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Did you know… 1 (6) --- that the world's first international cellular mobile telephone network

Did you know…

1 (6)

--- that the world's first international cellular mobile telephone network NMT was opened in Scandinavia in 1981 with Nokia introducing the first car phones for the network? Or, that the world's first NMT handportable, the Nokia Cityman, was launched in 1987?


The world's first international cellular mobile telephone network NMT opened in Scandinavia with Nokia introducing the first car phones for the network.


The world's first portable NMT car telephone, the Nokia Talkman.


The classic Mobira Cityman was Nokia’s first handheld wireless phone. It marked the start of what turned out to be the fastest-spreading technology in history


The first manufacturer to have a large-scale production-ready GSM phone.

The world's first genuine GSM call made using Radiolinja's network, supplied by Nokia (with a Nokia car phone).


Nokia 1011, the first GSM hand-portable phone.

Nokia 100 series, the first family of handportale phones for all analog networks.

Nokia 6050 car phone, the first GSM phone.

Nokia 6000, the first TDMA phone.


The world's first SMSC (Short Message Service Centre) taken into commercial use in Europolitan's Nokia network. The world’s first text message is sent – on the Nokia 2110.


Inmarsat made the world's first satellite telephone call with Nokia's pocket-size GSM handset.

Nokia 2100 series, the first digital handportable phones supporting data, fax and the Short Message Service.

2 (6) Nokia 2110 introduces the iconic ‘Grand Valse’ monophon ic ring tone. It is

2 (6)

Nokia 2110 introduces the iconic ‘Grand Valse’ monophonic ring tone. It is one of the world’s most widely heard melodies.


The world's first integrated wireless payphone.


The Nokia 8100 product family, the first with an innovative, ergonomically comfortable design. Chinese character short messaging service and Chinese user interface were launched in the Nokia 8110 mobile phone. Nokia was the first manufacturer to offer both simplified and traditional character sets in the same phone. Read more

The Nokia 2160, the first available dual mode AMPS/TDMA phone. Read more

Nokia 9000 Communicator, the world's first all-in-one phone, fax, calendar, e-mail and Internet in handportable size. Introduced at the CeBIT exhibition. Read more


A new handset for the NMT 450 standard, the Nokia 540, which is the world's first NMT phone with Navi Key. Read more

The next generation GSM product family, the Nokia 6100 series. New standards for operating times and a set of innovative industry-first features, including audio quality and an entirely new Profile function which enables users to adjust the phone settings according to various situations. Read more

Next generation half-rate handportable for the digital PDC standard in Japan. With this introduction, Nokia is the first company to demonstrate an entirely new, innovative feature for PDC handsets, which enables calling by voice activation. Read more

Nokia Cellular Card Phone, a PC card with a built-in GSM phone. For voice and data communications in a notebook PC and in integrated solutions

The Snake game was launched with the Nokia 6110 phone and has been one of the most popular (and widely distributed) mobile games ever. Snake showed that mobile phones could be used for much more than simply making phone calls while on the move, and therefore the game played a major part (along with the rise of text messaging) in establishing the mobile phone as an instrument of social change.

The first manufacturer to provide a complete Smart Messaging solution, a new direct Internet access service technology specially designed for mobile phone users, to network operators and service providers. Read more

3 (6) The Nokia 3810, the first mobile phone specially design ed for Asian consumers,

3 (6)

The Nokia 3810, the first mobile phone specially designed for Asian consumers, with a large full-graphics display and Asian language interfaces. Read more

A new GSM handportable, the Nokia 3110, with the Navi-Key menu system that allows fast, one-button

access to the functions of the phone.

A new mobile phone offering a new innovative power management solution, the Nokia 1611 with a unique

option, the solar cell battery. Read more


The world's smallest NMT 450 phone, the Nokia 650, sets a new benchmark for NMT 450 technology. As a special additional feature and first in the market, the Nokia 650 has a built-in FM radio. Read more

The Nokia 5100 series, the first mobile phones with user-changeable covers. Read more

The Nokia LPS-1 loopset and Inductive Loopset for telecoil-equipped hearing aid wearers, allowing them to make and receive calls with background noise eliminated and without annoying interference. The current version, the Nokia Wireless Loopset LP-5, offers many advanced features such as wireless Bluetooth connectivity, vibrating alerts for incoming calls and single button for call handling. Read more

The Nokia 9110 Communicator, the first hand-held mobile device supporting wireless imagining. Read more

Nokia Debuts Guggenheim Exclusive "Art Edition" Phone as First in Design Series. Read more


Nokia introduced the world's first high-speed data terminal for wireless networks: the Nokia Card Phone 2.0 brings about a four-fold increase in data transmission speed. Read more

Nokia launched the world’s first WAP handset, the Nokia 7110, with access to mobile Internet services such as banking, email and news. Text messaging becomes user-friendly with the Nokia 7110, the first phone with predictive text. Read more

Nokia 5030, the first built-in antenna.

Nokia 6185, the first tri-mode/dual band CDMA phone.

Nokia 8210, the first phone designed and launched in cooperation with the fashion industry.

4 (6) 2000 Nokia and Scandinavian Airlines Systems announced a partnership to bring Nokia mobile

4 (6)


Nokia and Scandinavian Airlines Systems announced a partnership to bring Nokia mobile phones to the selection of goods sold on all international SAS flights. This is the first time mobile phones will be sold on airplanes. Read more

Nokia 3310, the first mobile phone with a unique chat function, which allows the user to have a conversation, similar to the chat services on the Internet, with the other party by using short messages.


Nokia, Nordea and Visa International to pilot the world's first Electronic Mobile Payment Services based on dual chip technology. Read more

Wireless Village Initiative Demonstrated World's First interoperable Mobile Instant Messaging and Presence Services. Read more

Nokia demonstrated first XHTML microbrowser on standard mobile phone. Read more

Nokia introduced the industry first multimedia messaging solution, the Nokia Artuse (TM) MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) Center, a high-capacity platform for the next wave of mobile messaging. Read more

Nokia 7650, Nokia's first imaging phone with an integrated camera (VGA). Read more


Nokia 6340, the world's first dual-band/tri-mode GAIT (GSM ANSI Interoperability Team) compliant handset. Read more

Nokia introduced the world's first handset for WCDMA and GSM networks. Read more

Nokia 6650, the world's first 3GPP compliant WCDMA/GSM dual mode phone, and the first Nokia phone to record video simultaneously with sound. Read more

Nokia unveiled world's first TDMA handsets with full-color displays. Read more


Nokia and Jay-Z teamed up to create a music and wireless industry first with the Black Phone. Read more

5 (6) Nokia unveiled the world's first GSM push-to-talk handset, the sports-inspired Nokia 5140 phone.

5 (6)

Nokia unveiled the world's first GSM push-to-talk handset, the sports-inspired Nokia 5140 phone. Read more

Nokia 5140, the first Push-to-Talk GSM handset. Read more


Nokia announced the Nokia NFC (Near Field Communication) shell, the latest step in the development of innovative products for mobile communications, in November. With the Nokia NFC shell on their phone, consumers will be able to easily access a variety of services and conveniently exchange information with a simple touch gesture utilizing NFC technology. Read more

Nokia 7610, Nokia’s most advanced imaging device. Read more


Nokia introduces the premium Nokia 8800 with a musical soundtrack of alerts and ring tones by award- winning composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. Read more

Nokia N91 breaks new ground when it comes to mobile music. It’s the world’s first mobile handset to feature a 4GB hard disk which can store up to 3000 tracks. Nokia N91 also features an integrated 3.5mm stereo headset jack. Read more

The Nokia 6630 imaging smartphone has as the first device in the world achieved global GCF 3G WDCMA Certification. The certification was achieved based on the requirements defined by Global Certification Forum (GCF), an independent industry body which provides network compliancy requirements and testing for GSM/WCDMA mobile devices. Read more

SBS Finland's Kiss FM became the first radio station in the world to begin Visual Radio broadcasts. This unique new concept developed by Nokia offers the listeners the possibility to give feedback and to participate in programs easier than ever before. Read more

Nokia introduced a new product for secure mobile contactless payments and ticketing. The world's first Near Field Communications (NFC) product for payment and ticketing was an enhanced version of the previously announced Nokia NFC shell for Nokia 3220 phone. Read more


Digita and Nokia signed world's first commercial DVB-H mobile TV platform supply contract. Read more

6 (6) Nokia introduced Wibree technology as an open indust ry initiative extending local connectivity

6 (6)

Nokia introduced Wibree technology as an open industry initiative extending local connectivity to small devices. Wibree is the first open technology offering connectivity between mobile devices or Personal Computers, and small, button cell battery power devices such as watches, wireless keyboards, toys and sports sensors. Read more


Nokia became the first phone maker to add energy saving alerts to

mobile phones to include alerts encouraging people to unplug the charger once the battery is full, a move

that could save enough electricity to power 85,000 homes a year. Starting with the new Nokia 1200, Nokia 1208 and the Nokia 1650, the alerts will be rolled out across the Nokia product range. Read more

Nokia launched the first

Nokia 6110, dedicated smartphone with inbuilt GPS, aimed towards the navigation market. Read more

Nokia N95 was the world’s first device combining GPS and wireless broadband (HSDPA/WLAN). When it was introduced to the market in March 2007 (announced in 2006), it was a flagship smartphone in many ways: it combined a new form factor (2-way slide design), class-leading camera functionality with 5 megapixels and Carl Zeiss optics, in-built GPS, WLAN and HSDPA for ultra-fast 3.5G connectivity. Read more


Nokia N97, the first Nokia mobile computer with QWERTY keyboard and touch screen. Read more


Since January 2010, high-end car and pedestrian navigation has been available for free on Nokia smartphones.