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College of Business Administration

Business Management Department

SY 2010-2011

Oscar P. Lacap Jr., DBA



Oscar P. Lacap Jr., DBA

Crispina R. Corpuz, PhD
Ronald Pancho, PhD
Jacqueline Morta, PhD
Norberto Orcullo, PhD
Carmelyn Antig, PhD
Eduardo Malvar, MBA
Karl Rebosura, MBA
Leah Guerra, MBA
Zeny Madlansacay, MA
Anacleta Sasis, MA
Nina Remulla, MA
Mercedita Lee, MA
Bro. Mario Dacanay,FSC
Fr. Floriano Roa, MBA
Pete Mendiola, Dip BA
Alice Descallar, MBA
Ruel Elias, MM
Charito Cristóbal, MBA
Jen Padernal, MM
Appendix 2
Course Code : MGNT305
Flowchart for Thesis Writing and Reporting Course Title : Thesis Writing and Reporting

Course Credit : 3 units

Thesis Fee : Php 3,000/group, inclusive of Adviser’s and Panelists’

Enrol Mgt Research305
fee due at the Accounting office at most two
weeks after the first session of MGNT305
Writing of Manuscript
Adviser approved the paper for
(consult with adviser)
final defense

Failed in the Oral

Adviser did not endorse Oral Defense Defense Prepared by
manuscript for defense

Passed with Minor or THE FACULTY

Major Revisions
END Business Management Department

Submission of 4 copies of Revising of Manuscript

hardbound manuscript and (consult with adviser) Endorsed by:
2 CDs of manuscript in
PDF format

Adviser endorses
manuscript for approval OSCAR P. LACAP JR., DBA
Chair and the Dean and gives grade Chair, Business Management Department
Approve the paper

Thesis Coordinator evaluates Panelists evaluate the

Approved by:
and endorses the manuscript to
the Chair for approval: Thesis
paper and endorse Revising of
manuscript for approval manuscript
Coordinator gives grades for
Dean, College of Business Administration

Appendix 1
Format for Approval Sheet

Selection of Thesis adviser 5

Pool of Advisers 5 This thesis hereto entitled

Terms of Reference 5 “The title of the research project”

Thesis Student 6 Prepared and submitted by <Put names of proponents> in partial

fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business
Administration Major in Business Operations and Management is recommended
Thesis Adviser 6 for acceptance and approval for ORAL EXAMINATION.

Thesis Coordinator 8 <Name of Adviser>

Panelists 9
Approved by the Committee on Oral Examination with a grade of ___ on
________, 20_ _.
English Editor 9
<Name of Chair of Panel>
Statistician 10 Chair

<Name of Member> <Name of Member>

Remuneration of Persons Responsible 10 Member Member

Oral Defense 10 Accepted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Business Operations and
Passing the Course and Related Matters 12 Management
Thesis Coordinator Chair, Business Mgt. Department
Appendices 13

Passing the Course and Related Matters
In order to pass MGNT305 (Thesis Writing and Reporting), the Selection of Thesis Adviser
students should:
The students are given the freedom to choose their thesis adviser on
• Pass the Oral Defense (20%) a first come first served basis. The proponent should select his/her adviser
as early as the proposal writing stage. The MGNT305 Professor should be
• Meet the requirements of the Adviser (30%) and the the one to initiate the selection of thesis adviser at the onset of the course.
Mgt.305 Professor (50%) divided into Prelim Grade (25%)
Chapters 1-3 and Midterm Grade (25%) revised Chapters 1- The students must note that the adviser should:
3 and 4 and 5.
• Be the person they are comfortable working with; and
• Has expertise and competency on the thesis topic.
In order to fulfill the requirements of the program, the
students should submit the final four hardbound copies of the The selected faculty may decline as adviser for some justifiable
approved thesis manuscript and two CDs of the same in PDF reasons. Advisers are required to actively participate during the proposal up
format. to the writing stage. They should allocate time for consultation of their
Submission of these requirements is necessary for clearance
at the department level.
Pool of Advisers

I DO HEREBY CERTIFY THAT I HAVE READ AND FULLY A pool of advisers is created by the Department Chair. They are
UNDERSTOOD THE THESIS GUIDELINES AND AGREE faculty members of the department who are willing and able to participate
THAT MY SON/DAUGHTER NEEDS TO COMPLY WITH THE in the exercise. The selection of adviser for the thesis project will be limited
SAID REQUIREMENTS TO HAVE THEIR FINAL GRADE IN to those faculty members from BMD Appointment of advisers from other
THE SUBJECT. colleges and departments are not allowed.

______________ Terms of Reference
Name and Signature of the Parent/Guardian
The following section describes the terms of reference of those
__________________________________ individuals who are deemed responsible for the duration of the entire
_ exercise. This also provides a description of the scope of their duties and
Date responsibilities:
grammatical errors. However, the adviser can give the
students the directions on the proper format and statistical
5 aspects of the study.
1. Thesis Student

The thesis students are those who are duly enrolled in • For consistency among groups, the following parts of the thesis
MGNT305 (Management Research, Thesis Writing and Reporting). should be discussed or presented within the 20-minute period:
These students are deemed responsible for writing their thesis and
accountable for payments necessary and incidental for the said a) Brief introduction
exercise. Specifically, the following are their responsibilities:
b) Statement of the Problem
a) Enroll, attend and satisfy the academic requirements
of Management research classes; c) Theoretical/Conceptual Framework
b) Regularly consult with their thesis adviser;
c) Promptly submit on time all the requirements set d) Methodology
forth in these guidelines;
d) Promptly revise and edit the manuscript; and e) Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations
e) Shoulder the expenses related to the conduct of the
research which may include thesis fee, editor’s fee, However, this does not mean that the group will not put emphasis on
statistician’s fee, binding and photocopying fee, other parts of the thesis not mentioned in this section.
transportation, and the like.
• The panelists will grade the student based on the following criteria
2. Thesis Adviser with their corresponding weights:
The following are the duties of the thesis adviser: Content 30
Ability to answer questions 30
a) Overall supervision of research of the students. The Mastery 30
participation of the adviser starts at the proposal stage Stage presence 10
up to the manuscript final revision stage. The adviser
should regularly confer and meet his or her advisees. Note, however, that the grade for content is very critical for the student to
The adviser may suggest the following, but not pass the oral defense. The student should get at least 60 percent of the
limited to, research topic, framework, and content grade to pass the oral defense. Otherwise, he/ she will get a grade of
methodology. 0 in Mgt 305 and have it re-enrolled the next term.

b) Checking errors and required corrections of the

manuscript. To be fair to the adviser, the checking of
errors is limited to technical details and not

The attire for the oral defense is corporate. Men should wear slacks,
long sleeve with necktie, and leather shoes, while ladies should wear • The students should ensure that multimedia devices are available
skirt, blouse (with or without blazers) and leather shoes. during their defense schedule. The 30-minute grace period should be
enough for the preparations and setting up of equipment.

The duration for the entire exercise would average around 1 hour which
will cover 20 minutes of presentation and 40 minutes interpolation,
6. Statistician 11 question, and answer. 10

The statistician is any individual that the students may The students are encouraged to do the statistical aspects of
consult regarding the statistical aspects of their study. The payment their paper. Note that the adviser is not required to do this
for the professional services of the statistician is not covered by the since the students may consult a statistician.
provisions of these guidelines.
The technical details mentioned herein include, but is not
Remuneration of Persons Responsible limited to, definition and inclusion of variables, statistical
methods, methods of analysis, interpretation of statistical
The persons directly involved during the course of the thesis process as included in the results and discussion, theoretical
writing exercise, will be remunerated as follows: and/or conceptual framework, and development of the
hypotheses of the paper. The thesis students are deemed
1. Adviser - PhP 1,500 responsible and accountable for errors should these be left
2. Panelists - PhP 1500 per defense session. unnoticed.
 Chair - PhP 500
 Panelist (2) – PhP 500 each c) Technical supervision in the writing of the research
proposal. The adviser should be physically present during the
The remuneration of a thesis writing consultant, English proposal defense.
Editor, statistician, or any other person(s) outside the university is
not covered by the provisions of these guidelines. This will be d) Setting the deadlines for their advisees. The deadline is
handled directly by the students. within the discretion of the adviser, however, paramount
consideration should be made regarding institutional
Oral Defense deadlines. For formality and consistency, all manuscripts
should be ready for final defense 30 days before the end of the
On the day of the defense, the following should be observed: first semester or earlier should the student wish to defend
his/her thesis in advance. The adviser should evaluate first
• The oral defense will proceed as scheduled. Students are whether the manuscript is ready for defense. If so, the adviser
expected to be at their assigned room 30 minutes before the should request the thesis professor for a schedule of final
time. defense.
e) Endorsement of the manuscript for final oral every time the paper comes in and out of his/her
defense. Once the adviser feels that the manuscript is responsibility.
ready for defense, the same should affix his/her
signature in the approval sheet, thereby recommending b) Final corrections in the paper which may not be limited to
the student for oral examination. A sample copy of the formatting. Should the thesis coordinator feel that the
approval sheet is given in Appendix 2. The student has satisfied the requirements, including formatting,
determination whether or not a manuscript is ready for he/she should affix his/her signature in the approval sheet.
defense is within the sound discretion of the adviser. 4. Panelists
The adviser should be present during the final defense.
For every defense session, 8 there are three panelists with one
7 with the advisees
f ) Maintain contact and coordination member sitting as chair of the defense panel. The following are the duties of
until the the panelists:
submission of the revised final manuscript. In the final
revision stage, the adviser should duly accomplish the a) Help the students to improve the manuscript;
routing slip every time the manuscript comes in an out
of his/her responsibility. b) Read the draft manuscript before the scheduled date of
g ) Participation in grading and evaluation. The adviser
is responsible for c) Give comments and/or suggest changes and improvement in
giving 60 percent of the grade of the advisees. The the manuscript. These changes and improvements
adviser should give the grade to the thesis professor so should be written in the manuscript they received to be
that the latter could calculate and provide the overall returned to the students after the exercise;
grade together with his/her grade and the grades given
by the panelists. d) Issuance of the grade during the oral defense. The grades
should be given immediately after the deliberation
3. Thesis Coordinator succeeding the defense; and

The MGNT305 (Thesis Writing and Reporting) professor is e) Accomplish the routing slip every time the paper comes in and
also the thesis coordinator. The following are the duties of out of his or her responsibility.
the thesis coordinator:
4. English Editor
a) Overall direction of the advisers and their
advisees. The thesis coordinator sets the deadlines, The English Editor is any faculty member from the Languages and
defense date/s, new guidelines, and other related Literature Department of the university and other faculty members
tasks. In the final revision stage, the thesis accredited by the CBA. The English Editor is responsible for the checking
coordinator should duly accomplish the routing slip of grammatical errors in the manuscript and observance of the American
Psychological Association (APA) format. Once the manuscript has been

edited, the English Editor shall affix his/her signature in a
certification of English Editor declaring that the paper has
satisfactorily complied with the grammatical requirements of a
thesis manuscript. Should the English Editor feel that the
requirements, as suggested by him /her were not met, the same may
refuse to sign the certification.



(Name of Professor)
This thesis hereto entitled
Hereby accepts the proponents:
“The title of the research project” 1. _________________________________
2. _________________________________
3. _________________________________

Prepared and submitted by <Put names of proponents> in partial

as thesis advisees for their study;
fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business
Administration Major in Business Operations and Management is recommended
for acceptance and approval.. ____________________________
(Title of Study)

<Name of Adviser>

for the school year 2010-2011

Name of Professor
Thesis Professor

Name of English Editor



Dear Dr. _________:

This is to certify that the research paper entitled,

Title of Research
_______________________ of
Name of Researcher/s

has been edited by the undersigned.

Respectfully yours,