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Galery Tehuacán

♥ History
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3 °D
History where succulent turkeys were almost ready. Mole
They ended up chillies, chopped chocolate and
Mole is one of the most representative Ingredients
the most varied spices spoiling food to be offe-
dihes of Mexican,
red to the Viceroy. Such was the anguish of 150 g of chile mulato
especially for large celebrations.
Fray Pascual that he egan to pray with all his Black chili
The origin of mass is lost in the legend or
faith, just when told the guests were seated at 50 g of chile ancho
placed in large Puebla convent kitchens of
the table. A while later, he could not believe Wide chili
Cologne. In such convents strengthened and
when everyone praised 50 g of chipotle chili
perfected the Mexican cuisine, as they en-
crashed saucer. This legend was so popular that 50 g pasilla chili
tertained often to the great civil and reli-
it received 50 g of peanut
gious personalities Viceroyalty. There he
Today, small villages, housewives rushed aid call
50 g of sesame toasted
enjoyed for the first time many of the dis-
the monk with the following verse: "San Pascual
50 g of almond
hes which ultimately gave world fame to the
Bailon, stokes my fire."
50 g of nut
Mexican cuisine.
However, it is certain that the mole is not the
50 g of raisins
Legend has it that on one occasion Juan de
product of chance,
4 piece of bread toasted and
Palafox, viceroy of New Spain and Archbis-
but the result of a slow cooking process started
hop of Puebla, he visited his diocese, a con-
from the time
1 pack of chocolat
vent will poblano gave a banquet, for which 3 pieces of garlic
Hispanic and perfected itself, in Cologne, when
the chefs of the religious community 2 trunk cinnamon
especially strived. The head chef was Fray 1 anis
Mexicana was enriched with Asian and Euro-
Pascual, who that day ran all the 1 spoon pepper
kitchen giving orders to the imminence of 1 fried tortilla
Each region in the mole printed their own label
the important visit. It is said ½ onion
and so emerged the
that Fray Pascual was particularly nervous Salt
mole poblano, the black mole from Oaxaca, mole
and began to rebuke to his aides, in view of Oil….lard
amarillito the Southeast,
the disorder that prevailed in the Turkey
mole coloradito the Valley of Mexico, the ran-
kitchen. The same Fray Pascual began to Chicken
cher and the Plateau
pile on a tray all the ingredients to keep in Animal cookies
many others who amaze us both by its complexi-
the pantry and in his haste Sugar
ty and its
was to stumble right in front of the pan Male banana