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Register today for PRG’s 2011 ur eta ee

patent prosecution workshop inse b iled
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You get
not taught
in law

Your firm gets big savings.

Fundamental Best Practices

for Patent Prosecution for 2011

Don’t just practice patent law. Perfect it. TM

S U M M E R 2 0 1 1 PAT E N T W O R K S H O P S

Fundamental Best Practices for

PRG's Patent Workshop is specifically designed for entry-level patent practitioners
with up to two years of experience. And here are the top reasons why new patent
practitioners must take this course (and why their senior counsel wants them to):

Join our satisfied Workshop alumni.

Save Your Firm or Survey results of 2010 Workshop
Company Money attendees show:

We provide the critical patent training n 100% of attendees gave our Workshop
you need—training that would otherwise an overall rating of Excellent or Good
have to be provided by senior counsel. n 95% of attendees would recommend
Think about it. Senior counsel can our Workshop to a colleague
save 22 hours—the amount of time spent
Earn eligibility for Loyalty Program
in our Workshop—if they send their junior
pricing on our 2011 and 2012 Advanced
associates to our program, rather than Courses programs.
provide the training themselves. At
a $500/hour billable rate, that’s a savings Get these additional benefits FREE
of $11,000 per associate we train! with your tuition: FREE textbook,
FREE checklists, FREE continental
Produce better patent applications, breakfasts, and FREE morning and
providing better service to your clients afternoon snacks.
and enhancing your value to your firm
or company.

Support your career growth and value to Recent Case Law Has
your employer by enhancing your skills
and knowledge. Turned the Patent
World Upside Down
Learn from the best. We’ve been meeting
the educational needs of the patent com- PRG’s Patent Workshop will teach you
munity for over 40 years. We will deliver what every patent practioner needs to
to you a proven curriculum, from a fac- know to survive in this new world.
ulty and a company that are the industry
leaders in patent education.

“I feel very lucky to be instructed by such experienced people in the field. This class has
been very valuable to me...it is so important for me to learn how (and why) to draft applications
the right way from the beginning. I am new in the field, but have received positive feedback
regarding changes I have implemented in my work since attending the workshop.”
—Bridget Cochran, Cochran Freund & Young LLC, June 2009 Workshop attendee
Patent Prosecution for 2011
Projected State Bar CLE Credit: n Appreciate what ought to be said – and
22.0 Hours not said – in the specifications, claims,
and responses to Office actions, and
Under the Academic Direction of: why.
Professor Paul L. Gardner, widely n Compose and prosecute a patent
acknowledged as one of America’s application in their chosen technology
leading patent law experts. (chemical, mechanical/ electrical, or
biotechnology), based on a disclosure,
Course Description
prior art, and Office actions carefully
PRG’s Patent Workshop is designed
created by PRG.
specifically for entry-level patent
practitioners—those with up to two
years of patent drafting and prosecution
Don’t miss this opportunity to
experience. Through lectures and an
learn from the pros who know how
interactive, small-group exercise,
to win at the Federal Circuit! You
attendees will:
(and your employer) will be glad
n Learn prudent practices for preparing you did.
and prosecuting applications that
maximize the value of patents you Syllabus: The detailed course
obtain for your clients. syllabus can be accessed online at
n Develop an understanding of current www.patentresources.com.
Federal Circuit case law, which can
result in claims being either unduly Tuition: Tuition for the four-day
narrowly interpreted, and therefore Workshop is only $2,995. For more infor-
held to be not infringed, or held to be mation about PRG’s Patent Workshops,
invalid for lack of written description visit www.patentresources.com.
or enablement support.


Paul L. Gardner Beverly A. Lyman, Ph.D.

Academic Director Thompson Hine, LLP / Cincinnati, OH
Patent Resources Group John E. Tsavaris, Ph.D.
Alexandria, VA Kenyon & Kenyon / New York, NY

Fundamental Best Practices for

Patent Prosecution for 2011
July 12-15, 2011 / Washington, DC
July 26-29, 2011 / Newport Beach, CA (Orange County)
Enroll Online: www.patentresources.com or FAX to: 434.974.7330
or Mail or Overnight to: 1725 Jamieson Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22314

PRG accepts registrations by online submission or by fax, mail, or courier. Call a PRG registrar if you
have questions: 703.682.4860. You may submit tuition either by check, payable to Patent Resources
Group, Inc., or by credit card (charges are authorized by your completion of the following charge form).
The Workshop tuition does not include hotel accommodations or meals, but does include morning and
afternoon refreshments.

Please Charge $___________________ to: o VISA o MasterCard o American Express

Credit Card No. Expiration Date

o Corporate Card o Personal Card o Government Card Corporate Customer Code (if Applicable):

PRINT Name of Cardholder SIGNATURE of Cardholder

If the credit card billing address is not the same as at the bottom of this form, enter the billing address here:

o I am an ACTIVE member of a State Bar that requires mandatory CLE hours. My State(s) and my Bar ID
number(s) are:
1. 2.

Please select your preferred technology option (right) for Application Drafting and o Chemical
Prosecution during the Workshop. Technology-specific invention disclosures and prior o Mechanical/Electrical
art will be sent to attendees and must be studied carefully prior to the Workshop. o Biotechnology
Please Print
o Mr. o Dr.
Name o Ms. o Prof. Title

Telephone Fax Email

Organization Suite / Mail Stop No.

o Home
Street Address (no P.O. Box) o

City/State Zip
For information about registration deadlines; cancellation, transfer
and substitution privileges; CLE; and other details, please to go:
Tel: 703.682.4860 u Fax: 434.974.7330
Summer 2011 Workshop Locations

East Coast Workshop

July 12-15, 2011
Washington, DC
PRG Alexandria
Training Center

1725 Jamieson Avenue

Alexandria, VA 22314
Visit our website for
information on nearby hotels.

Registration Deadline:
July 5, 2011

West Coast Workshop

July 26-29, 2011
Newport Beach, CA
(Orange County)
Radisson Hotel Newport Beach

4545 MacArthur Boulevard

Newport Beach, CA 92660
Reservations 949-833-0570

Registration deadline:
July 12, 2011

Register today at
U.S. Postage
Permit No. 356
York, PA
Patent Resources Group, Inc.
1725 Jamieson Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22314

East Coast Workshop

July 12-15, 2011 Reserve
Washington, DC Your Space
West Coast Workshop and Register
July 26-29, 2011 Today!
Newport Beach, CA
(Orange County)

Loyalty Program
Attend either 2011 PRG Workshop
and you'll immediately be eligible
for Loyalty Program pricing on our
Advanced Courses.

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PRG’s Patent Workshop, visit