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Solution Catalog

Test & Measurement Solutions
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Anritsu’s HSDPA Solutions

Anritsu has supported the global spread of mobile systems from the earliest days by providing solutions supporting major
systems, including W-CDMA, CDMA2000, and GPS/GPRS.
Now we are focusing our extensive know-how in mobile technologies on solutions for HSDPA.
Our instrument lineup already provides wide-ranging support for R&D into HSDPA equipment and devices, as well as for
base station construction and maintenance.

MD8480C All-in-One Support for W-CDMA/HSDPA · HSUPA

W-CDMA Signalling Tester and GSM/GPRS/EGPRS

The MD8480C is a base station simulator with ideal protocol

Applications development and test functions for developing 3.5G W-CDMA UE
ISDN Packet Voice supporting HSPA∗1. It has an air interface conforming to 3GPP
Control PC
specifications as standard and supports a full range of applications
and protocol tests, coding/decoding processing, protocol sequence
testing (registration, origination, termination, handover, etc.), voice
64 Kbps DL: 14.4 Mbps AMR and data communications testing (circuit switch, packet switch), and
UL: 5.76 Mbps
UE end-to-end testing∗2 for chipsets and UE.
Moreover, adding options for GSM/GPRS/EGPRS∗3 base stations
supports Inter-RAT handover tests between W-CDMA/HSPA and
Ethernet GSM/GPRS/EGPRS systems. The MD8480C is the ideal instrument
for developing increasingly popular UMTS UE and high-performance
chipsets and UE for HSPA/EGPRS∗4.
BB ∗1: High Speed Packet Access
∗2: Requires two MD8480C units
MD8480C ∗3: Enhanced GPRS
∗4: Handover Testing between W-CDMA/HSPA and GSM/EGPRS at
Voice/Data Communications

• Supports 3GPP Release 6 (HSUPA) and Release 5 (HSDPA)

• Full HSDPA/HSUPA Support for All UE Categories Software/Hardware
Development and Integration
• Data Throughput Test (DL 14.4 Mbps/UL 5.76 Mbps)
• One Unit Supports Expanded Functions for 4 BTS max. Conformance Testing
• Flexible Definition of Parameters and Sequences for Protocol IOT Testing
Sequence Testing
Application Testing


Service and Repair

Major Role in Development Cycle

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Application Software for MD8480C W-CDMA Signalling Tester

MX785201A W-CDMA Protocol Test System (PTS) Test and Verification Tools for 3G Wireless Products

The MD8480C W-CDMA Signaling Tester is used with the

MX785201A PTS Core Software to configure a measurement
system for Layer 3 and Layer 2 signalling protocols defined by the
Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). The PTS is designed
for testing 3G W-CDMA UE signalling protocols.

PTS TTCN Test Cases

3GPP Conformance
Test Cases


• W-CDMA Protocol Testing
• 3GPP Standard Compliant Development Tools
• Common User Interface Across Anritsu Development Tools Protocol Testing
• Inter-RAT Capability for 2G/3G Testing
• Environment Supporting TTCN Test Case Execution
• TTCN Test Libraries for Development, Integration and
Conformance Testing

Complete System for Analyzing 3G UE

MX786201A W-CDMA Rapid Test Designer (RTD) Interoperability and Behavior

The MX786201A RTD is a revolutionary software tool that

significantly speeds up testing of W-CDMA devices by simplifying
RTD Tool test creation, execution, and analysis.
It uses an intuitive and interactive GUI environment for designing
test cases, coupled with an expert system to guide the user through
the complexity of 3GPP protocols. The GUI offers easy access to a
comprehensive library of procedural building blocks that can be
placed on-screen to assemble tests. The building blocks are
configured by setting the parameters.
The procedure library has many standard procedures that can be
MD8480C used either unchanged or with minor parameter changes to set the
UE UE to the required test state. This allows the tester to focus on
specific problem areas using knowledge of 3GPP networks rather
than test concepts.

Using RTD and MD8480C for Wide Variety of Tasks Building Blocks UE
for tests Test Execution Engine under Test
• Interoperability Testing
• Acceptance Testing Controls NAS
• Application Testing
• Regression Testing
• Integration Testing
• Generating Variants Reference User
• Pre-conformance Testing Tests Tests
• Prototyping Tests
• Hardware and Software Integration
• Software Development High Level Analyzer

Test Test
Archives Criteria Detailed Test Log Analyzer

RTD Tools and MD8480C

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All-in-One Unit Supporting HSDPA UE RF Tx and Rx Tests
Radio Communication Analyzer

• Supports RF Tx and RX Tests in UE-Connected and Test Modes

• Supports 3GPP-defined DUT Signals
• Easy W-CDMA Construction by Installing Software Options
The MT8820A/MT8815A combines high-level signalling and
high-performance RF measurement technologies in a single
hardware platform covering a wide frequency range from 30 MHz to
2.7 GHz.
Installing the HSDPA Measurement Software in the MT8820A/
MT8815A supports high-speed and high-accuracy RF Tx/Rx testing
at throughputs up to 3.6 Mbps on production lines in either the
UE-connected mode or Test Mode.

• RF TX and Rx Testing in UE-Connected and Test Modes

All RF Tx and Rx tests recommended by 3GPP (TS34.121 5) can be performed in both the HSDPA UE-connected mode and Test Mode (UE
not connected). In addition, various RF Tx/Rx test-related parameters can be changed.

Maximum Output Power Measurement Results

HS-DPCCH Measurement Results

OBW, SEM, ACLR, EVM Measurement Results Throughput Measurement Results

• Supports 3GPP-defined DUT Signals • Easy W-CDMA Construction by Installing Software Options
The DUT signals defined by 3GPP (FRC H-Set 1 to 5) are supported Just installing the optional MX882000B-11 HSDPA Measurement
for testing UE (categories 1 to 6, 11, and 12) at throughputs up to Software adds support for HSDPA measurements to existing
3.6 Mbps using either the QPSK or 16QAM modulation method. W-CDMA measurement functions.

DUT Signal Setting Parameters

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For Testing HSDPA/HSUPA Receiver Characteristics
Vector Signal Generator

The MX370101A HSDPA/HSUPA IQproducer is GUI-driven PC

application software for setting parameters and generating waveform
patterns for 3GPP HSDPA/HSUPA (Uplink/Downlink) systems.
The generated waveform patterns are downloaded to the MG3700A
and used to output baseband and RF signals using the MG3700A
ARB generation function.
Four channel parameters are supported for HSPA: HS-PDSCH and
Additionally, the HARQ process can also be set at the HARQ process
file, while CRC errors can be set at each HSUPA sub-frame for
effective function checks.
The Downlink Easy Setup function supports typical parameter sets
and makes setting as easy as selecting from a menu.

MX370101A HSDPA/HSUPA IQproducer MX370101A HSDPA/HSUPA IQproducer

Downlink Setting Screen Uplink Setting Screen

MS8608A/MS8609A Multipurpose Applications from UE R&D to

Digital Mobile Radio Transmitter Tester Base Station Construction and Maintenance

Installing the optional MX860901B W-CDMA Measurement

Software, MX860950A HSDPA Measurement Software, and
MX860951A W-CDMA Release5 Uplink Measurement Software
packages makes it easy to run Tx tests on HSDPA UE and base
• Single Unit Supports HSDPA RF Tx Tests
• High-speed and High-accuracy Modulation Analysis
• High-accuracy (±0.4 dB) Power Measurement
• Tx Power and EVM Display for Each Slot

Digital Mobile Radio
Transmitter Tester

or EVM Measurement (Each Slot) RACH Measurement

HSDPA Base Station HSDPA


MX860901B MX860950A MX860951A

Measurement Measurement Release5 Uplink
Software Software Measurement Software

Easy Tx Testing Constellation

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MD8391A Small RNC Simulator for W-CDMA/HSDPA Base Station

RNC Simulator Manufacturing, Construction and Maintenance

• Compact and Lightweight

For easy on-site work
Weight: <10 kg
Size: 132.5 (H) x 350 (W) x 373 (D) mm
Ruggedness: Front and rear protectors
• Dual Base Station Tests
Supports simultaneous testing of two base stations using two Iub
interface modules
• GUI-based Scenario Editing (option)
Scenario editing using MX839070A RNC Simulation Designer

• Node-B Performance and Integration Tests for Final

Production-line Inspection
The MD8391A performs AAL2 setting from the Node-B lub side; cell
setup is performed using a transmission signal meeting the 3GPP Control
test item requirements by using the NBAP control protocol. Each Tx
RF test measurement is performed by the MS8609A Digital Mobile Iub RF
Radio Transmitter Tester. MD8391A
Digital Mobile Radio
RNC Simulator Node B
Combining the MD8391A with the MG3700A Vector Signal Transmitter Tester
Generator supports testing of Node-B Rx characteristics. The Tx RF Test
MD8391A sets the Node-B cell setup and receiver channel from the
Iub side. The uplink reference measurement channel (RMC) signal MD8391A
output from the MG3700A is input to Node B. The PN pattern of the RNC Simulator MG3700A
Vector Signal Generator
RMC signal demodulated and decoded by Node B is received via
the Iub interface to measure the BER, permitting reference Reference Clock: 10 MHz
sensitivity level tests conforming to 3GPP TS25.141 standards.
The MD8391A TE function supports the U-plane data test. The
MD8391A has the performance for evaluating user data of 3G/3.5G Start Trigger :
W-CDMA systems, making it ideal for integration tests at final SFN Reset Timing
[4096 frames 10 ms]
production-line inspection.
BER Meas. RF
MD8391A Voice Video Phone
RNC Simulator
Iub UL Signal: RMC 12.2 Kbps
Pseudorandom Noise (PN)
Voice Codec (option) Node B
Node B
or Rx RF Test
Control ATT

ISDN (option) Iub ATT

Integration Test

For Base Station Daily Inspection and Fault Troubleshooting
UMTS Master

Modulation Summary Screen Codogram and

Constellation Screen

Maintaining UMTS base stations in the 800-MHz, 1.7-GHz and 2-GHz

bands is easy using Anritsu’s handheld MT8820A UTMS Master test
tool with built-in lab-grade spectrum analyzer, W-CDMA/HSDPA
demodulation and interference waveform measurement functions as
well as support for RF and OTA measurements.
And the one-touch measurements use a GPS receiver for enhanced Over The Air (OTA) Interference Waveform
reference oscillator accuracy (±25 ppb). Measurement Measurement
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ML8720C ML8740B For Maintaining and Improving Quality of

Area Tester Area Scanner HSDPA Service Area

• High-accuracy Measurement of HSDPA Base Station

• Simultaneous Measurement of Two Frequencies
• Easy Confirmation of Uplink Traffic Status and Base Station
Settings using BCH Demodulation Function
• Long Battery Operation
The excellent basic performance of the ML8720C Area Tester and
ML8740B Area Scanner supports high-accuracy measurement of
P-CPICH Rx RSCP as well as essential Ec/No and SIR HSDPA
measurements, making these two instruments ideal design tools for
constructing HSDPA base stations.
ML8720C ML8740B The ML8720C is for standalone applications while the ML8740B is
designed for drive-through testing. The ML8740B can also measure
alarm data and uplink interference power.
Broadcast Information Uplink Interference Power
Base Base
Station Station
GPS Satellite
Base Base
Station Station
P-CPICH Broadcast Information
in BCH (on P-CCPCH) UL Interference
ANT2 ANT1 (SIB1, SIB2, …, SIB18) in BCH (SIB Type7)

+ +
USB GPS Conventional Proposal

Mapping Software + + MX874001B

Measurement of Broadcast information and

Uplink interference Power using single ML8740B

HSDPA Product Lineup

R&D Manufacturing Maintenance & Service

W-CDMA Signalling Tester

Radio Communication Analyzer

Radio Communication Analyzer

Vector Signal Generator

Digital Mobile Radio Transmitter Tester

Vector Signal Generator

Digital Mobile Radio Transmitter Tester

Base Station RNC Simulator
UMTS Master

Area Tester

Area Scanner

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