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Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University

Faculty of Disability Management

and Special Education Objectives of Conducting CRE Programme
To enable the participants to follow and implement the
5 Day CRE Programme on 1. To build competencies to manage diverse needs of
Inclusive Education for the Children With children across disabilities in Inclusive Education
Special Needs 2. To develop competency for identification, functional
assessment of Children With Special Needs across
The Government of India has enacted the legislation disabilities in Inclusive Education
Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities and Full 3. To develop competency for planning, adapting and
Participation) Act, 1995 (PWD Act) to achieve amongst implementing the curriculum (content, process and
other things, the goal of providing access to free evaluation) appropriate to the needs of Children With
education in an appropriate environment to all learners Special Needs in Inclusive Education
with disabilities till s/he attains the age of eighteen years. 4. To train the participants as effective ‘agents of change’
The Act endeavours to promote the integration of learners to sensitize school management, regular teachers, parents
with disabilities in mainstream schools. and peer group of CWSN
The National Curriculum Framework for School 5. To effectively equip them to contribute in the
Education (NCERT, 2000) has recommended inclusive development of school development plan.
schools for learners with special educational needs by Target Group
making appropriate modifications in the content,
1. Regular school teachers handling students with
presentation and transaction strategies, preparing teachers
special needs in inclusive set up.
and developing learning friendly evaluation
2. Special Educators
procedures.The definition of disability as it is under the
PDA is an exhaustive listing of disabilities . The No. of Days
UNCRPD does not define disability in the definition 5 days (30 hours)
article, it is included in the purpose segment. UNCRPD Dates of the programme
includes definitions of communication; language; March 22, 23, 24, 25 & 26 of 2011
discrimination on the basis of disability; reasonable Schedule for 5 days CRE programme
accommodation and universal design acknowledging Day 1
these as conditions to be addressed to eliminate any forms 09.30-09.45 Inaugural Function
of discrimination. 09.45 -10.45 Understanding diversity in a classroom- all
The present act and the proposed amendment have not children are different! Explore how they are
addressed the social exclusion and discrimination faced different; how are they same
by disabled persons adequately. The Disability Act must 10.45-11.00 Tea Break
promote equability in participation in the civil, political, 11.00-12.00 Special Educational Needs of learner in
economic, social and cultural spheres with equal Inclusive School – Focus on how children
opportunities.India has signed and ratified UNCRPD on with special needs are different
1st October 2007 and the Government of India is 12.00 - 01.00 Planning and management of inclusive
obligated to the 70 million disabled persons that the spirit education
of the UNCRPD would be upheld and accordingly there 01.00 - 02.00 Lunch
would be amendments to the National Acts. PDA is silent 02.00 - 03.00 Planning and management of inclusive
on the following issues and these need to be addressed: education
respect for inherent dignity, individual autonomy 03.00 -04.00 Barriers and obstacles faced by special
including the freedom to make one’s own choices, and educators in inclusive education
independence of persons;respect for difference and 04.00 - 04.15 Tea Break
acceptance of persons with disabilities as part of human 04.15- 05.15 Importance of identifying teacher’s attitude,
diversity and humanity;non-discrimination on the grounds skills and support needed by special
of disability;full and effective participation and inclusion educators and main stream teachers
in society;equality of opportunity;accessibility: In Day 2
physical environment, information in accessible format; 09.45 -10.45 Peer tutoring, cooperative learning and
access to justice protection and empowerment of women collaboration in inclusive education
and girls with disabilities who are often at a greater risk, 10.45-11.00 Tea Break
both within and outside the home, of violence, injury or 11.00 -12.00 Curriculum adaptations and teaching
abuse, neglect or negligent treatment, maltreatment or methodology for children with hearing
exploitation.assumption of legal capacity as opposed to impairment in inclusive education.
assumption of incapacity, children with disabilities to 12.00 -01.00 Curriculum adaptations and teaching
have full enjoyment of all human rights including methodology for children with visual
education and learning on an equal basis with other impairment in inclusive education
children. 01.00-02.00 Lunch
02.00-03.00 Curriculum adaptations and teaching per planned lesson plan)
methodology for children with mental 03.00 – 04.00 Outcome of the day : (1)Peer tutoring, joint
Retardation in inclusive education study, collaborations within class
03.00-04.00 Curriculum adaptations and teaching 04.00-04-15 Tea Break
methodology for children with learning 04.15- 05.15 Outcome of the day : (2)Helping children in
disability in inclusive education Problem solving,embrace
04.00 – 4.15 Tea Break differences and acceptance of abilities
04.15-05.15 Classroom management in inclusive Day 5
education 09.45-10.45 Group discussion and clarification on
Day 3 practical session
09.45 -10.45 Practical demonstration of inclusive 10.45-11.00 Tea Break
education in simulated environment 11.00 -12.00 Identifying the problem behaviours of the
(as per plannded lesson plan) children with special needs
10.45-11.00 Tea Break 12.00-01.00 Teacher’s role in managing problem
11.00-12.00 Practical demonstration of inclusive behaviors of the children with special
education in simulated environment needs
(as per plannded lesson plan) 01.00-02.00 Lunch
12.00-01.00 Practical demonstration of inclusive 02.00-03.00 Teacher’s role in managing problem
education in simulated environment behaviors of the children with special
(as per plannded lesson plan) needs
01.00-02.00 Lunch 03.00– 04.00 Evaluation and Feedback
02.00 -03.00 Preparation of lesson plan by the participant 04.00-04.15 Tea Break
03.00-04.00 Preparation of lesson plan by the participant 04.15- 05.15 Valedictory Session
04.00 -04.15 Tea Break Conclusion
04.15- 5.15 Preparation of lesson plan by the participant Education is the most effective vehicle of social and
Day 4 economic empowerment. In keeping with the spirit of the
09.45 -10.45 Article 21A of the Constitution guaranteeing education as
10.45-11.00 Tea Break a fundamental right andSection 26 of the Persons with
11.00-12.00 Practical demonstration in the real classroom Disabilities Act, 1995, free and compulsory education has
setup in inclusive school (as to be provided to all children with disabilities up to the
per planned lesson plan) minimum age of 18 years. According to the Census, 2001,
12.00 -01.00 Practical demonstration in the real classroom fifty-one percent persons with disabilities are illiterate.
setup in inclusive school (as This is a very large percentage. There is a need for
per planned lesson plan) mainstreaming of the persons with disabilities in the
01.00-02.00 Lunch general education system through Inclusive education.
02.00-03.00 Practical demonstration in the real classroom
setup in inclusive school (as

Total 100 (hundred) CRE points to be accumulated for renewal of Registration with RCI over 5 years. Attendance
of one day CRE program approved by RCI of 6 hours is equivalent to 6 CRE points. The points will be awarded
for certain activities as equivalent to CRE.

For Registration contact: 0422-2697529, 2698553

Registration Fees including lunch and excluding accommodation : Rs.750/- (for 5 days)