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Corporate Governance Assignment1

L&T Corporate Sustainability Report 2009-10

Charles T. Ekka 2009 HR 009

organization’s products. There high bio. locations where they have protected areas put up new energy and areas of conservation set ups. EN12 Description of No The report never tries to significant capture or critically look at impacts of the impacts caused by the activities. leased. but has mentioned here and managed in. It does cite and areas of examples of the initiatives high that L&T has taken to biodiversity improve biodiversity in the value outside project sites but never protected areas identifies the impact due to its own operations in such areas. EN13 Habitats Yes Although the report does protected or mention about initiatives restored such as to protect the environment and initiative to plant 50000 saplings in .t. or there about possible adjacent to. GRI GRI Guidelines Coverage Indicator Present Vague Absent Environmental Indicators EN11 Location and The report vaguely size of land mentions about all it sites owned. is no attempt to analyze the diversity value land owned w. the outside impact towards protected areas biodiversity/protected areas.r. and products/services/operation services on s to the biodiversity of the biodiversity in land areas owned or areas protected areas near to them. Report also mentions couple of initiatives for improving biodiversity of some of the areas but never tries to clearly mention the size of the land owned or even the characteristic of the land in terms of biodiversity.

but the methodology is emissions by 16.2 is missing that the indirect green. monitoring process. plan.3 – mentions indirect not mentioned. Even though report does mention couple of activities undertaken but remains silent about any regulations. does not current actions.4 – reports total emission EN17 Other relevant Yes the report does mention Although 17. etc. about the indirect emissions reasons for indirect emissions. No It seems from the report. specific goals. EN14 Strategies. maintenance/enhancement initiatives. and around Chennai and that their 35 % of available land is covered by trees and plantations but it does not report any measures for the areas under such activities. weight emission 16.1 is missing in terms of detail. However. house gas and is quantified and identified company might be responsible for. indirect green. species with habitats in areas affected by operations.2 – Classifies direct though the report says it tracks down house gas emission the emission. by level of extinction risk EN16 Total direct and Yes 16. look at the biodiversity concern as a and future plans major one and does not show any long for managing term intent to measure. EN15 Number of No Report is absolutely silent on this IUCN Red List indicator. overall the reporting for this indicator is vague without any clear figures being published/projected that clarify the organization’s standpoint towards biodiversity. tools for impact analysis. 16. . and impacts on implement biodiversity biodiversity. It does not specify any of species and the endangered species (animal or national plant) whose habitats are impacted by conservation list the company’s operations.

imported. EN24 Weight of No Report is absolutely silent on this transported. and Just mentions the emission other significant in tones/year. vaguely written about the presence of chemical spill and battery and pc spills. Method EN23 Total number Vaguely mentions that they and volume of take care of spills in an significant spills efficient manner but no methodology is neither given nor any specific spill. destination EN22 Total weight of Yes Only 22. EN21 Total water Yes Only point 21. emissions by in tones. III. EN20 NOx. promise of including such forward calculations for future. and .4 point that weight. The report does not even contain of a weight. In fact the report highlights in blue exported.3 point is missing i. Rest the air air emissions by calculation. EN18 Initiatives to No Not reported reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reductions achieved EN19 Emissions of Vaguely mentions about the ozone-depleting ozone emission. just substances by mentions the 19. or paragraph “We do not import or treated waste export any hazardous waste covered deemed under the Basel Convention” hazardous under the terms of the Basel Convention Annex I.e. methodology to type and weight calculate and weights are missing. to waste by type report the total amount of waste in and disposal tones by type. SOx. is ODS in tones of CFC-11 equivalent. aspect.3 is missing that is to discharge by report water quality in terms of total quality and volume. and VIII. II.

protected status. EN28 Monetary value Yes of significant Comment: Report does fines and total mention in a statement that it number of non. EN27 Percentage of No The report does not highlight any products sold policy of reclaiming the packaging of and their the products. and biodiversity value of water bodies and related habitats significantly affected by the reporting organization’s discharges of water and runoff EN26 Initiatives to No Report does not talk about the impact mitigate of the company’s products. environmental impacts Of products and services. EN29 Significant No Report is silent on this indicator as environmental well. was not fined for any non- monetary compliance issues. packaging materials that are reclaimed by category. and extent of impact mitigation. GRI sanctions for guidelines clarify that in such noncompliance cases only a statement is with sufficient environmental laws and regulations. impacts of transporting products and . size. percentage of transported waste shipped internationally EN25 Identity. No Report remains silent on this part.

so it is quite important to mention straight facts in the Report. including Rests of the aspects are entering. • L&T should be forward looking and include the advance levels of consumption in its products’ value chain in the environmental impact analysis. and guidelines. other goods and materials used for the organization’s operations. need for development. EN30 Total No Absent from the report. exiting . We can see the initiatives of maintaining garden and lawns. Formulate strategic plans to maintain biodiversity within and around the areas of company operations. • Special environmental accounting measures should be adopted Society SO1 Nature. how much water its consuming from what source (especially for ground water as the water table is getting depleted). The assess and impact of each program is manage the well reported. is water being recycled etc. • Include land materials in the list of identified key resource along with energy and water. and transporting members of the Workforce. missing according to GRI operating. No where impacts of mentioned about their data operations on source to figure out the communities. scope. • Thus L&T must track the amount of water it is consuming. environmental protection expenditures and investments by type Policy: The report seems ok but needs significant improvement. Vaguely mentioned about and effectiveness the process but nature of of any programs each and every program is and practices that mentioned properly. Following focus areas can be listed: • For both direct and indirect energy sources L&T needs to focus on minimizing the use of non-renewable energy sources and substitute them with renewable sources as much as possible.

politicians. and blowing policy. HTFS. employees trained in organization’s anti-corruption policies and procedures SO4 Actions taken in No The company proclaims no such response to corruption behavior was found. financial and in- kind contributions to political parties. development and CII. but nowhere corruption reported about analyzing any business units and any such formal procedures. FICCI & others.SO2 Percentage and No This indicator is totally missing total number of though in the report they have business units mentioned about guidelines for analyzed for financial transactions and non risks related to financial documents. incidents of corruption SO5 Public policy Report does mention the Though guidelines 5. lobbying SO6 Total value of No Not mentioned at all. and related institutions by country SO7 Total number of No The report mentions that the legal actions for employees follow the code of conduct anti-competitive and anti competitive behavior behavior. policies and lobbying positions.3 is missing positions and association with several related to issues discussed and participation in association and institutes like differences discussed between the public policy CIDC. anti. ASME. The report also monopoly mentions that no such case was . IIChE. guidelines and follow the whistle trust. SO3 Percentage of No Completely missing.

None of the indicators have been well reported. practices and identified hence not reported. to non – compliance to monetary laws. • Reach proper source so as to identify the development need for the society • Have proper channels or process to detect corruption and anti-competitive behaviors. sanctions for non-compliance with laws and regulations Policy: L&T needs to revisit the GRI guidelines so that they can understand what they have to report in societal performance. • Train the employees to formulate anti corruption and competitive behavior policies • Alignment with international forums for positively influencing public policy related to certain specifically identifies areas. • Increasing transparency at all levels by positively reporting the achievements and areas of improvements in the report . their outcomes SO8 Monetary value Yes The report does mention of significant that L&T has not been fines and total subjected to any fines due number of non.