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2 Ê Mark Kobayashi-Hillary ³Outsourcing to India: the offshore advantage¶¶

The author places Tata Counsultancy services among the major industry players in
India He uses the data from the talk with the vice president and the country manager,
Uk and Ireland for TCS on the security risk of doing business in India He author
uses the historical data of TCS and the profile of the eminent leaders such as S
Ramadorai and their contribution in building the current global reputation of TCS He
also compares the complex services provided by the call centres
2 Ê avid M Fisher ³optimize now(or else!): How to leverage processes and information
to achieve enterprise optimization(and avoid enterprise extinction)
The author gives different scenarios used by companies to lower their costs It cites
example of TCS, the largest Indian based global IT services organisation, which has
already begun to staff up in China The author also gives the profiles of contending
outsourcing providers which includes TCS among one of the major five organisations
It uses the data given by the META group which identifies four organisations in the
position of ³leader´ on a scale that covers presence and performance of offshore
application outsourcing, TCS being one among them
3 Ê ambert M Surhone, Miriam T Timpledon, Susan F Marseken ³ TCS China´
The book gives information about Tata Information Technology Co T, which is a
wholly foreign owned enterprise (WFOE) operated by Tata Counsultancy Services in
China TCs commenced its operation through its wholly owned foreign enterprise in
Shanghai in June 2002 subsequently TCS has set up a global development centre in
Hangzhou and a liaison office in Beijing This book also explains the TCS is the first
Indian company to set up a development centre in China
4 Ê Ilan Oshri, Julia Kotlarsky, eslie Willcocks ³Outsourcing global services:
knowledge, innovation and social capital´
The author advises to take lessons from Tata Consultancy Services for managing
dispersed expertise in IT offshore outsourcing They described their study of a major
outsourcing arrangement between ABN AMRO Bank and TCS The authors show
how a large Indian supplier organised its knowledge and expertise to service its global
client from bases in the Netherlands, Sao Paulo, Budapest, Mumbai and uxembourg
TCS has also developed a global delivery model in which projects are handled mainly
by teams located remotely from clients, but often with a small team also at the client
side The author explains how TCS adopted the bank¶s structure by including a
number of portfolio managers which TCS normally does not have
5 Ê ave Ulrich ³eadership in Asia: Challenges, opportunities and strategies from top
global leaders´
The author names the leadership challenges, opportunities and strategies by New Asia
as the TCS approach He explains the various leadership and talent management
challenges faced by TCS brought about by worldwide demographic trends,
development in the IT industry and the uniqueness of the Asian corporate and talent
landscape TCS gives one of the fascinating insights on recognising bureaucratic,
hierarchical and political complexity and creating flexible, agile and simple
organisations At TCS, they want to be known for knowledge (expertise and speed)
In TCS, future leaders ll be agile, think long term and act short term, groom future
leaders and use speed as strategy
6 Ê Robert E Kennedy, Ajay Sharma ³ The services shift: Seizing the ultimate offshore
The author places TCS as one of the business process multinationals which is growing
at an astounding rate They look into the history of TCs and point out one of the major
problems faced by TCs due to India¶s strict foreign exchange requirements which
made it difficult for TCS to import the hardware required for its projects The book
analyses the growth of offshore opportunities and a major role played by TCS
7 Ê Kunal N Talgeri, Outlook business(23 feb, 2008)
The article throws light on the experience TCS has been able to endow on foreign
students who come and join the organisation for students exchange programme where
students obtain an year long training In addition to the training the students were also
exposed to various cultural forms and visions which co-exist in TCS TCS also as an
international organisation helps bridge cultures and work styles in order to integrate
various elements in the day to day working of the company Hence, the foreign
exchange students get a highly qualitative exposure which was enhanced by the
expansion of the company in atin America
8 Ê Kavita Singh ³Organizational Behaviour: Text and cases´
The book places Tata Consultancy Services as one of the top rankers in Business
Process Outsourcing It describes the new organizational structure at the Tata
Consultancy Services It uses the statistical data of the organization and tells about the
different services provided by the organization According to the author, the new
structure will aid in improving customer satisfaction as it will improve interface with
9 Ê ouglas Brown, Scott Wilson ³The Black Book of Outsourcing: how to manage the
changes, challenges, and opportunities
The author places Tata Consultancy Services as the world¶s leading information
consulting services and business process outsourcing organization TCS is considered
as the firm setting up a milestone for other organizations in Customer Relationship
Management TCS is part of one of Asia¶s largest conglomerates- the TATA Group It
envisioned and pioneered the adoptionof the flexible global business practices that
today enable companies to operate more efficiently and produce more value
20 ÊJack W Plunkett ³The Almanac of American Employers 2007´
The author explains how white-collar and professional tasks are offshored to a
growing extent and Tata Consultancy Services td being one the Indian outsourcing
companies are scaling back their call-center services in favour of better paying, higher
profit margin white-collar services He uses the statistical data of TCS to illustrate the
significant growth of outsourcing and offshoring in India TCS¶ services have been
also divided into several divisions such as consulting, IT services, asset based
solutions, IT infrastructure, engineering and industrial services and BPO
22 Êaudon Kenneth C ³Management Information Systems: Managing the igital Firm´
The author conducts an interactive session on management They analyse the
reliability of Chrysler¶s decision on outsourcing the services provided by Tata
Consultancy Services which is a unit of the Tata group and a sister division to Tata
Motors It provides services for product development, manufacturing, supply chain
and customer service support
22 ÊGalin aniel ³Software Quality Assurance´
The author tells about the experience accumulated with CMM implementation by a
consulting firm CMM is considered as one of the prior need for ant software
processes TCS¶s quality quality project was implemented by a South Asian company
For TCS the CMM project was a natural continuation of its successful adoption of
ISO 9000 standards As TCS was ISO 9000 certified, very few practices needed
adaptation to achieve the CMM level 3 assessment One of the company¶s major
efforts was certification of the software quality assurance professionals who were to
lead the ISO 9000 and CMM quality projects
23 ÊCurtis ³The People Capability Maturity Model: Guidelines for Improving the
The author points out Tata Consultancy Services as one of the high maturity
organizations for using the People CMM in India to guide and conduct organizational
improvement activities Numerous case studies have been reported by different
companies, TCS being one among them TCS has 27 development centers in India
and approximately 70 global business sites 23 of its development centers have been
assessed at Maturity evel 5 on the Software CMM
24 ÊSuresh ulla ³World-Class Quality: An Executive Handbook´
The author explains the role of leadership for World Class Quality by a talk with Mr
F C Kohli, eputy Chairman, Tata Consultancy Services He also points out the
skills for future competitiveness by a talk with r Hannan Ezekiel, Chief Economic
Consultant, Tatas and Former Head, Tata Economic Consultancy Services, which is
considered as one of the critical focus for world class quality He presented F C
Kohli of TCS as setting up a benchmark for leadership and TCS as a global
organization To achieve world class quality, TCS focussed on technology and entry
into the international market, organizational development, creativity and adaptation
and professionalism
25 ʳCIO´ (2 Jun, 2006)
CIO presents Tata Consultancy Services, TCS, as the creator of the Network elivery
Model for software development and the provider of choice for hundreds of customers
around the globe, including seven of the top ten FORTUNE 200 companies It also
features TCS as one of the biggest I T company
26 ÊKunal N Talgeri ³Outlook Business (8 Mar, 2008)´
Kunal reports the changes brought about in the structure of Tata Consultancy Services
on the world stage This has entailed a shift from their region-based setup to one
focused on verticals The earlier structure of TCS separated the emerging and non-
emerging markets The new structure enables them to tap opportunities with small and
medium enterprises (SMEs) and emerging markets TCS¶ business divisions comprise
units for industry solutions, major markets, new growth markets, as well as strategic
27 Êeithaml ³Services Marketing´
The author tells about the global initiative taken by TCS articulating its new brand
promise- Experience Certainty It gives a commitment to the brand assurance of
certainty embedded in everything it does It represents its ability and commitment to
delivering projects in time and on quality promised to the customers The author also
presents views of the Head of Corporate Affairs on global marketing and brand
building The author explains the certainty of TCS by telling that they promise what
they can deliver and they deliver what they promise Their promises are realistic and
pragmatic approaches to the delivery of services
28 ÊBharati V Pathak ³The Indian Financial System: Markets, Institutions and Services
Third Edition´
The author explains the green-shoe option which means an option of allocating shares
in excess of the shares included in the public issue In the case of an initial public
offering (IPO) by India¶s largest technology company- Tata Consultancy Services
(TCS)- there was a green shoe option available to the lead book runner JM Morgan
Stanley Using the statistical data, it is explained here hoe the mega issue of IPO of
TCS reversed the grim scenario of the market and it received an upbeat response The
book also comprises the information of the beta values of its shares, weightage in
SENSEX and other such relevant information
29 ÊGeorge Reynolds ³Information Technology for Managers´
The author tells about the reliability of the services provided by the TCS by pointing
on the 5-year outsourcing contract made by Banco Pichincha Ecuador¶s largest
private bank with TCS when it wanted to redesign and develop the bank¶s core
banking solutions and provide BPO services for the bank¶s operation To upgrade
capabilities and services, the Mumbai International Airport imited contracted with
TCS to implement and manage the IT infrastructure at Chhatrapati Shivaji
International Airport Hence, TCS has gone into various contracts and agreements
being one of the most reliable organizations in providing different services
20 ÊS Shajahan ³Management Information Systems´
The author uses the data from NAASCOM, PTI and Business ine to give a review of
the status of employment potential of software firms Tata Consultancy Services, the
country¶s largest software exporter hired 2,400 professionals in the quarter ending
June 30,2002 followed by 2,600 more recruits in the next 3 quarters The author
presents a talk of S Ramadorai, Chief Executive Officer, Tata Consultancy Services,
with European Businessman at the Indo-European Union business summit in isbon
where India is seen as a Knowledge-based Economy for the first time He says that
TCS is very visible in the flora it should be and it is under going major transformation
and reinventing itself He continues that TCS will evaluate its own requirements and
analyse every possible situation including listing in India, listing outside, etc