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9 © sasozos aso © wer seatmeurtincom General Rotalers Association ‘ann Az0000100 Maurie 31" March 2021 Honorable Soodesh Satkam Callichurn Minister of Commerce and Consumer Protection Level 2, Sicom Tower, Wall Street, Ebene Cybercity, Ebene 72202 Republic of Mauritius ue from. Dear Honorable Minister, As at now from the various communique we have got from the authorities and government that there will be a partial lifting of lockdown and that on the Ist of April 2021 retailers in Malls and high street will be allowed to reopen and operate on an alphabetical order for customers. Allow us to say that most of our members in the GRA has not got WAP for our employees and still a lot of confusion on how we will be operation in the red zones. Our members are getting lot of queries from our staffs and cannot reply to any of them as there is no visibility of WAPs. Our questions! queries are: 1) Transport! logistics ~ How staffs will travel from red zone to go outside of the red zone to work 2). Malls closing at 1800 hrs — will there be any buses at that time? If not, are private vans allowed to operate? 3) Are we opening without cleaning and disinfecting our shops? 4) What about our wholesale deliveries that will happen all around the islands? 5) Are we opening without our stock being replenish? 6) 5 customers in a shop — what is the minimum customer/SQM ~ many members having space of 100 SQM — 2000 SQM — How to control? 7) Ifa customer does not want to wear his mask and wants to enter our stores — who will be fine? The customer, the shop owner? Who will take responsibility? 8) Who will be checking ID at the entrance of the shop? A police officer will be placed? Please do note that many of our members are not ready to open on the Ist April 2021 and would not like the Malls/ landlords to continue sending emails that you are all requested to open your shops on the Ist April 2021 ‘We would be grateful if we could please be call for a meeting so that we can at least plan this reopening together (like you did with the supermarkets) and not only receiving communiques from authorities which is completely misleading for all of us. joe mauarnus cKAMBEROF COMMERCE AND MOUETEY 9 6 Adolphe De Pievitz St, Port Louis, Mauritius 112-07 & szs0208 4830 © wer statmourtincom General Rotalers Association ‘ann Az0000100 Maurie Thanking you in advance for time, consideration and attention given. We remain at your disposal for any additional information you may require. Yours faithfully, Khevin Chummun Chief Executive Officer Copied to: Honorable Renganaden Padayachy, Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, Government of Mauritius Dr. Yousouf Ismaé!, Secretary General -The Mauritius Chamber of Commerce & Industry Mr. Soondram — Deputy Financial Secretary, Ministry of Finance Mr. Rangan ~ Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Commerce Inspector Juwaheer ~ Mauritius Police Force Mrs. Lutchmun — Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Commerce