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Stroud International Textiles

textile festival

30 April – 22 May
w w w. s t ro u d i n t e r n a t i o n a l t e x t i l e s . o r g . u k
Stroud Five Valleys, Gloucestershire, England


cover: tilleke schwarz left: corinne & elodie above: anthea walsh
intro 201

Dr Jessica Hemmings

‘Textiles are the first material to touch our skin at birth

and what many of us will lay on at the moment of death.
Textiles cover our bodies every day of our lives, and they
are the material we will rest between every night.
They protect us against the cold and the wind and excessive
light. They are an inescapable presence, trailing close
behind air, water and food in our list of needs and wants.
The sheer hours that textiles spend absorbing life have
left them well prepared for the messages they carry.
Textiles already know what we are saying. They know what
we are too excited to mention or can’t bear to remember.
Textiles already understand how to say two things in one
breath without fretting over seeming contradictions.
This poses a bit of a problem, because humankind is
enamoured with the written word. Our newest romance is
with the World Wide Web, a system that speeds and
shares astounding amounts of certain types of information.
Yet the internet has not come to terms with several of
textile’s most articulate modes of communication. Colour
l is as arbitrary as the settings on our individual computer
l monitors. Texture is all but nonexistent. Touch, for now,
l remains impossible.’
jessica turrell

l 2010 SIT Festival catalogue essay


key: v venue
welcome 201
Lizzi Walton
Festival Director

The artists showing in WordPlay at the Museum in the Park

tease the written word into tactile images, interpreting their
observations with stitch and mark, challenging the viewer
to seek fresh ways to see their world.
Now in its sixth year, the International Textile Festival has
established itself as the UK’s principal festival to celebrate
textiles, from traditional through to contemporary textile
art, linked to related applied arts. Presented by Stroud
International Textiles, this year’s Festival highlights the truly
global language of textiles.
These are tough times for the arts but the Festival
survives and continues to grow and attract passion and
interest. We would like to thank everyone who has
supported SIT and the Festival over the last year with the
sponsorship, patronage and private donations that are so
crucial for our growth.
We are looking to the future with increased year round
activity, taking textile skills out into schools, raising our
virtual profile and spreading the word for textiles and the
related arts nationally and internationally.
The 2011 Festival promises an exciting and stimulating
programme of exhibitions, talks, workshops, events,
performance and opportunities for debate and discussion.
anthea walsh

We welcome artists from Holland, France and Japan as l

well as the UK. Established world class artists and l
speakers rub shoulders with emerging future talent. l
We hope you enjoy and come back for more next year. l

p2 start of diary listings
p32 seminar
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p58 venue & town centre map
saturday 30 april £0 l
Jane Edgar
A showcase of post war printed and woven
textiles made from 1937 to 1951
Saturday 30 April – Sunday 22 May closed Mondays
Tuesday – Friday 10am – 5pm
Saturday & Sunday 11am – 5pm
v Foyer, Museum in the Park, Stratford Park,
Stroud GL5 4AF
Jane Edgar studied art and design at Hammersmith
College of Art 1933-35 and then specialised in textiles
at the Royal College of Art 1935-38. This body of work
represents her designs printed by Heals and also by
Gerald Holton who made simple furniture, fabric and
pottery, and was a forerunner to Habitat. Many of his
textiles were supplied to new schools built after the war.
jane edgar


also today:
l Saturday 30 April more diary listings: see from page 2 to page 25
museum saturday 30 april
tilleke schwarz
Clyde Olliver
Tilleke Schwarz
Lynn Setterington
Debbie Smyth
Lauren Steeper
Jessica Turrell
Saturday 30 April – Sunday 22 May closed Mondays
Tuesday – Friday 10am – 5pm
Saturday & Sunday 11am – 5pm
v Gallery 1, Museum in the Park, Stratford Park,
Stroud GL5 4AF
Using a mix of media and materials that include
embroidery, wire, stitch, slate and enamelling, five artists
turn to mass media, traditional samplers, the National l
Lottery and graffiti with a sprinkling of radical imagery and l
thoughts and a pinch of humour. l
free l

exhibition 3
museum saturday 30 £0


Clyde Olliver
Much of Clyde Olliver’s work combines slate with stitch
and occupies a niche somewhere between embroidery
and sculpture.
The process starts with finding appropriate slate, either
in the quarry or perhaps in the mason’s yard. It must then
be drilled to allow the passage of needle and thread,
mostly waxed linen.
Sometimes he uses stitch to bind stone elements
together but more often he uses stitch as a means of mark
making, often in response to historical traces present in the
slate, for example geological faults, the results of
weathering or simply the grime of aged soot and cement.
clyde olliver


also today:
l Saturday 30 April more diary listings: see from page 2 to page 25
museum saturday 30

tilleke schwarz

Tilleke Schwarz
Tilleke Schwarz stitches ‘maps of modern life’ that evoke
graffiti. Daily life, mass media, traditional samplers and
cats are major sources of inspiration. The result is a
mixture of content, graphics sprinkled with humour.
The work contains narrative elements rather than
complete stories with a beginning, a storyline and an end.
These structures are used as a form of communication l
with the viewer who is invited to decipher connections or l
to create them, becoming a kind of play between the £0 l
viewer and the artist. l

museum saturday 30


Lynn Setterington
The work exhibited here is part of a new body of work,
developed after researching into early signature cloths and
quilts. These cloths were made from the late 19th Century
as fundraisers and records of allegiance and belonging.
Lynn’s cloths also explore issues of identity and allegiance,
and the value of the handmade today. In this piece all the
names are real (Setterington’s, ‘possible friends’ on
l Facebook); however the vast majority of signatures are fake,
l created at random by friends and colleagues. Whilst some
l £0 of the work in this series uses new technologies, this piece
l deliberately employs slow, painstaking hand embroidery.

also today:
l Saturday 30 April more diary listings: see from page 2 to page 25
museum saturday 30
Debbie Smyth
Debbie Smyth’s playful yet sophisticated contemporary £0
artworks are created by stretching a network of threads free

between accurately plotted pins. Her work beautifully blurs

the boundaries between fine art drawings and textile art,
flat and 3D work, illustration and embroidery, literally lifting
the drawn line off the page in a series of ‘pin and thread’
drawings. On first glance, it can look like a mass of threads
but as you get closer sharp lines come into focus, creating
a spectacular image. The images are first plotted out before
being filled out with the thread, the sharp angles contrasting
with the floating ends of the thread. And despite the debbie smyth

complexity of the lengthy process, they have a great feeling

of energy and spontaneity, and in some cases, humour.
Energetic, intriguing, original and playful, Smyth’s work is
a refreshing approach to illustration that displays texture and
scale that need to be seen to be truly appreciated.


museum saturday 30

lauren steeper

Lauren Steeper
£0 Lauren Steeper’s work is inspired by chance and its
free relationship with order. For the work in this exhibition she

set herself the task of painstakingly cutting out every word

from a dictionary. Using this collection of over 150,000
words plus the weekly lottery draw, she created a system
which randomly dictates a set of words, colours and fonts
which she then stitched and completed. Lauren loves to
use time consuming processes like cross stitch to produce
results that are spontaneous and uncontrolled.
l By imposing methodical systems on the unpredictable,
l she questions whether a sense of meaning can be found
l in disorder.

also today:
l Saturday 30 April more diary listings: see from page 2 to page 25
museum saturday 30
Jessica Turrell free

Jessica Turrell is an artist and jeweller who uses the

medium of vitreous enamel to explore the relationship
between memory and the portrait photograph: “The desire
to remember and to be remembered that motivates the
taking and keeping of photographs gives a poignancy to
the ‘found’ photograph where the identity of the subject
is irrevocably lost from memory.”
Much of Jessica’s work incorporates text, some of which
is autobiographical whilst other passages represent
fictionalised interpretations written in response to found
images. These delicate and barely legible veils of words
– and the shadows that they create – serve as a metaphor
for the fragility and mutability of the memories associated
with old photographs.
“Within the work the text (the ‘memory’) remains but
the photographs themselves are either eroded or are absent,
making the final remove from memory to forgetting.”
jessica turrell


museum saturday 30 £0 l Levels
event Sue Hiley Harris
Saturday 30 April – Sunday 22 May closed Mondays
Tuesday – Friday 10am – 5pm
Saturday & Sunday 11am – 5pm
v Foyer Steps, Museum in the Park, Stratford Park,
Stroud GL5 4AF
Internationally renowned sculptor weaver Sue Hiley Harris
was brought up in Brisbane, Australia, but has lived in
Wales since 1981.
The exhibition Levels comprises two groups of Sue’s
work using indigo dyed woven paper yarn. The first is her
Crags series which were first brought to wider attention at
Manchester’s Whitworth Art Gallery in 2007. Inspired by
the dramatic cliffs of Craig Cerrig Gleisiad near her home in
the Brecon Beacons National Park, these freestanding
works incorporate a distinctive meandering structure held
in place by intersecting warps. These have been dip-dyed
in both indigo and local red earth pigment.
This is also an opportunity to see Square Ends, her latest
series of work exploring new forms in woven sculpture.
Created especially for the Festival, these tall and majestic
cylindrical structures respond to the museum space and
are square-ended, reflecting a recent interest in woven
cubes. Levels of graded woad and indigo ikat dyeing
influence the impact and connect this series with the bare
upland landscape that nourishes her work.
sue hiley harris
l free

studio seven saturday 30
l the WEAVE experiment
Studio Seven Textile artists

This event is supported by Stroud International Textile Festival

Saturday 30 April – Sunday 22 May closed Mondays
Tuesday – Friday 10am – 5pm
Saturday & Sunday 11am – 5pm
v The Plunge Pool, Museum in the Park, Stratford Park,
Stroud GL5 4AF
Studio Seven returns to the Stroud International Textile
Festival for the 6th year with a new cutting edge project
running throughout summer 2011 which explores weave
and the manufacture of woven cloth and its link with the
textile heritage of the Stroud Valleys through installation,
performance and education.
Drawing from their expertise in print, dye, felt and stitch,
Studio Seven launch the WEAVE experiment with an
installation devised specifically for the Museum’s newly
restored Plunge Pool, linking elements of cloth making with
the use of water in the locality, incorporating contributions
made by local residents and families. £0
Studio Seven has created projects such as Textiles in event

Performance, Make Do & Mend, Cut 2 On Fold and Remnants.

Through their collaborative and interactive process, Studio
Seven has become a potent and consistently inventive SIT
force in the fields of textiles, installation and performance.
textile festival

also today:
l Saturday 30 April more diary listings: see from page 2 to page 25
saturday 30 £0 l Relics
event Corinne Gradis & Elodie Watanabe
Saturday 30 April – Saturday 21 May
Monday – Saturday 10am – 4pm
Sundays 2pm – 5pm
v The Long Room, Lansdown Hall and Gallery,
Lansdown, Stroud GL5 1BN
It was the herring bone motif of an African cloth that
started Corinne and Elodie on an adventure of creating
corinne & elodie

this series of embroidered collages. Initially they were

inspired by a book on world traditions of basketry, which
illustrated wonderful examples of everyday-life baskets.
They played with patterns and rhythms enhancing the
drawing with embroidery.
Corinne began her career by constructing wall hangings
that were like free patchworks, though reminiscent of folk
art in their surface design. Elodie’s Japanese approach to
fibre and her relationship to textiles led to a change of
direction. Since they started working together, the work
has become more abstract and less figurative. They both
have a love of Morocco and travel there regularly to source
inspiration for their work.
“This country with its landscapes, luminous skies,
sunsets, incomparable smells and sounds, spices, its rich
crafts tradition, particularly textiles and Berber rugs,
has become a fundamental source of inspiration.’’

also today:
l Saturday 30 April more diary listings: see from page 2 to page 25
saturday 30
l Talisman
South West Textile Group
Saturday 30 April - Sunday 22 May
Monday – Saturday 10am – 5pm
Sundays 2pm – 5pm
v George Room Gallery, Subscription Rooms, George
Street, Stroud GL5 1AE
South West Textile Group is now 23 years old and we are
proud to exhibit our new work at the International Textile
Festival 2011. As a diverse group we have responded to
the theme of Talisman. What does this mean to you?
Good luck charm, four leafed clover, magic cloaks, amulets £0
to ward off evil spirits, symbols to counteract the evil eye, free

rabbit’s foot or guardian angels, these are all possibilities.

You will see various textile expressions and techniques,
with weaving, quilting, felting, stitch and paper in evidence,
an eclectic mix of ideas and disciplines for you to enjoy.


saturday 30 exhibition
l Site Specific work
l Festival Feast £0
Sophie Horton A selection of work from free

v Stroud: various locations the Festival

Sophie Horton will create a site Saturday 30 April –
specific temporary textile Sunday 15 May 10am – 5pm
intervention in the landscape/ v New Brewery Arts Gallery,
townscape of Stroud. The starting Brewery Court, Cricklade St,
point will be Stroud’s industrial Cirencester GL7 1JH
history. Utilising traditional knitting Artists exhibiting include Ptolemy
processes and materials, Sophie will Mann, Lizzie Farey, Jan Garside,
make a dramatic art work that will Matthew Harris, Malcolm Martin &
transform its environment, whilst on Gaynor Dowling, Lynn Setterington.
show and also in the memory, once Picnic is new collaborative work
the exhibition is over. The work will from Alice Kettle and CJ O’Neill,
initially appear to the viewer to be combining CJ O’Neill’s ceramics
constructed of much heavier, with Alice Kettle’s collection of
tougher material, but on closer stitched tablecloths and fabric
inspection the touch and feel will be scraps. They have reclaimed these
a surprise as its domestic familiarity vintage artefacts to make a
becomes apparent. collection of picnic sets.
free £0 Personalised text patterns with
Aynsley traditional florals and
luminous orange highlights are

jan garside
sophie horton

echoed in the stitched motifs.


also today:
lizzie farey
alice kettle

l Saturday 30 April more diary listings: see from page 2 to page 25

student collective saturday 30
l Student Collective £0
Somerset College event

Saturday 30 April –
Saturday 21 May 10am – 5pm
closed Sundays & Bank Holidays
v Kendrick Street Gallery,
Kendrick Street, Stroud GL5 1AA
admission free, no disabled access
A selection of work from the BA
students of Somerset College
in Taunton.

l Somerset College at Stroud International

Textile Festival 2011
v Stroud: various locations
£0 Work from the students can be seen in shop windows
throughout the town and in the Kendrick Street Gallery.

The University of Plymouth validates 5 BA Honours

programmes in Textiles, Fashion and Surface Design at
Somerset College, Taunton. We are thrilled to be
presenting work from the second year students of these
courses at the 2011 SIT Festival. It has been an exciting
and fruitful collaboration, the results of which we are very
proud to be displaying throughout the Festival.

student collective saturday 30 Somerset College
The division of Arts & Design at Somerset College has a
long and proud tradition in cultivating the creative talents
of individuals in all aspects of design. The innovative
practice of its tutors, along with a dynamic curriculum has
led to it becoming the largest provider for University
degree education in the arts within Somerset, as well as
having a national and international reputation for the same.
The College has led the way in producing top level graduates
who work with some of the most prestigious organisations,
both during their studies and after. Their ingenious shows
in London and the South West outline the creative intent
for the division – to push boundaries and take the process
of design through to new extended possibilities.

We are showing work at the Stroud International Textiles

Festival from:
BA (Hons) Interior Textiles
BA (Hons) Surface Design
BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles
BA (Hons) Fashion

You are also welcome to visit us at our two London shows,

New Designers and Free Range.

All graduating students’ work can be seen 13 – 23 June

at the Somerset College Summer Degree Shows, Somerset
College, Wellington Road, Taunton, Somerset TA1 1UZ

also today:
l Saturday 30 April more diary listings: see from page 2 to page 25
student collective saturday 30
Student Collective Fashion Brief
The Fashion students took inspiration from Stroud, the
location, the surrounding countryside, along with the
interesting architecture and cultural influences found there.
Students were asked to demonstrate their design abilities
and specialism in the skill of tailoring ‘The Short Fitted
Jacket’. Each student had to produce a garment fashioned
from the woollen cloth supplied by Stroud’s Milliken at
Lodgemore Mills who generously sponsored this enterprise.
Milliken is the only working mill still producing cloth that is
used for tennis balls and snooker tables worldwide.

The designs had to be forward thinking and innovative,

clearly influenced in style by a current European designer
or fashion company. The beautifully crafted results can be
seen in shop windows throughout the town.

The BA (Hons) Design Fashion course is a creative,

dynamic and exciting programme of study. Students are
taken through the exciting and diverse world of fashion
from the initial design process to garment construction,
including fashion drawing and illustration, styling,

student collective saturday 30 forecasting and marketing. The course encourages
personal design development and practice in a hands-on
environment. In recent recognition from industry, graduates
have been awarded Skillfast UK, Bronze Medal in World
Skills and Gold Medal in Euro Skills for Fashion Design
skills and processes.

Please do come and see our graduate Catwalk Show at

Free Range Fashion Week, 3 June 2011 at the Old
Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL

Student Collective Interior Textiles and

Surface Design Brief
Students in their second year were asked to develop textile
and surface design pieces inspired by Stroud’s heritage
and surroundings. Each student selected materials and
processes appropriate to their concept and developed
designs which relate to the spaces in which they are
installed. The colour, scale and imagery hold stories about
the impression that the designers were left with following a
research trip to Stroud in November. Originality and
innovation were key elements of the brief. The individuality
of the outcomes expresses the diversity of the town and
the breadth of techniques and skills explored by the students.

The BA (Hons) Interior Textiles and Surface Design

programmes offer versatile combinations of these two
popular subject areas. A dynamic mix of processes and
materials are used to develop designs for the interior
and exterior environment. Students work with a variety of

also today:
l Saturday 30 April more diary listings: see from page 2 to page 25
student collective saturday 30
exciting processes such as laser cutting, digital and screen
printing, and explore materials from fabric to concrete
with which to reinvent the surfaces which surround us.
The College has close links with leading design
companies, and projects often involve designing for real
clients and real buildings with a strong track record in
national competitions. Somerset College has generously
equipped studios and places equal emphasis on business
practice and cutting edge design development. Graduates
are currently designing for international companies,
working on large scale architectural commissions and
establishing new businesses.

Graduating students from this course will also be

exhibiting at New Designers from 30 June – 2 July 2011
at the Business Design Centre, 52 Upper St, London
N1 0QH Please do come and see us there.

Student Collective Fashion Textiles Brief

Students were asked to take their visual research from
Stroud’s heritage, geographic location, famous people and
landscapes, anything which they deemed to be unique
and specific to Stroud. With this research they developed a
series of repeating designs suitable for screen print on to
fabric. Students considered their research, selected
appropriate visual imagery which they developed into
finished designs, considering scale, colour and fabric
choice to produce a selection of developed printed
samples. The design samples exhibited here have been
selected from that work.

student collective saturday 30 The BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles course is for those who
want a hands on approach to designing textiles for the
fashion industry. The fundamentals of design are built into
the course whilst learning tradition printing processes,
combined with the latest laser and digital printing
techniques. The aim of the course is to create innovative,
challenging designs ready for industry. This year three
students used their knowledge and skills during a 3 month
internship in India, working closely with the manufacturer
of a Couture fabric collection. Other students have had
success in the Bridal Buyer competition, Clothes Show
Live, and Texprint showing the diverse application of
designing textiles for fashion.

Graduating students from this course will also be

exhibiting their work at either Free Range Fashion Week,
3 June 2011 at the Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane,
London E1 6QL or New Designers 30 June – 2 July 2011
at the Business Design Centre, 52 Upper St, London
N1 0QH. Please do come and see us there.


also today:
l Saturday 30 April more diary listings: see from page 2 to page 25
saturday 30
exhibition exhibition
l Static Nature l Challenging Textiles 2
Anthea Walsh Ruth Davey
Saturday 30 April – Saturday 30 April –
Sunday 22 May Sunday 22 May
v Millets shop window, Stroud High Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm
Street, Stroud GL5 1AQ Saturday 8.30am – 5pm,
This work explores landscape in 8pm – 11pm
£0 pattern, static nature and illusionary Sunday 10am – 3pm
free space, both within the confines of v Star Anise Arts Café,

the structural geometry of the Five Valleys Foyer, Gloucester St.,

design and the subject matter. Stroud GL5 1QG
References are made to museum Ruth’s exhibition offers a broad £0
natural history collections, interpretation of textiles through free

taxidermy and its traditional photography. The chosen images

representation of nature in man display a selection from her last
made environments. These works three exhibitions in Stroud:
are a combination of digital print Challenging Textiles; Elemental
and hand-stitched embroidery. (2009); and Interwoven (2011).
Anthea Walsh has received a The work is on the whole abstract,
Crafts Council award for her textile capturing colour and texture,
practice. Her background in fine art encapsulating her wanderings
and textile design informs her approach around the Stroud Valleys, Ireland
to making, which often crosses and The Gambia.
disciplines. She specialises in large Her more recent work reflects her
scale original textile art, translating questioning of her place in the world,
direct observational drawing and of her sense of belonging within the
occasionally photographic imagery landscape and with the people she
to traditional and modern has met along her journey.
printmaking techniques, embroidery, free
anthea walsh

collage and mixed media. www.ruth-davey.co.uk.


ruth davey
saturday 30 exhibition
l Floribunda
l Out of Stroud £0
Gloucestershire Guild Made by Hand event

of Craftsmen Saturday 30 April –

Saturday 30 April – Saturday 21 May 10am – 5pm
Saturday 21 May 10am – 5pm closed Sundays
closed Sundays & Mondays v Made in Stroud shop,
v The Guild Gallery, Kendrick Street Stroud GL5 1AA
Painswick Centre, Bisley Street, Craftwork for sale from nationally
Painswick GL6 6QQ acclaimed artists.
01452 814745 free
The Guild presents an abundance
of flowers for spring. The gallery is
bursting at the seams with floral
themed textiles during the month of
May. This is an excellent opportunity

to view the breadth and diversity
of the Guild’s many textile artist
members. The pieces on display
will include woven, knitted, stitched,
dyed, printed, mixed-media and
sculptural textiles. This will sit
alongside craftwork from other
Guild members for you to enjoy.
£0 free

also today:
l Saturday 30 April more diary listings: see from page 2 to page 25
saturday 30
exhibition talk
l In Stitches l The Craft of Collecting
Under the Edge Arts Textiles
Saturday 30 April – Professor Simon Olding
Sunday 22 May 10am – 4pm illustrated talk
open weekends only Saturday 30 April 2pm
v The Chipping Hall, v Gallery 2, Museum in the Park,
Wotton under Edge GL12 7AD Stratford Park, Stroud GL5 4AF
A group exhibition of local artists Simon Olding will give an illustrated
and students working in stitch. survey of the remarkable textile
A variety of disciplines will be on collections of the Crafts Study
show including illustration and Centre. He will investigate the
surface pattern. curatorial and historical rationale
free behind the founding of the
collections and the Centre’s
£0 inspirational guardians such as
free Rita Beales and Ethel Mairet, also

recognising the importance of the

ethnographic collections of the
great weaver Peter Collingwood.
Simon Olding joined the
University for the Creative Arts as
Director of the Crafts Study Centre
in 2002 and was appointed
simon olding
Professor of Contemporary Crafts in
2003. He is an honorary fellow of
the Arts Institute at Bournemouth,
and writes on craft histories,
ceramics and public art.
£5/Friends of SIT £4

crafts study centre 23

saturday 30 talk
l Collections and Collecting
Mary La Trobe-Bateman
Saturday 30 April 3.30pm
v Gallery 2, Museum in the Park,
Stratford Park, Stroud GL5 4AF
The crafts offer a great range of
work: everyday things that can be
used for eating, drinking, cooking;
unusual and individual pieces of Tilleke Schwarz
jewellery and textiles to wear; Tilleke lives with her husband and
challenging fine art pieces that cat near Delft in the Netherlands.
stimulate ideas. The real value She exhibits all over the world
mary la trobe-bateman

of craftwork lies in the individual in major galleries and museums.

maker’s skill, enthusiasm and Her work has been published in
judgement – their joy for the object magazines and books. She is a
and for building a collection of freelance lecturer and teacher.
favourite handmade objects.
Mary will talk informally about her
passion for contemporary crafts and
take an anecdotal look at several
collections both private and public.
Mary La Trobe-Bateman is a
freelance applied arts curator,
consultant and lecturer with a
passionate commitment to the
creative arts. In 1994 she was
appointed Director of Contemporary
Applied Arts in London, one of the
UK’s leading galleries for the applied
arts and crafts.
£5/Friends of SIT £4

also today:
l Saturday 30 April more diary listings: see from page 2 to page 25
saturday 30
workshop talk
l Yes - you can do it l Making Sense out of the
Tilleke Schwarz Non Sense of our Society
2 day workshop Tilleke Schwarz
Saturday 30 April 10am – 3pm illustrated talk
Sunday 1 May 10am – 5pm Saturday 30 April 5pm
v Red Dog Studio, Five Valleys v Gallery 2, Museum in the Park,
Foyer, Gloucester Street, Stratford Park, Stroud GL5 4AF
Stroud GL5 1QG Tilleke stitches ‘maps of modern
Enjoy the adventure of designing life’ that remind one of graffiti: daily
your own work. The focus of the life, mass media, traditional
workshop is on design, encouraging samplers, anything that moves and
originality and innovation. You will intrigues her. The result is a
start with exercises in mixed media humorous reflection on our modern
and collage, using fast techniques society. Her work is a mixture of
on paper before exploring some of content, graphic quality and a bit of
Tilleke’s favourite embroidery fooling around.
techniques and learning to put The lecture will be inspiring, full
tilleke schwarz

image on to cloth. There will be a of images and detail. There will be

mix of hand embroiderery, but detours to explore sources of
appliqué and drawing are all inspiration. Tilleke will also talk
incorporated into this fascinating about how she likes to work and
and inspiring workshop. You will favourite techniques. This is a
start your own work so bring wonderful opportunity to meet the
threads and cloth. Anyone with a artist in an informal atmosphere.
love of stitch can participate, there £6
is no special skill required – just an
open mind and a sense of humour! All delegates will get a free goodie
£80/Friends of SIT £70 bag supplied by Selvedge magazine

tilleke schwarz
sunday 01 may talk
l Exploring Woven l Traces
Structures Jessica Turrell
Sue Hiley Harris illustrated talk
illustrated talk Sunday 1 May 2.30 pm
Sunday 1 May 11.30am v Gallery 2, Museum in the Park,
v Gallery 2, Museum in the Park, Stratford Park, Stroud GL5 4AF
Stratford Park, Stroud GL5 4AF Jessica Turrell is a jeweller and artist
Sculptor weaver Sue Hiley Harris’ who has specialised in the use of
talk will outline the development of vitreous enamel for more than two
her highly distinctive work. Based decades. Over recent years she has
on her profound understanding developed an experimental approach
of yarns and weaving, her sculpture by which she seeks to create work
also draws upon her experience of that moves away from traditional
the sea and of the landscape of the enamel jewellery practice in order to
Brecon Beacons National Park, achieve a more ambiguous and
the study of science and geometry expressive material quality.
and, more recently, intense This talk will outline Jessica’s
investigation of her British and studio practice and the themes and
Australian ancestry. concerns that underpin her work
Brought up in Brisbane, Australia, with particular emphasis on the body
she has lived in Wales since 1981 of work Traces that is on display as
and has exhibited her woven part of the Festival, and which forms
sculpture internationally to part of an ongoing exploration of the
considerable acclaim. Levels, Crags relationship between memory and
and her recently completed Square the portrait photograph.
End series using indigo-dyed paper £6/Friends of SIT £5
yarn can be seen at the Museum,
and demonstrate her restless
exploration of woven structures.
£5/Friends of SIT £4

sue hiley harris

jessica turrell
sunday 01 may
monday 02
l Print Patterns
Simon Packard
illustrated talk
Sunday 1 May 4pm
v Gallery 2, Museum in the Park,
Stratford Park, Stroud GL5 4AF
Simon Packard is a sculptor and
printmaker whose work – both
printmaking and detailed metalwork
in stainless steel – is influenced by
his enjoyment of patterns found in
textiles and other 2D artefacts,

various Museum in the Park: see page 2 to page 11 closed on Monday

many seen at the Pitt Rivers
Museum and Ashmolean Museum
during his time as a researcher at

Festival Feast New Brewery Arts, Cirencester: see page 14

the University of Oxford Museum
Challenging Textiles Star Anise Arts Café: see page 21
Service (2004-2006). The illustrated
talk will show the stages from
research to realisation of large scale

Sophie Horton site specific work: see page 14

In Stitches Under the Edge Arts: see page 23
outdoor sculpture commissions,
Talisman Subscription Rooms: see page 13
Static Nature Milletts, Stroud: see page 21
and how woodcuts develop from
sketch to limited print. Simon will
also today:

discuss the resulting online archive

Relics Lansdown Hall: see page 12

of this time.
Simon is also exhibiting his work
at Ecotricity, 7 Russell Street, Stroud.
£5/Friends of SIT £4

simon packard

tuesday 03 exhibition
l Art Showcase
Stroud College students
Tuesday 3 May – Friday 20 May

10am – 4pm l Schema
closed weekends & Bank Holidays Fiona Haines
v The Glass Box Gallery, Stroud Tuesday 3 May – Friday 20 May
College Foyer, Stratford Road, 8.30am – 5pm
Stroud GL5 4AH closed weekends & Bank Holidays
Students from the Art School at v Ecotricity, 7 Russell Street,
Stroud College have produced work Stroud, GL5 3AX
that explores the boundaries Schema is an exploration into
between ceramics and textiles. colour, line, texture and the
There is a wide range of outcomes: psychological effect on the viewer
figurative, mixed media, a play on when the work is encapsulated and
buttons, work that addresses ideas unable to be touched. The work
of wrapping and binding. utilises man-made engineered
The exhibition is guaranteed to materials often discarded as
refresh expectations and celebrate by-products of packaging.
creative potential through a cross Fiona Haines explores the quality
disciplinary approach. of the line of the stitch and its ability
Students will curate the show to float and travel between layers
as an opportunity to engage in creating an optical illusion. Using
£0 professional practice. the repetitive hypnotic rhythm of
free brightly coloured silk stitches she
provides a harmonious chord linking
tradition and innovation.
Fiona’s work is sophisticated,
gentle and poetic, exploring the
issue of touch in a sensitive and
reserved manner. £0

also today:
l Tuesday 03 May more diary listings: see from page 28 to page 30
tuesday 03
exhibition exhibition
l Portraits: Textile Trail l Black Flour
Alexander Caminada Simon Packard
Tuesday 3 May – Friday 20 May Tuesday 3 May – Friday 20 May
8.30am – 5pm 8.30am – 5pm
closed weekends & Bank Holidays closed weekends & Bank Holidays
v Ecotricity, 7 Russell Street, v Ecotricity, 7 Russell Street,
Stroud, GL5 3AX Stroud, GL5 3AX
Portraits: Textile Trail are a series of The installation of Simon’s sculpture
images taken by Stroud based in the lakes in the Ruskin Mill valley
professional photographer in Nailsworth, Black Flour, is the
Alexander Caminada of the artists inspiration behind his work here.
and studios involved with the 2011 His woodblock prints and plasma £0
Textile Trail. Alex has captured the cut metal work will be the subject of
people and their spaces with a his talk at the Museum in the Park
distinctive gritty style. on Sunday 1 May.
bella peralta © alexander caminada

A series of prints are on display in free

the new Ecotricity reception in
Russell Street, Stroud. The Textile
Trail catalogue, designed by Chris J
Bailey, will exclusively show Alex’s
images and will be an informative
and stunning record of this event. £0

simon packard

tuesday 03
also today: wednesday 04
l various Museum in the Park: see page 2 to page 11
l Challenging Textiles Star Anise Arts Café: see page 21 thursday 05
l Relics Lansdown Hall: see page 12
l Talisman Subscription Rooms: see page 13
l Static Nature Milletts, Stroud: see page 21
friday 06
l Festival Feast New Brewery Arts, Cirencester: see page 14
l Sophie Horton site specific work: see page 14

l various Ecotricity, Stroud: see page 28 closed weekends

l Student Collective Kendrick Street Gallery: see page 15

l Out of Stroud Made In Stroud: see page 22

l Art Showcase Stroud College: see page 28 closed weekends
l Floribunda Painswick: see page 22

10am – 2.30pm

Call 01453 763394

£0 l The Big Weave
for Primary Schools

Park, Stroud GL5 4AF

school pupils to have a go at

tuition of Caroline Marriott and

Museum in the Park, Stratford

Diane Wood from The Big Weave.

tapestry weaving under the expert
A fabulous opportunity for primary

Book early to avoid disappointment.

Thursday 5 May & Friday 6 May

the big weave

saturday 07
event event
l The Big Weave Drop In l Textile Trail £0
Drop in day Open Studios event

Saturday 7 May 11am – 4.30pm Saturday 7 May 10am – 6pm

v Museum in the Park, Sunday 8 May 12 noon – 5pm
Stratford Park, Stroud GL5 4AF v See FREE Textile Trail guide
Come along to the Museum and Enjoy going from studio to studio
£0 discover the wonders of weaving and seeing where artists work.
free and try your hands at weaving on This is a great opportunity to meet

The Big Weave Community Loom. the makers and buy direct.
Everyone welcome. free
nick ozanne © alexander caminada

£0 Pick up your free guide to

free the Textile Trail containing

specially commissioned
photographic portraits of the
artists and their studios by
Alexander Caminada

seminar sunday 08 event
l Off the Loom: Woven Explorations and
Applications in Art, Science and Industry
Speakers: Laura Thomas, Asha Peta
Thompson, Kirsty McDougall,
Melissa French, Ptolemy Mann
one day seminar
Sunday 8 May 11am - 5pm
v Museum in the Park, Stratford Park, Stroud GL5 4AF
Hosted by Laura Thomas, this day of talks will celebrate
some of the innovative applications and aesthetic
explorations in contemporary weave practice.
With a respectful nod to tradition, the invited speakers
are all forging new ground within the fashion, science,
furnishings and art spheres taking weave into dynamic new
arenas. From e-textiles to art for architectural spaces, each
speaker is a pioneer in their discipline and is taking their
expertise into unexpected arenas. The seminar will give
plenty of opportunity for discussion, debate and exploration.
laura thomas
This seminar is sponsored by Renishaw plc

“Given our strong links with the Stroud valleys as an

employer and the fact that several of our sites have
historic connections with textile manufacturing, we are
pleased to support the International Textile Festival.
As a company founded on engineering innovation,
we are also very interested in the increasing
application of engineering principles within specialist
textile development.”
Chris Pockett Marketing Manager, Renishaw plc

also today:
l Sunday 08 May more diary listings: see from page 32 to page 35
seminar sunday 08
Laura Thomas, artist, curator and

dashing tweeds
design consultant. Well known for
her trademark encapsulation of
delicate textile structures in acrylic
resin, recent significant
commissions include a Museumaker
project to design a triptych window
press coverage has focussed on
their partnering with the Ministry of
for The Beaney Museum and Art Defence to develop embedded
Gallery in Canterbury and a vessel technical functionality into military
presented to Cricket Australia from clothing, predominantly as a
the Welsh Assembly Government to replacement for conventional cables
commemorate the Ashes being in soldier systems.
played in Cardiff in 2009. A recipient
of a Creative Wales Ambassador lunch break
Award from the Arts Council of
Wales, Laura is currently developing 2pm
new bodies of work in residence at Kirsty McDougall is one half of
the Ruthin Craft Centre. Dashing Tweeds, Britain’s latest
tweed textile company. Opening up
11.45am a contemporary arena for a classic
Asha Peta Thompson is a quality fabric, Dashing Tweeds has
founding partner of Intelligent created a range of tweeds for the
Textiles Ltd (ITL) along with Stan 21st century, designed by
Swallow. Asha is an expert in woven photographer Guy Hills and weaver
technical textiles, specifically Kirsty McDougall. Quirky colour
electronically active ‘e-textiles’. palettes, inventive yarn combinations
The ITL patented processes have and sophisticated tactile qualities
been applied to many products and have taken the traditional tweed into
principles, from heated bedding to uncharted territory, winning them
iPod connected garments. Recent fans across the fashion world. Of

laura thomas
seminar sunday 08 particular note is their LumaTwill™ 3.45pm
range which is a fusion of technical Ptolemy Mann, artist and
sportswear with elegant tweed architectural colour consultant.
cloth. Light reflective yarns Renowned for her impeccable eye
punctuate the woollen checks, so for colour, Ptolemy produces
when worn at night it illuminates as striking ikat dyed woven artworks
light hits the fabric. for corporate, commercial and
domestic spaces, which have been
2.45pm exhibited and specified all over the
Melissa French, artist, designer world. Working with a UK
and coordinator of the Puff & Flock manufacturer, she has also recently
textile collective. Melissa’s practice added limited edition mill woven
sees her span the commercial and cloth to her repertoire, suitable for
conceptual sphere. A graduate of cushions, drapes and other
the renowned MA Textile Futures at applications. Ptolemy is also in
Central St Martins, Melissa has demand as an architectural colour
garnered a reputation for work that consultant, bringing vibrant palettes
questions the expected application to the usually colour-shy world of
This seminar is sponsored by Renishaw plc

of woven textiles. Her Urban external facades, as well as devising

Upholstery concept takes textiles internal colour schemes for
beyond decoration. This time-based healthcare environments to aid way
work integrates various metals in finding and psychological well being.
her woven fabrics to enable them to £40/£35 students & Friends of SIT
endure time and weather whilst
evolving through natural rusting or There is not a café at the Museum
oxidising. Inspired by graffiti, urban but a light lunch of sandwiches
guerrilla movements and traditional and salad/sweet may be ordered
interior textiles and design, Melissa when booking at the additional
wants to bring an element of beauty, cost of £5 a head. Coffee & teas will
dashing tweeds

pattern, design, and ultimately be served at lunchtime.

surprise to the urban landscape.

also today:
l Sunday 08 May more diary listings: see from page 32 to page 35
wednesday 11
sunday 08
monday 09
tuesday 10

thursday 12
l Costume Study Day
with Marta Cock
Thursday 12 May
10.30am – 12.30pm & 2pm – 4pm
v Museum in the Park,
Stratford Road, Stroud GL5 4AF
A rare chance to join a costume
expert and dress designer,
Marta Cock, to study 18th and 19th
Century costumes and fabrics from
the Museum’s collections which are
too fragile and delicate for public
display. Discover the stories
revealed by exquisite silk dresses,
once worn by local ladies in the
1700s and 1800s.
Booking: 01453 763394

also today:
£12 day, £7 half day

l various Museum in the Park: see page 2 to page 11 closed on Monday

l Challenging Textiles Star Anise Arts Café: see page 21
l Relics Lansdown Hall: see page 12
l Talisman Subscription Rooms: see page 13
l Student Collective Kendrick Street Gallery: see page 15 closed on Sunday
l Static Nature Milletts, Stroud: see page 21
l Festival Feast New Brewery Arts, Cirencester: see page 14
l In Stitches Under the Edge Arts: see page 23 weekends only
l Sophie Horton site specific work: see page 14
l various Ecotricity, Stroud: see page 28 closed weekends
l Out of Stroud Made In Stroud: see page 22 closed on Sunday

l Art Showcase Stroud College: see page 28 closed weekends
l Floribunda Painswick: see page 22 closed on Sunday and Monday
marta cock
late night friday 13 event talk+film
l Late Night At The Museum l The Cutting Room
Three talks a film by Pip & Ali Heywood
Friday 13 May 5pm – 10pm 5pm
v Gallery 2, Museum in the Park, If you visit Dorothy Reglar’s
Stratford Road, Stroud GL5 4AF workshop in Cirencester, you will
A special Museums at Night evening see elegance, fine detail and the
where you are invited to explore the strength of subtle understatement.
fascinating Museum collections and Dorothy designs and makes
historic Mansion House by night. beautiful clothes. However, for her
The Gallery will also be open late, the journey begins much earlier,
showcasing cutting edge the texture and the origin of the
contemporary work by artists taking cloth itself is her starting point.
part in the Stroud International Her search for the right fabrics has
Textile Festival. There will be talks taken her to Northern Thailand and
and surprise entertainment for all to Laos, where she has made many
to enjoy. Everyone welcome. contacts, including a close working
Admission free to Museum relationship with a silk farm. Dorothy
£0 and exhibitions. Tea, coffee and will show and discuss a range of her
wine bar. work, and film-maker Pip Heywood
will introduce a short film which tells
her story.
£5 (£12 for all 3 talks)
In partnership with Stroud
International Textiles Festival
dorothy reglar

TX2011 F
textile festival

also today:
l Friday 13 May more diary listings: see from page 35 to page 37
late night friday 13
talk talk
l The Language of l Pleated and Folded:
AlSadu Weaving The Unique Traditional Skirts of
Dr Keireine Canavan South West China
6.30pm Martin Conlan
AlSadu is an ancient Bedouin tribal of Slow Loris Textiles
weaving art form, which in its 8pm
broadest linguistic identity is As a regular textile traveller to South
rhythmically linked to poetry, West China, Martin Conlan of Slow
memory, the weaving practice, Loris Textiles will talk about and
the extension of the hand, and the show examples of the beautiful and
graceful moving pace of a camel. unique pleated skirts of the ethnic
AlSadu weaving conveys the minority people from the region. The
Bedouin’s rich heritage and instinctive cultural identity and mythology of
awareness of natural beauty, with various groups like the Miao, Yi,
patterns and designs that Dong, Buyi, Zhuang and Gejia are
communicate the nomadic lifestyle, tied up in the rich designs and highly
the desert environment and the skilled textile techniques that go into
emphasis of symmetry and balance. their making. Martin Conlan is a
Quoted from recorded interviews, leading authority on Chinese textiles.
the lecture will discuss whether £6 (£12 for all 3 talks)
names and definitions are personal
testimony only to the weaver who
created them, or whether the
language of AlSadu has been lost in
modern day Kuwait, appreciated only
for its traditional aesthetic values.
£6 (£12 for all 3 talks)

alsadu weaving

keireine canavan
saturday 14 event
l World Textile Weekend
Directed by Polly Lyster
Saturday 14 May 9.30am – 4.30pm
Sunday 15 May 10.30am – 4pm
v Bisley Village Hall, Manor Road, Bisley, Stroud GL6 7BQ
In the attractive Cotswold village of Bisley the village hall
is transformed into a paradise of colour, texture and
pattern. Stalls are piled high with fabulous textiles, clothes,
quilts, hangings and all manner of decorative textiles for
sale. Enjoy the fair and meet the people who travel the
world and collect these beautiful things.
John Gillow
African and South East Asian textiles
Martin Conlan
Tribal textiles and costume pieces from South China.
Burnished indigo specialist
Elizabeth Baer
Rustic linens and furnishings from provincial France
Polly Lyster
Hand dyed antique French linen and hemp
Barbie Campbell Cole
Jackets, scarves and ethnic jewellery
Lucy Farmer-Zeitgeist
Vintage textiles from Gujarat and Rajasthan
Fuji Maeda
Japanese textiles and kimonos
Linda Clift & Lizzi Drake
French and English textiles, quilts, trimmings, braid,
early costumes
Admission £1.50 accompanied children free
Flaming Fig café serving delicious refreshments all day

There is limited parking in the village.
Please park with consideration.
saturday 14
event talk
l Vintage Textile Fair l The Big Screen: Tapestry
Saturday 14 May 10am – 3.30pm as an early animated art form
v Subscription Rooms, Jenny Band
George Street, Stroud GL5 1AE illustrated talk
All day sale of vintage fashions and Saturday 14 May 11.30am
textiles from the 1800’s to the v Gallery 2, Museum in the Park,
1980’s. Organised by Ashley Fairs. Stratford Park, Stroud GL 5 4AF
Admission £3 adults/£2 students, Jenny Band is a historian of material
accompanied children free culture. In the 1970’s she was
apprenticed to the last of the
weaver restorers from Morris & Co,
at that time based in Hampton
Court Palace. She later took over
the studio management and
developed the archaic workshops
Festival Feast New Brewery Arts, Cirencester: see page 14

into the cutting-edge Textile

Student Collective Kendrick Street Gallery: see page 15
Challenging Textiles Star Anise Arts Café: see page 21

Conservation Studio and laboratory

which has preserved some of the
various Museum in the Park: see page 2 to page 11

UK’s most iconic historic tapestries.

Sophie Horton site specific work: see page 14
In Stitches Under the Edge Arts: see page 23

Always conscious that modern

Out of Stroud Made In Stroud: see page 22
Talisman Subscription Rooms: see page 13
Static Nature Milletts, Stroud: see page 21

audiences were missing their full

meanings, Jenny will explain how
also today:

Floribunda Painswick: see page 22

the context in which tapestries were

Relics Lansdown Hall: see page 12

produced differs radically from our

modern-day view of them. She will
show how figurative tapestries were
perceived by their contemporary
audiences as a life-like and almost
magical form of art, rivalling the
impact of television in our age.
£5/friends of SIT £4

jenny band
saturday 14 talk
l Unravelling the Mystery
l Transparent Boundaries
of Woven Tapestry Lesley Millar
Lynsay Shephard illustrated talk
illustrated talk Saturday 14 May 3pm
Saturday 14 May 1pm v Gallery 2, Museum in the Park,
v Gallery 2, Museum in the Park, Stratford Park, Stroud GL5 4AF
Stratford Park, Stroud GL5 4AF ‘If space has boundaries, is
Lynsay Shephard has been working there another space outside
in the field of textile conservation for those boundaries?’
over thirty years. After a two year Lesley Millar has been a practising
apprenticeship in Tapestry weaver since 1975 and has work in
Restoration under the last of the the permanent collections of both
Morris & Co restorers at Hampton the Crafts Council and Arts Council
Court Palace, she specialised in England. She has exhibited
tapestry conservation. In 2004 she internationally and is Director of the
became Head of Tapestry Anglo Japanese Textile Research
Conservation for Historic Royal Centre at the University for
Palaces, managing the permanent Creative Arts.
display of Royal Collection Tapestries. Lesley will discuss her current
In 2004 Lynsay established exhibition project which will feature
Shephard Travis Textile an international cohort of artists,
lynsay shephard

Conservation. She continues to designers and architects who are all

lecture, train and teach. investigating the relationship
Lynsay’s talk will describe between lace net-works and space.
weaving techniques, tapestry Net-works are both complete units
structure and history, and the care in themselves and also represent an
and preservation of these unending series of connections,
extraordinary works of art. surrounding but not enclosing
£5/Friends of SIT £4 space, forming boundaries and
affording access.
lesley millar

£7/Friends of SIT £5

also today:
l Saturday 14 May more diary listings: see from page 38 to page 42
saturday 14
talk workshop
l Pairings – collaborations l Workshop Day
across media Studio Seven
Alice Kettle workshop
illustrated talk Saturday 14 May 10am – 4pm
Saturday 14 May 5pm v The Textile Studio, SVA,
v Gallery 2, Museum in the Park, John Street, Stroud GL5 2HA
Stratford Park, Stroud GL5 4AF Spend a day working with the
Alice Kettle will talk about The Studio Seven artists on their new
Pairings Project which was set up project, the WEAVE experiment.
to explore the potential of Contribute to the project by
collaboration. It was initiated to creating textile responses to the
make new work, to engage in theme of weave and woven cloth
conversation and to establish links. produced in the Stroud Valleys’
The participants came from a variety mills. Work alongside the artists to
of backgrounds engaging with create elements which will be
materials ranging from textiles, clay, featured in future events of the
glass, metal, wood or paper to new WEAVE experiment.
technologies. A variety of responses Dedicated to a collaborative and
emerged all of which were revelatory interactive creative practice, Studio
in some form. Seven has developed a series of
This talk will show how this projects in which the public has
project has provided an impetus for played a key role – including Textiles
the growing discourse about craft in Performance, Make Do & Mend
practice, the breaking down of and Cut 2 On Fold.
boundaries and the cross The Textile Studio is equipped
fertilization of material and ideas. with a 30-metre print table, screens
£6/Friends of SIT £5 and squeegees for silk-screen
printing, blocks for block printing,
steamer and dye-lab.
£25 including materials

alice kettle 41
studio seven
saturday 14 workshop
l Stitches In Time
l Developing a Fashion
workshop Fabrics Collection
Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 May Tim Parry-Williams
10am – 12.30pm & 1.30pm – 4pm illustrated talk

tim parry-williams
Red Dog Studio, Foyer Arts, Sunday 15 May 12 noon
Gloucester Street Stroud GL5 1QG v Gallery 2, Museum in the Park,
You will be warmly welcomed to Stratford Park, Stroud GL5 4AF
rediscover your skills and contribute Tim will reflect on his project work
to the stitching on a single flame for for the University of Dundee’s Past,
an Olympic torch banner that will be Present & Future Craft Practice:
assembled and put together for the Craft Commission (2008-10). This
Cultural Olympics. involved a concentrated period of
The banners will hang at two woven textiles practice informed by
venues along Commercial Road in knowledge of (and towards
Tales of Trade Told in Textiles; a application with), specialist industrial
series of ten exhibitions near the production methodologies, realised
Olympic site in London, in 2012. through intensive studio making.
You can also embroider and quilt The talk will describe an
your own needle case to assemble exploration of ‘distress and
and take away. distortion’, ‘reflection and
There will also be a display of refraction’, and the relationships
samples from the topiary hedge between visual and tactile surface
exhibited at Kensington Palace, and characteristics and relative cloth
photographs of Stitches In Time ‘handle’, through new materials,
past projects to look at. paper and digital planning, hand-
£4 weaving and finishing, and the final
production of a group of new
‘Prototype’ cloths.
£5 (£12 for all 3 talks)

42 A series of talks directed by the Gloucesters

also today:
l Saturday 14 May more diary listings: see from page 38 to page 42
sunday 15
talk talk
l The Shape of a Hat: l Gardening with Silk:
Millinery in the 20th Century Introduction to Arts and Crafts
Sarah Cant Movement Embroidery
illustrated talk Mary Greensted
Sunday 15 May 1.30pm illustrated talk
v Gallery 2, Museum in the Park, Sunday 15 May 3pm
Stratford Park, Stroud GL5 4AF v Gallery 2, Museum in the Park,
This illustrated talk charts the Stratford Park, Stroud GL5 4AF
acceleration of millinery fashion In 1881 William Morris, designer,
through the 20th Century. Journey poet and socialist, described
from one turn of the century to the embroidery as ‘gardening with silk’.
next – from flower and feather laden It was one of the many crafts he
Edwardian hats, through wartime was to practise, master and pass
austerity, the flapper’s cloche, on to others including Janey, his
Schiaparelli’s trompe l’oeil shoe wife, and his daughter May,
hats, 40’s military styles, the inspiring many others to take it up
Nostalgic New Look, 60’s street as both amateurs and professionals.

mary greensted
wear, Laura Ashley romanticism, late This illustrated talk will look at the
century minimalism, ending up with character of Arts and Crafts
the flamboyance and wit of embroidery and the work of
contemporary headpieces. individuals with links to the
Sarah Cant is a milliner and textile Cotswolds such as Ernest Gimson,
artist. She teaches millinery at Louise Powell and Eve Simmonds.
Kensington and Chelsea College Mary Greensted is chairperson of
and West Dean College and is a the Gloucestershire Guild and
member of author of ‘The Arts and Crafts
sarah cant

Studio Seven Movement in Britain.’

Textile artists. £5 (£12 for all 3 talks)
£5 (£12 for all
3 talks)

shire Guild of Craftsmen www.guildcrafts.org.uk

also today:
l Sunday 15 May more diary listings: see from page 42 to page 44
sunday 15

monday 16
tuesday 17
l Sock it Soon
Imogen Harvey Lewis
Sunday 15 May 10am – 4pm
v SIT Studio, Five Valleys Foyer,
Gloucester Street,
Stroud GL5 1QG
By popular demand artist, illustrator
and maker Imogen Harvey-Lewis
shares some of her secrets in the
making of Soons. Soons are hand

Student Collective Kendrick Street Gallery: see page 15 closed on Sunday

crafted pocket sized creatures made
from odd socks. They are simple,

various Museum in the Park: see page 2 to page 11 closed on Monday

quirky and are very well behaved.
Join Imogen in this fun making

Out of Stroud Made In Stroud: see page 22 closed on Sunday

workshop and learn how to make a

In Stitches Under the Edge Arts: see page 23 weekends only

Festival Feast New Brewery Arts, Cirencester: see page 14
range of loveable sock friends. Turn

Challenging Textiles Star Anise Arts Café: see page 21

your socks into weird and wonderful

various Ecotricity, Stroud: see page 28 closed weekends

creatures with a little bit of help and
a whole lot of inventiveness.

Sophie Horton site specific work: see page 14

Ideal for people of all ages, families Talisman Subscription Rooms: see page 13
and children over 7. All children Static Nature Milletts, Stroud: see page 21
under 10 must be accompanied by
also today:

an adult. Bring old socks, all other

Relics Lansdown Hall: see page 12

materials will be provided.

children £5, adults £25


imogen harvey lewis

wednesday 18
thursday 19
l Hooky & Clippy Mats Jenni Stuart-Anderson
rag rug workshop
Wednesday 18 May 10am – 4pm

l Proggy & Plaited Mats Jenni Stuart-Anderson

rag rug workshop
Thursday 19 May 10am – 4pm
v Gallery 2, Museum in the Park, Stratford Park,
Stroud GL5 4AF
Learn how to recycle old clothes into unique projects using
traditional techniques and tools. On Wednesday we will
cover hooking and progging, and on Thursday plaiting
(braiding) and progging. Come to one day or two.
l Floribunda Painswick: see page 22 closed on Sunday and Monday

You could make a small project, start a rug or customise a

hessian bag which makes a decorative and useful sampler.
l Art Showcase Stroud College: see page 28 closed weekends

Bring scissors and rags (more details when you book).

£45/£40 concessions
Limited places so booking essential 01453 763394
Organised by Museum in the Park

rag rug workshop

friday 20 workshop
saturday 2
l Fashioned by Stitch
Sue Rangeley
2 day workshop
Saturday 21 May 11am – 4pm
Sunday 22 May 11am – 4.30pm
v Gallery 2, Museum in the Park,
Stratford Road, Stroud GL5 4AF
This workshop offers a fusion of
design and creative embroidery
with techniques to inspire fashion
Student Collective Kendrick Street Gallery: see page 15 closed on Sunday
textiles and artful embellishments.
Inspired by displays of unique
samples and designs, students will
explore a range of processes which
will include machine stitched lace
Art Showcase Stroud College: see page 28 closed weekends
In Stitches Under the Edge Arts: see page 23 weekends only
Festival Feast New Brewery Arts, Cirencester: see page 14

using soluble stabilisers, appliqué

Challenging Textiles Star Anise Arts Café: see page 21

and cutwork sheers, fabric

various Ecotricity, Stroud: see page 28 closed weekends

manipulation and machine

various Museum in the Park: see page 2 to page 11

embroidered textures. Sue

Sophie Horton site specific work: see page 14

Rangeley’s textiles have featured in

Out of Stroud Made In Stroud: see page 22
Talisman Subscription Rooms: see page 13
Static Nature Milletts, Stroud: see page 21

numerous publications. Her first

book Embroidered Originals was
also today:

Floribunda Painswick: see page 22

published in 2010.
Relics Lansdown Hall: see page 12

A full materials and equipment

list will be provided on enrolment.
Materials will be available to
purchase in class.
£55/Friends of SIT £50

sue rangeley
talk workshop

saturday 2
l Fashioned by Stitch l Off the Page: Developing
Sue Rangeley Ideas in Three Dimensions
illustrated talk Jessica Turrell
Saturday 21 May 5pm 2 day workshop
v Gallery 2, Museum in the Park, Saturday 21 May 10am – 4pm
Stratford Road, Stroud GL5 4AF Sunday 22 May 11am – 4pm
‘Nature and nostalgia continue v Red Dog Studio, Foyer Arts,
to infuse the language of my Gloucester Street,
embroidery, with fashion influencing Stroud GL5 1QG
a diversity of form and context.’ This dynamic two day workshop will
In Sue Rangeley’s intricate focus on techniques for the
embroideries the art of stitch freely generation of ideas and design
explores the dimensions of fashion. concepts using found materials and
The recent collection of machine mixed media. Students will develop
stitched lace textiles pursues an ideas in three dimensions as a
intricate path, challenging a starting point for the creation of
wearable art into more abstract jewellery and small objects, and
concepts. The talk will focus on the have the opportunity to experiment,
creative story, sharing the visions explore and play.
and passions of her research. Jessica Turrell is a maker, jeweller
Botanical references intertwine with and teacher of many years’
vintage fashion; Sue’s fine art experience. She uses the medium
studies are the inspiration for these of vitreous enamel to explore the
unique textiles. relationship between memory and
There will be signed copies of the portrait photograph.
Sue’s book Embroidered Originals Jessica has work in the WordPlay
for sale. exhibition in the Festival.
£5 A full materials and equipment list
will be provided on enrolment.
£50/Friends of SIT £45

jessica turrell
back to back saturday 21 event
l Back to Back £0
Cotswold Woolgatherers event

Saturday 21 May 9am –

until finished
v Abbey Home Farm, Burford Road,
Cirencester GL7 5HF
For the third year we will hand shear,
hand spin and hand knit a sweater.
From sheep’s back to man’s back in
a day. Following previous attempts
in 2009 and 2010 as part of the SIT
Festival, this year the challenge will
be indoors at Abbey Home Farm in
Cirencester, with the Lleyn sheep back to back © alexander caminada

bred on the farm.

During the day 1,000 grams of
yarn will be spun and knitted
following the Back to Back pattern.
Last year it was completed in 10
hours and 10 minutes raising £450
for Macmillan Cancer Support.
Come and watch the team in
action, visit the café and farm shop
and help support the Macmillan and
Back to Back team.

also today:
l Saturday 21 May more diary listings: see from page 46 to page 49
party saturday 21
l Vintage Shindig
The Piccadilly Bullfrogs + DJ Pavinyl
Stroud GL5 1QG
Saturday 21 May 9pm – 3am
end of festival party
v Foyer Arts Hall, Five Valleys Foyer,
Gloucester Street, Stroud GL5 1QG
Dancing from 9pm till 3am with live on stage
the most excellent Piccadilly Bullfrogs

the piccadilly bullfrogs

Presenting The Piccadilly Bullfrogs, lovingly hand crafted
from only the finest vintage components, DJ Pavinyl spins
the rare dance tunes that will keep you on the floor.
A small band with a powerful, compelling sound and a
remarkable pedigree, the many original artists they have
worked with on stage and in the recording studio speaks
volumes (including their own successful and well known
Big Beat R ’n R creation The Stargazers), legends such as
Bill Haley’s Comets, Freddie Bell, D.J. Fontana and
The Jordanaires to name just a few.
The Piccadilly Bullfrogs build their sound around the
style that would later be dubbed Rockabilly. And like those
ground-breaking progenitors of R ’n R, this is a trio sans
drum, the only instruments being string bass, two guitars
and occasionally a washboard for those moments when
nothing but a good old fashioned scrub will do.
Enough chit chat! Get hip you crazy twistin’ tadpoles,
and get on down to the Shindig at the Foyer Arts Hall. l
Tickets in advance from Trading Post £5 or £6 on the door l

TX2011 F
textile festival

Sunday, 10 July 2011 at 12:00 noon

Wearable Art Painswick is an all-inclusive competition welcoming
anyone with imagination to go head-to-head with creative talent
from across the land. Entrants can win fabulous prizes and gain
recognition from their peers. Open to all, the event is about fun,
glamour, style and creativity.

To coincide with SIT Festival, costumes from the hugely successful

2010 event are on display in Stroud.

Entry Categories Prizes

Independent Designer/Artist £1,000
“I was very
Art College £300 + work placement impressed by the
Secondary School £200 to entrant + £200 to school diversity of thought,
Primary School £200 to school + book tokens to entrants passion for design
and eclectic sense of
Open category £500
delivery, maintaining
Bra-tastic £300 £5 of entry fee to charity a strong sense of
tailoring and structure.
Entry themes: It was a close run for
Rococo, Déjá Vu, Dream Machine, Bra-tastic (charity theme) the London Graduate
Judged by a celebrity panel
Selina Blow
Ways you can join in

• Enter the competition

• Become a Friend of WAP and enjoy special benefits
• If you represent a company, consider sponsoring us or becoming a Corporate Friend
• Come along on the day and have a ball
l A fantastic day out for everyone!
l From mid-day, the streets of Painswick will be closed to traffic for the day. Wander round
and browse the quality merchandise and scrumptious food on sale at street stalls. Enjoy live
l music on several stages, and watch our street performers.
l The competition catwalk show will start at 2:00 pm followed by a parade of the fantastic

costumes through the village.
Visit our website: www.wapfestival.co.uk
Contestant entry forms available now
Musicians, street-performers and stall-holders welcome
e-mail us: info@wapfestival.co.uk
Patron: Plum Sykes
For information on Open Days and Textile
Workshops please contact Olivia direct - l

Studio: silva, southfield road, woodchester, stroud GL5 5PA telephone 01453 873653
email oliviadellworldtextiles@btconnect.com


TEXTILESAD.indd 1 27/1/11 16:55:53


New Brewery Arts
The Centre for Contemporary Craft in the Cotswolds

Brewery Court, Cirencester GL7 1JH

Exhibitions - On Site Makers - Shop - Cafe
9am - 5pm Mon - Sat and 10am - 4pm Sun


Bed and Breakfast
for the Textile Festival and beyond
just 10 minutes drive from Stroud in a rural setting with a lovely garden
single and double rooms
call Pamela on 07974 414407

Fashion,Textiles and Design

BA (Hons) Fashion BA (Hons) Interior Textiles
BA (Hons) Surface Design BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles

Come and see us at: l

Taunton Graduate Show 11 June onwards l
New Designers 30 June - 3 July // Islington l
Free Range Graduate Fashion Show 3 June // Brick Lane l
01823 366 331 // www.somerset.ac.uk
Somerset College
Wellington Road Taunton Somerset TA1 5AX
information Booking
Tickets may be booked by contacting the SIT office on
01453 751056 and either sending a cheque to the SIT
office made out to Stroud International Textiles, including
your name, address, phone and email. Or you can book
and pay on line: www.stroudinternationaltextiles.org.uk

Ticket Prices
The Festival makes every attempt to make the entrance to
all paid events as affordable to as many people as
possible. Students and Friends of SIT get reduced prices,
see brochure for details. For information on joining SIT
please go to our website where you can join on line or send
a cheque. Please be prepared to show your membership
card when booking, or on admission to events.

Events Information
During the Festival the stewards will be able to help you if
you have any queries. To find out more, do email or contact
the Festival office. t: 01453 751056 or
e-mail: enquiries@stroudinternationaltextiles.org.uk

Getting to Stroud see map on page 59

Train and bus stations are in the town centre. For more
information contact Stroud Tourist Information Centre.

Stroud Tourist Information Centre

l v Subscription Rooms, George Street, Stroud GL5 1AE
l t: 01453 760960 e: tic@stroud.gov.uk
l Monday – Saturday 10am – 5pm
l www.visitthecotswolds.org.uk

Stroud International Textiles
v Five Valleys Foyer, Gloucester Street, Stroud GL5 1QG
t: 01453 751056 / 07767 763607
Monday – Friday 10am – 2pm

Stroud International Textiles

Festival Books
Chrome Yellow Books, Sonia and Michael Collins, will be
bringing all the latest international publications as well as
books by the artists and speakers at the Festival. They
source unusual catalogues and publications as well as the
more well known favourites.

For a full list of accommodation contact the Tourist
Information Centre. The SIT website also has names of
B & B’s under visitor information.
The Imperial Hotel in Stroud centre next to the railway is
offering a 15% discount to all who book through the
Festival: www.theimperialstroud.co.uk

Eating & Drinking

There are many cafes in the town centre and restaurants
where you can enjoy a meal. Also on the outskirts of the
town you will find places to dine and enjoy the countryside.

Cheltenham Music Festival

SIT is pleased to be exhibiting the work of two textile
artists in the Cheltenham Music Festival at the Parabola Art
Centre in Cheltenham in June. It Takes Two will have work
by Anna Glasbrook and Sue Hiley Harris. .
The HSBC Cheltenham Music Festival takes place
between 29 June and 10 July. With music ranging from
medieval times to the modern day and a host of talented l
performers the festival promises something for everyone. l
Full programme details and booking are available from l
early April at www.cheltenhamfestivals.com/music l

The organisers of the Festival cannot accept liability for
any damage, injury or loss sustained by any member of
the public visiting any of the events or exhibitions
information l Venue Information
A46 to Painswick &
v Museum in the Park, Stratford Park, GL5 4AF Cheltenham
t: 01453 763394 A4173 Gloucester
Tuesday – Friday 10am – 5pm
Saturday & Sunday 11am – 5pm
closed Mondays Stratford Park
The Museum is half a mile from Stroud town centre.
Parking: Parking is in the main car park beside the
Leisure Centre off the Stratford Road. There is then a short
walk to the Museum. Disability parking is available by 1
phoning the Museum, they will arrange for you to drive
R oad
round to the entrance. atfo
Buses: The number 37 Stagecoach bus leaves the town
centre from outside Lloyds Bank every 20 minutes. Ask for
the Tesco/Museum stop, and cross the road and walk a
short distance through the Park.

Stroud Town Centre Venues

v Lansdown Hall, Lansdown GL5 1BN t: 01453 767576
v George Room, Subscription Rooms GL5 1AE
t: 01453 760960
v Kendrick Street Gallery GL5 1AA t: 01453 756936
Parking: There are many pay and display car parks around
the town, all offering some disability spaces. Fawkes’
ist ol (
Place, close to the George Room (Subscription Rooms) is 9 Bri
disabled parking.

l Disability access
l It is wise to ring the venues and check before you come.
l Lansdown Hall, Kendrick Street Gallery and Foyer Arts
l Hall are the only venues without disability access.

Stroud International Textiles
v Five Valleys Foyer, Gloucester Street, Stroud GL5 1QG
t: 01453 751056 / 07767 763607
Monday – Friday 10am – 2pm
Stroud International Textiles


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m ap : ni ck buc kl e/cjb ©2011

1 Museum in the Park 1 Railway Station l

& B 6 to

2 Five Valleys Foyer 2 Bus Station l


3 Subscription Rooms 37 Bus Stop
4 Made in Stroud Footpaths
5 Kendrick St Gallery Pedestrianised area
6 SVA i Tourist Information
7 Lansdown Hall T Toilets
P Parking
201 Acknowledgments
We would like to give a huge thank you to our Festival
Patron – Mary La Trobe Bateman – who has spent a
lifetime supporting the applied arts and for her invaluable
support for the Textile Festival throughout the year.

The SIT Festival would like to give a special thank you to

Abigail Large, the administrator at the Museum. Abigail

d es i gn: chr i s j bai le y ©2011 p rin te d w i th ve ge t a bl e ba s e d i nk s publ i shed by stro ud i nte r na ti o na l te x ti l e s © 2011
works tirelessly for the Museum and for the arts in the town.
Stroud International Textiles
Special thanks to John & Maggie Mills, James & Owen,
Matthew Harris, Cleo Mussi, Alan & Jane Ford, Bailey
Curtis, John Spayne, James Showers and Pamela Woods
and the many individuals who have donated to SIT.

Our patrons in particular have enabled the Festival to go

from strength to strength. Thank you to:
Gold Patron Renishaw plc
Silver Patrons Stroud Brewery, Imperial Hotel

And for in kind support which is so crucial to deliver a

successful festival of this size we would like to thank again
the Museum in the Park, Ecotricity, Star Anise Arts Café,
Kendrick Street Gallery, and all the many shops who
have offered their premises so generously for the
Student Collective.

We are grateful to the Arts Council England Grants for the

Arts, Stroud District Council and Stroud Town Council.

l And last but not least we want to thank the Festival

l committee and all the many volunteers and stewards who
l give so generously of their time.

60 c h o s e n p y x
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t: +44 (0) 1453 751056 m: 07767 763607
e: info@stroudsit.org
w: www.stroudinternationaltextiles.org.uk
textile festival