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rT BL Approved bys Lt Ames Date: 4/2021 = Colleen R, Mannix Age: 6 CiyTownvitage | Malone sure Nv [Dae | 4/620 Failure to Vield the Right of Way to Pedestrian in ae Tar lhe ght Way Po a “Location: Main Street ‘ReleasefReturs: | Potsdam Town Court; May 5, 2021 at 10:00 AM ‘The above Tisted subject was issued Uniform Traffic Ticket after patrol obsewed Narratives subject fal to yield the right of way to @ pedestrian in the crosswalk on Main Street. 0023 Potsdam Rescue dispatched toa call 0106 Parking problem on Leroy Street (0120 Property Check at 23 MainStreet (0124 Property Check on Market Street (0128 Property Check on Caste Drive (0180 Property Check on Ei Steet (0733 Potsdam Rescue dispatched toa cal (0852 Traffic Stop on Plerrepont Avenue (0938 Welfare check on Lower Pine Street 2011 Potsdam Rescue alispatched toa call 1036 Traffic Stop on Market Street 1112 Traffic Stop on Market Steet 1145 Information Complaint a 38 Main Street 1236 Accident at cPH 1240 Assist Other Law Enforcement on SCR 59 1323 Potsdam Rescue dispatched toa call 1331 Potsdam Rescue depatched toa call 1819 Records Check at 38 Main Street 1504 Potsdam Rescue dspatched to a call 1507 Potsdam Rescue dispatched ta call 1534 159 1646, aa 1730 se02 1820 2040 n1o7 2209 28 na 2249 ‘Trafic Stop on Main Street ‘Trae Stop on Main Street Traffic Stop on Eim Street Assist Other Law Enforcement Agency at CPH Potsdam Rescue dispatched toa call Domestic on Main treet Domestic on Racquette Road Panic alarm on Elm Street Tatfcstopon Leroy Street Potsdam Rescue dispatched to call Suspicious Vehicle at Sandstone Park ‘Trafle stop on Sandstone Drive Domestic on Raquette Road