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Time to enrich the
poverty debate. p6 Figure out new way to farm – fast. p3

Piping for
St. Pat’s
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Charities brace
for rising
food prices
Global costs rose for the eighth straight
month in February
by M o n i s h a M a r t i n s
staff reporter

Organizations that feed the hungry in Maple Ridge

and Pitt Meadows are bracing for a hit to their bud-
gets as global unrest and rising oil prices push up
the cost of food across the world.
The Salvation Army’s Caring Place predicts a five
per cent increase in its food costs over last year, a
spike that comes as more people use their services.
In 2010, the shelter served 96,000 meals compared
to 79,000 in 2009.
Caring Place director Darrell Pilgrim expects the
number to go up again this year.
The increase in demand for its services, coupled
with rising costs has already forced the Sally Ann to
cut staff.
“We are basically looking at other avenues in our
facility to cut costs,” said Pilgrim.
“We’ve got to find whatever we can do to provide
the essential services like meals.”
Global food prices rose for the eighth straight
Colleen Flanagan/THE NEWS month in February, the United Nations Food and Ag-
Salvation Army volunteer Brenda Maylor prepares vegetables for dinner on Monday as food services manager Tim Sarsfield is concerned with the riculture Organization reported last week.
rising cost of vegetables. Sunday night they served 205 dinners and, on average, 6,000 meals a month. See Food, p4

Aquilinis charged for Alouette pump

11 counts total, all are regulatory branch of the Attorney General ministry.
The counts, considered regulatory offenc-
operating a pump without authority to do
offences, not criminal es rather than criminal matters, are filed Penalties under the act include a maxi-
against five individuals, two companies, mum $200,000 fine or six months jail. For a
by P hil Mel nyc hu k as well as six numbered companies, by the continuing offence, daily fines of not more
staff reporter Ministry of Environment’s conservation of- than $200,000 can be applied.
ficer service. Another count under the Dike Mainte-
Named in the charges are Elisa Aquilini, nance Act has the same group charged for
Charges have been filed in Port Coquit- Francesco Aquilini, Paulo Aquilini, Roberto altering a side channel of the North Alou-
lam Provincial Court in connection with Aquilini and Richard Matis, as well as CPI ette that was adjacent to the dike.
the 2009 installation of a 45-centimetre- – Cranberry Plantation, and Global Coin The charges describe actions that took
wide water intake pipe in the North Alou- Corp. place between May 17 and June 20, 2009.
ette River in north Pitt Meadows. All are named in eight charges under the The issue, along with a report about the
“There are a total of 11 charges that have Water Act. Those charges describe such same time of the death of thousands fish in
been laid under the Water Act, the Fisher- actions as diverting water and altering the same area, has dragged on for almost
THE NEWS/files ies Act and the Dike Maintenance Act,” said a stream without authority, using water two years.
The pump was installed in May 2009. Neil MacKenzie, with the criminal justice “when not lawfully entitled to do so,” and See Pump, p4

westcoastautogroup.com See page Index

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www.mapleridgenews.com - THE NEWS -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- 3

Figure out new way to farm – fast It’s now

Rising food and fuel prices will spark Port Haney,
rethink of food system
by Phi l M elnyc h u k
staff reporter
by Ph i l M e lnych uk

arming’s future is going to change big staff reporter
time as the supply of oil shrinks, or be-
comes pricier.
A presentation last week by Kent Mullinix, The people involved with Maple
with Kwantlen Polytechnic University, says Ridge’s project to create a plan for
that many farm products require a five-to-one the area south of downtown have
or sometimes, even a 10-to-one ratio of a unit their vision.
energy returned – from the energy invested, Port Haney, the area south of
where as before industrialization, agriculture Lougheed Highway, between 227th
was a net producer of energy. Street and the Haney bypass and
“Some food is actually 50 to 1 – beef,” Mull- River Road, should have a mix of
inix said. market and affordable housing. It
And if the energy inputs keep becoming should also be a place where there
more expensive, the whole system could come is heritage and park space and
crashing down. where people feel safe and work
While input costs grow, profit margin drops, together.
requiring a get-big or get-out mentality. Council heard the latest update
That’s resulted in 25 per cent fewer farms in from the Port Haney Neighbour-
the southwest B.C. in the last 10 years. hood Change Project on Monday
Sometimes it doesn’t even make economic as volunteers Chris Iversen and
sense. Yvonne Desabrais shared their vi-
He cites pesticide use that’s increased 10 sion about how the area could de-
times, while crop losses have increased up to Contributed velop.
13 per cent. (Above) Delta is experimenting with “community trust farming,” which would see a village of 5,000 For instance, just trimming back
They work in the short term, not in the long people built adjacent to a 250-acre farm that supply food directly to residents; (below) bio-regions would the over-growth in an alleyway
term, he explains. specialize in producing foods that grow best in their areas, then trade those with other regions. near St. Anne Avenue made a huge
The points came from Mullinix’s presen- difference.
tation, Toward a Viable 21st Century Agri- needed for growing plants in the soil. Drought “It was like night and day,” said
food System, that he gave last week to Maple or floods could all affect or eliminate field pro- Iversen.
Ridge’s Agricultural Advisory Committee. duction, he said. Replacing burnt-out streetlights
He notes that while farming becomes unprof- “Nobody can tell me what the effects of glob- has also helped.
itable for those who actually till the soil, the al warming … will we be able to grow crops He also suggested creating an
food sector usually brings a 20-per-cent return on open fields?” That’s why he wants roof-top off-leash dog park in one of the ar-
on investment to agricultural corporations. greenhouses required on large-scale develop- eas the district is considering for a
Add to that, the dwindling supply of oil ments, such as might happen in Albion flats. park, on 223rd Street. Participants
which fuels agriculture and Mullinix sees ca- “The more production we have, the better.” plan on cleaning up the space on
lamity ahead. People will have to be more creative in grow- April 30, which should coincide with
If oil production has peaked, or is about to ing food, he added. Arbour Day.
peak in the next few decades, so too will come “I don’t think food production in open fields The district has said previously
the end of cheap food and the transnational is necessarily going to be achievable in the fu- that community gardens are being
global food system. That will produce a resur- ture or economical in the future. Let’s not get considered for the area.
gence in local farming and food processing, stuck on this, ‘We’ve got to save the land,’ “ Volunteers walked through the
that will require 50 million new farmers in he added. area, identifying concerns and de-
North America. Instead, rooftop agriculture in greenhouses cided on the name of Port Haney in-
To forestall the effects of that, Mullinix sees that use a regional network of geothermal stead of the previous label – South
farming developing in bio-regions, where power for heating, or solar power, should be Haney.
growing conditions determine the optimum considered. “It was originally Port Haney and
crops for that area. Those regions would then “We need to have some dialogue. It’s not it was originally the centre and start
trade with others. These community-based about land that we might be able to use some of this community as access to the
agricultural systems would operate parallel to day.” river was very important,” Iversen
the global agri-food system and would become with local government. The school is working But Coun. Linda King supported all of Mull- explained.
more viable as global prices and energy costs with the Squamish-Lilloett Regional District inix’s points. “I don’t think it’s nonsense.” Another walk is planned with
rose. to develop a regional food strategy and also With such prospects, it’s important to be cre- someone who can identify how
“You spend a dollar in the global agricultural doing research for Surrey on local community ative and do other things to balance the huge buildings can help reduce crime.
system and the majority of that dollar leaves agriculture. agri-food system that’s been created, she said. The Port Haney Neighbourhood
your community.” “This agriculture holds the promise of be- Just because one system is in place now Change Project started in 2010 and
Spend it locally and it remains in the com- ing a substantial economic and employment doesn’t mean it will remain that way. “I think wraps up in August with a final re-
munity and has a multiplier effect, he says. driver. we need to do some things differently.” port. So far, about 50 people have
“This is absolutely an ecological way of “And that’s exactly why Surrey is having us That means preservation of farmland in been involved in the planning.
thinking. Nature tells us this is the way it do this research.” Maple Ridge so it can serve the huge urban Neighbourhood development co-
needs to be.” Another project with Langley is to develop market of Vancouver nearby. She doesn’t buy ordinator Christine DiGiamberar-
Food price increases have already started, a 20-acre research and demonstration farm. the argument that soil or weather conditions dine said one of the concerns was to
he points out. Delta, in cooperation with Kwantlen, is con- make it unprofitable to farm. maintain some affordable housing
“It’s happening. Food prices are going up sidering “community trust farming,” which “We live on the Fraser River delta. We’re not in the area as new projects are built.
and it’s all largely related to oil.” would see a village of 5,000 people built adja- talking about north of Lake Superior.” Two major condo projects (one re-
And cities can play critical roles in advanc- cent to a 250-acre farm that would supply food She said Maple Ridge has discussed with placing Northumberland Court), as
ing such local, community-based food systems, directly to residents. Kwantlen polytechnic the possibility of a farm well as a hotel have been planned
a concept which he says is still in its infancy. Coun. Al Hogarth liked the ideas. But he school in Maple Ridge that would use local ag for 224th Street.
But Kwantlen’s Institute for Sustainable still wonders about how global warming af- land as the outdoor campus and lease class- Total cost allotted by the district
Horticulture is already engaged in projects fects the optimum rainfall and temperatures room space. for the project was $25,000.

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4 -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- THE NEWS - www.mapleridgenews.com

uilini companies on the

First appearance on March 17 north side of the North
Alouette River, as well
as a commitment by the
Pump from front connected with the fish habitat.” company to sign on to a
Maple Ridge, followed death of the fish. The charges were ap- water-use plan that al-
Mar. 9- by Pitt Meadows, wrote Golden Eagle Group is proved by the Attorney locates water to all users
to Fisheries Minister Gail part of Aquilini Invest- General’s department and a wireless, real-time

Black Forest Ham

Shea in January, saying ment Group, owned by based on an investiga- water-monitoring sys-

ad, Mocha, ¢ gr
it is with “much dismay” Francesco Aquilini. Aq- tion by the Ministry of tem available to all us-

Fresh baked bre&

buns, goodies
Choc o la
or Vanilla
te , /10099 that there was still no
explanation about the
fish kill and asked that if
someone is responsible,
uilini Investment Group
also owns the Vancou-
ver Canucks.
The Aquilinis named
Environment’s conser-
vation officer service.
Six numbered compa-
nies are also named in
ers and environmental
“They’re a huge group.
They have a public pro-

full Deli Section Slices White Or Whole Wheat

“that there are sufficient in the preceding charges six of the charges and file with the Canucks.
consequences.” also face two counts un- are the same companies It really behooves them
29 Bread Golden Eagle Group, to start acting like they

$1 Each

9 /loaf
which owns almost 5,000
acres of berry fields in
Pitt Meadows, has said
der the federal Fisheries
Act – for installation of
the pump and excava-
tion of the east and west
that applied in 2007 to
the Water Stewardship
Division of the Ministry
of Environment for wa-
have the public interest
at heart, not just prof-
previously it installed ends of a side channel ter withdrawal licences. First appearance in
the pipe without waiting in the North Alouette, Geoff Clayton, with the Port Coquitlam court is

Cinnamon Buns $399pkg of 6

E N EWS 2 01
0 for water licences, for which conservation of- Alouette River Manage- March 17.
R which it had previously ficers say resulted in ment Society, wants a Calls to the Aquilini
Mon. - S
M Sat. 8-6 pm applied, to be issued and “harmful alteration, dis- review of all the water office in Vancouver
that its actions weren’t ruption or destruction of licences issued to Aq- weren’t returned.
118 41 - 224th Street (in the brick building) 604-467-7875

Food bank stocking up

Notice of Public Hearing Food from front
It also warned that
unexpected spikes in oil
prices could exacerbate
an already precarious
ada’s wholesale sup-
pliers and grocers will
most likely pass on ris-
ing commodity prices to
situation in food mar- Besides uprisings in
kets. oil producing countries
The Cereal Price Index, like Libya, an increase in
TAKE NOTICE THAT a Public Hearing will be held in the Council Chamber of the Municipal Hall, 11995 Haney Place, which includes prices of demand for certain food
Maple Ridge, North-East corner entrance, at 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 15, 2011 to consider the following bylaws: main food staples such products from emerging
as wheat, rice and maize, economies such as India
1a) RZ/113/10 rose by 3.7 per cent in and China is also putting
MAPLE RIDGE ZONE AMENDING BYLAW NO. 6786-2010 February to 254 points pressure on the global
– the highest level since food supply.
LEGAL: Lots 3 & 4, District Lot 399, Group 1, New Westminster District, July 2008. “There is no doubt, in
Plan 9669 and Lot A, District Lot 399, Group 1, New Westminster District, The agency is now call- my mind, that consum-
Plan LMP8411 ing for a greater invest- ers will see the impact
LOCATION: 12028, 12038 & 12048 222 Street ment in agriculture from of these global pres-
both the public and pri- sures in the next couple
FROM: RS-1 (One Family Urban Residential) vate sectors to increase of weeks,” said David
TO: RM-2 (Medium Density Apartment Residential) productivity. Wilkes, with the Retail
Joanne Olson, exec- Council of Canada.
PURPOSE: To allow the future construction of a four-storey apartment building with utive-director of the Grocery giants, in-
approximately 86 units. Friends in Need Food cluding the Overwaitea
Bank, is already stock- Group and Loblaws,
piling essentials like pro- would not comment on
2a) RZ/072/09 tein. a possible price hike,
“We are definitely go- but George Weston Ltd,
MAPLE RIDGE ZONE AMENDING BYLAW NO. 6732-2010 ing to be affected by a which makes baked
LEGAL: Parcel “H” (Plan with fee deposited 22319F) of Parcel “One” (Plan with fee rise in prices,” she said. goods, has said it will
deposited 14153F) District Lot 405, Group 1, New Westminster District. “We are not as of yet.” charge five per cent
South East 198 Feet by 660 Feet (Plan with fee deposited No. 14240F) The Maple Ridge- more for its products as
District Lot 405, Group 1, Having a Frontage of 198 Feet on Baker Road by a based food bank normal- of April 1.
ly doesn’t purchase food Canada’s highly com-
uniform depth of 660 Feet and adjoining Parcel “G” (Reference Plan 2701),
until summer, but has petitive grocery sector
New Westminster District. Parcel “G” (Reference Plan 2701) District Lot 405, already started filling will help keep prices
Group 1, New Westminster District. up its warehouse in case down for sometime,
LOCATION: 10121, 10141 and 10175 240th Street food prices spike. but Wilkes believes in-
“It’s not just the cost to creased costs will even-
FROM: RS-3 (One Family Rural Residential) and RS-2 (One Family Suburban
us, but to our donors. If tually be pass down to
Residential) they are all paying five the consumer.
TO: RM-1 (Townhouse Residential) per cent more, they are “It’s a penny-business,
PURPOSE: To construct a 159 unit townhouse development. not going to buy as much as we like to say, so it’s
for the food bank.” very difficult for retail-
A previous Public Hearing was held on May 18, 2010 for this development. Subsequently, Second and Third Readings were
Analysts predict Can- ers to absorb any of it.”
rescinded to allow a revision of the zoning boundary at the west end of the development site. The developer has determined
that a larger bio-filtration/wetland pond is required than originally anticipated and the zoning boundary must be reconfigured
to accommodate it. This change of land use after the Public Hearing requires that the application return to Council for referral
to a new Public Hearing, as per Section 894 (1) (b) (i) of the Local Government Act.
Bodacious Baskets
AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that a copy of the aforesaid bylaws and copies of staff reports and other information considered by Council relevant
22321 Dewdney Trk. Rd.
to the matters contained in the bylaws will also be available for public inspection at the Municipal Hall, Planning Department counter, between
8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. from March 4 to March 15, 2011, Saturdays, Sundays and Statutory Holidays excepted. Some of this information will 604-467-8339
also be posted on the District website www.mapleridge.ca on the Mayor and Council/Agendas and Minutes page.
ALL PERSONS who deem themselves affected by any of these bylaws shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to be heard at the Public Hearing
before Council on the matters contained in the bylaws or by making a written submission to the attention of the Manager of Legislative Services
or by sending an e-mail to the Clerk’s Department at clerks@mapleridge.ca, by 4:00 p.m., March 15, 2011. All written submissions and e-mails
will become part of the public record. Customer
Dated this 4th day of March, 2011.
Ceri Marlo
Manager of Legislative Services

11995 Haney Place, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 6A9

Electric Garlic Roasters • Bath Products
www.mapleridge.ca Last Day March 31st
Tel: 604-463-5221 • Fax: 604-467-7329 Free Gift with every purchase!
www.mapleridgenews.com - THE NEWS -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- 5

Speirs NDP candidate for next federal election Albion Fairgrounds
just a little more in the Natalie Gray was shot on what other people Church on Sunday
Defeats Rosenau loop with that and with with rubber bullets, ar- tell her and, for now, was encouraging for
Applications from qualiÀed contractors are
being received until
for nomination what Craig has been rested and jailed, with she wants to focus on Rosenau.
4:00 pm, Tuesday March 15, 2011 for the
doing. charges later dropped. federal poli- “It was an
by Phi l M elnyc h u k “It’s not that his ex- She is now suing To- tics and help incredible day position of Caretaker-Albion Fairgrounds
staff reporter perience won’t be rel- ronto police. Speirs become because a lot
evant – but I do think Rosenau says with the “best pos- of people who Services include, but are not limited to:
he has a lot of adapting Canada now having a sible candi- were blasts
Maple Ridge Coun. to do.” minority Conservative date.” from the Year round security, gate closing, interior
Craig Speirs will be Speirs, an outspo- government, the op- “We have past,” showed
trying to go from the up.
building maintenance; including public
ken and longstanding position Liberals, NDP to take the
local stage to the na- NDPer on Maple Ridge and Bloc have to learn Conservative Former NDP washroom servicing, fairgrounds litter control,
tional one after win- council for more than a to work together and numbers way MLAs Bill garbage collection and grounds maintenance.
ning the NDP nomina- decade, will now chal- federal politicians can’t down so the Hartley and The incumbent would also assist the general
tion Sunday. lenge Conservative be “hyper partisan.” opposition has Dennis Stre- public, including groups with organized
And his competitor, Randy Kamp in Pitt “A more conciliatory more power,” Speirs ifel, from Mis-
Elizabeth Rosenau, sion, showed
activities or events.
Meadows-Maple Ridge- approach will take she said.
who he just defeated in Mission in the next fed- Craig further in the Kamp has defeated up, as well as Mission
a 55-43 vote, wants to eral election. federal arena.” the previous NDP can- school trustee Randy Remuneration:
help him every step of Rosenau said she has If a federal election didate, Mike Bocking, Cairns and former
the way. gained experience in happens this spring in three elections – Maple Ridge councillor A two bedroom home provided as
“I see the federal federal politics after and Speirs wins the 2004, 2006 and 2008. Candace Gordon. remuneration, plus a percentage of revenue
venue as a very differ- she spent eight months seat, there could be In the 2008 election, “This was a really from Fairground facility rentals.
ent thing. He’s going to campaigning and lob- a vacancy on Maple Kamp’s margin of vic- positive event from
need some education bying federal politi- Ridge council. tory was substantial the point of view of the
in that area,” Rosenau cians to call a public That has Rosenau, a – earning 26,512 votes NDP,” and kicking off Please submit your QualiÀed
said of the municipal inquiry into police Maple Ridge pharma- to NDP Mike Bocking’s the campaign, Rosenau Contractor Information to:
councillor. action at the G-20 pro- cist, considering either 16,894. said.
“When it comes to tests in Toronto last local or B.C. politics. The party turnout at Speirs was unavail- Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Parks & Leisure Services
federal politics, I was summer. Her daughter But that will depend St. Andrew’s United able for comment. 11995 Haney Place, Maple Ridge, BC, V2X-6A9
Or email your resume to gminaker@maperidge.ca

Elections B.C. accepts application to recall Dalton For further information contact
Glen Minaker at Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows
Parks and Leisure Services at 604-467-7365.
his riding by the slimmest ents in the said the HST was not on their
by Phi l M elnyc h u k margin in B.C., only 68 votes, legislative agenda. Only 72 days later,
staff reporter in the 2009 election. assem- the government implement-
The start date for collect- bly.” ed the tax by cabinet order. Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows
The formal process to yank ing the signatures, using The ap- “Maple Ridge-Mission vot- Parks & Leisure Services mapleridge.ca
Marc Dalton out of the leg- names on the last voting list, plication ers deserve honesty and ac- 11995 Haney Place, pittmeadows.bc.ca
islature has begun now that is March 10. says that countability from elected Maple Ridge, BC, V2X-6A9
Elections B.C. has accepted Wilfred McIntyre, of Maple during representatives. A success-
the recall application for Ma- Ridge, filed the application, the 2009 ful recall unequivocally tells
ple Ridge-Mission. saying that Dalton “support- election, this, and future govern- or join our
ed the deceptive introduction the pre- ments, that they must openly Send us your tweets
Organizers have until May
9 to collect 14,000 names re- of the Harmonized Sales Tax mier and Dalton and fairly represent those @MapleRidgeNews
quired to force a byelection. and refuses to represent the finance who elected them,” the appli- group at
Liberal MLA Dalton won clear wishes of his constitu- minister cation says. The Maple Ridge-
Pitt Meadows News


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6 -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- THE NEWS - www.mapleridgenews.com

THE NEWS/opinion Published and printed by Black Press at 22328 – 119th Avenue, Maple Ridge, B.C., V2X 2Z3

News Views Ingrid Rice

Fueling the fire
A man sends a Twitter message in Cairo and now
we’re paying around $1.28 for a litre of regular gas.
The current tumult in the Middle East, sparked
by the so-called Twitter Revolution in Egypt, is
prompting fear-mongering by commodities specu-
lators and boosting the bank accounts of major oil
Egypt is a middle-of-the-pack supplier of the
world’s oil. Its daily production of about 680,000 bar-
rels ranks it 29th amongst oil producers. That’s 11
spots below Libya, but eight higher than Yemen, 25
higher than Tunisia and 44 higher than Bahrain, the
other countries where citizens, emboldened by the
successful occupation of Tahrir Square, have been
marching against the status quo.
Combined, they produce less oil per day than
Canada, ranked sixth at 3,289,000 barrels, and less
than a third of the daily oil production of the United
In fact, the U.S., the world’s biggest consumer of
oil, gets less than 20 per cent of its imported sup-
ply from the Middle East. Some key delivery points
have more oil than capacity to move it. Refineries
have cut back operations because of the oil glut.
But never let reality get in the way of a good old
speculative panic. Some analysts say if the current
Middle East unrest continues, or spreads to more
countries, the price of a barrel of oil could reach
new heights, surpassing the records set three years
ago, the last time we were paying this much at the
pump. That’s also the year the world’s largest pub-
licly traded oil company, Exxon Mobil, pocketed a
record profit of $45.2 billion.
Of course, this anxiety about the rising price of oil
fuels fears for the rest of the economy.
As gas goes up, so goes the price of food and ev-
erything else we consume that gets to us by truck,
train, plane, or is manufactured with plastic.
Time to enrich the poverty debate
It’s almost enough to make you want to curl up VICTORIA – A variations in cost of housing or other imposed solutions: “All we need to do is
in a corner with the lights off, Twittering on your couple of readers factors. pass a law and everybody will get richer
iPhone. responded indignant- The LICO ignores provincial services overnight!”
– Black Press ly to this column’s such as dental care for social assistance Helping single mothers get back to the
recent reference to clients, because it’s not income. Sultan workforce is his “personal cause at the

the NDP “trumpeting estimates that about 10 per cent of the moment,” and he says the new full-day
distorted statistics” B.C. budget is now spent on low-income kindergarten is a big step in the right
about child poverty. supports, including rent subsidies. direction.
I was referring to Not surprisingly, Sultan found that Subsidized daycare is another option
Serving Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows since 1978 the annual ritual that low income correlates mainly with B.C. has available.
goes on here at the single mothers, immigrants and aborigi- “I know in Quebec they have a very
Jim Coulter, publisher
publisher@mapleridgenews.com legislature, where nal people on reserves. generous scheme, which apparently the
Michael Hall, editor an activist coalition B.C. Views More surprising is that communities rest of Canada pays for,” Sultan said.
editor@mapleridgenews.com named First Call Tom Fletcher with higher levels of Employment Insur-
Carly Ferguson, advertising, creative services manager issues its report that ance and welfare recipients are not the
Kathy Blore, circulation manager damns B.C. for the communities with the most low-income “I know in Quebec they have a
circulation@mapleridgenews.com worst child poverty in Canada. The NDP people. Sultan says this suggests these
pounds away for days, crying “shame” programs are effective. very generous scheme, which
Reporters: Phil Melnychuk, Monisha Martins,
and demanding that the B.C. Liberal Another surprise is that aboriginal apparently the rest of Canada
Robert Mangelsdorf government produce a plan to eliminate people do just as well as other people
Photographer: Colleen Flanagan child poverty, with annual goals. once they are off reserve, despite the pays for.”
The “distorted statistics” I referred relatively low educational achievement
Advertising to are in a regular survey by Statistics we hear so much about. Ralph Sultan, B.C. Liberal MLA
Sales representatives: Karen Derosia, Glenda Dressler,
Rina Varley, Michelle Baniulis Canada called the Low Income Cutoff, Sultan, who taught business at Har- West Vancouver-Capilano
Ad control: Mel Onodi or LICO. This survey uses an arbitrary vard University for nine years, cites a
Creative services: Kristine Pierlot, Annette WaterBeek, line, currently around $44,000 a year for recent book by Harvard historian Niall
Chris Hussey, Brian Holt a family of four, beneath which people Ferguson called Civilization: The West
Classified: Vicki Milne
are deemed to have “low income.” and the Rest. Ferguson identifies six Readers who demand evidence that
22328 – 119th Avenue, StatsCan points out in every LICO re- ingredients in what he calls “the secret disputes the First Call finding might
Maple Ridge, B.C., port that it is a relative measure and not sauce of Western civilization” and its start with Sultan’s discussion paper. It’s
V2X 2Z3 a poverty line, but the activists ignore economic success. posted on his website at www.ralphsul-
Office: 604-467-1122
Fax: 604-463-4741 that. They are competition, modern science, tanmla.ca under “special studies.” It
Delivery: 604-466-6397 West Vancouver-Capilano B.C. Lib- the rule of law and private property ends with a quote from another noted
Website: www.mapleridgenews.com eral MLA Ralph Sultan, a former bank rights, modern medicine, the consumer social activist, a fellow named Jesus
Email: newsroom@mapleridgenews.com economist, has taken this issue on. In society and the work ethic. Sultan says Christ: “The poor shall always be with
The News is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self- November he published a math-heavy that list explains the difference between us.”
regulatory body governing the province's newspaper industry. The coun- discussion paper called Child Poverty in conditions on and off B.C. reserves. No one has proven him wrong in the
cil considers complaints from the public about the conduct of member
newspapers. Directors oversee the mediation of complaints, with input West Vancouver: Fact or Fiction? Sultan agrees that the political pres- past 2,000 years or so.
from both the newspaper and the complaint holder. If talking with the When I spoke to Sultan last week, he sure to raise the minimum wage is
editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverage or
story treatment, you may contact the B.C. Press Council. Your written
said the weakness of LICO is easy to irreversible. But like most economists, Tom Fletcher is legislative reporter
concern, with documentation, should be sent to B.C. Press Council, 201 demonstrate. For one thing, StatsCan he says that will reduce the number of and columnist for Black Press
Selby St., Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 2R2. For information, phone 888-687-2213 or uses the same income level across low-end jobs. And he is sarcastic about and BCLocalnews.com
go to www.bcpresscouncil.org.
Canada, without regard to the huge the NDP’s demands for government- (tfletcher@blackpress.ca).
CCAB audited circulation: (as of September 2010):
Wednesday - 30,711; Friday – 30,709.

This week’s question: Do you think the price of gas will go higher?
@ Online poll: cast your vote at www.mapleridgenews.com, or e-mail your vote and comments to editor@mapleridgenews.com
www.mapleridgenews.com - THE NEWS -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- 7

THE NEWS/letters
Don’t worry about a Hold the Liberals accountable
roadblock or two EDITOR, THE NEWS:
Re: Dalton recall ‘frivolous’ (Letters,
March 2).
a complete turnaround after it was
This recall is not a trivial matter
having to take a gun and registering our
discontent with blood.
Mr. Hawes, this exercise in democracy
EDITOR, THE NEWS: I would like to say in response to the and neither is the fight for honesty might be frivolous to you, but will cost
Re: Police force just becoming a revenue collector (Let- assertions made by MLA Randy Hawes and democracy within our province. you nothing as it is paid for totally with
ters, March 2). that the recall of MLA Marc Dalton may, STAN HUTCHISON voluntary contributions and
Perhaps if people actually obeyed the laws which are in his opinion, be politically motivated, MAPLE RIDGE volunteer participation.
created to protect the general populace, our fine law en- but support for the recall is not limited You are right in one aspect: if
forcement officers would not have to waste their time on to those who are members or otherwise we are successful, a by-election
seatbelt checks. support the NDP.
Blame the Liberals will cost taxpayers money. But
Drivers should be paying attention to driving, wearing You can argue the pragmatism of a re- EDITOR, THE NEWS: the rewards from that lesson
seat belts and not texting, phoning, eating, reading, doing call, you can argue that it, in this case, Re: Dalton recall ‘frivolous’ in democracy and job descrip-
makeup or any of the other ridiculous behaviours that does fit with his view of the original in- (Letters, March 2). tion could be worth 1,000 times
drivers seem to feel they are entitled to do while operat- tent of the legislation. But you cannot ar- In regards to Randy Hawes the costs to the people of B.C.
ing a deadly weapon. gue that it is party politics when such a stating that the Marc Dalton At least give us the illusion
As for your liberty being threatened, Steve Halas, only large number of B.C. residents continue recall campaign is frivolous, I we live in a democracy. The al-
the guilty feel threatened. If you are doing nothing wrong, to support the anti-HST cause. couldn’t disagree more. ternative is truly frightening.
don’t worry about a roadblock or two. I did not vote for the NDP in the last In my opinion, the blame for Hawes WAYNE CLARK
E. L. WILLMOTT election, but I am in favour of spending this entire can of worms (HST MAPLE RIDGE
MAPLE RIDGE the money for a by-election in order to referendum and MLA recall
hold the Liberals accountable for their campaign) can be placed squarely on the
HST deceit. shoulders of the B.C. Liberal Party. By design
Accountability should be a bigger part The Liberals chose to lie and mislead EDITOR, THE NEWS:
of the political process, and if the indi- the people of the province of British Co- Re: Dalton recall ‘frivolous’ (Letters,
lumbia when they said, just days before March 2).
Nothing but praise for RMH viduals who comprise the government
don’t take responsibility in the Legisla-
ture, then it seems logical for their con-
the last election that they weren’t con-
sidering implementing the HST.
Imagine Randy Hawes being concerned
about the number of hip operations that
EDITOR, THE NEWS: stituents to hold them accountable in To the dismay of at least 700,000 British could be done based on the cost of a suc-
Re: Take care of own first (Letters, March 2). their riding. Columbians, that was simply not true, cessful recall. Gosh, just think about the
Last month I was admitted to Ridge Meadows Hospital I am glad I have the chance for a voice and the new MLAs voted in favour of number of hip operations that could be
with five broken ribs and a hole in one lung. in this matter. Isn’t democracy great, if implementing the HST. done with the $6 million paid to defend
I was seen in the emergency ward by a doctor shortly not somewhat uncomfortable for those This record of poor judgement and bad Dave Basi and Bob Virk and hide the B.C.
after I was admitted. Treatment followed. I was held for in the Legislature who choose taxation decisions set our province on the road Rail scandal.
the night and transferred to a ward the next day. without representation. to where we are today. Our MLAs have As far as I am concerned, recall legisla-
During the week that I was there, I have nothing but MARK EVANS had every opportunity to admit that they tion is designed to get rid of liars, cheats,
praise for the nursing and the physiotherapy staff. They MAPLE RIDGE made a mistake, and start representing and self-serving creeps who forget that
may have been short of staff, but never mentioned it and their constituents, as they swore they they are employees of the people of Brit-
would do in the Legislature. ish Columbia and replace them with
were always there for me.
I would like to thank the doctors, nurses, physiothera-
Hawes has it wrong Gordon Campbell took his chances, honest dedicated people who know they
pists and all the care workers involved. EDITOR, THE NEWS: and lost. have been given the privilege of doing
BOB KERFOOT Re: Dalton recall ‘frivolous’ (Letters, Mr. Dalton is one of many MLAs in the the work of the people of this province.
MAPLE RIDGE March 2). Liberal Party who, to date, have still re- CHARLES FIELD
Liberal MLA Randy Hawes has it all fused to acknowledge the error of their MAPLE RIDGE, B.C.
wrong. He says the big issue with the re- ways in the matter of the HST. It is hurt-
call is that the legislation was intended ing our economy, as it has since its incep-
Maybe we should move to remove an MLA for malfeasance.
While in opposition in 1994, however,
tion, and it will continue to benefit the
rich, while the working people pay the
Gordon Campbell himself stated: “I think lion’s share. No more
it’s obvious why people demand this My family cannot afford as much as
Re: All that’s needed in Albion flats is shopping (Let- legislation. They are tired of politicians last year. We spend less than we used From: votefortruth2011, posted on www.
ters, March 4). who make promises before an election to. This is a negative effect on the econ- mapleridgenews.com.
I think both points on developing the Albion flats are and do the exact opposite after.” omy. We don’t have a choice. Re: Dalton recall ‘frivolous’ (Letters, March 2).
valid: people need convenient shopping options, and we As far as cost, the recall is entirely citi- The MLAs of this province do have a Randy Hawes is towing the line of the typical
need to preserve our natural resources and environ- zen-driven and responsible for their own choice to make. They can take the side of
ment. politician. He mentions money wasted could be used
funding. Though, if Mr. Hawes wants to big business or they can take the side of to fund “hip replacements. “How about the tens of
For a moment, let’s forget about commercial taxes, jobs, talk financial responsibility, I’d like back the families of B.C.
ALR, natural habitat. Let’s just ask why people moved to millions simply given to the B.C. Rail convicts? How
my portion of the $780,000 the Liberals I don’t care which party my MLA be-
Maple Ridge and what they love about this community? spent on pro-HST pamphlets they then
many “hip replacements” would that fund? How
longs to. The day that he or she puts his
Shopping is definitely is not on top of the list, but you threw in the garbage and the $240,000 or her own agenda and career or aspi- about the hundred-million dollar roof on B.C. Place?
will get answers about the great natural surroundings, cost of the TV time Mr. Campbell wast- rations ahead of his or her constituents What would that fund? Or the billion-dollar north
outdoor activities and sports, great small-town commu- ed trying to bribe us with an income tax and supports such lies and deceit, that perimetre road? The billion-dollar Port Mann Bridge?
nity. reduction before taking it back upon his MLA has abused his or her power and Do I need to go on? This government gives billions to
I believe a majority of people in Maple Ridge embrace resignation. should be removed. its corporate/business friends and gives little back to
these fundamental reasons for living here, and under- Mr. Hawes is simply trying to defend SEAN ORCUTT the people who vote them in. What’s next, will Tim
stood that we can’t have our cake and eat it too. his Mission Liberal MLA counterpart MAPLE RIDGE
Why advocate and try so hard to justify how great big- Hortons jump on the band wagon and open a series
using misinformation. of emergency care clinics within its coffee shops?
box shopping development would be? If Mr. Hawes is genuinely concerned
Why not consider a more realistic alternative, such as about hip-operations, he should spend
Frightening The priorities of the Liberal government has been
relocating to a more shopping convenient location? more time preventing the shutdown of EDITOR, THE NEWS: misaligned for years. That is the reason for recall.
Having said that, I do some shopping at the Superstore, the Mission hospital and less time writ- Re: Dalton recall ‘frivolous’ (Letters, The Liberals have not listened to the people of this
Costco and Futureshop. But these big-box commercial ing frivolous (and erroneous) letters. March 2). province, who are screaming for better health care,
developments would shatter the opportunity for Maple JON PETERS I am sure any politician such as Randy lower consumptions taxes and a better return on
Ridge to develop a unique characteristic which we con- MAPLE RIDGE Hawes, Marc Dalton and Gordon Camp- their tax dollar. Unfortunately, as the last election
sider as our fundamental reason for livability, not to men- bell would like to feel they are free to proved, the people of this province no longer have
tion capturing a unique type of commercial tax base. do whatever they want once they are
Not trivial any faith in politicians and no longer believe what
But times are changing. Perhaps I should be relocating. elected, with total impunity and regard-
PETER TAM they tell us (remember the HST promise?). People
EDITOR, THE NEWS: less whether they represent their con-
MAPLE RIDGE Re: Dalton recall ‘frivolous’ (Let- stituents, or do anything at all, for that
are not turning out to vote as we are starting to see
ters, March 2). matter. through the lies they spin during election time.
Liberal MLA Randy Hawes writes They seem to think they are above Mr. Hawes is just another politician spinning words to
Letters welcome that the recall process was brought the law and unaccountable to the people make it sound as though there is a bigger conspiracy
Letters to the editor should be exclusive to The News in to address malfeasance. they represent. for recall and use it as a political platform to attack
and address topics of interest to residents of Maple The definition of malfeasance is: “a But for one moment, let us believe we the NDP. The fact is, the recall team is simply trying to
Ridge and Pitt Meadows. Include full name and address, legal or moral wrongdoing.” live in a democracy and that people are send a message to the politicians, that we are tired
as well as daytime phone number for verification. Keep Our Liberal party were morally allowed to exercise their democratic of their lies and self-interest. It is time government
letters to 500 words or less. Letters may be edited for wrong to lie to the people of Brit- rights. listens to the people who vote them in power. No
length and clarity. ish Columbia about bringing in the These small rights are not extravagant more back-door deals, no more BC Rail scams.
@ E-mail letters to editor@mapleridgenews.com. HST before the election, then doing or frivolous, but are certainly better than
8 -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- THE NEWS - www.mapleridgenews.com

School district floats two-week
spring break to save itself $200,000
Also proposes district staff explaining
the proposal.
“We are continuing
to decline in enrolment
home with students ex-
plaining the proposal.

MAINTENANCE SPECIAL four-day weekend “Our research indi- and our continued finan- The district is also


cates that the proposed cial pressures will mean hosting a public meet-
in November changes will not have that we will need to be ing March 29 at Thomas
a detrimental effect on even more prudent in Haney secondary.
by R o b e r t M a n g e l s d o r f student learning, and in our decisions,” states a School trustees will
staff reporter fact will bring many po- report by district senior make their final deci-
tential benefits.” staff explaining the pro- sion on the proposal at
The proposal comes posal. However, because their public meeting on
On all maintenance or repairs performed at School District No. 42 after a report by educa- the current school cal- April 13.
is hoping to reduce the
Maple Ridge Chrysler for the month of March, number of instructional
tion consultant Sharon
Jeroski of Horizon Re-
we are discounting the HST (a discount equal to the HST). days in the local school search and Evaluation
year by six, a move dis- showing support for the
This is a great month to catch up on vehicle trict staff hopes will change.
“The proposed new
maintenance. save $200,000 annually. The report looked at measures are primarily

$$ HST $
The district is propos- a number of different
ing to extend spring school calendar op-
being recommended as a
break in March by an ex- cost-saving measure.”

tions, including a four-

tra week, as well as cre- day week. However, the
ate a four-day weekend two-week spring break Ken Clarkson

$ $
in November around option was deemed to School board chair
Remembrance Day. be the least disruptive
As a result, close to 10 to students. The report
minutes will be added also found strong sup-
to every school day to port for the move from
make up for the reduced teachers, students and endar is already at the Senior staff are also
instructional time. parents surveyed. provincial minimum of recommending the
The recommendation Presently, 43 of 60 186 instructional days, district’s coordinated
goes before the board school districts have a the proposed change timetable be changed in
*With this ad. Only on maintenance or service performed at Maple Ridge Chrysler of education tonight at two-week spring break, must undergo a public order to serve students
and booked by March 31st. Not to be combined with any other offer. their regular meeting. the report notes consultation process if and staff better.
“The proposed new The $200,000 in annual it is to be approved. The district’s move to
11911 West Street, Maple Ridge calendar is being rec- savings are expected to The district has set a coordinated timetable
ommended primarily as come from a reduction up an online survey at three years ago sparked
Service Direct: 604.465.8964 Toll Free: 1.877.465.8931 a cost saving measure,” in teachers-on-call, as www.sd42.ca/calendar student and teacher
states board chair Ken well as utility and bus- to collect public input, protests across the dis-
Quality maintenance takes time. Clarkson in a letter to sing costs. and a letter is being sent trict.
Don’t just invest money, invest time in quality maintenance.

Now he enjoys a varied

Walter Used To Eat Frozen menu and great company
Dinners Alone
Mealtime was mostly a chore for
Walter. Living alone, he would
simply choose what was easiest
to prepare and eat it in front of
the TV. Nutrition was rarely a
At Chartwell, the chef changes the
menu daily so Walter not only gets
a variety of balanced meals, but
he enjoys them with a side-dish of
laughter and conversation.

We have Don’t Miss Out! Our Winter

changed our name.
Special ends soon. Call today
WILLOW SENIOR Come in today
to see what else to book your personal visit.
LIVING RESIDENCE is new at Willow. Suites starting at $1950.
Convenience • Independence • Choice

12275 224th St., Maple Ridge Call today 604-466-8602

www.mapleridgenews.com - THE NEWS -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- 9



Price from 4 sq. ft.
Beautiful high-end engineered hardwood in exotic, hand-scraped &
chisel edge designs. 24 colours. Quality installations.


55 oz. 2 sq. ft.
Top fashion trackless. Super quality at affordable price. Tightly
twisted. Short, dense tufts. An extremely durable carpet.
Popular colours in stock.


12.3 mm • 32 colours
¢ - 55
Price 2 19sq. ft.

Elegant, durable & environmentally friendly, laminate flooring.

Price 80 1 sq. ft.

High end shorts from popular better quality carpet. Shag, textured
Also other styles. & berber. Lots of selection. Stock goods only.


¢ – $ 89
Price from 3 89
sq. ft.

Beautiful, natural, hypoallergenic cork. & flame resistant. Use

Price 75 1 sq. ft.
Mannington, Armstrong & Tarkett linoleum. Regular prices $1.70 to
$3.75 2
Great new, thick shag carpet in solid
25sq. ft.

$3. Popular patterns & colours in 6’ & 12’ widths. earthtone & pastels.A long wearing alternative for any room.
anywhere in the house. Stock goods only. 4 popular colours in stock.

Berber •Trackless • Shag
FROM 9’x12’ TO 12’X30’
Also, stacks of small, bound mats. Mixed sizes.
New LARGER SELECTION of carpet Roll-Ends.

Tuesday thru Saturday

9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Friday night to 8:00 pm
22324 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge
SERVING THE LOWER FRASER VALLEY SINCE 1972 (Dewdney and 223rd) Ph. 467-9222
10 -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- THE NEWS - www.mapleridgenews.com

We’re clearing out our ‘09 & ‘10 bikes
business PROFILE

2010 NORCO LT 6.2


Updates to Historical Gem

For Joe Camara, owner of the Maple Ridge Golf afternoon,” he said. “Come play nine holes of golf,
Connect with us online Course, it’s an important goal to be constantly have a drink, a bite to eat and be back home with
#5 20468 Lougheed Highway Maple Ridge 604.460.0200 experiencecycling.ca enhancing the course and its amenities as well as the family before dinner.”
providing the community with a great place to He said the changes they’ve made will turn the
grab a bite. dining experience at the course into something
“The course has been on an improvement completely new.
program for the last couple of years,” he said. “We’re re-introducing the kitchen and facility to
“Bunkers, new cart paths, it’s something new the community,” McCaw said.
every year.” In addition to regular dining service, full
This year, he’s also dramatically revamping catering will also be offered at the course. Camara
the food and beverage services offered at the said they can handle groups of almost any size,
course. Camara has contracted the commercial and they have the ability to close off parts of the
kitchen to Steve and Theressa McCaw, who will restaurant to offer smaller groups more privacy.
oversee the new food services, which include the “We can handle any size of group, from 12 up
fully-licensed Greenside Grill restaurant and their to 110,” Camara said. “Summer parties, Christmas
Signature Catering service. parties, lunch meetings, weddings and banquets
Steve McCaw said the move is an exciting one … we’re open to everyone.”
for them, and their experience in the restaurant And with the rising costs of weddings or event
sector will help them bring new ideas to the hosting in general, the Maple Ridge Golf Course
course’s food services. offers complete packages that will fit any budget.
“Between Theressa and myself, we have 40 Theressa McCaw said a key part of their
years of combined experience in the food and catering services includes the ability to offer
beverage industry including owning a full service everything from the facility, menu planning, on-
restaurant from 2000 to 2007, which we sold to site event planning to full decoration packages.
focus solely on our catering business. We’re very Being able to offer everything directly on-site
proud to call Maple Ridge Golf Course our home.” essentially makes life that much simpler for parties
He said one of the key elements with the and large events at the course.
revamping of the restaurant is establishing In addition to the extensive on-site services
regular hours and consistently great food and offered, Signature Catering is also completely
service. They’re currently open seven days a week mobile, which enables them to bring their
for lunch, with plenty of specials, and expect to exceptional service and quality products directly
add dinner service as the days get longer. to any venue or corporate office.
“We really want to drive home consistency,” Camara said the restaurant and banquet facility
McCaw said. “We have good-quality food, also deliver a spectacular view of the course,
reasonable prices and an emphasis on service.” providing one of the best local settings to eat or
With their quick service, McCaw said a morning celebrate in.
or afternoon at the course can be a great diversion “We have an outdoor patio and clubhouse set
from work. amongst majestic cedars,” he said. “It’s tough to
“Work the morning, come play in the top that.”

new selection of...

Quilting Cottons arriving this week

Now at the Maple Ridge Golf Course
40 years of combined experience in the
food & beverage industry, with 15 years in catering.

Spring fabrics arriving soon! Catering for all occasions • Accommodates up to 110 people
Our banquet facilities are perfect for weddings or anniversaries
Huge selection of notions, patterns & more. Spacious patio overlooking the golf course
Check out our sparkly, shiny, stretchy Steve McCaw 604-805-8533 steve@signaturecatering.org signaturecatering.org
costume fabric. Come
& se e
to d a y ! starting March 17

every Wednesday
p Tuesday to Saturday 10 am - 5 pm ANNUAL SEASON’S PASS

i c h i
Save time, money and
starting at $1,080. No fees or dues.

the drive. SHOP LOCAL

22255 Dewdney Trunk Rd., Maple Ridge (in Haney Plaza)
604.477.0910 20818 Golf Lane, Maple Ridge 604-465-9221 mapleridgegolfcourse.org
www.mapleridgenews.com - THE NEWS -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- 11
Parents put up fight for Bigs Basic Personal Tax Returns
5804 + HST
Patio Doors
months, from February
Youth mentoring program to shut its to December, meaning
doors locally this month after grant cuts they have to go almost
two years without grant
by R o b e r t M a n g e l s d o r f vices operating locally. funding.
staff reporter “My daughter has a big Meanwhile, fundrais-
sister she’s losing over ing dollars have dwin-
this,” says Anderson. rant
ent G00
dled as donors have
Local parents are “For kids of single par- r n m
dried up during the eco- Gove p to $50
banding together to help ents, and there are kids nomic downturn. u
fight to keep Big Broth- who are a lot worse off “There isn’t a set dollar Open 7 Days A Week • No Appointment Necessary Quality at Low Prices
ers and Big Sisters in than mine, this is going amount that we need,” All Services Guaranteed FREE ESTIMATES
Maple Ridge and Pitt to do a lot of damage.” says Sheach. “We need
Meadows. The group has a peti- to be in a position where
Valley Fair Mall
Lougheed at 227 St.,
Maryke Leonard-Troskie 604-585-2020
The youth mentoring tion to stop the closure of we have a sustainable 1-866-763-5550 ext. 717 www.HouseSmartHomeImprovements.com
Maple Ridge
program plans to shut its the local office and dis- amount of money to op-
doors locally this month tributed it to businesses, erate.”
after the provincial gov- schools, and other ser- Professional staff are
ernment cut gaming vice organizations. required to screen po- For breaking news, go to www.mapleridgenews.com
grants the non-profit so- Anderson hopes the tential volunteers and
ciety depends on. appeal will convince monitor relationships.
Patricia Anderson, the Abbotsford-Mission- “We need that staff,
a single mother from Ridge Meadows chap- but we can’t afford to
Maple Ridge, said Big ter to change its mind. pay them,” Sheach says.
Sisters has had a posi- She feels the decision Of the close to 30 local
tive affect on her young- to close the office was pairs, 10 will be trans-
est daughter, Jennifer, a too quick and without ferred to Abbotsford of-
“little.” enough consultation. fice.
“Her big sister’s name “They didn’t give us The Abbotsford-Mis-
is Libby, and they get any options,” she says. sion-Ridge Meadows
along awesome,” Ander- “They need to get the chapter has already
son said. “They go out word out there, and they cut one of its fundrais- Racebook
once a week, sometimes haven’t done that.” ing staff, said Sheach,
more.” David Sheach, execu- while the Upper Fraser is open from
Jennifer’s parents had
a messy split. Since, Lib-
tive director of the Ab-
Valley branch has elim- 10am–12am
inated two mentor coor-
by has been a constant Meadows chapter, said dinator positions. Both daily
in her life. the decision came down chapters have started
“My kids have been to money, a lack of it. sharing services, and
to hell and back with
what’s gone on,” says
Changes to the prov-
ince’s gaming grants
Sheach said they may
have to amalgamate
Bingo slots
Anderson. “But with
Libby, [Jennifer] has
someone she can open
mean the local chapter
is receiving $130,000 less
than the year before,
There are currently
15 chapters of Big
Brothers and Big Sis-
up to.” and that money is com- ters across the prov-
Anderson has teamed
up with a half dozen
ing 11 months later than
ince. 250 St. Patrick’s Day Draw
Many of them are also Draw held Thursday Afternoon,
other parents and vol- The money they de- looking at scaling back March 17th @ 2:30pm! Collect draw
unteers to help fight to entries Feb. 27 – Mar. 17 for
keep the program’s ser-
pend on every year is
being delayed by 11
services and amalgam-
ating, Sheach said. your chance to win! NOW OPEN
Spin-To-Win SLOTS
Draws at 2:30 & 7:30
Draw Winners will spin the prize OPEN
wheel for up to $500!
Builders Forum Tuesday Evenings
$300 Triple Pays WEEK
$10 Triple Pay Books! Sun. to Thurs.:
Date: Thursday, March 17, 2011 10 AM - 1 AM
Time: 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm Fabulous Friday Fri. & Saturday:
Place: Fraser Room, Maple Ridge Public Library Evening
22470 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge, BC MARCH 25TH - $200 Regular 10 AM to 2 AM
Games $400 Double Pays!
The District of Maple Ridge Building Department is hosting a
Builders Forum. All Maple Ridge area builders, contractors, Saturday Evenings
designers and developers are invited to attend. Due to $250 Games • $500 Doubles
limited seating please register on or before 4:00 pm $25 Package Night!
Monday, March 14, 2011. Participation will be on a first
come, first serve basis.
We will focus on specific concerns and issues that impact SUNDAY – THURSDAY FRIDAY & SATURDAY
the building construction industry, focusing on our town Afternoon 11:30 – 3:00 Afternoon 11:30 – 3:00
centre improvement program, proposed code changes, Evening 6:30 – 10:00 In-Between 3:30 – 6:00
solar ready criteria, geotechnical requirements and more. * In-Between & Late Night
Sessions No Longer Evening 6:30 – 10:00 119th
Your input and participation is appreciated. A light dinner

Available Sunday - Thursday Late Night 10:15 – 1:00

and refreshments will be provided. X Haney
Please register at the building department front
Call 604-467-1723 MR Comm. Place Mall
• Ext. 1 for daily jackpots • Ext. 2 for daily schedules Gaming Centre
counter, 11995 Haney Place, Maple Ridge, BC,
OR telephone Jaci Diachuk at 604-467-7391, OR 22366 - 119th Ave., Maple Ridge Lougheed Hwy
e-mailjdiachuk@mapleridge.ca www.mapleridgecgc.com

11995 Haney Place, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 6A9 www.mapleridge.ca

Tel: 604-463-5221 • Fax: 604-467-7329
12 -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- THE NEWS - www.mapleridgenews.com

Maple Ridge-Mission
Sound barriers
K NOW THE RULES for Lougheed
1,000 metres of fencing to be installed
If you plan to participate in the recall campaign,
it’s important that you know the rules. staff reporter

• The Recall and Initiative Act allows registered voters to petition to remove The Ministry of Transportation will install
a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from office between elections sound barriers on the south side of Lougheed
• On Thursday, March 10, 2011 petition sheets will be issued to proponent Wilfred Highway in Pitt Meadows to dampen the traf-
Murdock McIntyre to recall Marc H.J. Dalton, MLA for the Maple Ridge-Mission fic noise.
electoral district The barriers follow repeated lobbying by
• The proponent has until 4:30 p.m. Monday, May 9, 2011 to collect signatures Pitt Meadows council and Somerset sub-
from more than 40% of the voters who were registered to vote in the Maple division residents and had originally been
Ridge-Mission electoral district at the May 12, 2009 General Election, and who scrapped from the province’s highway im-
are currently registered as voters in B.C. provement plans.
• An individual may only sign a recall petition once; it is an offence to sign more than once Coun. Deb Walters said the city kept push-
ing the issue with the province.
• Only registered canvassers may collect signatures and must be volunteers
“We reiterated that they had made a prom-
• Canvassers must not make false or misleading statements about the petition or ise to us,” she said.
the Member Approximately a 1,000 metres of noise re-
• Recall advertising may only be conducted by the proponent, MLA or registered duction fencing will be installed on the south
advertising sponsors side of Lougheed Hwy. and along the eastern
half of a two-kilometre stretch where a rapid
bus lane is being built.
Construction will begin in late April or May,
as soon as the weather improves.
Elections BC is a non-partisan Office of the Legislature Work also continues on the bus lane and
Colleen Flanagan/THE NEWS
responsible for administering the Election Act, the Recall and Initiative Act,
and the conduct of referenda under the Referendum Act .
paving is expected to begin soon.
The province will also a three-foot-tall Birds of a feather
Questions or concerns? concrete divider to separate east-and west-
bound lanes, once construction of a bus lane (Clockwise, from top left) Daycare kids Danielle Neg-
www.elections.bc.ca / 1 - 8 0 0 - 6 6 1 - 8 6 8 3 is complete. gers, Benjamin Dyck, Brogynn Gelsvik, Sarah Tullock
and Kalle Cooper listen to library technician Linda
Madill read A Hat for Minerva Louise, by Janet Morgan
Managing Experiences in small, medium Stoeke, during Birds of a Feather storytime at the
and multi-million dollar businesses Maple Ridge library on Tuesday. The library will be cel-
• Business Advisory ebrating its 10th anniversary on March 26, from 10 a.m.
• Accounting & Assurance until 5 p.m. Some of the entertainment will include
• Personal & Corporate Tax and Planning musical duo Graham and Carly Strang, a puppet show by
RDM Personal Injury Lawyers. • CRA Remittances - Payroll, Worker’s
Compensation, HST Reporting
Luman Coad of Coad Canada Puppets, roving magicians
and a cake cutting ceremony at noon.
Get the compensation you deserve. Don Kim
• Reasonable Rates


Don Kim, CGA

#210 - 3190 St. Johns St.,

Phone 778 355 6252
Fax 604 648 9250
Pitt passes Metro plan
Port Moody, V3H 2C7 www.donkim.ca
The City of Pitt Meadows accepted Metro Vancou-
ver’s new master plan for development last week.
The plan aims to guide growth as the region adds
another 1.2 million residents by 2040.
The document continues and builds on the vision of
the Livable Region Strategic Plan – fighting sprawl,
protecting green space and building more complete
communities better served by transportation.
Pitt Meadows requested several changes to the
growth strategy called, Metro Vancouver 2040: Shap-
ing our Future:
• the old Cardiff Farms property, off Harris Road, be-
ing designated as industrial;
• the North Lougheed Commercial Area and an area
Frank Mullally Shelly Avram Doug Lester
off Baynes Road as “special study area.”
The plan has so far been accepted by Belcarra, Lions
Bay, Delta, Langley City, Richmond, Surrey and the
Squamish-Lillooet Regional District.
When you are injured in an accident your life can seem Only one city has voted against the growth strategy.
out of control. Port Moody council voted 5-1 last month to reject the
document, saying the city can’t agree to take more
We can help. population growth without needed transportation im-
Our personal injury lawyers have the knowledge and provements, notably the Evergreen Line and Murray-
experience to help you get the compensation you deserve. Clarke Connector.
A final ratification vote by the Metro board is set for
Call us for a free initial consultation. April 29.
If adopted, cities will have two years to pass regional
context statements that show how their official com-
munity plans will align with the regional strategy.
604.853.0774 Abbotsford
1.888.853.0774 Toll Free Skate park open house
www.rdmlawyers.com Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Parks and Leisure Ser-

vices will host an open house to display a concept plan
for a youth action park at Harris Road Park tonight,
5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Pitt Meadows city hall.
/DVHU6NLQ&DUH&HQWUH The Youth Action Park will be located in a revamped
Harris Road Park, east of the parking lot and east of
Serving Abbotsford | Chilliwack |
Maple Ridge | Mission | Langley  Heritage Hall. It will be a similar to the Schoolyard
Action Park at Thomas Haney secondary in Maple
ZZZEHDXWLPHGFRP Ridge, with about 14,500 square feet of space and a
budget of $450,000.
The Fraser Valley’s Own. 'U-RKQ&XUU\05&6/5&3'5&2* Residents will be able to review and comment on
%/RXJKHHG+Z\3RUW&RT the park’s concept plan at the open house.
www.mapleridgenews.com - THE NEWS -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- 13


IN OUR LIQUOR STORE Call us 604-465-9911 $ 75



with with with
Alberta Pure Smirnoff Polar Ice
$ 99
750 ML 18 + deposit
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with BUD 8 PACKS Corona Tastings
Any Flavour
4 Pack


10 + deposit
Thursday 4–8
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Saturday 1–9


All free items while supplies last.


11:00 - 11:00 11:30 - 2:00
PRAWNS - 35 ea
5:00 - 10:30
Includes 3 pastas, 3 sauces,
garlic toast & salad.
$ 99
9 ea
5:00 - SELLOUT
RIB DINNER - $1599
11:00 - 2:00
Jer ’s

$ 99
4 $ 10 99 11:00 - 2:00
Includes waffle stations, custom made
omelettes & homemade dessert.
Thursday, March 10 @ 7:30
Saturday, March 12 @ 7:00

h eed H
19167 Ford Road, Pitt Meadows

Ford Rd. 604-465-9911 www.jollycoachman.com

14 -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- THE NEWS - www.mapleridgenews.com

Maple Ridge Cemetery Notice

This is a reminder to family members and visitors to the Maple Ridge cemetery that all artiÀcial Áowers,
containers and other personal mementos should be removed from cremation and burial plots at the
Maple Ridge and Whonnock cemeteries prior to the beginning of the grass cutting season on March
14, 2011. Removal of these items is necessary to permit the safe mowing of the grounds and to avoid
causing any damage to personal items.
Any artiÀcial Áowers or other items (other than fresh Áowers) that have not been removed by March 19,
2011 will be collected by the cemetery caretaker, and then stored at the cemetery building, and may be
picked up at a mutually agreeable date and time.
Maple Ridge Cemetery Bylaw Section 34.
Cut Áowers, wreaths and Áoral offerings may be placed on graves, but may be removed by the caretaker
when their condition is considered by him to be detrimental to the beauty of the cemetery. ArtiÀcial
Áowers may be placed between November 15 and March 15.
For further information on this topic or other municipal cemetery matters, please call 604-467-7307.
Black Press
Jammed hospital hallways are a routine problem in the Fraser Health Region.
11995 Haney Place, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 6A9
Tel: 604-467-7346 • Fax: 604-467-7393 www.mapleridge.ca
RCH incident latest case
The Treasure Hunt Starts
Thursday March 10
Thur th
4 DA
! +
of chronic congestion

Persistent crowding region-wide suggests the region needs to

build at least one or two new hospitals: ER doctor
by J eff Nagel left out.” cent), Peace Arch (29
Black Press One measure of hos- per cent), Eagle Ridge
pital congestion – the (32 per cent) and Ridge
FAMOUS BRAND number of patients Meadows (37 per cent).
Hallway medicine is
hitting new highs in
admitted through ERs
who don’t yet have a
At those facilities, Plug
said the problem isn’t

S 45
$ congested Lower Main- bed – has climbed in so much ER demand as

land hospitals, as was Fraser Health from a the large numbers of

demonstrated last week daily average of 136 in elderly and chronically
+ when Royal Columbian 2008 to 148 in 2009 and ill patients who often

$ Hospital was forced to reached 175 for the first end up in hospital, oc-

use its Tim Hortons six months of 2010. cupying beds that can

outlet as an overflow In recent weeks, then slow admissions
+ ward. Fraser has averaged through the ER.
Fraser Health offi- 220 admitted patients “For community hos-
Compare at $49.99 cials say a combination who are stuck waiting pitals serving areas
of multiple trauma case for beds at any given with a sizable seniors
airlifts earlier in the time, although officials population or signifi-
Compare at $19.98 YOUTH BEAN day and heavy pres- note that coincides with cant chronic disease,
BAG CHAIR sure on the emergency the traditional winter that can increase pres-
department led staff to surge when ERs are at sure,” Plug said.
S 85
$ put patients in the hos- their busiest. The growing traffic

$ 5
pital coffee shop. “We do have a notice- jam in hospitals comes
+ It’s an unusual ex- able trend upward,” despite construction of
ample of what has be- Fraser Health public some new facilities and
come a routine problem affairs director David various tactics to im-
across the region: too Plug said. prove patient flow.
many patients and not Emergency depart- The $450-million Ab-
SNUGGLE Compare at $89.99 enough beds. ment visits are up, he botsford Regional Hos-
PILLOW PETS The hallways were two
and three stretchers
said, because of popu-
lation growth, aging,
pital and Cancer Centre
opened two years ago,
deep with patients, said and the rise of chronic replacing its predeces-


Dr. Sheldon Glazer, an disease. sor and adding a signifi-
emergency physician at Another yardstick of cant number of beds.
Royal Columbian, the hallway medicine is the Hospitals have also

region’s trauma centre. percentage of patients tried everything from
“This is just a natu- who get a hospital bed improved triage proce-
ral progression of what within 10 hours of the dures to opening sepa-
we’ve been dealing with decision to admit them. rate minor treatment

for a long, long time,” Eleven Lower Main- units to pull less severe
Glazer said. “We are land hospitals – in- cases out of crowded
forced to see patients in cluding busy Surrey ERs.


waiting rooms, in hall- Memorial, Abbotsford New hospital con-

ways and, now, in the Regional, Richmond struction is also under-
Tim Hortons.” and Lions Gate – are av- way.

* The veteran ER doctor

says halls jammed with
stretchers are both in-
eraging less than 55 per
cent of patients admit-
ted within that 10-hour
A new $237-million
outpatient hospital
opens in Surrey June 1
efficient and dangerous standard, far below a that is expected to help
– particularly if a fire provincial target of 80 decongest Surrey Me-
broke out. per cent that was set morial by taking over
The persistent crowd- back in 2005. day surgery and diag-
ing region-wide sug- Mission Memorial at nostics.
gests the region needs 72 per cent, Royal Co- And an entire new
to build at least one or lumbian at 69 per cent, emergency department
two new hospitals, he Burnaby at 68 per cent and critical care tower,
ALL BLUE TICKETED ITEMS! said. and Vancouver General at a cost of $525 million,
“It’s like playing mu- at 64 per cent are closest will bring more relief at
Miss a Day Miss a Deal! sical chairs,” Glazer to reaching the goal. SMH in 2013-14 by add-
MAPLE RIDGE lwstores.com said. “When the music Worst are the smaller ing another 151 beds.
22255 Dewdney Trunk Rd. (604) 463-7788 stops, somebody gets hospitals – Delta (23 per See Hospitals, p15
*All blue ticketed items are final sale. + 4 day pricing in effect from March 10 - 13, 2011. No Adjustments on prior purchases. While quanities last. Selection varies by location. Some items may not be exactly as shown.
www.mapleridgenews.com - THE NEWS -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- 15

Man, 19, drives into his family’s home

A 19-year-old Maple aged.
Ridge man was arrest- “We’re quite thank-
ed Monday for crash- ful that no one was
ing a car into his fam- injured in this inci-
ily’s house. dent,” RCMP Cpl. Al-
Wanted... professional, experienced
Ridge Meadows anna Dunlop said.
Stylists and Assistants who want to
RCMP were called “We’re in the begin-
bring their career to the next level.
about a family dispute ning phases of the in-
around 12:20 p.m. vestigation, but suffice At Canvas you will receive:
The suspect depart- to say, we were able • Ongoing & continued
ed the residence in an to monitor the man’s advanced education & shows
older-model car. driving, maintaining • Competitive salary/commission
A member of the a safe distance. We’re • Advertising
RCMP Lower Main- exploring all aspects • Beautiful & sophisticated
land district’s police of this investigation, work environment
dog services located Colleen Flanagan/THE NEWS including a vehicle • A fabulous opportunity
the car and tried to RCMP and firefighters attend the scene where the car examination, which at a better career
get the driver to stop. ploughed into a closed garage. may support possible Please contact by email or in person
The young man re- charges in this mat-
fused, and continued The suspect then rage. ter.” Unit C – 22316 Dewdney Trunk,
driving, often in an er- drove around and re- The house, the car The suspect re- Maple Ridge 604.477.0060
ratic manner, forcing turned to the home at the suspect was op- mained in police cus- info@canvashairsalon.ca
the police to abandon about 12:35 p.m., driv- erating, and a parked tody as the investiga-
pursuit. ing into the closed ga- motorcycle were dam- tion continued.

’Building new hospitals not the only answer’

Hospitals from p14 well down by Tuesday tons, which had closed One man at Surrey Me-
“The next top prior- and Tim Hortons was by that time of night, morial who was parked
ity is Royal Columbian again serving coffee and about four patients on a stretcher in a busy
Hospital,” Plug said,
adding a similar criti-
drinkers instead of pa-
were monitored there,
including one with an-
hall for more than a day
while awaiting a bed re- O O
cal care tower is under Plug said the coffee gina who was hooked counted having to use a
consideration there. shop is not a formally up to cardiac monitors. portable urinal beneath
Planning processes designated overflow In many ways, Glazer the sheets to relieve
are also underway to area, but staff are em- said, the coffee shop is himself.
look at the future needs powered to use various preferable to hallways “It’s just unaccept-
for Peace Arch and Del- non-clinical areas when because there’s a bit able,” the patient said.
ta hospitals, with Eagle conditions warrant. more privacy. None of those experi-
Ridge to follow. He calls it a short- “It’s very difficult to ences is ideal, officials
Building new hospi- term temporary solu- do a full examination in say.
tals is not the only an- tion and not what the a hallway or take a his- “Certainly our daily
swer, Plug said. health region prefers tory in a hallway, which experience is challeng- We are so excited!
“We need to do that to see. is quite public,” Glazer ing,” Plug said.
but we also need to be “It was cleaned be- said. “Long term, the pros- Come join us at our new location in May
operating as efficiently fore and after,” he said. Staff have sensitive pect is for growth –
and effectively as pos- “There were no com- conversations with pa- both in people and the

sible and we all need municable disease con- tients – like whether severity of their condi- Valid In Our
to live a healthier life-
style,” he said.
Back at RCH, Plug
said, congestion was
Six stretchers with
privacy screens were
put up in the Tim Hor-
they want a do-not-re-
suscitate order – in the
busy waiting room, un-
derneath a TV, he said.
tions. We are working
on short-, medium- and
long-term strategies to
improve the situation.”
Next to

• Chilliwack Hospital – 45 % • Ridge Meadows Hospital – 37 %

ANY ONE ITEM Marina’s Gelato on
224th Street,
Getting a bed (was 45 % in early 2009); (was 43 % in early 2009);
(Max Value $50) Maple Ridge
Not to be combined with any other offer.
The percentage of patients who get a • Delta Hospital – 23 % • Royal Columbian Hospital – 69 % Maximum 1 coupon per customer. Valid May 1st - Aug. 31, 2011
bed within 10 hours of the decision to (was 14 % in early 2009); (was 47 % in early 2009);
admit them through ER is a key bench- • Eagle Ridge Hospital – 32 % • Surrey Memorial Hospital – 52 %
mark of hospital congestion. (was 29 % in early 2009); (was 41 % in early 2009). Valid In Our
Provincial target is 80 per cent.
Figures are year-to-date for 2010/11.
• Fraser Canyon Hospital – 47 %
(was 67 % in early 2009);
• Langley Memorial Hospital – 42 %
Vancouver Coastal Health
• Vancouver General Hospital – 64 %
Fraser Health:
• Abbotsford Regional Hospital – 52 %
(was 43 % in early 2009);
(was 41 % in early 2009);
• Mission Hospital – 72 %
(was 79 % in early 2009);
• Lions Gate Hospital – 52 % ANY ONE ITEM ValleyFair Mall,
Maple Ridge
(was 48 % in early 2009); (was 68 % in early 2009); (Max Value $50)
• Burnaby General Hospital – 68 % • Peace Arch Hospital – 29 % • St. Paul’s Hospital – 56 % 604-463-1183
Not to be combined with any other offer.
(was 60 % in early 2009); (was 49 % in early 2009); (was 80 % in early 2009). Maximum 1 coupon per customer. Valid until Easter, April 11, 2011

If you are having difficulty hearing conversations - it’s time to get your hearing tested.
Visit Sears Hearing Centre near you to talk to one of our experienced professionals
about finding a solution to fit your needs and lifestyle.
e of your busin
e: Non an isn’t
: Soph ia Ag d of the ocew as
Name oun
Sig ns: The s ar as it once
Warning as cle Coquitlam Town Centre Guildford Town Centre Metrotown Centre
H e Centre 604-464-8090 604-583-1316 604-434-2070
16 -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- THE NEWS - www.mapleridgenews.com

Used drink boxes get made

into toilet paper, lucky for us
it isn’t the other way around

The drink box that your child takes to school is a polycoat container made up of three material types: paper, an aluminum lining, and a plastic coating.

Just by recycling beverage containers in 2009: Encorp Pacific (Canada) is the Industry Prod-
You probably already know that all the pulp to separate the paper fibre from any
• You took the equivalent of 37,000 cars off uct Stewardship Corporation mandated to
containers that come into a Return-It™ plastic or aluminum linings. 75% of the
BC’s roads for a year. develop and manage a consumer friendly
Depot are diverted from the landfill and weight of a typical polycoat container is
and cost effective system to recover end-of-
recycled. What you might not know is recoverable paper fibre. The resulting • You saved enough energy to light 65,000 BC
how the materials are recycled and what paper pulp is then used to make card- life consumer products and packaging for
homes for a year.
they become afterwards. board boxes of all shapes, sizes and recycling. Encorp’s Return-It™ Depot system
Here’s what happens to two types of colours, as well as toilet paper. • You contributed to the reduction of about recovers 79.5% of beverage containers sold
containers you’re probably very familiar Thousands of tonnes of paper pulp 137,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equiva- in the province.
with: drink boxes and gable top cartons. are recovered in this process. For every lent being released into British Columbia’s
When measured by weight that’s a recovery
They’re known as “polycoat” con- tonne of paper pulp recycled, approx- atmosphere.
rate of close to 89%
tainers because they’re made of more imately 17 trees are saved.
than one material. The drink box that Product stewardship is an environmental
your child takes to school is made up of management strategy guided by the princi-
erates one of the most highly
three material types: paper, an alumi- In 2010 Encorp recycled about 82 million ple that whoever designs, produces, sells, or
regarded beverage container recycling
num lining, and a plastic coating. The uses a product takes responsibility for mini-
programs in North America. And as polycoat containers—drink boxes and gable
gable top carton in your refrigerator is mizing the product’s environmental impact
impressive as the recovery statistics are top cartons. That’s 1,921 metric tonnes that
made of plastic and paper. throughout all stages of the product’s life
there’s one statistic that motivates didn’t end up in landfills. And it contributed
THE DIS-ASSEMBLY LINE: From the Encorp to work even harder: 13% of BC’s to the reduction of about 7,385 tonnes of cycle. Last year over 1 billion ready-to-drink
Return-It™ Depot, drink boxes and ga- pop ulation admits to having thrown carbon dioxide equivalent being released into beverage containers of all materials (plastic,
ble top cartons are shipped to a factory away a beverage container while com- British Columbia’s atmosphere. glass bottles, drink boxes, cans and cartons)
where a hydra-pulper mashes them to a muting or doing leisure activities. were returned to Return-It™ Depots and re-
cycled into a variety of useful goods.
Encorp is 100% industry operated and
receives no government funding.

Learn more about Encorp Pacific (Canada)

and find depot locations at return-it.ca

www.mapleridgenews.com - THE NEWS -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- 17

Good Grooming

Always Shows!
(playtime fun
before & after!)

We provide a clean spacious

bright atmosphere for our
daycare and grooming dogs.

109-19070 Lougheed Hwy., Pitt Meadows Pawsitively Paradise WY

604.465.8046 9

HOURS: Vale Mall Shoppers Drug
Daycare: Tues. to Fri. 7 am - 6:30 pm MCMYN ROAD
Grooming: Monday to Saturday

Happy St Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2
Maple Ridge Museum photo
Dick Sutcliffe and visitors at the 2010 Maple Ridge Historical Society Heritage Tea.

a l l d a y
It’s close to time again for Heritage Tea
eople are already calling
the Maple Ridge Historical
Society to check about the
date of the 2011 Heritage Tea.
It will be held on Saturday,
April 2, from 1-4 p.m. in the Se-
niors Activity Centre (12150 224th
Al Bowen. He
has appeared
a number
of times in
Maple Ridge
for similar
where he can
so our 20th Heritage Tea will be
held on April 14th. Those of you
who like to plan ahead may pick
up a “Save the Date” reminder at
this year’s tea so you can notify
friends and relations.
Today’s photo taken at the
2010 Heritage Tea features Dick
Par t y !
Easter is late in April this year,
so we can remain with the first
put his wide
Sutcliffe of the Dewdney Alouette
Railway Society chatting with a PRIZE FOR BEST DRESSED CUSTOMER
Saturday of the month for our with museum visitor. In the background, people $100 Bar-Tab, FREE Room at the Ramada next door and FREE Lunch for a month!
event. items and are looking at the museum photo
Every person who is inter- antiques to Looking Back display, part of which described
ested in Maple Ridge history is
welcome to attend the tea, which
now has no set date restrictions.
work. He will Sheila Nickols
identify mys-
tery items,
baseball teams from Haney and
Hammond, and their serious
• Irish Dancers
Along with the Maple Ridge
High School reunion group that
and give an estimate of your
treasure’s monetary value. The
For this years photo panels,
Maple Ridge Museum director
• Irish Band
is gathering the same week-end, appraisals will go on between Val Patenaude is planning to
you will likely meet long-time 1:30 and 3:30 p.m. at the tea. One feature the many parks of Maple WIN YOU
friends, co-workers and acquain- corner of the room has been set Ridge. This is the theme of Heri- Also Starring our IRISH BEERS,
tances at the tea. aside for the appraisals, which tage Week in B.C. in 2011.
This will be the 19th year will be of interest to observers as She will also concentrate on the Murphy’s Irish Stout,
that the Maple Ridge Histori- well as owners. history of Albion.
cal Society has hosted its April Because of time restrictions, These ideas, along with photos Guinness Irish Stout, Kilkenny,
Heritage Tea. During that time, only a limited number of apprais- from 1961, will be of interest to
some things have remained the al tickets are available for sale. visitors.
Harp Lager, Smithwicks and
same – a warm welcome, a tasty The cost for the appraisal of two If you plan to bring antiques Bowen Island Irish Cream Ale.
afternoon tea, and a fascinating items plus the tea is $15. These for appraisal on April 2, please
photo display presented by the special tickets must be purchased remember to purchase your com-
Maple Ridge Museum. The cost in advance of April 2nd at the bination tea and appraisal ticket Golden Ears Pub
of a ticket is $5, collected at the Maple Ridge Museum. Call there at the Maple Ridge Museum in 19267 Lougheed Highway Pitt Meadows
entrance door. at 604-463-5311 for any further advance.
A new addition to the tea this information or visit mrmuseum@ 604-465-2337
year is the chance to have a gmail.com. Sheila Nickols is past president
couple of your antiques or col- In 2012, Easter will once again of the Maple Ridge Historical
lectibles viewed and appraised by fall on the first week-end in April, Society. With a couple of clicks, add your event today. voices
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Does your elementary school

easy year-round run program
contact Lorie Muller at

18 -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- THE NEWS - www.mapleridgenews.com

San Diego to Vancouver

2 nights San Diego + 10 nights cruise to Vancouver
Fly nonstop! Stay 2 nights in San Diego,
Region wants to block farm mansions
cruise home to Vancouver - Great Package!
Great deal on this close-to-home getaway! Estate lifestyle
$ Your Cruise Encounters’ package includes:

1599 comes at expense

Total Charges!
CDN Dollars  Non-stop flight Vancouver to San Diego!
pp 2 sharing  2 nights Hampton Inn San Diego - Full breakfast! of food production

 10 nights aboard Celebrity’s Millennium!
On your cruise enjoy full-days stops in
Catalina Island, 2 days in San Francisco,  All airport & ship transfers in San Diego!
by J eff Nagel
Astoria, Seattle, Victoria, arrive Vancouver! Black Press
Join our e-mail list for our free March report: 3 ways to GREATLY
Departs May 1 - one daily only - Book by March 12! improve the day you fly home from your cruise!

Prices include airfare, hotel, transfers & all taxes! Metro Vancouver poli-
ticians are urging the
604.888.1756 province to intervene to
slow the spread of huge
8850 Walnut Grove Dr., Langley A+ rating! www. cruiseencounters.com mansions that are chew-
ing up urban farmland
needed to grow food.
Victoria is weighing
how best to tackle the
issue and released a dis- Black Press
cussion paper that lays The Metro agriculture committee want the province to restrict the size and location
out a menu of possible of homes on farm land.
At issue is the con- foot houses with swim- ties unless the trend is the property.
struction of huge estate ming pools and ten- stopped. Sometimes garages
homes – often on land in nis courts scattered So far, Delta has tak- and barns have second
the Agricultural Land throughout the agricul- en the toughest stand floors built with rented
Gentle Family Dentistry Reserve (ALR) – that
make farming less effi-
tural area of the land,”
Steves said.
against the problem of
badly sited farmland
secondary suites.
Richmond had aimed
cient and put the prop- “It’s impossible to mansions, he said. to extend the 50-metre
We are proud to Welcome Dr. Zhang! erty’s price out of reach have crops and farm Delta limits house maximum setback to
of ordinary farmers. equipment when you sizes and defines a include accessory build-
Reforms have been have to work around a farm “homeplate” on ings but ran into com-
proposed in the past by number of buildings. It agricultural properties munity resistance.
individual municipali- destroys the productive where houses and other “There’s a tremendous
ties but beaten back by use of that land.” residential uses must be amount of opposition,”
opposing groups of A provincially man- contained. They can’t Steves said. “There’s a
landowners and real- dated minimum stan- sprawl deeper than 60 huge lobby, mainly from
tors. dard could allow cities metres from the front realtors.”
Both Pitt Meadows to go further and add property line, unless When Richmond’s
and Surrey shelved at- stronger protections if there’s on-site migrant original bylaw was
Dr. Chen Dr. Zhou
Dr Dr
Dr. Zhang they wish, he added. worker housing, in drafted, Steves said, it
tempts to tighten regu-
Please call to book one of the limited opportunities to be treated lation of farm manor If only some cities which case the limit is never occurred to any-
by Dr Zhang, who is certified and experienced in Conscious Sedation. homes in recent years tighten the rules, it’s 100 metres. one that farmers would
after opposition. feared the problem Richmond doesn’t lim- be building swimming
en le, fa
ent family
milyy ffriendly
riendlyy d
rie dentistry.
ent istry.
ry. • Dedicated
Dedicatted hygienists
Ded hygie
ts for the
the best
best in gentle,
g ntle, Metro agriculture will simply be shifted it the size of houses but pools and tennis courts
• Lower radiation,
Lo err rad
Low radiat
iation, d
ion digital
igi xx-rays
ta x- rays w
ray with sharper
ith sharp
er preventative
ventat ive care
tative care committee chair Harold around the region or requires they be within on their land.
ages for more
for m accurate
ore accur
ac curate
ate didiagnosis.
s. • Modern
Mo dernn dental
dent al techniques
tec quess plus
hnique plus cosmetic
co smetic
tic pushed east into the 50 metres of the road or The problem is that in
• Orthopaedic
Or ho
hop appliances
a ic applia lianc
ncess to
to help gett a
help ge
g and
nd botox.
botox. Steves said he and oth-
keep a beautiful ssmile.
mi e.
mil • 1 hour
our free
ho e underground
undergr r oun
oundd parking
parking ers on the committee Fraser Valley Regional property line. most cases the owners
• Extended
Extended hours
xtende hour
urss want the province to en- District. That’s been prob- aren’t serious farmers,
act minimum standards In Richmond alone, lematic, Steves said, but buyers who want
that would be enforced Steves estimates, anoth- because outbuildings an estate lifestyle in the
Call us today… 604.463.8580 consistently to restrict er 2,000 acres of farm- and other uses aren’t Lower Mainland with-
the size and location of land in the ALR stands covered, so secondary out having to pay the
New and Emergency Patients Welcome. homes built in the ALR. to be lost to the con- houses, garages, pools price to do so on urban
Suite 620-22470 Dewdney Trunk Rd., Maple Ridge “They’re building struction of big houses and the like sometimes residential land.
Top floor of the Maple Ridge Business Center 10,000- to 20,000-square- and recreational ameni- cut much deeper into See ALR, p20

For community news first, go to www.mapleridgenews.com

Sale of Vancouver 2010
Winter Games Assets
Make your step The Ministry of Citizens’ Services, Asset Investment Recovery branch is
the one that ends selling off remaining 2010 Winter Games assets and clothing. Items available
multiple sclerosis.
Volunteer jackets, snow pants, long sleeve fleece t-shirts, fleece vests, torch
Rocky Point Park, relay uniforms, backpacks, assorted banners, furniture, kitchen equipment, AV
carts, barricades/fencing, cell phones and smart phones, ice melter, survival
Port Moody kits and more.
Sunday, April 10, 2011 Select items are available at the following government warehouse locations:
Check In: 8 am–9:45 am t Prince George: 3695 Opie Crescent, Monday – Friday 9:00am – 3:00pm
Start: 10 am
t Surrey: 8307-130th Street, Wednesday – Friday 10:00am – 2:00pm
Register now to end MS t Victoria: 4234 Glanford Avenue, Wednesday – Friday 10:00am – 2:00pm
mswalks.ca | 604.602.3221
1.800.268.7582 You can also shop online at www.bcauction.ca under the
“Vancouver 2010 Assets” category.
www.mapleridgenews.com - THE NEWS -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- 19

At university, students learn education their own responsibility

inally, we get to have a lab component. referencing as well as and do well on exams. or an assignment it can responsibility at uni- of the hard work will
the academic Labs are held in longer direct quotations from Time management be beneficial to e-mail versity; they must take have paid off.
learning aspect of time slots of two to three a source. The three becomes students’ your professor or TA if ownership of it and
university. hours. main styles of own responsibility in appropriate. work to develop it. Kirsti Juurakko is a
Courses at the uni- If students referencing university. Professors Students must realize When graduation first-year student at the
versity level, with the begin to feel are APA, MLA ultimately don’t care if that their education day comes around a University of Guelph in
exception of many first- overwhelmed and Chicago. you hand assignments becomes their own few years from now, all Ontario.
year courses, tend to be by university Students need in because doing so only
rather narrowly focused coursework, to clarify with hurts the student.
on a subject. they should each professor Students may become
First-year courses
generally cover a wide
seek a support
system. This
which refer-
encing style is
distracted by friends
or by television; they Notice of Traffic Diversion and Delays
range of topics so that may mean expected. may take a quick break Highway 1/200th Street Interchange, Township of Langley
students have an over- forming a study A writer’s which turns into a
view of a subject and group with manual can three-hour break. It Motorists are advised that traffic at the Highway 1/200th Street
are able to choose future others in the provide for- is essential to make a Interchange will be delayed due to remedial work required to
courses with more same course or Post secondary matting rules plan when studying and undertake warranty repairs at the south end of the Highway 1
insight and background hiring a tutor. Kirsti Juurakko for each style, find ways to overcome overpass.
knowledge. There may both for in text distractions. I avoid
Many first-year cours- also be support citations and being distracted by Northbound traffic on 200th Street will be temporarily reduced
es serve as prerequisites systems that the uni- for a works cited list. friends by leaving my to two lanes and diverted to the southbound lanes. Southbound
for others. versity offers, such as Failure to properly refer- room to study since traffic will also be reduced to two lanes. The traffic diversion will
The workload is through the library. ence a paper constitutes they cannot distract me be in place on a 24-hour basis for up to five days.
greater than that of high There are Supported academic misconduct if they are not near me.
school and in the form of Learning Groups, which and plagiarism which, It is also essential The repairs are scheduled as follows:
assigned readings and are run by upper-year as many students know, for students to make
note taking. students who have can ultimately lead to time for themselves so 9 p.m. Friday, March 18, 2011 to Wednesday, March 23, 2011
When it comes to previously completed expulsion from universi- that they don’t become
assessment, there are and done well in more ty. This may not happen completely worn out by For the duration of this work motorists are advised to choose an
usually a mid-term challenging courses to on a first offense, but the their studies. This can alternate route or allow for additional travel time. Motorists are
exam and a final exam support students now in consequences greatly mean setting aside time required by law to obey all construction traffic signs and traffic
for each course. Some those courses. Attend- increase in severity if to go for a walk, watch control personnel.
courses also have ing an a student continues a movie or play a sport.
assignments such as es- SLG allows students to commit academic When it comes time For more information, contact
says, research reports or to ask questions of misconduct. for exams, students Project Manager Doug Hyde at 604 808-5881 or
projects, but the number and receive review Studying is obviously should clarify with by e-mail at Doug.Hyde@shaw.ca
of assignments is fewer materials from the SLG important and students professors about the
than in a high school leader. The library also have different ways of exam format; this
course. has staff able to help doing so. Some students will usually be told to
Assignments and students conduct their prefer to study in the students or posted on
exams are more heavily research and offers a library, others in their a course website if one
weighted, that is they drop-in writing help cen- rooms or lounges. There exists. Exams may be
count for a greater ter where students can are some students who multiple choice, essay
percentage of your final get their written work study, particularly based, short answer or
grade in the course than edited or get advice during exam time, all various combinations
in high school. on their paper at any through the night while of these. Once students
Attending lectures is point during the writing fuelled by caffeine. This know the format of an
not mandatory, but is es- process. is generally not a good exam, they can focus
sential to doing well in a Another important idea; some who do study their studying accord-
course. During a lecture
the professor speaks,
service offered by the
library at the University
in this manner admit
their next day is terrible
ingly. If I know an exam
is essay based I will I’m ready to help reduce our
often while projecting a of Guelph is help with because they are so focus my studying more
Power Point Presenta-
tion or notes, to a class
the proper referencing
of papers. Referencing
tired and cannot pay
attention in lectures.
on the major concepts
covered that term and
carbon footprint in new ways.
which can be upwards at the university level is Some students study not worry so much By investing in biomethane, we turn the everyday waste
of 400 students. I find it a skill which high school in silence, others with about small details. of farms into not-so-everyday energy.
beneficial to sit near the should take the time background noise such Some students prefer
front of the lecture hall to learn before going as a fan or music. I to study in groups, but
to hear and see better to university to avoid prefer to listen to music it is usually good to do Terasen Gas and
and be less distracted. poor marks on assign- while studying to block some studying on your FortisBC now
Lap tops may be permit- ments or unknowingly out distracting sounds own too.
ted for note taking by committing academic such as conversations. University is all share one name —
a professor, but some misconduct. When writ- There is no right or around a rewarding ex- FortisBC.
students, like me, find ing an academic paper, wrong way to study, but perience, but students Watch for your
old fashioned pen and students must reference students should identify must be ready to put in natural gas bill from
paper more useful. all ideas that are not and develop an effec- the work necessary to FortisBC. Visit us at
Some courses, often their own, including any tive way of studying to be successful. When in fortisbc.com.
science courses, also paraphrasing or direct optimize their learning doubt about a concept

Let’s Do!

Lu nch

DRUM STICKS Scott Gramm, Business Development Manager

with the purchase of any full drum kit.
Visit your
Must present coupon. Some restrictions apply. FortisBC Energy Inc., FortisBC Energy (Vancouver Island) Inc., FortisBC Energy (Whistler) Inc., and FortisBC Inc. do business as FortisBC.
See in store for details. Expires March 11th 2011. Hometown The companies are indirect, wholly owned subsidiaries of Fortis Inc. FortisBC uses the FortisBC name and logo under license from Fortis
Inc. FortisBC uses the Terasen Gas name under license from FortisBC Holdings Inc.

Feed Store
Sales • Customer Service Today!
Rentals • Music Lessons
Celebrating 80 Years
Repairs • Community Support of Serving the Community

1 20475 Lougheed Hwy. OTTER C
CO-OP AT PITT MEADOWS The future. We’re ready.
gandgmusiconline.com Mon - Fri 9:00-5:30 • Sat 9:00-5:00 • Sun 10:00 - 4:00

604-465-4900 12343 Harris Rd., Pitt Meadows 604-465-5651 • 604-465-8755

20 -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- THE NEWS - www.mapleridgenews.com

MOVING SALE! Thomasville and Broyhill Furniture Galleries are

Metro to look at
active farms
joining forces and moving to a BIGGER and BETTER Location. ALR from p18
Farmland is cheaper than large residential-zoned
This is your opportunity to buy top quality Living Room, lots and may offer the potential of a future windfall
if the land can someday be pulled out of the ALR and
Bedroom, and Dining Room, all at HEAVILY REDUCED PRICES. subdivided.
Owners who are able to grow something may even
Their entire multi-million dollar inventory is discounted and must qualify for the lower farm property tax rate, even if
they grow just a tiny fraction of the land’s potential.
be sold. This is going to be the BIGGEST MOVING SALE EVER! That long-standing loophole should also be closed,
said Surrey Coun. Linda Hepner, the vice-chair of
the agriculture committee.
“It’s no different than those who sit on acreages
with a horse or a cow and say they’re gentlemen
farmers and get a tax break,” she said.
“It was never intended to be for estate homes.”

“It’s no different than those who sit

on acreages with a horse or a cow and
say they’re gentlemen farmers
and get a tax break.”
Linda Hepner, Surrey councillor

Hepner also backs tough minimal protections set

by the province.
But she noted there are some special circumstanc-
es to be considered.
In Surrey, she said, some of the large houses on
farmland are simply occupied by large families and
the land is being actively farmed.
Much farmland is on floodplain where basements
can’t be built, she said, so allowed house sizes should
take that into account.
Metro also suggests exceptions be allowed if it
makes more sense to put a house on part of the prop-
erty that isn’t farmable – perhaps it’s rocky.
The focus should be on the placement of the house,
Hepner added.
Closed this week “A huge long driveway on a small parcel makes the
whole parcel unfarmable,” Hepner said. “So we have

for pricing. to take a serious look at (maximum) setbacks.”

One option being considered by the agriculture
Gallery ministry is to regulate farm houses only in Abbots-
ford, Delta, Langley Township and Kelowna, while
DOORS RE-OPEN making the same rules simply guidelines for other
COQUITLAM FRIDAY, 1455 United Boulevard
Some Metro directors want the province to charge
the Agricultural Land Commission with making the
decisions, rather than individual cities.
#2 - 1315 United Boulevard
604-521-7780 MARCH 11, 604-521-7544
Store Hours:
Metro’s board is expected to finalize its position on
the issue in April.
Metro also aims to complete an agricultural land
Store Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 10 - 6,
Fri. 10 - 9, Sat. 10 - 6, Sun. 11 - 5 10am Mon. - Thurs. & Sat. 9:30am - 6pm,
Fri. 9:30am - 9pm, Sun. 11am - 5pm
use inventory with the agriculture ministry to de-
termine how much of the region’s farmland is being
actively farmed.

higher quality doesn’t mean higher price.

2011 GET UP TO
corollaCE *


more values: AskAnOwner.ca

PLEASE READ THE FINE PRINT: *2011 Corolla Sedan CE Automatic BU42EP(A) MSRP is $17,965 and includes $1515 freight and pre-delivery inspection, tire levy, battery levy and air conditioning federal excise tax. Lease example:3.4% Lease APR for 60 months. Monthly payment is $199 with $1,288 down payment. Total lease obligation is
$12,440. Lease 60 mos based on 120,000 km, excess km charge is $.07. Lease offer - Down payment, first monthly payment and security deposit plus applicable taxes are due at lease inception. A security deposit is not required, on approval of credit. †Cash Back Offer (Up to $1500 on Corolla) valid on cash only retail delivery of select new unregistered
Toyota vehicles, when purchased from a Toyota BC dealership. Non-stackable cash back offers may not be combined with Toyota Financial Services sub-vented lease or finance rates. Vehicle must be purchased, registered and delivered by March 31, 2011. See toyota.ca for complete details on all cash back offers. ††Cash back offer: $500 four million
sold bonus + $750 stackable cash + $250 non stackable cash = $1500. MSRP including Freight & PDI & Levies is equal to $17,965 - $1500 = $16,465. delivery of select new unregistered Toyota vehicles, when purchased, leased or financed from a Toyota BC dealership. **All price and payment comparisons were taken from respective manufacturer’s
websites as of Thursday March 3, 2011 & are subject to change. Pricing does not include HST. Visit your Toyota BC Dealer or www.toyotabc.ca for more details. Some conditions apply; offers are time limited and may change without notice. Dealer may lease/sell for less. In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between Toyota prices, rates
and/or other information contained in this advertisement (or on toyotabc.ca) and that contained on toyota.ca, the latter shall prevail. Errors and omissions excepted.
www.mapleridgenews.com - THE NEWS -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- 21
22 -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- THE NEWS - www.mapleridgenews.com


PENNZOIL SHIFT TO CLEAN Metro growth plan racking up yes votes
Congratulations! By shifting to Pennzoil® motor oil, your car can win with a
Port Moody the outdated Livable Re-
gion Strategic Plan.
“It has vast implica-
tions – far beyond one or
Port Moody council
cleaner engine. And when you visit Pennzoil.ca, you have a chance to win too!
Win one these great prizes:
council’s rejection Vancouver and Pitt
Meadows approved it
two election cycles,” said
Helten, who blames de-
voted 5-1 last month to
reject the document, say-
• Autographed sheet metal from the new Penske Racing Dodge may not stand last week. veloper-friendly councils ing their city can’t agree
• Kurt Busch autographed self-cleaning piston Maple Ridge hasn’t de- around the region for the to take more population
• Penske Racing web-store $20 gift code by J eff Nagel cided yet. lack of debate so far. growth without needed
• Retailer $20 gift card Black Press Critics like Helten ob- Most of the objections transportation improve-

• Kurt Busch hero card ject to the removal of the raised by Helten and his ments, notably the Ever-

• Ringtone-style MP3, featuring Kurt Busch Green Zone – replaced group have raised barely green Line and Murray-
PLUS, YOU COULD WIN A TRIP TO BOTH BIG U.S. Local councils are with conservation and an eyebrow among the Clarke Connector.
voting on Metro Van- recreation land-use bulk of Metro Vancouver But Port Moody Mayor
*No purchase necessary. Starts 3/1/11 and ends 4/30/11. Must be legal resident of Canada and REGULAR OIL CHANGE couver’s new regional designations – and fear directors. Joe Trasolini, who cast
18+ years of age. Void where prohibited. Visit www.pennzoil.ca for Official Rules and to enter.
Not to be combined with any other offers.
growth strategy and it other changes will make Richmond Coun. Har- the lone vote in favour,
Must present coupon. Expires March 31/11 will take just one city op- it easier to urbanize or old Steves, co-founder says his council has in ef-
posing the document to industrialize farmland. of the Agricultural Land fect lashed out at Metro
#4 - 21621 Lougheed Hwy. shatter a fragile political They also claim the Reserve, was the only Vancouver over deci-
Not just oil, Pennzoil®
604-466-1488 consensus that has taken plan will allow home director to vote against sions that are actually
years to craft. construction to sprawl the plan in January, pri- up to TransLink.
But opponents aren’t far higher than now al- marily over its potential He is not convinced his
optimistic about their lowed on the North Shore to wrest more farmland city’s stance will hold
chances of defeating the mountains, despite as- out of the ALR. and predicts the issue
new master plan for de- surances by West Van- Other directors said will be revisited.
velopment, which aims couver’s mayor that such they were satisfied that The Local Government
to guide growth as Metro fears are overblown. couldn’t happen without Act requires municipali-
adds another 1.2 million “The biggest problem the consent of the Agri- ties that formally object
residents by 2040. is that it’s not going to cultural Land Commis- to a regional growth
“It’s like a freight train achieve some of its im- sion. strategy to give specific
going down the track,” portant goals,” Helten The document contin- reasons.
said Randy Helten, a crit- said. “It will actually ues and builds on the vi- And Trasolini said
ic with the group metro- promote urban sprawl. sion of the Livable Region dissatisfaction with the
vanwatch.ca. “There’s It will actually threaten Strategic Plan – fighting pace of rapid transit de-
huge momentum behind agricultural land.” sprawl, protecting green velopment – under the
this regional growth His group also warns space and building more control of TransLink – is
strategy. But hopefully that TransLink, which complete communities not a legally valid rea-
enough people will real- has veto power over the better served by trans- son.
ize there are some seri- plan, will have free reign portation. “I don’t blame council
ous problems with it.” to collect taxes or devel- In some ways it will for shooting at anything
The train picked up opment charges along be easier to amend the and everything that
more steam when Sur- frequent transit develop- new plan and redraw comes our way on this,”
rey and Richmond coun- ment corridors defined its urban containment he said. “But at the same
cils both endorsed the in the strategy, depriving boundary, which holds time, Metro Vancouver
accord, which replaces local cities of revenue. in urban development doesn’t have those trans-
and protects farmland, portation powers.”
green space and more Even if Port Moody for-
rural lands. mally objects with valid
TAX RETURNS But most veteran reasons, it’s far from
Metro politicians say clear that would defeat
• Professionally Prepared it strikes a fair balance the regional accord.
between civic autonomy A dispute resolution
• Electronically Filed and regional control. process would be trig-
• Income Tax Senior Other concerns have gered, under the aus-
s’ been more localized. pices of the provincial
Consulting Discount Coquitlam council has government.
debated the long-term A final ratification
designation of the West- vote by the Metro
Open Saturdays wood Plateau golf course board is set for April
Noallan Naicker, CGA
Lorraine A. Stefanucci, CGA land and Maple Ridge 29.
is keen to ensure Metro If adopted, cities will
STEFANUCCI NAICKER & ASSOC. keeps a promise to ex- have two years to pass
Certified General Accountant tend water and sewer to regional context state-
Phone: 604-469-9369 #206-3003 St. Johns St., Pt. Moody its Thornhill district in ments that show how
$100,000 the future. their official communi-
In cash One city has so far ty plans will align with
Do you fit into one of voted against the growth the regional strategy.

Dreams can come true… Tickets $25 each these categories? Enter for your chance to
3/$55 or 5/$80
Reason #273:
#273 ✓ Did you move into the area A PRE-SPRING
cash is the
Order tickets today! recently? FLING
604-205-5998 1-855-205-5998 at the gorgeous Inn

✓ Are you a new mom or a

at Laurel Point
spca.bc.ca/lottery in Victoria!
Sponsored by
✓ Are you a new Business or
Chances are 1 in 43,015 (total tickets for sale) to win a grand prize.
BC Gaming Event Licence #30933 ✓ Are you getting married?
Problem Gambling Help Line 1-888-7956111
www.bcresponsiblegambling.ca 19+ to play! ✓ Are you a Business interested
in Welcome Wagon Programs?
Imagine stealing away for two nights to the
If you fit into one of these categories and have beautiful city of Victoria! This amazing getaway
not been contacted by Welcome Wagon please call includes luxury accommodation and admission
14,020 kids in Maple Ridge need to the beautiful Butchart Gardens. For more
Maple Ridge
a community to stand behind them. Kay 604-463-9376
details visit www.getawaybc.com…

Find out why. www.uwlm.ca Pitt Meadows Cheryl MacKinnon’s

www.welcomewagon.ca Joy 604-459-8097 favourite destinations at…
www.mapleridgenews.com - THE NEWS -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- 23

Home prices jump, gains to continue Attention Grads!

ver west side gained a gain of about 3.2 per tractive to those buy-
Sales up as last $222,000 to $1.85 mil- cent so far this year. ers.” Crazy About Clothes have
buyers sign on for lion. Valley townhouses Central 1 Credit Union
economist Bryan Yu
a beautiful array of low cost
REBGV president were down slightly
35-year terms Jake Moldowan said to $316,600 and apart- said a sales surge early fashion forward dresses
the intensity of buying ments are up 2.3 per this year was expected
by J eff Nage l activity in those areas cent to $245,500. as some younger first-
Black Press indicates houses there
are the most sought-
after properties in the
One factor driving
sales right now is the
pending change in
time buyers move to
beat the deadline.
But he predicts the Princess
Buying a typical de-
tached house in Metro
Vancouver costs about
Benchmark attached
homes in the Greater
lending rules that will
ban 35-year mortgages
on March 18, making it
dampening effects of
the tightened mortgage
rules and expected up-
for a day
$50,000 more than it did
in November.
And at least one fore-
Vancouver region have
gained about 3.3 per
cent so far this year to
more difficult for some
buyers without big
enough down payments
tick in rates should be
offset by Metro Van-
couver’s continued
cast calls for the gains $507,000 while condos to qualify for more con- population growth and Each young woman who
to continue – at a more are up 3.2 per cent to ventional terms. improved economic
gradual pace – this $399,400. “Some clients have conditions.
purchases a grad dress
year. The Greater Vancou- at the store will have their
The 6.3-per-cent ver association cov- name entered into a draw.
house price jump to ers Metro Vancouver
$848,645 in February except Surrey, North “A 35-year amortization could be more Prize Package:
from $797,900 three Delta, White Rock and attractive to those buyers.” + $190 Gift Certificate from RRR Limos
months earlier was Langley. + $50 Gift Certificate for a manicure or
driven by big price in- Port Coquitlam was Sukh Sidhu, president whatever service they would like from
creases in Richmond the only city in the re- Fraser Valley Real Estate Board Afterglow Esthetics
and the west side of gion to experience any + Free Shampoo & Hair Style by Emily
Vancouver, accord- drop so far this year, Statham, Hair Stylist
ing to the Real Estate with detached houses + Free Make-up Application by Miranda
Board of Greater Van- down about 1.4 per asked that their sale Yu projects median Gilmour, Make-up artist
couver (REBGV). cent. complete before that home prices in the + Free Photo Shoot by Capture Video &
Richmond’s bench- Further east in the date,” said Fraser Val- Lower Mainland will Photography
mark house price rose Fraser Valley, bench- ley Real Estate Board rise four per cent this + Special Grad Cake from Coco’s Cake Shoppe
$190,000 in that period mark detached houses president Sukh Sidhu. year, stay flat in 2012
to nearly $1.1 million, went for an average of “A 35-year amortiza- and gain six per cent in
while the Vancou- $514,000 in February, tion could be more at- 2013.

Arab revolts drive increase at the pumps www.crazyaboutclothesconsignment.com

Average gas prices buyers there will look Oil traders are also spread and cripple 11952 - 228th Street, Maple Ridge 604.477.0224
in Metro Vancouver elsewhere, driving up pricing in the possi- production at other
climbed above $1.30 demand and prices on bility the pro-democ- oil-producing coun-
per litre Friday amid other sources. racy revolutions may tries.
growing concerns
about the potential
disruption of crude oil
supplies as a result of
the Middle East crisis.
The pump price is
3rd Annual Coffee with
now about 10 cents
higher than it was a
month ago and at the
highest level since
Crude oil prices have Marc Dalton MLA will be available
shot up to well over
$100 a barrel in an-
to discuss your issues and hear your opinions.
ticipation the threat of
revolution or civil war 'SJEBZ "QSJMUI t:00 pm DATE: March 10, 2011
may spread to more (S,$PVSTFLNtGr 5-7 Course 3.5 km
countries as protest- TIME: 7:00 pm
ers try to topple Arab WHERE: Sunwood Senior Living Community
Energy consultant
12241-224th Street Maple Ridge
Michael Ervin said
retail gas prices could
well climb higher this
spring, typically the Marc Dalton, MLA
peak driving season Maple Ridge - Mission
when higher demand
tends to lift prices.
That would certainly
happen if oil prices
Maple Ridge
also rise further, but Constituency Office
could happen even if
they stabilize close to #102 - 23015
current levels. Dewdney Trunk Rd.,
The highest price
Metro Vancouveri- Maple Ridge, BC
tes have ever paid for Phone: 604.476.4530
gas was $1.50 per litre
in July of 2008. Crude official Km Club T-shirts $15, aik run socks $10, available on race day (matched by Scotiabank)
oil peaked at US $147
per barrel that same Register at athletesinkind.com
Up to a million bar-
rels of daily oil pro-
duction is shut down
in Libya.
Libyan oil typically
athletes in kind
goes to Europe, but driven by sport | inspired by people
24 -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- THE NEWS - www.mapleridgenews.com www.mapleridgenews.com - THE NEWS -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- 25

west coast auto group located at the north end of the new golden ears bridge
bridging the gap

On all used in stock SAVE THOUSANDS on hundreds of vehicles in stock.
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reconditioning process for the MONTH OF MARCH! Convertible
V8 auto,
• Minimum 12 months/20,000 kms Powertain • 7 days/ 1,500 kms exchange privilege. leather, luxury passenger
warranty honoured at over 1,500 Toyota • Complimentary tank of gas. loaded! with loaded
2006 MAZDA3 SPORT GS 2008 MAZDA CX-7 GS navigation 4WD
Dealers in Canada and the U.S. • First oil/ filter change at no charge Was Was Was
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Corolla Yaris Matrix Automatic with Sport Mode, A/C, AWD, Moonroof, leather, auto, Hardtop
CD, Power windows & locks. 18” Alloy Wheels Microsoft captains 4wd auto
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season tires. Stk UC206867. and factory warranty. Stk UC312764. Stk UC206752. Davidson F150 King Ranch 4X4 Fusion SE
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5.4L V8,
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clean car
low kms
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UT23409A 2008 STERLING 360 CUBE TRUCK 46K ............................ $31,991

0 E
UT048994 2010 FORD EDGE SEL AWD w/ Roof 14K ..........................$30,991 UT616746 2007 DODGE NITRO SXT 4X4 62K ................................. $18,991


rain sensing wipers. UC564162 UC705681 UC860911
UT086186 2010 FORD ESCAPE LIMITED V6 4X4 14K ..........................$29,991 UC766296 2007 DODGE MAGNUM 61K ....................................... $15,991
UT098054 2010 FORD ESCAPE XLT 4X4 V6 w/ Leather & Roof 12K ........... $27,991 UT58357A 2007 FORD ECONOLINE CARGO VAN 71K ........................ $15,892
UT027100 2010 FORD EXPLORER EDDIE BAUER 4X4 w/ V8 23K ............$29,983 UT032540 2007 FORD ESCAPE XLT 4X4 V6 w/ Moonroof 74K ................$18,983
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Auto, power group, A/C, local vehicle, UC249472 2010 FORD FOCUS SES w/ Leather & Roof 22K .................... $17,982 UT038458 2007 FORD F150 HARLEY DAVIDSON SUPERCREW 90K........ $27,984
12mth/20000km & special financing (OAC), (OAC), local low kms, auto, trailer tow package and rated for GM warranty, new tires, fully serviced,
fully loaded including power sunroof. Stk UT008937. 6500 lb towing, V6 engine economy. Stk UT505126. UC380014 2010 FORD FUSION SPORT AWD w/ Leather & Roof 12K ......... $27,991 UT086955 2007 FORD F150 SUPERCREW LARIAT w/ Roof 71K ............. $24,983
51000km. Stk UC283153.
UC289356 2010 FORD FUSION SEL AWD V6 w/ Leather & Roof 19K .........$25,983 UT086275 2007 FORD F350 CREW LARIAT DIESEL 74K ..................... $32,984
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2010 FORD FUSION SE I4 automatic 56K .......................... $16,991
2010 LINCOLN MKX AWD w/ Navigation & Roof 22K ............ $41,991
UT078548 2007 FORD F350 CREW DUALLY LARIAT DIESEL 78K ........... $34,982
UC29373A 2007 FORD FOCUS SES w/ Leather & Roof 55K ....................$10,992
UT032751 2010 LINCOLN MKX AWD w/ Navigation & Roof 10K ..............$41,991 UC304555 2007 FORD FOCUS ZX3 SE w/ Htd Seats & Traction Control 92K ..$10,991
st A uto
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We s


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GUARANTEE 15 DAY/1500KM Exchange Guarantee 2008 MAZDA CX-7 GT 2008 MAZDA TRIBUTE GS 2007 VW GTi Bad Credit CONSOLIDATE YOUR DEBT UT061595 2010 FORD SPORT TRAC XLT 4X4 w/ V8 & Roof 19K .............. $31,991 UC139665 2007 FORD FUSION SEL V6 AWD w/ Navigation 145K ............ $11,982
Minimum 90 DAY/5000km Powertrain Warranty PAY

d Ve h i cle UT010818 2010 FORD TRANSIT CONNECT XLT 29K .......................... $23,991 UT126543 2007 MAZDA CX-7 GT AWD w/ Navigation, Leather & Roof 67K ...$24,991
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2WD, Alloy Wheels, Power Windows & Locks, 3.0L V6 Loaded w/ Leather, Sunroof, 2.0L Turbo
UC070503 Huge selection of all makes and models and trade-in UC265187 2009 FORD FOCUS SES w/ Leather 16K ...........................$15,984 UC124743 2006 FORD FIVE HUNDRED LIMITED AWD 95K ................... $9,983
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2008 FORD F350 CREW LARIAT DIESEL w/ Nav & Canopy 74K .. $39,984
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Fully loaded, dual A/C & power sliding doors, Toyota Certified Auto, leather, power sunroof, Acura Factory Warranty, Local, V8 Hemi, auto, fully equipped, alloys, box liner, tow pkg, NEED HANDS FREE
E UT14014A
2008 FORD F350 CREW LARIAT DIESEL 75K .................... $38,984
2008 FORD F350 CREW LARIAT DIESEL 83K ......................$37,983
UT050164 2004 FORD F350 SUPERCAB XLT 4X4 DIESEL 156K ..............$19,982
UC830111 2004 NISSAN SENTRA 1.8S 79K .................................... $7,982
Vehicle-Special Toyota Financing (OAC) & Only 57000km, BCAA 143 Point Inspection. 60000km, BC vehicle, 143 Point BCAA inspection.
NO PAYMENTS UC118846 2008 FORD FOCUS S Sedan 64K .................................. $11,991 UC142862 2004 FORD TAURUS SEL V6 122K ................................... $8,991

Toyota Factory Warranty. Stk UT295351.
Stk UC801123
25,995 PRICED
Stk UT187005.
Payments are OAC. 7.99%. Terms 1) 60 - 2) 72 - 3) 60 - 4) 60 - 5) 72 - 6) 72 - 7) 72 - 8)60
2008 JEEP WRANGLER UNLIMITED SPORT 59K ................. $24,984
2008 LINCOLN MKX AWD w/ Navigation & Roof 56K ..............$34,991
UT40743A 2003 FORD ESCAPE XLS 4X4 V6 122K ........................... $11,991
UC174710 2002 FORD FOCUS SE WAGON 109K ............................... $6,991
PRICING @ @ RIGHT @ UT007523 2008 FORD RANGER SUPERCAB SPORT 2WD 41K ............... $13,983 UT51394A 1999 FORD F150 REGULAR CAB XLT 2WD 137K .................. $6,991

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All prices and payments plus taxes and fees. All financing on approved credit.
All prices and payment are plus taxes and $399 Dealer Admin Fee. *48 month finance **60 month finance ***72 month finance ****84 month finance.
DL 26469

Ex. 2009 Focus UC265187 Sale Price $15,984 plus taxes and $399 Dealer Fee, $158 bi-weekly X 72 months @ 7.99%, Cost of Credit $4690. OAC

WEST COAST We accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express








20000 Lougheed Hwy. Pitt Meadows


Toll Free DL#30501

203 RD


19950 Lougheed Hwy., Pitt Meadows TOLL FREE 1-866-334-2119 1-866-208-8820

N ▲


westcoastautogroup.com BURGER KING

176 St

sales@westcoastmazda.com Golden Ears Way 19625 Lougheed Hwy. STAPLES BURGER

DL 7662
200 St

way #
1 www.westcoastautogroup.com DL 6077 www.westcoastautogroup.com

we will not be undersold lowest prices guaranteed www.westcoastautogroup.com

26 -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- THE NEWS - www.mapleridgenews.com

INFORMATION New toll bridge assumes traffic
MEETING NOTICE Critics say Port Mann forecast looks overly optimistic Logan said confirmed
Application the province’s traffic es-
The new 10-lane the Port Mann Bridge is timates.
Number: by J eff Nagel They have not been
Black Press bridge is expected to expected to lose money
RZ/067/10 rake in $175 million in because toll revenues revised in light of the
tolls in its first full year won’t yet match the financial downturn or
The Subject Property Despite growing evi- of operations in 2013, province’s annual costs the Golden Ears track
is located at dence motorists will according to numbers of debt servicing and record and are based on
drive out of their way tabled with the provin- paying the private op- the Pattullo remaining a
23851 Kanaka Creek Road. free crossing.
to avoid tolls, the pro- cial budget. erators.
The purpose of the application is to rezone the subject property from The provincial gov-
vincial government is That’s based on a traf- The Transporta-
RS-3 One Family Rural Residential to R-1 Residential District and a counting on many more fic forecast of 150,000 tion Investment Corp. ernment has promised
R-2 Residential District (pending) to enable the development of single drivers paying to cross daily users paying tolls – B.C.’s Crown corpora- the tolls will come off
family lots. the tolled Port Mann – 20 per cent more than tion created to oversee the Port Mann when
The meeting will be held in the Albion Elementary School Bridge than it currently the 125,000 who crossed the Port Mann/Highway it’s paid for – at the end
Gymnasium, 10031 240th Street Maple Ridge on Wednesday, carries for free. for free in 2007 and 1 project and ensure the of the 35-year contract
And if that optimistic about seven per cent tolls eventually cover with the partners that
March 16th between the hours of 6pm and 8pm.
forecast fails to materi- more than the 140,000 the $3.3-billion cost are building, operating
If you have questions regarding rezoning application RZ/067/10 and maintaining it.
alize, the pricey project the bridge is expected – predicts significant
please contact the applicant: Jorden Cook Associates 604.689.8200 But if drivers’ re-
may gush red ink for to carry this year. subsidies in the initial
or the Maple Ridge Planning Department 604.467.7341. years to come. But even at that level, years, with the Port sponse is lukewarm and
Mann starting to break the tolls don’t ultimate-
even in 2017. ly cover the costs, Vic-
That break-even date, toria could be forced to
however, depends on either absorb a loss on
the number of daily the bridge on behalf of
paying drivers climb- taxpayers or keep tolls
ing to between 175,000 in place beyond 2048.
and 180,000, and tolls Logan said there is
exceeding $200 million. some wriggle room – al-
By 2021, the bridge is ex- though he could not say
pected to carry 189,000 how much – in the esti-
vehicles per day. mates to ensure all the
The rosy forecasts costs can be recovered
are in contrast with over 35 years with some-
the experience so far at what less than the fore-
the tolled Golden Ears cast traffic volumes.
Bridge, where traffic Outside experts say
levels and toll revenues the Port Mann growth
are so far well below forecasts look out of
what TransLink expect- step with the experi-
ed, meaning it will be ence elsewhere.
subsidized longer than Seattle has built toll
planned. lanes allowing those
But Transportation In- who pay to bypass con-
vestment Corp. spokes- gestion on Highway 167.
man Max Logan rejects But Clark Williams-
that comparison, noting Derry of the Sightline
the Golden Ears created Institute says the tolls
a new link where use is aren’t even coming
expected to build over close to paying for the
time. cost of the electronic
“We are looking at a toll collection system.
very different profile of “People aren’t will-
user and profile of traf- ing to pay for car trips
fic for the Port Mann as much as planners
Bridge than the Golden thought they would,” he
Ears Bridge,” he said. said.
“We’re looking at Rising fuel prices and
mainly established us- other factors may also
ers on the corridor mean people opt to
whom we expect to drive less than they did
continue to use the Port before, he added.
Mann.” Williams-Derry thinks
Some regular Port the trend of denser
Mann users are ex- home construction is
pected to divert to the also creating more walk-
Pattullo or Alex Fraser able urban neighbour-
bridges to cross the hoods and less need for
Fraser River for free, residents to drive, while
Logan acknowledged. simultaneously making
“But we expect there improved transit ser-
are other drivers who vice more viable.
are using crossings like Victoria Transporta-
the Pattullo who will tion Policy Institute
move back to the Port founder Todd Litman
Mann despite the toll agrees, noting the
due to the fairly dra- steady automobile traf-
matic travel time sav- fic growth rates plan-
ings they’re going to ners have assumed
there’s more online » experience.” would continue indefi-
Regular cars will be nitely have levelled off.
charged a minimum $3 “People are more
to cross one-way, pro- price-sensitive than

MAPLERIDGENEWS. com part of bclocalnews.com

vided they use a tran-
sponder or pay within
two days – otherwise
think,” Litman said.

SEARCH: FIND YOUR BC TOWN: Type city name here:

the cost will be $5.30. “They’re more likely to
The base toll will rise change their behaviour
2.5 per cent a year. than what people used
Private bidders to to think. This may re-
build the project con- sult in significantly less
ducted their own traffic toll revenue than what
volume modeling, which the modelers predict.”
www.mapleridgenews.com - THE NEWS -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- 27

If it is on sale at Sears, it’s on sale in Maple Ridge. Why cross the bridge?

$ $ Kenmore 50,000 BTU
400OFF 30OFF gas grill. 10,000 BTU
side burner.
129999 $
19999 Sears Reg. 229.99

250OFF $49999 Trio™ 22 cu.
ft. fridge with

BUY WITH 24” giant tub built-in dishwasher with

bottom freezer
Sanitizing option. Nylon racks. QuietGuard®
CONFIDENCE Deluxe feature.
Sears Reg. 749.99 2213732
Sears Reg. 1699.99

Kenmore is Canada’s 50,000 total BTU

1 SELLING BRAND 490 sq. in.
of major appliances
We have the largest assortment of


s UT


ie O
tit E

an OS
qualified major appliances

qu CL
34995 $
le L
hi E
Kenmore has leading
24” tall tub electronic dishwasher with

INNOVATIVE sanitize rinse option. 5 wash cycles.

Wash/rinse high temp. option.
18.2 cu. ft. fridge
with top freezer.
features, like absolute stabilization Sears Reg. 499.99 2215262 Sears Reg. 549.99
Self-clean smooth- 4642932
Technology and Induction cooking top range.
Sears Reg. 699.99
with your major appliance purchase
of $1500 or more† on your Sears
Financial Credit Card

We’ll match any Canadian competitor’s advertised

PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE price on identical items within 30 days of purchase.

Some restrictions apply. Details in store.

100OFF $
70OFF $
19999 600OFF $189995
Kenmore® Whispertone® Craftsman yard tractor. Briggs & Stratton
49999 $
79999 12-amp canister vacuum.
Sears Reg. 269.99
V-twin platinum engine. Hydrostatic
automatic transmission.
Sears Reg. 2499.99
Self-clean coil Self-clean 60003
range. Two 6” & 8” smooth-top true
elements. Lift-up convection range.
cooktop for easy Two expandable 24 hp
cleaning. elements.
Sears Reg. 599.99 Sears Reg. 1099.99
2250622 2264842 42” deck

$ $
Laundry Pair
799 97 $550OFF $119998 200OFF 70OFF
3.5 cu. ft. top load washer with 8 cycles
7 cu. ft. dryer with Moisture sensor.
Front-load laundry pair with AST. 4 cu. ft.
washer. 10 wash cycles & direct-drive motor.
7.3 cu. ft. dryer with 6 drying options.
24999 $
21182/61182 Online 2621182 Yard Pro 22” front-wheel Craftsman® 21” push
Sears Reg. 1749.98 for the pair 49057/89057
drive lawn mower. Kohler lawner mower. 173 cc
enginer. Bag, mulch and Kohler OHV enginer.
side discharge. Sears Reg. 369.99 36947
Sears Reg. 449.99 36040

173 cc
7 ft. lb. of

If it is on sale at Sears, it’s on sale in Maple Ridge. Why cross the bridge?

Shopping Triple Tree
#10 - 20475 Lougheed Highway, Maple Ridge
203 St

Centre Regency Nursery

Centre Land
Between Triple Tree Nursery & Save-On-Foods 604-460-8077
Monday – Friday: 9:30–6:00 • Saturday: 9:30–5:00 • Sunday: Noon–4:00 Lougheed Hwy


i1 ,i
'$ 58i#438
" - # l2k% 23$23k

i1 ,ii
04 #i" !i273i7

+$&$-# 18k"4,,(-2£k/.6$1

28 -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- THE NEWS - www.mapleridgenews.com

/41"' 2$k%.1


3.k k1 ,k2+3
).#,5$%3 #/.35-%2#!3(





") 7%%+,9







i1 ,ii2+3i04 #i" !

k") 7%%+,9

4( 4(% /04





-.i"' 1&$


-.i"' 1&$i

www.mapleridgenews.com - THE NEWS -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- 29

Municipalities may get more slots

by J eff Nage l If just five per cent of
Black Press fans at a B.C. Lions game
came next door to the
casino after a game, he
The B.C. Lottery Corp. said, Edgewater would
may push to expand be near capacity.
gambling in cities like Port Moody Mayor Joe
Surrey, Port Moody or Trasolini denied his city
Abbotsford if a giant has expressed any inter- SPRING BREAK AT STAVE FALLS POWERHOUSE
and controversial casino est in opening a casino. 2 FOR 1 ADMISSION
expansion in downtown The City of Richmond
Vancouver next to B.C. earned $11.7 million in Located in the picturesque Fraser Valley, the Powerhouse at Stave Falls offers more
Place is rejected. 2009 from its share of than just beautiful scenery. It demonstrates how the power of water has helped to
CEO Michael Graydon casino revenue at River build a legacy of clean, reliable power for our province. This historic site has something
stresses the corpora- Black Press Rock – more than any exciting for everyone to experience.
tion is committed to the BCLC could push to expand gaming elsewhere if Vancou- other local city got from ã 7UDYHOEDFNLQWLPHE\YLHZLQJKLVWRULFYLGHRVDQGGLVSOD\VGHSLFWLQJOLIHLQ%&LQ
1,500-slot 150-table Edge- ver casino proposal is blocked. gambling. the 1900s
said other sites could gestions the new Van- ing of the Canada Line, Burnaby was close be- last century
be considered to tap an couver casino could suggesting a vastly hind at $10.3 million, ã 7DNHSDUWLQRXULQWHUDFWLYHJDPHVDQGOHDUQKRZWRFRQVHUYHHQHUJ\
additional $300 million drain gamblers and enhanced Edgewater followed by Coquitlam
a year gamblers are be- revenue from existing might reverse some of (Boulevard Casino) at This facility has full wheelchair accessibility.
lieved capable of spend- Metro Vancouver casi- that flow. $8.8 million, Vancouver Present this coupon and receive 2 for 1 admission!
ing in the Lower Main- nos, reducing the share “Possibly,” Graydon (Edgewater and Hast- Offer valid March 19-27, 2011.
of profits that flow to the said. “There will prob-

land. ings Park) at $7.6 million,
host cities. ably be some River Rock Open Wednesday to Sunday from 11am—4pm (closed on certain holidays),
“At this point, if the Langley (Cascades) at
casino is not approved, “We don’t anticipate customers and Grand $6.7 million, New West-
then the lease on the very much cannibaliza- Villa customers who de- minster (Starlight) at For more information please call 604 462 1222 or
existing facility is up in tion whatsoever,” he cide they want to come $6.1 million and Surrey visit bchydro.com/stavefalls
2013 and we’ll have to re- said. and check it out.” (Fraser Downs) at $2.9
view our plans in regard Great Canadian Gam- But he said most of the million.
to what options might lie ing, which runs River gains should be from BCLC reported a total
ahead,” he said.
“It may take Vancou-
Rock Casino Resort in
Richmond, has cred-
ited significant gains in
new gamblers already
being attracted to the
downtown entertain-
of $1.3 billion in revenue
from casinos in 2009, For breaking news, go to
ver out of the equation,”
Graydon said. “So we
would certainly need
patrons after the open- ment district.
with River Rock gener-
ating $225 million. www.mapleridgenews.com
to look to other munici-
palities in the GVRD and
surrounding area as po-
tential options.”
That could mean ex-
panding existing casinos
A Smile You
or slot-equipped com-
munity gaming centres,
or building new ones, he
Just Can’t Hide
“Surrey has already ASK US ABOUT
approved a community
gaming centre,” Gray-
don said, noting that will
be under construction “You’ll probably never be afraid
Maple Ridge has also to go to the dentist again.”
approved an expanded
gaming centre and con-
struction of a new road
Amalgam FREE Office!
through the site for it is
“Port Moody
come to us looking for
has New Patients
the opportunity to do
some gaming,” Graydon
added. “We have been
approached by munici- Dental Plans Accepted!
palities like Abbotsford
for expansion of gaming The health of Canadian women Mon - Sat 8-6
in that market poten- (with evening hours until 8 pm
tially.” just got a whole lot stronger.
Graydon said none of on Tues, Wed & Thurs)
the potential alterna- Introdduc
u ing Shoppers Drug Mart WOM MEN
EN, ou
o r Every 2nd Sunday 11-5
tives would present an
opportunity as “unique”
committmem nt to improving the health of Ca Canadian
and “phenomenal” as
the site flanked by the
women n in body, mind and spirit. Brou ough
ght to life Loose Denture?
through h five impactful programs created with We Cater
two Vancouver stadiums ask us about Implant
and next to two new ho- women’’s health experts, we’re co onnececting women
Supported Denture
To Cowards!
tels. to informa
mation and resources tha at wi
willll help ensure
Edgewater now earns
t eir health
th h only gets stronger. To le
n more pick up
close to $120 million a
year and Graydon esti- a brochure e at your local Shopp pper
e s Drug Mart or Dentistry For All Ages
mated the expanded ca- visit sh
s op
persdrugmart.ca/wome m n
sino’s take would jump Call now to book your appointment!
to $230 to $270 million.
Paragon Gaming, the
proponent, would also Shoppers Drug Mart WOMEN proudly supports:
pursue an aggressive
marketing campaign
to attract international
players, he said, adding
that could pull in anoth-
ValleyFair DENTAL
er $100 million within a
couple of years. #180 22709 Lougheed Hwy., Maple Ridge
Graydon rejected sug- Valley Fair Mall (behind London Drugs)
30 -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- THE NEWS - www.mapleridgenews.com
www.mapleridgenews.com - THE NEWS -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- 31

per cent can result in a the first 20 days of the

Roadside penalty appeals considered three-day driving ban,

a $200 “administrative
penalty” and another
$250 fee to have a driv-
er’s licence reinstated.
new rules. Pub and res-
taurant owners com-
plained that people
were afraid to have a
single drink after work,
considering is imple- fore any criminal code
menting a process charges and suspen- Drivers may also have and defence lawyers
so you have a certain sions that may also re- their car impounded said the government
amount of time to ap- sult. for three days. was giving police of-
peal the offence,” the A blood alcohol read- More than 1,400 driv- ficers too much discre-
statement said. “The ing in the “warn” range ers were hit with the tion to impose penal-
change would be simi- between 0.05 and 0.08 steeper penalties in ties.
lar to a traffic ticket,
where you either accept
or reject the claim, and
have a certain amount
of time to appeal the of-
Such a change would
have to be debated and
passed in the legisla-
ture to take effect.
Police in B.C. now

have the option of im-
posing an immediate
penalty on anyone who
Black Press files fails a roadside breath
Police in B.C. have wide discretion to impose fines and impound vehicles for suspect- test. Instead of issuing
ed impaired driving. a 24-hour suspension Drop by our new location to hear about our exciting offers for your next dream
or a formal impaired vacation! Meet the team, discover what we have to offer, and learn about the
ing B.C. the toughest Last week he told beneÄts of booking with us all while enjoying light refreshments!
by Tom Fletcher charge, police can im-
Black Press penalties for impaired Kamloops radio station pose a 90-day driving
driving and excessive CHNL that the govern- ban, a $500 fine and im- When: Saturday, March 12, 2011
speeding in Canada. ment is considering an pound the vehicle for 30 Where: Unit 8, 20475 Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge
VICTORIA – The B.C. After hundreds of driv- appeal period before days, with the owner on Located next to SEARS, between
government is consid- ers were fined and had fines or other penal- the hook for the towing Triple Tree Nursery & Save-On-Foods
ering an appeal period their vehicles seized, ties take effect. Cole- and storage charges. Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
for drivers facing steep Public Safety Minis- man wasn’t available The penalties mean
new roadside penalties ter Rich Coleman an- to elaborate, but his of- one failed roadside
imposed by police. nounced a review of fice issued a statement test could cost a driver www.cruiseshipcenters.ca/MapleRidge
Legislation took effect the new measures late later in the day. $3,750 before driving
last September, giv- last year. “One change we are again, and that is be-

3,000 distracted drivers caught in blitz Maple Ridge 8-20475 Lougheed Hwy. 604-465-7443
by J eff Nage l other handheld elec- them good ones. portant call and one
Black Press tronic devices during a “I was just on my woman told police she
month-long distracted way to buy a Bluetooth was “just telling my
driving enforcement [hands-free kit],” one husband to call back
Police nabbed more blitz in February. driver said. later because I’m driv-

than 3,000 drivers us- Officers heard plen- Another was afraid ing.”
ing cellphones and ty of excuses – none of of missing an im- See Driving, p32

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Acupuncture ROY SWARTZBERG or installed by us”
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B Since 1986 EY
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• Headache • Knee Pain I.C.B.C. Claims
• Carpal Tunnel • Neuralgia • Free Initial Consultation
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• Impaired Driving • Drug Offences
Dr. Muzaffar Mahmood
#204-2922 Glen Drive, Coquitlam
Registered Acupuncturist • Practice of Holistic Modalities
3-22722 Lougheed Hwy. • 604-466-2818 Tel: 604-945-2043 Fax: 604-945-2063 11868 216th Street, Maple Ridge 604-467-6474
Driving from p31

distracted driving law.

ists violating B.C.’s year-old
such a high number of motor-
said it’s disappointing to see
Services Supt. Mike Diack
RCMP E Division Traffic

he said.




MANUFACTURER REBATE ...........$6,000


THE NEW 2011 F-150
call or sent a text message,”
because you made a phone
injures or kills somebody
in a collision that seriously
anything if you are involved
“The excuses won’t mean








& GET UP TO $2,300


tance, he said.


32 -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- THE NEWS - www.mapleridgenews.com

2011 F-150



and given $167 fines in the
tracted drivers were busted
More than 2,200 of the dis-
to call for emergency assis-
making a handheld call is
The only valid reason for


MANUFACTURER REBATE ...........$7,000





In Partnership with

weren’t part of the blitz.

‘Excuses mean nothing if someone is killed’

contributing factor in 104 fa-
general duty officers who

say distracted driving was a

Despite the new law, RCMP
don’t count drivers caught by
Lower Mainland and the stats

2011 F-250






from the Retire Your Ride program, funded by the Government of Canada on qualifying vehicles
This offer is in addition to incentives currently offered when combined with the $300 available

of model year 1995 or older. Incentives range from $1000 to $2000. Visit www.ford.ca for details.
MANUFACTURER REBATE .............. $8,000‡




5,000 injuries each year.

were on Vancouver Island.

Besides the $167 fine for
15 were in the north and 14
30 were in southeastern B.C,
the Lower Mainland, while
tracted driving happened in
linked to inattentive or dis-
Forty-five of the deaths
and is blamed in another
tal crashes in B.C. last year


WISE BUYERS READ THE LEGAL COPY: Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offers. Offers may be cancelled at any time without notice. Factory order or dealer transfer may be required. See your Ford Dealer for complete details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. **Offer valid from February 1, 2011 to March 31, 2011 (the “Program Period”). Receive $1,000CDN towards select Ford Custom truck accessories, excluding factory-installed accessories/options (“Accessories”), with the purchase or lease of a new 2010/2011 Ford F-150 (excluding Raptor), 2011 Ranger or 2011

Super Duty delivered or factory ordered during the Program Period (the “Offer”). Offer is subject to vehicle and Accessory availability. Offer is not redeemable for cash and can only be applied towards eligible Accessories. Any unused portions of the Offer are forfeited. Total Accessories may exceed $1,000CDN. Only one (1) Offer may be applied toward the purchase or lease of an eligible vehicle. This Offer can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford of Canada at the time of factory order or delivery, but not both. This Offer is not combinable with CPA, GPC, Daily
Rental Allowances, the Commercial Connection Program or the Commercial Fleet Incentive Program (CFIP). Limited time offer. Offer may be cancelled at any time without notice. Some conditions apply. Offer available to residents of Canada only. See Dealer for details. ‡Receive $1,000/$1,500/$3,500/$4,000/$4,500/$5,500/$6,000/$7,000/$8,000 in Manufacturer Rebates with the purchase or lease of a new 2011 Ranger Super Cab XL, Ranger Regular Cab, F-350 – F-550 Chassis Cabs/Transit Connect/Mustang V6 (excluding value leader)/Fusion (excluding S)/Mustang GT, Taurus (excluding SE)/
Ranger Super Cab (excluding XL), Expedition/F-150 Regular Cab (excluding XL 4x2)/F-150 (excluding Regular Cab)/F-250 – F-450 (excluding Chassis Cabs). All GT500, F-150 Raptor and Medium Truck models are excluded. This offer can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford of Canada at either the time of factory order or delivery, but not both. Manufacturer Rebates are not combinable with any fleet consumer incentives. #Offer valid from Feb. 1/11, to Mar. 31/11 (the “Offer Period”). Customers who purchase finance or lease most new 2010 or 2011 Ford F-150
(excluding Raptor and 2011 Regular Cab XL 4x2) (each an “Eligible Vehicle”) and finance through Ford Credit, Canada will receive $1000 (the “Offer”). The new vehicle must be delivered and/or factory ordered from your participating Ford dealer during the Offer Period. Only one (1) Offer may be applied towards the purchase or lease of one (1) Eligible Vehicle, up to a maximum of two (2) separate Eligible Vehicle sales per customer. This offer can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford of Canada at the time of either factory order or delivery, but not both. This
offer is not combinable with CPA, GPC, CFIP, FALS or Daily Rental Allowance incentives. Customer may use the Offer amount as a down payment or choose to receive a rebate cheque from Ford of Canada, but not both. Taxes payable before Offer amount is deducted. *Cash purchase a new 2011 Ranger Sport Super Cab XLT 4X2 / 2011 F-150 Super Cab XLT 4X4 / 2011 F-250 Super Cab XLT 4X4 Western Edition for $14,999 / $30,499 / $37,499. Taxes payable on full amount of purchase price after Manufacturer Rebate of $6,000 / $7,000 / $8,000 deducted. Offers include freight and air tax of $1,450 / $1,550 /
$1,550 but exclude variable charges of license, fuel fill charge, insurance, registration, PPSA, administration fees, any environmental charges or fees, and all applicable taxes. All prices are based on Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. †Max. horsepower of 411 and max. torque of 434 lb-ft on F-150 6.2L V8 engine. Class is Full–Size Pickups under 8,500 lbs GVWR vs. 2011/2010 comparable competitor engines. ††When properly equipped. Max. towing of 11,300 lbs with 3.5L EcoBoost and 6.2L 2 valve V8 engines. Max. payload of 3,060 lbs with 3.5L EcoBoost and 5.0L Ti-VCT V8 engines. Class is Full-Size
Pickups under 8,500 lbs GVWR vs. 2010/2011 competitors. †††Class is Full-Size Pickups under 8,500 lbs. GVWR, non-hybrid. Estimated fuel consumption ratings for the 2011 F-150 4X2 3.7L V6 Automatic and SST: 12.8L/100km city and 8.9L/100km hwy based on Transport Canada approved test methods. Actual fuel consumption may vary based on road conditions, vehicle loading and driving habits. ▼Program in effect from Jan. 4/11, to Mar. 31/11 (the “Program Period”). To qualify for a Ford Recycle Your Ride Program (“RYR”) rebate (“Rebate(s)”), customer must qualify for and take part in either
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condition which has been registered and insured for the last 6 months to an authorized recycler. If a customer qualifies for Car Heaven or Retire Your Ride, Ford of Canada (“Ford”) will provide an additional Rebate, with the purchase or lease of an eligible new 2010 F-150/2011 Ford or Lincoln vehicle (excluding all Fiesta, Ranger and Medium Truck models), in the amount of $1,000CDN [Focus (excluding 2011 S), Fusion (excluding 2011 S), Taurus (excluding 2011 SE), Mustang (excluding GT500, Boss 302, and 2011 Value Leader), Transit Connect (excluding EV), Escape (excluding 2011 XLT I4 Manual),
Edge (excluding 2011 SE), Flex (excluding 2011 SE)] or $2,000CDN [Explorer (excluding 2011 Base models), Sport Trac, F-150 (excluding Raptor and 2011 Regular Cab XL 4X2), F-250 to F-550, E-Series, Expedition, MKZ, MKS, MKX, MKT, Navigator] (each an “Eligible Vehicle”). Taxes payable before Rebate amount is deducted. RYR Rebates are available to residents of Canada only excluding Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory, and Nunavut. Eligible Vehicle must be purchased, leased, or factory ordered during the Program Period to qualify for a Rebate. Rebates can be used in conjunction with most retail
consumer offers made available by Ford at either the time of factory order or delivery, but not both. Rebates not available on any vehicle receiving CPA, GPC, Commercial Connection, or Daily Rental Rebates and Commercial Fleet Incentive Program (CFIP). Limited time offer, see dealer for details or call Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. © 2011 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. All rights reserved.
vices, even with hands-free
from using all electronic de-
censing Program are banned
Drivers in the Graduated Li-
if they’re caught texting or
ICBC driver penalty points
tors can also be given three
device while driving, viola-
handheld use of an electronic
www.mapleridgenews.com - THE NEWS -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- 33

Community Calendar

ommunity Calendar lists Greg Moore Youth Centre (11925 sion by donation. This month’s drew at 604-460-0339 or at on the last Friday of the month. and residents at the hospital. • Ridge Meadows Hospice
events in Maple Ridge and Haney Place, Maple Ridge). topic is “Is there an erosion of ansthom@aol.com For information and meeting Paperback donations can be Society is hosting Meat Draws at
Pitt Meadows. Notices are • Gone Hooking, a traditional relationships?” Moderator is Brad • The Ridge Meadows Ex- location call Art at 604-462-9813 dropped off at the volunteer the Jolly Coachman Pub, 19167
free to local non-profit groups rug hooking group, meets at Warner. Service Women’s Association or Don at 604-329-9760. resources office Monday to Friday Ford Road, Pitt Meadows, every
courtesy of The News. Drop off the Lion’s Den from 10 a.m. to 2 • Village Assist Ridge is holding their regular monthly • Ridge Meadows Hospital between the hours of 8 a.m. and Saturday. Draw times at 4:30
details to 22328 119 Ave., fax to p.m. at 12479 Harris Road, Pitt Meadows will have its annual meeting at noon, at the Maple is currently seeking donations 4 p.m. Email rmhvolunteerser- p.m. and 5:30 p.m. All proceeds
604-463-4741 or e-mail events@ Meadows. Beginners classes can general meeting at 730 p.m. at Ridge Royal Canadian Legion, of current, used paperbacks vices@fraserhealth.ca for more go to support the Hospice society
mapleridgenews.com at least a be arranged. Visitors welcome. the Ramada in Pitt Meadows. 12101 224th Street. Sandwich in good condition for patients information. programs.
week before the event. Include a For further info please call There will be vote to voluntarily lunch provided for social hour.
contact name and number. (No Freda Jackson 604-463-0043 or revoke our charitable status to Business begins at 1 p.m.


submissions by phone.) Listings email freda33@telus.net close the charity. Please come by
appear as space permits. For guar- • Maple Ridge Parkinson’s for one last meeting to wrap up Friday, March 11
anteed publication, ask our classi- Support Group meets from 1 to the society. For more informa- • A fundraising concert for
fied department at 604-467-1122 3 p.m. at the Ridge Meadows Se- tion, call Daughty at 604-465- La Chorale Française, a group of
about non-profit rates. nior Centre. This meeting is open 6876. 50 elementary-school children
to all persons with Parkinson’s, • The Maple Ridge Public from local French Immersion pro-
Wednesday, March 9 their caregivers, families, and Library will be hosting It Won’t grams, accompanied by Collage,
• The Kanaka Education friends. For more information Byte at the Ridge Meadows a 10-voice ensemble. Refresh-
and Environmental Partner- please contact Peta Purdy at 604- Seniors Centre from 3:30 to 5:30 ments to follow. St. Andrew’s
ship Society will be presenting
a slide show of the flora and
463-1332, pppcoco@gmail.com
• Kanaka Creek Coffee
p.m. Bring your cell phones,
PDAs, hand held GPS or any other
United Church, 22165 Dewdney
Trunk Road, Maple Ridge. Call
fauna of the Kanaka Creek wa- hosts an open mic/stage night, hand-held tech toy you may have 604-466-4859 for more info. EVENING
tershed at their annual general featuring local singers/songwrit- to the Seniors Centre and let
meeting at 7 p.m. in the Fraser ers Caden Knudson and Alex the technically gifted members Ongoing Discover the soul of Russia as you experience legendary cities rich in culture,
Room of Maple Ridge Library. Smeding from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. of the library’s student council • Grace Community Church tradition and royalty. Sail through Egypt and marvel at lush oases, modern cities,
Everyone is welcome to join the No. 101 24155 102nd Avenue, explain how they work and in Pitt Meadows presents desert hills, and ancient temples and pyramids. Wherever you desire to go,
evening’s celebration of beautiful Maple Ridge. Call 604-463-6727 what they do. Please register for “Coffee, Tea, ‘n Much More” every Uniworld River Cruises will take you there up close and personal. Sailing on 12
rivers in 20 countries accross 4 continents.
Kanaka Creek while finding out for more information. this program at the Main Floor Thursday from 10 to 11:30 a.m.
ways one can become involved. Information Desk of the Maple This event is for ladies to come
When: March 15, 2011
• The Ridge Meadows Com- Thursday, March 10 Ridge Public Library, or call 604- together, share, build friendships,
Where: The Clubhouse @ Windsor Oak Townhouse
munity Action Team is hosting • The Alouette Field 467-7417. enjoy crafts, beauty, baking tips,
19160 - 119 Avenue, Pitt Meadows
a free public event from 6 to 9:30 Naturalists hold their monthly • Do you have a fear of and keeping fit. Event is free
Time: 7:00 PM
p.m. to raise awareness on the meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the Public Speaking? Blue Heron and no registration required. For
issue of sexual exploitation of Senior’s Centre, 12150 - 224th Toastmasters meets from 7:30 to more information, call Lois at
children and youth in our com- Street. All welcome. Phone 9:30 p.m. at Pitt Meadows City 604-941-3543. RSVP: 604-465-7443 or mapleridge@cruiseshipcenters.com
munities. The evening will begin Duanne at 604-463-8743 for Hall. Come and sit in a meeting • The Hominum Fraser
with a Candle Light Walk around more information. as our guest. Watch training in Valley Chapter is a support and
Memorial Peace Park (11900 • The ACT is hosting the SFU public speaking, leadership roles discussion group to help gay, bi-
224th Street, Maple Ridge) fol- Philosophers’ Cafe in the Arts and how to run a meeting. Our sexual and questioning men with
lowed by a safety presentation, Centre and Theatre lobby at 7 fun and no pressure atmosphere the challenges of being married,
“Parenting in a Cyber Age” at the p.m., 11944 Haney Place. Admis- will amaze you! Contact An- separated or single. Meetings
Maple Ridge 604-465-7443

Some Shoes Need Filling

Newspaper Carriers Needed
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Join our team today!
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34 -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- THE NEWS - www.mapleridgenews.com

THE NEWS/arts&life
Section coordinator:
Monisha Martins
604-467-1122 ext. 217

Piping for St. Pat’s party

Nigel Tucker and the Navvies will lead a celebra-
tions with the Mission Pipe Band at the ACT
by M o n i s h a M a r t i n s
staff reporter

igel Tucker fingers fly as he plays a tune on his tin
whistle. Indigenous to the British Isles, the simple six-
hole flute emits a trill that makes your toes tingle and
feet tap. It’s a sound that makes Tucker smile.
He knows these tunes about long voyages, incessant wars,
love, loss and loneliness paint a picture and conjure a mood
like no other.
“I believe firmly that if a country’s traditional music is
lost, so is most of its history,” says Tucker, a Welshman
by decent, who has a penchant for Irish ditties.
Keeping that history alive through music - be it tales
about Canadians, the English, Irishmen or Scots - is
much more than a task for Tucker.
It’s a passion, one that’s made him a walking encyclo-
paedia of folk music facts.
He can reach back into the 1950s for songs by British
folk singer Ewen McColl and Newfoundland’s Ryan’s
Fancy or savor the melodies of contemporary Canadian
folk musicians such as Tiller’s Folly and Great Big Sea.
To stoke his passion, he must share it and that’s exact-
ly why Tucker organizes Celtic jam sessions at the ACT
and has recruited his friends to play at an upcoming St.
Patrick’s day party.
“I think it’s unfortunate that young people today aren’t
as interested in traditional music as they should be,”
Tucker laments, adding that they perhaps don’t know
what they are missing. Colleen Flanagan/THE NEWS
I guess I’m drawn to the music because it celebrates Nigel Tucker and his band the Navvies play at a St. Patrick’s celebration on March 18 in Maple Ridge.
family, says Tucker whose passion for music was fanned
early on by his dad.
“It’s music about people facing struggles, conquering first exposed to the music of his heritage along mandolin, banjo, and can make the rafters roar at
them and sticking together through it all.” The Navvies about the time he was learning to talk. Tam plays the drop of a shillelagh.
And there’s lots of songs about drinking and having a The name “navvy”, comes from “navigators” - what guitar, mandolin, bass, some banjo, and has been Shelly Gordy, happened to join the group when
good time. scornful sailors called the Irish families who fled
“The main thing about traditional music is, it’s fun,”
singing Celtic music of all varieties for over thirty one of the founding members left the band.
the famines of the 19th century, travelling as illegal years. She provides the occasional vocal and plays the
adds Tucker. “If you ignore the fun, the fun comes along
and hits you in the face.”
aliens in the bowels of wooden ships. The Navvies, Nigel Tucker, born and raised in Great Britain, bodran drum and other percussion.
• Join Nigel Tucker and the Navvies for a St. Patrick’s with their love of Celtic music of all descriptions, pay has both learned and taught the music of the Adrian Duncan, is the newest member of the
Day celebration at the ACT on Friday, March 18 at 8 p.m. tribute to the dreams and daring of their ancestry. British Isles for as long as he can remember. Nigel group. He plays the flute, guitar, and octave
The Mission Pipe Band will also play at the event. Tick- Tam Gordy, grandson of Celtic immigrants, was plays flute, tin whistle, bodhran drum, guitar, mandolin. And sings mainly Celtic music.
ets are $15.

Young Pitt Meadows actor guest stars in two TV shows this spring
Connor Levins gets roles in End Game and Mr. Young
Pitt Meadows Connor Levins hits the airwaves this month af-
ter snagging guest roles in two TV series set to premiere this
The young actor plays Keaton Hart, a young boy who is kid-
napped in the first episode of the TV drama End Game, which
airs on Showcase on March 14.
He also plays a seven year old in the Disney series Mr. Young,
a comedic half-hour sitcom that centers on a child prodigy who
went to university at the age of nine.
End Game is an original series about a brilliant chess master.
Traumatized by the murder of his fiancé, Arkady Balagan has
become a prisoner in his luxury Vancouver hotel, terrified to
step outside. To pay his bill, Balagan starts solving mysteries,
using an unlikely band of hotel employees and chess fanatics
to do his legwork. Arrogant, brilliant and charismatic, the Rus-
sian-born Balagan is able to envision his unknown opponent’s
motives and moves. He imagines events, interviews the living
and the dead, and runs conflicting scenarios all in his head.
Levins, 11, says it was a challenge to imagine he was being
“I knew it was all fake so it wasn’t scary,” said Levins who
attends Pitt Meadows Elementary School. He filmed Mr. Young
in front of a live audience. “That got me really nervous but after
a couple of takes, I was fine,” said Levins, who has been acting THE NEWS/files
since he was two. Connor Levins, 11 has been acting since he was two.
www.mapleridgenews.com - THE NEWS -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- 35


at the

Jailhouse Rock rocks ACT with her boyfriend. Johnny witnesses

Girls Night
in Vegas!
Elvis classic and impersonator the breakup and develops a “Burning
in this dance production Love” after coming to her rescue. Ma- WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 2011 11944 Haney Place,
rie soon becomes more than just “His SWAN-E-SET BAY RESORT Maple Ridge, BC
See one of North America’s top Elvis Latest Flame”. The attraction is mutu- & COUNTRY CLUB
impersonators at the ACT in Maple al as Johnny asks Marie “(Won’t You) Norman Foote
Ridge this week in the explosive dance Wear My Ring Around your Neck.” SOCIAL HOUR: 6PM
DINNER: 7PM with Highland
theatre production Jailhouse Rock. Johnny’s commitment is put the test
Jailhouse Rock follows the story of however when he finds himself seri- Park &
renowned jailbird Johnny B. Goode. ously tempted by Vegas’ top show girl, Pitt Meadows
Johnny’s hip-swinging, break dancing Lucinda, the “Devil in Disguise”. He Come have a 3-course meal for a Elementary
antics to such Elvis classics as “Jail- “Can’t Help Falling in Love” with both charitable deal, join friends, have some Wed, Mar. 9, 7pm
house Rock” and “Blue Suede Shoes” women and though he tries to repair fun - there’s a Vegas-trip to be won!
will get you “All Shook Up” in your the relationship with his one true love Find a full casino with prizes galore, so
seats and in the aisles. While the war- Marie, his antics have left nothing but After Hours
play, bet, donate and score.
den has had his share of “Trouble” “Suspicious Minds”. Lobby Events
Then tackle the auction or reverse
with Johnny, this well-liked jailbird Alienated and alone, Johnny ends up draw, to win cash, show tickets and Philosopher’s
and his dancing jailhouse buddies at “Heartbreak Hotel down on Lone- more... your help is needed, so come Café
heat up the cell block as Johnny is is- some Street in Act Three. Johnny take part, and dress for Vegas: sleek Thurs,
sued his release papers in the opening “Feels So Bad”. He realizes the mis- and smart!
act. take he’s made. Searching for “Any-
Mar. 10, 7pm
Upon his release, and feeling like
he’s “Got A Lot of Living to Do”, John-
thing That’s Part of You”, Johnny feels
more like a “Hound Dog” as he laments IN A TRIP TO Friday Night
ny heads straight for the lights of Las “Put the Blame On Me”. Before long, W Dance
Vegas. Act Two finds Johnny jazzing Johnny finds Marie alone and “Crying With Robyn Picard
it up “Viva Las Vegas” style to the live In the Chapel” where he assures her, Fri, Mar. 11, 7pm
vocalizations of renowned Elvis Trib- “(You Were) Always On My Mind.”
ute Artist “Ben ‘Preslee’ Klein”. • Jailhouse Rock supports Big Broth-
In the glam and glitter of a Las Ve- ers and Big Sisters. The show plays Jailhouse Rock
gas nightclub Marie, the most beauti- the ACT in Maple Ridge on Saturday, Sat, Mar. 12,
ful girl Johnny has ever seen, argues March 12 at 7:30 p.m. 7:30pm
For ticket information about this important annual charity event please contact:
Brenda Exner @ (604) 603-8043 Jan Hickman @ (604) 828-3445 Jane Coop
Stage directing workshop Sat, Mar. 12,
Gallery 7 Theatre and Per- theatre artist, Arnett is a Soroptimist International After Hours
forming Arts Society hosts native of West Virginia,
its final workshop of the U.S.A. He has been on the Ride Meadows Lobby Events
season - Directing for the faculty of Trinity West- Open Mic Night
Stage - this week. ern University Theatre in “Improving the Lives of with United
With this workshop, par- Langley since 1991. Women and Girls” Circle of Arts
ticipants will have the op- In 20 years at TWU he
portunity to explore both has produced over 130 Society
basic and advanced skills in shows, directed 40, de- Women’s Opportunity Award Tues, Mar. 15, 7pm
directing. signed sets for 22 and
Topics to be discussed in- written 13. Most recent-
Recipient for 2010 Maple Ridge
clude research processes, Arnett ly, he directed Jeffrey Art Gallery
text analysis, collaborating Hatcher’s Scotland Road, Presented to...
with actors and designers, his own work, Angels,
Return of the
developing a rehearsal schedule,
implementing effective rehearsal
the musical Cotton Patch Gospel,
Molière’s Tartuffe, David Auburn’s
Moira Korchinski On Now
Left to right: Award recipient Moira
techniques and generally trans- Proof, Halo by Canadian dramatist of Maple Ridge Korchinski and SI Ridge Meadows
Until – Mar. 26
forming ideas in to reality. Josh Macdonald and Larry Shue’s Free Exhibit open
President, Eileen English
“This is a great workshop for those The Foreigner. Tues. – Sat.
working in church, school and com- Directing for the Stage runs Satur- On behalf of the members of Soroptimist International Ridge Meadows, 11am to 4pm
munity theatre settings,” explains day, March 12 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. we want to congratulate Moira Korchinski on winning this award. She is
Ken Hildebrandt, the company’s It costs $65 per person and includes a very deserving recipient and here’s why.
artistic director. “Even actors will the workshop, a snack, bottled wa- Register
benefit by exploring the playmak- ter and a light lunch. It will be held Moira is a mom of four and grandmother of one. Over the years she has Now for
ing process from a completely dif- at the MEI Theatre, 4081 Clear- had to endure many, many challenges, including abuse and addiction Spring Arts
ferent perspective.” brook Road in Abbotsford. Space is in her life and yet her perseverance, positive attitude and empathetic
Leading the all-day workshop is limited so people are encouraged to disposition has helped her overcome some of her traumatic past.
theatre director, producer, actor register early. To register for the Currently, Moira spends much of her time volunteering with many Come to
and professor, Dr. Lloyd Arnett. course, call 604-504-5940 or visit of society’s down and out citizens and is able to get them to see the The ACT to
A Christian-humanist scholar and www.gallery7theatre.com. positivity of life. Despite the many obstacles and judgements placed in pick up a
front of her, Moira continually finds the positive to carry on and move programs guide
forward. She is truly an inspiration for other women. Moira’s career goals
Musicians needed for are to obtain a B.A. in Social Work so she can help other women and
children overcome traumatic abuse and addiction.
This is the second year that the Ridge Meadows Club has had the Monday and Wednesday

summer Music on the Wharf privilege of awarding a local resident the Women’s Opportunity Award.
This award provides women, who serve as the primary wage earner for
their family, with financial resources to offset costs associated with their
10 am to 9 pm
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
and Saturday: 10am - 5pm
Sunday: Closed
The Maple Ridge Historical So- Interested groups should also sub- Call or visit the
ciety is looking for musicians and mit the following information: efforts to attain higher education or additional skills and training.
ACT Ticket Centre to
bands to perform at its Music on the • Name of group and contact infor- The Women’s Opportunity Award for 2011 will be awarded in February purchase tickets.
Wharf concert series this summer. mation; of 2012 and we will be accepting applications in the Fall of 2011. If (604) 476-ARTS (2787)
Music on the Wharf Concert Se- • Brief resume of performances; you know of someone that you feel is deserving, please contact us at Ticket prices include taxes & fees
ries is a unique performance op- • Brief group biography; 604.463.2221 for more information. www.theactmapleridge.org
portunity held on the Port Haney • Sound recording with at least
Wharf. In its 15th year, the concert three selections. MONTHLY MEETINGS MEMBERSHIP INQUIRIES
series is well-established and well- Performances will take place July are held the second Tuesday of Email
attended. 11, 25 and August 8, 22. every month (except July and August) Membership Committee Chair at
Interested groups should meet the Submission deadline is April 1 by Time: 7:15pm siridgemeadows@soroptimist.net
sponsored by the:
following requirements: 4 p.m. Submissions must be sent to Location: 19225-119th Avenue, SPONSORSHIP INQUIRIES

Serving Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows since 1978

• Be established with proven per- the Music on the Wharf Committee, Pitt Meadows, BC Call Eileen
formance record; 22520-116th Avenue, Maple Ridge, To attend as a guest call 604.463.2221 English at 604.463.2221
• Have their own instruments and B.C. V2X 0S4 or emailed to mrmcu- Volunteer at the ACT.
Soroptimist International Western Region Website: Call Landrie:
equipment for performance. rator@uniserve.com. www.wcsoroptimist.org (604)476-2786
36 -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- THE NEWS - www.mapleridgenews.com


Local artists invited to Symphony of Colours on display at New Creations

submit for regional exhibit Show features soul the spiritual values by Birthplace of B.C.
Maple Ridge Art Gallery invites local artists to that emerge into his art- Gallery and is a member
submit work a new regional art exhibition. landscapes by work. of Garibaldi Art Club in
Most of Gligor’s paint- Maple Ridge, as well as
The first Fraser Valley Regional Biennale (FV
Biennale) will celebrate and explore local visual
Victor Gligor ings are created in one a member of Federation
art-making and creative production. Work in all sitting because of “an of Canadian Artists
mediums is eligible, including painting, drawing, Maple Ridge artist impatience to transfer • The show is at the
installation photography, sculpture, printmak- Victor Gligor returns his charge on the can- gallery until March 31.
ing, video, film, fibre, wood and pottery. to the New Creations vas without stepping New Creations is lo-
This group exhibition, featuring works of art Art Gallery with a new out of the experience or cated at 22409 McIntosh
and fine art craft, will open on June 24 at the show titled Symphony the emotion.” Avenue in Maple Ridge
Maple Ridge Art Gallery and run until July 30. of Colours, featuring a “The main objective (off 224th Street, behind
The Reach Gallery Museum in Abbotsford and selection of his land- of my paintings is to Jim’s Pizza).
Mission, as well as art councils in Abbotsford and scape paintings. capture colours, forms,
Langley are also participating. Opening and clos- Born in Bucharest, mood and atmosphere.
ing dates will vary amongst the participating art Romania, Gligor moved I invite viewers to par-
galleries, but the deadline for all submissions is to Sibiu, one of the most ticipate emotionally in
April 29. beautiful cities in Tran- discovering the beauty,
• The FV Biennale artist call with submission sylvania, at the age of majesty and unique-
details is available in hard copy at all the ven- five. ness of nature using
ues and can be found online at www.theactma- He discovered he had their own imagination,”
pleridge.org/gallery. Call 604-476-4241 to have a a talent for painting he says.
copy mailed. early on and enrolled “Nature has always
himself in the School of energized me: the
Art, hoping to pursue a movement of a lake,
Info session future as an artist. the imposing presence
of trees or mountains,
Although he dreamed
The Maple Ridge Art Gallery will hold an information session of being an artist, Gligor it feeds my entire
for interested artists to learn about the exhibition and get was steered towards a spirit and inspires me
answers to questions regarding the submission process on career in engineering. to channel my percep-
Monday, March 14 at 7 p.m. in the Genstar Theatre at The ACT, He never lost his pas- tions onto my work. In
11944 Haney Place. For more information, call Barbara Duncan sion for painting and nature, I can retrace
at 604-476-4240 or email barbarad@mract.org. the nature of the land- personal memories, I
scapes sealed in his find the most amazing
colours and perfect im-
perfections and I feel

Home is where your Heart is.

compelled to share my
experience with every-
one through my paint-
ings.” Contributed
Gligor is represented (From top) Victor Gligor paintings titled Spirit Island and North Alouette Lake.

Be a part of your community paper.

Comment online.

Jane Coop
Presented in Association with v
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Maple Ridge Music Society


14,020 kids in
Maple Ridge
need a
Sign up by
Sign up by Sign up by to stand
April 30 and May 31 and June 30 and behind them.
save up to save up to save up to
$8000!* $6000!* $4000!* Find out why.
Offer applies to Independent and Assisted Living Suites only.
*Sign up with deposit by April 30th and receive 3 months rent free (valued up to $8000). Sign up and place a deposit
by May 31st and save up to 2 months rent (valued up to $6000.00). Sign up and place a deposit by June 30th and save #RITICALLY ACCLAIMED#ANADIANPIANIST Saturday,
March 12
up to 1 month free rent (value up to $4000.00). Resident must move in within two months of signing.
Please join us Saturday, March 19th, 1- 4 pm ONEOFHERCOUNTRY´SMOSTPROMINENT 8:30pm
to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day & Open Doors ANDDISTINGUISHED ---------------
and to view our suites. Adults $27
Students $20
Call Jane for more information THEBOXOF½CEATORVISIT
or to arrange a personal visit.
604.764.8877 (ANEY0LACE
22141-119th Avenue -APLE2IDGE "#68'
mapleridgeseniorsvillage.com WWWTHEACTMAPLERIDGEORG
www.mapleridgenews.com - THE NEWS -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- 37

Meadowridge School
We offer our thanks to our 2011 Gala volunteers, donors and sponsors
for making this years Gala a huge success on February 26th

Evening of Wonder Ballroom Sponsors Chesire Cat Circle Sponsors Friends Of Alice
($5,000 and above) ($1,000 +)
Mr. Gye Ju Lee & Ms. Whal Ran Park
Lordco Parts Ltd. Mr. Wayne Kuan & Ms. Tracy Lu Mr. Sung Ho Lee & Mrs. Kyoung Bong Park
Mr. Yanchuan (Steve) Guo Mr. Doug Spence Mr. Bokshin Ahn & Mrs. Mihyun Noh
Meyers, Norris, Penny LLP Mr. Soowhan Han & Mrs. Chaeryang Han
Mr. & Mrs. Julian & Marilyn Turner Mr. Sung-Yoon Kang & Mrs. Ru-Ri Yoo
Queen of Hearts Sponsors Alouette Animal Hospital - Dr. Michael Orser Mr. Sun Yub Kim & Mrs. Yae Che Yoon
($2,500 +)
Mr. Bong Hyun Cho & Mrs. Yung Hwa Cho
Lynch Bus Lines
Mad Hatter Sponsors Mr. Jong Suk Jin & Mrs. Shin Sook Park
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Mr. Min Su Ahn & Mrs. Hyun Kyung Kim
Down The Rabbit Hole Sponsors Expert Electric Ltd. (The Brunetta Family) Mr. & Mrs. Jung Jin & Eun Jung Kim
($1,500 +) Mr. Kyung Jin Lee & Mrs. Ji Young Park
Mr. Terry Passley - Coldwell Banker Tri-Tel Realty
Ms. Glenda Mensah Mr. Hyeok-Sang Kwon & Mrs. Ji-Yeon Ahn
Dr. Michael G. Herberts Mr. Saewoo Oh & Mrs. Jinhee Lee
Johnston Meier Insurance Agencies MIchael & Young Fly Shop
The Hagberg Family Mr. Jong Yeol Na & Mrs. Hae Sook Moon
The Noel / Nice Family Mr. Jongchul Hwang & Mrs. Julia Oh

A special thank you to The Maherali Family Mr. Oh Hyon Kwon & Mrs. JiSoo Jeon
Bank of Montreal Mr. Soo Kyeom Lee & Mrs. Mun Hee Chae
The Bickle Sisters Mr. Yun Jin Jang & Mrs. Yu Kyung Lee

our event supporters Halperns Uniforms Mr. & Mrs. Jae Pil & Yun Jung Kim
Mr. & Mrs. Hyung Jae & Bokhee Im
Pocket Watch Sponsors Mr. & Mrs. Pete & Amy Kim
($250 +) Mr. Young Je Oh & Mrs. Mihye Lee
Mr. Sung Ho Park &
Mr. Floyd Liberty & Ms. Pamela Tufts Mrs. Eun-Young Choi
WTTU Black Belt Academy and Karate Mr. Saewoo Oh & Mrs. Jinhee Lee
For Kids Ltd. Mr. & Mrs. John & Belinda Tsen
Scotiabank, Langley Banking Centre Mr. Roy Choi & Mrs. Jeong-Mi Ryu
Mr. & Mrs. Jagdip & Gurpreet Bal Mr. & Mrs. Scott & Lisa Park
Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Cherie Harbour Mr. Scott Quendack
Mr. & Mrs. Herm & Rita Rai

School Open House Tours every Friday school is in session from 9am - 11am.
Limited seats remain. Apply today to avoid disappointment!

12224 - 240th Street, Maple Ridge, BC

Main: (604) 467-4444 Admissions: (604) 476-3046
w w w. m e a d o w r i d g e . b c . c a
38 -- Wednesday,
y March 9, 2011 -- THE NEWS - www.mapleridgenews.com
www.mapleridgenews.com - THE NEWS -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- 39

THE NEWS/sports
Section coordinator:
Robert Mangelsdorf
604-467-1122 ext. 216

swept by
The Vancouver North
East Chiefs ended their
season Saturday after a
second straight loss to
the Valley West Hawks,
eliminating them from
the B.C. Hockey Major
Midget League postsea-
The Maple Ridge-
based Chiefs lost 7-0 to Group
the Hawks Friday night
in the first game of their
best-of-three playoff se- Teammates help Vincent
ries, before falling 7-3 on Timperio, in net for the
Saturday. Dolphins, make a save
Both games were held during a U-9 soccer game
at the Langley Events against the Force on Sun-
Centre. day at the Pitt Meadows
The Hawks didn’t
waste anytime Friday, as
Athletic Fields during
they opened a 3-0 lead in the Pitt Meadows Soccer
the span of four minutes Jamboree. Boys’ teams
in the first period. in the U-8, U-9 and U-10
Another glut of goals divisions competed over
in the second saw the the weekend, with girls’
Hawks build an insur- teams to compete this
mountable 6-0 lead head- weekend.
ing into the final frame,
which they added to in Colleen Flanagan/THE NEWS
the final minute of the
The Chiefs came out
determined not to be
sent home Saturday
night, and opened the
scoring 12 minutes into
the first period on a goal
Marauders headed to provincials
from Jacob Wensley.
However, it would be
Pitt Meadows takes fifth at defence,” said Marauders coach
Rich Goulet. “They are just so huge
neck late in the second when Gou-
let told leading scorer Malcolm Wil-
Valley North league rivals Glenea-
gle in their final game of the tour-
all Hawks for the rest Fraser Valley Championships that they can cover so much of the liams to take control of the game. nament, a 56-36 win. Williams had
of the game, specifically court.” “I told him this is going to be your 29 points, while Trevor Severinski
Trevor Cox, who scored by R o b e r t M a n g e l s d o r f The loss meant Pitt had to win out last game if you don’t get it going,” had 11 points and 14 rebounds.
four goals to end the staff reporter the rest of the tournament to avoid Goulet said. This year marks the 12th time
Chiefs playoff hopes. being eliminated. Williams heard loud and clear, since 1989 Goulet has taken the Pitt
Joey Santucci and “There was a little bit of nervous- as he led the team on a 28-4 run, team to the B.C. finals. However, it
Dominic Centis added The Pitt Meadows Marauders Air ness, I think,” said Goulet. “Mainly scoring a game-high 33 points in will be the first time the team will
goals in the third, with Force are headed to the 2011 B.C. on my part.” the process. Matt Blackaby had 11 be able to play so close to home,
Nick Hermany, Tyler AAA Boys’ High School Basketball Things didn’t look good for the points as the Marauders ran away with the tournament being held
Martin, Daniel Del Bian- Championships for the second year Marauders early in their next game with the game 72-47. at the Langley Events Centre this
co, and Matthew Bisset in a row after finishing fifth at the on Thursday against Enver Creek. Williams had another strong per- year, just over the Golden Ears
picking up assists. Fraser Valley finals last weekend. The team found itself down 0-9 formance Friday against the Fleet- Bridge.
The Hawks advance to The tournament got off to a to start the game before the team wood Park Dragons, scoring 27 • The provincial finals get under-
the BCMML semifinals rocky start for the Marauders, who woke up to go on a 13-2 run to take points in the 79-65 Marauders win. way Tuesday, March 15, with Pitt
this weekend, where dropped a 55-43 decision to the W.J. a two-point lead after the first quar- Blackaby had 17 points, while Trev- Meadows facing Caledonia second-
they will take on the Mouat Hawks. ter. or Severinski had 11 points. ary from Terrace in the opening
Cariboo Cougars. “They killed us with their zone The teams were still neck and Pitt had no trouble with Fraser round at 4:15 p.m.

Jr. B Flames fall to Black Panthers, despite 3-1 series lead Port Moody wins
series 4-3
by R o b e r t M a n g e l s d o r f only muster two goals in the follow- Things started well for the Flames and we didn’t.”
ing three games, missing three op- Friday night as Dean Gilmore got Goaltender Mackenzie Skapski • Monday, Feb. 21: Flames 3 -
staff reporter Panthers 5
portunities to clinch the series. them on the board five minutes into was again stellar in net, turning
“It’s tough,” said Flames coach the first period. The Black Panthers aside 33 shots, earning second-star • Wednesday, Feb. 23:
The Ridge Meadows Flames sea- Tavis Eaton. “It’s always disappoint- answered back at midway mark of honours. Flames 4 -Panthers 1
son came to an end Friday night ing when its over. But I’m proud of the opening frame and the teams The Flames will likely be a much • Friday, Feb. 25: Flames 6 -
in Port Moody as the local junior our guys, they played a good game. took a 1-1 tie into the second period. changed team come next season, Panthers 4
B hockey club fell 2-1 to the Black “We just didn’t get the bounces we The Flames out-shot Port Moody with veterans like captain CJ Le- • Saturday, Feb. 26: Flames
Panthers in Game 7 of their Pacific needed, and they did.” 13-to-7 in the first, but the Black gassic, Dustin Cervo, and Sean Ka- 6 - Panthers 2
International Junior Hockey League Eaton said the lack of offence was Panthers held the edge in the sec- vanagh aging out.
playoff series.
• Monday, Feb. 28: Flames 0 -
due to Port Moody’s intense defen- ond, 17-to-8. That’s the nature of junior hockey,
The Flames seemingly had a stran- sive pressure. Rino Minni scored what would says Eaton. However, he remains Panthers 3
glehold on the best-of-seven series “They smothered us real good, stand to be the game-winning goal hopeful the bulk of the team will be • Wednesday, Mar. 2: Flames 1
after winning three games in a row and they blocked a lot of shots,” he five minutes into the middle frame returning, including leading scorer - Panthers 5
to take a 3-1 series lead last week. said. “We were up three games to “I thought our guys played great, Danny Brandys, as well as Ryan • Friday, Mar. 5: Flames 1 -
While the Flames managed to score one, and after that we just couldn’t and so did [Port Moody],” said Eaton. Stewart, Paul Piluso, Shane Harle, Panthers 2
14 goals in that stretch, they could score.” “They got a couple lucky bounces, Alexander Smith and Dean Gilmore.
40 -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- THE NEWS - www.mapleridgenews.com


Colleen Flanagan/THE NEWS

Puck battle
Chris Armstrong (centre) of the Ridge Meadows Rustlers peewee A2 team battles with North Vancouver’s Aidan Mc-
Connell for possession of the puck during a hockey game Sunday at Planet Ice.

Three Ridge Racers heading to nationals

gary earlier this season. a 45.1 personal best 500-metre
Maple Ridge News
Thomas McLennan continued and finishing 10 spots above his
staff reporter
his strong showing this year ranking.
with a bronze place finish in Di- Meanwhile, T2T skaters Jus-
Three members of the Ridge vision 1, knocking three seconds tin Cross and Annie Russell
Meadows Racers speedskating off his 1,500-metre time and fin- were battling at the B.C. short
team are heading to the Cana- ishing less than half a second off track championships in Port


dian nationals age-class compe- first. Lee posted a two-second Coquitlam co over the week-
tition in Montreal after a strong personal best to grab the silver end. Cross put in a solid perfor-
showing at the RUFast speeed- medal in Division 3 to qualify for mance to take the iron medal
skating competition at Calgary’s Montreal. for fourth spot and secure a spot


Olympic Oval last weekend. William McLennan also quali- on B.C.’s squad for the Canada
Thomas McLennan, William fied for nationals in Division 1 West competition in Kelowna
McLennan and Yijun Lee all posting an impressive 44.9 per- later this month. Russell also
qualified for the national event sonal best in the 500-metre. He grabbed fourth will join Cross
on the strength of their efforts was edged out in overall points on the B.C. team that will face
last weekend combined with by teammate Steven Timotius skaters from five other western
points from the Oktoberfest who had one of his strongest provinces and territories March
competition, also held in Cal- showings of the year posting 26 and 27.

Saturday, And
do some help

April 2
Meadow Gardens
Golf Club
6:00 p.m. cocktails
for your c ing terrific
at the sa unity
me $ 00 3 ROOM
7:00 p.m. dinner VER TO
Tickets just $125 M

Call 604.463.8686 – HOMESTARS.COM
or email: arcadia1@shaw.ca
A li
Meyers Norris Penny
Canadian Tire-Maple Ridge

“We Are
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Maple Ridge” Complimentary Estimates:


www.mrcf.ca * Some restrictions apply. Ceilings and trim extra. Based on room size up to 120 sq ft.
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e ak for th





who c

t sp th
eak for

A Little Bit About Me
R AI N E MARCH 25-26
Raine is a CUTE medium-
sized Border Collie. Raine
LOVES to play ball and
would make a FANTASTIC
candidate for agility! Border
Collie’s are working dogs
and therefore require lots of
mental stimulation. She would
do best in home with children
15+ and being the only dog.

Where can you find me?

At the Maple Ridge SPCA.
You can contact me by
Email mapleridge@spca.bc.ca
Phone 604-463-9511
10235 Jackson Rd., Albion
Sponsored by
PET WITH OUR NAME ____________________________________________
PROFESSIONAL EMAIL ____________________________________________
FLEA PRODUCTS PHONE ______________________________
Mon-Fri 8am - 8pm Deposit your entry at Maple Ridge News, 22328 -119 Ave., Maple
Colleen Flanagan/THE NEWS Sat 8am - 8pm Ridge V2X 3Z3. The winner will be drawn from the entries received.
The draw will be held on March 21, 2011 at 4:30 pm. Black Press Employees aren’t
Sun 11am - 7pm
Coyote Pack #104 - 22645
eligible. Participants must be at least 18 years of age. Judge’s decision final.

Danielle Stamp ( right) of the Pitt Meadows Coyote Uglies tries to keep the ball away from Ashleigh Lane of the Dewdney Trunk Rd
BUY TICKETS AT: abbotsfordcentre.ca
SurDel Packers during a Metro Women’s Soccer League Division 3 game at Pitt Meadows secondary Sunday. 604•476•2525 1 866 977 AESC (2372) Venue Box Office

A buying experience that doesn’t make you feel used.


Loaded, truck includes Power group, air, tilt, cruise, ALL NEW diesel crew cab Power Group, Air, Tilt,
leather, soft tonneau cover, CD, very low kms for the year, dually, loaded including Cruise, CD, Sunroof and SALE
box rails, side steps, vent safetied! SALE factory aluminum wheels, SALE much more!
visors, spray in bed liner
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Pwr Windows and Locks, Air, Tilt, Cruise, CD Navigation Stk#94501
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SALE PRICE ...................... $19,900 SALE PRICE ..................... $33,900
RAM 3500 SLT 4X4
Fully loaded with leather “Cummins Diesel” Power
and sunroof. 3.0L diesel, Loaded including Leather and “Vortec Max Package,” loaded truck Windows and Locks, Air, Tilt,
SALE Sunroof Stk#94512 Cruise, CD, Power Driver’s SALE
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Stk#93071 $44,900
shop online Hwy
200 St.

#10 Highway
Vehicles • Pictures • No Haggle Pricing
200th Street and #10 Hwy, Langley 604.534.4154
SALES HOURS Monday to Thursday: 8:30am - 9pm • Friday to Saturday 9am - 6pm • Sunday 11am - 5pm • DL30568
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Rick Tippe
and the
Ricky’s Music World New Artist Showcase

Rick Tippe & the Kings of Cool

and the
ricky’s music
world new artist
with special guest
Elmer Tippe

Sandra Laratta Todd Richard Laura-Lee Blake The Johnson Brothers

saturday, april 2, 2011 7:30 pm

THE ACT 11944 Haney Place
Adult tickets - $33.00 Senior/Student tickets - $29.50
Ticket prices include all service charges & HST
Tickets available at www.theactmapleridge.org/buy-tickets
at The Act - 604-476-2787 or Ricky’s Music World - 604-465-2787

sponsoredd bby
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Music, Nursing, Science, Fine Arts
and more. GPRC, Grande Prairie,
cal Transcription and Computers.
Great work at-home opportunition
Friday, March 11th, 6-9pm Daycare 21/2 to 5 years www.PhoneGoldRush.com Alberta. On campus residences, www.canscribe.com
EMPLOYMENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102-198 Before &/or After school care home town feeling, great instruc- info@canscribe.com
tors. 1-888-539-4772;
BUSINESS SERVICES . . . . . . . . . . 203-387 carolsbling@live.ca K ~ 12 years Franchise Opportunity! Home LEARN SMALL Engine Repair.
Based, PT/FT Repeat Business. www.gprc.ab.ca.
Hands-on training on ATV’s, Snow-
PETS & LIVESTOCK . . . . . . . . . . . 453-483 604-463-1260 Enviro Proven System. Protected mobiles, personal watercraft. Ex-
www.latasia.ca Davie Jones
MERCHANDISE FOR SALE . . . . . . 503-587 Edith McDermott
Territory. Training & Support. Enjoy
the great outdoors! CALL 905-584- DGS CANADA cellent Instructors and training aids.
On-campus residences. Write ap-
REAL ESTATE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 603-696 Highland Park 9592, enviromasters.com. prenticeship exams. GPRC Fair-
33 INFORMATION Pitt Meadows 2 DAY view Campus. 1-888-999-7882;
RENTALS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 703-757 FAMILIES EARNING MORE. Work
MAPLE RIDGE from home part or full-time. No sell- FORKLIFT gprc.ab.ca/fairview.
AUTOMOTIVE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 804-862 FUNERAL CHAPEL CRIMINAL RECORD? Guaranteed Programs included: ing. No inventory. No parties. No WEEKEND MERCHANDISE: From antiques & collectibles, to sporting
Record Removal since 1989. Confi- large investment or risk. Visit COURSE goods & electronics, to parakeets & pet supplies, if it is
MARINE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 903-920 AND CREMATORIUM dential, Fast, Affordable. Our A+ Arts, Science, Music, www.familiesearningmore.com. considered merchandise for sale, you can find it here.
BBB Rating assures EMPLOY- Math, Dramatic Play & Sports
bcclassified.com School of Rock. Franchises Every Saturday at 8:30am Call bcclassified.com 604-575-5555 fax 604-575-2073
MENT \TRAVEL & FREEDOM. Call Fully licensed, Available in most areas! “The #215, 19358-96 Ave. Surrey
AGREEMENT 11969 - 216 Street for your FREE INFORMATION
BOOKLET. 1-8-NOW-PARDON (1- Qualified E.C.E. Country’s Preeminent Rock Music NO reservations: 604-888-3008
LEGAL, DENTAL, Oil and Gas Of-
fice Administration Certificates. Go
School for kids ages 7-17”- The
It is agreed by any Display or 604-463-8121 866-972-7366). Caregivers & Teachers Washington Post. 877-556-6184 Ask about our other Courses... to your job interview with a spe-
www.PardonServicesCanada.com. Close to major route www.schoolofrock.com *Stand up Reach *Fall Protection cialization that will suit the employ-
Classified Advertiser requesting space *Aerial Lift *RoughTerrain Forklift er. GPRC, Grande Prairie, Alberta.
that the liability of the paper in the Dial-A-Law offers general informa-
7 OBITUARIES tion on a variety of topics on law in 604.465.9822 *Bobcat *WHMIS & much more. On campus residences, home town
event of failure to publish an adver- BC. 604-687-4680 (Lower Main- 109 CAREER OPPORTUNITIES “Preferred by Employers feeling, great instructors. 1-888-
539-4772; www.gprc.ab.ca.
tisement shall be limited to the land) or 1.800.565.5297 (Outside
LM); www.dialalaw.org (audio 98 PRE-SCHOOLS MECHANIC, MILLWRIGHT, Parts
amount paid by the advertiser for that

We Believe in You.
available). Assistant, Purchaser, Truck Driver,
portion of the advertising space Welder. Amix Salvage has several
occupied by the incorrect item only, Lawyer Referral Service matches LAKESIDE PRE-SCHOOL openings in Surrey and Chilliwack.
people with legal concerns to a law- Located on beautiful Whonnock Our progressive co. offers great
and that there shall be no liability in yer in their area. Participating law- medical and dental. Apply with
any event beyond the amount paid for yers offer a 30 minute consultation Lake is now accepting wage expectations at www.amix.ca
such advertisement. The publisher for $25 plus tax. Regular fees fol- REGISTRATION or email resume to jobs@amix.ca
shall not be liable for slight changes
low once both parties agree to pro-
ceed with services. 604-687-3221 for September 2011 Small$MBTT4J[FTtMonthly Intakes
or typographical errors that do not (Lower Mainland) or W Quality Programming for 114 DRIVERS/COURIER/
lessen the value of an advertisement. 1.800.663.1919 (Outside LM). 3 to 5 year olds Qualified*OTUSVDUPSTt Latest Software
W AM & PM Classes available
bcclassified.com cannot be 041 PERSONALS W Bright, well-equipped
Financial OptionstFree Lifetime Refreshers
Deliver RV Trailers for Pay! Suc-
responsible for errors after the first
classroom cessful RV transport company
seeking pickup owners to deliver
No8BJUJOH-JTUTtCareer Fairs
day of publication of any advertise- HAYS Mrs. Kilsby 604-462-0026 RV’s from US to Canada. Paying
ment. Notice of errors on the first day Wilma
Term/Short-Term Relationships,
CALL NOW. 1-877-297-9883. Ex- top rates! Job1MBDFNFOU"TTJTUBODFt4LJMMT Warranty
should immediately be called to the Nov. 9, 1921 ~ March 4 2011 change voice messages, voice EMPLOYMENT/EDUCATION www.horizontransport.com/Canada.

attention of the Classified Department mailboxes. 1-888-534-6984. Live
adult casual conversations-1on1, 1- CHECK CLASSIFIEDS
to be corrected for the following edi-
Dear Family and friends,
Wilma Hays passed away
866-311-9640, Meet on chat-lines.
Local Single Ladies.1-877-804- 104 ADULT CARE
604-575-5555 `Practical Nursing
bcclassified.com reserves the
peacefully in Maple Ridge
Hospital early Friday morning.
5381. (18+).
Gay Phone Chat. FREE TRIAL. 1- SEEKING to care for elderly man
Wanted. Truck contractors need `Health Care Assistant
877-501-1012 Talk to or meet de- who can function under supervi- drivers with log haul experience (Formerly Resident Care Attendant)
right to revise, edit, classify or reject She is predeceased by sion, 3-4 hours, twice weekly, and clean driver’s abstract. Owner
sirable guys in your area 24/7.
any advertisment and to retain any
answers directed to the
husband Duncan
daughters Donna and Karen.
and Where private, confidential fanta-
sies come true! 1-877-501-1012
mostly for recreational social
activities. The objective is to
operators needed with 6, 7, 8 axle
log trailers. Visit: www.alpac.ca or `Early Childhood Education
provide mental and physical call 1-800-661-5210 (ext. 8173).
bcclassified.com Box Reply Service
and to repay the customer the sum
Wilma is survived by daughter
Diana, 7 grandchildren, 6
stimulation as well as (provide)
“family relief”. RTL-WESTCAN HAS OPENINGS `Community Support Worker
for seasonal, rotational and full-time
paid for the advertisment and box
great grandchildren, and 1
great great grandchild.
TRAVEL Call Carlo (604)462-9912
(I have past experience Professional Truck Drivers to join
our teams in various Western
`Medical Office
in the health field).

Wilma loved playing online 74 TIMESHARE

Canada locations. Minimum 2 years
Class 1 experience. B-train experi- `Legal Secretary
DISCRIMINATORY 106 AUTOMOTIVE ence/Extended trailer length experi-

computer games (POGO),
cards, and word search
Risk Program. STOP Mortgage &
ence. Liquid or dry bulk product ex-
perience is an asset. Clean `Business
BANNISTER GM requires Journey- driving/criminal record. Pre-employ-
Advertisers are reminded that
puzzles. She was excellent
at crocheting and over the
Maintenance Payments Today.
100% Money Back Guarantee. Free
man Automotive and Collision
Technicians. Situated at the foot-
ment medical/substance testing.
We offer: $1,400 weekly guarantee,
`Social Services
Provincial legislation forbids the pub- Consultation. Call Us Now. We Can hills of the Rockies, 1.5 hours to
lication of any advertisement which
years has donated countless
blankets to people in need in
Help! 1-888-356-5248 Edmonton or Jasper, Edson offers
outdoor enthusiasts a great living
Travel to/from employment location,
Good Operations Bonus, Returning `Assisted Living
discriminates against any person SELL/RENT YOUR TIMESHARE Bonus and more! Candidates for all
Malawi, Africa. Many people FOR CASH!!! Our Guaranteed Ser- opportunity. Signing bonuses, mov- positions apply online at www.west-
because of race, religion, sex, color, will also remember her for her vices will Sell/ Rent Your Unused ing allowances and top pay for the canbulk.ca under the Join our Team
nationality, ancestry or place of origin, Timeshare for CASH! Over $95 Mil- right candidate. Contact section. Alternatively, e-mail
quick wit. lion Dollars offered in 2010! dean@bannisteredson.com. careers@westcanbulk.ca or phone
or age, unless the condition is justified 1.888.WBT.HIRE for further details.
www.sellatimeshare.com (800)640- MECHANICS REQUIRED: Ag and
by a bona fide requirement for the Memorial Service will be held 6886 light duty at Maple Creek, the Sask. Committed to the Principles of
work involved. in Maple Ridge at Garden banana belt. Catch the boom! Fax Employment Equity.
Hill Cremation and Funeral resume to Koncrete Construction
Group: 306-662-2718. Email:
COPYRIGHT Services on Saturday, March info@ 115 EDUCATION
12th 2011 at 10:30am. (11765 koncreteconstructiongroup.com
Copyright and/or properties subsist in - 224th St. All those that knew CANADA’S ONLY FINNING/Cater-

Get In. Get Out. Get Working.

pillar Technician Training College
all advertisements and in all other her directly or indirectly are 108 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES also offers certificate and diploma
material appearing in this edition of welcome to attend. programs in Business, Early Child-
BE YOUR OWN BOSS with Great hood Learning, Teaching Assistant,
bcclassified.com. Permission Canadian Dollar Store. New fran- Unit Clerk and more. GPRC,
to reproduce wholly or in part and in Expressions of sympathy can chise opportunities in your area. Grande Prairie, Alberta. On cam-
any form whatsoever, particularly by a be made at www.gardenhill.ca Call 1-877-388-0123 ext. 229 or vis- pus residences, home town feeling,
it our website: great instructors. 1-888-539-4772;
photographic or offset process in a www.dollarstores.com today. www.gprc.ab.ca.
publication must be obtained in writ-
ing from the publisher. Any unautho- 75 TRAVEL 98 PRE-SCHOOLS 98 PRE-SCHOOLS
rized reproduction will be subject to

Little Explorers Preschool

recourse in law. SUNNY WINTER Specials. At
Florida’s Best Beach-New Smyrna
Beach. Stay a week or longer. Plan
a beach wedding or family reunion.
Advertise across the www.NSBFLA.com or NEW LOCATION! Call Our MAPLE RIDGE Campus:
Advertise across the 1-800-541-9621.

12145 Laity St. St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
Lower Mainland in
• Educational & Nurturing Environment
lower mainland in CHILDREN
the 18 best-read • Qualified Early Childhood, Montessori NOW ACCEPTING
the 17 best-read REGISTRATION
and Special Needs Educators
• Ages 2-1/2 to 5 years FOR SEPT. 2011 www.sprottshaw.com
community Remembering the life of
newspapers and Ralph Williamsen Building Blocks Child Care
604-722-2410 LIMITED SPACE
5 dailies. Friday, March 11, 2011 from
Accepting Registrations
Central Maple Ridge Little Explorers Preschool AVAILABLE JOIN US ON:
604-463-3900 “Where Children Can Learn By Exploring”
4pm onwards at Pitt Meadows
ON THE WEB: Golf Club, 13615 Harris Rd, KIDS COUNTRY Licensed daycare
Close to Alexander Robson. P/T
Pitt Meadows. F/T spaces avail. Warm, caring en-
vironment, lots of toys, crafts & fun.
Call Tammy 604-463-9764
STAY AT HOME MOM looking for 2
F/T kids, 1 year & up, starting
immed. First-Aid. Learning, crafts,
storytime, walks. Will supply lunch-
es & snacks. (232nd area) 6am-
6pm. Call Kerri 604-476-1572
44 -- Wednesday, March 9, 2011 -- THE NEWS - www.mapleridgenews.com

Boom? Be ready for the next one.
WANT TO BE A Mechanic? Can’t
get your foot in the door? General
Pre-employment Welder and Mill- The following routes are now CNC MACHINIST
Mechanic program - GPRC Fair- available to deliver the NEWS
wright programs at GPRC. 16 view Campus. Hands-on training in Need To Get Out Of The House, Live, Work and Play in the
weeks and you’ll write the 1st year Heavy Duty and Automotive Tech- in Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Talk To People & Create Extra Sunny Shuswap. Mazak exp. is
apprenticeship exam. On campus nician. Write apprenticeship exams. Income? an asset ( Mills and Lathes).
residences. Fall studies. 1-888-999- On-campus housing. 1-888-999- 40010 - Glenhurst St, Dewdney
7882; gprc.ab.ca/fairview. Competitive Wages &
7882; www.gprc.ab.ca/fairview. Trunk Rd, 117B Ave Full Benefits Package.
Try a part-time job 4-8 days a
TRAVEL with bcclassified.com 40014 - Glenhurst St, 232A St, month as a Product Fax: (1) 250-832-8950
604 575 5555 117 Ave, 232B St, Demonstrator! Great for Seniors, Apply on-line at:
Some great kids aged 12 to 18 116A Ave Retirees & Mature Adults! www.accessprecision.com
NOT SURE what kind of trade is who need a stable, caring home Do you enjoy talking to people &
40042 - 232 St, Dewdney Trunk know how to do basic cooking?
right for you? Trades investigation for a few months. Are you
program. GPRC Fairview Campus. looking for the opportunity to do Rd This job is for you and is perfect Machinist
7 weeks workplace skills, safety meaningful, fulfilling work? 40103 - 116 Ave, 224 St for men & women. Must be
training. 12 week work practicum in available on both Fri & Sat from Busy Maple Ridge machining &
PLEA Community Services is 40108 - 116 Ave, Telosky Ave, 11-5 or 12-6 (& some Sun).
trade of your choice. 1-888-999- fabricating facility requires a full-
looking for qualified applicants Fisher St. Burnett St Requirements: As a Freelance time journeyman machinist with
7882; gprc.ab.ca/fairview. who can provide care for youth in 40109 - Lougheed Hwy, Harrison Contractor, you must be a go- CNC & manual machine experi-
their home on a full-time basis or getter able to work on your own, ence. $28.50 per hour plus
St, Olund Cres, Gillis Pl,
Optician Training on weekends for respite.
Training, support and 113 Ave
be able to carry medium weight
equipment into stores & own a
benefits & seasonal overtime.
E-mail resumes to:
*6-month course remuneration are provided. 40113 - Lougheed Hwy, River car. Must be well groomed, be i_fennelow@railwayparts.com
Funding is available for bondable & fully fluent in English.
starts April 4th, 2011 Rd, Carshill St, 221 St, Pay starts at $10/hr. All day train- SHOP FOREMAN/Lead hand re-
modifications to better equip your Cliff Ave quired for heavy-duty truck and
ing provided in N. Burnaby.
BC College Of Optics home. A child at risk is waiting
40131 - 116 Ave, 225 St, 227 St, Call JMP Marketing at trailer repair shop. Journeyman and
for an open door. 604-294-3424, local 30. CVIP experience preferred. Send
604.581.0101 Make it yours. Brickwood Close JMP Marketing Services, BC’s most
reliable demo company since 1979.
resume to 780-452-3499 or
Call 604-708-2628 40223 - Eagle Ave, 122 Ave, service@northwestspring.com
www.bccollegeofoptics.ca www.plea.bc.ca 121A Ave, Peach Tree
Crt, 231 St, Blossom St BC’s Leading Glass & Shower
40226 - 125A Ave, 124B Ave,
134 HOTEL, RESTAURANT, Door Company Rahul Glass Ltd.
126 FRANCHISE Abernathy Way, 230 St FOOD SERVICES is looking for experienced Full-
Time Shower Door, Mirror and
40262 - 128 Ave, Thornton, 126 Shelves installers, Wood Closet
Proven turn key franchise opportunity Ave, Exeter, Spring, 124 Organizer Installers and Glass
Prime Lower Mainland Areas Ave, 216 St (min. 2 yrs exp.) Cutters. Positions available in
CALL NOW 778-549-2135 Kitchen Help & Servers the Lower Mainland area. Very
40270 - 221 St, Gray St, exciting packages will be offered
123 Ave, Canuck Cres, Experience preferred but will train
according to previous experience.
Fun Place to Work! Contact 604-710-1581.

124 Ave
SOCRATES GREEK TAVERNA Candidates can also fax their
40325 - Lorne Ave, Hampton St, #19-20691 Lougheed Hwy. resume at 604-592-2690.
Ditton St, Chigwell St, Apply within after 4 pm with resume
Kent St, Wharf, Princess NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE
St, Beckley, Bromley St PERSONAL SERVICES

From here.
40330 - Princess St, Beckley St, Maple Ridge is now hiring F/T Jap.
Bromley St, Kingston St, Cook; 3~5 yrs. Jap. cooking exp. & 171 ALTERNATIVE HEALTH
Hazelwood St, Wharf St knowledge req. Main duty is to
prepare & cook complete Jap. food
40333 - Melville, Eltham St, & etc. Salary $18.75/hr. (40hrs/wk).
Charlton St, Princess St, Resume via e-mail “hamada@hot-

To career.
Kent St, Chigwell St, mail.co.kr”
Ditton St, Hampton St,
40339 - 116B Ave, Hammond Rd LIQUOR STORE
Busy pub & liquor store
203 St, 202B St, 202A St looking for:
127 HAIRCARE 40344 - Ashley Cres, Stanton Line cooks
The Shortest
Ave, 201B St Server/Bartenders
40352 - 123 Ave, Campbell, Laity Liquor Store Clerks
St, 214 St, Creston St

Path To Your
Dye To Be Different Each position must be applied
Hair & Body Spa ~ chair rental avail 40360 - 121 Ave, Glenwood Ave, JASMINES RELAXATION TOUCH
for separately. Pain/ Stress Relief. Country Setting
Starting at $500/mo, at one of the Dewdney Trunk Rd,

Health Care
nicest salons in Maple Ridge. *Easy Prkg *7Days. 778-888-3866
210 St, 211 St, 212 St, Apply in person or by fax
Call Debra @ 604-375-3219, check 9610-287 St. Maple Ridge,
us out at: dyetobedifferent.com Laity St
or fax: 604 - 462 - 0392

40416 - 121 Ave, 121A Ave,
120B Ave, Smith Ave,
130 HELP WANTED Dewdney Trunk Rd, 139 MEDICAL/DENTAL
250 St, 250A St, 248A St
ees Needed now! Large & Small 40418 - Dewdney Trunk Rd, Pleasant View Care Home
Train today for: Firms Seeking Certified A&P Staff 234 St Is seeking applications for
Now. No Experience? Need Train-
• Pharmacy Assistant ing? Career Training & Job Place-
40434 - Foreman Dr, Vista Ridge
Cres, 232 St
RNs & RPNs
ment Available. 1-888-424-9417
• Health Care Assistant CUBERMAN, 3 experienced cu-
41005 - 119B Ave, 119 Ave, We are a 76 bed residential care
facility with RNs and RPNs
• Medical OÏce bermen required for Best Quality
Cedar Products, Maple Ridge.
118B Ave, 193 St,
Blakely Rd
mentoring a team of caring staff
to provide 24 hr complex care.
Assistant Must be able to lift 50 lbs. $20/Hr.
full time. Medical benefits after 3 If you live on or near one of You must be available to work all
• Early Childhood mos. English or Punjabi. Fax re-
sume to 604-462-0908.
these routes and you are shifts. Both our Care and
interested in delivering papers Administrative Teams are
Education please call circulation @
committed to supporting you as
we strive towards excellence in
604-466-6397 and quote
and more.... the Route number.
Residential Care. Preference will
be given to BSN prepared
candidates. Please reply to:
If not certified, training available for Beverley Robson,
are One Year a fee. Call 604-575-3944 Director of Care
7530 Hurd Street, Mission, BC
or less. MEDICAL OFFICE Trainees Need-
ed! Hospitals & Dr’s Need Medical
Fax 604-826-8672
email B.Robson@pvhs.ca
Office & Medical Admin staff! No
Experience? Need Training? Local For more information:
Multiple start dates Career Training & Job Placement Call 604-826-2154 ext 114
also Available! 1-888-778-0459
mean you can start The Best Team