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Daily Technical Report: Metals &Energy


Exchange Expected
Symbols Expiry Close
S1 S2 R1 R2 Strategy Research Team

20830 20700 21100 21195 Buy around S1 with the Somnath Dey +91120-6795519
Gold MCX April’11 21022 Sideways
$1418 $1409 $1437 $1445 S/L below 28780 for the Vice President Research
Target of R1-R2. Somnath.dey@religare.in
Buy around S1 with the Ajitesh Mullick +91120-6795530
53450 53200 54220 54700 In-charge Agri
Silver MCX May’11 53563 Sideways S/L below S2 for the Target
$35.60 $35.25 $36.20 $36.60
of R1-R2. ajitesh.mullick@religare.in
Karun Verma +91120-6795521
Senior Analyst Commodity and Currency Retail
Buy around S1 with the Client
Copper MCX April’11 434 Sideways 429.60 425.50 437.10 440.20 S/L below S2 for the Target
of R1-R2.
Sugandha Sachdeva +91120-6795523
Buy around S1 with the Senior Analyst Commodity & Currency Private
Zinc MCX Mar’11 107.50 Sideways 106.30 105.40 108.50 109.70 S/L below S2 for the Target Client
of R1-R2.
Sell around R1 with the Dr Prasoon Mathur +91120-6795533
Aluminium MCX Mar’11 116.45 Sideways 115.70 114.80 117.40 118.10 S/L above R2 for the Target Senior Analyst Agri
of S1-S2. Prasoon.mathur@religare.in
Priyanka Mehra +91120-6795526
Buy around S1 with the Analyst Base Metals
Nickel MCX Mar’11 1220 Sideways 1209 1198 1235 1245 S/L below S2 for the Target priyanka.mehra@religare.in
of R1-R2.
Himanshu Arora +91120-6795522
Buy around S1 with the Analyst Precious Metals and Energy
Lead Mar’11 117.35 Sideways 116.05 115 118.20 119.40 S/L below S2 for the Target arora.himanshu@religare.in
of R1-R2.
Manash Goswami +91120-6795524
Sell around R1 with the Analyst Precious metals and Energy
Steellong NCDEX Mar’11 27240 Sideways 27050 26700 27400 27550 S/L above R2 for the Target manash.goswami@religare.in
of S1-S2. Amit Gupta +91120-6795528
Analyst Currency
Ashwani Kumar Harit +91120-6795520
4670 4630 4755 4792 Buy around S1 with the
Crude oil MCX Mar’11 4725 Upwards S/L below S2 for the Target
Analyst Base Metals
$103.30 $102.50 $105.40 $106 ashwani.harit@religare.in
of R1-R2.

Buy around S1 with the

Natural Gas MCX Mar’11 178.60 Sideways 172 168.80 177.30 179.50 S/L below S2 for the Target
of R1-R2.

March 1

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