, or Why do you hate women?, when the
answer is blatantly obvious.

Three unanswered questions plague this psychodrama:

• Why does she wait until he has had his heart smashed to show compassion? If she
wanted him to not give up, why doesn't she find a man who hasn't been destroyed
yet? This type of man is the polite, nice-guy that Foxes say be patient to; in other
words, they ignore him when he is whole and wait until he is shattered to express
compassion, which really isn't compassion in most cases.

• Why does the Fox he truly loves not appreciate it? The answer women give is not
valid: You picked the wrong one. The wrong ones don't wear labels; and they
are never the wrong ones in the beginning. In fact, they are quite nice until they
have gotten what they wanted, at which point they turn into a bitch, not caring if
they hurt the man because they are done with him and once he no longer suits
their purposes. This makes him jaded, especially when he considers that men like
Mystery does pretty well with the wrong ones.

• How can she tell men to trust her and then blame men for trusting if that trust is
violated? If he says he doesn't trust her, she says You have to trust, yet if he
has been burned, she says It was your fault for trusting; you allowed
yourself to get hurt. I suggest Foxes show their trust in humanity by walking
through a bad inner-city neighborhood at 2:00 a.m. on a Friday night with
$5,000.00 in cash on display if they think trust is so important.

Eventually, the nice guy learns not to open up, and to be jaded, cynical, and distant. This
of course is smart behavior that makes him attractive. They realize he is onto them, and
he becomes a challenge to get close to, plus a dissident to win back over. It's the same
reason political candidates spend time campaigning to win over voters from the opposite
party. Then the game-playing begins, with her pretending to be interested in order to get
him to let his guard down, the more he refuses the more she will try, and insist that he
has to trust her, etc., etc.

If he lets his guard down, he returns to the situation above and gets burned. The longer
he resists this urge, the more intriguing he becomes, for he is finally displaying strength
and passion. This perception of strength hooks her, and she obsesses over him while
ignoring the nice men who haven't yet reached this point. There you have it: only a true
jerk (actually a man who has been burned one too many times and refuses to get burned
again) will keep her interest. He isn't a natural jerk; he was made that way by the
repeated trust-and-burn cycle.

Foxes like to put themselves in impossible situations with a man, to test his resolve, and
hope and pray that the if he passes the test that he will just forgive and forgive her shit
test, no matter how calculated and awful the behavior. In cases where he has been
burned by another Fox they use a cute transitive trick to accomplish this: the one who
hurts you will say I don't care and the ones who (pretend to) care will say I didn't hurt
you. The man has absolutely no redress for his anger, and no choice but to let the crimes
against him go unpunished. The only reliable alternative to sucking it up and being a
glutton for punishment is to become a player.

A man who dares to complain about this system is written off as bitter and having a bad
attitude and rejected. That's another repetition of the cycle because he opens up his true
feelings, as he is SUPPOSED to do, and is punished for it if the truth is not what she wants
to hear. On the other hand, if he stops caring, stops letting his desires control his
emotions, stops going out of his way for Foxes, and stops giving them the benefit of the
doubt, they will forever try to change him back into the man they ignored in the first

The true love Foxes seek is important to them to the point where they risk heartbreak,
but to this author and many others it is simply not worth the risk, especially when I can
have incredible sex with Foxes and no emotional price to pay. A Fox is not a man and
cannot understand that he will only take so many chances before he becomes a jerk, and
when he finally achieves jerkdom he will rule her gender sexually for the rest of his life.

This touches on the other reasons men become jerks: they get tired of denying their
sexuality, tired of worrying about whether or not Foxes will approve of them, they stop
trying to hide their desires, stop caring about how anyone reacts to them, start caring
only about whether they get laid or not, and the Foxes see this as a display of manhood,
something worthy of a sexual reward. The emphasis on feelings is also correct: Foxes go
with what feels good now, even when they talk about wanting long-term happiness. They
violate their own selection principles by overreacting to something the jerk says,
something they think sets him apart from other men, but which in reality was something
that he knew would make her feel good and more likely to want to fuck him.

In the final analysis, men are jerks because they are sexually rewarded for being that
way. Few men are inherently evil. If Foxes offered sex to the man who fed the most
hungry, housed the most homeless, or provided the most free medical care to the sick,
men would be lining up to save the world. They use their sexual influence for selfish
purposes instead, such as having others attacked on their behalf, or taking the material
things for themselves instead of those less fortunate. In dating, the same thing happens,
with a man constantly finding himself at a fork in the road where acting like a nice guy
will doom the relationship, while acting like a jerk will get him immediate sex. Until that
reward system changes, until Foxes stop trusting everything they hear that they want to
believe, until they start getting turned on by honesty and decency the way they get
turned on by height, money, and physical strength or status, it will not change. Don't hold
your breath.

Anti-Player Seduction Methods
I have chosen to exit this book with a discussion of the future. As is often the case, the
internet is well ahead of other media in uncovering societal trends. With so many men
tapping into ASF and its related websites, it is only a matter of time before other media
pick up on the trend, the Foxes finally start paying attention, and the landscape changes.
There has to come a day when player methods will be dissected by Oprah, and
countermeasures will be undertaken. There might even come a point where Foxes turn
the tables yet again and confound the men; the historical precedents for this are strong.
Regardless of what happens, you can be sure that when the mainstream female
population is introduced to ASF and the network of men using the internet to learn how to
be a better jerk, there is going to be a backlash.
Many of the men who post to ASF point out that for years they were nice guys who got
screwed over, that one day they got fed up with being mistreated, found the newsgroup,
began asking questions, pieced the puzzle together, got laid more than they ever have
before, and never looked back. As they compare notes with other players, the mysterious
qualities about Foxes that made them impossible for most men to figure out began to
unravel. Men like Mystery showed how you can work even hostile social situations to your
advantage, and just about every regular contributor would add a trick here or there that
had been used on him, only to find responses from several men that they had
experienced the same thing.

The network of information that Foxes take pride in having amongst themselves has been
blown out of the water by a scientific approach to seduction spanning the globe with
many contributors that is paying homage to USENET's original academic purpose. A man
in one part of the globe makes a profound observation, and the next day tens of
thousands of men put the technique into practice themselves. Every idea undergoes a
rigorous peer review, after which it is expanded, altered, or otherwise improved, until
finally it becomes a part of accepted theory.

My goal with this book has been to present the best of ASF theory, with my own
commentary based on my research. I am its author, but my function is also that of editor.
The views expressed in this book are not my formal seduction recommendations. If you
want those, read Foxes. I still believe that Foxhunting is superior to being a jerk, and in
fact the method was designed as a way of avoiding the nice guy traps which litter this
book, while simultaneously avoiding having to be a liar, a jerk, or to risk rejection in order
to get laid. It is clear from the many examples that a lot of the time the Fox would never
have had sex with the jerk unless he acted like a jerk or lied to her. While lying is always
the easiest way to get laid, it is not the only way. As long as a man prevents himself from
being taken advantage of, he can choose to play the game honestly as long as he is
extended the same courtesy.

Protection against manipulation is the root of many of the rules of ASF, such as not
supplicating, not allowing obstacles, assuming the worst when a Fox lets them down, and
refusing to excuse disrespectful behavior. Not surprisingly, a number of hard-core posters
have gone beyond preventing bad behavior and engage in it themselves. My position has
long been that it is up to the Foxes to learn how to recognize dishonest men and hidden
agendas, and that this behavior will continue until they stop rewarding it sexually. Most of
the men have no preference for acting nice or bad, but instead just do whatever they
learn is going to get them laid. The websites and newsgroups spell out exactly how to
accomplish this. This book allows the reader to digest the main content of three years of
ASF without having to sift through archives or SPAM posts, plus the information is filtered
through the prism of Darwinism.

To the nice guy who wants to retain his nice guy qualities without turning into a jerk, but
who still wants to get laid, I would advise digesting the material in this book, learning to
recognize the signs of manipulation, and putting the methods into practice occasionally,
not to use Foxes, but to occasionally knock a stuck-up one down a peg. Obviously, I am
also going to recommend Foxhunting, but I acknowledge that not every man is going to
want to use a Darwinistic system, which is why my focus here has been almost
exclusively on female behavior and how it rewards jerks while punishing decent men.
Whereas in Foxes I focused on what I believed men should do in seduction, here I am just
trying to wake the nice guy up to what has been happening to him all of his life. The
brutal writing you have been reading is necessary to convey this message to the AFC, a
message which comes from the Foxes, behind their backs, often never reaching their

Foxes are given every benefit of the doubt in social settings, but even that low standard
is difficult to apply when you see behavior such as her attaching herself in minutes to a
man like Mystery, proving that men like this always have sexual options, while nice guys
are supposed to take leftovers and damaged goods, and beg even for that. Out the
window fly the claims that jerks are despised, as if there were ever any doubt: if they
were hated, the men themselves would be the first to abandon it. In every chameleon lies
a mirror, for the chameleon dutifully adapts itself to fit in with your environment. That the
players adapt best sends a disturbing message to society, not so much because they are
terrible men, but because they are so different from what the typical Fox would describe
her ideal man as. A logical male has no choice but to conclude that the true rules of
etiquette in the mating dance are unwritten, or were before the creation of ASF.

ASF is a lone wolf in the sea of cyberspace, a place where the male point of view is
respected, honored, and even worshipped. The few women who have posted to ASF have
found that they have to be honest and open or their words will be cut down quickly and
crudely. Amazingly, there is only one recorded instance in the past few years of one of
the Foxes conquered by an ASF player showing up on the group scorned, and she only
stayed a few days, speaking her mind before moving on. What was clear from her post
was that while she was enthralled with him at first, after she returned from the vacation
spot where they met to her regular life, her feelings about the experience turned
negative. The group said she was hypocritical for attempting to rewrite history, for she
was perfectly willing when she met him, and again I have to side with the group. The Fox
who wants a nice guy has an obligation not to let herself be drawn to the player. If men
can identify a jerk in minutes, women should be able to as well, and to repeat myself for
at least the dozenth time: how much of a jerk can any of these men be if they get
laid so often?

The tumor on the female psyche that is ASF, and its subsidiary websites, is likely to grow
faster than any other internet entity for the next several years. It is a worldwide
collaboration, with men who generously share their ideas, free of the censorship found
almost everywhere else on the internet, with the same vested interest in being honest
and presenting their theories and field reports for review by the group: the better the
information and theory developed from that information, the more everyone in the group
gets laid. I have seen with my own eyes how one ASF player will report success with a
method, only to find the group copying it and even improving it almost immediately, with
the eventual result that it is added to the websites and archives, and absorbed as basic
theory for the next generation of methods.

As of now, the men of ASF have mastered seduction. Like the Borg from the Star Trek:
Generations movie from 1996, they are a collective intelligence that processes
information in a far superior manner to its opposition. Men who join the group and begin
posting are indoctrinated in its theory, following what is beginning to resemble a college-
level curriculum, reporting on their initial attempts, and later their progress and success.
A number of them have turned into successful players who now teach the newbies what
they have learned. The collective mentality of the group is decidedly what most would
call chauvinistic, but how bad can they be if they....well, you know the rest.

Foxhunting is the closest I have been able to come to finding an approach which prevents
me from being taken advantage of without my having to be a jerk, but which also does
not cost me sexual opportunities. By raising my CUPID rating, I make myself
fundamentally attractive, and from there, I make it so Foxes are likely to approach me.
Once that happens, I feel more comfortable pursuing them, once, respectfully, and if they
are not interested in me I next them, use the one-and-done rule, which often results in
their returning. I also rely on indirect seduction methods like pivots a great deal.

More important than any one method I use is the approach I take to using it. I am not out
to manipulate women. At thirty-three, I've reached the point where my dating career
should be finishing up, and marriage should be on the horizon. Unlike the AFC, I do not
hunger for conquests, because I know how the game works and what my options are for
playing it. I could be a true player, or I can do what the tame members of the group do,
and be a good AFC until I'm taken advantage of, surprise her by passing her shit test, and
seducing her that way. I can also wait for a Fox to approach me with an obvious sexual
interest and close the deal without having to play games, which is as close to any middle
ground as I have found.

Why do men approach? Have the Foxes here noticed the case against the male
approach? It's strong:

• Jerks approach; nice guys do not. The Fox who requires men to approach her
is screening out many good men. Occasionally a nice guy will pursue, but that's
usually only when his feelings are very strong, and when that happens, the object
of his pursuit will be put off by his intensity, think him desperate and clingy, and
recoil. Meanwhile, if she sees Mystery with two other Foxes, she will attempt to
win his attention.

• Foxes aren't called stalkers for showing interest. One of the men who posts
regularly to alt.romance told a story of a waitress who told him to come by her job
to see her, at which point she had the manager throw him out for stalking. This
was what convinced him to date outside of the United States, and to cut off
virtually all contact with American Foxes. In typical fashion, the women and the
AFC who post to alt.romance attack him as an unworthy loser, even though he has
a six-figure income and a Russian Fox.

• Foxes are pickier than men. Even if she is polite about being approached, the
odds that she will be interested are still slim. Foxes also can take one look at their
bodies and usually figure out if a man will want them or not, whereas he has to
provide a sales pitch.

Foxes obviously do not want to do the approaching, or they would. Some approach, when
their interest is high or when they realize he won't be approaching, or on the negative
side, when her market value is declining. Often, however, it is only after many bad
experiences and when a woman is past her prime that she begins being the aggressor.
The Foxes who are most capable of attracting and keeping decent men -- 18-21 and
gorgeous -- are the ones who put the least effort into doing so. They arrogantly assume
that they will always be young and beautiful, and instead of giving their best years to the
best men, they squander those years on one loser after another, waking up a decade
later, alone, sometimes with children, not as beautiful, and even if they are attractive, not
with many prime years left, and then they pursue the nice guys they used to reject,
fueling the leftovers-and-damaged-goods arguments which are now a staple of

One reason I wrote this book is that I wanted to explain in much greater depth what
motivated me to become a Foxhunter. Foxes deals with what happens once a nice guy
realizes how badly the game is stacked against him. The manipulative aspects of
Foxhunting defensive in nature, like the one-and-done rule. A Foxhunter can be a
seducer, or even a player, but the system was designed more for the men who are left
perpetually alone because of these players. The system is based on logic, and while it
would not appear effective to use logic to seduce what are essentially emotional
creatures, there are strengths to using logic that exploit the weaknesses of the player
techniques. Logically, there should be!

The more I read about players and speed-seducers succeeding, the more I began
focusing on the other side of the equation. When I encounter a Fox who has been played
or hypnotized without her knowledge, I can solve for her the riddle of how she was taken
advantage of, while showing disgust that men are succeeding with methods like this. Not
all Foxes are open to anti-player methods at all times, but when you find one who truly
wants to avoid the games, they work like a charm. One of the quickest pickups I ever
accomplished was with a conversation that went something like this:

Fox: He cheated on me!

Me: So, what else is new. That's the fourth one in a row, right?

Fox: Shut up!

Me: Apologize for that remark now or I hang up. Then let me finish.

Fox: [after a dumbfounded pause]. Okay, I'm sorry, continue.

Me: Why did you go out with this man?

Fox: Because I didn't know what he was really like!

Me: Seems that's always the case, isn't it? You know, I'm beginning to think that maybe
you don't respect me much as a man if you're willing to have sex with cheaters and won't
even go out with me.

Fox: You never asked me out!

Me: If I had, would you have said yes?

Fox: Of course!!

Oops!! I didn't let her correct herself and shot back with:

Me: Fine, I'll pick you up at 6:30.

Fox: Wait, I didn't mean that!

Me: Oh, did another cheater show up?

Fox: Fine, I'll see you at 6:30! Arrrrrrggggh!

Your voice tone is critical. I mocked her preference for cheaters, essentially saying that I
wanted the same respect for my manhood that she was giving them, and had she
refused, I would have used one-and-done right there, confident of her return. Putting my
foot down here did not make me a jerk, even though her reaction would indicate that I
was pressuring her for a date. What I was doing was just asking her to please treat me
like a better man than the men she claimed to hate. A nice guy should not be punished
for wanting a Fox, nor should he be called names when he points out that she is choosing
scum over him.

Where men like Mystery are concerned, I take the anti-player method further, allowing
more righteous disgust to surface. If I am in a bar, and Mystery comes up to talk to my
date, she is expected to blow him off. If she starts flirting with him, I will leave. I will stop
talking to her, telling her that I do not appreciate my dates responding favorably to jerks
who approach them with insults. Her first reaction will often be arrogant, telling me I'm
just jealous of his popularity, and while she is into her emotional tirade she is forgetting
about the long-term value I offer her as a friend or a lover. Suddenly, instead of just
having a good time with an obnoxious but entertaining jerk, she now pays the price of
losing me. If she loses him shortly after, the odds of a return are strong because my
absence will serve as a constant reminder of her mistake.

To pull off this anti-Mystery approach, he must be willing to cut off all contact with the
Fox the moment she disrespects him or does anything which enables Mystery. If her
rejection of him is not total, then my rejection of her is. If she leaves with him and never
comes back, I'm out one stuck-up Fox, but what will usually happen is that she will return,
seduced and abandoned, and wanting to patch things up. As I recommend in Foxes, I can
convert my upper hand to whatever it is I want from her, up to and including her being
totally submissive to me. As long as the nice guy expresses righteous indignation at
playing second fiddle to Mystery, does so with tact, at the right time, once, and holds
his ground by making the punishment stick, he will wind up with the advantage. The
anger and passion he displays will work in his favor because it is out of character for him,
and because he was essentially provoked by her reaction to Mystery. By confronting her
in this fashion, he passes her shit test, and manages to do so without being a jerk about
it. It is truly the best of all worlds.

Anti-SS methods are only natural as well. Speed seducers have had too much success in
past years simply because Foxes either did not know what the method was or did not
take it seriously. Covert hypnosis can be very effective in certain situations, and it pays
for a Fox to know how to prevent it. The nice guy can break the ice with a Fox and attack
his competition at the same time by arranging an afternoon of web-surfing and taking her
to ASF and the related websites devoted to the art of the pickup. He can attack the
players as terrible men, while hinting that maybe he should become like them if his
results are ever to improve, at which point she will string him along with hope. At that
point, he can challenge her to put her body where her mouth is, and if she rejects him, he
can say she's all talk, that he bets she falls for this crap like the others, that her
relationship history sucks (if he knows this, although it almost always will), and that he's
sick of hearing about how he's going to one day meet the right one, and instead, he will
just follow the methods on this website and end the waiting. A good percentage of the
time she will either date him or attempt to fix him up to pacify him. The squeaky wheel
gets the grease.

About the closest many nice men ever get to pursuing a Fox is complaining to her about
how terrible his love life is. He may ask her for advice on what he is doing wrong, without
realizing that his worst mistake is asking her, because she will lose respect for him, won't
tell him the truth, and give him the female perspective and propaganda that caused the
problem in the first place. After she gives him advice, along with a side order of hope to
pacify him, he still feels lost, nothing has changed, except if he continues to harp on the
subject she turns on him, tells him that he needs to change his attitude, and she may
even cease contact with him, exacerbating his desperation. His problem then becomes
his kindness, because if he did not care what Foxes thought of him, he would call a spade
a spade, laugh at those who tried to deny it, and cause them to cave in. It is very difficult
for any man to keep his decency under this reward system.

If I were a true advocate of the jerk lifestyle, I'd tell you to be selfish all the time, and to
do what most of the ASF posters would recommend. I find that the downside of being a
jerk does in fact outweigh the upside in the long run, but this does nothing to help the
nice guy who wants to get laid in the short run. Of all the lies that the leftovers and
damaged goods, usually over thirty, divorced, with three kids, thirty extra pounds, and a
stalking ex-husband tell me, one gets under my skin like no other:

Of course I would have dated you when I was younger, if I had known you!

Foxes sound wonderful in the abstract because they never have to live up to their words.
A 32 year-old former Fox cannot go back in time ten years and date me, but by saying
she would have, she can convince me that she isn't like all the stuck-up young Foxes
who ignored me ten years ago, or who ignore me now. I attract all ages, but compared to
how easily I attract leftovers and damaged goods (what I call empty-netters, for how
easy it is to score with them), it is clear that for the most part, young Foxes do not value
what I have to offer them until their late twenties at the earliest and their mid-thirties
more often than not. Contrast this with the jerks, who have little difficulty fooling younger
Foxes since they can lie to be whatever it is they have to be, and you have a situation
where the jerks get the first chance, and the nice guys wind up having to choose from
the...leftovers and damaged goods.
One of the most telling exchanges I had along these lines was with a former Fox who was
pushing forty and trying to convince me that all women were not mean, that she would
treat me well, how much she thought of me as a man, and so forth. She couldn't stop
singing my praises until I mentioned to her that if she thought I was such a great man,
perhaps she should fix me up with her 21 year-old daughter. Suddenly I went from a
great man to unworthy scum, probably because she did not want to deny her daughter
the same experience she had with her cheating, abusive first husband. The one trait I
have which makes me a jerk in the minds of older and former Foxes is my refusal to
seriously consider anyone over the age of 21 for marriage. The way I figure it, the ones
my age had their chance, and I will only be happy when a young one gives me all of her
best years, before someone like Mystery claims her and corrupts her, and if she doesn't
value me enough to shun men like that for me, I don't want her for my wife. For short-
term sex, my requirements are much less stringent, although I still require quality in all

The ASF Express is close to unstoppable. In a way it is like card-counting at blackjack,

with Foxes playing the role of the casino owner who insists that the house cannot be
beaten. At some point, too many men are going to become too successful, and the Foxes
will counterattack. The current situation cannot continue, with men following an internet
playbook to accomplish that which they had failed to accomplish for 10,000 years. The
casinos began using 6-8 decks of cards per blackjack round to confound the card-
counters, and the women will learn to recognize the techniques in this book and on the
newsgroups and websites, and protect themselves, or in some cases (especially with
NLP), beat the players at their own game either by pretending that they are working
before bursting the bubble, or using the methods on the men. God help the man who
encounters a female speed seducer with a killer body.

True nice-guys who want to reap all the benefits of being a jerk should go the creative
route. Making money is also a wonderful offset, since it comes in handy tactically and can
make you more desirable without having to compromise your morals. Even a status
improvement or a gimmick, or other Foxhunting techniques, when combined with the
anti-player posture, produce powerful results. Using all methods at your disposal is
always ideal. No matter who you are, it's a rough game out there. My hope is that nice
men who wonder why they never could quite succeed with women now know what is
really happening to them, and that the women who claim that this is not their fault realize
that even if they don't intend to hurt any men, they will wind up doing so, especially the
decent men they turn down for players.

I cannot stop men from becoming players, and I cannot stop women from rewarding
those who do. I can only comment on the sorriest state of affairs I have ever seen in my
life, in anything short of maybe Bosnia, where we talk about deep, loving, spiritual
relationships while we go about playing games. Something has to give. Finding your
soulmate is not a numbers game. You are either fundamentally compatible with someone
or you are not. For my own life, I resolved to pursue those Foxes I am fundamentally
compatible with for the long run, without games, and to treat the rest of the picture as a
big, shallow numbers-game. This allows me to hypnotize dancers in the short term, or to
politely court someone I want for the long haul. Recently, I met two Foxes on the same
day online, dated one, got stood up by the other (the dancer I hypnotized over the
phone), found the one I wanted in the short term to be more into me, while the long-
term interest, the one I sincerely liked, and with whom I am sickeningly compatible,
dismissed the idea as if it were ludicrous.

If you choose to be a player, you will likely wind up having shorter relationships with
sexier women. If you look for a soulmate, you will have a more difficult time finding the
quality and keeping it, but if you do you are relieved of the burden of having to
continually find new Foxes, and your STD risks will plummet. Without question, marriage
to a sexy soulmate is ideal, and until you find that, being able to seduce for the short
term is the next best thing, as it will keep you occupied, popular, and in the ideal
bargaining position to abandon playing the field when the right Fox comes along. I've
found that by combining Foxhunting with some of the more player methods, I get
excellent results. Erotic gimmicks and knowing how to determine compatibility, while
being brave and knowledgeable enough to seduce, while knowing when your seductions
are most likely to succeed, are the true keys to success. You don't have to be anywhere
near as extreme as the players in this book to get laid, although women sometimes will
have you thinking you do. Often the player succeeds only because he tries when the nice
guy stands on the sidelines. A nice guy who can also seduce will be competition for a
player, though few think of it as nice to do that. Where many nice men can do this
effortlessly when it comes to their careers, they have a harder time doing that with
women. From the other side, women could make their task a bit easier, since they claim
to want decent men.