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By John Paily
Grace New Age Research


Ê Ê!"##$%&'(

Êhe Book is divided into two parts. Êhe first part speaks the New
Realities of Nature and Life in brief and brings the Êruth that lays the
foundation of Change or Êransformation and Survival. Êhe second part
deals with how it relates and changes our approach to various aspect
sustaining the system. It explore certain seeds for New Green

Ê & "&'& +
,& ."&
/, 0*: Êhe Ground for Future Êechnologies
1, 0*:Êhe Fundamental Observations and Design of Nature
2, 0*/: Êhe Role of Human Life in Material World ± A fact that
all the Nations should note
3, 0*1: Êhe Ghost called Energy and the existence of Parallel
4, 0*2: Êhe Êruth of Nature - the Central Dogma of
Information or Light or Knowledge and its Perpetual Existence
d‘ Big Bang Origin Reinvented
å, 0*3: Where Humanity and Modern Man Failed
d‘ Hope for the World
ü, 0*4: Where Humanity and Modern Man Failed

Ê Ê.&#&+"$
,& ."&
, 0*: Handling the Energy Crisis ± A Way to Clean Energy
/, 0*: New Êechnologies for Life and Health
d‘ Introduction ± Êhe New Reality
d‘ Re writing the foundation of health and health management
d‘ Êhe principle cause for deterioration of health life and Nature
and possible solutions
d‘ Êhe Root of Disease
d‘ Êhe Secret of Miracle Cures
d‘ Êhe structure of dynamic System
d‘ Êhe weakness of Modern Medical Practice
d‘ Êhe two forms of Heat
1, 0*/: Êhe New Realities and the Ideas for Change in Food
and Agricultural Concepts
d‘ How the Organic Practice is Superior

d‘ An Appeal



Êhe modern technological world built by west and its thinking is
collapsing for want of Êruth and the knowledge of interrelationship and
oneness. If the world has to survive, it needs to advance going back to
its roots and researching to adopt New Realities and New
Êechnologies. Êhere is a general awareness about the stress on
humanity and the need to transform to survive on earth. But a ground
for transformation is wanting. Êhe modern world has unilaterally
increased the heat content of the global system thus increasing the
disorder and destruction in the system. 2011 has begun with unseen
floods, snows, storms and reports of Yellowstone volcano showing the
signs of eruption. Most ancient scriptures and prophesies speak 2012
as critical year for humanity. Êhis is now being increasingly supported
by scientific observations. Intellectuals around the world see a gloomy
future for humanity.

We are exploding in knowledge in linear manner. It is said the

knowledge humanity acquired since Christ till 1950 doubled in the next
forty years. It doubled again in the next 10 years and since then it is
doubling in shorter and shorter span of period. Unfortunately the
knowledge that is doubling is material and the air is getting
increasingly heated up causing a shearing force on all the ecological
systems. Every ecological system is unstable, including human mind.

As I write this we are witnessing revolts and unrest of immense
magnitude in the Middle East.

Our survival now exists in knowing the Êruth of Nature and its
Oneness. We need a paradigm shift in our thinking. Êhis calls for a
review of our assumptions and all the fundamental developments in
science. We need to know the Êruth in simple and sensible way such
that all can understand it and apply it at individual and collective levels
to bring order and peace. Author¶s work speaks of such review and
exposes the simplicity behind the complexity that modern science has
created. It gives a foundation for + and the way to survive on
earth and develop multitude of Nature compatible Green and #
+%Ê.&#&+"$ that can sustain the modern world at the same
time bring peace and happiness. It advances ³Gaia hypothesis´ giving
it a new dimension that can unite ancient Spiritual knowledge and
modern science to bring the Êruth that is essential for humanity to
take guard of earth.

+"6$ ' 7#0".&'"$-"#&"&&'

!&'&.$ .&$$++#-%&7""."
"&&'7&+%. We need to observe Nature to know the
Êruth. Earth that inhabits life and human kind is divided into two
parts; west and east. When west awakes to sunlight, east sleeps to
darkness and vice-versa. When light peaks in the west it gives way to
darkness and simultaneously darkness peaks in the east and it give
way to light. A ordering and disordering cycle seems to co-exist, giving
stability to the system. It seems to maintain certain energy to matter
ratio and thus temperature on earth. Energy or Spirit seems to move
between the two cycle¶s instantaneously through Black Hole or inner

space and in time through outer space changing the day into night and
night into day. Spirits movement in time is also responsible for climatic
changes and the very process of time.

Much of the problems of the world could be related to disturbing this

energy cycle. Because of our reckless exploitation of fossil fuel and
industrialization we have increased disordering cycle at the cost of
ordering cycle and thus have disturbed the functioning of Earth to
maintain its temperature. Êhe four forces of Nature fire/wind and
water/earth are going violent. Êhe abrupt peak and fall of these forces
are causing huge natural catastrophes. Êhese peaks and falls can be
compared to heart beats of a life that is breathing its last. Unless we
awaken to the simple Êruth around us we would end in paying a heavy
price. We need to develop the art of balancing this ratio on earth, at
individual and collective levels to have peace, order and Life.

Êhe universe appears a living and self organizing system in which

humanity plays an important role. Êhe self organizing property of the
system seems to get disturbed when we bring Adult Human beings
into the picture. Adult human being seems to create a time direction to
the system. Êhis time direction seems to come from human mind and
its ³self´ that manifest into conquering motive and corruption. A law
seems to exist and necessary only for humans. Our survival now exists
in self introspection and rewriting the very knowledge on which we
exist and function.

Êhe fundamental knowledge of energy to matter ratio has the potential

to + our basic thinking about Nature. $0&"#&
.$6&#"& "+%$.&8"'&7"&$.&8

#97 ".#$.&8'&& 9+".##$.&. In fact the
knowledge is bound to influence every sector of human life in a
fundamental way giving him New Life. It has the potential to transform
the world and help him survive from the critical state in which he has
found him self out of ignorance of Êruth. One must note that great
scientist and thinker, Einstein, in his autobiography spoke of replacing
the constants of physical science with some form of ratios. It is time
scientist in temples of science think in this direction to take the world
to new realm of knowledge.

& ."&
We assume ourselves as highly technologically advanced, highly
intelligent and knowledgeable people. However, if we stand back and
observe our selves and Nature we note that we live in illusions. Êhe
Health of human population is decreasing and we are becoming
increasingly restless and destructive at individual as well as collective
levels. Nature and her four forces, which otherwise supported lives,
has become highly volatile and destructive under our intervention into
her working. Knowledge out have brought order, peace, happiness,
security, prosperity control and so on. Very clearly the modern
knowledge is giving the opposite results. It tells us that there is
something wrong in the foundation on which we rest and function.
Nature is stressing us to evolve. Famous scientist Dr.Michio Kaku
describes the modern civilization as type zero civilization that takes its
energy from dead plants and that we are yet to evolve to higher levels
[Ref ±1]. 2012 is emerging as critical year for humanity. It takes

immense significance by virtue of Spiritual prophesies and scientific
evidences that are pouring in [Ref ± 2,3,3A,4,5,6,7,8,9]

Many acknowledged scientist around the world have openly aired a

pessimistic outlook for humanity. Prof. Stephen Hawking gave a call to
the world ³- && .)"."&´ [Ref- 10]. Noble
Lauret James Lovelock in his Book ³"$"+ .&'"´ has
given final warning [Ref ±14,13,12,11]. Êhey are not alone, large
majority of intellectuals feel we are edging to a point of great disaster.

Modern world has awakened to global warming and climate change.

Êhe increased instability of climate and increased natural catastrophes
are creating fear. James Lovelock has pointed the cause to increasing
heat being released into the environment due to our technological life.
He feels that it is irreversible and would lead to a huge peak and fall in
climate patterns leading to large scale destruction of humanity. We are
already witnessing the abrupt peak in heat leading to uncontrolled fire
and abrupt fall leading to flash floods/snows causing huge destruction.
In this interlinked world, the change in climate patterns would be
catastrophic from various counts.

Êhe January of 2011 has begun with sad note of huge snow falls, huge
flash floods, storms and cyclones around the world. &6%'##
"$0"$7$! "+'&+.$&0$
'&78'" !" $.#"7.+$".%.#".
7. Science tells us that when matter looses energy it winds. It
means increasing energy of the environment would cause the winding
of earth crust leading to huge earth quakes as never seen before. Êhis
pressure also could lead to huge volcanic eruption. National Geography

has reported huge swelling in Yellowstone National Park in USA. It is
assumed to be the basin of the biggest volcano that erupts once in
6000 years and which is due now by 300 years [Ref-7]

Êhe fear of global fall is gripping humanity. Êhe increasing stress on

individual and collective humanity is awakening the Spiritual side of
humanity. Êhe awakened Spirituality within the frame work of religions
is turning to be another volatile global factor of great concern. Modern
Religious leaders often work on numbers and aim for power and
monetary gains than bringing qualitative changes in human beings and
bringing him into self-realization and take control of his life and the
world as a whole. Êhe fall of the world exist in the failure of

Êhe cause for the whole situation could be deduced to our slavery to
material force and technological existence exploiting the material
Nature without ever understanding the reality and Êruth of Nature and
life and it¶s functioning as one whole system. In short it relates to our
lack of knowledge of interrelationship and oneness of Nature and its
functioning to maintain its temperature and life on earth. It eventually
relates to lack of knowledge of time cycle and how Nature perpetuates
in it.

Êhere is a global realization that we cannot go on adding CO2 to the

environment. [I would rather go with Noble lauret James Lovelock and
deduce global warming to heat]. Êhere is a trend of speaking about
going green and developing Nature compatible technologies and so on.
But the reality is that we lack the foundation and basal knowledge for
developing comprehensive Ê.&#&+"$ and controlled

.&&7%. In the present scenario every body is fishing in
troubled waters.

Êheoretical physicist, who think universe is material have created a

complexity out of simplicity and have made comprehension of Nature
and life increasingly difficult and beyond common man. Êoday minds
are being entrapped by education into one or other schools of thought
dominated by western divisive material thinking. Êhese minds which
are prisoners at the mouth of the cave [Ref -21], fail to comprehend
the simple living realities that Nature speaks to them everyday. Êhe
whole of humanity is so much entrapped in western material thinking
that it fails to perceive the Living Reality that ancient Spiritual
scriptures elegantly wrote down for us and preserved in the form of
various scriptures and cultures. Êhere is a necessity to rediscover
ancient knowledge and unite it with science, causing an advancement
that can help humanity survive on earth.


Ê& '& Ê.&#&+"$

Êhe Future Êechnologies I speak to you comes from over two decades
of freelance researching to know the Êruth of Nature and life [After I
gave up a lucrative career in commercial bio technology]. It comes
from observation of Nature and comprehension of some basic realities
of Nature, which have vital potentials and exposes the Living Reality of
Nature, its functioning and perpetuation in time. It includes the
material reality of western civilization thus giving a ground for

Êransformation. In the book ³:.".7$" &'& ´
[Amazon Kindle publication] and my sites [Ref-22,23,24], I have
discussed them within my limitation to express them in mathematical
language. Êhe future technologies I speak are founded on the dynamic
Living Reality of Nature. Êhe fundamental understanding revealed to
me by His Grace gives hope to humanity to survive the critical state
approaching him. It has potentials to transform the situation into an
opportunity to enter the Golden period. Êhis foundation is built on few
vital observations

1] Unlike theoretical physicist who thinks Nature is founded by four

forces, [Gravity, strong and weak nuclear and electromagnetic] my
observation of Nature and life, brought me a picture of Nature and life
that is built on only two forces: Gravity and anti-gravity. &+".##%"
 $"'.$!&'&.$ "''7"'$"&$
&'$"+#'&..## #.&7+".'&.; Êhe forces of
gravity and anti-gravity manifest because of different design of the
two principle systems of Nature; material and living. Êhe weak and
strong nuclear forces are a product of wrong vision and interpretation
of the basic force.

My work notes that Gravity is contributed by material world and is

centripetal in Nature and this in time tends to collapse to a point in the
center [death or Singularity]. Gravity is founded on the assumption of
existence of non-equilibrium. Ê"$ .%&'7"$&00&$ 
!&$+"$7"#7. Êhis invariably means at the
foundation of life there is some form of equilibrium and life works
constantly to protect it. Êhis opposition of matter and life is a proven

fact and is known to science. Êhe second law of thermodynamics
applied to living system and material system shows this opposition.
Unfortunately it is overlooked by most scientists. Life opposes gravity
and centripetal force caused by matter by creativity and information
unfolding and enfolding, in which it uses matter and energy and cycles
it endlessly to sustain it self. In short, when material system winds in
space and time, the living system unwinds in space and time and thus
sustains the whole system. Ê"$7$!.*6"$#"<
"+#"%  $ "$0&.$$&'Ê$'&7"&&'
+% 7.&##0$&0&".

2] Êhis invariably means the universe is constructed on two space-

time realities that are opposing. Êhere is a space time that we see and
explore by our mind. Here the material and gravitational force
dominates. Êhere is also a space-time, which opposes this and
produces an anti-gravitational force and thus sustains the whole
system from collapsing in time. [Gravitational Collapse, Heat Death].
Êhe modern science has evolved to discover on paper the existence of
this space time or the world. Êhis discovery reflects in the concept of
Black Hole and information [Ref- 16], in the concept of Dark World and
Dark Energy and so on. Êhe recent developments in "+$Ê&%,
even has led to visualization of second space time that pierces the
Singularity to create new universe [Ref 17E].

=7& $.""$$6'"# &.&70 .&*

)"$.&' !&# ' 7#0".##6#
 "!&#$%$7#6#'&7"+=#. &#. It
becomes critical for us to know how this unknown space time that co-
exist at the levels of building blocks and how they influence the

formation of the system and interlinks them to form one whole system
and works to sustain the whole system in time. With two decades of
selfless research, I am trying to speak this to you within my
limitations. Êhis is explored in the book ³2012 Science Meets the Mind
of God´ and ³Advancing the Gaia Hypothesis´ published through
Amazon Kindle DÊP publishing [Ref -22A and 22B] and through my
sites and links thereof [Ref -22,23,24].

&:".7%>&%&Ê 0.0"&&'!$
" 0 &' ""&#$.""'".$.&&#$8$.""$7%6 "''".#%&
.&70 !$0;'%.&-#&&$'&7#&?$."&'
$.".8"!&# 00#&7$$"70##"$)"$)&"
0$."".#$&'!&#   +&7"%8!7$
--& "$&)0#&Ê;"$7%0#$&-6"#-#&
%&!&$.&.'&!&#  !&#&'7"%;

3] Êhe crux of this thinking is that universe should be a living entity as

ancient discovered and cannot be understood in isolation of the living
system. She needs to be understood as interplay of life and material
systems, where living system with its creativity and Intelligence
actually transforms and controls its material environment to
perpetuate life. In other words, we must view universe as living
system as Noble Laurets James Lovelock and Margulis Lynn
hypothesized and elegantly argued [Ref-15]. Êhe vision of universe as
living system helps us to comprehend the .& 0. "7.
Life we know comprises of two spaces; an inner and outer space and
the whole living system is a function of information flow from inner
space to outer space and back to it. Information unfolds from within to
sustain life.

4] Êhe whole system comprising of matter and life however is not
beyond second law of thermodynamics and thus it should have its
origin form a point or Singularity. Êhis gives us a new dimension of
thinking to comprehend Singularity and ="+=+&"+". Form
biological perception Singularity is the product of !&###
&# $, one piercing the other to conquer and perpetuate in time. 
&# $!"."&'&7$"+#!&# ;#$&7$
$"+#&#& &$."&$ "#  ##"+.+"6$"$&
!&#;Ê$"+#!&# &&#.&@$"7  "''"
"&7%!&# $ '&7$!&#-"+""7;Ê"$

In a living being, most of the worlds [cells] repeatedly die to reform

again. In other words, the teachings of ancient Spiritual scriptures,
which pictures universe as one 07 "6$# &$."&$$$
 ##"+.'"# [God] and we humans as individuated Souls
born from it in time [in relation ± determined by free will or karmic
principle] and dieing back into it to be born again repeatedly is true.
Êhe recent interpretation of Singularity by Neil Êurok, Paul Steinhardt
and Burt Ovurt and Multiple Universe Êheory [Ref -17E ], seems to
bring science close to rediscovering ancient Spiritual knowledge. Êhe
information of the whole system probably existed with us, but was lost
in time and is now revealing it self to bring life back to the whole
system. Êhe whole world is undergoing the stress to deliver Êruth that
would help sustain the whole system in time.



Ê  7#-$6"&$ 

Many simple and fundamental observations that I encountered in
Nature supported the living vision. By Divine Grace I could deduce
them logically into fundamental principle and its working at the
particulate and whole system level. Initially my work presented a
disastrous end to humanity, much in line with what James Lovelock
aired in his new book ³Vanishing Face of Gaia ± Êhe Final Warning´
[Ref- 11,12,13,14,]. But my Spiritual initialization and enlightenment
gave me hope of awakening of humanity in the dead moments to save
the world. I may not be able to cover over two decades of my
observation and logical thinking in this book. I have attempted to do it
in my book ³2012 ± Science Meets Mind of God´ published through
Amazon Kindle DÊP publishing [Ref -22A] and in my sites [Ref-
22,23,24]. However, I would like to share some important observation
which every one can understand and is critical to human survival and
the development of New Age Green Êechnologies

Êhe earth is designed in two and multiple of two parts or worlds. Êhere
is west and east and left and right division. When west awakes to
sunlight and material matter and energy in it unwinds and produces
disorder, east simultaneously sleeps to darkness and winds into new
order [materializes]. When sunlight peaks in the west, it gives way to
darkness and simultaneously darkness peaks in east and it gives way
to light. Êhe right and left are instantaneously communicated. Êwo
cycles, ordering and disordering, alternate on the left and right

maintaining certain balance of the system. Êhe fact that when the light
peak in west it gives way to darkness and vice versa invariably means
there is a perceiver in the system that instantaneously perceives
change. Êhe instantaneous action of perceiver however is
communicated in time through the system by the movement of Spirit.
Êhis turns night into day and day into night. Ê$%$7"$ $"+ 
&'."& 7""."+%&7"&8$
Ê0""'#&!"+-!!&###&# $ 
.+$ %"&"+ 6".6$.##%."$

It shouldbenoted that Einstein searching forthe Unification Êheory, in
his auto biography suggested that we have to replace the constants of
physical science with some form of ratios. Êhis statement of Einstein
calls for special attention, for at the deeper level when life and Nature
is observed, &&"!&$&"&$ 7-/.Ê
'& "&&''&!$."."$-$ &"&#"&$"0
' 7#0".# "$"&&'&76"&$
$%$7$;Ê"$ "$.$$ "$" 0A'*8/81,

&*Ê %7".$å 7#"0#$&'å!&# $;Ê"$+""$


A time direction to this system invariably means it can be directed to

upsetting the ratio in favor of energy or heat or matter [cold]. Êhe day
and night that exists in 12 unit cycle, is embedded in 12 month
climatic cycle, 12 year cycle and so on to form a great universal cycle
at which the heat or coldness peaks violently and then changes the
direction of time. Very clearly we are in the phase where time direction

is directed to increasing the energy or heat content of the system. Êhe
system is reacting violently against it. Êhis basic realization probably
led noble Lauret James Lovelock to picture a pessimistic future for the
world [Ref -11,12,13,14]

Êhe concept of ³ ´ is known to scientist since 1850. It

emerged with the advent of second law of thermodynamics. We are
experiencing it now. Ignorantly we are actually pushing the whole
system towards it. One single cause for it is our intervention into
Nature and it¶s functioning to maintain her temperature. In our mad
technological pursuit, in our mad chase for money and material power,
we are releasing huge amount of heat into the environment. Êhe
environment is failing to cope with it. Further we are also intervening
into the night cycle of Nature during which she actually works to
maintain her temperature and thus sustain life on earth. Mother earth
as a last resort has been unwinding to cope with our reckless
intervention, but she is reaching the limit of unwinding at which
collapse and reorganization becomes inevitable. Êhe symptoms of this
collapse are sudden peaks in heat and fall leading to destruction
through fire/wind and flash floods/snows etc. Ê"$.&# -
.&70 &0$". "&+7&'8-'&#"' 0$
 $%$7.&##0$$. [Alternatively from living perspective it
can also be compared to the pains of birth of a child]. Incidentally the
functioning of earth and the energy flow in it can be compared to
double pump or functioning of a heart. Its position in solar system is
also off centered as heart is off centered. Universe appears very much
a living system centered around earth where we the enquirer exist


Ê&#&' 7"'""#&# *
'.##!&# # $$&# 
It should be appropriate to call how universe self sustains involving
life. When sunlight emerges and material system energizes and goes
into disorder, the plant life absorbs the energy and thus works against
this tendency. In short it works to cool the material world. When
darkness fall and the material system begins to wind, the living system
utilizes the energy and matter absorbed to creatively unwind and grow
against gravity and winding of matter. Êhus, when material matter
tends to wind in time and collapse to a point, the plant system works
against it thus balancing the whole system.

&*Ê"$$"$&''" &'="+=+&"+"".&)"!".
&".#$.""$6"$#"< +"6$$.&0&"6""7$&'
"6"+ "6$;Ê$0$&! $"7+"+'&7*Ê&% 

If plants in the above vision are not controlled the whole system would
tend to unwind and collapse. Êhe existence of herbivore controls the
plants, carnivore controls the herbivore and thus the system is self
sustaining or Gaia with no specified time direction.

But the scenario changes the moment we bring in  # human beings
who lives by his mind, becomes slave to matter and money, breaks
the law and seeks ³self´ at all cost. A human mind that is disconnected

from his inner Consciousness and Intelligence looses his connection
with life force or light within and beyond and leads himself to
illusionary world and leads the whole world to collapse to a point. He
creates a vortex of disorder and death. A mind that becomes slave to
³self´ and rests on material force, looses connection with root
Consciousness and Intelligence [Universal Consciousness and
Intelligence] from which it came into existence. Human deterioration,
deterioration of family, community nations begins with ³self´

Human inflicted with ³self´ gropes in darkness not knowing the Êruth.
He exists in fear, visualizes the opposite as enemy and engages
himself in destroying the opposite and in the process digs his own
grave. Human mind and his thinking thus play an important role in
Nature. It creates the time direction to death. Êhus much of the
ancient Spiritual scriptures speak for qualitative advancement of
individual and lays down rules for sustenance of quality. $0$&'
&6"$."6.& >$". Ê$7$&'

Êhe universal time cycle in fact is described in Vedas by virtue of

deterioration of Justice and Êruth in certain quantum proportions
leading to a state of total anarchy and darkness. With corruption and
conquering motive, injustice and untruth peaking to its core, we are in
the peak of this anarchy and darkness. It is stressing humanity to
evolve and return to our root creative force [ .& ""&#&6,
 +"!"'A#"+7, !&&$&B$".
 Ê. We need to fight corruption and conquering motive. But
this needs to be first done at individual level, before it can be extended
to collective levels. Êhis calls for self realization.

Êhe fact that we are in the peak of darkness phase of the universal
cycle is evident from our thinking, actions and state of our existence.
We spend more than 50% of our income and energy on defense, war
and weapons of mass destruction. More than 25% goes for health. Yet
we are finding ourselves unsafe and exist in fear. Mankind has turned
against mankind with all the weapons of mass destruction in his hand.
Our health is deteriorating with each passing day. With our one sided
technological intrusion into Nature without understanding the reality
and Êruth of Nature and Life, we have disturbed the climatic cycle and
Mother Nature is reacting violently. We are very clearly edging to self
destruction. Êhe wealth of nations is getting accumulated in the hands
of few and the majority is getting deprived leading to unrest. Ê"$
$"+"'"$#.&'.&&# '"#&'> "."%*%$"+&'

Our survival on earth is now centered on knowing the Living Reality or

Êruth of Nature, its oneness and functioning as one whole interrelated
system. It exists in awakening to our Consciousness and Intelligence
and knowing that we are all one. We emerged from one Universal Soul
and Intelligence [Universal Consciousness and Intelligence or God].
Our ³self´ or ³I´ is our illusion. We have no independent existence
separated form others. We individuals are simple travelers in a huge
Mother ship, sailing in a huge sea that is prone for big and bigger
tempests. In our ignorance we break the ship to build our own boats
and think we can survive the tempests. We then call ourselves the
intelligent beings!

Êhe Êruth of oneness was known to the ancient. It is very logically
expressed in Vedas and the extensions of it. All we need to show is the
will to unearth it. We need to advance modern science such that it
meets the ancient Spiritual knowledge and unfolds the life force within
individuals and communities such that the critical state of the world
can be transcended and humanity marches into the Golden age.


Ê&$.## +% )"$.

&'###&# $
Energy is often described as unseen Ghost. Modern technological world
functions on energy. Êhe energy resources are depleting, the demand
is increasing. Êhe population curve is peaking as never before. Êhe use
of fossil fuel as primary source, is releasing huge amount of heat into
the environment and the environment is failing to cope with it. We
know that heat creates disorder. From our material activity on earth,
without knowing the whole Êruth, we are unilaterally pushing the
disordering cycle at the expense of ordering cycle. Êhis is the primary
cause for disorder and the instability of all the system in Nature.
Nature is unwinding to cope with it and is reaching its limit. Êhe
climate change manifesting into fire/wind and flood/snow bound
destructions could be related to our reckless intervention into earth
and her functioning to maintain her temperature.

Êhe increasing heat is breaking earth¶s climatic cycles. Êhe matter that
is losing energy and winding is making earth prone for huge earth
quakes and mudslides. Êhe winding of matter eventually leads to huge
volcanic eruptions. Volcanic eruptions are known to cool earth. We are
already experiencing signs of it every where. In a highly
communicated world I overlook the necessity to quote the increasing
incidences of natural catastrophes both in magnitude and number that
we witnessed in the last one decade. 2011 has started with huge snow
bound and flood bound destructions around the world. Every low in
Nature would be accompanied by a high and this means we can expect
destruction by fire/wind forces as the climate changes. NASA has
already predicted that sun spot activity would peak in 2012 possibly
leading huge solar flare and large scale destruction [Ref-4]. National
Geography has reported huge activity below Yellowstone National
Park. It is the biggest volcano that erupts once in 6000 years and is
due by 300 years [Ref -7]

Êhe decreasing health of human population and increasing restlessness

in individual and collective mind of communities that is manifesting as
war and terrorism also could be related to increased heat. In his
disturbed and stressed state, human negativity and ³self´, seems to
surface easily. He is increasingly becoming slave to material force and
power and thinks that it can save him. Unaware he is causing the rope
around his neck to tighten. Êhe whole world is growing restless and is
getting gripped in fear and is inching to self destruction. Êhe Ghost
called energy is strangulating the whole system to death.

As the stress is peaking, many a minds have turned to Spirituality.

Êhere is general awakening in Spirituality at individual and collective

levels. But this awakening that is happening in the bondage to religion
is becoming the greatest threat to humanity and its survival. Humanity
is fast growing towards a possible self destruction in the name of God.
Êhe scenario, with all the weapons of mass destruction in hand is
turning out to be more critical than the era of cold war.

Êhe danger is real, but not beyond repair and restoration. All we need
is a review of the knowledge on which we stand and function and
discover the Êruth of Nature and life or God, beyond religion, as a
science. Êhis would give a new platform to humanity to work on. Êhis
new platform can de-stress human mind and bring the positives in him
and open the gate way to recreate and give New Life to the world.

Êhis calls for awakening parallel world of Ghost [³&$&'"'´] that

can neutralize the ³&$&' ´ and transform the system back
to life. From scientific context one can visualize it as dark energy or
the dark world, which scientist have discovered in paper but has failed
to perceive and experimentally prove it. Êhis dark world coexists with
the world we live in at all levels. Êhe ancient understood it as the
Spiritual and the dominant world. Êhey practiced the art of entering
the parallel world to gain life. We are yet to comprehend this world.
Êhis means there is a second form of heat that can neutralize the
material heat that creates disorder. It is the heat that brood life into
existence. Êhis is spoken and explored in eastern knowledge system.
We are on the point of discovering it. Êhe *Ê&%and its
implication is leading us to this reality. Nature is forcing us to evolve
science to know the Êruth and come into enlightenment and take
guard of earth.

Êhe heat or ghost or energy that can neutralize the situation of the
world and bring life exists within each of us. It exists beyond the realm
of our mind in the realm of heart. All we need is to do is to surrender
our inferior mind and its power [Ego], so that we can enter the realm
of heart and release immense power held in the realm. When
individual and nations do this act the scenario of the world can change
spontaneously. An order can emerge out of disorder to give life.

Êhe key to this Êransformation is to know the Êruth by advancing

science to know God and come into enlightenment. Êhis would
transform the present world into Golden era of Humanity.

One must underline the fact that plants works to cool the environment
instinctively. It is two dimensional systems that work against gravity
and time directed to Gravitational collapse. Animals are three
dimensional systems. Êhey do nothing to harm the whole system. In
fact they support Nature by acting against time directed to anti-
gravitational collapse. A time direction to gravitational collapse
emerges form human mind that becomes slave to material world and
ignorantly directs it to gravitational collapse.



ÊÊ&'* #
&''&7"&&"+&C&!# + 

A&*"$.0$'.&0""#$."0$; $&# 
"'&70&"&' .7&#"+"&$7$&' "$.&6"+
$.". 0""#"%7$ 6&#6$&#07"%&$6"6&

Êhe Êruth of Nature is simple. Nature is a self organizing living system
that is centered on information unfolding and enfolding in perpetual
cycles. Human beings play an important role in the central dogma of
information unfolding and enfolding. James Lovelock very clearly
proved the self organizing property of Nature [Ref -15]. But he failed
to introduce human Consciousness and Intelligence into the scheme of
the self organization. Information in life unfolds from Black Hole [Inner
Space]. It resists the information loss into Black Hole. But in time
information gets lost into Black Hole. Êhis is inevitable by second law
of thermodynamics. Êhe universe comes into existence from a single
minute hole which contains two Parallel Worlds or universes. Êhese
Parallel Worlds in turn contain trillions of worlds. Êhe Black Hole from
which information unfolds to support the whole system exists in the
Soul of a unique human being born in a specific time in the Universal
Êime Cycle ± He is called God or Prajapati by the ancient scriptures.

It should be noted that the ancient visualized universe as living being.
Êhe Vedas of the east speaks of Universal Consciousness and
Intelligence. It tells us that we human beings are only individuated
Consciousness and Intelligence born from this Universal Soul to its left
and right in time. Bible tells us that we [the Adam and Eves] are
created in the image of the Creator. Êhis means the Creator [Primal
Soul] had two images call it feminine and masculine or darkness and
light or Night and Day. $& &"$"&&'
&00&$"; Êhe creation of humans, it says involves matter. Êhis
means human Souls are partially created by the involvement of matter
and its force that is directed to a center or death and partially from
Primal Soul that produces a force against the material forces that
winds to the center or death. Vedas speaks this Êruth when it says
Souls are produced from food.

Life is continuous process of creation and dissolution. Êhe one Primal

Soul dissolves creating two Souls using material force or matter that is
directed to the center or death [human Soul]. Êhe Bible says that the
Humans Souls [Adam and Eve] were given the dominion over the
Kingdom of God but was restricted from eating from the tree at the
center that causes the death. Êhe Primal Soul was resisting humanity
from becoming slave to material force that directs in time to
gravitational collapse or death. But time direction to death is
inevitable by second law of thermodynamics and the Creator Soul is
forced to act repeatedly creating new worlds out of old. Êhus one
world goes to form millions and trillions of worlds in time. It survives
constantly breaking down the old universes and feeding on it. Êhe
Living Universe in short has a time cycle and is prone to collapse

unless it undergoes a recreation process, where it conquers time and
initialize to start a New Êime Cycle.

It should be noted that two entities created to left and right from one
central Soul in time, cannot comprehend the whole Êruth of time and
its oneness in creation. Êhus Vedas, Bible and ancient scriptures
clearly tell us that Êruth and God cannot be sought by human mind,
but it comes to humans by a
"6"0&$. It calls
us to have faith in God and Êruth and tells us to live a justified life. But
human mind influenced by the deteriorative influence of matter fails to
uphold faith and thus fall. Êhe Divine Purpose is to save the world from
impending collapse or death. Êhe Divine Plan is to restore humanity to
his Initial Glory and give him the dominion. It is to conquer time and
initialize the world into New Êime Cycle. It is Creator recreating His
kingdom, or the Primal Soul transforming his deteriorated body and
giving it New Life. Êhis needs to be understood as information
unfolding or Êruth revealing.

Êhe second part of Bible tells that a recreation or time conquering and
restoration process was initiated by Christ through His Calvary sacrifice
and that with His Second Coming He initializes humanity back to
Kingdom of God. Êhe Second Coming, I understand is the revelation of
Mind of God or Êruth that helps humanity to take guard of earth once
again to start a New Êime Cycle. Êhis needs to be understood as
information or light unfolding. Êhis revelation is the only hope for
humanity to survive on earth. We cannot find Êruth and oneness of
Nature or God by the extension of our mind and its faculties. It can
only be attained by retreat to connect to once own Consciousness and
Intelligence and make an entry into to Universal Consciousness and

Intelligence. Êhe modern world, calls this New Birth experience. Êhis
experience can be qualitatively different from person to person. But
this should lead eventually to global awakening of human
Consciousness and the illumination of the intellect of humanity such
that he can take dominion of Kingdom of God

Êhe Vedas of east actually upholds Christ and His self sacrifice. >
 $/*/ tells us that Universe was created through the self
sacrifice of the Creator and that this sacrifice was conducted by his
own people. Post Calvary seems to be a creation and restoration
process that is under way through Free Will to human Souls to evolve
and take new positions in relativity to the Creator. But this Êruth
written and spoken can only shine when we evolve and advance
science such that the world comprehends it.

Êhe Vedas of east viewed human Souls as the building blocks of

Nature. Êhe concept of God came into being by the reality of the
existence of a 07&# from which everything comes into
existence in space-time and to which everything returns in space-time
to reform. In other words human Souls have a relative existence with
one Universal Soul. I have expressed this in the following figure [Fig -

Fig-1 in next page

We can interpret the figure applying the second law of
thermodynamics. All these Souls and matter should exist in an
indestructible manner in space and time. Êhe whole forms the Father.
Êhe # "@&# forms the Son. All other Souls exist in pairs
in fact in 4 pairs. Ê00#)"$.&'"6$""7
"6"-#%7$"7 ".$'&70"0%&.
& && -.& &+&.
Êhis secret is probably is manifesting through Christ and His Calvary
sacrifice. Êhe process should be understood as Êransformation of
human Souls and illumination of the mind of humanity.

"+'7$&6#0;Ê& $ "$00#."6".##%
!"."++#$&&&&+. &.

Êhe Calvary Secret and Spiritual Reality can only be understood when
we view the universe in biological way. Life consist of two Parallel
Worlds one dominant the other recessive [male and female] and two
distinct phases they are
1] Êhe creation or manifesting phase
2] Êhe manifested or created phase
In the creation state the essence of the male world enters the female
leaving its body. Êhis initiates creation. Êhis is the state of oneness.
Êhe creation is supported by Mother and the Mother is supported by
the external input that comes from the deteriorating body of the
Father from which the essence has left. Êhis gives a simple organic
cycle of the universe that supports eternally the inorganic world. Êhe
rules that govern these two phases differ. In the creation phase Love,
forgiveness and compassion is dominant. What rules this phase is
feminine face of God. In the manifested phase what rules is law,
Justice and Êruth.

Êhe differentiations of these two phases are vital to our understanding

of Nature and its cyclical existence. Êruth and justice is vital to
maintain life. Êhe life deteriorates and death engulfs when Êruth and
justice deteriorates in individual and collective levels. Êruth and Justice
deteriorates when Living Light or information¶s about the system
deteriorate. In short one can say it is the deterioration of Spiritual or
Higher Knowledge. Vedas very rightly speak of universal time cycle in
terms of four distinct phases where Êruth and justice deteriorates in
certain quantum proportions bringing darkness or death to the world.
Vedas also speak of God manifesting in the form of humans to lead the
world in all these phases. Christ appears to be the incarnation
manifested in the last phase to conquer time and initialize time. Êhe

manifestation of Christ possibly happened, when the ancient
knowledge of life or Higher Knowledge deteriorated giving way to
inferior knowledge. It could be viewed as the time when the higher
world of Light and knowledge deteriorated to the minimum and got
embedded in the world of darkness thus giving the rule of the world
into dark elements. It makes sense when visualized as the creation

Êhe information or light that gives life exist in the inner space of the
Primal Soul. In short it exists in the Primal Black Hole. It should be
recalled that all the ancient Spiritual scriptures, especially Vedas of the
east teaches us to grow beyond mind body to connect to the inner
Consciousness and Intelligence. Êhey teach us that

1] Êhe path to heart [Consciousness] is the gate way to knowledge

[Intelligence] that gives peace, order, happiness and sustains life.
2] Êhe above step then should lead to connect to Universal
Consciousness and Intelligence that actually gives life and perpetuates
life eternally.

Êhe Spiritual knowledge system of the ancient, gives us culture and

practices that help us grow beyond our mind to connect to the inner
Consciousness and Intelligence. Êhey clearly tell us that Êruth and life
can only be obtained in this path by growing beyond self [sacrificing
self] and connecting to the Universal Consciousness and Intelligence to
gain life on daily and on larger cyclic basis.

Êime and deterioration of information is however inevitable. Much of

the Spiritual teaching and cultural practices introduced is a struggle

against time and its deteriorative influence and the means and
methods to regain the Lost Glory. Ê$.&' "6$#="+
 "$)"$.""76#$"$#'"##+ 8!!
.&7-"$ !$0""#$."0$; It is
beyond human to sacrifice absolutely to conquer time. Êhus the
Creator Himself makes the highest sacrifice to conquer time and
initialize His created world into New Êime Cycle.

Êaken from the above context, Jesus Christ and His preaching and His
Calvary sacrifice emerges as the ="+=+0&" of origin of time and
His .&  &7"+ as the initialization of time. Êhis needs to be
understood as information unfolding to elevate humanity back to his
initial glory. Post Calvary is a recreation phase or phase of Singularity.
It is a phase of conquering time and death. We are due for time
initialization to start a New Êime Cycle. Êhis will be associated with
division of one into two or the beginning of duality. Êhis is judgment.
But this judgment is not condemnation of any Soul. It is simply an act
of giving New Life or New Breath. It is an entry into Golden period of
Human history. God does not Judge we judge ourselves.

Êhis means that we are in the recreation and restoration phase of the
universal cycle through the intervention of the Supreme Soul. Love,
forgiveness and compassion rules this phase. It gives human Souls
Free Will and one time opportunity to evolve out of his karmic bondage
and take New Life or space time position in relation to Him [God].
Christ or God's Consciousness is expanding form within forcing
humans to become conscious and intelligent. Êhe Second Coming is
the revelation of " &'& which brings about the duality and

restores justice and Êruth. It is the initiation of New Êime Cycle. It is
the revelation of Êruth such that humanity can take dominion of
Kingdom of God or Enter the Dharma Yuga. Êhe present state of the
world could be compared to the groaning of a pregnant woman ready
to deliver a child. One must note that Jesus compared $"+$&' &'
"7 to pregnant woman. We are due to see Living Light or knowledge
that gives life. Êhis light is the only way for humanity to survive on

Êhe knowledge of life revealed gives a new platform for humanity to

survive and grow on earth. Êhe knowledge revealed exposes the
ancient knowledge system and the living beauty enclosed in it. 
'&$+6"6#&'."$&!# +$%$7"
%$&.&7. '&#%$"$&# 7"&'
"'&7"&.# !#"%.+"6#"'&##
#7$&'7"$8& %6"##%)"$$$#6&

Êhe advancement in theoretical science, mathematically on paper has

discovered Black Holes, the Parallel Worlds and Multiple Universe. Êhey
have even rediscovered Singularity, where one world goes into the
womb of the other to create new universe [Ref-17E]. But these
scientists have failed to comprehend their discovery to explain Nature
sensibly. I do not understand the mathematical complexity and the
thinking of theoretical scientist that led them to propose the Multiple
Universe Êheory and reinvention of Singularity. But it gave impetus to
my own thinking and visions of "6"+ "6$Ê&% developed
from two decades of selfless research crowned with enlightenment and
revelation. Êhe Living Universe Êheory I presented in the book "2012

Science meets the Mind of God" and in my sites [Ref-22] explores the
Êruth from the fundamental level in simplistic manner involving all the
major developments in science. It needs attention from intellectuals,
especially from temples of science and religions and Leaders of Nations
who are molding the world.

Êhe two parallel world that the scientist discovered is the Conscious
Field of the Creator and the Unconscious Field of the created [Êhe
humans] that are colliding to create new world out of the old. Êhis
creation phase should end in revelation of the Mind of God or the
Illumination of the intellect of humanity which will save humanity from
the slavery to material world and save it from imminent collapse to
herald a golden period. If one takes 2012 seriously it should happen
before 2012 such that Souls come to life.

$.". )0&$"$-% #"6"+.&;.)0 "$
".# "+6%!& &'="-#8 $8C& &0""#$."0$;
#6"$&&#$ 7" $ " !##6$ !"


 7"% &  "# 

Modern man has failed by being unconscious and unintelligent. He
lives by the realm of mind and its extensions and in the process
becomes self centered and slave to material force. He erroneously
thinks the Êruth exist in matter.

Êo be conscious and intelligent invariably means to be aware of time
and change. It is here that modern man has miserably failed and the
ancient scored over modern man. Êhe ancient people were sensitive
to time and change and probably knew its importance to human
survival. Êhus they developed the art of becoming, being and living
sensitive to time and change. Êheir knowledge is reflected in their
cultures and practices that are Nature and life compatible.

Every life and matter on earth is conscious and intelligent and is aware
of time and change and changes instinctively to adapt to the situation.
Observe the plants and animals to evaluate this statement. Êhe only
exception to this rule is adult human beings, whom we assume to be
conscious and intelligent beings. Adult Human beings lives by his mind
and self and views the opposite as enemy and lives competitively to
conquer and subdue the opposite. In the process he creates a self
destructive environment in which he miserably gets caught and inches
to ³self´ destruction. We are in the peak of this self destructive end.
Êhe only hope is awakening to Êruth that exists next to our skin both
externally and internally.

Earlier in this book I called your attention to how earth works to

maintain certain +%&7"&and thus the temperature of
earth through the day and night cycle and climatic cycles. Every
particle and system in Nature is designed as double and opposing
cycles or has two Parallel Worlds. Êhis design produces movement and
motion because of the movement of Spirit between the two cycles.

Êhis movement off Spirit is best reflected in the day and night and the
climatic cycle. Êhis cycle needs certain space-time to smoothly transit
from one phase to another. In fact these two cycles embed in it self, 4
cycles each [together 8 cycle] to form a dynamic cycle in space. Êhese
cycles are orderly opposing but slowly give way to one another. I
overlook elaborating it here in order to avert any confusion.

When human become slave to material force and forgets his Spiritual
reality, he unilaterally drives one of the cycles, pushing the system to
its collapsing state. We are experiencing the consequences of it in the
form of increasing heat and disorder peaking in the system. Êhe two
basic forces fire/wind and water/earth are thus peaking violently
causing huge natural catastrophes. Noble Lauret James Lovelock
visualized the end scenario perfectly and predicted the huge
destruction of humanity [Ref-11,12,13,14]. I also perceived similar
destruction as a simple logical end to our reckless one sided intrusion
into Nature and her functioning to maintain her temperature.

Science says that when matter looses energy it winds. Êhe energy lost
increases heat in the environment. Êhis in turn creates a tearing force
in the environment and it destabilizes all the ecological systems in
Nature. We are experiencing it. Êhe matter that is loosing energy now
winds and has the potential to cause huge earth quakes. Êhis would
eventually end in huge volcanoes. Volcanic dust is known to help earth
reduce its temperature. In effect we are pushing our selves into self
destruction, with no hope for awakening from our illusions to know the
simple realties around us.

Ê &0'&&# 
However, my destructive vision transformed into vision of hope and
grand future to humanity with my Spiritual initialization and revelation
of the "6"+ "6$Ê&%. Êhe knowledge of anti-gravity and
creativity of life opened a new parallel world that opposes and sustains
the whole material world. Êhis parallel world is the knowledge or light
and power of life. Êhat would emerge from the womb of darkness in
which humanity is caught to usher humanity into new era of
knowledge that gives life.

Êhis could be explained from the concept of higher and lower

knowledge¶s or information¶s or Spirits sustaining the world. Vedas did
speak of this. We can assume Higher Knowledge as the knowledge of
life and Soul/Spirits and the lower knowledge as the knowledge of
body or Spirit/matter. Êhey are two different worlds that coexist to
give life and sustain life. Êhey are inseparable, but the system tends to
move into darkness when the former diminishes. We are in the peak of
material knowledge or darkness and due for Living Light or Higher
Knowledge to emerge to herald a new era of thinking that is bound to
change the economic, social and political thinking of the world. Dec 21
2012 event and Nostradamus¶s predictions [Ref-18] could now be
interpreted as Living Light or knowledge emerging.

Êhe deterioration of the world is depicted in the deterioration of Êruth

and justice, increased disorder and instability of the whole system at
all levels. Êhe Vedas of east tells us that the universal cycle is Êruth
and justice cycle. It is measured on a four phase scale where Êruth
and justice deteriorates in certain quantum proportions. It goes ahead
to say that in each of theses phases God manifest as human to lead

humanity in the right path. We, according to it are in the last phase
where Êruth and justice has deteriorated to the minimum and is
inching to self destruction. Êhe whole Êruth of the system and the
hope for humanity emerges when we combine the east and western
Spirituality. Christ, the Bible says, manifested when not one human
Soul was left who could be justified before God, and thus God sent his
only Son as a sacrifice to redeem whole of humanity and give them
New Life. A true Christina life is a life in anticipation of Glory of
Kingdom of God. Vedas call it the return to Dharma Yuga.

Êhe Christ¶s Calvary sacrifice divides the time cycle into manifested
face and manifesting phase. With Calvary Sacrifice, the Higher
Knowledge or the Living Knowledge or World of Light hid in the
darkness of the womb and went into creation phase giving free will to
human Consciousness and mind. Consequently human material quest
or his darker side has peaked as never before leading him in
destructive path. Consequently we are peaking in disorder and
approaching the collapse.

Êhe situation of the world could be explained form trinity and flow and
cessation of flow expressed in the Fig- 2. It comes from human ³self¶
manifesting into conquering motive corruption. Its root exists in higher
levels, in the temples of science, religions and the ruling faculty. I
could deduce it down to ignorance of Êruth of Nature and its

Êhe trinity and flow is perpetual as long as all thee components work
without self within certain limit. Êhe system has Central Hole that is
connected to second parallel world of similar type that exists recessive.
Ê"$ &#.##%"$"&&'-#. !" $0&"#
&$'&7 "&#"' $$"$%$700##%.
But, it begins to deteriorate and goes into disorder when the
transporter begins to seek self and begin to build up negative energy.
See fig Fig-2B

Êhis tendency of transporters calls for restriction. Êhis necessitates the

manifestation of government and law and justice. Êhe governments
and law and justice are supposed to principally work to oppose this

tendency of accumulation of dark world and cessation of flow. I have
tried to express this in the following figure. See Fig -2C

But the system becomes volatile and tends to total anarchy and
destruction when government and judiciary turn corrupt. Êhe system
shrinks and eventually begins to collapse for want of flow.
Êhe cause exists in ignorance or lack of knowledge of the system and
its working. It exists in deterioration of the knowledge of higher order
at individual and collective levels. Here comes the importance of
temples of religion and science. Êhey were supposed to keep the Living
Light afloat; it is the qualitative deterioration of the people existing in
temple of religions and learning that gave way to inferior knowledge.
Êhe journey back to the original state also calls for awakening
principally of these peoples. Êheir bonded existence restricts them
form finding the simple Êruth that exist next to their skin. Êhey are
supposed to work like Lord Krishna leading the war to uphold Justice

and Êruth. But today they exist recessive and submissive to the
corrupt world.

Êhe present state of the world, such as social instability and its
economic instability augmented by black money and inappropriate
distribution of wealth, its climatic instability augmented by reckless
exploitation of material Nature, the Spiritual instability augmented by
Spiritual leaders struggle to attain number than quality, can be
explained by the above figure. Êhe central Black Hole is strengthening
out of human self that is manifesting into conquering motive and
corruption. Êhis is pushing the system to great disorder and

Each individual is designed as above. He is a producer, consumer as

well as transporter. He has dark and white elements. He has a
Consciousness and Intelligence. Êhis means he has inherent
government and judiciary. However, by virtue of his origin in the
image of the Creator to the left and right using matter he is prone to
fall, become selfish and tend to create a Black Hole into which he gets
trapped. Every adult human turn selfish and tend to become slave to
material force directed to the Black Hole. An external law resists
humanity from taking this path. Êhis law reflects in God resisting Adam
and Eve from eating from the tree at the center. Êhis forbiddance
denotes a resistance to humanity from becoming slave to material
world. But in time every one falls Bible tells us that Jesus manifested
and made the Calvary sacrifice when not one human Soul was left who
could be justified before God.

Êhis means in an interrelated world the Black Hole grows in time to a
limit at which the whole system is prone to collapse into the Black
Hole. Êhe whole Êruth of Nature can only be understood in relation to
the Creator and Black Hole from which everything came forth and into
which every thing is bound to return in time cycles. Now we can
rewrite the figure 2 A, B, and C involving the Creator as below [Fig -3
A and B]

Fig ± In next page

Life we already noted works on two spaces and Spirits contained in it.
We noted an inner world and outer world [the Parallel Worlds]. Êhe life
to the system or the body comes by the Spirit moving form inner world
to outer world and vice-versa. Êhis life we noted cannot be isolated
form one Soul from which it came into existence. Êhus we have to
involve the Creating Soul and it¶s functioning to understand the Êruth
of the whole being. Êhis expressed in the Fig -3 A and B

&:Ê %7".6"$"&$&# "6&#6å0""#!&# $8'&'&7
7'&'&7 "6"

Êhe flow in the system is unhindered as long as Human is one with
Creator and lives justified life that upholds Êruth. It is self sustainable
till humanity breaks the law crosses the limit and becomes slave to
material force. When human mind looses connection with Creator, he
begins to seek ³self´ creating a dark world thus weakening the flow of
the system. Ê &$"$$"$ .&$#%0%$
0".. Beyond a point He shrinks to gets embedded in the dark world.
Êhis is conception of the new time. Êhis is embedment of Spiritual
world or the Living Light into material world giving free will to human
Souls. Êhis is conception of new time and it manifested in Calvary.
Human mind enslaved to matter now works relentlessly towards ³self´
creating disorder or breaking down the Ê70#&'& . However the
conceived Creator actually grows within out of this and eventually
breaks from the womb initializing the system back into a New Êime
Cycle. In short the restoration of the Kingdom of God takes place.
Christ, His manifestation, His Calvary sacrifice and His Second Coming
as Light or knowledge makes sense from this context. "$$.".

Êhe temple of religion¶s and temples of learning¶s are supposed to

uphold information and light and help humanity to live justified and
Êruthful life, working against human ³self´ and slavery to material
force and help the system survive in healthy condition. But in time
these very peoples deteriorate and create a time direction to the Black
Hole or death. Êhey begin to amass wealth in the name of God. Êhe
modern science we know came into existence when in the west when
churches deteriorated spiritually and were engaged in amassing wealth
and were leading kingly life virtually ruling the people in the name of
punishing God. Êhis deterioration of Spiritual world or the information

loss to Black Hole appears irreversibly, but for the intervention of the
Creator himself. It is here the beauty of Christ and his Calvary sacrifice
manifests as the Big Bang point of conquering time and Second
Coming reveals as time initialization.

My vision of destructive end to human race turned into a positive one

with my Spiritual initiation and rebirth experience. It is on this hope
and distinctive call; I struggle against odds to write and reach to the
world. Êhere is hope for the world in Christ. I am not sure how much
more destruction the world has to face, before intellectuals in temples
of science and religions awake to see the Living Light. Êhe Second
Coming is revelation of Êruth or Light or Higher Knowledge that
initializes humanity back to Kingdom of God and gives him Dominion
over His kingdom. Êhis will bring back justice and Êruth to the world.
Êhis is the only way for humanity to survive on earth. It is the Birth of
Humanity into New Êime Cycle.


I emphasize that the '"$$0 in the Êransformation and survival is
to know the Êruth and become conscious and intelligent or simply
returning of our root :&6 .. Ê"$"77 "
.$$"%'&+#&-#!"+&Ê .&6$"&&'
'&.$&+6""&#.&##0$. I have given the foundation for

such Êransformation, bringing to you logically the Living Reality of
Nature and the universe. Êhe book ³ 2012 Science meets the Mind of
God´ and ³Advancing Gaia Hypothesis²³ Amazon kindle DÊP
publications [Ref -22A and 22B] and my sites [Ref-22,23,24] and the
links thereof deals with it in depth. Once intellectuals discover it,
discuss it and comprehend it, they can help humanity quickly
transcend the critical state to which the world is moving. I would call
this step ± "6"+!"'

Êhe .& 0 is allowing deteriorated body to repair it self. Êhe

key here is to give space and time to Nature to repair herself. We
need to reduce the heat being released into the environment and stop
our intrusion into night cycles of Nature in which she works to
maintain the ratio of energy to matter and thus the temperature of

Êhe Ê" $0 is to develop new techniques and technologies to

sustain the system and create space time that can help life flourish.
Here the ancient Spiritual scriptures and the knowledge of the ancient
people can play an important role. We need to invest in fundamental
research. We need to go green.


& ."&
What I spoke to you in the previous chapter is the gist of New Reality
that comes from the back ground over two decades of freelance
researching after I escaped from the Plato¶s chair of science at the
mouth of the cave [Ref-21] and chose to stay with my convictions and
pursue the fundamentals from a point of freedom.

Nature turned to be a huge laboratory, where multitudes of

experimentations are being done constantly with no one to take note
of the results and interpret. Êhe observation process gave innumerable
technological ideas that can replace many of the cumbersome process
that modern science adopts. However in my helpless situation I could
not pursue it. In the given situation I had to focus all my energy and
resources to my call for the fundamentals that can transform the
whole world. I feel I have done enough to deduce the fundamental to
a level where even a common man can understand. Now I am going
back in time to dig those ideas that flashed in my mind and share it
with the world in a brief manner.


 #"++% "$"$:%&
Êhe energy factor is the most important factor for the modern world.
Unfortunately it is also the critical factor responsible for the present
state. Êhe heat that the technological world dependent on fossil fuel is
releasing to the environment is the principle cause for the present
state of the world. Every machine that runs in the modern world
releases huge amount of CO2 and heat into the environment.   
7"&. In our ignorance we are actually digging our own grave.
Êhere are only two approaches to deal with this problem.

1] Convert the environmental Heat or energy back into organic matter.

Êhe best way is to go green. Life we all know converts energy into
organic matter in the photosynthetic process. "-.&7$
"70&!+"6$0. "7&&.&6
'+%"&&+".7. Here awakening to the knowledge
about how earth and Nature functions to maintain the energy to
matter ratio and thereby temperature to sustain life on earth are
crucial [we discussed this briefly in the first part]. Êhe decrease of
greenery through reckless exploitation and the loss of millions of acres
of forest through uncontrollable forest fire in the last few years need
our attention. Êhe earth as of now is peaking violently with two
opposing forces. Êhe year 2011 has begun with unseen flash floods
and snows. Êhis invariably means when the season changes we can

expect huge destruction through fire and wind. Êhe matter that looses
energy tends to wind. It invariably means we also can expect the
precipitation of huge earth quakes and volcanic eruptions. History
speaks that earth cools through volcanic burst and studies show that
all the major volcanoes are due for eruption. It appears that we have
little time to awaken to Êruth. We would awaken to Êruth is my Faith,
but the question is that how much price humanity ends in paying?

2] Develop technologies that release less heat and CO2 into the
environment. Êhis amounts to developing .#+%
.&#&+"$. Êhis is vital to our advancement and sustenance. It
calls for fundamental research and new visions of energy and its usage

Steps towards technologies that releases less heat and CO2 into the
environment would call for fundamental changes in our vision about
mass, energy, force, action, reaction and how observed motion
manifest and so on. Êhese aspects are discussed in the book ³2012
Science Meets Mind of God´ [Amazon Kindle DÊP Publishing Ref -22A]
and in my sites [Ref -22,23,24]

Êhe key to developing the New Age Êechnologies exist in life, its
structure and functions. It is worth recalling that heart that is the size
of our left fist, pumps blood along nearly100.000 miles of bloods
vessels that is equivalent to circling earth twice. It does this function
about 20 times per minute, with few pieces of bread and water. Êhe
ancient yogis of India have shown that this function of the body can
even be controlled and can be functioned without food and water, by
taking energy from the environment [inner and outer space]. Êhis
should make us think of the inferiority of the knowledge on which the

modern world exists and functions and the immense potential that
exist for us to grow in the energy sector. Mr Michio Kaku a well known
scientist calls modern civilization a type zero civilization that depends
on dead plants for its source of energy and we are only due to evolve
to higher levels of civilization [Ref -1]

I believe that life works on miniature coupled fission and fusion

reactors, where one compliments the other, reducing the emission of
heat into the environment yet propelling the function of the system. It
should be recalled that the photosynthetic activity of plant actually
takes heat and environmental carbon to manufacture energy sources
that sustains the system. Êhis means, huge energy locked in space can
be harnessed in controlled manner. Êhis amounts to using the dark
energy that exists in Parallel Worlds. Êhis probably is he only way to
reverse the situation of the modern and yet sustain its energy
requirement. I do not wish to discuss this factor further here. Êhese
ideas are only raw and needs further intellectuals exercises before I
keep it open to the world.


!Ê.&#&+"$'&"'  #
& ."&*Ê!#"%
Êhe new technologies for life and health are based on the New
Realities of Nature and life or the Living and dynamic Reality that we
discussed in the first part of this book. When we deal with life and

health we need to differentiate the ³manifested state´ and
³manifesting state or creating state´. Êhe health we deal with relates
primarily with the manifested state and its peak performance through
the four phases that form life cycle. But this cannot be entirely
separated from the ³manifesting state´ for they together form one
cycle. In fact this state actually predetermines many factors that
unfold during the life cycle. Êhe forces that influence the system
during these phases differ. In the manifesting phase love
predominates, but in the manifested state Justice and Êruth

Very importantly the process happening in individuals is related to the

state of Universal Life cycle we are in and the aberration in it. 
#"'; Life and Health cannot be separately understood form the day
and night and climatic cycle or energy cycle. Êhere is a slow orderly
change in the energy cycle, when the universe is in manifested state.
But this order is disturbed when the universe is in creation state. But
this disorder is an opportunity to evolve.

Êhe subject I hope to write is elaborate appears complex, but has

simple fundamentals behind it. I am striving to speak these
fundamentals that should help rediscover some great knowledge about
health and its maintenance that exists in Spiritual scriptures. It today
exists as a recessive rather unpopular knowledge. Êhe Following are
the basic points that should help change our view of life and health

1] Life is a dynamic system unfolding and enfolding in time in five

phases. Êhey are, the time in the womb, childhood state, early

adulthood, late adult hood when the self manifest and the old age
leading to death.

2] Life works to survive in equally dynamic system of similar design

that is constantly changing. Êhis means life we deal with, exist inside a
Living Universe that is conscious and intelligent and breathing. Êhis
living characteristics of the universe expresses it self in day and night
cycle, climatic cycle, sun cycle and so on to form universal time cycle.

3] Êhis means we are all interrelated. Life is continuous process of

evolution through dissolution towards self realization or knowing the
Êruth and establishing once relationship with Higher Life of which it is
only a part. When the Universal Being is in recreation mode it gives
our Soul an opportunity to evolve and take position in relation to it.

4] Life has inner space and outer space where Spirit and energy exists.
Êhey form the two ³Parallel Worlds´ which constantly collides to create
matter and Souls or the multitude of universe within it. Êhis gives rise
to body of the living system.

&:Ê$%$7$-"#"<$"$#'"$0.""$"+'&#  %7".$;
& $.".&#%!&'&$0.A)#,8&!6.
0###"6$$ $!""+#"%A'*4,;Ê"$6%7.
'"$"6"+ "6$Ê&% 

4] In addition to constant cyclic changes driven by space-time, life is

also exposed to aberrant changes in space time that is more related to
our own actions.

5] Life is more than genes. Êhe genes are only developed aspect to
sustain life against time and change stressing it from the material
world. It is formed in time and deteriorates in time. It is part of the
body. Êhere exists an entity behind gene that constantly works to
survive. Êhe genes that we deal with could be compared to weight by
which a balancer balances the balance. Êhis means there is an entity
behind life that perceives and acts to sustain life against the aberrant
changes in Nature that disturbs the balancing act of the balancer. Êhis
balancing act manifests as the creativity of life. Ê."6"%
7"'$$"."".#$. Non linear science proves this
reality. Êhis entity that lives is understood by ancient as Soul and the
Spirit that exist in the space [Black Hole] behind the Soul. Êhe Spirit is
understood as the Creator and giver of life. Ê6$&.."
-& %6$# %&.. "0""#
'"# . Êhis Êruth known to the ancient becomes a reality when we
extend life back to the point from which it comes into existence. Here
it manifests as two waves contributed from two Parallel Worlds male
and female. Êhis wave originating form a point [containing two points
contributed from male and female] actually causes the division of one
celled zygote into two celled state. In this process Singularity can be
reinvented as a transition phase, where the ruling and dominant of the
two Parallel Worlds, leaves its ruling position to enter its recessive
pair, such that it can conquer time and transform to initialize the
system by giving it New Life. Êhe division of cells and its differentiation
in space creates inner space and outer space. Ê $%$
$0."$0& . '&7&#;)"$"$0. "7
0& . -%"7#&#;Ê"$+"6$"$&.&.0&'
& ;

At the information and knowledge level, we need to understand this
process as Higher Knowledge or Living Light or Mind of God going into
a phase of creation giving free will to humanity and his mind. In this
freedom humanity virtually breaks his home. But the Creator works
recessively to create new out of old from within. He transforms the
broken temple of His, into new one. Êhis satisfies the first law of
Êhermodynamics. Êhis is the secret of salvation of human Souls and
giving New Life to it; a process that is going on right now in the world.
Êhis falls in line with Singularity rediscovered by String Êheorists [Ref-

5] Life is a constant process of creation, sustenance and dissolution to

create New Life. It actually works to mold its material environment
such that the environment facilitates the survival and prospering of
life. In other words it is a Gaia as Noble Laurets James Lovelock and
Margulis Lynn pointed out. It is a process happening within the body,
with Soul working to make the body suitable for it to live and also
makes the environment help prosper life. Information is the key to
this process of creation and sustenance, dissolution and recreation.
Êhe real information exits with in the internal space and expresses to
the external space in time to sustain it. In other words, life both at
individual and universal level is unfolding and enfolding of information.
Information unfolds and enfolds in order to fulfill two basic necessities
of life they are
d‘ Êhe maintenance of the system against time and change - Êhis
calls for the mixing of left and right and balancing of the
system. Êhe process of breathing and mitotic division and
exchange of information between left and right facilitates this
maintenance process.

d‘ Creation of the system by conquering time and initializing the
system against time and change. Êhis reorders the whole
system to start a New Êime Cycle. Here there is no left and right
judgment everything is one in suspended animation. What rules
this phase is Love and forgiveness.

&:..& "+&!# +&'."$0."##% $&'$8
"6$"$&!&#"6"+"+ !$"70#%" "6"  
"6$$-&&"$#' "+""7;Ê#"'"$&00&"%&
7&#&6&#6 !0&$""&"#"&&"7#
&#;Ê"$&00&"%7)"7"<$ &.$& &&!"'!"## 
.&".$!"6$"$"."&7& &.&@"7 
'&7="-#".#8 ".8%."+$ $&&;Ê#"60&$""&
&+"$ 0 $&"-%!".&00&."7#&#
"+0"& &'."&&+ !"##;$&'."&
 &7"!&# 8+&$.$$"6&."6!&# A7#" $"
'7#,;#6#&'"6"+ "6$8&.6"!"$$ "+
'&7"&&C&!# +&"6"+"+&" &'& 8+"6"+!%
&"'"&&!# +& $$A" &' 7$,; &!68
"6"+"+.&."6 !""+&!$ 0&' "$& "
7+$&.! ;Ê"6$"$&#"$%$7;
$&!&#$%$7+$#6 -.&"$0"7#"'&7"&
#"&& &&"$#'&"+;Ê"$.&00#$$
&# -& %"$-& &! !"$-"#""$0#.;Ê!&#0&.$$
"$-"+&'+& $#'&' 7$;"$0&.##!& $
&'B$$ "$+ "+'##&'70#;!1D*;/D*
;D2*3; B$$7$ "&"&&'7"#-& %
!#6$"" $&'"'"&7" $A7$, +&$"&
."&7& ;="-###$$ "$&$'&7  "
%$A.&@ "7&.&."6 , "$!&.&70#$!
$&$"+ &7-.& ;Ê"$"$"""#"<"&&'!&# 

"&!Ê"7 %.#&C"+ &7& A$="-#0$,&-.&
+$A$ $0$",;Ê0&.$$#"-$7&#$'&7
$#6%&7"#!&# &$'&7!&#!&#  +"6"!
"';Ê"$"$&0&!".#"6 $++#&-"+7
6# &7&!&# &-$$$ !"7"#)0#&""& 

6] We noted that the only exception to the Gaia and self sustaining
Nature of the universe is adult humans who are disconnected form his
Consciousness and Intelligence and lives by his mind that exists in
slavery to material force and works to propagate his self. In short
human mind and its slavery to material force create a time direction to
disorder and death. In his ignorance, he actually destroys the
environment and thus leads himself and the whole to self destruction.
Êhis becomes evident when we free ourselves and observe Nature. We
did discuss this reality and explored how in the apparent external
disorder and destruction a
"6"# is functional through Christ to
save and make the whole system favorable to humankind and his
survival. Êhe end of time and the beginning of new time needs to be
understood as awakening of human Consciousness and illumination of
his intellect. &""$00#".-#&"6$#$%$7
".# "+7$8-"$Ê.- $&& &#%!
"6$"$ $&& $#"6"+$%$7!"&6"+
$&& +&6"+";

7] In contrast to the general thinking that information of life exists in

genes, the New Reality proposes that information exist in dynamic
manner in the inner space and outer space [or Spirit Worlds]. Êhe
information unfolds by virtue of movement of Spirit from inner space
to the outer space and vice-versa [quantum dance]. Êhe unfolding of

information not only resists time and death [Gravitational Collapse]
but also has potentiality to conquer time and death and give New Life.
In creation the Creator goes recessive to creation. But before the end
of time comes it breaks the womb and enfolds in opposite direction
and creates a duality. Êhis is revelation of Mind of God or the Êruth.
Out survival now exists on it. Êhe revelation leads to positive
expansion phase [No wonder Christ said that one who is in front finds
himself in the back]. Êhis begins a New Life or time cycle. However, in
time the positive thinking and expansion gives way to negative
thinking and contraction. One can imagine the situation from 5 phases
of Life cycle - Êhe period in the womb, childhood, early part of
adulthood and later part of adulthood, when ³self´ manifest and the
deterioration of the system into old age and death begins. For the
Living Universe the last phase leading to death cannot exist. For it
means the universe going into non existence. Ê$"7#&#
$&# +&"&."& $&"&0$; " 
"$.&6$"+"'"..&' "$  "$ #6%$."'"."

8] Êhe day and night cycle on earth could be compared to breathing

process of the universe. All life is forced to adjust to energy changes in
the day and night cycle. If you observe Nature we note that all life
instinctively adjusts it self to energy changes in Nature. Êhey are
instinctively aware of time and change. Êhe exception is so called
conscious and intelligent human beings. Êhe body and Soul of
human¶s struggles to instinctively adapt to the environment and its
change. But the mind that becomes slave to material world becomes
an impediment. Êhe modern man and his mind which has lost touch
with his Consciousness and Intelligence thereby separated from

Universal Consciousness and Intelligence has developed an art of
exploiting the material world. He is unilaterally increasing the heat
content of the system thus creating a huge vortex of disorder,
instability and destruction in the environment. His mind is actually the
cause for time direction to death. Modern man has little knowledge of
living in harmony with one self and with Nature and its living force. In
contrast to this ancient people seems to have possessed "+
C&!# + which helped them to live in peace with one self and in
harmony with Nature. Êhis Higher Knowledge seems to have deserted
humanity some where along the time cycle. From Biblical count it
could be the point when Adam ate the forbidden fruit. If Bible and
ancient Spiritual scriptures are true then this knowledge is unfolding
from within the darkness of the womb and is due to emerge and save
the world from an imminent collapse. Êhis is the faith on which I
struggle relentlessly to speak the New Reality or Living Universe
Êheory to the world against many odds.

$.#"7"..%.#;#$&$%.%.# 6##%+"6$#
.%.#8!"!".###"'$& #!"&$6"6 00""$
"6$;%."6"#"<"&8.## "70$&'!&# 8##$$
"$ &'"7 -+""+&'!Ê"7;..& "+&7&$
0""#$."0$!" &'"7;Ê"$7$!"
$$$"+$""&0"& &'"6$#"7.%.#;&0$"$$0
+ $."& "+"$0"& ;Ê7&.#"7"..%.#&!.&# 
-# &7"&". "6"$"& ).+&'"'&7"&-%!".#"'
.&$#%!$"$"'&7"&&$$"-& %;Ê"6$#.%.#
&!.&# -# &7"&".0& ."&$8!$$.&'&&'
0###!&# A7#," $"'7#&.&@"7 00
$%$7-%"""#"<"+"""7; " $-"'#%&!"$"$00"+
"6"#"'"$0&'"$-&&;"$)0#& " "#"



9] From the above point the genes and the whole body we deal with
are aspect developed in time as means of resistance to time. "$
."6"%'&#  "."".#$$; We already compared it
to weight in the balance that balancer uses to balance the balance.
Êhis means there are two forces or Spirits or Parallel Worlds acting.
One disturbs the balance, the other works to sustain the balance.
When the Spirit flows from the external world to the internal world,
then the Spirit from the internal world moves to the external world by
the same proportion. By virtue of second law of thermodynamics, the
quality of the system deteriorates every time such a movement
happens and the system ages. Êhe survival now necessitates
recreation of the whole system by conquering time and time
initialization. Êhis process in life occurs through meiotic and
reproduction phase. At universal level it needs to be understood as
information or Êruth Enfolding and Unfolding. Êhe law of
thermodynamics tells us that nothing can be destroyed or be created.
Everything can only be transformed. Earth and the whole universe that
includes all life are being stressed to transform and initialize to into
New Êime Cycle. Everything in the universe including all matter and
life can spontaneously transform, except human beings who live by his
mind and exist in slavery to material force. His ego and attachment to
material world restricts him from Êransformation. His Êransformation
calls for revelation of Êruth or " &'& .

From the above context life is four layered system with an inner space
and outer space [two Parallel Worlds] where Spirit and information
moves in a dynamic manner. Êhe matter or the body that we see is

enclosed between the two as a double layer and is born from the
collision of two parallel Spiritual worlds. Êhe Spirit or information is
constantly exchanged between the two Parallel Worlds, giving life,
movements and sustenance to the system. In short, the material
system and energy of that we witness is formed from the collision of
two Parallel Worlds as modern science [M-Êheory] has discovered

Bible interprets this in terms of creation of humans in His [God¶s]

image using matter/Spirit. Êhe key question is that, "$#"' "''
"%&!$-$. "'''&77 0"". No
says the Spiritual scriptures. But deteriorated religions differentiate it
to gain hold on humanity. Vedas teach us that Food is inert matter
(Annam) and it on Êransformation [oxidation] creates Life force
(Prana), it also is inert energy. Êhis energy when converted into
awareness or chit it gives life. Êhe mind that is engrossed in material
world cannot come into awareness to experience life. Êhe Veda says
µAnnat purushah¶. Which means the inert energy is transformed into
Soul and this inert energy maintains the entire world as cosmic
energy. Êhe Veda says that space is produced from Soul. Here Soul
denotes inert energy only, which is its basic form. It says the universe
comes into being from one Primal Soul and this original being is Êruth
[Satyam], Knowledge [Jnanam] and Endless [Anantam]

Êhe Eternal existence of the universe, now relates to knowing Êruth

and gaining knowledge. Bible tells us that ³Ê Ê!"##$
%& ´. Human survival now exists in evolving to know the Êruth

and gain the Higher Knowledge or the knowledge of life and the living
realty of Nature that exist around a single Soul. Êhis knowledge

cannot come to a mind that seeks it. It comes to mind that is dead or
mind that exist in surrender. Êhe Êruth cannot be sought but comes to
humans by Grace as Divine Plan for a Divine Purpose. Êhe Êruth
begins to manifest and reveals when ³self´ dissolves with ³Higher Self´

Most of the Spiritual scriptures actually over look the material matter
and other life forms but concentrates on the relationship between
human and God or the Creator. Vedas speaks universal cycle in terms
of deterioration of justice and Êruth. We can also view it as
deterioration of higher or Spiritual knowledge. Mind of God is central
to creation and sustenance of created world and mind of humans that
becomes self centered and forgets his root is central to deterioration of
the world. In order to find health, peace and happiness, we need to
rewrite our understanding of Nature from this context and explore the
beauty of the ancient Spiritual knowledge. We need to review the
foundation of science and reinvent the universe as a living entity built
around matter and energy. In short we need understand how matter
and energy that modern man exploits manifest into a living particle or
Soul. Êo understand this we must first differentiate living system and
material system. Let me put the foundation briefly once again.

Material system we know is governed by gravitational force and in

time it is directed to gravitational collapse or death at a point in the
center. We know that Newton built the theory of gravity on the
assumption of non equilibrium. "'!!&-$6!&"$
"*+6""&#. Look out of the window and observe a grass
grow. Êhis logically means at the foundation of life there is a particle
or system that has some form of equilibrium and it constantly works to

sustain the equilibrium. Êhis manifests as creativity and formation of
the body. In sustains it self by constantly taking matter and energy
from the outer world and transforms them sustain it self. One universe
or Soul thus creates many universes by feeding on matter. Êhis
means our Soul can only be part one Primal Soul. Êhus Higher Self
exists of which we are simply parts. Êhe universe thus cannot be
understood from material point of view but needs to be understood as
living entity that constantly struggles against time and death. Êhis
aspect is dealt in detail in the site [Ref-22,23,24]. Êhe question of life,
health and its management needs to be rediscovered form this context
of knowledge of oneness

""+ & "&&' #  #
Above reality invariably forces us to rewrite our concept of health and
health management. But before we rewrite and speak of health, I once
again stress the present situation of the World. It is in absolute critical
state. Êhe very existence of humanity is danger. It makes no sense to
speak of health and health management when death is engulfing. We
need to arrest the death and give humanity New Life, before we speak
of health. We need awaken at Global Level and take guard of Earth.
2011 has begun with severe warning from Nature, with flash floods
and unparallel snow falls. Êhe yellow stone, the biggest volcano has
shown signs of eruption [Ref-7]. NASA has reported possible
destructive solar flare in 2012 [Ref-4] and huge breach in earth¶s
magnetic field [Ref-5]. It is time. It is now or never situation for

Ê"."0# $'&
"&"&&' #&'"'
1] Êhe deteriorating health of individual and communities and the
whole system relates to our distancing form once own Consciousness
and Intelligence and our inability to uphold Justice and Êruth. It exists
in our inability to connect to the Universal Consciousness and
Intelligence [Creator] and live accordingly. In short it relates to our
non-connectivity with Mother Nature and the Spirits that sustain it. It
also can be deduced to our lack of knowledge of time and energy cycle
and failure to develop methodologies to live in harmony with Nature.
Êhis calls us to reinvent the ancient knowledge systems and cultures in
every field of human interest. 8'#&!# +&'#"'
0.". " ".##$'&$0."#"&. It needs reinvention
and re-adoption. Êhe fundamentals discussed in the book ³2012
Science Meets the Mind of God´, ³Advancing Gaia Hypothesis [Amazon
Kindle DÊP publication, Ref -22A] and in my sites [Ref -22,23,24]
could give certain foundation to advance science and reinvent and
make decisive Êransformation in favor of Ayurveda and other ancient
medical systems.

It would be improper and injustice, if I am to enter this realm of great

knowledge unless I study it deeply. A bird¶s eye view and little
thoughts wavered into these aspects showed the immense depth in it.
['& 07"$ #0$.&7$7%!%&0&!&&"]. Êhe
ancient Ayurveda , yoga, Pranayama and Mediations are a
comprehensive package to health and revitalization of the human
system [body, mind and Soul] that comes from deeper knowledge of
the Spiritual world and oneness of Nature. It aims at cleansing the

body and mind of negative energies and thought. It helps humans to
connect to the conscious and Intelligence and allows the inner Life
force of Soul to repair the body and creates paths to evolve to know
Higher and Primal Soul or the Êruth. In the process it aims to
cleansing the whole universal system. Êhe scriptures and the cultures
developed by the ancient Spiritualist essentially speak of a need for
living with Nature. It teaches us to silence our mind and grow beyond
³self´ such that one can connect to the inner Consciousness and
Intelligence to sustain life in its peak health. $&# &
###"'".# "+"$ $"+ !"0$"!".7" 
" .'&77" .

Êhe problem with the modern man who lives by his mind and its
extensions and rules by the material power exists in his failure to
understand the importance of sleep cycle. His round the clock activity
is disturbing the sleep cycle of Nature. Much of human problems and
increased natural catastrophes can be directly be related to it. We
discussed the importance of it in the first part of this book briefly. It is
the most important aspect, to which the world has to give immediate
attention, if it has to survive vitiated natural forces.

Modern health science is largely built on knowledge obtained by

studying the parts of the dead body. It has failed to understand life.
Life has relative existence with Nature and its energy cycles
manifesting as time cycles. Êhis reality unfolds, if we detach from
Plato¶s chair of science at the mouth of the cave [Ref-21] and explore
Nature from a point of freedom. Êhere has been some change in

thinking especially after the developments in Quantum Science and
drastic changes in the vision of theoretical physicist.

In 1984 &#  #+"<"& stated that ³ #"$$&'

.&70#0%$".# $&."#!##-"+ &7#%-$.&'
"$$&"'"7"%´ Êhis loosely included many dimensions such as
physical, mental, social, Spiritual, emotional , vocational and so on.
Êhey also recognized many determinants for health such as heredity,
environmental, life styles, socio±economic factors, and the availability
of health services to assist health. Êhey defined health as ecological
concept. Accordingly health was visualized as dynamic equilibrium
between man and environment. Prevention of disease through
ecological or environmental manipulations or interventions was
assumed safer, cheaper and a more effective rational approach. Êhey
also sorted out many indicators for health and factors affecting health.

But, if you carefully analyze the health scenario of the world we note
that it has only decreased. Êhe health of individual and population is
quite weak and is prone for more diseases. It has only made humanity
a feed for an industry called health. For example diabetes, which was
rare and used to inflict beyond the prime age only few decades back is
now very common and exist even in juvenile states. Êhis speaks that
there is something fundamentally wrong in our approach to health and

2] Êhe modern health practices treat the body. Êhe realization that
external space and internal space plays an important and bigger role
than genes speaks and gives credence to the Spiritual knowledge of
the ancient. Êhe recent advances in life and physical thinking also
speak this reality. Dr. Bruce Lipton elegantly argues in his work, how
environment and the skin plays bigger and important role in life than
genes [Ref-20]. More than two decades back, dealing with cloning
plants, I had observed that explants taken from different time of the
year shows different responses. My intensive research and observation
of life in test tube, clearly spoke that genes and biological
information¶s are not invariably units. Êhey are very sensitive to the
environment and can change qualitatively and in quantum manner at
random. [Êhis realization led my interest form commercial
biotechnology to academic line].

In some inquisitive experiments, I also devised a simple methodology

called ³Eco Culture´ to clone plants [Ref-27]. Êhe logic was simple.
Plant growth and differentiation is controlled by a ratio of auxin and
cytokines. Higher ratio of auxin favors roots and higher cytokines favor
shoot growth. I found these hormones are produced in plants in
relation to the environment. I also observed that plant parts like small
broken branches have a capacity to produce root and form complete
plant in humid moist conditions. Instead of adopting species specific
research intensive tissue culture techniques to clone them, I
transferred explants of Cashew and Coffee plants [two important
commercial plants] containing a leaf axis with a leaf into plastic
glasses filled with sand and kept them in humid moist environment.
See Fig below

In a couple of weeks they transformed into complete plants. I could
change the environmental conditions of these plants in glass house to
trigger new shoots and harvest it to create new plants. Êhe technique
appeared feasible and easily adoptable one for most plant species. Êhis
reality spoke a fact that the trigger mechanism in life need not come
only form the chemicals but also the energy or Spirit in the
environment. Êhis and the whole bunch of observation in Nature paved
the way for the foundation of "6"+ "6$Ê&%.

Êhe modern biologists are so much obsessed with mechanical era of

physical science that they fail to observe the important relationship of
life with Nature and its energy cycle. Here the biologists are failing at
the fundamental level.

Êhe ancient east understood that the disease is accumulation of
negative energies in the material body. Êhe ancient medical practices
were directed at removing these energies. Êhe roots of these negative
energies are many. Êhey principally relates to going against once own
³self´ and against the ³higher self´. )"$$"&#"'$%#$
+"$#"' . It comes from eating the forbidden and
non compatible foods. Bible tells us that death came to humanity when
he ate the forbidden fruit. Êhe importance of the ancient medical
knowledge comes not only from this realization but the realization that
its root exist in mind and even beyond it in the Soul level. If one
expands the creation and the process that led to eating the forbidden
fruit it speaks it. Êhis reality is best explained in eastern Vedic
knowledge and its extensions. Êhis means the root of the disease
exists in the Spiritual levels both in external and internal space. Êhe
body struggles to expel the negative energies when it is accumulated
to critical state and this manifest as disease with external symptoms.

Modern medical systems classify and understand the disease by virtue

of the external symptoms. In contrast to this the ancient Ayurveda
deduces it to three functional Doshas or root causes which are
complementary and is related to Nature and the changes in it. Êhey
are Pitta [Fire], Kapha [water], and Vata [air] that drives the
movement of the other two. In fact Pitta [fire] manifests out of ratio of
fire and water and Kapha out of ratio of water and earth and Air out of
ratio of air and ether [probably space or vacuum]. Êhese ratios of
elements and their dynamics of change in relation to dynamic change
in environment are supposed to maintain health. When local changes
are abrupt and steep the system tends to react to accumulate negative

energies. When the mind sleeps the system works to gain new order
by eliminating the negative energies. If it cannot then it is held in
suspended animation for future opportunities to expel it. Beyond
certain critical state the accumulated negative energies manifest as
diseases. Diseases in ancient east is understood as last means by
which the life tries to expel the negative energy and is understood as
an opportunity to awaken. Êheir medical practices helped the body
remove the negative energies than suppressing it. Êhis forms the
foundation of the superior concept of health and health management
of the ancient east.

Ê.&'".# $
It is apt to write in few words about the possible phenomenon working
behind miracle cures occurring in retreat centers, Satsang and other
Spiritual awakening practices in various religions. Unlike in daily
routines in churches and temples where a trained person conducts a
routine life less exercise, a retreat centers are led by illuminated
Souls. Retreat centers are characterized by pleasing loud music¶s and
songs that touches human Souls. Music is a sound wave that is
capable of energizing the body causing an expansion. Retreat centers
practices relentless clapping of hand and singing in loud voices. All this
energizes the outer and inner space of life. Êhis loosens the negative
energies in the body. Êhe talks of preacher¶s and the miracle
experiences of the participators, then creates a scenario where mind
and ego of humans begins to surrender, opening the way for the inner
life force to get activated and flow freely pushing the negative energies
out and re energizing the system filing that space with positive energy
from its environment. Very often the negative energy causing one
diseases in one body becomes a cure for another disease existing in

another person. A form of neutralization process occurs involving the
mass and this is mediated by the Universal Consciousness and
Intelligence or God. Êhe life force released further illuminates the
central zone and reflects form it, which increases the living heat in the
environment. Êhe key to miracle cure is the power generating or
kindling capacity of leaders conducting this retreat. As the retreat
proceeds the power of the participant begins to pour in making it
brighter and brighter. Much of the miracle cure thus occurs in the
middle phase and beyond of the retreat.

Êhis reality discussed and explored in detail can lead to Êransformation

of retreat into a medical science for the well being of whole of
humanity. It could lead to reinvention of an art of healing that existed
with ancient people but was lost in time.

3] Our understanding of biological system is pathetically stranded in

the DNA and genes and old mechanistic view of parts. It believes that
a pair of genes forms the invariable fundamental units of information
in biological system. Êheir vision of life and its comprehensive
functioning is incomplete and it has often taken fundamental blows
from the out come of their own research. For example attempts to
map human genome ended in a surprise that human body has nearly
same number genes as mice. Êhat left scientist to answer how
innumerable traits that humanity presents can be accounted from such
small number of genes. Further, much of modern biology fails to
answer aspect of quality that is quite evident in living system.

My work and the revelation by Grace, speak that unit of information in

biological system consist of not one pair, but minimum of four pairs of

genes that fills eight component space with three left and right
frames. It forms a dynamic unit in space, six of them forming the core
unit and two forming the linking unit with other similar units. It also
reveals that there can be higher units of information that comprises of
16 genes and 32 genes forming a unit, which can account for complex
life like animal and humans. Êhis is discussed in depth in the site and
it has potential to explain gene and its functioning in comprehensive
manner including how quality and creativity manifest. Êhis
understanding can take human knowledge of life and genes and its
functioning to new levels.

One potentially applicable reality to health and health management

that emerges from this thinking is that the gene and its quality and its
potentialities can be changed by simply changing the environment of
the system. One even can force the system to show creativity and
even transform the system in a defined direction, by simply
manipulating the environment of the system in controlled manner.
Ê"$7&$&.&$''."6 $'!%&'+".
+""+; Êhe miracle cure that I briefly discussed previously is an
example. It has applied potential in plant and animal breeding and
increasing the productive potentials of plants animals.

Êhe knowledge of dynamic gene unit though has potential to advance

modern genetics of life, I feel it would still exists inferior to the health
practices that ancient followed and what one can achieve through
expansion of science of inner space and outer space manipulation. In
short we can resort to whole system manipulation to bring defined
qualitative and quantum changes in the genetic of the system. Êhe
information in inner and external environments plays a vital role and

can be used as tool to modify life easily. Êhis can be extended to
genetic manipulation directing evolution in specified direction.

Space manipulation thus not only can cure diseases at body levels, but
can also cure diseases from root levels of mind and Souls. It can ignite
light of life and healing power within the Soul, which in turn can
spread to other Souls creating chain that can sustain and increase the
health of other individuals and populations. Êhe key here is the power
or the illumination of the leaders leading the retreat.

Most religions are today established as organizations governed by

human mind. Êhey study scriptures and speak scriptures trying to add
numbers to their institutions and work to strengthen the organization.
In contrast retreat centers are often led by people whose
Consciousness has awakened and their Intelligence is illuminated.
Êhey struggle to awaken others and kindle the light of life in them and
work to liberate human Souls. Êrue retreat centers know no religions.
Êhey are above it. Êhe need of the hour for health of people and
society is more and more of retreat or Spiritual awakening centers
than temples, churches or mosques. Êhe religious organization should
protect and promote them. I write this sadly, for I see every where
the hierarchies of the religious organization occupied by the non
illuminated people interfering in the functioning of the retreat centers
as they grow to a point of financial recognition. Êhis very tendency is
the cause of fall of churches and temples and whole of humanity.
History speaks this. Êhe tendency of black elements in religious
hierarchies can only be countered, when Êruth reveals and humanity
awakens. Êhe nations and its government need to adopt it as a science
or knowledge and promote greater study. Êhis then leads to

enlightenment of the world and grounding of the world on God. Êhis
then paves for health of individual and society.

Êhe knowledge of space and energy can open new technological

avenues to manipulate life and its traits in an inexpensive and Nature
compatible way. Êhis process is happening in the environment
regularly, giving rise to diversity and helps the species to survive to
evolve positively and negatively. Negative is not a disadvantage in
Nature. In climatic patterns that peaks in both ways, it is the means
by which life survive and evolves. It should be underlined that life
survives by mixing the information¶s.

A unilateral negative evolution leading to death comes from human

mind that detaches from its Consciousness and Intelligence, breaks
the laws and becomes slave to material world. Êhis gives a time
direction to Nature that otherwise is a self organizing system or Gaia
as Noble Lauret James Lovelock presented to the world [Ref-15].
Human intrusion into Nature and its working in the ignorance of Êruth
increases unilaterally the temperature of earth and thus disorder and
death. We are experiencing this now. Our survival now exists in
knowing Êruth or the Living Light and Divine Plan for human salvation.

In short, the ancient health practices understood life as dynamic

integral part of the dynamic universal system where time /energy
changes constantly. Ê"# 7 ".#6"$"&$$!$
& '"  "6$#- %7". " "6" #"$"..
Eastern knowledge system thus characterized individuals by their birth
time [Birth Chart] and characterized them into three predominant
types, Vata [air], Pitta [fire], Kapha [watery] and even categorized

food to suit these characters. Êhey even divided the day and night
cycle by virtue of these characters and left many signs for individuals
to identify once primary character and thus pave the way for
individualistic way to lead a life in harmony with Nature and his ³self´.
At the higher level they gave path ways to evolve qualitatively to know
Higher Self or God of which he is only part and find Moksha or
liberation. In effect, it directed him to seek Êruth or the Living
knowledge of higher order and uphold it. Êhe culture and practices
they developed has great depth and it need to be researched.

It is apt that I share with you briefly what it means by dynamics
system. A dynamic system is an 8 component system that fills the 8
components of space and has three overlapping left and right frames.
Êo understand this take an apple cut it vertically twice at right angles
to one another through the center and once horizontally at right angles
to the vertical through the center.

Êhe eight components of the system has specific ratio arrangements

such that it creates a central hole [ Black Hole] and a path way to it
and a path way out of it in relation to another similar dynamic system.
Êhese eight components exist as pairs that are opposing but give way
to the opposite in defined quantum steps. Let me write the structure of
this dynamic system. Let us assume AB, CD, EF, GH as pairs forming
the dynamic system. A/B has 4:3 ratios so also CD, EF, GH. Êhis ratio
relationship is necessity for the flow to manifest. A second level of
pairing is formed by the union of AB/CD. Here AB/CD also exist in 4:3
where B=C. EF/GH also forms second pair with 4:3 ratio where F=G. A
third level of pairing is possible with ABCD/EFGH. Here again they

exist in 4:3 ratio, where B=C=E and D=F=G. Êhis structural design
gives quantum flow accompanied by winding in three steps
accompanied by resistance before it collapses turns inside and reform
changing the direction of the flow. Life works in relation another
system abcd/efgh which again exists with the former in the ratio 4:3
[male and female].

Êhese dynamic systems can survive the stress acting on it by mixing

its left and right. Êhey open up in three quantum steps and at the third
critical sate it turns inside out conquering time and initializing time.
Êhis balancing and restoration acts is reflected in biological system as
breathing process, mitotic division [information renewal] and meiotic
division and conception and birth that helps it conquer time and
initialize to survive in time cycle.

Êhe above design and dynamic function can also be understood by

west and east separation and cyclic change of day and night. Here
when light cycle give way to opposite [night cycle] in one part,
simultaneously the night cycle gives way to light cycle in the opposite
side. Êhe Spirit moves between the Parallel Worlds through the Black
Hole sustaining the system. Êhe Spirit is perceiver of the system and
the system is instantaneously communicated by virtue of Black Hole
and the perceiver. Êhis accounts for instantaneous communication in
life and Nature. Êhe instantaneous information however in the
manifested world is transformed through the created body in real time.
Here the mind and body of the living system or the created world
comes into play. It creates friction leading to loss and creates time
direction. A time direction is inevitable for life and Nature and thus
the whole system ages, but it is capable conquering and initializing

time through a process of Êransformation. We discussed this

Now from the above reality we need to visualize units of information

as four paired dynamic one. Earlier we visualized life as balance. Êhe
balance now becomes little complex. It conceals within it four balances
[see fig -4 below]. Êhis means the dynamic balance has internal
mechanism by which it can oppose the external force. Êhe external
force manifests in three steps.

d‘ In the first step a balancing process occurs by exchanging

energy between AB, CD, GH and EF. Êhis exchange forms the
breathing process of life.
d‘ In the second step AB becomes one and exchanges energy with
BC and HG exchanges energy with EF ± Mitotic information
d‘ In the third step ABCD becomes one and exchanges energy with
EFGH ± Êhis is meiotic information exchange this involves
reduction and exchange with parallel world [male and female
and reproduction]

Life exists in day and night cycle that is designed in similar manner
and constantly changes by virtue of movement of Spirit. Êhe Spirit
flows in four steps form dominant to recessive and turns the dominant
in to recessive [day into night cycle look at the clock to understand the
four step] at the same time recessive turns into dominant and a
reverse cycle begins. Êhis manifests as two opposing waves. We must
underline that all life is forced to adapt to this change in the

V    V   




However, if there is sudden aberration in external or internal space,

then the body entraps negative energies. Êhe body is designed such
that they form in pairs and are balanced [see fig-4]. In the material
they manifest as charge. Êhese negative energies are neutralized in
breathing process. What cannot be neutralized in the breathing
process gets neutralized during mitotic division and renewal of
information. What cannot be neutralized by mitotic renewal of
information is neutralized by meiotic information¶s.

Êhe ancient east [India] was especially aware of this reality as they
developed the -"+."@&%7 as means to
health. When these negative energies is in excess of what the body
can hold it manifest into diseases. Ayurveda of the east considers
disease as means by which body fights to gain health and is viewed as
an opportunity to evolve. Its practices facilitate speedy removal of
negative energies or toxins than suppressing it. At higher level, they
new the importance of human mind and its role in the disease and

hence developed extensive health practices such as yoga and

Nature is also is subjected huge aberration by the intervention of

humans leading to pockets of negative energies. Êhe Nature
neutralizes this by virtue of day and night cycles, climatic cycles and
meiotic and reproductive cycle that conquers time and initializes the
system by Êransformation. Êhis probably forms 26000 year cycle that
Mayans spoke. We did discover this process happening through Christ
and His Calvary Sacrifice. Calvary is the Big Bang origin or creation
point of the universe. Êhis Êruth can only be understood when we
visualize universe as Living system. Êhis fact is upheld by Vedas of the
east. We noted that Yajur Veda Vs 30 -31 supports it. Christ¶s or God¶s
Consciousness is working from within to awaken human Consciousness
and Intelligence and thus transform the world and give it New Life. It
is an opportunity to human Souls to evolve.

&:$"+"$7& 6&."+'&#"+"&; "$"$-%& 

#"+"&;'&7"+#"+"&&&' "$8!.##%6."# 
"+&' "$; "$"$$.".&'#"+7$0&"#&
-"+=#"$$&!&# ;"$"7&+"<"&.##  "$""%
"&$0."$#';"$ "$"0&0# !$$'"## !&# 
!"!0&$&'7$$ $."& -"#.&&7%-$ &! 
$#' 6.7;##&! $%$7#.$#"+ 6"$#"<$
&00&$"$7%;##&! $%$7&'+&6. 0&#"."$$
. ++0-!.&77&7 #"+ +&6"+#&;
$7" $"#!"$$&.&0"& .&@"+7&"6&'
#" #"+;"$"7# $&' "$".&77"%&7
 ..0"'"# #.&'&!# +&'"&!

Ê!$$&'&  ".#.".
Êhe allopathic system of medicine that knows not the dynamic Nature
of the whole living system and its functioning in relation to Nature,
evaluates the diseases by symptoms seen externally. [Modern
techniques are simply extensions of the same thinking]. It then
develops in the laboratory medicine that suppresses the symptoms.
Êhe disease appears cured but manifests as new diseases when the
time cycle or climatic cycle changes. In contrast to modern approach
the ancient system of medicine, like Auyrveda, Acupuncture and even
Homeopathy that was built on observation of the whole system, works
to strengthen the system from inside. It does not work on parts but on
the whole system. Êhus we do not find side effects in ancient medical
practices. We are increasingly aware of this. But we are hesitant to
research and dig the gold mine of knowledge that existed with the
ancient people. Êhere is revival an ancient medical practice in recent
time. But it has remained a recessive one for want of suitable
foundation that includes the modern science and yet causes
advancement showing its limitations and exposing its own superiority.
As I write this, I read Ayurveda being banned by EU. It already stands
banned in Canada. Êhis decision by west which actually once promoted
its revival may have come from the ³self´ of allopathic drug industry.
Yes the lack of research on its foundation and human tendency to
corrupt may be playing a role. It is time east the Mother land of
Ayurveda invents its simple foundation and speaks it to the world.

Êhe ancient people knew the similar design and relationship of life and
Nature. Êhey probably knew that Nature also has a time direction that
eventually leads to collapse. Êheir culture and way of life resisted time

and its flight to death. Êhus they spoke of two forms of heat one that
creates disorder and the other that creates order. Êhe space is a ratio
of these two forms of heats. When time directs to death the ratio
favors the heat that creates disorder. We are peaking in this heat. It
is common sense that when material heat increases disorder
increases. It creates a shearing force on all the ecological systems.
Êhis is the cause for instability of climate, instability of human mind
manifesting into war, terrorism revolt and so on. When environment
heats up, Mother earth tries to cool. Êhis manifests as double edged
destruction by virtue of fire and wind and water and earth. In 2011 we
already witnessed unseen flood and snows. Êhe Final warning of Gaia
that Noble Lauret James Lovelock spoke appears to be manifesting
right away. 7"+."7 !6"&7
"$$&.+ 0&0#"+""+7.$"...$
)0#&$"&. It is time to awaken.

Êhe information technology has filed the environment with knowledge

both positive and negative, but humanity because of his negative
intent is tending to take the negative knowledge and thus create more
disorder. We are heading into a period of knowledge explosion. Unless
the Êruth is revealed the negative knowledge predominates creating
destruction. Only Êruth can help transform human mind and his
thinking from negative to positive and release the heat that creates
order from within our selves thus negating and the destructive effect
of heat that creates disorder and herald a new era of peace happiness
and abundance.

Êhe Conscious Field of the Creator is the brooding heat that gives life
and Mind of God is the force that sustains the Life. In contrast human

mind that seeks ³self´, breaks the justice and Êruth actually causes the
imbalance. Very clearly, by virtue of human mind and his self that has
become salve to material force; we are peaking in heat that creates
disorder and destruction. Êhe Good News is that God¶s Consciousness
and mind is working from within to conquer time and initialize it.

Êhe biggest Êruth or reality that leaders of nations and intellectuals in

temples of science and religions should note is that we are disturbing
the functioning of Nature to maintain the ratio of energy to matter and
thus the temperature of earth. It is time intellectuals in temples of
science, religions and leaders of the world to awaken to save earth our


Ê!#""$  $'&

+" &&  +".## &.0$
Modern concepts of food and agriculture are influenced by west are
fundamentally inorganic. Food is measured on a universal scale of
calories. It agricultural practices are based on inorganic means aimed
at attaining volume than quality.

Êhe ancient people, especially the east differentiated food by its

quality. Vedas says that Food is inert matter, but Soul/Spirit
transforms it to give life to the system. Vedas spoke that quality of life
force one attains depends on the quality of the food. Êhey advocated
vegetarianism and even differentiated vegetables into Vata, Pitta, and
Kapha and such that humanity can use it to manage his health in

relation to the environment. According to Vedas the food one eats
reflects in the characteristic of individual. It tells us that food is
transformed into Soul and there fore indirectly food manifest into
cosmic energy that sustains the whole. Bible tells us we are created
from matter and life was breathed into us.

We noted that all Life instinctively adapts to day and night cycle and
energy changes in it. All life has similar fundamental design and
principle on which it works. Êhis invariably means even plants animals
tend to accumulate negative energies, if the environment aberrantly
and violently peaks and falls. When we feed on these negative
energies gets transferred into our body and body then has to work to
delete it.

Êhis reality is augmented by our modern agriculture that uses

chemical fertilizers and pesticides recklessly without knowing the Êruth
of Nature and its functioning in energy cycles. Êhe ancient agriculture
was organic and is definitely superior. Êheir superiority clearly
emerges in the context of life and Living Universe we discussed.

An organic fertilizer is nothing but inorganic fertilizer held within in the
frame organic form where life has departed. My experience as farmer
and observer of Nature tells me that their superiority emerges on
three important counts
1] Êhe deterioration of organic matter releases heat that promotes
growth [order] and absorbs heat that creates disorder.

2] Êheir decay slowly releases inorganic elements to the soil for
assimilation by the plants. Êhis release occurs in relation to the
changing cyclic environmental patterns and thus it is life friendly.
3] Further organic stuff has the capacity to hold water in fiber
components and release it slowly in relation to environmental changes
through compression and expansion process. Êhis observation form
Nature, led me propose a new and simple ³ &#$$Ê.&#&+%´
for harvesting water and its conservation to turn earth into Green. Êhis
could be help turn our desert into green and go long way alleviate the
aberration in climate [Ref-26]. One of the practicable problems when it
comes to mass production of food and agriculture is the problem of
handling volume of organic fertilizers. Êhis problem can be countered
by impregnating plants fibers with elemental matter, such that one can
mimic the above process that happens in Nature.

Only true knowledge of food can bring health at individual and

community levels. Modern man absolutely lacks knowledge of food. His
food habit is generalized and is manipulated by industries. I only spoke
of certain foundation; we need to make research in this direction. Êhe
ancient eastern knowledge should come to our help long way in
moving in this direction.

It is time we sit back to unite ancient and the modern science and
eliminate the dirt¶s that crept in by virtue of time and deterioration.


Êhe world we all know is edging to certain critical state. At the
intellectuals circles every one is aware of it. But no one knows what it
is going to be. Destruction is what they see ahead. Êhis reflects in the
words of Prof Stephen Hawking ³- &&'.)"."&´
[Ref-10] and the Final warning that Noble Lauret James Lovelock gave
in his book ³"$"+'.&'"´ [Ref-14]. Every Spiritual
scripture and prophesies speak of an end of time when earth and
humanity will be stressed as never seen before. Êhe Mayan civilization,
called the time keepers of the world, has developed a calendar
according to which December 21 of 2012 time ends. Êhis is interpreted
in many ways. NASA also has predicted drastic changes in solar
system and unseen events in the universal system. Êhe following
references give a glimpse into what I am speaking to you [Ref-
2,3,4,5,6,8,9, 18]. As I write this, National Geographic¶s has published
a report on swelling of Yellowstone [Ref-7], the biggest volcano which
is due for eruption according to scientist. Êhis can cause havoc to
humanity as a whole.

You don¶t have to be intellectual or a scientist to know the dead end to

which we are leading ourselves. If you stand back to observe Nature
we note drastic changing environment and volatile state of political
and economic state of the world. Êhe environment is getting heated
beyond the limit by our reckless release of heat through burning of
fossil fuel. Further, by intervening in to the night cycle we are
intervening into the functioning of earth to maintain her energy to
matter ratio thus temperature of earth. Êhis is upsetting the climatic
cycles. Modern scientific world lack the Êruth and Knowledge of
interrelationship and oneness. We need Êruth and a New Reality to

survive. Einstein said ë.E$&#60&-#7$-%$"+$7" &'
""+!$ !!. 7;ë‘

Common sense observation tells us that environment is a product of

two forces that changes over time slowly. Êhus the light cycle
[disordering or energizing cycle] gives way to dark cycle [ordering or
de-energizing or materializing cycle] through 4 quantum units forming
what we observe as 12 unit cycle. Êhis manifests as day and night
cycle, summer and rainy/winter cycles, the sun cycle and so on to
form a universal cycle. Êhis transition is slow and steady and takes
place over a period of time and space. Êhe fields, in which these two
forces work, exist as two Parallel Worlds that oppose each other but
are one. Êhus we have west and east separation, where when west
peaks in darkness, simultaneously east peaks in light and they give
way to the opposite. Êhey are instantaneously as well as connected in
time space as a living system

Êhe increasing heat invariably means we are upsetting the balance in

favor of disordering cycle. Êhus the temperature of earth is increasing
causing instability in the all the system enclosed in the universal
system. Some scientists say we are heading for sixth large mass
extinction [Ref- 19]. Science tells us that when matter loses energy
then it winds. Êhis invariably means it could lead to huge earth quakes
and eventually volcanic outburst of huge order. Nature is known to
cool her self by volcanic ash.

Êhe $")7$$)"."& appears a reality in view of the

observations pouring on pole shift [Ref-2,8.9], recent activity in
Yellowstone volcano [Ref-7 ], reports from NASA about possible huge
solar flare [Ref-4]. It also becomes a possibility when we take into

consideration prophesies of Nostardamus and other prophesies related
to 2012 [Ref -18]

A ray of hope exists when we turn to Spirituality. For God the Creator
is Love. He will not let His creation die under the forces of material
world. It is indisputable that a time direction to disorder, Singularity
and death exist when we visualize universe form material point of the
west. But when we visualize universe as living system as the ancient
Spiritualist of east thought, we have hopes. Êhe living system is
considered as nonlinear system. It is true that we are now peaking in
disordering cycle. But in a non linear system as the disorder peaks an
order spontaneously emerges creating new order. Êhe world is in the
transition state.

Êhe cause for the present world exists in human activity powered by
his mind and self, which lacks Êruth. He is leading himself to self
destruction in the ignorance of Êruth. Êhe new order can only manifest
when human encounters Êruth or Living Light. It amounts to humanity
awakening to become conscious and intelligent to know the simple
realities of Nature and life. It amounts to " &'& revealing to
initialize humanity into New Êime Cycle.

Unlike the world that sees destruction ahead, the Êruth and the New
Living Reality revealed to me and discussed from the fundamental
level gives me hopes. In fact I visualize a golden period for humanity,
where Êruth and Justice or Light of Life returns to rule. I see a path
back to the glorious period of humanity on earth.

Êhe developments in science after the discovery of quantum
mechanics is increasingly favoring the ancient living visions, but a
platform to comprehend the diverse partial knowledge that science has
acquired into one sensible thinking that is simple and acceptable to all
is wanting. Êhe recent development in String Êheory [M- theory] gives
us a picture of Parallel Worlds and vision of Multiple Universes. Even
Singularity that has been reinterpreted and rediscovered form M-
Êheory [Ref-17E] fits the creation that happens in biological system. I
am not sure how these theoretical physicists came up with these
realties on paper. It is matter of time now for the temples of science
put these visions into right perspective to take guard of earth and dig
the lost treasure of ancient world.

Êhe modern world is built on divisive mentality. Êhe minds are

programmed by our education to fit into one branch or the other of the
whole tree. Acquiring the knowledge of the whole tree, calls for
freedom and retreat to the inner flow of the tree that connects all the
branches into one. Êhis freedom and retreat helps you not only
understand the oneness of all branch to but also help you understand
the unity of the opposite worlds [Branch and Roots]. Êhe limitation of
the modern enquiry reflects in the allegory that Plato used to describe
human state. He said scientists [the enquirers of Êruth] are prisoners
chained to a chair in the mouth of the cave. Êhey only see shadows of
the objects moving on the wall. Êhey work on the shadow to describe
the object. But their description, he said is far inferior to the one who
has escaped from the chair to see the world around. [See Ref±21 for
the Allegory of Cave]

Êhe modern man existing in one or other branches uses him mind to
explore the external space and thinks the Êruth exist out there. Êhe
modern western makes us believe so. Êhe Êruth exists in the inner
level. Êhe east spoke about it. Êhis gives the oneness of the
manifested state. Êhis is a critical turn around step towards to Êruth.
However, this escape from once own sedentary life or growth into
outward space to inner space need not take you to Êruth that saves us

Êhe reality is that the tree it self is governed by second law of

thermodynamics and has a defined age. Êhe Êruth reveals when one
reduces one self or surrenders once mind and self unconditionally to
accept death to form the seed. Êhe importance reduction and
surrender to form the seed, actually reveals, when the old tree begins
to collapse.

Êaking ancient Spiritual knowledge and Mayan Culture, we are actually

on the threshold of the old tree collapsing. Life principle is a struggle
to protect ³self´ and fight death. Êhe surrender of ³Self´
unconditionally and accepting death to gain life, is a philosophy no
mind can, no life can accept. A new tree cannot form unless at least
one cell does this act.

It is in this context, the beauty Christ and his Calvary sacrifice as Êruth
revealed its self when I surrendered to Him. A seed for a New Êree
that conquers time and initializes to support the whole of humanity did
form in Calvary. We are called to transform into the New Êree and gain
New Life. Êhe Calvary as creation secret is also upheld in ancient

Vedas. Yajurveda Vs 30-31, tells us that creation occurred through the
self sacrifice of the Creator. Êhis is called ³Purushamedha Yajana´

Êhe Consciousness of the Creator is stressing us to become conscious

and intelligent to transform our self into the New Êree that is being
formed within. We need to awaken to Êruth and transform if we have
to survive 2012. We need to release positive energy from within into
outer space to neutralize the shearing force that we have created
through reckless exploitation of the material world. We also need to
transfer positive force to inner space of earth, to release the winding
stress that is leading earth quake and volcanoes. Êhe world has to
awaken to Êruth; science has to evolve to bring the world into
enlightenment. Êhis is the only way for the world to survive the
catastrophes coming our way. I request my readers to spread the
message far and wide.

Êhe modern man who exists as slave to material world may not
appreciate the Spiritual side I spoke, but at least he must give
attention to his negative intervention into Nature and her functioning
to maintain certain energy to matter ratio. We need to stop our
intervention into night cycle of Nature and give space-time to earth to
repair herself. Êhis would call for rewriting our economic and social
pursuits and calls for inventing new technologies that release less heat
to sustain the world. It is inevitable we have to do it. Ê0".!
0&7#"' &-& "$&.&".;
.- "$$&$&%"&&# "& ;
0 $& 7!"+&Ê;.&# - &
-";Ê.&"."$"& ;

Êhe time left for humanity to awaken is very little. I have faith and I
see hopes for humanity. Êhis makes me live and struggle against odds
to reach out to the world within in my limitations. However, I am not
sure how much pain and destruction humanity has to take before it
awakens to simple realties of Nature and adopt it to gain New Life and

Only Êruth can save the world and help it transcend the critical state in
which humanity exist now.

Ê Ê!"##$%& (

It has been over two decades since I left my lucrative research career
as a biotechnologist and settled as a small farmer seeking Êruth from
a point of freedom. Since then it has been a continued struggle against
odds to know the Êruth. I feel it was a call. Êruth reveled in a cascade
in great moment of unconditional surrender to Higher Self. I left my
agricultural occupation [my bread and butter]; heading to an inner call
to take what was revealed to me to the world. I feel I have completed
it to the best of my ability living in uncertainty of even my bread and

An urge rest in me to return to scientific world to transform the

knowledge and ideas revealed to me into applicable level to humanity.
Êhis however cannot take wings unless support comes to me. If any
government or institution comes to my support, I hope to share and

work towards advancing this knowledge and the huge potentials
hidden in the New Reality - My Bio data exist in the site [Ref -28]


&:Ê$6" &'.$!'&7"
$&.$;.""$8 &&+"67.6#&!
+&$"&-#". ";=6.&$".# 78
-.$%#""$)0".  00$"&&'
.&!# +0&0#$ 7 "&$$;

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whole Êruth of Nature, its interrelationship and oneness revealed in all
simplicity. Êoday the world is leading to an edge of self destruction
under human ignorance and ³His Self´ that has become slave to
material force. Êhe book brings the simple reality behind life and
nature and its functioning in a manner that is comprehensible to all.
Knowing the truth of nature and awakening to our consciousness and
intelligence is the only way to transcend the critical state that is
approaching the world.


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