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File Path for all important documents (To be maintained on daily-basis)

Branch Final Database Backup\D:\Elcot-project\branch data final\data backups (SDS code -Branch wise folder)

Error Validation Report\D:\Elcot-project\XLS_VALIDATION_ERROR_FROM_2911209

Final Bank XLS(Ported Data)\D:\Elcot-project\XLS_FINAL_BACKUP_FROM_29112009

Migration Report\D:\Elcot-project\Migartion records\Migration Index.xls


1) Branch-wise data received is maintained in inbox folder under region-wise folder created
E.g. Chennai region - > Chennai CCB (-> folders all branches of Chennai CCB) and Chennai
UCB(-> folders all HO/branches of Chennai CCB). In this folder branch –wise folder are created.
After validation/porting is over, the mail from inbox folder is to be moved to respective folder.
This is to be done on daily basis.


1) Receiving data
Open outlook express, open inbox, read mail, download attachment of the excel sheets from the bank.


Create a folder in C:\DataMigration\SDScode_BranchName\

Create subfolders
2. CSV
4. TXT
2) Check all mandatory file are available,

If not send error message to bank and Team Leader

3) Move all xls files into bank_xls folder.

Open excel sheets one by one, check all the excel files with column header is correct, delete any blank
record is into cell, delete all extra columns and rows which is not matched with the proper excel sheet,
save the excel file as filename.txt and filetype as (tab delimited).txt

Move all .txt file into C:\DataMigration\

Open migration tool in desktop

enter sdscode, enter porting date and click auto select, system displays No.of files selected, check with
txt files which is created in data migration folder, click start , system displays warning message to
delete old files in data migration folder, click yes to delete old files.

After validation is completed system displays message processing over, click ok

Go to C:\DataMigration\

check any error files are generated into the folder, if any error files are generated move into ERROR
folder, and created csv files into CSV folder, send the BANK_XLS and ERROR folder to the sender,

If there is no error file generated, continue porting and some files will not be generated as CSV even
without error and if the error is ignorable, at that time convert xls file to CSV directly.

1. Open FD_CC_RD Schemes.xls file select column A, B, C, AQ and AS.

2. Create new file paste 5 columns, save file as tdscheme.txt in C:\

3.Open FD Master.xls file save file as fdmaster.txt in C:\

Open TD Updations

Click import schemes

Click import, system displays warning message, click yes to delete old files

Click save and exit

Click import TD Data

Click import, system displays warning message, click yes to delete old files

Click save and exit

Click TD Updation

Enter porting date

Click start

Warning message will display for porting date, confirm and click ok

After complete the td updation, click Export csv to generate fdmaster.csv, rdhistory.csv, tdprovision.csv

At this stage, any error report generated for FDMASTER go and do the corrections in
FDMASTER.XLS and continue the same process as mentioned above.

Move all csv files generated into C:\FINAL_MIGRATION\

Open pgadmin

Create DB

Restore standard_db (it will be in C:/Finalmigration/Standard backup)

Four DB’S will be there ie,

a) Standard_data_22062010_Chennai_CCB_Branches.backup

b) Standard_data_22062010_Chennai_CCB_HO.backup

a is for Chennai region’s branches and b is for Chennai region’s hos, and

c) Standard_data_22062010_HO_Other_Banks.backup

d) Standard_data_22062010_Other_Banks.backup

c is for Except Chennai region’s branches and d is for Except Chennai region’s hos, and then

Open query analyzer

Open sql_elcot.txt

Copy all requried queries and paste into query analyzer

Check whether all file are present or not

Change sdscode and porting date

Execute all queries

Create branchparameters with excel sheet

Create calendar with two rows set branch status as O-open
Start application with the newly created database

Login into the application,

Administration --> Rituals --> Calendar creation

Select Start date and end date, select weekly off

Click save.

Calendar has been successfully generated

Customer Accounts --> Account Maintenance --> Loans --> Repayment Schedule

Select scheme code, click generate for all schemes

Logout the application

Check all tables with csv file generated

Close application

Change branch status as W in calendar table

Take backup and check the backup with proper testing

Send the backup file to corresponding TL and support engineer.