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6. Accept Except 6. Alt Altar Change 7. Advice(n) Advise (v) Batlle Infliet 9. Affectation Affection 10. Allusion Illusion 1A Artiste Artisan 12, Amiable Amicable 13. Broak Brake (v) Brake: 14 Bail Bale 15. Born Borne 16. Beside Beside: 17. Birth Berth 18. Ballot Ballet 18. Continual They did not accept my proposal, All except Jamila aro Present in the class. Junaid wishes to alter his Plan. She bent before the altar. You should change your clother Fawad did not act on my advice, ‘Mother advised me to speak the truth. ‘She was afflicted by the news, Do not inflict yourself on me any longer ' do not like affectation. fection in her attitude. Please give me an allusion to your past life. She always shows ‘The world is full of iilusions. She is a great artist. ‘The artistes are earning huge money these days. ‘The artisan made many tables. Her manners are amiable. Pakistan desires an amicabl | did not break your pen. ‘The driver braked his car. ‘The boy could not apply the brakes. ‘The accused was released on bail. _ This is a heavy bale of cotton, Allama Iqbal was born at Sialkot. This fact should be borne in mind. A dog passed beside a child. Can you give another argument besides this one? Wht is your date of birth? | got a berth reserved in the train. ‘The voter dropped a ballot paper into the box. The classical ballet became common in the 19th century. There was continual declaration of the election results. Continuous 20. Childish Childlike 21. Calonder Calendar 22. Canon Cannon 23. Cemetery Symmetry 24. Course Coarse 26. Canvas Canvass 26. Coma Comma 27. Con Sell 28. Cite Sight Site 29 Compliment CLES athe fied ori ae ‘ Complement — AMigu’e 30 Custom Habit 31. Compare Contrast 32. Ceiling Roof 33. Cheque Check (v) 34, Council Counsel 35. Cost oy ob char eZ) Sti? DG Continuous rain caused problems. | do not like his childish habits. Everybody likes her childlike manners, ‘Tho washor man has a cheap calendar, | brought a calendar for the new year. This is a famous canon of Islam. The cannons were used in war. I saw a huge comotery in the town, This flower has a beautiful symmetry, ‘These questions are out of cour This is a coarse cloth. brought a canvas bag. ‘The supporters aro canvassing for their loader, ‘The patient was in coma. ‘There is no comma in this sentence. Fisee 125 sempincotn to theme What is the complement of this angle? This custom is outdato: 1 do not like his bad habits. We can compare our loader with a lion, Contrast this pink shirt with that yellow ap: We bought a costly ceiling fan. The roof was smooth, Ihave received a cheque for Rs. 1000/- The teacher checked my answers. His brother is a mombor of this council, Ineed a wise counsel at this stage, What is the cost of this painting? a7, 38. 39. 40, at. 42, 46. 47. 49. Cast Casto . Diary Daly Dual Duel Due Dew Die bye Dose Doze Discover Invent Devise Device Dear Deer |. Draught Draft Drought Sink Drown Emigrant Immigrant Eligible legible Imminent Eminent Foul t6¢.01) The sun is casting hot ray « <1) Jawad is Rajput by caste, vas ‘She wrote my ainettts lary. (Hie We get butter from the dairy farm, Use ez This machine has @ dual benefit, Git» — We watched a horrible duel, Yeie+,£ He did not give me my du oot wore dew drops on the grass. ty The woman died of malaria, & Sho is expert in dyeing cloth. uF What is the dose of this medicine? tS She was dozing in the clas: t42tL» Columbus discovered America. t4icl Who will invent such a machine? t4gi The farmer devised a new schem: ici Everybody has appreciated this device. Z —_Yoware my dear elder brother . wr Wesawa deer in the 60. wb 6 The beggar sat in a draught and caught cold. vr} The clerk is preparing a draft. ULL The farmers went in loss due to drought tsSWulbe — My heart is sinking. ts36iizb The sailor drowned while bathing. Tho emigrants are leaving for canadi Pe pt Figthe pst fofe bie ‘The Afghan immigrants are causing problems. : eri tbe rb hee dt ‘You are not eligible for this post. Exshyz — Her handwriting is illegible 624 148.5" Another indo-pak war imminent. att GBoge Pho ete UW Sana is an eminent scholar Yet Do not play foul in the game. Brvengey tei ot avenged his fathers death upon the killer. Revenge CC ¢SLIItLG74_) Ali revenged himsolf on hie opponent for insult. BH Accode co The manager did not accede to my request. Excood tes Our expenses should not exceed our income. Brcverse iti This medicine has so many adverse effects. averse trJI@tn Sit She Ie averse to idleness. B Attornas SiG ILi Sana performs her duty on alternate days. Alternative oe There i no alternative except revising the plan. BH Apposite Fee Sana gave an apposite example to support her case. Opposite situated opposite to the city garden. Harisuc ‘Tho ceremony was held in an artistic way. Artful Politicians are very artful f Aught Do you have aught to say in this: Ought We ought to Avoeation Be What is your favourite avocation? Vocation ets ‘Sana‘s favourite vocation Is nursing. Beare (v-Adi) e Do not move bare headed in the sun. Bear & ‘We saw a boar in the z00. Boor ae is not available in this shop. Fferaa wor Bridio 6 Bicensor Ub OGSz_ The book was reviewed by the censor. ensure Liikss Corruption has always been censured. Deny Wie 2% You can not deny this statement. Refuse ite ae Sana refused to attend the function. a is “This disease can be trestou, Flagrant Fragrant temerioum Observation oe Observance LLKi PH EIIT Ordinance a Ordnance Boh ie ese PLS tebe Peer ete mg Sculptor One Womanty Sie Lieut me ene Womanieh adc ASuir me En! - Waive re wave a The deceased old man has left no wi This chai nol has flagrant use of commercials, The fragrant flowers are the beauty of the spring I ike the imperial style of your family. What is your cbsorvation? Always regard the observance of social custome, an imperious conduct. Jad luxurious, ‘The enemy attacked our ordnance factory. likes her womanly dealing. Bilal has womanish style in his behaviour.