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Looking back at your preliminary task (the continuity editing task), what do you
feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?

The cover in the preliminary magazine looks really unprofessional because the picture on the
preliminary is very unprofessional, also the writing looks really tacky compared to the one on the final
piece. The title of the preliminary magazine looks really tacky aesthetically so it makes the magazine
look more like a children’s magazine rather than the final cover which has a much neater masthead
and it looks more like a real masthead, it also has more relevance to a music magazine whereas BOOM
doesn't really have any relevance to a school magazine. The preliminary magazine has too much
writing on it which I think looks really tacky and the final magazine is more simplistic which I think
looks much better and makes you focus more on the picture rather than the writing. The barcode on
the preliminary is too big which I think looks really unprofessional and tacky. The picture on the
preliminary magazine doesn't have any eye contact with the audience so it doesn't draw the buyer’s
attention as it doesn't look them in the eyes. The writing on the preliminary magazine is all over the
picture which doesn't look very good as it covers the picture

The preliminary magazine has a good layout but the colours are very tacky, the colours on the co
and the cover link together which works well. The format of the final contents is much better bec
is much neater and it has a clearer format than the preliminary. The picture on the preliminary
contents is really cheesy compared to the one on the final contents which is much more professio
and it has more attitude compared to the preliminary which doesn't have any attitude so it doesn
really look as if it could be in a shop. The preliminary magazine has page numbers which are real
close together and when you see magazines you only see feature pages on the contents page an
page 1 is the cover so it isn't really professional. The colours don't really flow together well on
the preliminary contents as the model is wearing clothes which are different colours to the writing
comparison the contents final looks much better as the colours go together as it sticks to the thre
colours so it looks more like a magazine and how it should look. The picture on the preliminary co
is really boring and doesn’t really stand out as much as the final one does.

The preliminary magazine doesn't look very professional whereas the final magazine is more
professional and the pictures are much more professional and classy compared to the
preliminary. I have gained more skills from doing the magazine as before it was really hard to use
Photoshop and you can tell by the quality of my magazine that I couldn't really use it that well as I
was just learning how to use it. I think my skills have developed really good as my final magazine
is far better than the preliminary as it looks far better and it also fits in with the R&B look and
would fit in if it was in a magazine. I have learnt that to make a magazine look like
a professional magazine you have to make sure that the pages all link together with the colours
used, also there needs to be about 3 colours used because too little can look too minimalistic and
too much can look too cramped and tacky. I have improved by making my pictures much
more professional looking by making the hair and makeup match my genre of music,
the preliminary magazine didn't have a specific look on the picture so you wouldn't be able to tell
what sort of magazine it was from the pictures whereas on my final magazine you can see that it
is an R&B/ Hip Hop magazine because she shows that she has attitude. My knowledge of
Photoshop has got much better throughout making my product, I have also learnt how to use
iphoto which helped me make the pictures look much better by removing spots and making my
model look much more flawless. I learnt how to not only cut out images but to also use the rubber
tool which was really easy. I have also learnt that I can download fonts which make the article
much more aesthetically pleasing and make it stand out more and fit into the genre more. I have
learnt that you can edit fonts on paint which is what I did to my title and make the arrow on the A
and this meant that the title stood out more, compared to my preliminary title which was really
boring and didn't have anything different to it which would draw your attention to it. At the start
when I was doing my preliminary I was really confused about how to do layers and how to save
the image to carry on adjusting it the next time I opened it up but now I have learnt how to do it
and learnt that you can save it as a JPEG.