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Nelson Literacy Directions !

Nelson Literacy Directions is a brand new core literacy Each level comprises
program for students in middle and upper primary. • Levelled fiction and non-fiction texts - 18 fiction and 18
Featuring an emphasis on comprehension, Nelson non-fiction texts for guided and independent reading.
Literacy Directions provides a wide variety of printed and • Exemplar card kits - six copies of 27 different cards
electronic texts for explicit instruction in written language, (162 cards).
oral language, visual literacy and critical literacy. • Non-fiction big books - three big books with IWB CD
linked to the Sciences, Humanities and Arts curricula.
Improve your students’ inferential comprehension, • Audio Visual Resources DVD - providing multimodal
grammar and vocabulary texts linked to the levelled texts or exemplar cards.
The use of inferential comprehension is built into Nelson • Interactive Student Activities CDs - providing four
Literacy Directions. The ‘Making Meaning’ questions which activities for each levelled text.
accompany the levelled text and levelled exemplar cards • Teacher’s Resource Book with BLM CD - teacher notes,
emphasise the use of higher order thinking skills. A warm- lesson plans and BLMs to support guided reading,
up literal question is followed by a series of inferential writing, speaking and listening activities.
comprehension questions at the word, sentence,
paragraph, text, text and visual levels, then ending with a Audio–Visual Resources DVD
response question.

Support your students with fine-grade levelling

The carefully levelled texts and exemplar cards provide
scaffolded support for students at different stages of

Expose your students to a variety of text types and There is an Audio–Visual Resources DVD for each level of
text forms Nelson Literacy Directions.
Text types featured throughout Nelson Literacy Directions The DVDs feature
include recount, description, information report, narrative, • Multimodal texts linked thematically or by text type to
procedure, exposition, explanation and discussion. Text the levelled texts and exemplar cards.
forms include reader’s theatre, graphic fiction, traditional • Engaging audio-visual clips to support speaking and
tales, poetry, web blogs, technical reports, presentations listening activities.
and debates. • Content to stimulate class discussion and individual
Integrate curriculum content while teaching literacy
The themes and topics in Nelson Literacy Directions link to Title Code Price Qty
the Sciences, Humanities and Arts curricula.
Nelson Literacy Directions Audio-Visual Resources DVD
Audio-Visual Resources - Literacy Directions 3 439113 $99.95
Audio-Visual Resources - Literacy Directions 4 439161 $99.95

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Interactive Student Activities CD Teacher’s Resource Book

There is an Interactive Student Activities CD for each level There is a Teacher’s Resource Book for each level of Nelson
of Nelson Literacy Directions. Literacy Directions.
The CDs feature interactive activities for each of the The Teacher’s Resource Books have been designed to
levelled texts to provide independent practice in support guided reading, writing, speaking and listening
comprehension, vocabulary, spelling and writing skills. activities.

Title Code Price Qty Title Code Price Qty

Nelson Literacy Directions Interactive Student Activities CD Nelson Literacy Directions Teacher Resource Book & CD-ROM
Student Activities CD - Literacy Directions 3 439109 $150.00 Teacher Resource Book - Literacy Directions 3 439265 $119.95
Student Activities CD - Literacy Directions 4 439110 $150.00 Teacher Resource Book - Literacy Directions 4 439266 $119.95

Levelled Fiction and Non-fiction Texts

For Guided and Independent Reading
Nelson Literacy Directions 3 and 4 comprises of 72
carefully levelled fiction and non-fiction texts. The series
builds on early literacy learning with fine-grade levelling
to ensure skills are mastered before moving on.
Nelson Literacy Directions provides a number of pathways
for different abilities; each level includes titles to meet the
needs of students working towards a level, at a level or
beyond a level.
Nelson Literacy Directions Levelled Texts
Starter Pack - Literacy Directions 3 439263 $1394.60
Starter Pack - Literacy Directions 4 439264 $1394.60
Big Books * $79.00
Individual Titles Available
*For More Information Please Contact Your Account Manager

Literacy Pack Components:

Directions 36 Levelled Texts,
3 Big Books with IWB CD’s,
Starter 1 Teacher’s Resource Book,

Packs 1 Student Activities CD, 1 DVD,

1 Exemplar Cards Kit

For the Full Range of Levelled Fiction and Non-fiction Text Titles Available Please Ask Your Account Manager

Levelled Exemplar Cards Kits

For Guided and Independent Reading
The Nelson Literacy Directions Levelled Exemplar Cards
Kits provide carefully levelled fiction and non-fiction texts
for additional guided and independent reading practice of
a vast range of text types and text forms. Each Nelson
Literacy Directions Exemplar Card Kit comprises six copies
of 27 different cards. The cards come packaged in a handy
storage box for easy access.

Nelson Literacy Directions Levelled Exemplar Card Kits

Exemplar Cards - Literacy Directions 3 439111 $395.00
Exemplar Cards - Literacy Directions 4 439112 $395.00