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Health David Burton explores the trading

methodology of WD Gann, your health and
the health of nations.

raders new to the markets can be completely you have a hot head, your feet will be cold, so you have to heat up your
consumed by the markets, as with a new toy, feet using certain herbs, to regain a balanced constitution.
with so much to learn that it leaves little time Medical astrology is a lifetime study. Finding the physical balance
for other interests. WD Gann however, as a for your health and thus your mind can be greatly assisted by seeing a
seasoned trader had a much more diverse set Chinese herbalist, who can give you herbs to help balance your body,
of interests than many people realise, and they enabling you to avoid a chemical imbalance that can affect judgment.
weren’t just tied to markets.
Gann’s other interests and studies centred The planets
on astrology. He liked to work out the potential When the planets move around to hit your birth chart they trigger
outcomes of elections, and to forecast weather, events in your life, including (but not limited to) health problems and
wars, races and even the lottery. Doing so was other negative periods in your life. Such planets are called malefic
his second great passion, after health. planets. During such cycles, Gann headed to the Silver Spring resort
for months and relaxed, taking his books and continuing his studies,
A matter of balance as was stated in ‘Tunnel Thru The Air’ (TTTA).
Health was number one on Gann’s priority list, with capital at number
three. Gann believed a person’s health can be observed by looking Preparation
at their birth chart. In the old days, a person would go to a medical If you can prepare for bad periods in your life by working on your
astrologer for help identifying which fruits, vegetables and herbs would health and fitness, as well as by saving and eliminating debt, you
balance their chart. For example, if a person had Mars in Aries he would can get through these times more easily than can people who neglect
have a hot head; if he had Venus in Aries he would have a cold head. If these areas of their life. Gann said, “If you prepare for the worst, you

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don’t have to face the worst.” However, very few people seem to Your personal health is your personal responsibility. You must
prepare for such times. take care of your diet, not overeat, and remember to exercise. Drug
companies make money from sick people, and theirs is an extremely
Money profitable business.
Gann said, “Money is only a means to an end.” When your health is
poor and/or you are in a bad cycle, it does not mean your judgment is
impaired. The way to identify such a cycle is if you have three losing Figure 2: United States of America Birth Chart
trades in a row. If that happens, you should possibly consider not
trading for perhaps six to twelve months, and live off the interest that

Figure 1: The Australian Birth Chart

The death of WD Gann

WD Gann forecast his own death in 1955. In fact, his commodity
charts had no dates past June that year on them.
Gann was born at 10:34 am in Lufkin, Texas on 6 June, 1878 and
he died on 18 June 1955. Gann wrote TTTA in 1927, and Robert
you have saved in good times. If you push things in bad periods, you
Gordon (who was Gann, in the story) was born on 9 June 1906. From
will just lose more money. Gann recommended that you trade only
1878 to 1927 is 49 years, (fatal, 7 x 7) and from 1906 to 1955 is 49
three to four times per year per commodity. Commodities needed to
years. On 5 June 1955, there was a lunar eclipse exactly opposite
meet all his rules. He sometimes traded every three days, but only
his Sun. The Moon was in his fourth house (Cancer), and the Moon
when his cycle was right. His public trading in October 1909 was near
rules the fourth house and Cancer. The stomach is the body part that
the start of the thirty-six-year Hebrew annual cycle, which began on
is ruled by Cancer – and Gann died of stomach cancer when Pluto
16 September 1909.
also transited his ascendant and Moon at the same time. Gann was
The Hebrew cycle shows Gann was born with Sun in Taurus in
born with Mars in cancer, which means he would have had irritable
1878. The Hebrew cycle started in 1909 with Mars in Capricorn,
stomach walls, haemorrhage of the stomach, bilious vomiting and
which is a trine (120 degrees) to Taurus.
other related problems most of his life.

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The health of a nation second house, which means the Australian government continues
As with personal health, you can look at countries, cities, towns and spending.
even prime ministers to see where things are going in the future. To According to the charts, Australia’s biggest economic problems will
assess the health of a nation you would look at ingress, eclipse and appear in 2012 and from 2017 to 2020.You have to prepare three
lunation charts. to five years in advance, especially if you are selling real estate,
The Australian chart was ‘born’ 1:35 pm, 1 January 1901, at because that is not a liquid market, like cash.
The Australian Birth Chart (figure 1) shows many planets in The United States of America
the eighth house in Sagittarius, and Taurus rising, which is one The USA was ‘born’ on 4 July 1776.
reason people generally think of Australia as the lucky country. The United States’ major problems start at the end of 2010 with
Being a Capricorn country, its people are generally down to earth Saturn conjunct natal Saturn. In my view, it will have completely
and understand commonsense, even if they don’t always act in collapsed by 2022, when Pluto is opposite its natal Pluto. That will
commonsense ways. be 90 years from the 1932 depression, which is a quarter of Gann’s
Because of planets like Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius, Australians 360-degree chart in years. The charts suggest that the most troubled
often like to look at the good times and forget the bad. This may time for the world will be between 2016 and 2022.
become a dangerously optimistic position to hold in coming years. In The major eclipse in August 2017 will cause a worse drought than
October 2010, Australia is likely to have an election, and, based on the 1933 dust bowl (figure 3) as it goes through the central United
cycles, the Labor government is unlikely to stay in power. States. It is similar to what Gann forecast in TTTA. Droughts cause
In the Australian chart we will have many malefic planets aspecting the biggest depressions, because no money is changing hands. I
the natal planets, transiting Saturn square natal Saturn, transiting guess the politicians will talk about global warming again. All the
Uranus square Mercury, transiting Mars opposite Moon, transiting financial problems in the world involve two key types of people,
Saturn square Sun and transiting Uranus square Neptune. politicians and bankers.
The ingress charts for 21 March 2010 show Neptune on the Although people think the worst is over, it hasn’t started. The real
ascendant, Moon in the fourth house, of real estate, and Saturn in trouble starts soon, with a major meltdown this year and in 2012. If
the eighth house, of debt. This quarter has had a little real estate the governments around the world have spent their stimulus money
correction up, with the bigger trend down. This shows inflation. on one meltdown, what are they going to do when they have three,
The ingress charts for 21 June 2010 show much the same as figure four, five or more over the next ten years? In my opinion, although
1. However, now Uranus and Jupiter are in the second house, which governments think their stimulus packages will be repaid by boom
is opposite Saturn in the eighth, suggesting a financial collapse in the times, they are not going to happen.

David Burton has been studying and using financial astrology and
Figure 3: Eclipse drought chart for 2017 the methods of WD Gann since 1980. Visit www.schoolofgann.com
and www.commhedge.com.au or email dkb8@bigpond.com for more
AFSL No: 241371

market. Mars in the seventh may mean problems for the Australian
government with partners from overseas.
The ingress charts for 23 September 2010 show Neptune in the

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