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Vol. 1, Iss. 1, August 2008

In this Issue:
Inter-Peoples Exchange (IPEx), Inc. was born in
response to the disturbing issues of Indigenous 1 Background
Peoples (IP) in the Philippines. In 1991 series of 2 Services
consultation and sharing of ideas have been
undertaken. On May 10-11 1996, the first national
4 Community
meeting was held where IPEx was finally come to its Empowerment
existence as a non-stock/ non-profit organization, 6 Programs and
officers were elected, program of activities were Activities (Lakbayk -
discussed and the establishment of National Tribo)
Secretariat. Eventually, IPEx was duly registered with
the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on
June 16, 1997.

IPEX is known to be a National indigenous peoples Institution that

facilitates the extension of its services to the IPS in some areas in the Philippines
based on the approved areas for our Ancestral Domain Support Program (ADSP)
funded by IWGIA. At present, IPEX was already on its second phase for the
ADSP, a project focused on delineation of Ancestral Domain (AD) in partnership
with Anthropology Watch,Inc.

The Inter-Peoples Exchange
envisioned the promotion of indigenous
peoples rights and their ancestral
domains, advocate the protection of environment, foster sustainable
livelihood, establish strong networks and develop a self-reliant communities.
It also aim to establish strong networks among IP communities toward self
governance and other support groups conduct training to capacitate IPs in
their application for CADT, community mapping and 3D model preparation
needed in the formulation of IPs community resource management plan.

* Promotional Desk
- Popularizes the issue of Indigenous
People's (Ips) Right to self – determination.

- Campaign for the recognition and acquisition by Ips of their rights

to their Ancstral Domains

- Promotes the arts and crafts of Ips among non IPS

- Encourages the revival of Indigenous practices among Ips whose

culture have been heavily influenced by non IPs.

* Youth Development
Develops the potentials of IP youths
through alternative education and skills acquisition
so they may become productive members of the community.

- Organizes the LakbayKTribo, a month long bicycle tour across the

country for IP youth from various ethnic groups.

* Cultural Exchange Desk

- Initiates & organizes dialogues, consultation sesions and cultural
exchanges among indigenous leaders and IP advocates, locally and

- Conducts a month long exposure program that seeks to provide

opportunities for Ips and IP advocates to experience, appreciate and
share with other IP culture.

* Technical and Trainings Desk

- Conducts consultation nd training needs assessments

- Provides technical inputs to IP organizations

- Training and farm demonstration for sustainable livelihood.

- Technical assistances in areas of project conceptualization and

development, monitoring and evaluation.

-- Economic

Focuses on how the IP effectively

make use of the readily available
resources for sustainability.

-- Social
Targets awareness raising
among Ips to be more productive
community member especially the

-- Political
Initiates and conducts conferences
and trainings to strengthen traditional
leadership structure innthe comunity. Also
arranges conflict resolution to
patch – up any conflict between IP
communities especially regarding
boundary of Ancestral Domains.

-- Legal

Indulge in activities that prevent

violation of IP rights most especially as to
their ancestral domain.

Implementation of the Ancestral

Domain Support Program (ADSP) titling of
Ancestral Domains of some selected IP

-- Cultural
Promotes respect to Customary
Laws and Practices and also the
preservation of “Nature”, the observance
of Ips being the stewards of nature.

LakbayK - Tribo
Is a month long non – competitive cross-country bike ride
which aims to generate awareness and consciousness for the 500
years of exploitation and subjugation of the indigenous peoples and
their various histories of resistance for the defense of their lands
and resources, self – determination, empowerment and self –

IP Youths Leadership Enrichment Seminar

A prelude activity for LakbayK – Tribo bikers is an orientation
seminar. This prepares the the participants on the various roles and
functions that they have to undertake.

“Plant trees & Take home a Bike”

A prerequisite for every participant is to plant trees in their
respective ancestral domain.

After having planted at least 100 trees, which would be

monitored by IP youth area leaders, a biker is entitled to take home
the bike he is using during the Lakbayk.


The LakbayK – Tribo pedaled through the archipelago. It

had established linkages with various groups of people from
all walks of life.

These opportunities and groups offer a rich venue for

cultural exchange among IP bikers and youths from other

The designated stopover at the end of the day will be

maximized for sharing of cultures through songs/music,
dances, poetry, and stories.

Also, these opportunities shall be maximized for media

projection with local newspapers, radio and TV.

Inter – Peoples Exchange

IPEX, 100-C PSSC Bldg., Commonwealth
Ave., Quezon City 1101