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LICE, DEPs Approved by: Lt Ames Date: 47772021 ‘Name: Eh Land Ane 20 CityrTowwVitlage | Lake Clear states] NY [Date: | a/7/21 {oeal Law: Open Container Uniawful Possession of Alcohol Under 21 Time: | 122M Criminal impersonation ‘Maple Street Potsdam Town Court April14%, 2021 a 12:00 PM ‘The above Tisted subject was issued a Uniform Waffic Ticket after patrol observed {the subject with an open container. the subject with an open container. Name Logan Bielawski ‘Age: 19 Citytown Vilage | Averill Park sie: | NY [Date [47/23 {oeal Laws Open Container charge: Unlawful Possession of Alcohol Under 22, time: | 12-2 9M Criminal impersonation Location ‘Maple Steet ReleasefReturn: | Potsdam Town Court; April 14%, 2021 at 12:00 PM a “The above Tsted subject was esued a Unorm Traffic Teket afer patrol observed (0119 Property Check at Bayside Cemetery (0152 Property Check on Markt street (0208 Property Check on Fall stand 0218 Traffic stop on Main treet (0805 Alarm Activation on Hilerest Avenue 0936 Records Checkat 28 Main Street 1343 Potsdom Rescue dispatched toa call 41147 Accident on Elm Street 1422. Assist Other Agency on Maple Street 1509 Records Check at 38 Main Street 1514 Intoxicated Person on Main Street 1528 Lost Property on Market Steet 1550 a6 1639 aoa 2000 aa 208 2206 ae 22s 2239 2250 2302 25 2302 Larceny on Market street Handicap Parking Permit t 38 Main Street Assist Citizen on Fall stand Potsdam Rescue dispatched toa cll Potsdam Rescue dispatched 10a ca ‘Alarm activation on Market Street “Traffic Stop on Lawrence Avenue Traffic Stop on Main treet Records Check at 38 Main Street ‘Trae Stop on Market treet ‘Teale top on Outer Maple Street Local taw on MainStreet Taff Stop on Elm Street ‘Teatfc Stop on ower Bay Street Local Lawon Maple Street