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CIS Bayad Center, Inc. (CBCI) is the pioneer and undisputed leader in over-the-counter
payment collection services. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Meralco, CBCI is the first of its
kind in the country: outsourcing the bill collection function for major corporations.

With its one-stop payment concept, it provides the public "worry-free" bill collection in
utilities, telecommunications, insurance, cable TV, Internet, government services, charities,
credit card, and real estate. Has more than 50 biller-partners which are big corporations like
Meralco, PLDT, Smart, Globe, Maynilad, Manila Water, Skycable, Philamlife, Bankard, among
others and a government institution, SSS. It is considered a huge network composed of over 900
collection partners in the Philippines.

1. Ñranchise Ñee ± uD 12% VAT
2. Y uipment (computers, printers, barcode scanners, fax machine, vault, money verifier)
± estimated at P120,000
3. Leasehold Improvements or compliance to the standard Bayad Center look ± estimated
at P130,000
4. Minimal Ñurniture and Ñixtures

NOTY: Ñull Branch Model should have a floor area of at least 15 s uare meters.

Investment does not include the following:

1. Initial Office Supplies
2. Utilities Deposit
3. Advance Rental
4. Rental Deposit
5. Security Deposit to Lessor (Mall)
6. Initial Operating Capital
7. PhP 600, 000 Cash Bond
8. Insurances

Ñranchise Benefits
1. Benefits as a Bayad Center Ñranchisee
2. Brand Leverage
3. Operational & Ñield Support
4. Training Support
5. Technical Support
6. Marketing Support


HAIKOU SIOMAI with different variants caters to all market both young and adult. It
offers you with an easy to operate, No Royalty Ñee and Ñully Operational Business. Siomai is a
highly acceptable product for Ñilipino consumers as a main viand an appetizer and as a merienda
or in between meal and snack.

Based on a consumer survey, Siomai ranked number one on the most preferred dimsum
delicacy that is acceptable to 98% of Ñilipinos from segment A to D of the Philippine market. It
has a uality product at an affordable price.

Siomai variants available:
M wapanese Types of kiosk available
M Pork § Mall type stationary
M Chicken § Yconomy stationary
M Crab § Mobile kiosk
M Shrimp

1. Ñranchise Ñee ± u includes:
a. Kiosk
b. Y uipment and Utensils
c. Ñood Products
d. Packaging Supplies
e. Crew Uniform
f. Training
g. Marketing Paraphernalias
2. No Renewal Ñee



Ñounded in 2006, wC Ñranchising Corporation was the brainchild of two young

entrepreneurs wonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang wr. The two childhood friends recognized
the market potential of food franchising and explored into its many aspects. Thus, what started
out as an idea to franchise came the realization that establishing their own franchising company
was the more viable path to take.

wC Ñran first launched its first brand of food stall wo¶s Waffle House, which serves waffles
with a variety of fillings, in May of the same year. With the surprising growth of their pet brand,
they launched several new brands after only three months, including:

Red Ninja Dimsum ± which presents a variety of dim sum meals and siopao
Chow-warma ± which dishes out authentic Persian shawarma
Burger Ñactory ± which offers buy one take one burgers
The Noodle House ± which offers hongkong fried noodle

1. Ñranchise Ñee ± Gold Package: u  includes:
a. Use of Trade Name and Logo
b. Use of Business System
c. Customized stainless cart with cabinet, lighted menu and company signage
d. Complete operating e uipments
e. Complete operating utensils
f. Initial Product Inventory
g. Marketing collaterals (banner, menu, stand)
h. Notarized franchise contract
i. Post-opening and opening assistance
j. Operations manual
2. 6day on-site crew training
3. 3 day assistance of monitoring officer


Bake & Churn offers ice cream cakes. They serve these mouth-watering ice cream cakes
at ice cream scooping stations. Bake & Churn has been in business since 2006 and has since
franchised 9 outlets. Bake & Churn has 10 company-owned outlets.

1. Ñranchise Ñee ± u includes: ~ packaging materials
~ Use of trade name and logo ~ scoopers and e uipment
~ Cart ~ marketing collaterals
~ initial stock 2. Ñranchise Terms ± 2 years
~ two sets of uniforms 3. Royalty Ñee ± None


LIVINGWATYR has been in the business of supplying healthy drinking water for almost
three (3) years. Given its vast marketing experiences and a solid development foundation, our
company has carved for itself a formidable position in the supply of healthy drinking water in the
Being the first to launch in the market a uni ue marketing approach, LIVINGWATYR
in just one refilling station.


1. Ñranchise Ñee ± u to M Opening streamer

u M Photographic signage single-faced
M 20% discount for cash buyers (6 M 1000 pcs small cap seal
months good as cash) M 1000 pcs big cap seal
M 35% discount for Spot Cash Buyers M 1000 pcs 5GL round seal
M No franchise fee. no royalty fee. no M 1000 pcs faucet seal
marketing fee M Heat gun
2. Package fee includes: M 200 pcs small bottles (330 or 350 ml)
M Installation M 500 pcs personalized flyers
M Training and seminar M 100 pcs 5GL stickers
M DTI registration M 100 pcs small bottle stickers
M Use of trade name and logos M 2 pcsT-shirts
M One year bacterilogical testing


Authentic wapanese Corn was one of the food cart products introduced to the market by
Metro Ñoodcart Business Corporation. The Company started August 2001 and was founded by a
young entrepreneur.

It is an entrepreneurial project of Ñilipinos which matches the best of Western and

Yastern management culture with a delectable innovative line of products to perfectly suit the
standard and taste of the local market. MÑB is the No. 1 Ñood Cart Ñranchise provider in the
Philippines most patronized by OÑW¶s and Retirees.

1. Ñranchise Ñee ± u  inclusive of :
~ Use of trade name and logo ~ Ñree delivery of stocks with in
~ Use of Business System Metro Manila
~ Mall Type cart ~ Notarized franchise Agreement
~ Tarpaulin with stand ~ Ñree Business Ñranchise
~ Y uipment Orientation ³How to start a
~ Chest type freezer Ñranchise Business´
~ Menu board ~ Site assistance
~ 2 sets of Uniform ~ Dry Run Assistance
~ Ñranchise Agreement ~ Grand opening assistance
~ Ñree delivery of franchise ~ Recruitment and Training of
package with in Metro Manila service crew
~ Balloons for opening( Metro
Manila only)
2. Terms : 3 years and 15 days
3. Initial Inventory worth P 4000.00

~ Corn kernel (barbe ue, butter & cheese flavor)
~ wapanese corn cob
~ Grilled corn
~ Ginataang mais
~ Corn shake
~ Corn coffee powder



The Holy Kettle Corn phenomenon began on May 17, 2004 when owners Derrick and Aris
discussed popcorn. Derrick had stumbled upon this age-old flavor in a San Ñrancisco flea market,
and knowing that the Philippine market was being flooded with artificially flavored and
adulterated snack foods, it needed an alternative source of natural consumer products. On that
same day, the Blue Kettle project was born.

On wuly 16, Holy Kettle Corn started popping. Branches across the Philippines come in
different forms and sizes. There are cart types, counter stalls and free standing kiosks, built to
conform to the landlords¶ specifications. Major e uipment are a kettle machine and a sifter made
from food grade stainless steel.

1. Ñranchise fee ± u includes:
~ Initial fee
~ Booth Design and Construction
~ Cooking and Preparation Y uipment
~ Office and Cashiering Supplies
~ Signages and other fixtures
~ Initial inventory of Raw materials (100 batches)
2. Other expenditure that may cost Php 300,000.00 may include the ff:
~ License, Permits and Registration Ñees
~ Advance Rent
~ Allowances and Salaries
~ Uniforms
~ Initial Operating Capital
3. Royalty Ñees based on Gross Sales
Management Ñees ± 5%
Marketing and Support Ñund ± 2%
Local Branch Marketing Ñund ± 1%


Carlo ³KC´ Macapagal, 24, the owner and franchiser of Ink & Prints.
Ink & Prints a printer-ink refilling shop that now has a total of 17 branches²eight franchised
and seven company-owned²within and south of Metro Manila. Macapagal started his business
in 2006, with just P30, 000 as initial capital.

To get started, the young entrepreneur made do with just one computer, one printer, a
borrowed rack, and only himself as store staff. After a year in the business, he discovered
something about the ink-refilling and digital printing business that many didn¶t know yet: that it
was possible to sell the products and services at a much cheaper price and still make a profit.

Ink & Prints Franchise with 12-Month Franchise Warranty*

Your Ink & Prints franchise offers the best value for your money.

1. Ñ  ± u includes:
~ 1 set copy, Manual
~ 2 Computer Set
~ 4 Printers for Digital Printing
~ 1 Kart
~ 10,000 pieces of Lasting Prints Photo paper (3R)
~ 300 pieces each of A4, 4R, 5R Lasting Prints Photo papers
~ Ink & Prints System Software
~ LAMINATOR and Laminating Sheets
~ Scanner
~ Licensed Softwares Installed
~ And over 500D of stocks, supplies and e uipment, ÑRYY
~ Advice on site renovation, e uipment procurement, furniture purchases
~ Local marketing launch
~ Assistance on the first month
2. Initial Training : Management of Operations/Training for key personnel
3. Set-up Assistance: Set-up of accounting books, system
4. Ymployee wob Orientation

PR Gaz Haus is positioning to be the Philippines¶ leading LPG supplier with its
continuously growing presence in this competitive and environmentally sensitive energy market.
With its expanding network of LPG convenience stores, more and more homes and businesses
rely on PR Gaz Haus for a variety of applications and fuel needs.

Since the oil industry was deregularized in 1998, the need for LPG has been growing
steadily. In this light, PR Gaz Haus is also confidently moving into this new millennium as a
successful, expanding and most importantly²a customer-focused business. With continued
business innovations, infrastructure development and customer service enhancement, PR Gaz
Haus is paving the way to become the industry¶s trailblazer.


1. Ñranchise fee ± u to u  for a PR Gaz Haus outlet ranging from 25 to
40 s uare meters including the initial fee of u  D vat.
2. 1% as royalty fee
3. The initial term of the franchise agreement is 5 years, renewable.


Kumon¶s success is largely due to the care, dedication and expertise of our ever-expanding
team of instructors. The Instructor plays a crucial role in monitoring the learning process and in
ensuring that each child reaches his or her fullest potential. To maintain a high standard of
instruction, Kumon conducts a rigorous program of training and continuing education for

 4. Pass the interview conducted
1. Ñranchise Ñee is u  per by the management.
subject. 5. Secure a suitable and approved
2. Attend the scheduled orientation location/site for Kumon center.
program at the Head Office. 6. Attend the New Instructor
3. Pass the Math and Ynglish tests. Training and In-class Training.
7. Set-up the classroom.
List of 10 Companies
~ Company Background
~ Ñranchising Ñee

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Raizen Ann B. Axalan

Submitted to:
Prof. Michelle Songalia

wanuary 17, 2011