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Software Requirement


Online T shirt Shopping Store

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Software Requirement specification for Online T shirt shopping store

Table of contents
1. Introduction
1.1 Purpose
1.2 Project scope
1.3 References
1.4 Overview
2. The Overall Description
2.1 Product Perspective
2.2 Product features
2.3 Operating Environment
2.4 Design and Implementation constraints
2.5 User Documentation
2.6 Assumptions and dependencies
3. System features

Appendix A Glossary

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Software Requirement specification for Online T shirt shopping store

1.1 Purpose
This document specifies and describes all functional and non functional requirements
of the Online T shirt shopping store project.

1.2 Project Scope

The main purpose of the project (“Web Site”) is to sell T shirts Online and intended
customers’ of the web site/web application are young college students and recent
college graduates (16-25 years old) resides in the United States and so on. The web
site shall be designed with the simpler data flow to add T Shirt designs and different
Categories and permit expansion in more products by the backend at the later time.

1.3 References

The document is prepared based on first questionnaire document (design Analysis)


1.4 Overview

The rest of the document describes the following in the mentioned order:

1- Overall description of the project and its requirements.

2- Specific requirements for the project including the functionality, usability, reliability,
performance, security, safety, design constraints and intellectual properties.
3- Supporting information in order to understand the project including diagrams that
represent the system.

2. The Overall Description

2.1 Website/Product perspective

The web site is mainly developed to sell T shirts through online store and to attract
online customers. The web site would be responsible to sell T shirts online, can able
to search the entire inventory of T shirts, get questioned answered by the customers
and feel good about company and what the company do.
2.2 Website features

The website will include a complete set of features, broken up into the modules
described below:

Main Module/Home Page

The Main Module (“Home Page”) displays the links to the various sections of the Site
Software Requirement specification for Online T shirt shopping store

and information about the Company. A visitor to the Site (a “User”) will see various
products profiled on the main screen, which can be tailored to suit the needs of each User.
The Main module also links to social media buttons and RSS feed buttons and The Main
Module will include the following subsections: Home page, search page, products, about
us, terms of use, contact us, Member Login, FAQ, My cart.

About Us
The About Us Module contains a description relating to the history of the Site, aim of the
company and a description of the functionality of the Site.

The FAQ Module contains answers to frequently asked questions to assist the User in
navigating the site effectively.

Contact Us
The Contact Us Module contains contact details, such as the name of the company,
company address and phone numbers, as well as the email address of the company and
certain company officers.

Subscribe to T Shirt of the day

The Subscribe to T Shirt of the day Module designed to enter email address from the site
user and send T Shirt of the day on all available email of the site users by the System.

Terms of Use
The Terms of Use Module displays the terms and conditions of the service agreement.

Register/Member Login
The Member Login Module provides password security for the site. After entering the
correct username and password, the User will be able to log into the system. Through the
Member/User Registration Module, a customer will register with the Site as a User. Once
registered, the User will be able to purchase T shirts or other products available on site.

Administrator Module (Company)

In the Administrator Module, the Site administrator (the “Admin”) can manage the rights
and permissions applicable to individual Users/Members. The Admin will be able to
grant certain rights to specific registered Users; check the history, usage and other details
of registered Users, as well as the payment history of such registered Users; and apply
certain restrictions on Site features.

Member/User Module
Through the User module, the registered Users are granted rights to see all available
inventories include T shirts with preview front and back and other products if any. The
User/Member facilitates to add T shirts in my cart with no. of quantity and coupon (if
applicable), the Member/User are charged on purchase in dollars using PayPal Payment
Software Requirement specification for Online T shirt shopping store

The users shall have access to a search function, with searches segregated on the basis of
size, color, type, etc. An interactive quick find box will provide assistance in their

My cart/Purchasing Module
Through My cart (“Purchasing Module”), the registered user can able to purchase T shirts
and all available inventories on website using PayPal payment gateway.

 The features of the My cart is describes below:

 The cart shall be designed for quick and easy checkout process.
 Custom product data field
 Status of the order
 Integrated shopping cart
 Multiple shipping and billing address
 Order list of each customer and auto generated order number
 View order history and email notification
 Add, edit and delete order
 New arrival and clearance stock

T Shirt of the day Module

Through T Shirt of the day Module, the site administrator can able to set chosen T shirt
for the T Shirt of the day and also permit random/automatic T shirt from the all available
T shirts from the database.

2.3 Operating Environment

The project shall be functional in both desktop application and laptops (Non touch
screen display devices) and designed and developed purely web application.

2.4 Design and implementation constraints

This section will indicate the design constraints that apply on the website being
developed and that shall be adhered to during the development phase of the project.
• Programming languages: The Web application/Website shall be written in Word
• Database: MySQL shall be used as the system’s database management system.
The database shall be stored on the server.
• Development tools: The Eclipse 3.2 IDE and the Net Beans 6.0 IDE shall be used
as the primary development tools to build the Website/Web application.
2.5 User Documentation
The User documentation will be delivered along with the website completion at the

2.6 Assumption and dependencies

Software Requirement specification for Online T shirt shopping store

The Site will be built using certain open source technologies, including the

Word press (Content Management System) for programming logic;

MySQL for storing all the data in database;

JavaScript for simple error handling / validation techniques as a client side technology;

HTML, CSS for easier and more customizable web designing.

3. System features
3.1 Software System attributes
This section contains number of attributes that can serve as requirements to
develop the web application/web Site. These are also serving as non-functional requirement
which must has to be testable just like the functional requirements.

The software system attributes are describes below:

Availability: The website will be designed and developed as Ecommerce website so it

should be serving 24/7 available and required availability will great impact the design and also
permit recovering if any disaster happens.

Security: The website will be designed and developed in a secured way which would
protect the website/web application from accidental or malicious access, use, modification,
destruction, or disclosure.

Portability: The Website/Web application could also capable to the ease of porting the
website to other host machines and/or operating systems.

Performance: This subsection specifies requirements placed on the website on human

interaction with the site, as a whole.

These requirements may include:

 The number of terminals to be supported

 The number of simultaneous users to be supported
 Amount and type of information to be handled

Usability: This subsection should fulfills the below requirements likewise the website’s
interface is user-friendly and easy to get familiar with.

Maintenance & Support: We offer 1 month of free technical support for User
Acceptance Test. We will correct any bugs or problems that may come up during this period in
our delivered product. Addition of the new features and changes in the functionality are done at
Software Requirement specification for Online T shirt shopping store

an additional cost unless the effort and time required is minimal. (I.e. upto 10% of the total
project effort).
Software Requirement specification for Online T shirt shopping store

Appendix Glossary A


Item Description

• FYI For Your Information

• Online Store Ecommerce website that capable to sell inventory Online.
• Site Site/Website/Web application/Project/Product is served as
same throughout the document.