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Foreword United Spirits cheers Godrej Inside this

Dear Reader, Little pleases us more United Spirits own a
than our customers’ acknowled- fleet of Godrej 1 tonne electric Unite d Spirits 1
The first quarter of gement of the role we play in forklifts. Arguably one of the
2010-11 was good for us as it their success. And nothing world’s smallest and most WICM A
pleases us more than living that manoeuvrable 4-wheel forklifts, Confe re nce 2
was for most industries. Order
role. these machines zip around
inflow has improved and
their plant all day. With unit World
production is up. It looks like we United Spirits (of the loads increasing, United Spirits
can look forward to a rewarding Environm e nt Day 2
UB Group) of Bangalore is one also employ our 1.5 tonne
performance this year, dark of Godrej Material Handling's electric forklifts now. The
clouds over Europe ... notwith- national accounts since more double decade association with Palle t Fork Clam p
standing. than 20 years. They recently United Spirits and its Attachm e nt 3
crossed the milestone of recognition are a testimony not
In this edition of Liftech, shipping their 100 millionth only of our products but of the Drum Handling
we address softer issues case. On this landmark service support and Attachm e nts
occasion, Mr P. N. Poddar, Sr. relationship that comes with 3, 4
including a customer’s
Vice President (Manufacturing) each Godrej lift truck. Godre j Ite co 4
commendation of our long and Mr Suryanarayanan, Asst.
standing service and support, Vice President (Engineering) Godre j Le ade r 4
celebration of the World invited our Bangalore team
Environment Day at Godrej MH members Mr M. V. Sivdas Te nnant L2 5
and a seminar at which we (Regional Manager) and Mr
demonstrated how Godrej lift Indumohan (Service Manager)
trucks and attachments can to their corporate office.
help corrugated box
manufacturers improve

Carrying on with the

theme of productivity in our
user industries, we also speak
of two lesser known
attachments – pallet fork
clamps and our range of drum
handling techniques.
Our team was
presented with a statuette and
We take this an appreciation certificate. A
opportunity to announce our letter from Mr Vijay Rekhi,
collaborations with Iteco and President & Managing Director
Leader for access equipment. of United Spirits,
With these tieups, Godrej shall acknowledging and
be able to offer a wide range of appreciating the role played by
access equipment to make Godrej Material Handling in
contributing to this milestone
your work environment safer.
was handed over to Mr Sivdas.
The letter also carried a
We hope you will enjoy forward-looking message: Rely
reading this issue. Feel free to on the power of your ideas and
get in touch for more not your credentials
Chief General Manager
(Marketing and Sales)
From l - r: Mr Suryanarayanan, Mr Indumohan, Mr M. V. Sivdas and Mr. P.N.
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Knowledge Sharing with customers

We’re always happy to standards has spurred the Neville Wankadia, Dy. General
participate in industry seminars deployment of the latest Manager Marketing, delivered a
to share information on production techniques, the presentation on the benefits of
advances in material handling. higher demand for these boxes various material handling
has driven manufacturers to equipment at this event and
A certificate course in invest in higher productivity and addressed the many queries
Corrugated Packaging Using safe and efficient material posed by participants.
the Automatic Process was handling in their plants.
organized by WICMA (Western Naturally, this includes lift The audience included
India Corrugated Box trucks which are used to store business owners, factory
Manufacturer's Association) incoming rolls, feed them to
production lines and handle
between 14th and 18th May
finished goods.
2010. The program deliberated
upon the different production Managers, production mana-
The event was a great gers and shop floor
techniques in the corrugated
opportunity to provide supervisors.
box manufacturing industry.
information about various
material handling equipment
While the demand for
and how they profitably serve
high performance corrugated
the corrugated box
boxes meeting international
manufacturing industry. Mr.

Godrej celebrates World Environment Day

World Environment related with the environment.
Day is celebrated on 5th June Tree planting was performed
every year. It was on this day around the Godrej MH plant
that the United Nations later in the day. Since
Conference on Human conservation of water is the
Environment was first held in paramount need, areas of
1972. It is hosted every year water consumption were
by a different city with a discussed and ways to
different theme and is conserve it were suggested. .
commemorated with an
international exposition on 5th
This year at Godrej
Material Handling, Mr. Vinay
Kulkarni, General Manager
Design, started the morning by
leading the Design team in
taking the Environment
I pledge to protect the earth,
To respect the web of life
upon it,
And to honor the dignity,
of every member of our
global family.
One planet, one people, one
world, in harmony.
With peace, justice &
freedom for all.

He encouraged everyone
present to speak on how they
Pallet Fork Clamp Attachment

Godrej Material To get around this or horizontal bore.

Handling designs and problem, we developed a
manufactures a wide range of special attachment called the The end result: Gain flexibility
attachments to address specific Pallet Fork Clamp Attachment. and productivity in handling wire
handling needs. One such This attachment uses curved coils.
application is the handling of pads which grab the wire coil
wire coils. Unlike sheet metal externally. It includes a Contact your nearest Godrej
coils, wire coils are difficult to hydraulic mechanism to up- Material Handling branch for
handle by using a boom end / down-end the coil to more information.
through their bore. enable stacking with a vertical

Drum Handling Attachments

Many industries need ● Parrot Beak Attachment Prongs Attachment
to handle drums or barrels. ● Prongs Attachment ● Another mechanical device, single hydraulic function on
Drum handling operations ● Rotating Drum Clamp this attachment has no the lift truck
involve: ●
Drum Grab Attachment moving parts
● Handling
empty or filled ●
Lateral Clamp with Drum ● It is designed to handle 2, 3
drums Arms or 4 drums simultaneously
● Drums made of steel or ● The drums in this case have
plastic Parrot Beak Attachment to be in a lying down
● The drums may contain oils, ● A very simple, mechanical condition (i.e. on their rolling
paints, hazardous chemicals device, it is used to handle surface)
or bitumen drums either singly or in ●
This attachment is very
● Handling a few each day or side-by-side pairs popular with lubricant and
a few hundred every hour ● It is meant to handle steel or petroleum companies who
● Handling drums individually plastic drums with a need to move empty drums
or more at a time standing orientation (i.e. stacked in pyramids on their
● Handling drums with their vertical axis) rolling surfaces
● The frame is a simple steel
axis vertical or horizontal Lateral Clamp with drum
● Turning the drums around fabrication which slips over arms
while handling the truck forks and is bolted ● A variant of our standard
on lateral clamp
● The key is the small parrot
Due to their cylindrical ● Instead of the large flat arms

shape, handling drums on a beak device which grips the normally used for clamping
pair of forks is almost never drum from its lip rim bales, we use specially
● A support brace midway
the right, safest or most curved surfaces on the
efficient way of handling them. down the length supports the clamp arms
You need special attachments drum(s) ● The lateral clamping action

which are designed not only to ● All the operator needs to do Drum Grab Attachment moves the arms in toward
handle drums but address all is bump the attachment up ● This attachment was the center or out, clamping
the above peculiar demands of against the drums upper rim specially developed for or releasing the drum
this application as well. and the parrot beak clips on. companies producing ● The attachment can be
To release, you need to bitumen supplied to handle either 1
Over the last few place the drums on the ● Drums filled with bitumen or 2 drums at a time
decades, Godrej have ground and slightly lower the have an interesting ● A single hydraulic function
developed several different forks characteristic – they don't on the lift truck is necessary
drum handling attachments, crumple when grabbed from
some are simple mechanical the top due to the hardened
devices, others are bitumen
hydraulically operated. Drum ● We exploited this virtue and
handling with all these developed a drum grab
attachments is performed with attachment which lifts 4
the operator remaining seated drums at a time. This greatly
on the lift truck. Here’s a brief improves productivity of this
on our drum handling operation
attachments. ● A drum grab is a hydraulic
attachment that needs a
Drum Handling Attachments

Rotating Drum Clamp ● This attachment is usually

● A further variation of the supplied for handling one
lateral clamp with drum arms drum at a time and needs a
● The entire clamp is mounted double hydraulic function on
on a rotator which can be the lift truck
hydraulically rotated 3600 in
either direction

Godrej and ITECO tie up for Powered Access Equipment

Godrej Material Martin Connelly of Imer

Handling has been appointed International said: “When these
by Iteco, now part of the Imer plans come to fruition, Godrej
Group, as the sole distributor Material Handling will be the
for its powered access products only major manufacturer of
in India, with future plans for Powered Access in India. This
local manufacturing. will enable Godrej/ITECO to
offer a more customized
The Indian powered product range of reliable
access market has been Powered Access Equipment, to From l-r - Neville H Wankadia,
growing steadily in recent years the vast Indian sub-continent. Cavas Dumasia, Martin Connolly
The products will be branded as and Dattprasad Khedkar
and Godrej and Imer
International have formulated a Godrej/ITECO.”
long term three phase plan for
the Iteco business in India. “This is a strategic
appointment for us in the Indian
Initially Godrej will be sub-continent and with Godrej's
responsible for the distribution, strong brand name and large
sales and service of the product distribution network, it positions
through its network. In phase us well for future development
two, we will start assembling in India and surrounding
Iteco machines from Semi countries.”
Knock Down (SKD) kits,
eventually leading to full
manufacture of Iteco booms
and scissor lifts in India.

Godrej and LEADER tie up for Aerial Work Platforms

Godrej Material These aerial work

Handling has signed an platforms are single as well as
agreement with Avion Access dual person capacity platforms
for exclusive rights to distribute and are available with platform
the Leader range of push- heights from 6 - 14 m. These
around aerial work platforms in are available with AC and DC
India. The arrangement will powered lift.
culminate in Leader equipment
being assembled in India. Godrej will undertake
assembly of Leader range of
Godrej will offer the full pushed aerial work platforms in
range of Leader products in the near future.
Godrej launches Tennant L2 series of Walk Behind Scrubbers

Tennant L2 Walk It has a durable, non-

Behind Scrubbers have a 440 corroding scrub head and
mm scrub head with a 33 litre squeegee frames. The compact
solution tank and a 39 litre design and ergonomic controls
recovery tank. It has a powerful ensure operator comfort and
brush motor to clean stubborn easy maneuverability. Model L2
oil and grease stains. comes with Tennant’s patented
squeegee design, which
The body of the provides excellent water pick up
equipment is roto - molded with and dries the floor quickly.
Duramer which can withstand
impacts and thus ensures long
life of the equipment.

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