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003 LATEX Author Guidelines for ICCV Proceedings 057
004 058
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Anonymous ICCV submission
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008 062
009 Paper ID **** 063
010 064
011 065
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Abstract 1.3. Paper length
013 067
014 ICCV papers may be between 6 pages and 8 pages, with 068
The ABSTRACT is to be in fully-justified italicized text, a $100 per page added fee. Overlength papers will simply
015 069
at the top of the left-hand column, below the author and not be reviewed. This includes papers where the margins
016 070
affiliation information. Use the word “Abstract” as the title, and formatting are deemed to have been significantly al-
017 071
in 12-point Times, boldface type, centered relative to the tered from those laid down by this style guide. Note that
018 072
column, initially capitalized. The abstract is to be in 10- this LATEX guide already sets figure captions and references
019 073
point, single-spaced type. Leave two blank lines after the in a smaller font. The reason such papers will not be re-
020 074
Abstract, then begin the main text. Look at previous ICCV viewed is that there is no provision for supervised revisions
021 075
abstracts to get a feel for style and length. of manuscripts. The reviewing process cannot determine
022 076
023 the suitability of the paper for presentation in eight pages if 077
024 it is reviewed in eleven. If you submit 8 for review expect 078
025 1. Introduction to pay the added page charges for them. 079
026 080
Please follow the steps outlined below when submitting 1.4. The ruler
027 081
your manuscript to the IEEE Computer Society Press. This The LATEX style defines a printed ruler which should be
028 082
style guide now has several important modifications (for ex- present in the version submitted for review. The ruler is
029 083
ample, you are no longer warned against the use of sticky provided in order that reviewers may comment on partic-
030 084
tape to attach your artwork to the paper), so all authors ular lines in the paper without circumlocution. If you are
031 085
should read this new version. preparing a document using a non-LATEX document prepa-
032 086
033 ration system, please arrange for an equivalent ruler to 087
1.1. Language appear on the final output pages. The presence or ab- 088
035 All manuscripts must be in English. sence of the ruler should not change the appearance of 089
036 any other content on the page. The camera ready copy 090
037 1.2. Dual submission should not contain a ruler. (LATEX users may uncomment 091
038 the \iccvfinalcopy command in the document pream- 092
039 By submitting a manuscript to ICCV, the authors assert ble.) Reviewers: note that the ruler measurements do not 093
040 that it has not been previously published in substantially align well with lines in the paper — this turns out to be very 094
041 similar form. Furthermore, no paper which contains signif- difficult to do well when the paper contains many figures 095
042 icant overlap with the contributions of this paper either has and equations, and, when done, looks ugly. Just use frac- 096
043 been or will be submitted during the ICCV 2011 review pe- tional references (e.g. this line is 097.15), although in most 097
044 riod to either a journal or any conference (including ICCV cases one would expect that the approximate location will 098
045 2011) or any workshop (including ICCV 2011 workshops). be adequate. 099
046 Papers violating this condition will be rejected. 100
1.5. Mathematics
047 If there are papers that may appear to the reviewers to vi- 101
048 olate this condition, then it is your responsibility to: (1) cite Please number all of your sections and displayed equa- 102
049 these papers (preserving anonymity as described in Section tions. It is important for readers to be able to refer to any 103
050 1.6 below), (2) argue in the body of your paper why your particular equation. Just because you didn’t refer to it in 104
051 ICCV paper is non-trivially different from these concurrent the text doesn’t mean some future reader might not need 105
052 submissions, and (3) include anonymized versions of those to refer to it. It is cumbersome to have to use circumlocu- 106
053 papers in the supplemental material. tions like “the equation second from the top of page 3 col- 107


(But see your solution.. 143 197 the paper of Smith et al. This system is new because it handles the fol- 134 188 ferior to all previously known methods. 108 162 umn 1”. Again. L and Jones.g. The work is a development of your cele- 122 176 below for techreports) brated 1968 paper entitled “Zero-g frobnication: How be- 123 177 Saying “this builds on the work of Lucy Smith [1]” does ing the only people in the world with access to the Apollo 124 178 not say that you are Lucy Smith. include reference 7 as you would any “We show how to improve our previous work [Anonymous. you may need to refer to that submission in order to 1..g. 116 170 ing for blind review. 128 182 other cited work. 1-213. For conference submissions. you 119 173 are known and available. 1968]. moon. 137 191 138 [1] Removed for blind review . 212 159 [1] Authors. For example. to a techreport for further details. contracted to solve problem B. it says that you are building lander source code makes us a wow at parties”. and not require the reviewer to go 112 166 mermin. Leave them for 205 If you are making a submission to another conference at 152 the final copy. B. 204 151 FAQ: Are acknowledgements OK? No. 192 139 The proposed system was integrated with the 193 An example of an acceptable paper: Apollo lunar lander. CONFIDENTIAL REVIEW COPY. is correct. dles it by including a foo term in the bar integral. Supplied as additional be a sentence-ending space. and you 120 174 Blind review means that you do not use the words “my” believe that the ICCV 11 audience would like to hear about 121 175 or “our” when citing previous work.iccv. you may not assume the reviewers will read this material. 214 161 material fg324. and show it to be in- 144 As you can see. 147 it likely that the new paper was written by Zeus et al. This time we tested the algorithm on a lunar lander 129 183 An example of a bad paper just asking to be rejected: [name of lander removed for blind review]”. 215 2 . Miscellaneous 154 208 explain the differences. the above text follows standard scientific 198 ferior to all previously known methods. and went all the way to the 140 194 141 An analysis of the frobnicatable foo filter. so is not an alternative to equation numbers)..org/doc/ must stand on its own. Instead 131 An analysis of the frobnicatable foo filter. reads better than the first version. Thus. meaning “for example”. That would be 130 184 silly. and would immediately identify the authors. but 201 148 [1] Smith. p165. Blind review Then submit the techreport as additional material. Nature 381(12). He or she 202 149 foo filter. It displayed the following 195 142 behaviours which show how well we solved cases 196 In this paper we present a performance analysis of A and B: . The provided \eg macro takes care of this.. 126 180 show in [7]”. do not say “as we al. a fundamental contribution to human would have to be sure that no other authors could have been 203 150 knowledge”. don’t you know. is not. and refer them to a 110 164 thors will benefit from reading Mermin’s description of how technical report. “The frobnicatable foo filter”. 206 the same time. Don’t write 127 181 the end of the paper.. Why the lowing cases: A. Previous systems [Zeus et al. 133 187 of our previous paper [1]. All au. Blind review does not mean that one Sometimes your paper is about a problem which you 117 171 must remove citations to one’s own work—in fact it is often tested using a tool which is widely known to be restricted 118 172 impossible to review a paper unless the previous citations to a single institution. F&G The space after e. say “as Smith and Jones show in [7]” and at You can handle this paper like any other. should not 213 160 2011 Submission ID 324. which covers similar or overlapping mate- 153 207 rial. you may say in 113 167 the body of the paper “further details may be found in [5]”. So e. just as you would if you had pre- 155 Compare the following: 209 viously published related work. “The frobnicatable cannot make any decision based on that guess. 135 189 previous paper was accepted without this analysis 1968] didn’t handle case B properly.7. the paper 111 165 to write mathematics: http://www. 185 write the following: 132 186 In this paper we present a performance analysis We describe a system for zero-g frobnication. include the 156 anonymized parallel submission [4] as additional material $conf_a$ confa 210 157 and cite it as $\mathit{conf}_a$ conf a 211 158 See The TEXbook.6. 168 115 169 Many authors misunderstand the concept of anonymiz. Why the 145 convention..pdf. C. by Zeus et 125 179 on her work. (Note that the ruler will not be present in the final Finally. have solved a key problem on the Apollo lander. In such cases.ICCV ICCV #**** #**** ICCV 2011 Submission #****. let’s say it’s 1969. more details can be found elsewhere. 114 1. A reviewer might think 200 is beyond me. If you are Smith and Jones. Ours han- 136 190 is beyond me. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE. e. [1]. That is all.pdf.g. you may feel you need to tell the reader that 109 163 copy. and show it to be in. and does not 199 previous paper was accepted without this analysis 146 explicitly name you as the authors.

422 cm).3. verbs.54 cm) high.0 inch (2. 254 able width of the text area is 6 78 inches (17. so prefer [2. single. pronouns. if you prefer. 216 270 2.5 1 This is what a footnote looks like..) However. keep multiple citations in numeri. and Alpher et al. 292 239 “ Frobnication has been trendy lately. duction) should be Times 12-point boldface. 305 252 Database elements) should be Times 11-point boldface. 278 225 ter of nouns. initially cap. 300 247 For this citation style.” between paragraphs. boldface. flush left. 2. including text. Leave two 281 228 blank lines after the title. 307 initially capitalized. single-spaced. 282 229 283 Figure 1. non-boldface type. you may save space column format. please 273 220 use the font closest in appearance to Times to which you 274 221 have access. al. and third-order headings. or preposi. It is set in Roman so that mathemat. If you wish to use a footnote. second-. Example of caption. coordinate conjunctions. and adverbs. If neither is available on your word processor. It often distracts the reader from 322 269 cm) wide by 8-7/8 inches (22. 320 267 All printed material. Initially capitalize only the first word of section titles and 299 246 tence as in Alpher et al. must be kept within a print area 6-7/8 inches (17. and printed in Times 12-point. 1. 304 251 2. use it only when there spaced.25 cm) wide.54 cm) from 313 the top edge. illustrations.2. On all pages.54 cm) from the top edge of the page. The total allow.5 cm) wide by 308 and one after. shortened to “et al.” as MAIN TEXT. Please do not place any additional blank lines 294 241 Fotheringham-Smythe [2].8 cm) space between 310 ized.. 301 248 cal (not chronological) order. Short captions should be centred. 280 227 tions (unless the title begins with such a word). 290 237 “et” is a complete word.. as 317 264 in this sentence). Capitalize the first let. If you require a third-order heading (we dis- 255 8 87 inches (22. the bottom margin should be 2.0 311 period and your text on the same line. Columns are to be 3 14 inches 309 5 courage it). Intro. 4].” because reference [2] has just two authors.ICCV ICCV #**** #**** ICCV 2011 Submission #****. and one blank 303 250 line after. for A4 paper. preceded by one blank line. The second 312 259 and following pages should begin 1. Camera-ready final version only: AUTHOR NAME(s) 230 284 ics (always set in Roman: B sin A = A sin B) may be included and AFFILIATION(s) are to be centered beneath the title 231 285 without an ugly clash. boldface type.54 cm) high. Thus.” (not “et. (For example. Indeed. flush left. initially capital- 256 (8. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE. 1. Do NOT use double-spacing. approximately 1-5/8 footnotes altogether and include necessary peripheral ob. try to avoid 315 262 for 8. do 279 226 not capitalize articles.1. subsequently developed by Alpher Figure and table captions should be 9-point Roman type 296 243 et al. flush left and 293 240 by Alpher [1]. 295 242 This is incorrect: “. Formatting your paper SECOND-ORDER HEADINGS. 275 222 MAIN TITLE. It was introduced Make sure your text is fully justified—that is. flush left. This in- 232 286 formation is to be followed by two blank lines. Type main text in 10-point Times.1. and subsequently developed by Alpher and flush right. 302 249 italized. All paragraphs 291 238 are three or more authors. adjectives.49 cm) 276 223 from the top edge of the first page. servations in the text (within parentheses. the main flow of the argument. first-. with one blank line before. 297 244 If you use the \etal macro provided. 1/6 inch or 0. place it at the 318 265 2. the following is correct: should be indented 1 pica (approx. 233 287 The ABSTRACT and MAIN TEXT are to be in a two- 234 288 When citing a multi-author paper..5 × 11-inch paper. FIRST-ORDER HEADINGS. CONFIDENTIAL REVIEW COPY. 298 245 worry about double periods when used at the end of a sen. Center the title 1-3/8 inches (3. then you need not Callouts should be 9-point Helvetica. 316 263 inches (4. The main title (on the first page) should begin 1. with a 16 inch (0. as in Figures 1 and 2. [3].86 cm) from the bottom edge of the page Please use footnotes1 sparingly. non-boldface type. Margins and page numbering bottom of the column on the page on which it is referenced. 306 253 All text must be in a two-column format. 1.13 cm) from the bottom edge of the page. 235 289 236 by using “et alia”. 319 266 Use Times 8-point type. Type-style and fonts 217 271 218 Wherever Times is specified. Footnotes 260 314 261 1-1/8 inches (2. (For example. [2] . use 10-point Times. The title should be 277 224 in Times 14-point. followed by a 257 them. 4] to [1. 323 3 . 258 inch (2. Times Roman may also be 272 219 used. and 321 268 charts. with one blank line before.

which should be centered. when printed on a 429 376 monochrome printer. Journal of Foo. or Fax (714) 761-1784. 4 414 in print. N. Resize fonts in figures to match the font in the 359 Gesture submission ID 324. graphs. 431 4 . enclose the citation number in square 405 [1] A.6. Final copy 341 395 Theirs Frumpy 342 You must include your signed IEEE copyright release 396 Yours Frobbly 343 form when you submit your finished paper. Frobnication 354 revisited. single-spaced. Alpher and J. material tr. Results. and therefore must 363 417 not assume that they can zoom in to see tiny details on a 364 418 graphic.8\linewidth] 424 371 {myfile. and G. 352 brackets. and photographs [3] A. CONFIDENTIAL REVIEW COPY. for example [4].pdf. no important information is lost by the 430 377 conversion to grayscale. Where appropriate.5. and choose line widths which render effectively 360 fg324. 402 349 List and number all bibliographical references in 9-point 403 350 Times. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE. 324 378 325 379 326 380 327 381 328 382 329 383 330 384 331 385 332 386 333 387 334 388 335 389 336 390 337 391 338 Figure 2. 407 [2] A. 14(1):234–778. 2004. Many readers (and reviewers). and to specify the figure width 367 as a multiple of the line width as in the example below 421 368 422 369 \usepackage[dvips]{graphicx} . J. Fotheringham-Smythe. Journal of Foo.ICCV ICCV #**** #**** ICCV 2011 Submission #****. Illustrations. P. even of an electronic 361 [5] Authors. 392 339 393 340 394 Method Frobnability 3. Alpher. We MUST have 397 Ours Makes one’s heart Frob 344 this form before your paper can be published in the proceed. Supplied as additional material 413 body text. Color 373 427 374 Color is valuable.4. 2003. 2. However ensure that. P. will choose to print your paper in order to read it. References 404 351 erenced in the text. and will be visible to readers of the 428 375 electronic copy. Frobnication tutorial. Ours is better. Please ensure that any 357 3 411 point you wish to make is resolvable in a printed copy of 358 [4] Authors. at the end of your paper. References Press: Phone (714) 821-8380.eps} 425 372 426 2. 2 362 416 You cannot insist that they do otherwise. 398 345 Table 1.. 2011.pdf. 3. When ref. N. Gamow. ings. Can 409 356 a machine frobnicate? Journal of Foo. Supplied as additional 415 copy. Example of a short caption. 423 370 \includegraphics[width=0.. 399 346 Please direct any questions to the production editor in 400 347 charge of these proceedings at the IEEE Computer Society 401 348 2. 3 353 name(s) of editors of referenced books. Frobnication. 2011. 13(1):234–778. it’s almost always best to 366 420 use \includegraphics. The frobnicatable foo filter. 3 408 355 2. Alpher. 365 419 When placing figures in LATEX. include the 406 2002. 12(1):234–778. 410 All graphics should be centered. Fotheringham-Smythe. Face and 412 the paper.

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