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To, Date:

Mr./Miss/Mrs. <Name>
Subject: Appointment Letter

Dear Mr./Miss/Mrs.<Name>,

With reference to our offer letter no. HR_OL_2011-12/123 dated<Date>, we are pleased to
probationary appoint you for six months in our organisation as <Designation>; we strongly believe
that this association would be mutually beneficial.

You are required to join on <Date of Joining> at our facility in Pune<Address>. You are requested to
forward a formal acceptance of this letter to us within 15 days of receiving this appointment letter,
failing which it will be assumed by us that you have chosen to decline this appointment with us.

Your employment with us will be governed by the terms and conditions as per company policies.
Please read through the following Employment Terms and Conditions laid down in the Employment
Agreement in Annexure- “A”.

Your consolidated annual salary would be Rs.<Amount> per annum. ( Rupees Amount in words).
Necessary deductions as per existing and applicable laws would be made.

Your personal details required for our records are as per Annexure- “B”.

Please sign the duplicate copy of this letter and also sign each sheet of Annexure at the bottom on the
right corner and return to the Manager HR.

You are requested to report at 10.00AM at our office<Office Address> to complete the joining
formalities. At the time of joining you are requested to bring the originals of the documents in
Annexure- “C”.

We welcome you to Aloha Technology Pvt. Ltd. and look forward to a mutually rewarding experience.

For Aloha Technology Pvt. Ltd.

<Manager HR>

This is to certify that I have gone through all the terms and conditions relating to my employment with
Aloha Technology Pvt. Ltd. And I have understood them clearly. I hereby accept the same agree to
abide by them.

Name in full:_______________ Place:___________

Signature: ___________________ Date:____________

Enclosures: Annexure- “A”: Employment Agreement

Annexure- “B”: Personal Information
Annexure- “C”: Documents list
Annexure- “A”
Employment Agreement
Whereas this employment agreement is made and entered into by and between Aloha Technology Pvt.
Ltd. A Pune-India based corporation, (hereinafter referred to as the 'Company') and the undersigned
<Name of Candidate> (hereinafter referred to as the 'employee').
Whereas the company desires to hire the employee as set forth in the provisions contained herein;
Whereas the employee desires to accept such employment subject to the terms and conditions set forth
Therefore, in consideration of the promises, covenants and agreements set forth in this employment
agreement, the parties hereto desiring to be bound, hereby agree as follows:
1. Conditions of Employment
a) As condition to employment with the Company, Employee is required to enter into this written
agreement in order to formalise the details of employment discussions and understandings with the
company. If an employee does not understand any part of this agreement, the employee is advised to
seek legal counsel to review this agreement at the time the company extended its written offer of
employment to employee.
b) Employee's duties and responsibilities will be such as may be prescribed by the management from
time to time, such duties being inclusive of all duties and responsibilities relating to employees
substantive designations, depending on the exigencies of business.
c) Employee's Employment on probation would be for a period of Six Months starting from<Date of
Joining> and end on <Date of Joining+Six months).
d) Even after the expiry of the probation period indicated here above, the employees shall continue to
remain in probationary service till the time his/her services are confirmed in writing.
e)During the period of probation, employee's services are liable to be terminated by the company
subject to one month's notice and/or completion of project, which might have been entrusted to
employee. Incase there is no pending project and notice cannot be given employee's service may be
terminated by payment of one month's salary by the company. Incase if the employee's performance is
not satisfactory, the management reserves the right to release employee from service tenure agreement .
However, incase the employee wishes to resign/ leave the services of the company, employee would
have to give a one months prior notice to the company/or would have to pay one months salary to the
company in lieu of such notice.
f) If the employee is confirmed in services after the probationary period, his/her employment
g) In view of peculiarity and high specialised nature of activities and high degree of commitment to
customers employee's services are liable to be posted at any location, place, office, branch,
establishment, factory of the company or its associate, franchisee, client, customer existing today or
which may be acquired, started in future, anywhere in India or abroad.
h) The employee will not take up any employment of its associate, franchisee, client, customer existing
today or which may be acquired