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Fremantle Campus Map 2007


ND37 ND43 ND40 ND46
HIS MAJESTY'S HOTEL ND1 Foley Hall ND18 School of Law (Sydney) ND36 His Majesty's Hotel
> Vice Chancellery ND19 Office of the Provost > School of Education
> Admissions Office > Research Management > Religious Education
ND34 ND41 NORTH > Alumni & Development Office > Dean’s Office
ND29 > Academic Standards
> Bridget Faye Room > Academic Offices
ND30 > Classrooms
> Research Training
> Computer Laboratories
ND42 CLEOPATRA > Staff Development
ND32 HOTEL > Public Relations Office > Classrooms
FREMANTLE ND31 ND28 ND20 University car park
HOTEL ND19 > Corporate Services ND37 School of Nursing
EDMUND > Fees Office ND21 Saint John of God Hall > Dean’s Office
RICE CENTRE > General Counsel > General classroom block > Academic Offices
> Helen Lombard Room > Classrooms
ND22 Court House
> Lecture Theatre > Doreen McCarthy Nursing
HIGH STREET > Staffing Office
> School of Law Courtroom
> Drill Hall courtyard
> Student Administration
> University Reception ND23 Finance Office ND38 Physiotherapy
> IT Services Laboratories
ND33 ND45 ND23 ND2 Malloy Courtyard
> Software & Programming ND39 College of Medicine
ND5 P&O HOTEL ND3 Prindiville Hall > Executive Dean’s Office
ND24 School of Arts & Sciences
> Student Common Room
> Associate Dean’s Office ND40 School of Philosophy
> Student Association Offices
ND20 > Performing Arts Centre
> Academic Offices & Theology
> Seminar Room > Dean’s Office
> Communications Laboratory
ND25 The Drill Hall > Academic Offices
ND ND4 Staff Parking
ND6 18 > Ceremonial, Lecture & ND41 University car park
ND21 ND5 P&O Hotel Conference Hall
ND1 ST JOHN OF GOD HALL > Classrooms ND42 Fremantle Hotel
ND26 University car park > School of Business
> Student Residence
ND44 > Visiting Staff Flat ND27 University car park > Accounting & Finance

> Management & Marketing

ND6 Student Recreation Hall ND28 School of Health Sciences

ND38 > Dean’s Office
> Dean’s Office
ND7 St Teresa’s Library > Chancellors’ Room
ND2 > Open Access Computers
> Biomedical Science
> Classrooms
MALLOY > Exercise Science
ND7 > Reading Rooms > John Paul II Room
COURTYARD > Health & Physical Education
> Library Staff > Michael Keating Room
ST TERESA'S ND17 ND29 Staff Parking
LIBRARY ST TERESA'S LIBRARY ND8 Holy Spirit Chapel > Visiting Staff Flat
ND35 ND30 Cleopatra Hotel ND43 School of Nursing
ND9 Student Life Office
> Student Residence Classrooms
ND3 > Campus Ministry/Chaplain
ND4 ND16 > Careers & Counselling Office ND31 School of Health Sciences ND44 Academic & Student
> Physiotherapy Services
HALL ND10 Freehills Law Lecture Hall
ND15 > Physiotherapy Laboratory > Registrar
LIBRARY COURTYARD ND39 ND11 School of Law > Physiotherapy Clinic > Prospective Students
> Dean’s Office
ND32 School of Arts & Sciences ND45 Campus Services Office
ND > Academic Offices
> Dean’s Office
CROKE STREET 8 ND > Lecture rooms ND46 Health Sciences Research
> Academic Offices
11 ND12 Port Lodge Student (Under Construction)
> Science Laboratories
> Biomechanics Research Laboratory
10 ND14 Residence
ND33 School of Business
ND24 > Hesburgh Room > Exercise Science Research
> Academic Offices Laboratory
> University Bookshop
ND26 ND25 CRO > Computer Laboratory > Health Sciences Lecture Theatre
KE S ND13 Craven Law Library
ND34 The Consulate > Preventive Health Research Clinic
DRILL HALL TRE ND14 School of Law > Research Training Lecture Theatre
ND27 ET > Anatomy Laboratory
> Academic Offices
ND15 Library courtyard > Staff Residence
COURT HOUSE > Seminar Rooms
ND16 School of Medicine ND35 School of Medicine > Centre for Research in Health
ND ND12 > Counselling Academic Offices > Dean’s Office & Education
22 PORT LODGE > Classrooms > Academic Offices
> Classrooms & Lecture Theatre
ND17 St Teresa’s Library: > Michael Quinlan Room
- Arts & Sciences > Roy & Amy Galvin Medical Library
- Business > Clinical Training Laboratories
- Philosophy & Theology
THE ESPLANADE - Reference Library

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