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Scope: Bioinformatics / Computational Biology

AMB - Algorithms for Molecular Biology

Launched in February 2006.
Applied Bioinformatics
- Reviews of computational and methodological developments
- Original research articles on all areas of bioinformatics including microarray
analysis, databases and datamining, phylogenetics, forensics, protein structure
prediction and evolution, and genomics
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Advances in Bioinformatics (ABI)
Open access journal.
BioData Mining
Publishes research on "all aspects of data mining applied to high-dimensional
biological and biomedical data, focusing on computational aspects of knowledge
discovery from large-scale genetic, transcriptomic, genomic, proteomic, and
metabolomic data."
Open access journal.
Bioinformatics (formerly CABIOS)
Main focus on new developments in genome bioinformatics and computational
ISI impact factor of 4.926 (2010), 4.328 (2009), 4.894 (2007), 5.742 (2004), 6.701
(2003), 4.615 (2002), 3.421 (2001)
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Biological Knowledge
Forum for scientific communication regarding analysis of the content and the role of
knowledge in biology and medicine. The fields covered by the journal include:
ontologies, knowledge representation, and knowledge bases; reasoning, discovery,
and machine learning; natural language processing and linguistics; history,
philosophy, sociology, and anthropology; cognitive science, including cognitive and
social psychology; and education.
Open access online journal, to be launched soon, see recent updates.
BMC Bioinformatics
Publishes original research articles in all aspects of computational methods used in
the analysis and annotation of sequences and structures, as well as all other areas of
computational biology.
Open access online journal.
ISI impact factor of 3.43 (2010), 3.71 (2009), 5.42 (2004), 4.896 (estimated, 2003)
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Briefings in Bioinformatics
An international forum for researchers and educators in the life sciences, Briefings in
Bioinformatics publishes reviews for the users of databases and analytical tools in
contemporary genetics and molecular biology.
ISI impact factor of 7.329 (2010), 24.37 (2007)
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Comparative and Functional Genomics
- studies of complex and model organisms
- bioinformatic and computational tools for the study of gene and genome
- pharmacogenomics and genomics-based drug target identification methods
Discontinued since 2005
Computational Biology and Chemistry
Formerly known as Computers & Chemistry
ISI impact factor of 2.135 (2006)
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine
Covers computing methodology and software systems derived from computing
science for implementation in all aspects of biomedical research and medical
ISI impact factor of 0.624 (2006)
Computers in Biology and Medicine
Application of the computer to the fields of biomedical engineering and medical
- Analysis of biomedical systems: solutions of equations
- Synthesis of biomedical systems: simulations
- Special medical data processing methods
- Special purpose computers and clinical data processing
- Medical diagnosis and record processing
Audience: Physicians, Surgeons, Physiologists, Bacteriologists
ISI impact factor of 1.068 (2006)
EURASIP Journal on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
Publishes research results related to signal processing and bioinformatics theories
and techniques relevant to a wide area of applications into the core new disciplines of
genomics, proteomics, and systems biology.
- open access journal
- has some papers on text mining.
IJB - The International Journal of Biostatistics
"Topics include new biostatistical methods and models, new statistical theory,
advances in biostatistics computing, and original application of statistical methods for
important practical problems in the biological, medical, public health, and agricultural
IJBRA - International Journal of Bioinformatics Research and Applications

IJDMB - International Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformatics

IJKDB - International Journal of Knowledge Discovery in Bioinformatics

Recently launched (Jul 2009), first call for papers out; first issue in 2010?
ISSN: 1947-9115
IJMI - International Journal of Medical Informatics
ISI impact factor of 1.726 (2007), 1.326 (2004), 1.178 (2003)
Available on Science Direct
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ISB - In Silico Biology
"To promote the development of a more integrated view of living systems, answering
the question: What can we learn for biology from this study? Thus the major focus of
this journal is on the data acquisition, development, and applications of
theoretical/mathematical/computational tools onto biological systems. ISB mainly
- results of applied computational biology
- algorithms provided they are presented together with an application program
- systematic compilations of biological as well as computational results from various
- evaluation of original experimental data with biocomputational tools
- WWW-online resources for experimental scientists."
JBCB - Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Aims to publish high quality, original research articles, expository tutorial papers and
review papers as well as short, critical comments on technical issues associated with
the analysis of cellular information.
JBI - Journal of Biomedical Informatics
Formerly known as "Computers and Biomedical Research"
ISI impact factor of 2.346 (2006), 0.855 (2003)
JBS - Journal of Biomedical Semantics
Launched in June 2009. "Topics include:
- Design, development and maintenance of semantic resources,
- Semantic infrastructure development and access to data,
- Semantic enrichment, mining and annotation of biomedical data,
- Automatic semantics-driven analysis and reasoning in biomedicine,
- Exploitation and impact of semantics on biomedical research."
JIB - Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics
Focuses on
- molecular biological databases and applications
- integration of data sets relevant for biological systems
- integration of applications relevant for biological systems
- design of metabolic, regulatory and expression networks
- interdisciplinary studies of these networks
- evaluation of original experimental data with biocomputational tools
- online resources for experimental scientists
JCB - Journal of Computational Biology
Forum for the communication of technical issues associated with the analysis,
management, and visualization of cellular information at the molecular level.
Includes papers on genomics, mathematical modeling and simulation, distributed
and parallel biological computing, designing biological databases, pattern matching
and pattern detection, linking disparate databases and data, new tools for
computational biology, relational and object-oriented database technology for
bioinformatics, biological expert system design and use, reasoning by analogy,
hypothesis formation and testing by machine, and management of biological
ISI Impact Factor of 4.600 (2003)
JTB - Journal of Theoretical Biology
The forum for theoretical papers that give insight into biological processes.
ISI Impact Factor of 2.264 (2006), 1.550 (2003)
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LNCS Transactions on Computational Systems Biology
Springer book series
OJB - Online Journal of Bioinformatics
Functional interfaces for genome and gene analysis. Genomic visualization methods.
Development of software for high speed analysis of the genome. Implementing and
interfacing genomic and gene database mining and analysis. Systems and algorithms
for gene scanning, sequencing and analysis. Proteomics. Bioinformatic formatting
(for example XML). Methods to improve and facilitate statistical analysis of gene and
genomic data. Interfacing protein structure analysis and prediction. Molecular
modelling and management of DNA libraries or models (ie Scalable data). Systems to
improve functionality to current DNA and protein databases. Bioinformatics
curriculae, courses and teaching methodology. Medical/Health Informatics.
PLoS Computational Biology
Open access, launched in June 2005. Shows view/download statistics per article;
these data are also available for bulk download covering all PLoS journals.
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Acceptance rate: 29% (2009), see Dickin et al.
Impact factor: 5.895 (2008), 6.2 (2007)
"Interactive open-access journal; peer-reviewed; will publish all papers that are
judged to be technically sound; judgements about importance are then made by the
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SAGMB - Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology
"Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology seeks to publish significant
research on the application of statistical ideas to problems arising from
computational biology. The focus of the papers should be on the relevant statistical
issues but should contain a succinct description of the relevant biological problem
being considered. The range of topics is wide and will include topics such as linkage
mapping, association studies, gene finding and sequence alignment, protein
structure prediction, design and analysis of microarray data, molecular evolution and
phylogenetic trees, DNA topology, and data base search strategies. Both original
research and review articles will be warmly received."
Impact factor: 2.167 (2007)

Scope: Machine Learning

JMLR - Journal of Machine Learning Research
Provides an international forum for the publication of scholarly articles in all areas of
machine learning.
Incl. special issues on Kernel Methods, ICML 2001, Machine Learning for Text and
Images, Variable and Feature Selection. Published in a quarterly paper volume and
immediately on receipt electronically.
ISSN 1532-4435 (Paper), 1533-7928 (Electronic)
JMLG - Journal of Machine Learning Gossip
"Provides an archival source of important information that is often discussed
informally at conferences but is rarely, if ever, written down."

Other collections
Pedro's Links
Bio/Chemical Journals and Newsletters
Molecular Biology Journals
Bioinformatics.org Wiki Journals
Bioinformatics; lists article influenceTM, access models, author charges

Abstracts, Citations, References ..

Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek EZB (Electronic Journals Library)

Cooperative service of 210 libraries providing simple access to scientific journals.
Sorted by topics or alphabetical. Also available in English.
PubMed (NCBI)
Indexes over 16 million research articles (abstracts with links to full text if available)
Mainly life sciences publications: physiology, epidemiology, molecular biology, etc.
PubMed Search with BibTeX output

 ISI publish Impact Factor information in the Journal Citation Reports, part of the
Science Citation Index.
 C. Neylon and S. Wu: Article-Level Metrics and the Evolution of Scientific Impact,
PLoS Biology 7(11), 2009.
 Editorial in PLoS Medicine 3(6): The Impact Factor Game: It is time to find a better
way to assess the scientific literature
 Editorial in BMC Bioinformatics 5(93): Delayed impact: ISI's citation tracking choices
are keeping scientists in the dark
Includes links to resources and articles on the impact factor.
Includes a list of impact factors of selected journals, 2003.
 Opinion in Nature 415(6868): Errors in citation statistics
A curious absence from a list of 'hot papers' has led Nature to uncover some inaccuracies
in the citation statistics compiled by the ISI. This adds to worries about relying heavily on
these figures when rating scientific performance.
 Editorial in Nature Neuroscience 1998 1(8): Citation data: the wrong impact?
 E. Garfield and A. Welljams-Dorof: Of Nobel class: a citation perspective on high
impact research authors. Theor Med 1992 Jun;13(2):117-35.

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