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Rakesh Bapat

Address: House no.232, DDA Flats, Sec 18, Dwarka, New Delhi DOB: 24.10.1986, Ema
il: rakesh.bapat@gmail.com, Phone No.+91-9876543212 ____________________________
__________________________________________________ Objective: Your objective is
the one that clearly underlines your aims and aspirations in that profession, wh
ich is concise and precisely speaks about your role that you want to play in the
Organization. Ex: To obtain Administrative, Sales or Marketing position with a
global business, or professional associations that is seeking individual who can
analyze, organize, and manage challenging projects that promote growth through
individual and product achievement Ex: To secure a job in the financial sector,
where I can utilize my learning and knowledge for the organization¶s growth and sel
f development. Ex: With my in-depth and practical understanding of concepts in H
R and Marketing, I am to explore, apply , learn and contribute towards organizat
ional objective . --------------------------------------------------------------
------------------------------------------------------Educational Qualification:
In the order from PG to Graduation to 12th and 10th including School/college Na
me , Place, Board , Univ, passing % and Year of passing( specific year of comple
tion only). And include the specialization as well. ----------------------------
--------Traineeship Experience: Company name, one or two lines about it like- ty
pe of industry, ranking(fortune 500), one of the global leaders in producing Iro
n and Steel etc. in its domain or some special features which highlights company¶s
presence. Its location and your Project Title. Your profile during the internshi
p and its relevance to the company.( in bullets). Any improvements shown by the
company during or after completion of your project should be highlighted. Ex: Cr
eated Questionnaire to focus on varied age group target audience. Identified and
analyzed key areas of opportunity and worked on the implementation plan in clos
e consultation with Project Guide. Improved overall customer experience and enha
nced viewership by 1.8%
Work Experience(if any): Campany Name, location, Tenure( span) and Responsibilit
ies (in bullets) ---------------------------------------------------------------
----------------------------------------------------Strengths: The skills or qua
lities that works the best in you to get results. (in Pointers or continuous sep
arated by Commas).. Do not say Hardworking, Honest or parents are my strength. *
*And be ready with examples for each of your strengths if interviewer asks you t
o justify or validate. ---------------------------------------------------------
----------------------------------------------------------Computer Proficiency:
Applications of Internet, C, C++, MS Office, etc. ------------------------------
------Trainings/ Certificate Courses (if any). Duration and name of the Institut
e, Location, Type of course. ---------------------------------------------------
-----------------------------------------------------------------Achievements: A
nything for which you have a documented record. --------------------------------
----Extracurricular Activities: Be specific again. -----------------------------
-------Hobbies: Be specific even about reading books(specific author and what ty
pe of books u readfiction etc, watching television- what specific channel and pr
ogram u like to watch). --------------------------------------------------------
------------------------------------------------------------Declaration: The abo
ve furnished information is true to the best of my Knowledge. ------------------
**Font Size: 12, Type: Times New Roman. All heads should be Bold and check for s
pellings positively Be creative with formatting layout and border designs(Border
s may be optional as well), but ensure its neat, clear and presentable no extra
drawings or sketches would be appreciated.