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6. How to configure immediate conversion to any currency?

In standard Siebel applications, the currency pop-up applet is set up for editing the
currency. Therefore when changing the currency, the amount is not converted.


This technical note describes how to configure an applet control or a list column
so that it allows immediate conversion to any of the active currencies.

The information in this document can be applied to all business components.

1. Create a new field in the business component which holds the currency code to
which the conversion should be performed

This field is NOT a foreign key to another table, it must be of Type =

Specify the PickList as PickList Currency. In the corresponding Pick Map
associate 'Pick List Field' = 'Currency Code' with the newly created currency code
2. Create a new field in the business component which holds the converted
currency amount

This field must be of Type = DTYPE_CURRENCY

It MUST be a calculated value field, Calculated Value = [unconverted amount],
(the field 'unconverted amount' must also be of type DTYPE_CURRENCY)
Property 'Exchange Date Field' must point to a field of type DTYPE_DATETIME
Property 'Currency Code Field' points to the currency code field of step 1.
3. Set the following control or list column properties in the applet that displays the
converted currency:

Runtime = TRUE
A Pick or Detail applet needs not to be specified, because in this case the Siebel
application automatically launches the default applet that matches the field type.

4. In order for the currency conversion to take place, the underlying currency
business component must be filled with a minimum of valid values. The lists of
currencies, conversion dates and exchange rates can be accessed via Screens >
Application Administration > Currencies.

The 2 currencies between which conversion is to take place must be marked as

active (lets name the original one O and the converted one C)
At least one exchange rate value must be defined for O > C. (For the reverse
conversion C > O another exchange rate value is required).
At least one of the exchange rates of a certain exchange direction must have a
date at or before the date what is used as 'Exchange Date'
Note: Make sure that 'Exchange Date Field' property on the originating currency
field is set similar to converted currency field or else the exchange rate used to
convert the currency will be based on the exchange date of the originating
currency field.

If the originating currency field is a multi-value field then use one of the options
below to set the 'Exchange Date Field' property:

Option 1: Change the 'Exchange Date Field' property appropriately for the
corresponding field in the destination business component on the multi-value
link .

Example: In Opportunity business component originating currency field 'Revenue'

is a multi-value field. In this case, 'Exchange Date Field' property must be
changed on 'Opportunity Revenue' field in Position business component
(destination business component on Position multi-value link).

Option 2: Create a new calculated currency field and use it as originating currency
field with the appropriate exchange date.


1. Add in the business component Opportunities a field for the currency code
which is converted to (field is stored in a free place in extension table

Name = My_Currency, Type = DTYPE_TEXT, Join = S_OPTY_X, Column =

ATTRIB_03, PickList = PickList Currency

Add a record in its corresponding Pick Map:

Field = My_Currency, Pick List Field = Currency Code

2. In the business component Opportunities, add a field for the converted


Name = My_Cvt_Revenue, Calculated = TRUE, Calculated Value = [Revenue],

Currency Code Field = My_Currency, Exchange Date Field = Sales Stage Date,


3. Add a new list column to the Opportunity List Applet:

Field = My_Cvt_Revenue, Display Name = Converted Revenue, Runtime =
TRUE Note the slight change in configuration in Siebel application version 7.0.

Currently the currency popup applet does not pop-up on read-only fields. Change
Request #12-9RQWUR has been logged to address this Product Defect.

Considering the above example, users will not be able to choose a different
currency for the My_Cvt_Revenue field through a currency popup applet on the
My_Cvt_Revenue field.

An alternative is to expose the 'My_Currency' field in the User Interface as a

Picklist field to allow users to pick the currency code through a picklist.

Following is the additional configuration needed in Siebel Version 7.0 in addition

to Steps 1, 2 and 3 outlined in the above example.

1. Expose the My_Currency field in the User Interface so that users will be able to
pick the currency.

Set the Pick Applet property to 'Currency Pick Applet' and RunTime property to

The My_Cvt_Revenue will display the converted amount based on the currency
picked in the My_Currency field.