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Installation Instructions

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Dramatically Outperforms DensShield® Tile Backer is 30% lighter than the leading cement
board brands (1⁄29 comparison). DensShield provides excellent
Other Tile Substrates

dimensional stability and strength so it can be installed parallel or
undreds of millions of square feet of Georgia-Pacific
at right angles to framing in wall and ceiling applications.
DensShield® Tile Backer have been installed with virtually
no claims. DensShield is a substrate that, when properly installed, DensShield is the first and only tile backer listed as a GreeNguard
is virtually unaffected by water or moisture, making it excellent microbial resistant product by a leading third-party organization,
for protecting both tile installations and stud cavities. DensShield Greenguard Environmental Institute. This listing means
is composed of a proprietary, water-resistant treated core that is DensShield, which features fiberglass mats instead of the paper
covered front and back with figerglass mats. The coated fiberglass facings used on the surface of traditional gypsum tile backers,
mats are permanently integrated with the core during manufacturing resist mold growth. The microbial resistant test is based on
preventing delamination problems. On the face side of DensShield ASTM Standard D 6329-98, a testing standard set by ASTM
is an exclusive heat-cured acrylic coating which stops moisture International, which develops testing guidelines and procedures
at the surface and retards vapor transmission, protecting the for building materials, products, systems, and services.
wall cavity and floor substrate from moisture intrusion.
Unlike cementitious backer boards, DensShield Tile
Backer does not require an additional
moisture barrier.

to Use DensShield® Tile Backer

1 Excellent substrate for floors,

walls and countertops

2 Built in moisture barrier—

stops moisture at the surface

3 Mold-resistant—when tested,
as manufactured, per ASTM D 3273

4 Scores and snaps easily

with a standard utility knife

5 46% faster to install than

cement board—NAHB study

6 Lifetime Limited Warranty when used in

 residential tile installations and a 20-year limited
warranty when used in commercial applications*. Visit our Web site at www.DensShield.com for complete DensShield information
*See warranty for complete terms, conditions and limitations. or call 1-800-225-6119 for product warranty information.
Primary Uses Fastener Guide Chart
DensShield® Tile Backer is excellent for tile and non-tile Application Fastener Min. Length Spacing
installations in wet and non-wet applications, in areas of high
Walls & Galvanized 1 69 o.c. along
humidity and in fire-rated assemblies. It is ideal for tile walls, Ceilings roofing nail 1 ⁄29 framing
ceilings, countertops and residential and light commercial floor Buglehead, rust
applications in high moisture areas. Walls &
Ceilings resistant, coarse 1 69 o.c. along
thread, sharp 1 ⁄49
DensShield panels provide an excellent backer for sidewalls and (wood frame) framing
point screw
ceilings in bathtubs and shower installations, where it provides
an even, solid substrate for tile. DensShield may also be finished Buglehead, rust
Walls & thread, sharp
with paint or wallpaper for non-tile areas that require superior Ceilings point rust 11⁄49
69 o.c. along
fire and moisture resistance. Both 1⁄49 and 1⁄29 DensShield Tile framing
(metal frame) resistant drywall
Backer can be used in floor applications. Both of these thicknesses screw
passed the Robinson Floor Test, the industry standard floor test Galvanized 89 o.c. in both
Floors 11⁄49
for light commercial ratings. The Robinson Floor Test (ASTM C 627) roofing nail directions
is designed to determine how a tile assembly holds up under Buglehead, rust
resistant, coarse 1 89 o.c. in both
extreme wear and weight conditions. DensShield achieves the Floors 1 ⁄49
thread, sharp directions
same light commercial rating as cement and fiber cement backers. point screw
DensShield Tile Backer is for interior applications ONLY. 1
⁄49 crown,
29 o.c. on
Floors corrosive 7
⁄89 edges/49 o.c.
Materials Needed (1⁄49 only) resistant chisel
in field
DensShield panels come in a variety of sizes point staples
Note: For walls, fasteners should penetrate at least 3⁄49 into wood framing.
• for walls and ceilings, use 1⁄29 or 5⁄89 Type X thickness
• for countertops and floorings, use 1⁄49 or 1⁄29 thickness
• no additional moisture barrier needed Tub/Shower Sidewalls or Ceilings
• 29 glass fiber mesh tape Walls or Ceilings
• flexible sealant/caulk Position DensShield® Tile Backer panel next to framing with the
• latex portland cement mortar or Type I Mastic. coated (grey) face away from studs. Cut panel to required size
and make cutouts. Fit ends and edges closely.
DensShield may be cut by scoring and snapping or by sawing,
working from the grey face side. Board may be installed either
parallel or perpendicular to framing for both wall and ceiling
• Steel or wood framing should be spaced no greater than 169
o.c. without blocking, 249 o.c. with blocking when using 1⁄29
DensShield, or 249 o.c. with 5⁄89 DensShield Fireguard® Type X.

4 5
• Fasteners should be spaced 69 o.c. for walls and ceilings. Bathtub or Shower Receptor
Drive fasteners flush with coated surface. Do not countersink. Apply DensShield® Tile Backer either horizontally or vertically on
See Fastener Guide Chart on previous page. walls as shown in DS001.
• DensShield® Tile Backer has a built-in moisture barrier. Do not Leave a 1⁄89 gap between DensShield and the tub deck and
use additional moisture barrier. completely fill the space between tile and tub with a flexible
• 29 10 x 10 glass fiber mesh tape–embed in a skim coat of sealant/caulk.
material used to set tiles on all joints and corners that are to
DS003 DensShield® Tile Backer
receive tile. Caulk or seal penetrations and abutments to
dissimilar materials.
Flexible Sealant/Calk Tile Adhesive (Latex Thinset Mortar or Mastic)

DS001 DensShield® Tile Backer Fastener

Fiberglass Mesh Tape

DensShield Tile Backer Flexible Sealant into 1⁄89 min. gap

Tile Mastic or Thin Set Wood or Minimum 20-Gauge Metal Framing

Flexible Sealant/Calk Fireproofing when required (by other trades)

Wood or Minimum
20-Gauge Metal Framing
Pre-Formed Shower Pan
Leave a 1⁄89 gap between DensShield and the tub deck and
Shower Pan completely fill the space between tile and tub with a flexible
Install DensShield on walls according to assembly DS001. sealant/caulk.
Note: Shower pan or rubber membrane must be adequately
sloped to the open drain or weep hole detail to permit proper
water drainage. Leave a 1⁄89 gap between DensShield and the DensShield® Tile Backer
shower pan. (DensShield must not be used in shower curbs. Tile Mastic or Thin-Set
DensShield panels can be installed in the shower pan if part
of an approved system.) Tiles

DS002 Tiles Flexible Caulk into 1⁄89 min. gap

DensShield Tile Backer
Flexible Sealant/Calk Wood or Minimum 20-Gauge Metal Framing
Sloped Mortar Bed Shower Pan
Sloped Rubber Membrane
Crushed Stone
Weep Holes

6 7
Floors Residential & Light Commercial Fastener Guide Chart
Residential & Light Commercial Floors Minimum Minimum
1 1 ®
⁄49 and ⁄29 DensShield Tile Backer can be used as a tile Subfloor Thickness Joist Spacing
substrate in floor tile applications for residential and light 5
⁄89 Plywood Sturd-I-Floor®* 169 o.c. joists
commercial use as defined in the Handbook for Ceramic Tile 5 ®
⁄89 Plywood Sturd-I-Floor * 19.29 o.c. engineered lumber
Installation, published by the Tile Council of North America.
7 ®
⁄89 APA Rated Sturd-I-Floor 249 o.c. engineered lumber
Laminate DensShield panels, coated side up, to subfloor using
a latex portland cement mortar liberally applied with a 1⁄49 *3⁄49 OSB is acceptable.
square-tooth notched trowel.
• Embed DensShield into mortar while still pliant (do not Countertops Residential
exceed open time)
• Butt DensShield panels tightly together Countertops
• Stagger DensShield joints over subfloor joints Plywood must be installed flat and level. Framing spacing should
• Fasten DensShield panels to subfloor (see Fastener Guide not exceed 249 o.c. Install minimum 1⁄29 exposure 1 plywood on
Chart on page 5) top of supports spaced a maximum of 249 o.c. Provide support on
overhangs on cantilever counters to prevent movement.
• Avoid nailing into floor joists on new construction to prevent
nail pop-ups Apply leveling bed of latex portland cement mortar to plywood
• Space fasteners no greater than 89 o.c. in both directions using 1⁄49 notched trowel.

• Drive fasteners flush with the surface — do not countersink Laminate clean, dry DensShield® Tile Backer to base (grey side
up) and fasten every 69 to 89 o.c. in both directions into plywood
• Apply 29 10 x 10 fiberglass mesh tape over joints. Embed
while leveling bed is still fluid. Use either 11⁄49 galvanized roofing
with latex portland cement mortar.
nails or 11⁄49 rust-resistant drywall screws. Stagger joints of
Apply flooring-grade tile with latex portland cement mortar. DensShield panels with those of the plywood base.
Full-thickness thresholds should be used and butted against the
DensShield panels flush with the tile surface. Important: For Butt DensShield joints tightly. Tape all joints and corners using
residential applications, use a 29 x 29 or larger floor-grade tile. 29 wide self-adhering fiberglass mesh tape. Embed tape with
latex portland cement mortar (ANSI A118.4).
• Use latex portland cement floor grout (ANSI A118.6).
Install tile, expansion and control joints and grout in accordance
• DensShield is not to be used in conjunction with passive solar
heat systems or in heated flooring systems that are consistently with ANSI A108. Use latex portland cement mortar to set tile.
over 120˚ F.
DS006 Latex Portland Cement Mortar
• DensShield is not to be used in shower curbs.
• DensShield panels can be installed in the shower pan if part of
an approved system. DensShield® Tile Backer
Base Minimum 1⁄29Plywood
Latex Portland Cement Mortar per ANSI A118.4 Framing Support
DensShield® Tile Backer
Base Minimum 5⁄89 Plywood
Floor Joists 169 o.c.
8 9
One Coat Float Tile Assembly
DensShield® Tile Backer can be installed as a baseboard for a
traditional reinforced floated wall tile system attached to the
framing. DensShield panels may be hung either vertically or
horizontally for wall applications.
• Grey coated side should always face out, away from the studs.
• Framing should be spaced no greater than 169 o.c.
• Attach DensShield panels spacing fasteners 69 o.c. along studs
for wood or metal framing.
• For tub and pre-formed shower pans, leave a 1⁄89 to 1⁄49 gap
above the lip; fill with flexible sealant.
• For shower pan receptors with membranes, the lath membrane shall
be installed in a weather board fashion over the pan membrane.
• Attach membrane and lath per lath and membrane manufac-
turers’ guidelines. Apply mortar bed per TCNA assembly W231.
Membrane (ANSI A-2.1.8) shall be installed such that water is
continually sloped toward the drain.
⁄29 or 5⁄89 DensShield® Tile Backer
Tile Adhesive (latex thinset mortar or mastic)
One Coat Float System
Hydro-Guard ONE® Membrane with
Fabric at 90o angle and drain
⁄49 gap & Flexible Sealant
Sloped Underlay Mortar Bed, reinforced
Crushed Stone or Tile

⁄29 or 5⁄89 DensShield Tile Backer
Tile Adhesive (latex thinset mortar or mastic)
Shower Pan Liner
One Coat Float System
Sloped Underlay Mortar Bed, reinforced
Crushed Stone or Tile

⁄49 gap & Flexible Sealant

Información de ventas y tramitación de pedidos
Sales Information and Order Placement
EE.UU Medio Oeste: 1-800-876-4746
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Quebec Toll Free: 1-800-361-0486
Información técnica
Technical Information
Línea de atención telefónica de
Georgia-Pacific Gypsum Technical Hotline Georgia-Pacific Gypsum
U.S.A. and Canada: 1-800-225-6119 U.S.A. and Canada: 1-800-225-6119
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