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Christ Jesus the only Son of the Almighty God, born of a virgin lived a holy live and
surrendered His Life that we might be saved and was raised to life on the third day
by His Father. Theologically this is all absolutely true but it is nonsense to anyone
who is being introduced to Him. It is just too complicated.
The plain truth is that when introducing someone to another it is best to keep it
simple. I remember when I was introduced to Jesus as clearly as yesterday. As a
lonely nine year old I was tol d by my white haired Grade three teacher that if I
wanted a friend who would always be with me to invite in Jesus; I did and He always
This is just the way that the Jesus of Biblical history modelled it. As a case in point
at one time He asked the di sciples. ³who do people say that I am´ to which they
answered three different ways . I can almost imagine Him thinking to Himself, OK
total confusion here. But instead of correcting the answers He asks them a new
question. ³Who do you say that I am?´ He allowed them to process the question
and come up with their own answer.
The people we are trying to reach for Christ need the same method. We might be
totally convinced about their need for salvation but until they recognize Jesus in our
lives and realize that this is what has been missing in their life, we are knocking our
head against the proverbial brick wall.
There is nothing so natural or simple to say. ³John, or Jane, Q Citizen meet my
Master Jesus, He will be able to enhance your life.´ This of course relies on our
knowing JQ Citizen and more important that they know us well enough that they
recognize something of value in the way we live.
Earlier today I saw an article that suggested organized religion may be headed for
extinction; in a way I hope they are right. My belief is not centred in a Church . My
faith is totally founded in the Person of Christ Jesus Son of God Saviour. The proof
of my hope is found in my experience of Jesus. I believe that is the start point in a
person¶s relationship with Jesus. He comes to the person in their moment of need
and requires little more than that.
This is the embodiment of the faith community that we are not bound by belief or
denomination but by our relationship with the Christ, our ³God with us´. Our greatest
gift that we can offer to the community at large is not our programs or our services;
our greatest gift is the person of Christ Jesus.
If we load people up with the theological dramas of the faith of our fathers we will just
create blockages to pe ople who are not ready for them. A father brought his son to
the disciples but it took Jesus intervention before the spirit came out of the boy. In
this instance the boy¶s father asked ³if´ Jesus could heal the boy. Jesus answer was
that all things are po ssible if you believe to which the father replied ³I believe help my
This is the grace that we need to learn from the Master. Not only for those who are
yet to find faith but also those in the organized faith community who have different
dogma or styles of faith. Jesus calls us to live and love all we meet just as He loved
all and died for them.
Let us live for Him who lives within us and Died for the love of all.