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c eali  with CrystalsÃcCrystal Properties c cccc

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Cleari  Gemsto es a d Crystals cProrammi  a d Dedicati  Sto es c cc

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×ayi  o of Sto esc Pe dulum Dowsi Ãc 

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9 troductio
The a cie t healers k ew that the body is more tha what is see  They respected the whole ess of the
body, emotio s, mi d, a d spirit, saw the God withi all Bei , a d treated their patie ts with respect
a d cari  eali  was a threeway areeme t betwee healer, God a d the perso bei  healed, a d
heali  was a active choice Such part erships a d participatio are missi  i today¶s moder
medici e, alo  with the co cepts of whole ess a d respect A yo e ca heal a d a yo e ca choose
wellbei  By lear i  a d usi  the a cie t skills of heali , ma y diseases of the body, emotio s,
mi d, a d spirit are preve table, or are easily tra sformed before they become matters for the allopathic
medici e The skills of the a cie t healers are available, powerful a d very much alive riht ow
A cie t civilizatio s used crystals for heali  They u derstood how the e eries of crystals amplify
The a cie t Maya s, ebrew, Vedic a d Native America cultures used crystals a d emsto es both i
spiritual rituals a d as aids to physical heali  Those who practice the ways of the a cie t cultures
co ti ue to use crystals as heali  tools
Crystals were used i the earliest shama ic rites as tools for i itiatio a d heali , for talisma s, for
This book co tai s basic i formatio about Reiki a d Crystals; it is my hope that this i formatio will
whet your appetite to the exte t that you will wa t to lear more about these wo derfully e tle yet
powerful heali  tech iques
A d that i doi  so you will e rich your lives, a d become at o e with yourself a d God ³The U limited
E ery Force´
Crystal heali  has its roots well set i our history, it is said that crystals were used for heali  i the
a cie t city of Atla tis, a d other reat cultures of that time A d here i our ow time we too
reco ize the power of crystals, we use them i our radios, TV¶s a d most of all our computers a d
pho es
Whe crystals are prorammed to heal by a crystal healer they becomes a powerful tool, which he/she
ca use to clear a d heal blockaes a d eativity withi our subtle bodies, leavi  us feeli  fresh a d
reco ected to life
As with Reiki, crystal heali  ca aid recovery from ill ess, ease pai ie headaches etc« a d is a reat
reliever of stress Thouh uided by meditatio /visualizatio o e ca lear to co ect to o es hiher
self, i stilli  a feeli  of peace a d fulfillme t i life

The e eries from crystals a d emsto es react from our aura of e ery, amplifyi  our e ery to
produce quicker ma ifestatio s To lear to use crystals is fairly easy as lo  as you have patie ce a d
a ope mi d
9f you¶ve ever felt the e ery of a crystal, try these simple exercises with several sto es, if you relax
a d experime t with differe t sto es, results will follow old a crystal i your ha d u til the body heat
warms it, relax a d you will feel a ti le from the crystal Warm the crystal a d place it o your third eye
chakra (a very se sitive area) 9t¶s very commo to feel a sliht pressure or eve a sliht pai , do ¶t
worry about it, its just your body attempt to et used to the e ery
Crystals a d ems ca be used i ma y ways They ca be placed throuhout the house, o the
headboard of your bed, wor o the body i jewelry or i a medici e ba, they ca also be used i tools
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c Reiki with Crystal

Discover the amazi  heali  power of crystals a system of heali  a d wellbei  which is said to
date back to Atla tea times Crystals work by i teracti  with your e ery ce tres (chakras) a d
ca et some fa tastic results
As with Reiki, you relax o the couch fully clothed a d 9 choose which crystals to place o your body
A sessio ca last from 30 mi utes to 50 mi utes depe di  o the umber a d stre th of crystals
chose  Crystals ca help i the same health areas as Reiki, i cludi  restori  your vavavoom a d
leave you feeli  refreshed a d restored a d ready to face the world aai  9 perso ally clea se a d
chare my crystals for the express purpose of heali  a d this boosts their e ery a d heali 
pote tial 9 also offer Gem Elixirs, which will be i dividually prepared to meet your specific eeds
You may experie ce a mild ti li  duri  a sessio , fluctuatio s i body temperature or be aware of
e ery blocks bei  released This is totally ormal a d just lets you k ow that the crystals are doi 
their job
You may wo der how placi  a few crystals o your body ca help you heal physical, emotio al,
psycholoical or spiritual co ditio s a d rihtly so The reaso we become tired or develop a ill ess
is because our e ery flow becomes blocked or our chakras (e ery ce tres) become blocked 9f you
are already aware that all of µlife¶ is e ery, that we are co sta tly i teracti  with it, the it is ot
such a reat leap to u dersta d that the earth¶s atural resources, like crystals a d ems, are also
full of e ery Each crystal a d emsto e has a particular purpose a d vibratio a d works with
specific parts of the body or particular chakras

Crystals have bee used i i dustry for years especially with radios, telecommu icatio s a d the
computer i dustry for example Esse tially crystals a d ems are extremely powerful tools that ca
be prorammed with i te t to achieve amazi  thi s Why ot put scepticism aside a d try a
sessio  You may be surprised at what you experie ce
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c eali  with Crystals

Whe usi  crystals to heal you must u dersta d the properties of the crystals you are usi 
Crystals vibrate at differe t rates e abli  them to heal differe t areas of the body Quartz crystals
have excelle t heali  properties Quartz also has the ability to tra sform a imbala ced e ery
field Whe you feel stressed the crystal ca bala ce your e eries a d revitalize you Other mi erals
besides quartz crystals  displayheali  properties Small quartz crystals left i water will io ize the
water a d is a ood dri k for heali  You ca use crystals yourself to heal or fi d a qualified healer
Most crystal heali  is uided to the healer by Spirit Spirit will tell the healer which crystals will be
most effective a d i what patter s the crystals should be placed o or arou d the perso ¶s body
The le th of time used with the crystals will vary with each patie t a d healer The healer must
determi e the patie t¶s freque cy a d attu e it to the crystals that will place it i bala ce All heali 
is about placi  the body i bala ce
Treatme ts will vary i le th a d umber of times required Ow i  a crystal that you carry with
you or keep i the area you spe d most of your time ca e ha ce the heali  after you work with the
9t¶s always ood to have a few quartz crystals arou d your home to bala ce the e eries  before you
eed the heali  Ma y people co ect the color freque cy of a specific chakra with that of the sto e
bei  used For example  if o e were heali  the throat chakra  o e would use o e or more blue
sto es placed o the throat chakra alo e  or i patter s
The perso eedi  the heali  would lie dow , the blue crystals bei  placed o the throat chakra
The success of crystal heali  varies with the perso bei  healed Remember that i all heali  o e
must address the emotio al issues li ked to the heali  The physical ill ess ca be perma e tly
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c Crystal Properties


Co sidered a sto e of spirituality a d co te tme t, this sto e is said to bestow stability, stre th,
i spiratio a d a se se of true peace 9t also acts as a aid for meditatio a d co ce tratio 
Amethyst is said to be imbued with calmi , protective qualities, a d ca e ha ce o e¶s
u dersta di  of all thi s spiritual, mystical a d psychic
9t is used to e courae a d support sobriety a d is a excelle t sto e for a yo e who seeks freedom
from addictive behavior i o eself or someo e else Amethyst is also a symbol for si cerity
Useful as a heali  sto e for blood purificatio , a d to e ha ce the immu e system, amethyst also
eases i som ia, assists with headaches, blood suar imbala ce a d arthritis 9t clea ses, purifies a d
re ews
c Aquamari e

Symbolizes courae, beauty, ho esty a d loyalty Traditio ally used to soothe, calm a d alleviate
fears a d phobias Aquamari e will quiet restless ess a d a xiety, a d is also said to ease
depressio a d rief Will aid i stre the i  o e¶s resolve a d capacity
Aquamari e is stro ly associated with meditatio , spiritual i spiratio , selfk owlede, sere ity,
prophecy a d attu eme t with i tuitio  9t e ha ces lihthearted ess, i oce ce, co fide ce,
purpose, ope ess a d selfaware ess, a d also helps with the clear expressio of o e¶s eeds
Promotes safe jour eys, especially over water, a d symbolizes hope a d ood health This heali 
sto e is be eficial to the heart, throat, immu e system, lymph odes, also helpful for breathi 
alleries a d fluid rete tio , a d is also used i the treatme t of hot flashes

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c Blue ×ace Aate

This powerful sto e is associated with peace a d patie ce 9t aids i calmi  the emotio s, cooli 
the temper, easi  te sio a d aidi  i commu icatio i difficult situatio s elps restore bala ce,
clear thouht processes a d attu e the se ses
Blue ×ace Aate is also said to foster love, patie ce, abu da ce, lo evity, courae, accepta ce,
harmo y a d bala ce a d offers protectio from eative forces
9t is co sidered heali  the thyroid la d, relieves disorders related to stress, a d is also helpful for
arthritis a d headaches

c Botswa a Aate

This is a i valuable sto e for deali  with cha e of a y ki d Ge tle a d comforti , it acts as a
balm whe deali  with stress a d u certai ty a d helps o e move throuh tra sitio quickly, with
ease a d flexibility
Also helpful for superse sitivity a d shy ess, Botswa a Aate offers comfort a d protectio ,
especially i crowds 9t will ease the pai of lo eli ess, i crease emotio al u dersta di  a d free
the thouht process
This heali  sto e is be eficial for stress a d depressio , stre the s the immu e system a d aids i
quitti  smoki  Also accelerates the heali  of broke bo es
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c Car elia

This sto e is said to i spire courae, co fide ce a d to protect the wearer from all types of
eativity 9t is credited with quelli  fears about death, bri i  accepta ce a d sere ity reardi 
the cycle of life
9t is also li ked with the qualities of creativity, courae, i dividuality, harmo y, selfesteem,
co fide ce a d assertive ess Car elia helps focus the mi d, aids i decisive ess, problem solvi ,
a d helps the wearer avoid me tal ruts 9t also activates perso al power a d reveals hidde tale ts
Used as a heali  sto e to treat me strual cramps, i fertility, kid ey ailme ts, asthma a d i som ia,
it also helps to i crease stami a
c Crysophrase

This sto e is ali ed with eloque t commu icatio , adaptability, bala ce, hiher co scious ess a d
hopeful ess 9t also helps bala ce the emotio s, i creases wisdom, selfco fide ce a d e erosity
while e ha ci  lihthearted ess a d joy
Also said to aid i etti  i touch with o e¶s courae a d co victio s a d imparts the will to act
upo these traits Cryophrase helps focus the mi d a d prepares it for sudde bursts of activity a d
provides uida ce i maki  correct choices
A very powerful heali  sto e, especially for ervous disorders, emotio al upheaval a d depressio 
elpful i treatme t for disorders of the heart, it also co trols bleedi  a d relieves frailty 9t is
helpful i childbirth a d acts as a powerful clea si  ae t for both the physical a d spiritual body
c Citri e

A sto e that aume ts happi ess, optimism, e erosity, creativity a d pleasure 9t also e ha ces
stre th, selfdiscipli e, co fide ce, will power, stability a d clarity of thouht a d wards off fears
a d eativity
Citri e is said to e courae a brihter outlook a d e joyme t of life, to aid i the attractio of
prosperity a d success, to cultivate spiritual rowth a d abu da ce o all levels 9t is also helpful i
stabilizi  the emotio s a d relievi  stress
This sto e has a heali  effect o the colo , all bladder, liver a d e tire diestive tract by
disi fecti  a d elimi ati  toxi s 9t is also helpful i the treatme t of food alleries, a d is said to
improve memory a d reduce a xiety a d depressio 
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c Clear Quartz

This sto e is affiliated with spiritual wisdom, clarity of thouht, meditatio , tra sformatio a d deep
u dersta di  9t is also co sidered a self esteem sto e, a d has bee fou d very useful i treati 
the emotio al wou ds caused by a electful or abusive childhood
Clear Quartz is also said to i crease i tuitio a d i siht, e ha ce aware ess, spiritual rowth a d to
amplify prayers, wishes a d positive visualizatio s A powerful tra sformatio sto e, it is very
helpful for releasi  emotio al blocks a d accelerati  true spiritual heali 
This heali  sto e has stro  rejuve ati  powers, a d is also useful i the treatme t of co vulsive
disorders, dizzi ess, headaches a d e eral pai relief Also aids hypocho dria a d kid ey diseases

c Fluorite

This sto e has extremely powerful abilities to affect the me tal process 9t is said to have the power
to amplify a d expa d thi ki , to improve memory, to stre the a alytical capacity, a d to e able
o e to perceive hiher levels of reality 9t also helps i crease ratio ality by sorti  throuh emotio s
to discer truth
Used to calm chaotic, stressful e ery, to i crease co ce tratio a d decisio maki  abilities
Fluorite also e ha ces creativity, i creases psychic abilities a d objectivity, a d allows o e to tap
i to hiher uida ce by stre the i  the co ectio betwee the me tal a d spiritual pla es
elpful i the treatme t of me tal disorders, arthritis, fatiue, for elimi ati  viruses a d bacteria
from the body, also for bala ci  of female hormo es, stre the i  of bo es a d teeth, a d
overcomi  addictio s

c ematite

Co sidered to be o e of the most rou di  a d stabilizi  of all sto es, ematite is believed to be
capable of dissolvi  eativity a d is very useful for creati  peaceful, lovi  relatio ships
E ha ces co ce tratio , me tal clarity, reaso , memory, ability to study, retai i formatio a d to
perform tedious detailorie ted work ematite is also helpful for treati  me tal stress a d drawi 
te sio out of the body 9t is also i valuable for quieti  the mi d a d i creasi  access to i er
k owlede
This heali  sto e is also associated with reliability, courae, optimism, trust, bala ce a d stability,
as well as will power, co fide ce a d perso al ma etism
Aids i the heali  of blood related disorders such as hemophilia, a emia a d cardiovascular
weak ess, also eases me strual cramps, le cramps, i som ia, jet la, a d ervous disorders
c Aade

Referred to as the virtuous sto e, jade has prevailed for thousa ds of years as a symbol of divi e
love, purity a d status 9t is also associated with justice, compassio , humility, e erosity, a d
emotio al bala ce
Aids i the u dersta di  of dreams a d teaches us to live i harmo y with ature a d spirit Aade
exudes a e tle, steady e ery a d is i capable of absorbi  eativity Also provides protectio a d
assists i attracti  ood luck
Aume ts lo evity, fertility, sere ity, wisdom, will assist i fi di  a d mai tai i  moderatio ,
equilibrium a d stability, helpful for mai tai i  detachme t i stressful situatio s Also assists i
reachi  o e¶s full pote tial
This heali  sto e aids the lu s, heart, immu e system, ervous system a d detoxifies kid eys a d
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c ×apis

This sto e is re ow ed for its ability to e ha ce selfexpressio , creativity, i siht a d over view 9t
is associated with truthful ess, ope ess, love, purificatio , i tuitio , selfco fide ce a d i terity i
relatio ships
Valued by seekers of truth for its ability to quiet a d purify the mi d, cha el hiher uida ce a d
co ect with the hiher self 9t is also said to e ha ce psychic ability a d protect aai st eative
i flue ces
elpful for a xiety, i som ia, restless ess, a d shy ess, heali  to the ervous system, for MS,
problems with speech or heari  a d pai or i flammatio , especially arou d the head
c ×ave der Aade

This sto e is associated with love, optimism, tra quility, a d beauty 9t¶s e tle e ery helps to heal,
soothe a d bala ce Also said to put o e i touch with the rhythms of ature a d to e ha ce spiritual
awake i 
Affiliated with flexibility, tolera ce, sere ity, wisdom, practicality, bala ce a d perspective, ×ave der
Aade promotes divi e love, wisdom, lo evity, a d a prosperous a d peaceful life
Soothi  for emotio al stress, it is also helpful for asthma, heart a d kid ey ailme ts, bladder
problems a d helps stre the s the ervous a d immu e systems a d kid eys, Aade is also said to
provide protectio from ill ess a d i juries, a d is co sidered very ood luck Yellow jade exudes a
heali  a d soothi  e ery that be efits the diestive system

c ×emo Aade

Revered as a sto e that emits a e tle, steady e ery All colors of Aade i spire wisdom, practicality,
moderatio , perspective a d peace 9t also e ha ces emotio al bala ce, moderatio a d stability,
a d aids i the u dersta di  of dreams
9 particular, yellow jade is li ked with the assimilatio a d u dersta di  of ew i formatio , a d
for e ha ci  feeli s of compassio a d empathy
Valued for its heali  power as a blood clea ser, also for disorders of the ervous system a d
kid eys Aade is also said to provide protectio from ill ess a d i juries, a d is co sidered to bri 
ood luck Yellow jade exudes a heali  a d soothi  e ery that be efits the diestive system
c Malachite

Called a sto e of tra sformatio , malachite is also revered for its powers of purificatio a d heali 
9t acts to release pai , absorb ill ess, relieve emotio al wou ds, depressio , a er a d helps release
emotio al blocks
9t is associated with loyalty, protectio , comfort, bala ce, peace a d se sitivity, also said to promote
leadership ability, wisdom, selfu dersta di , emotio al maturity a d i er clarity, a d assists with
³visio ´ o all levels
Malachite is said to promote tissue ree eratio , is helpful i the treatme t of me tal ill ess, heali 
to the stomach, lu s, liver, immu e system a d for kid ey sto es elps with i som ia, also hihly
absorbe t to eative e ery emitted from TV, computers a d other electro ic devices

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c Moo sto e

×i ked closely with the moo , this sto e symbolizes rebirth a d ew bei i s 9t is co sidered the
protector of wome a d ature, a d is said to foster urturi , huma itaria love, u selfish ess,
spiritual i siht, a d a cie t wisdom
9t is associated with raceful ess, se sitivity, clairvoya ce a d emotio al bala ce
Credited with easi  a xiety a d stress, Moo sto e also acts to mai tai or restore harmo y i
relatio ships E ha ces i tuitio a d the ability to flow with life¶s cha es
elps sooth stress a d a xiety, absorbs pai , aids i childbirth, bala ces a d heals the female
reproductive system, a d haste s the ree eratio of tissues a d ora s

c Red Gar et

This is a sto e that stirs up i ter al fires 9t is associated with passio , stami a, creative i spiratio ,
se suality, a d selfco fide ce 9t i spires productivity a d devotio ; to others, to o eself a d to
chose oals Also e ha ces selfesteem, will power a d calms a er
Associated with purificatio , ree eratio , protectio , past life recall a d uida ce o the path to
i er k owlede, Red Gar et is also said to provide protectio from a ythi  that miht cause stress
or i jury to the mi d, body or spirit
This heali  sto e is credited with bei  a powerful healer a d protector from toxi s, wardi  off
i fectio of the blood, kid eys a d eve facial blemishes Also k ow for aidi  i the treatme t of
low blood pressure, disorders of the bo es a d spi e, it provides relief from allsto es, arthritis a d
other ailme ts related to the joi ts Red Gar et stimulates circulatio , especially i the lu s, ski
a d i testi es
c Rose Quartz

The sto e that is u equivocally associated with all types of love; betwee a mother a d child,
betwee frie ds a d betwee lovers, it also e couraes love of o eself
9t e ha ces te der ess a d ki d ess a d e couraes us to be lovi , peaceful a d e tle Ema ati 
u co ditio al love, it helps i attracti  positive, e tle e ery i to o e¶s life Also calmi , it
i creases selfco fide ce a d the capacity to be accepti  of o eself a d others
Servi  to ope the heart to beauty from withi a d without, Rose Quartz e ha ces creativity, a d is
the favorite sto e of artists 9t heals emotio al wou ds, soothes a broke heart, dissolves eativity
a d provides protectio
Be eficial to the circulatory system, this heali  sto e also aids i fertility a d equalizes sexual or
emotio al imbala ce, a d also assists i the treatme t of a xiety
c Rutilated Quartz

A sto e that is associated with selfco trol, determi atio , selfrelia ce a d stre th of will elpful
for breaki  old patter s, resolvi  me tal ha ups, childhood issues a d uilt, a d for creati  a
state of emotio al bala ce that is co ducive for happi ess a d creativity
elpful for improvi  commu icatio a d easi  lo eli ess Ge tly soothi , it aids i emotio al
heali  of issues related to loss, fear, rese tme t a d a er, a d eases depressio 
This heali  sto e bolsters the immu e system, a d is used i the treatme t of respiratory ill esses
9t is powerful for ree erati  tissue, assists i the assimilatio of utritio al eleme ts a d slows
the ai  process
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c Smokey Quartz

A sto e that is associated with spiritual rowth, tra sformatio a d heali , acce tuated with a
e tle quality, allowi  the wearer to tra sform at a comfortable pace Co sidered a sto e of purity,
it calms the mi d; helps lift depressio , a d assists with overcomi  addictio s a d obsessive
Also useful i elimi ati  jealousy, fear, a er a d bur out, a d maki  smooth tra sitio s i life by
e ha ci  pure emotio s such as patie ce, ope mi ded ess a d persevera ce Smokey Quartz also
acts as a powerful filter for eative emotio s of all types
Valued i the treatme t of i fertility a d me strual cramps, this heali  sto e stre the s adre al
la ds, aids i protei assimilatio , ailme ts related to the kid eys, abdome , pa creas, a d is also
used i the treatme t of STDscc
c S owflake Obsidia

Co sidered a powerful sto e for protectio a d wardi  off all types of eative e ery, S owflake
Obsidia also helps to clear u co scious blocks a d helps o e fi d detachme t from life throuh
wisdom a d divi e love 9t possesses a e tle e ery that is be eficial to se sitive, softhearted
S owflake Obsidia is also attributed with a power for bri i  hidde thouhts a d emotio s to the
surface, but it does this i a subtle way so that realizatio s are less pai ful 9t sharpe s perceptio
o all levels
Used as a e eral detoxifier a d as a clea ser for the liver, S owflake Obsidia is also useful for
those who have bee overexposed to e viro me tal polluta ts
c Tier¶s Eye

A sto e that is associated with emotio al bala ce, me tal clarity a d focus, Tier¶s eye is also valued
for it¶s ability to e ha ce co fide ce, positive attitude, willpower, stability a d harmo y
Also said to heihte i sti cts, psychic abilities a d se se of perso al power, Tier¶s eye also assists
with i terati  male a d female e ery, provides the i siht to see thi s more clearly a d helps to
create order from chaos 9t is also said to bri  ood luck
Tier¶s eye aids i e eral heali  of wou ds a d bruises, also effective for ailme ts of the eyes a d
throat a d powerful for detoxificatio 
c Cleari  Gemsto es a d Crystals

Sometimes a sto e or crystal you are stro ly draw to does ¶t feel ood, or a sto e that felt ood
previously does ¶t feel ood ow The sto e or crystal may eed to be cleared Cleari  is ecessary
before usi  a y sto e for heali  The clearer the e ery of a heali  sto e, the more powerful it is
Crystals a d heali  emsto es eed to be cleared as soo as they are purchased as well as cleari 
after every heali  A cleared, ready crystal feels positive a d briht, ti ly a d cold to the touch A
crystal that eeds cleari  may feel hot, heavy or drai ed There are a umber of ways to effectively
clear crystals a d emsto es
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c 1 Sea Salt

Sea salt is the most traditio al purifyi  ae t i psychic work a d heali  9t dispels a y sort of
disease a d eativity, a d is a physical a d psychic disi fecta t 9t is the most accepted a d
probably the most powerful method of cleari  crystals a d sto es 9t is hihly recomme d for the
i itial clea si  of a ew heali  sto e a d for a y time a sto e is overloaded with eative e ery
Salt ca be mixed with water or used dry To use salt water, mix a tablespoo of sea salt i a lass or
ceramic cup of cold water Do ot use plastic or metal co tai ers Place the sto es i the solutio a d
allow to soak over iht To use dry salt, place the sea salt i a lass or o plastic co tai er a d
bury the crystals with the poi ts faci  dow ward i to the salt Aai , leave over iht Sometimes a
sto e may take lo er to clear, especially if it has bee used i a deep, i te se heali  9f this is the
case, leave a other day or two i the sea salt Whe cleari  emsto e ecklaces it is best to use the
dry sea salt method Be sure to use sea salt o ly, table salt co tai s alumi um a d other chemicals
For those who live by the ocea , salt water ca be brouht from the beach i a jar, or e tly wash
them directly i the ocea 
c 2 Moo liht

Moo liht is a other way of cleari  your emsto es Simply place outside from the Full to the New
Moo  Wa i  Moo s are ood times to clear crystals, to dispel old e eries, but a y time works The
amou t of time used varies with the se sitivity of the healer a d the amou t of material from which
the sto e eeds clea si  Try ha i  your emsto e ecklaces i a tree where the moo liht ca
clea se them
c 3 Dried erbs

Other methods that work well buryi  your crystal i a cup full of dried herbs will also clear it
Suested herbs for this are rose petals, sae, fra ki ce se, myrrh, a d sa dalwood You ca usually
fi d these at low cost at ma y coops or herb stores This is a e tle way to clear crystals, a d a
pleasa t way, but it does take lo er tha sea salt

c 4 Earth

Crystals may also be buried i to the Earth This is especially helpful whe you feel deep clea si  is
eeded Outdoors, simply di a hole the size of your crystal i to the Earth, place your crystal aai
poi t dow , a d cover with soil The amou t of time eeded is perso al choice Be sure to place a
Popsicle stick or some other marker to i sure you fi d your sto e aai  For apartme t dwellers,
use a flowerpot to bury your sto e i 
c 5 Smudi 

A quick way to clea se your heali  sto es is to smude them with bur i  cedar or sae Smudi 
is a excelle t way to make sure your sto es are purified Simply hold the bur i  sae or cedar
stick while passi  your sto e throuh the smoke 9 usually do this a couple times to e sure
clea si  9 also like to clea se my sto es by smudi  after every heali 
Fi ally, if you are i a hurry a d feel that your crystal eeds to be cleared, you ca easily ru them
u der cool tap water Make sure the poi ts are faci  dow the drai to ru the eative e ery
riht dow the si k
Never use warm or hot water, this will fracture or break your crystals Visualize the crystal as
sparkly, ti ly, cold, a d belo i  to the healer
Never place your crystals a d emsto es i the su liht; ma y sto es te d to fade their colors i the
su  Also i ter al fractures may cause your sto e to crack or break if place i the su 

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c Prorammi  a d Dedicati  Sto es

After you choose a d clear your emsto e or crystal, it is a ood idea to dedicate it or proram it
The purpose of prorammi  a crystal or emsto e is to focus its abilities o somethi  you
specifically eed, thereby ma ifyi  the sto e¶s i te t throuh your ow  The purpose of dedicati 
the sto e to a hih level heali  e ery or Goddess (God) is to protect it from eative e ery A
crystal or sto e that is prorammed a d dedicated i these ways becomes much more powerful a d
useful as a tool
This is a very simple process old the crystal or emsto e i your ha d a d se se its e ery With
the sto e bei  ewly cleared, the e ery will feel stro er a d eve more appeali  the before As
you se se this e ery a d appreciate it, ask quietly to be co ected to the deva of the crystal or
emsto e Thouh ot a imate, sto es are livi  thi s a d the deva of the piece is the sto e¶s life
force e ery O ce you feel you have se sed what you ca from the e ery, thi k of what you will be
usi  the sto e for Thi k of these uses, a d the quietly ask the emsto e if it is willi  to act i the
way you wish The crystals e ery may i crease with a yes or seem to disappear with a o 9f the
sto e accepts your i te t, state i your mi d that it be so O ce a sto e is prorammed, it will hold
its i te t u til you or someo e else reprorams it
To preve t a y eative e ery from attachi  itself to your crystal you may wish to dedicate it To
do this, simply hold the crystal or emsto e i your ha d a d state clearly i your mi d: ³O ly the
most positive hihlevel e ery may work throuh this heali  tool´ Focus o your i te t for a
while, the e d your se si  (meditatio ) with ³SO BE 9T´ The sto e is ow dedicated You may also
choose to dedicate your emsto e or crystal to a specific heali  e ery, for example, to a Goddess
of heali  There are ma y heali  oddesses, i cludi  9sis, Yamaha, Dia a, a d White Buffalo Calf
Woma  For sto es prorammed for protectio , ecate or Kali are stro  protectio Goddesses
c ×ayi  o of Sto es

The tech ique of usi  crystals a d emsto es o the receiver¶s body for heali  is called layi  o
of sto es 9t is a powerful method of clea si  eative e ery, cleari  a d bala ci  the chakras,
effecti  emotio al release, a d bri i  liht a d heali  i to all the aura bodies Cleared,
prorammed, a d dedicated sto es move the receiver¶s vibratio i to ali me t with the pla et a d
the u iversal rid This results i a freei  of life force e ery i the chakras a d aura, a heali  of
the Body of ×iht, a d a tra sformatio of eative or disease i to health The process may be do e
with clear quartz crystals o ly, colored emsto es o ly, or a combi atio of both The sto es may be
used alo e or with ha ds o heali  (ie; Reiki) The sto es are placed upo the receiver¶s body from
feet to head The healer the bei s usi  her ha ds as usual starti  at the head a d movi 
toward the feet (Use emsto es with colors matchi  each chakras color The sto es ca be i a y
formfaceted, raw, tumbled, es, or beads) E ery i this type of heali  eeds to move i o e
directio throuh the body, either Earth to sky or sky to Earth 9f the e ery is Earth to sky, all the
emsto es that have poi ts are placed with the poi ts tur ed towards the receiver¶s crow  The
effect of this directio is to move the receiver¶s e ery to a hiher vibratio or more spiritual level 9f
the directio is from sky to Earth, it is the opposite, with the crystals poi ti  toward the feet This
directio moves life force e ery from crow to feet for rou di  a d rooti  i to Earth To bei ,
the receiver lies o her back o a padded floor or massae table, with pillows u der her head a d
k ees for comfort The space should be quiet, comfortable, a d warm Use o ly sto es that have
bee dedicated to positive e ery a d prorammed for heali  9 vite spirit uides a d a els i to
the sessio if you wish
Start by placi  a clear quartz crystal above her head a d below her feet 9 the riht ha d place
a other crystal a d i the left ha d place a rose quartz emsto e (my perso al method) The o
chakra by chakra, movi  from the feet to crow a d placi  the appropriate colored emsto e for
each ce ter (Be sure you have your heali  sto es spread out where you ca reach them easily)
There may be sto es that you are draw to for a particular reaso , let yourself be uided, there are
o real rules You ca ot do it wro  A sto e that is ot eeded for the sessio or is i appropriate
for the receiver¶s e ery will roll riht off or roll to a other place where it is better utilized Allow
this to occur 9f the receiver feels u comfortable with a particular sto e, remove it; the e ery is ot
riht for her eeds
Whe the sto es are all i place, the healer has two optio s She (he) ca o to the head a d bei a
ha d o heali  Be sure to cover the sto es with your ha ds carefully i order ot to scatter the
emsto es While your ha ds are coveri  each chakra over the sto e, visualize the briht color of
the emsto e e teri  the Chakra, maki  it appear briht, bala ced, ce tered, a d healthy Do this
visualizatio u til you feel co fide t to move to the ext chakra Be sure to flick fi ers to release
a y eative e ery before oi  to the ext ce ter E d with a complete brushi  of the aura
The other optio a healer has o ce the sto es are placed is to sit beside the receiver a d simply wait,
allowi  the emsto es a d spirit uides to do the heali  As the receiver¶s chakras a d aura absorb
a d are bala ced by the crystal a d em e eries, the sto es bei to roll off o e by o e Whe all
the sto es are off, or the receiver feels fi ished with those that remai , the heali  is over E d with
a complete brushi  of the aura a d allow the receiver to lie quietly without the sto es Ask for
feedback a d discuss a ythi  that you feel should be discussed While she is doi  this, the healer
ca ather up the sto es from the table or floor a d clear them aai before putti  them away Put
them i to your protective box
A layi  o of sto es heali  ca be quite i te se There is ofte a major e ery shift duri  this
type of heali  More freque t emotio al releases, past life a d these life trauma ope i s a d other
Tra sformative eve ts The healer¶s role i this is to wait for the release to e d a d to be e tirely
o judme tal After a sessio , there may also be a physical detoxificatio process that ca
co ti ue for up to a week Be aware of what is happe i 
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c Pe dulum Dowsi 

What is a pe dulum

A pe dulum ca be a crystal, pe da t, or metal ha i  object suspe ded o a piece of ribbo ,

thread or chai  The object should ot be too liht a d should be of a substa tial weiht ha i 
straiht, to work efficie tly The choosi  of a pe dulum will be a very i dividual a d perso al thi 
Everyo e will have their ow prefere ce reardi  the choice of which pe dulum is riht for or will
work for them, (e o e may have prefere ce to a pe da t wor arou d their eck, whilst a other
may prefer to carry a pe dulum arou d i a pouch i their pocket etc) O ly you will k ow what¶s
riht for you  let your i tuitio uide you a d o with what you feel
What are they for
Pe dulums are primarily used for dowsi  Dowsi ¶s primary fu ctio is to fi d a a swer/solutio
to a questio /problem People have used dowsi  for ce turies to divi e for water, to fi d layli es,
to aid o e i decisio maki  or eve to look for missi  perso s

c ow will 9 k ow if it will work for me

There are ma y differe t methods to fi d out if a pe dulum will work for you or ot O e of the most
basic a d reliable methods of testi  is to ask the pe dulum directly throuh a series of specific
questio s
First hold the pe dulum suspe ded by the chai /thread etc, i your ha d of prefere ce so that it
ha s straiht a d still The ask the pe dulum ³Please show me with clarity a d truth your a swer
for yes´ the pe dulum should start to swi  back a d forth or move i a clockwise/a ticlockwise
rotatio  Note which way the pe dulum moves The ask your pe dulum to ³ show you with clarity
a d truth a a swer for o´, aai ote which way the pe dulum moves (it should move differe tly
to that of the yes a swer) O ce you have determi ed which way the pe dulum a swers ³yes´ a d
³ o´, it is wise to test it with questio s you k ow the a swer to (the pe dulum should move ³yes´
for ³yes´ a swers a d ³ o´ for ³ o´ o es accordi ly)  i doi  this you will k ow whether or ot
the pe dulum will work with you truthfully a d for the hihest ood of o e a d all (this should
primarily always be the case) 9f the pe dulum either does ot move or ives the wro  a swers to
the questio s you k ow, do ¶t use it, it is most likely this pe dulum is ot the riht o e for you so try
a other o e Whe you have fou d o e that will work with you, that¶s all there really is to the
choosi  of your pe dulum You have fou d your pe dulum
c Crystal pe dulums

Crystal pe dulums have the added be efit of combi i  the heali  be efits/properties of the crystal
with a tool for dowsi  At ×ittle Gems we have a assortme t of crystal pe dulums for you to choose
from E: Clear quartz, Amethyst, Smokey quartz, Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Obsidia , Aasper, Aate a d
ma y more etc«(ood problem solvi  o es are Aate, Car elia , Tourmali e, Rutilated Quartz,
Quartz a d Obsidia ) You could choose a crystal pe dulum which is specifically related to what its
use will be for, e:  for dowsi  i love matters or relatio ships, etc«Rose Quartz would be ideal
c E joy usi  your pe dulum

O ce purchasi  your pe dulum you ca use it whe ever you wa t You will fi d it so useful a d
helpful i dowsi  for all sorts of thi s, you wo ¶t wa t to leave the house without it 9 fact it will
work all the better if you are able to keep/carry/wear your pe dulum o or with you as ofte as
possible (it will attu e with your vibratio a d therefore work more effectively for you) Always keep
your pe dulum safe however, a d for your ow perso al use o ly  this way you ca be sure it will
help a d work solely for you a d ot be i terfered by a other¶s vibratio s (which could effect the
clarity a d truth of a a swer i whatever it is you are dowsi )
9t is also a ood idea to et i to the habit before dowsi  to ask your pe dulum whether it ³will work
for you today´(do ¶t foret to always ask it to show you the a swer with clarity a d truth) 9t may be
that occasio ally for whatever reaso it may ot wa t to work This could be for a y umber of
reaso s e: the questio is ot clear/specific e ouh, or it is u decided o the a swer/it is ot the
riht time to ive a a swer  if this happe s, ask aai later, a d if it repeatedly happe s leave it
a d try a other day May be you already k ow your a swer deep dow or maybe o actio is
required to the questio i volved So it would be wise to be prude t a d patie t i etti  your
a swer  the more you use your pe dulum, the more you¶ll reco ize a d k ow the a swers
automatically to respective questio s Most of all e joy usi  your pe dulum  9 would ¶t be without
mi e
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c Chakras

The Crystals a d Chakrascc

The word µchakra¶ is derived from the Sa skrit word mea i  µwheel¶ 9f we were able to see the
chakras (as ma y psychics, i fact, do) we would observe a wheel of e ery co ti uously revolvi 
or rotati  Clairvoya ts perceive chakras as colorful wheels or flowers with a hub i the ce ter The
chakras bei at the base of the spi e a d fi ish over the top of the head Thouh fixed i the ce tral
spi al colum they are located o both the fro t a d back of the body, a d work throuh it
Each chakra vibrates a d rotates at differe t speeds The root or first chakra rotates at the slowest
speed, the crow or seve th chakra at the hihest Each chakra is stimulated by its ow a d
complime tary color, a d a ra e of emsto es for specific uses The chakra colors are of the
rai bow; red, ora e, yellow, ree , blue, i dio, a d violet The size a d briht ess of the wheels
vary with i dividual developme t, physical co ditio , e ery levels, disease, or stressc
9f the chakras are ot bala ced, or if the e eries are blocked, the basic life force will be slowed
dow  The i dividual may feel listless, tired, out of sorts, or depressed Not o ly will physical bodily
fu ctio s be affected so diseases may ma ifest, but the thouht processes a d the mi d may also be
affected A eative attitude, fear, doubt, etc may preoccupy the i dividual
A co sta t bala ce betwee the chakras promotes health a d a se se of wellbei  9f the chakras
are ope ed too much, a perso could literally short circuit themselves with too much u iversal
e ery oi  throuh the body 9f the chakras are closed, this does ot allow for the u iversal e ery
to flow throuh them properly, which may also lead to diseasec
Most of us react to u pleasa t experie ces by blocki  our feeli  a d stoppi  a reat deal of our
atural e ery flow This affects the maturatio a d developme t of the chakras Whe ever a perso
blocks whatever experie ce he is havi , he i tur blocks his chakras, which eve tually become
Whe the chakras are fu ctio i  ormally, each will be µope ¶, spi i  clockwise to metabolize the
particular e eries eeded from the u iversal e ery field
As already me tio ed a y µimbala ces¶ that exist withi a y chakra may have profou d effects upo
either our physical or emotio al bodies We are able to use our quartz crystals a d emsto es to re
bala ce all our chakra ce ters a d o ce the chakra has bee properly bala ced the our body will
radually retur to ormal
The reaso why crystals a d emsto es are wo derful a d powerful heali  tools are because of
what scie ce calls its piezoelectric effect (You ca see this effect i the moder quartz watches)
Crystals a d emsto es respo d to the electricity that is harmo ized, bala ce, a d stimulate these
e eries Coursi  throuh our body, a d if the e ery is sluish, the co sta t electrical vibratio s
of the sto es will help to bala ce it c
Chakras with Colour a d Gemsto escc
First ChakraRoot (Muladhara)  Red
Red Gar et
Smoky Quartz
Black Obsidia c

Seco d Chakraara (Swadhishtha a)  Ora e

Car elia
Ora e Calcite
Tier¶s Eye

Third ChakraSolar Plexus (Ma ipura)  Yellow

Citri e
Golde Calcite

Fourth Chakra eart (A ahata)  Gree

Rose Quartz
Ku zite
Watermelo Tourmali e
Adve turi e

Fifth ChakraThroat (Vishuddha)  Blue

Aquamari e

Sixth Chakra Third Eye (Aj a)9 dio

Blue Fluorite
Clear Quartz

Seve th ChakraThe Crow (Sahasrar)Violet

Oreo Opal
Clear Quartz
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