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Hari Babu.

Ph: +91- 9908990453 E-mail:hari.lifeskillstrainer@gmail.com;
Objective: Freelance Corporate Trainer
Qualifications: Master of Science in Mathematics,
 Certified Soft Skills Trainer from “British Institute of Personality Development,” U.K
 Certified eCRM & Personality Development Trainer from JTS Institute from Bangalore,
 Certified Memory Trainer from JMD

5 years experience in the Academic World for +2 and 9+ years of experience as a Soft
skills Trainer.
Conducted a workshop on Time management and Stress management in ESN
Technologies, Hyderabad

(On behalf of www.vagminesol.com):

Conducting corporate skills Modules workshop at Vagmine Solutions, Hyderabad as
freelance trainer since 3rd July, 2010 to 3rd Oct, 2010
Conducted workshop on IPBS for a length of 100 employees in Hyderabad for
50 employees
(On behalf of www.formulahrc.com):
Conducted “CRT” workshop at ACHARYA NAGARJUNA University, Guntur as
freelance trainer from 25th and 26th Jan, 2011
Conducted “CRT workshop at SVIT College of Engineering, Vijayawada,3rd to 5th Jan,
Conducted “CRT workshop at Srinivasa College of Engineering and Technology,
Amalapuram, East Godavari
Conducted “CRT workshop at SAROJANI College of Engineering, Vijayawada
Conducted ‘CRT’ workshop at VIGNAN College of Technology, Hyderabad
Conducted “CRT workshop” at PPD College of Engineering, Vijawada
Conducted ‘CRT’ workshop at VIGNAN, Visakhapatnam
Conducted “CRT” workshop at RISE Engineering College, Ongole as freelance
Conducted “CRT” workshop at VIGNAN University, Guntur as freelance trainer from
14h and 15th Dec, 2010
(On behalf of www.coign.net):
Conducted “CRT” workshop at Sri Indu Engineering College, Hyderabad as freelance
Conducted “CRT” workshop at CMR Engineering College, Hyderabad as freelance
trainer since 03rd Dec to 10th, 2010
Conducted “CRT” workshop at Swarnandhara Engineering College, Nasapuram, W.G
as freelance trainer since 21st Nov to 30th, 2010
(On behalf of to www.itcurve.com)
Conducted “CRT” workshops in the following colleges in A.P (2009 to 2010)
a. Sri Vasavi college of Engineering, Tadepalligudem, W.G (B.Tech)
b. Daggubati PG college, Inkollu, Prakasaham Dist (MBA)
c. Andhra Mahilasabha, O.U Campus, Hyderabad (MCA)
Other Achievement ( On behalf of www.naresh it.com.com): (2008 to 2009)
Conducted “CRT” classes in Hyderabad
Trained Soft skills more than 7000 thousand Engineering, MCA and MBA students for
Campus Requirement Test in Hyderabad Soft Skills
Other Achievement (On behalf of www.globarena.com):
Conducted “CRT” workshops in A.P and other stats

 Conducted Train The Trainer (T3) for JKC trainers On behalf of Institute of
Electronic Governance (IEG) Govt. of A.P in KITS Huzurabad, Karimnagar (Dist) and
Guddlavelleru Engineering College
a.Hirasugar Institute Of Technology, Belgaum, Karnataka (B.E. – CS)
b.JBIT , Bangalore, Karnataka
b.G Pulla Reddy Engineering College, Kurnool Town, A.P. (MCA)
c.DRK College Of Engineering, Bowermpet, Hyderabad (B.Tech – CS)
d.JNTU, Pullibendula, A.P. (B.Tech – Mechnical and CS)
e.Vasavi College of Engineering, Ibrahimbagh, Hyderabad (MBA)
f.M.V.S.R College of Engineering, Hyderabad
g.Siddha ganga Institue college of Engineering, Tumkur, Karnataka (B.E)
h.Ellanki college of Engineering, PatelGuda, Medak Dist.(MCA)
i.Sri Kavitha Engineering College, Khammam.
Other Achievements:

Had given Soft Skills training more than 12,000 students in 7 districts with D.R.D.A,
Govt of A.P on behalf of C2c, Hyderabad
Other Achievements:
a. Taught English for SBH Departmental Test more than 3000 employees, Hyderabad.
b. Taught English for Telecom Departmental Test more than 500 employees,
Other Achievements in academics:
a. Taught Mathematics more than 30,000 students in college level. In Visakhapatnam and
What I can extend you:
a) Relocate to myself anywhere in India
b) Working Timings: As per your choice
c) Working Days: As per your choice
My Soft Skills and HR Training Strength:
a. Recruitment, Selection, Training and Development of Students and Staff
b. Content Development for Soft Skills as per the latest industry standards
c. Taking Orientation training, Job training, Safety training, Promotional training,
Product training, Refresher training and Remedial training
d. Career, Manpower and Succession Planning and Career Development
e. Training Need Analysis (TNA)
f. Evaluating Training Effectiveness and Retraining
My Teaching & Training Methodology:
There are several methods of teaching and training commonly adopted by teachers and trainers
like Clarification method, Descriptive method, Comparative method, Textbook reading method,
Story method, Explanatory method, Question-answer method. Among these the best-fit and most
suitable method are Question-Answer based on activities.
The advantages of this method are:
1. Taking an opportunity to know how far the students have understood the subjects
2. Generating interest for the subject matter
3. Giving opportunities to students to narrate their experiences
4. Learning about the difficulties of students after listening to the answer of students
5. Motivating students to find answer after careful thinking
My Skills:
1. Organizational Skills (Decision-making, Problem Solving & Managerial skills)
2. High Interpersonal Skills
3. Excellent Presentation Skills
4. Communication Skills
5. Leadership Skills
My Career Aspirations (For Next 5Years):
(a) Love to accept any “Multiple” duties & responsibilities
(b) Love to accept any further "studies" & "Training"
(c) Love to receive any higher position with greater responsibilities
Personal Information:
Father’s Name : Venkata Rao (Late)
Date of Birth : 07-08-1973
Age : 37 Years
Marital Status : Married
Languages Known : Telugu, Hindi, and English
Hobbies : Public Speaking, Traveling and Reading books

Hari Babu