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¢TMENT Bi Approved by: Lt Ames Date: 3/31/2001 ‘Name Paige A Sard ‘Age a CityTownvitage | Alburgh sue | vi [Dawe | 3731/28 Charge ‘Speed in Zone 54/30 Time: [994M Location: Market street ReleaseReturn: | Potsdam Town Court Apri, 2021 at 10:00 AM "The above listed subject was sued Unlorm Trafic Tket afer patrol observed Narrative: subject traveling ata high ate of sped. Radar confirmed a speed of S$ MPH in 30 MPH zone Name Barnard. Gage Age 6 Ciy/TownVitage | Canton sae] wy [Dae: | 3/31/21 Charge: Fallure 10 ied Right of Way ata Stop Sign Time: | 2040aM Location: ‘Maple Street and island Street Reteserketura: | Potsdam Town Court April 14%, 2024 at 10:00 AM ‘The above listed subject was issued a Uniform Traffic Ticket aftr pata responded oa report of two-car property damage accident. Gage determined tobe at faut fr the acident due to falling to yield the right of way at stp sign Con sland Street entering onto Maple Street. Narrative: (0001 Traffic top on elm street 0013 Assisted Other Law Enforcement 0255 Property Check on Market Street 0259 Property Check on Eim street (0337 Traffic Hazard on Chestnut Street (0612 Potsdam Rescue dispatched toa call 0821 Potsdam Rescue dispatched toa call 0910 Handicap Parking Permit issued at 38 main treet 0919 Traffic Stop on Sandstone Drive 0956. Traffic top on USH 22 1039 Traffic top on Sisson street 1040 Accident on Maple Street 1122 Records Check at 38 Main Street 145 _ Assist Other Law Enforcement on Outer MainStreet 1226 Records Check at 38 Main Street 1237 Mental Heath Transport 1356 _Utlty Problem on Chestnut Street 1556 Records Check at 38 Main treet 1604 Stalking Vilage of Potsdam 1643 Potsdam Rescue dispatched toa cll 1701 Potsdam Rescue dispatched to cll 1719 Traffic Stop on Market Street 1852 _ Suspicious Person on Sandstone Drive 1937 _Disordety Subject on Leroy Street 2081 Potsdam Rescue dispatched toa call 2088 Traffic stop on Elm street 2213 Traffic stop on Lawrence Avenue