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Question 1: Managerial Functions & RolesY

Oeorge Fisher Works to Turnaround KodakY
a) Identify and categorize each of Fisher¶s activities according to the four functions of management: planning,
organizing, leading and controlling.Y
Management is a series of process conducted to achieve targeted goals through or with people within
organizational by using its available resources effectively. Management has been categorized to have four functions
to make up the management process which is planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Since Oeorge Fisher
was recruited to become CEO of Rochester-based Eastman Kodak Co., he began to set strategies to overcome
Kodak¶s crisis and bring it to be a global digital imaging technology leader. His activities to achieve these goals can
be categorized into these four functions of management.Y
Planning involves choosing, outlining and indicating tasks that must be performed to obtain organizational
goals and deciding the most efficient way to obtain them. The new CEO has big plans and new goals for
organization. Fisher has been dedicating himself to studying every part of Kodak¶s business to understand
necessary planning need to be listed and studied in order to overcome the Kodak¶s crisis which is declining earnings,
slow growth, heavy debt and a demoralized workforce.Y
D Fisher doesn¶t deny the important of Kodak¶s core photography business, which relies on selling film and
development processes at this moment, but he believes that Kodak¶s technology in photographic need to be
upgraded to digital imaging technology in order to sustain in future market.Y
D Previously Kodak had a rather bureaucratic culture laid a lot of emphasis on the hierarchical structure within
organization. Fisher trying to moralise workforce and change dysfunctional culture of Kodak¶s by setting tough goals
and want his managers to achieve them in their own way using creative and innovative solution.Y
D Fisher¶s vision to make Kodak as global digital imaging technology leader started with selling off its health and
some home product divisions to pay off a big part of Kodak¶s burdensome debts and at the same time to focusing all
of its available resources to its core imaging business.Y
D Another strategic planning made by Fisher is to expanding and penetrating its photographic and digital imaging
business to international marketespecially to Asia, Russia, India and Brazil.Y
Organizing is an implementation of the tasks developed under planning functions. Here are the activities
conducted by Fisher to implement his strategic and tactical plans to achieve Kodak¶s organizational goals.Y
D Selling off its health and some home product divisions to pay off a big part of Kodak¶s burdensome debts.Y
D Works with his managers to sets realistic goals and expecting them to track their progress and meet the goals.Y
D Setting up new digital division composed of various digital resources leading by an executive who has
experience in digital equipment related field.Y
D Announces several products and services alliances with companies like IBM, Microsoft and Sprint.Y
D To penetrate international market as planned, Qualex subsidiary company which has been growing in
photofinishing market within United States will be expanded international as well.Y
Third basic functions of management involve leading or influencing. ·eading can be defined as guiding the
activities, ethics and behaviour within organization members to certain appropriate direction which indirectly
accelerating the productivity towards the achievement of organizational goals.Y
D Fisher talks with his employees in the cafeteria while he was having breakfast every morning. He also invites
employees to send him e-mail messages and usually answers them within a day with handwritten notes on the
printed messages. These approaches make him as an example to others and also ensure the proper
communication practice without hierarchical influence within organization.Y
D Fisher also trying to influence the manager¶s performance by adjusting the compensation system in Kodak to
motivate and reward managers who meet the goals.Y
Through the forth functions of management managers gather information that measures recent performance and
compare present performance to pre-established performance standards, then determine whether the organization
should be modified to meet pre-established standards to improve production.Y
D Fisher frequently visits the offices of researches to obtain information. Therefore he able to understand the
necessary action to be taken to improve production.Y
D Fisher also understands and concern about cycle time and when to introduce new products to
consumer market.Y
b) Do you think Fisher possesses technical, human and conceptual skills? Oive reasons.Y
Technical, human and conceptual skills can be identified as management skills that a manager must possessed to
carry out tasks and responsibilities to achieve his or her organizational goals. Successful manager is a person with
necessary management skills able to work with and through people and other organizational resources to accomplish
task which contribute to management and organizations success.Y
Technical skills involve the ability to apply specialized knowledge and expertise to work related techniques and
procedures. Fisher possessed some technical skills by studying every aspects of Kodak¶s business. Knowing the
procedures to operate a photo finishing minilab and comparing Kodakphotographic paper shows that Fisher has
technical skills. Human skills are the procedure involving the ability to communicate and work with individual or
group. Manager with good human skills knows how to communicate, motivate, lead, gain trust and inspire people
surrounding him or her. Fisher able to work as a co worker with his managers to set Kodak¶s organizational goals
and at the same time leading his managers toward their performance and success of the targeted goals. Fisher also
make himself accessible to employees and maintain regular communication and relationship with them by having
breakfast at cafeteria every morning. Through e-mail he shows that he able to listen to others opinions or criticisms.
Stated evident shows that Fisher possessed exceptional human skills. Conceptual skills involve the ability to
visualize the organizations as whole. Manager with good conceptual skills able to identify complex and dynamic
issues in the organization. Fisher¶s knowledge of the Kodak¶s competition and where its standing in relation to
the competition is the evident that shows he possess the conceptual skills. His vision in upgrading the Kodak¶s
photographic technology to digital imaging technology shows that he can visualize the future of Kodak.
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