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The following expressions have been ruled to be unparliamentary by successive Speakers, as indicated:

House of Representatives:

 “It has proliferated under the present Government simply because of the judgments of a corrupt High
Court, formerly headed by a corrupt Chief Justice.” (Drummond [Deputy Speaker]; H.R. Deb.
(12.03.1981), p. 785)

 “The first is the line of acting as apologists for the Soviet Union, like the honourable member for
Melbourne Ports who wants to exchange defence attaches—“ (Snedden; H.R. Deb. (12.03.1981), p.

 "The Prime Minister lied to the House" (Giles [Deputy Speaker]; H.R. Deb. (25.03.1981), p. 918)

 “When the Prime Minister sends into this House a Minister who provides the figures which show that
the Prime Minister lied, why am I not entitled to?” (Viner [Deputy Speaker]; H.R. Deb. (25.03.1981), p.

 “We have now seen, I hope, how honourable gentlemen opposite deliberately have set out to present
a farrago of lies, exaggerations, and inaccuracies.” (Milar [Deputy Speaker]; H.R. Deb. (08.04.1981), p.

 “The honourable gentleman indicates in that question how despicable he can be and how despicable
he is.” (Snedden; H.R. Deb. (09.04.1981), p. 1517)

 "They bought their way back in like the scum that they are." (Snedden; H.R. Deb. (28.04.1981), p.

 “Mr Deputy Speaker, once again we have had to listen to a diatribe of shonky figures from the little
grafter from Macarthur.” (Milar [Deputy Speaker]; H.R. Deb. (31.04.1981), p. 1155)

 “You tell them how you keep out of gaol despite breaking the rules, and become rich at the same
time.” (Snedden; H.R. Deb. (20.08.1981), p. 576)

 “It is clearly a display of mendacity from the new Minister to show that he belongs to the Fraser
Government. He has the right qualities, a lack of integrity—“ (Snedden; H.R. Deb. (14.05.1981), p.

 "We have come in here tonight and listened to this flunky from the socialist left" (Millar [Deputy
Speaker]; H.R. Deb. (16.09.1981), p. 1443)

 "For some people a lie is a matter of last resort; for this Minister it is a matter of first aid." (Snedden,
H.R. Deb. (28.10.1981), p. 2574)

 “What you are saying is a lie; you know that. You are telling a lie.” (Snedden; H.R. Deb. (10.09.1981),
p. 1163)

 “The National Country Party is also in the pay of multinational companies.” (Drummond [Deputy
Speaker]; H.R. Deb. (15.09.1981), p. 1321)

 “Obviously, we can expect the same lies and deceit in 1983.” (Millar [Deputy Speaker]; H.R. Deb.
(17.09.1981), p. 1517)
 “You are a liar. He did not say anything of the sort and you know he didn't. Why don't you tell the
truth for once, you liar?” (Snedden; H.R. Deb. (18.02.1982), p. 321)

 “The record still shows that the Prime Minister was lying to the Parliament.” (Jenkins [Deputy
Speaker]; H.R. Deb. (23.02.1982), p. 449)

 “We know how the Labor Government of New South Wales changed and destroyed the royal
commission that the former Government had set up into prisons there. I think that a Victorian Labor
Government would do the same sort of thing.” (Millar [Deputy Speaker]; H.R. Deb. (24.02.1982), p.

 "That is a dishonesty." (Snedden; H.R. Deb. (09.03.1982), p. 704)

 “My concluding comments are simply these, Mr Speaker: Let us have no more hypocritical posturing.
Let us have no more humbuggery from the Prime Minister. Let him stand up and apply in practice—“
(Snedden; H.R. (09.03.1982), p. 707)

 “It is a straight out lie.” (Millar [Deputy Speaker]; H.R. Deb. (06.05.1982), p. 2453)

 “The honourable member has just misrepresented every member on this side of the House with a
deliberate lie.” (Millar [Deputy Speaker]; H.R. Deb. (19.08.1982), p. 762)

 “I wish that the fascist for Bendigo would shut up so that the House can hear what I am saying.”
(Millar [Deputy Speaker]; H.R. Deb. (25.08.1982), p. 944)

 “But his use of blackmail to go against the Royal Commission's recommendations on secrecy, his
preparedness to jeopardise the further examinations of the Royal Commission—“ (Snedden; H.R. Deb.
(26.08.1982), p. 962)

 "Who is being racist in his remarks? Who is the bastard?" (Drummond [Deputy Speaker]; H.R. Deb.
(26.08.1982), p. 1023).

 “Yet he has the hide to tell this outrageous, audacious lie—“ (Millar [Deputy Speaker]; H.R. Deb.
(07.09.1982), p. 1105)

 “What he was saying in the House about the Costigan report was a total lie; it was untruthful.”
(Snedden; H.R. Deb. (08.09.1982), p. 1155)

 “Or tell the truth.” (Snedden; H.R. Deb (08.09.1982), p. 1157)

 “…he sought to establish by selective and confused quoting and prejudiced presentation and, when it
suited him, downright dishonesty—” (Snedden, H.R. Deb. (21.09.1982), p. 1658)

 “You protect tax dodgers, do you, Hodgman?” and “You are probably one yourself.” (Snedden; H.R.
Deb. (23.09.1982), p.1783)

 "We now see the Prime Minister like a cornered rat digging in behind tax dodgers and tax dodging."
(Snedden; H.R. Deb. (12.10.1982), p. 1900)

 “You are a hypocrite.” (Robinson [Deputy Chairman]; H.R. Deb. (19.10.1982), p. 2245)

 "The honourable member for O'Connor should go back to bashing Aborigines. That is what you are
good at." (Johnson [Deputy Speaker]; H.R. Deb. (21.04.1983), p. 46)

 “He is absolutely hypocritical.” (Jenkins; H.R. Deb. (05.05.1983), p. 327)

 “But the information was available to the former Treasurer who is a shifty lawyer himself. He knew
quite well what his rich friends were doing.” (Jenkins; H.R. Deb. (25.05.1983), p. 977)

 “Bloody liar!” (Jenkins; H.R. Deb. (25.08.1983), p. 352)

 “I suppose that, given the latter's record, it is not surprising that he was less than scrupulous in the
handling of other people's money.” (Jenkins; H.R. Deb. (14.09.1983), p. 753)

 “It was not unlike speeches delivered in the Reichstag in the 1930s. He has just as much respect for
the courts as any Brownshirt.” (Child [Deputy Speaker]; H.R. Deb. (21.09.1983), p. 1055)

 “You alcoholics are the ones I am directing this answer to. The dangers of drink driving are well
known, certainly to the honourable member for Franklin.” (Jenkins; H.R. Deb. (03.11.1983), p. 2291)

 “The honourable member always tells lies and untruths about what honourable members involved in
the debate are really saying.” (Mountford [Deputy Chairman]; H.R. Deb. (27.03.1984), p. 870)

 “I have to say to him that he has to do a lot of expunging of his own hypocrisy and double standards
on tax avoidance before that record will be expunged.” (Child [Deputy Speaker]; H.R. Deb.
(01.05.1984), p. 1555)

 “But since this lunatic has taken over the spokesman's position we have had division and we will have
more of it.” (Child [Chairman]; H.R. Deb. (02.05.1984), p. 1669)

 “As to the other matter, I will be perfectly happy to arrange for the honourable gentleman to pursue
the details of that with the permanent head of my Department on the basis that when he attends he,
as a matter of decency, leaves his loaded lead hose at home.” (Jenkins; H.R. Deb. (04.05.1984), p.

 “I will do my best to ignore the buffoon at the table.” (Rocher [Deputy Speaker]; H.R. Deb
(07.05.1984), p. 1973)

 "For fuck's sake." (Aulich [Acting Deputy]; Sen. Deb. (06.12.1990), p. 5175)

 "Are you doing a smart-arse act?" (Hawker; H.R. Deb. (12.09.2007), p. 86)

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