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SUNY Series in Poychoanayss and Cature Henry Sussman, Etor Levinas and Lacan The Missed Encounter Sarah Harasym, Editor ‘State University of New York Press Paid by ‘Ste Usvey of New Yo Pret, Albany (©1998 ste Unive of New Yor, Ate reseed Printed ah Uni Stas of Arron No pat of is book maybe sed or eee {nay mune whatever with writen ein, No pa of is book maybe seed asetea sar ‘resid nay frm yay msn bong ‘decree, eucvosae, magic pe mechanical ‘otoopyng recoding, of terete wot he ‘or pron ewig he uber or lfrmatio, ses Sue Unive of NewYork ‘Pra Ste Unverty Pasa. Abary NY, [2248 Pract by Moc ‘Marzo by Pact Demcher itary of Congres Clog in Peiaton Dus Levin Lacan: te mid encore etd by Sarah Haye, om — (SUNY seer in pejdoanayi ace) locus biographies adn SBN 079143953 (a pape). SBN 0791639607 (one ah pope "Li emt. 2, Laci, ges, 1901- 5. yeh an pbeopy—Frne asym, Sanh 1985- naa ieaas 1998 oer esaszt Contents Acknowledgments Insodection ‘Sarah Maras Abbreviations 1. Reading Hege at « Moding Master Lacan and Levins Tina Chanter 2, Cogito and Séporation: Lacan Levins Hane Dieter Gondek 23, Levins and Lacan: acing he Real ‘Donna Brody 4, The Sbjet and he Other in Levins and Lacan Paul Loren Assoun 5. Death an Sublimaion in Lacan's Reading of Amigne Philip Von Haste 6. Bis with Peychoanalyis "Alain rosie 2 56 10 a cs 7 Rethinking the Beyond ofthe Real Be Dracitla Core 5, Diz possessed: How to Rem Sle “fe” Levinas 12 "ui Voter Contributors a Inder 2a ‘Acknowledgments We graflly acknowledge the kind permission from te flowing journals, pabliher, and author lo reprint nd in some cases wars, the ‘works cite and incided in this volome, "To Albin Michal, for persion to wala an rept Paul Laweat Assouns ariel “Le sto rte chez Levinas et Lacan,” copyright 1996 by Albin Michel. This article fis appeared in ue Descartes (1953), pages Tass. ‘To Kluwer Acalemic Publishes, for permislon wo replat he folowing arvcle by Radi Vsket, copyright 1996 by Kluwer Academic Publishers Repent by permision of Kluwer Academe Pulser: Rud Viskr, “Di powseesed: How to Remain Silent “afer” Levins” Mon and World 272 (1996), ages 119-46, We also would keto hak heeds of Tachi Vor Flora for pemisin to print the English version ofthis esa, "De comtigening- Hoe to zwijgen a Levinas." which inialyappened ia Td. {ehriftVoor Fos (Lesves) 57 (195), pages 631-66 "To Press Universities de France, for permission to tana and reprint Alain Tara's ace, “Ledhigue avec a peychanalye” which ipinlly appeared in Corp evs 19 (1946), pages 7-11 ‘To. Drosila Comel, for pemision to eit and pit ber anicle "Rethinking the Beyond of he Rea” Copyright 1998 by Dru Coll 'AS edo, Tao would ike to ackaowldge my indebtedness nd grt tude to te autor ad walt who have coniibued o this collin specially wish to thank Denise Mekde and Hane Dicer Gondek fr thie ontiued assistance and suppor, aswell as Laura Thoms. “