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Are you a sovereign? This is a question that is getting asked alot more in the liberty movement.

As more and more people are hungry for a restoration to constitutional order or conservitism,
these two things are not always viewed to be the same, in the government and its programs.
These people in the Liberty movement go from a stage of awakening that the govt. isnt doing
what we hired it to do and then split off on one of usualy two paths and sometimes both. The
first path can be called the Fox News Path where they tune into the likes of Glen Beck and feel
empowered to clash with the govt. through their votes and the phoning of their repressentitives.
The other common path may consist of them being tuned into Fox a little, but they search the
internet and underground media. In this path they get a whole slew of conspiracy theory
information and alot of it is confusing and even scary to the point that a person lays awake in bed
at night waiting for the secret police to come and pick them up at any momet.
Now looking at thee two methods people usualy get stalled on two processes of action and
neither one is usualy very effective. First with the Fox News aproach we need to realize that this
is revolution lite and they will not reveal the whole truth and will convince the awakened person
that taking action means supporting someone a little less socialist and a little more fascist and a
pro-war, anti-gay, low-tax, pro FED, less-govt, more control. THese people will find themselves
in a strange relationship with the internet news person who could have been mis-led and scared
stiff on such a wide array of ideals that very few of these people actualy figure out how to draw a
line in the sand and take a stand!
However like I said there are some that can sift through all the BS and come to some real
conclutions. These people will likely try to educate the Fox News poeple and the internet news
people and help straighten out their stories resulting in a large sharing of ideas that results in alot
of infighting that will divide all these people that set out for the same thing.
Now I dont want to make it out that being a sovereign is the cure all for the problems that this
country faces, but in the Liberty movement and the Tea Party movement it can be a unifying
factor and reveal alot of truth to this increasingly large group of people. Large enough to reach
critical mass and produce a bloodless revolution by simply ignoriing all the unconstitutional
forms of govt. as there wont be anyone able to enforce that.
Regardless of your views of liberty we must realize two things
1. That the constitution is our rallying point
2. That we need to become sovereign as idividuals is the key to enforcing the constitution
As shocking and impossible as point 2 may sound lets focus on point 1 as a means to introduce
point 2 to the camps of this political awakening in America.
The Constitution as our rallying point.
Looking past the petty differences of the various camps we must all remember even in the
darkest times that the constitution holds the remedy to our nation's problems which arose from
this nation straying from the driving pricipals of the constitution. this can quite easily and should
constantly be echoed in almost every political debate. By focusing questions on matters of
constitutionality middle ground can be found quite easily. for example: The War is supported
heavily by the neo-cons and opposed fiercely by the Ron Paul and libertarian leading camps. By
focusing on the constituionality of this war I'm sure that cooler in the arguement can be that we
should not go to war without a declaration. Here is a constitutional middle ground in the
argument to keep the divisiveness to a minimum. Also the arguments of constitutionality cannot
be had without the wise words of our founding fathers who created this fine document. So I'm
sure that anyone will agree that it is very productive to look at how they handled such issues. We
can then see that they had faced the pirates of barbery and decided in favor of the use of letters
of marquis and reprisal to independant military contractors to get the job done as we know how
weary the founding fathers were of standing armies. As far as funding a war we can also look to
our history once again as the sale of war bonds to fund such activity was used as we can almost
all agree that it is dangerous to give congress a blank check for any activity despit how noble the
cause may be.
So here we have a good instance where pro-war and anti-war are united by the terms and
conditions of the constitution whereas:
The War will have a declaration
Be fought by private contractors
Be funded by the sale of War Bonds.
This way if Dole Pineaple Co. wants us to go fight a war against some far off peoples with the
hidden adjenda of preserving pineaple orchards they cant simply use their influence upon
congress and elections to dupe the American people in funding and dying for the profits of Dole
Pineaple Co.
As this line of logic can be used to prevent freedom loving Americans from being divided by
their own thought process while facing a united and corrupt govt. elected by people who will do
anything to prevent themselves from being forced to think we will then stand a chance and can
move on to bolder and more surefooted projects such as I mentioned in point 2.
Simple exert the constitution into being and ignore the unconstitutional forms of govt.
This is where being a sovereign comes into play, but it can only be realized by people who
understand the constitution as the law of the land and therefore stay themselves on the land
where it is effective, but more on law of the land in the following chapter. At this point the
important thing to know is that a sovereign in a man or woman and not a corporate identity such
as a person.
if you notice that most "laws" are statutes. Did you ever ask yourself what a statute is? It is
similar to a law, but it only has force outside of the constitution or outside of the law of the land.
This includes such things as the Income Tax Act, or the Controlled substances Act, and even the
entire Healthcare Bill of 2010 is enforced under statutory law. This is why the constitution can
be ignored because to anyone who understands the law of the land they are openly operating
outside the realm of the constitution and therefore operating under the law of the sea, but lets just
refer to it as statutory law for the time being.
This is where being a sovereign becomes so important. Sovereigns often identify themselves as
being a "Free Man on the Land" and therefore claim to have no need to submit to the authority of
statutory law which operates under the law of the sea. Ever notice how a shark cant hunt you
until you step into the ocean? So lets envision that the enforcement of statutory law is a big
hungry shark and you are someone that has gotten yourself into his waters. You have every right
to get out of the water and up onto land, but this is much more dificult than it sounds because the
laws of nature are not being enforced very well and therefore are allowing the shark to hunt
people on land, or at least try. Now lets refer to the lwas of nature as the constitution which
prevents a shark from being able to travel and breathe on the land, but these preventions are
simply not being enforced by mother nature. Where is she? What is she doing while a shark is
hunting me on the land? I'll tell you that she is sleeping or having an illicit afair with Neptune.
So lets take a simple look at how to fix this problem. first and foremost if you are in the boat,
pull it into shore and get onto dry land and stay there! if you are in the water then swim your
heart out until you are safe on the land. In the process get on the horn and awaken Mother Nature
to her duties or have her replaced with another Mother Nature that will enforce her duties.
So in this story if the Ocean is Maritime law and the beach is Constituional Law and Neptune is
the International merchants then who is Mother Nature? Simply put your electected officials and
quite specificaly your county Sheriff. Yes I said the county Sheriff. As anyone who has watched
Oath Keepers or listened to Sheriff Mack the County Sheriff was dubbed the supreme law of the
land within that county. This is one thing you can be sure will change if there is a constituional
So what is the plan of attack? There probably is a program in your county to elect and physicaly
back a Sheriff that will stand up for your constitutional rights. He has the power to arrest the IRS
or FBI or anyone enforcing anything he deams unconstitutional. With the right candidate in
place we can easily educat ourselves on being a sovereign and have a Sheriff that will force any
authority in the county to respect that and therefore restoring the balance to nature.
With this in place a very clear line is drawn in the sand where many people can quit paying
unecessary taxes and quit complying to uncionstitutional regulations. We will be free so long as
we back our sheriff.
So Are you a sovereign? Would you like to become one? Well start doing some research and
find a local sovereign to study with because if the majority of the Tea Party and other camps in
the political awakening declared sovereignty we would have our country back very quickly.